04x07 - Hanging Swords

Previously on Reign.

I told you he's been like this for weeks.

Sullen, unresponsive.

I should never have become king.

I will fix this.


This is what you two have been doing.

Misplacing the King of France.

The time has come for the Valois to step down.

Spain must take control.

Is the queen asking me to use military force?

The queen is asking you to bring her Darnley.

DARNLEY: This Englishman killed my guard and then tried to murder me.

MARY: Get out of our country or we will drive you out.

Tell me what you gave Agatha.

The cure you're looking for doesn't exist.

Then she will die?


Elizabeth will keep coming after us.

Let her come; let the danger come.

Doesn't it make you feel alive?

Keira, what are you doing here?

I'm going to marry the Queen of Scotland.

She'll never win your heart, Darnley.

It's mine.

This is not the dead body I was hoping for, Ambassador.

Queen Mary insisted I bring the assassin's corpse back to you.

She blames me for the assassination attempt on Lord Darnley's life.

Your failure to eliminate Darnley has caused me public embarrassment.

I'm sorry, Your Majesty.

Do you want me to send another agent?


Any further attempt on his life, successful or not, will clearly point back to me and make me appear weak.

And I see no way to stop this wedding.

Then what do you suggest?

Because after Lord Darnley and Queen Mary wed, they will raise an army, they'll gather international support, and they will come after my throne.

The time to move on Scotland is now.

Your Majesty, if I may What?

Help me?

Advise me?

Please, Ambassador.

Lord Blackburn and I occasionally disagreed, - but at least he didn't mince words.

- Then neither will I.

You cannot invade Scotland without reason.

Then find me a reason.

This marriage is an act of aggression and I will not sit by, helplessly waiting for the sword to fall.

MARY: Come on, Greer, we're almost there.

Oh, Mary, it's beautiful.

I told you.

Darnley and I found it while on one of our rides.

Admit it, Greer, it's the perfect place to get married.

Not for a queen.

Well, queen of the fairies, maybe, but your wedding is a major political event.

Hundreds of guests, official ceremonies, legal formalities And that's the problem.

So much of this wedding isn't about who Darnley and I really are.

You mean, who you and Darnley have become.

As much as I'd like to run away and elope in a magical forest, political realities are part of my life and this wedding.

You did have an assassination attempt at your engagement party.

Darnley and I have been under attack since before we met.

By Elizabeth, John Knox, the Protestants, even some of my own Catholic lords.

Something is going to happen, Greer.

I just don't know where it's going to come from.

I see why the idea of running away with Darnley is suddenly so appealing.

And while I'm checking over my shoulder for assassins and the like, I still have the politics of a royal wedding to deal with.

The guest list, the seating chart, a million little things that could alienate - my supporters at home.

- And you will deal with those challenges as you always do.

Except that now, at the end of the day, you will have achieved more than a political alliance.

You will have a chance to find love again.

Well it's almost too much to hope for.

But I'm willing to try.

NARCISSE: We have a problem.

If you're referring to the fact that Charles hasn't been seen in weeks and he gave his crown to a peasant, we don't have a "problem," Narcisse.

We have a disaster.

Well, it's about to get a lot worse.

I've just learned your daughter, Leeza, is drafting a letter for Charles to sign, formally abdicating the throne.

If Charles abdicates the throne, then what?

His brother, Henry, is next in line.

He's even younger than Charles.

There will be a vacuum.

They'll make their own bid for the throne, which will allow King Philip to take advantage of the instability and present Spain as a better option.

Making France a Spanish territory.


Charles's absence buys us time.

He can't sign anything - if his whereabouts are unknown.

- (Sighs)

Leeza has her Spanish guards combing the countryside as we speak.

- Then we must find him first.

- Yes.

My sources told me of a family outside Meaux.

They recently took in a mysterious boarder.

Maybe it's Charles.

I will go at once.

Uh, Catherine Charles didn't just run away from his duty.

He also ran away from you.

I'm the problem now?

You must admit, your relationship with Charles has been strained.

Perhaps Charles would respond better to a strong, male authority figure.

But in the absence of such a man, I'll settle for you.


I will hold my tongue and I'll let you do the talking, but rest assured, I am the right person to bring Charles home.

