02x11 - The Akeda

Previously on Sleepy Hollow...

Our quest will not be without peril.

Crane, you and I can't have lunch without peril.

Crane: There is the legend of Methuselah...

He was given a sword with the power to kill any being on Earth.

He used it to take down a thousand demons.

The Sword can kill Moloch.

The time has come.

The trumpet has signaled the starting of war.

Moloch shall not rise.

(horse neighs)

(thunder crashing)

Crane: According to this map, the Fredericks Manor is approximately...

Exactly 6.2 miles away.

I told you, I have GPS.

Forgive me for not trusting an electronic device during an apocalyptic storm.

Really think this is it?

End of Days.

Moloch has risen.

He sounded the trumpet.

Very little remains between now and his earthly reign.

There's Katrina, us... and a Sword.

That is assuming she can hold him off until we arrive.

(thunder crashes)

If the End is upon us, his use for her has likely passed.

Well, we just need a few more minutes.

(engine stalls, GPS blips out)


No! Come on!

Oh, come on!

The problem is electrical.

Ignition module failure, most likely from a surge.

How long will it take to redress?


Abbie: Mm-hmm. Not long. About an hour, once I have the parts.

You don't have them here?


Sir... you must understand our situation is dire.

We must have conveyance immediately.

I'll call a cab.

Mechanic: Whoa!

We've got to get over there, Crane.



A motorcycle.

No electronics, just good old-fashioned machinery.

If ever there were justification to commandeer a vehicle... the Apocalypse would be it.

Grab the Sword.

Okay, Crane... hop on and hold on.


Where do I buckle?

Arms around me.

Right. Of course.

But where do I buckle?

No buckle. Normally, you wear a helmet, but again, you get a bye when it's the End of Days.

Perhaps there's a stable nearby...

(engine starts)

Don't worry...

I had a bike when I was a teenager.

(engine revs)

I want one of these.

As soon as this is over.

Abbie: There's no noise, no light on inside.

You think they're still here?

We forge ahead.

Katrina last contacted us from here.

Let's go.

Got to be ready for anything.

(door creaking)


The place is abandoned.

(thunder crashes, rumbles)

Hard to know what to make of the remnants they left behind.

There must be a reason for this model.

Details... and these flags...

These are locations that Henry has struck.

Wait, wait, wait, wait...

St. Henry's Parish...

That's the carriage house...

To me, to me, to me...

The flower shop...

Tarrytown Psychiatric...

Fredericks Manor...

Son of a bitch.

It's a pentagram over the city.

We saw one just like it in Moloch's lair.

Washington's Bible... states that the start of the Apocalypse will see a demon create hell on Earth.

We stopped Moloch the first time he tried to raise his demon army, but this pentagram may let the rest of them in.

But where is Moloch now?

Katrina came to this place to kill him.

Are we too late?

Katrina: No, please... aah!


(thunder crashes)

The Binding Ritual.

(sobbing): No!

Crane: He's going to make Katrina his bride.

Not if we stop him first.

You're got the Sword... go get him, Crane!

(thunder rumbling)

Tell me where Moloch is or you will die.

(thunder crashes)

One flinch, and this sword will pierce your shell of a heart.

Katrina... can you still see this creature as Abraham?

As long as I'm wearing this amulet, yes.

I'm going to ask him some very simple questions.

I may have a way of extending the amulet's enchantment... so you may see him for yourself.

Extendes venustas monile... extendes venustas monile...

Extendes monile...

(eerie whoosh)


This sword can slay any solider in Evil's Army... the Horseman of Death is no exception.

Yes, the Sword of Methuselah... a sword of infinite, unstoppable power to man.

Does nothing seem strange about that tale to you?

All magic has a cost.

What are you saying?

The Sword requires a sacrifice... the life of anybody who wields it.

You're lying.

The moment a man uses the Sword to kill, his soul, and hence, his life will be taken with it.

Enough deceit!

We have an apocalypse to halt.

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

The runes on the Sword's hilt... they reference Erelim angels, agents of earthly justice.

Abraham may be telling the truth.

Abbie: You cannot be serious.

Using the Sword will kill us?

I need time to prove or disprove Abraham's assertion.

We don't have time... that's why he's trying to stall us.

(thunder crashing, rumbling)

My mother and my ancestors spent their lives looking for this sword.

If it turns out that we can't even use it...?

Let's not hasten to conclusions.

Miss Jenny will arrive shortly with the research that Katrina requested.

Assuming that she can find some obscure, lost chapter from the Alexandrian Canon.