There's an unbreakable bond between a mother and her son.

I can't believe you're taking my lands for your fiancé.

I have no choice.

It's a requirement of our marriage.

Darnley must be given a Scottish title.

That requires me to grant him lands that earn him a certain amount of income.

And somehow it has to be my lands.

The old Lennox Estates are the only lands that earn enough income to give Darnley the right title.

And I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that these are the same lands taken from Darnley's father for being a traitor.

I won't deny that erasing Darnley's family's stigma is a benefit.

I know it's a loss.

Another loss of valuable trade routes, - of money out of my pocket.

- I will compensate you.

Will you compensate me for the political allies I've given up?

Or for my position at court, which Darnley has already declared redundant?

He even took my favorite Arabian stallion.

Will you compensate me for that, as well?

Nothing that has been done was meant to harm you personally.

And I didn't realize he had taken your horse.

I will talk to him about it.

It's not about the horse.

It's that I don't like making sacrifices for someone who isn't worthy of you to begin with.

He only came here to promote his power, not yours.

He set fire to a building so he could look like a hero.

Darnley's a better man than you think.


Who told you that?


You forged a letter to end my relationship with Keira.

- How could you do this?

- It wasn't easy.

I paid a fortune.

- You don't deny it?

- How did you find out?

Keira arrived here from England two days ago, trapped in a loveless marriage, desperate to know why I abandoned her.

She's here?

Please, tell me that you have not slept with her.

You have ruined any chance that I had at being happy.

I've ruined nothing.

Your dalliance with Keira was a foolish passion, a distraction keeping you from your true destiny as king of Scotland, and some day, perhaps, of England.

I loved her.

I was heartbroken when I thought that she had rejected me.

She was the love of my life.

And you've taken that from me.

For your own good.

My son, you must put the past behind you.

Keira is married.

You are engaged to a queen.

Do you think I don't know that?

This isn't easy.

I care for Mary, too.

I don't want to lose what this marriage means to either of us.

Then don't.

Where is Keira now?

She's in an inn in the village until I can decide what to do.

There is no decision to be made.

If you continue with this relationship and Keira's husband finds out that she was here, he will have her jailed for adultery.

And your fiancée, the queen of Scotland, will be humiliated before the entire world and this marriage will not happen.

You'll lose everything, the lands, the title, the power, all of it.

Don't be a fool.

Send Keira home now.

ELIZABETH: Make sure Ambassador Richards knows how eagerly I await his report.

Oh, excuse me, Your Majesty.

I've just come from the kitchen.

Agatha asked for blueberry pie, her favorite.

Then I remembered blueberries are out of season.

Well, at least she's feeling better.

She had a surge of energy thanks to the pain medication.

The court physician said it's temporary, of course.

And how are you?

I want her final days to be as painless as possible, but I know she senses my sadness.

I just feel so helpless.

I understand.

Helpless is not a feeling I am fond of, either.

Gideon, I don't mean to intrude, but may I?

Anything you do would be a great help.

Look who's feeling better.

What are you playing, Agatha?


What a coincidence, that is my favorite game.

Except, when I do it, it is called playing queen.

Would you like to play queen with me?

I would, very much.

In that case, we must get you a gown.

Oh, and a crown.

SOLDIER: Attention!

I like that sound, too.

Would you like to hear it again?

Can we?

You heard Queen Agatha.

Snap to attention.

One of the best things about being queen is that your subjects must obey your every command.

Does that include my father?


Your father has been a loyal servant of the crown.

Your wish is his command.

Hop on one foot.


- Now dance.

- (Chuckles)

- (Giggles)

- A little faster, Lord Blackburn.

Knees higher.

No, h-higher.


He isn't very good, is he?

GIDEON: I beg your pardon?

In my youth, I won many contests.

No, she's right, Father, you're awful.

Give me a piggyback ride to the library instead.

As you wish, Your Majesty.

They said you sent for me.

Is everything all right?

What's this?

It's the deed and title to your family's former estate.

It's yours now.

Mary, you have no idea what this means to me.

It came at quite a price.

I had to take the lands from James.

He was angry to have lost them.

Especially to you.

I'm sure you'll find a way to make it up to him.

He is my brother, and I've already asked him to sacrifice so much.

We've all made sacrifices that are painful.

No one more than you.

Tell me it's worth it.

Tell me that we're in this together, this could be more than political, that we have a chance to be happy.

Mary you've been wonderful, generous, you've given me everything.

I don't deserve you.

Well, you have me, and we have each other.

(Horse whinnies)

(Goat bleats)

(Dogs barking)

Humble surroundings for a king.

- What is Charles doing here?

- I have no idea, but it's a step up from the cave.


You, there!

Don't scare them.

Dear children, we are from court, and we are looking for a young man - with dark hair.

Have you seen - (Laughs)


Hello, Mother.

What a lovely meal.


Ooh, the soup.

Do I detect a hint of wild pheasant?

It's pigeon, Mother.


I can't remember the last time I enjoyed pigeon soup.

King Charles didn't tell us to expect company for dinner.

He's full of surprises.

Our apologies for arriving unannounced.

- And unwanted.

- Charles.

Guests at our home will be given respect.

Particularly, the queen mother, and the, uh Lord Chancellor.

We found his Majesty sleeping in one of our fields.

We wanted to send word, but I asked them not to.

- I needed time away from court.

- He's a fine lad, eager to do his share.

All a young man needs is purpose and direction.

We're a humble people, but everything we have comes through honest work.

Isn't that right, Charles?

- That's right.

- (Laughs)

CATHERINE: I'm glad to see that my son hasn't been a burden to you.

I've found a kind of love and freedom here.

I feel at peace.

- It's why I stayed.

- Yes, well We all enjoy a vacation from reality occasionally.

But your family and your true purpose await.

I feel that my family and my purpose are here.

They aren't.

You are king of France, and your sister the queen of Spain is using your absence to threaten the sovereignty of our nation.

Listen to yourself.

You don't even care that I, your son, am alive, well and happy.

Alive and well and king of France.

Only if I choose to return to court, which I don't.

NARCISSE: Perhaps we should all stop talking before this delicious soup gets cold, hmm?

(Clears throat)

I hope that's not my face you're imagining on that bull's-eye?


Of course not.

I'm imagining Darnley.

James, I know you're upset, but I can't bear the thought of losing your support.

I want to make it up to you.

And if it helps, so does Darnley.

The only person Darnley cares about helping is himself.

I know you don't like him It's not that I don't like him, Mary.

I don't trust him and I'm not the only one.

The servants don't trust him, either.

- Which servants?

- The stable hands, for a start.

He's not so careful to be a gentleman when he thinks no one important is watching.

- They see his true character.

- And you think that I don't?

You say you're drawn to him because it's a good political alliance.

But I've seen the way you look at him lately.

You like him because he's unpredictable, and you find that exhilarating.

It's not wrong for me to like the man I'm supposed to marry.

It is when the very things you're drawn to make Darnley a risk.

He's not just reckless, he's insecure and selfish, driven by ambition and pride James, I appreciate your concern.

But if I want to take England, I must marry Darnley.

Please don't judge me for finding some measure of happiness in it.

I will compensate you for your lost trade routes, I promise.

And if you can't trust Darnley, can you at least trust me?

KEIRA: You said you'd come back.


You shouldn't be here.

I told you to wait at the inn.

I waited all day.

The situation is complicated.

It's not.

The letter your mother wrote was a lie.

You never stopped loving me.

You said you needed time to figure things out.

- And I have.

Keira, I'm sorry - No.

- You love me.

- I am engaged and about to become a king.

We must end this.

I came here at great risk.

I was willing to give up everything.

But I'm not.

I can't.

Then don't.

You can have both your marriage and me.

A king can take a mistress.

- I'll slip away when I can.

- Keira (Exhales)

Tell me you don't still love me and I'll go.

Kiss me, and if you don't feel anything, I promise, you'll never see me again.

But you must kiss me, Darnley.

Kiss me or I'll scream.

No one can ever know.

I wish you could stay.

You make me feel stronger.

Everyone else just sees me as a means to an end.

But you love me for who I really am.

Wait for me at the inn.

I can't let you go back to England without seeing you again.


CATHERINE: Look at him.

I mean, Charles isn't just well, he's happier than I have ever seen him.