(sighs) Yes, well, until then, it is up to Katrina to gather more intelligence.

I know this isn't easy for you, seeing her with him.

Abraham knows we cannot use the Sword.

Katrina must take a more personal approach.

Abbie: And...?


Our marriage has been under a lot of strain of late.

And now she's saved Abraham's life.

Only to save mine.

I know.

I should hang the risk and kill him.


Leave me with this mess all on my own?

No. No.

You're not getting off that easy.

(phone buzzing)


That's Jenny. Let's move.

Jenny: I found the chapter Katrina told us to look up.

"God wrote the Ineffable Name upon Methuselah's Sword.

For man to wield it would consume his soul in fire."

Abraham was speaking the truth.

Such a strange and singular weapon.

Exacting the cost of death for death.

It could take both of us to finish this.


We die... for the cause.

Maybe it's our job as Witnesses.

How so?

My guess is that when we find Moloch, the Horseman of War will be standing beside him.

Two demons.

Two of us.



I need to know that if your son interferes with us killing Moloch, you'll be able to use this sword against him.

You must be able to kill Henry.

Moloch is our target.

Everything else is secondary.

Moloch knows that your family is your weakness.

I will lay down my soul to stop this apocalypse.

But are you willing to lay down your son's?

Guys, what if there's another way?

Jenny, you're not carrying the Sword.

That's not what I was gonna pitch.

But thanks for thinking of me.

From what I can gather, the moment you kill someone, the Sword consumes your soul.

So it says.

What if your soul has already been claimed?

Then the Sword would be unable to consume it.


Henry owns his soul.

Maybe he can wield the Sword without dying.

Or it will kill him and then Henry takes over his soul.

He has a wife, daughter, a family.

We don't even know where he is.

He left last night. He couldn't have gotten far.

Abbie, if there's a chance no one has to die to win this war, we have to try.

(Moloch roars)

Parish: This is our genesis.

The very spot where you pulled me out of the ground.

(chanting in ancient language)

My true birthplace.

Where you became my new father.

Together... we will raise hell on Earth.

Rise, purgatory.

Come and see.

Abraham, please.

Moloch did not save your life. I did.

You have no reason to protect him.

Spare me, witch.

You were never anything more than a spy.

That is not true.

I had such plans for us.

A binding ritual is no future.

A last resort.

I fought for you, and in return you tried to deceive and destroy me.

Not to destroy you.


Yes, I was a spy.

I stayed with you to gather intelligence.

But... while I was with you...

I saw the real you, Abraham.

I saw a man I haven't seen in centuries.

I saw how deeply you cared for me.

And I care for you, too.

(door slams)


I require your counsel.

Our friend, Captain Irving?

His soul belongs to Henry.

Do you think he might be able to wield the Sword with impunity?

Captain Irving? Uh...

Yes, I believe so.

No being nor sword can lay claim on a soul that has already been given.

In that case, we shall endeavor to retrieve him.

Maybe I should stay here and guard Abraham.

I think I may be getting closer to him telling us what he knows.

Of course.

Very well, then.

I am sorry... for going back to Fredericks Manor without a proper farewell...

I trusted your judgment.

I hope you still do.

Tell me this.

If Henry stood in the path of defeating Moloch, would you be able to kill Henry?

Moloch is the enemy.

Not our son.

If we slay that beast, Henry's soul will be released from Moloch's hold.

In the heat of battle we may not have the opportunity.

There may be no other way.

My love, there's always another way.

Have you discovered anything new about the Sword?

Yeah, in the Alexandrian version of the Bible, there's a reference in Genesis.

Adjacent to the story of Abraham and Isaac.

An unnerving test of faith.

Asking a father to sacrifice his son.

It's not the same, Crane.

Isaac was an innocent child. Henry is...

Will die by my hand... if necessary.

But do grant me the concession, Lieutenant.

It is an unreasonable request.

My mother had to sacrifice herself to protect me from Moloch.

(thunder crashes)

Nothing that we've come across has been reasonable.

Jenny: Guys, listen to this. It's Irving's message to me.

Irving: Sorry, Jenny. Thank you for trying. But I can't run and hide. Not who I am. I'm gonna fight... (fast forwarding tape) Signing off at nine, 23, 17, eight, zero.

"Nine, 23." Clearly he's leaving us a code.

Some way to reach him? A time or a date?

Maybe? September 23?

September 23, 1780.

I think he left this one for you.

On this day, three patriots captured the British spy John Andre.