NARCISSE: This environment does seem to suit him.

What, you mean a simple, loving family?


Well, Henry and I could give him everything except that.

There's a part of me that wishes I could let him stay.

We can't, Catherine.

We have to find a way to convince him - to return.

- (Sighs)


Yes, please.

Queen Mother, I don't mean to interrupt Oh, no, my dear.

Clearly, we are the intruders here.

I'm sorry Charles is so reluctant to return to court.

I've never been off this farm, so the stories he tells sound wonderful to me.

Sometimes we stay up all night talking about it.

You stay up all night talking with the king?

I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?


CATHERINE: Well, you seem to have quite a bond with my son, Nicole.

Oh, yes.

If he were to leave, I'd miss him so much.

Well, you you wouldn't have to.

If you could convince Charles to return with us as king, then we'd happily bring you along.


That would be a dream come true.

Um Give me a moment to talk to him.


NARCISSE: Looks like the king's been using his hands to work more than just the earth.

No wonder he's better.


But it'll take more than a tryst with a farm girl to make Charles capable of convincing Leeza he is fit to be king.

(Door closes)

After having full run of the castle all day today, I can't imagine what you're going to dream about tonight.

My favorite part was splashing in the fountain.

- (Chuckles)

- I liked jumping on the beds.

I'm not sure why I don't do that more often.


Did you take this?

I saw it on that big map when we were playing hide and seek.

There were so many boats, I didn't think they'd miss just one.

Darling, these aren't toys.

They're meant to represent real warships in position - to protect England.

- Some were aimed at Scotland.

Will you use them to fight Queen Mary?

Only if necessary.

Mary's so nice.

Did she hurt you?

No, not directly.

Not yet.

Agatha met Mary in France.

You see, real queens sometimes have very difficult decisions to make, whether they want to or not.

I thought queens didn't have to do anything they don't want.

- Darling - It's not quite that simple.

For example, even a queen must go to bed when it's very late.

If I were queen, I'd want everyone to live in peace.

Then you would be a wise ruler indeed.

(Chuckles softly)

Good night.

Your Majesty, I have news that couldn't wait.

What is it?

I found what you requested.

Reason to take military action against Scotland.

There was a recent border skirmish, not an uncommon event, but in this case, English blood was drawn.

Scotland would appear to be the aggressor.

A justifiable reason for us to strike back.

And our best chance to stop Queen Mary once and for all.

Let me know when the troops are in position.

On my order, England will invade.

JAMES: You wanted to see me?

I have good news for you.

I have found a way to compensate you for your loss of the trade routes on the Lennox Estate.

I am getting you the use of a port owned by a man called Lord Bothwell.

I know Bothwell.

- Did he agree to this?

- Well, no.

Not yet.

I summoned him to court, but he sent word that he was too ill to travel at the moment.

Did he?

I think I might know where he's recuperating.

MAN: Go around the market!

(Horse whinnies)

(Dog barking)

(Indistinct chatter)

If you're looking for Lord Bothwell, you'll find him in that tavern.

He's not ill, although he might be drunk.

Are you saying that he lied to me?

- Another of his fine qualities.

- Huh!

If you're trying to prove your support to me, don't expect Bothwell's help.

He's no gentleman.

Although, I must say you have consistent taste in men.

We should have invited Darnley along.

He likes taverns, too.

Darnley is riding all day.

And you're wrong about him, James.

MAN: Lord Moray.

May I have a word?

Go on, James.

I can manage Lord Bothwell by myself.

- What is it?

- After the English assassin, you asked us too keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

- And?

- We found something at the village inn.

A traveler from England arrived a few nights ago.

Someone registered a room at the inn using forged papers.

Do you want me to gather more men and search the rooms?

Actually, I think I ought to look into this myself.

(Horse nickers)

Hello, boy.

Nice to see you again.



I-I - James.

- I have nothing to say to you.

That wasn't what it looked like.

That girl, she means something to me.

You can't tell Mary.

I warned her about what kind of man you are, but she wouldn't hear it.

She insisted on proving herself to me, instead.

Because she thinks we can be happy and as long as she doesn't find out about this, maybe we can.

Don't pretend you care about Mary's feelings.

You only care about yourself.

I won't let you hurt her.

If you tell Mary, you will be the one that hurts her.

Not because she'll feel betrayed, but because this marriage is the one chance she has to defeat Elizabeth.

We both know that Mary isn't safe until she takes Elizabeth's throne.

Well, marrying me is the most direct route, and the key to her survival.

Even if that were true, I can't stand by - while you carry on an affair.

- Then I'll end it.

You have my word.

You know I'm right.

You don't have a choice.


I'll keep your secret this time.

But if you betray my sister again, you will pay with your life.

- Your Majesty.

- Lord Dunbar, Lord Fenton, Lord Macdowall.

And you must be Lord Bothwell.

Too ill to stand?

I was in the middle of a good hand, Your Majesty.

Oh, then by all means don't let me interrupt.

Surely one of you gentlemen can beat a three flush?

Well it appears I've just ran out of luck.

How can I help you, Your Majesty?

I'll be brief.

I need you to give my brother James access to your port.

I don't give anyone anything.

I'm a businessman.

Though I am curious to know why Lord Moray needs my port when he controls the trade routes on the old Lennox estate.

Those lands are being returned to Lord Darnley.

Ah, yes, the ambitious foreigner that you seem so determined to marry.

Although you shouldn't.

You sound like James.

I don't like your brother, but in this case I'm inclined to agree with him.

I didn't come here to ask for your marital advice.

Lord Moray needs to find a new way to move his goods.

The Crown will compensate you, of course.

How much?

The Crown is willing to pay five percent of the trade profits that should be fair.

Make it 25%.

That's more than fair.


Do we have a deal?

Now that I think about it, no.


What do you mean no?

That port has great sentimental value to me.

It was given to me by your mother, Marie de Guise, for services rendered.

To honor her memory, I couldn't bargain it away for any price.

So our negotiation has just been a waste of my time.

Not at all.

My friends here have trade routes of their own.

And now that they know how much you're willing to pay for them, I'm sure they'd be delighted to negotiate.

I believe the starting price was 25%.

I'll take 30.


(Royal trumpet fanfare)

(Indistinct greetings)

Did Queen Agatha enjoy her royal carriage ride?

She loved it.

She only wants to travel by parade from now on.

I'm sorry you couldn't join us.

So am I.

I've been in meetings with Ambassador Richards all morning.

About Scotland.

I know I've been occupied, - but as your advisor, I strong - Don't.

You have enough on your mind.

Agatha, where's your doll?

I gave it to the kitchen girl.

She's never had a doll.

That was very generous of you.

I'm not going to need it for much longer.

What's it going to be like when I'm gone from here?

Oh, darling, we're not going anywhere.

From this earth, I mean.

Agatha, I, um I can't, um I can't As you know, queens are chosen by God, so I happen to know heaven is a beautiful place.

Much better than any castle.

It's filled with wonderful food and dancing.

And you mother will be there.

And she will pick you up and hold you tight and never let you go.

And once you are with her, nothing can ever hurt you.

And you will never feel afraid or alone again.

And even though you can't see your father, you will feel how much he loves you.

And that will never change.

LEEZA: So, you don't drink blood or hunt children in the woods at night?


Those were ugly rumors started by peasants.

You ran away, disappeared for weeks.

Admit it, Charles, your mind is week, you cannot handle the pressures of being king.

Your brother was just going through a difficult time.

CHARLES: It's all right.

I did run from court, and from my responsibility.

Being king was more daunting than I anticipated.

But after rest and reflection, I found the truth.

Being king of France is a duty I was born to.

I accept who I am and I will not abdicate.

Spoken like France's one true king.

- Or a well-coached puppet.


I won't be lied to again, Mother.

This is a cover-up, and you're behind it.

I know how you work.

Charles is not fit to be king, and if none of you will admit it, I'll bring the Vatican in as judge.

The pope himself can decide who should rule France.

How dare you threaten my country or my reign!

You have no power over me.

Neither does the Catholic Church.

That is blasphemy.

It would be if I were Catholic which I'm not.

- Charles?

- What are you saying?

I'm saying that I, Charles de Valois, King of France, am a Protestant.

He's a heretic?


A Protestant?

- Are you insane?


- No.