Andre was arrested and immediately taken to a garrison in Sleepy Hollow.

"Stay underground."

The old military post is downtown.

Just around the corner from the tunnels.

Miss Jenny and I shall investigate.

If you could go to Katrina and Abraham.

We'll find him and bring him back.

(door creaks open)

(thunder crashing)

The military post is right above us.

Whoa! Halt!

Trip wire.

(shotgun cocks nearby)

Hands up!

Crane: Captain?

It's us.

We need you, Frank.

This is it, isn't it?

It appears we can use Henry's curse to our advantage.

Because he has claimed your soul, the Sword cannot.

You're the only one of us who can use the Sword without it killing you.

What if you're wrong?

What if I wield the Sword, and it kills me?

Then I die.

And Henry claims my soul.

Two very bad things.

If we do nothing, we all die and... you rise by Henry's side all the same.

Before I do this...

I need to see Cynthia and Macey.

There's no time. I wish there was.

But I'll talk to Cynthia and Macey.

You'll do more than that.

You'll promise me you'll look after them.

Yes. Of course.

You have our word.

Let's go see the Horseman.

Abraham Van Brunt.

I never thought we'd see each other again, but here we are.

Face to face.

So... are you ready to tell us about Moloch?

Have you not sacrificed enough, former Captain?

Are you truly standing in front of me, prepared to sacrifice your life to take mine?

I am willing to make that sacrifice.

But I don't need to.

You can thank the other Horseman for that.

He has already claimed my soul.

The question is... are you prepared to sacrifice what's left of your life?

Haven't you sacrificed enough?

Crane: Tell us where Moloch is, and you'll be spared.

For now.

Headless... armless.

You know, I never studied fencing.

But this sword does all the work for me.

How many demons did Methuselah kill with this?

A thousand?


Crane: Where is Moloch?

The Four Trees.

The Four White Trees?

Not anymore. I'm afraid the trees and the forest have taken on a darker hue.

War and Moloch have begun to merge purgatory and this world.

With each tree that is burned black, more evil may enter.

The blackening of the first white tree brought lightning. The second will bring blood.

The fall of the third tree will bring Moloch's demon army.

You may have seen them before.


And the fall of the fourth tree...

Will complete the formation of hell on Earth.

Swing your sword as you will.

Time... is not on your side.

Just say the word.

This is not the time.

He may have more information.

He might be of use later.

Spare him.

Moloch alone is our target tonight.

Irving's got the Sword, but if we're all going to fight a demon army, we've all got to weapon up.

What do you have in mind?

(loud rock music playing)


God bless Texas!

(Hawley whoops)

There is freedom worth fighting for.

Hawley: What...?


I didn't know you guys liked to party.


I'm about to do something less fun, aren't I?

Still a party, just a hunting party.

Moloch has risen.

Crane: We'll reconvene at the Archives.

We need everything you've got.

Every weapon in your arsenal.

Wait, come on, everything?


Look, I know you think it's the End, but do you know how many people have gotten burned claiming the End is nigh?

Every person.

Every person in history who's ever said that has been dead wrong, Mills.

Doomsdayers are zero for 10,000 years.

(thunder crashes)


Score one for the doomsdayers.

It's hailing blood.

Do you believe me now?

Weapons, Hawley.

I'll load up my truck.

According to dubious lore, Blackbeard used these flintlocks to sink a Leviathan.

A katana sword from the Jokoto period.

You have a deep bench, my friend.

Yeah, said to imbue its wielder with the strength of all its previous samurais.

(chanting quietly)

Whoa, hey, uh... Ms. Crane...

It's okay. She's a witch.


Nice work.

Some of these weapons do possess ancient magic.

I may be able to revitalize them, but it might require a moment.

(thunder crashes)

One moment may be all we have.

As purgatory merges with the real world, my power weakens.

We must hurry.

Where's Abbie?

She's with the Horseman.


Yes. Mr. Hawley... we may have one more favor to prevail upon you.


This ain't no Wendigo.

Abbie: The Horseman of Death.

One of the Four Horsemen.

You-you sure he can't get out?

This cell was designed by Thomas Jefferson and a coven of witches to hold him.

And others like him.

So you want me to babysit this guy while you and the A-Team go stop the Horseman of War and his boss, Moloch.

Abbie: May be more than just babysitting.

Demons may try to break him out...

Wait, really?


He could.

Our world is merging with purgatory; all bets are off.

That's why, as soon as Katrina's done enchanting those weapons, we get out there and stop Moloch.

Okay. Yeah. Why not?