For the first time in a long time, I am healthy and clear-minded.

Thanks to Nicole and her family.

Their faith is a source of strength.

- This is your fault.

- I should have your entire family burned at the stake.

I don't understand.

Charles is king.

I thought he could practice any faith he wants.

I can.

Henry VIII broke from Rome and freed England of Vatican Oppression.

Under my rule, I will lead France to a new golden age.

You're not Henry VIII.

And France is not England.

When England broke from the Catholic Church, it wasn't reliant on Rome or Spain for financial aid, France is.

Not to mention, most of your nobles and your privy council are devout Catholics, myself included.

Even our personal income depends on nobles, Catholic nobles.

If you think for one moment they will stand by while a Protestant king bankrupts this country As Lord Chancellor, the man who holds the purse strings, I can guarantee you that will not happen.

You need to go to your sister immediately and recant.

I'm sorry, I will not lie about my beliefs.

Not to the queen of Spain or anyone.

You asked me to return to the throne, and I did.

A Protestant king.

What my sister Leeza thinks is of no consequence to me.

You will tear this country apart.

If that's the price of progress, so be it.

James, there you are.

I have in my hand papers that grant you access to new trade routes that more than make up for your loss.

Well, I'm sorry for your trouble.

Is that all you have to say?

Are you actually disappointed that I've resolved this issue?


In fact, I'm grateful to you for having gone to such great lengths on my behalf.

But your issue was not with my generosity, but, rather, Darnley's character.

And so you are still not satisfied.

Mary, I know that Darnley offers you many things.

An heir, a chance at the English throne, but I-I still don't think he can give you the one thing you truly deserve.


Leeza, please don't do this.

There's no need to rush back to Spain or to involve King Philip.

This is a family matter.

Charles is young.

It's probably just a phase.

Protestantism is not a phase.

It is a disease, and Spain is the cure.

And what would you have Spain do?

Forcibly remove your own brother from the throne?

If necessary, yes.

Well, do you think that's wise?

France has a sizeable Protestant population, and if they learn that a Catholic nation is trying to remove their Protestant king, you will have started a civil war.

Don't threaten me, Mother.

It's your responsibility.

It always has been.

We both know that you didn't come here to promote Catholicism.

- You came to punish me.

- And why shouldn't I?

It's not as if you don't deserve it.

You're right.

I have failed you.

You needed something I couldn't give.

What do you want from me now?

You want me to do all things that I didn't do for you when you were a child.

Do you want me to comb your hair?

Do you want me to sing you to sleep?

Do you want me to love you more?

If I could go back in time and be a better parent, I would.

I would change so many things.

It wouldn't matter.

Nothing can make up for the sins of your past.

Then don't punish all of France when you want to punish me.

Tell me what I can do now, today, to make things right.

Do you know how expensive your bed sheets are?


One silk pillowcase costs more than my father earns in a month.

If you're looking for Charles, you're in the wrong room.

His bed sheets are very nice, too.

I know exactly whose room I'm in.

Charles is a lovely boy, and being with the king has its perks.

But now that I know how things really work around here, I'm interested in getting to know you better.

I don't blame you.

I am a fascinating man.

But the question is, why should I be interested in you?

Because the king still listens to me.

I could persuade him to listen to you.

And that could be useful.

But you'll have to make it worth my while.

- Hmm.

- I need gold, and lots of it.

But if I ask the king, the privy council would object.

So I'm turning to you.

- You're a fast learner.

- I am.

I know all kinds of things.

(Door opens)

Agatha's sleeping.

She is exhausted.

By the looks of it, so are you.

(Soft chuckle)

Thank you.

For making Agatha happy, for comforting her when I had no words.

I wish there was more I could do.

That picture you painted of heaven.

Your words tumbled out so easily, the specifics so vivid, you didn't even give it a second thought.

It's because it's what you told yourself as a child, isn't it?

My father wanted little to do with me.

My mother was killed before I turned three.

Later, they locked me in the Tower.

They accused me of treason, and I never knew if they were coming for me next.

I grew up with a sword hanging over my head, aware at any moment I could be slain.

So I told myself that story so I wouldn't be afraid.

You've faced death your whole life.

It can't help but to have shaped you.

Even as queen.

But now, I look at Agatha facing death with such strength and courage.

And I wonder, can I ever be that strong?

Elizabeth, you are that strong, and you have more courage than you know.

Enough courage to face what must feel like certain death and still make the right decision.

Let's hope you're right.

You won't be climbing trees in it, but your wedding dress will be beautiful.

You don't seem happy.

Oh, I am happy, mostly.

Gave Darnley back his lands and titles, and I salvaged the situation with James.

But there's something about our conversation that bothers me, it's like he knew something he wasn't saying.

Mary, James sees his sister marrying someone he doesn't approve of.

Can you blame him for seeming less than enthusiastic?

I suppose I should be thankful I have a brother who cares enough to worry about me.

(Door opens)

A letter for Queen Mary.

(Door opens and closes)

Another warning from the Loyal Watchman.

Every time he writes, he speaks the truth.

But it's never been good news.

(Laughter and indistinct conversations)

I don't understand.

ELIZABETH: It's quite simple, Ambassador.

I've changed my mind.

But the troops are positioned, they only await your word for the invasion to begin.

Your Majesty, this chance may not come again.

Ambassador Richards, were you afraid of the dark as a child?

I believe I was.

And are you still afraid of the dark?

- Of course not.

- Exactly.

It would be foolish to let our childhood fear govern us as adults.

Mary has made no overt move against me.

Reacting as though she had would be the actions of a scared little girl.

Which I am not.

You tell your men to stand down.

I will not be remembered as the queen who drew first blood.

Ah, blueberry pie.

Blueberries are out of season, so I had them brought in from Portugal.

It turns out a queen actually can do whatever she wants.

Where are Lord Gideon and Agatha?

I'm sorry, Your Majesty.

She passed during the night.

Take my ears I won't use them They No longer hear the music (Sobbing)

Just silence and walls No footsteps in the hall You know, Mother, despite all our difficulties, I trust we've come to an understanding.

We certainly have.

(Bell tolls in the distance)

(Horses neigh)

Leeza is finally returning to Spain?

Yes, the viper returns to her nest.

NARCISSE: Well, we're not out of trouble yet.

That farm girl that Charles is so fond of, I think she might have her eye set on something more than just a day at court.

We may have to get rid of her.

Not yet.

If she has Charles' ear, we may need her - for the task to come.

- What's wrong?

The only way that Leeza has agreed not to tell Philip or the Vatican that Charles is a Protestant is if I remove Charles from the throne and replace him with his very Catholic brother, Henry.

But Charles has finally embraced being king.

He's not gonna give up the throne without a fight, and if the Protestants rise to his defense There'll be a civil war.

A bloodbath that pits brother against brother until one of my sons is dead.

That is my punishment.

If you want to know my opinion on flowers for the wedding, I like what you like.

See what a good husband I'll be?

I wanted to talk to you about the seating arrangements.

I found out we have another guest.

Where should we seat Lady Keira White?

- Mary, I don't - Don't bother trying to deny you're having an affair.

I'm sorry.

Keira is the love of my life, and we were torn apart by a lie.

She's married.

We have no future.

Mine is with you.

James tried to warn me about you.

He said that you were selfish and reckless, and I refused to listen.

Why should I listen to you now?

Apologies are for wives, and I will never be yours.

You can't seriously be willing to walk away from this marriage just to punish me for one mistake?

Oh, no, the mistake was mine.

For thinking that we could have more than a political marriage.

I was so stupid to think that we could find love together.

It was only one time!

Why do you keep saying that like it makes it better?

I can't trust you.

You have ruined everything we might have had, everything we might have been.

I knew that something or someone was going to get in the way of our happiness.

And I was looking in this corner and that for all the the people and the threats that I was protecting you from.

And all this time, the enemy was you.

You don't love me.

And I'm willing to bet you never will.

In your heart you know that, so what does it matter?

I'm giving up the love of my life to marry you, but if you walk away from this marriage, you are giving up much more.

I know you, Mary.

You want England.

You won't, you can't, let one indiscretion destroy everything you've worked for.

If I do marry you, it will be for the good of Scotland and the promise of England, and nothing more.

You will be my husband in name only.

And we will never be happy.

And I will never forgive you