So we're clear?

I need to trust you to watch over the Headless Horseman until we get back.

It's not a party; you cannot have any friends over.

Mills, I get it.

The world's gonna end.

You gotta stop that.

And if you don't, I imagine I'm gonna hear about it pretty quickly.

I overheard you today.

Talking to Abraham.

You said you cared for him, and somehow I'm certain you mean it.


I understand your relationship with him is complicated.

He was your captor.

What are you trying to say?

I'm trying to understand... to understand your experience as a captive.

Whether it somehow tainted me.

I love you, Ichabod, but I cannot fight two wars at once.

Despite your words to the contrary, clearly you've lost faith in my judgment.

As you have in mine.

You left to the enemy den without so much as a note.

To kill the demon Moloch...

Which you did not do.

Everything I have ever done has first and foremost been to ensure our very survival, so that one day, you and I could return to husband and wife!

"Husband and wife"?

You're a spy, you're a witch, you lied to me about Mary's death.

Sometimes, I question the very idea of our "marriage."

Perhaps, then, until our mission is complete...

...we are both better off considering ourselves in the roles we have to play in this war.


And nothing more.

Then we are but comrades in arms... until Moloch is defeated.

(door bangs open)

The weapons are readied.

(thunder crashes)

Moloch: The third tree burns and we still await the Horseman of Death.

The witch created weakness in Abraham.

She must have delayed him.

The Sword.

You should have prevented this.

But, Moloch, Abraham's failure is not my own.

I shall send the first of my army... and War.


(insects trilling)

I take it you two spoke.

We agreed.

We share a single focus: Moloch.


We got company!



Ichabod! Aah!


Get her to safety!

Try and stake its chest!




(horse neighs)


I got this.



The Sword...





No, Captain.

Crane: All right. Captain?

Captain, Katrina is going to work her magic. Yes?


All right, Captain.

Look at me.

Look at me, Captain. Look. Look.

All is well.

Katrina: The merging of the worlds, I cannot stop the bleeding.

Keep trying!

(Katrina sobs)


Captain, look at me.

Look at me!

(Katrina chanting)

You hold on...

You fight.

You're a captain, you fight.

You... you fight.

We lost him.

Jenny: Is he really gone?

Katrina: He saved our lives.

He died a hero.

And in his name, we soldier on.

I swear to you, his sacrifice will not be in vain.

No, it will not.

Frank was our friend.

Our family.

We owe it to him.

I'm taking out Moloch.

Lieutenant, you cannot possibly carry the Sword.

It is not up for debate.

No, it is not!

Do not make me wrest it from you.

I cannot lose another friend by Moloch's hand.


I am sorry, my love.

But I have been on borrowed time for far too long.

I awoke in this... strange time for no reason other than this moment.

It ends now, with purpose.


It's not just you.

All of us, here... we chose to be here.

You, me, Katrina, Jenny and Frank.

We're in this together.

That is how we will win.

We found the Sword together.

Only one can wield it.

And it'll be me, first.

And when I fall, you can pick it up.

And if we don't finish the job...

I shall pick up the Sword.

Then me.

Until today, we've only been asked to make sacrifices of ourselves.

But now?

We've got to be willing to sacrifice others, the ones we love.

I am not gonna let Moloch take another soul from this earth.

Never again.

You are right.

Thank you.

Don't thank me yet; you haven't heard my plan.

(unearthly howl)

Go. It is not done yet.

You must retrieve the Sword.

Father, how?

They have destroyed my armor.

I am vulnerable.

You will delay them.

I don't understand.

I am the Second Horseman!

You would have me die?

Moloch: There were Horsemen before you, there will be Horsemen after.

Be grateful for the chance to sacrifice yourself for my glory.

Today begins my reign.

You will find them at the church.

Now go.


I will obey.

Abbie: War is hell.

Or, more accurately, we sent War back to hell.

Planning on coming for you, but this'll work, too.

How pathetic.

Ichabod is hiding.

Forcing his injured partner to face me alone.

I volunteered.

Well... let's see what you're made of, Lieutenant.

You think you can hide?

You've already lost.

You brought roots to a sword fight?



(Henry exhales)

Katrina: Depellerent omne illisio.

Simus anulum.

Do not move.

Put the sword down.

Our quarrel isn't with you, Henry.

Step aside and let us meet Moloch.

It won't be that easy.

If you want to leave here, your only option is to kill me...


So here I am. Kill me.

Can you see it?

The life pulsing in my throat?

Make the slightest of motions and humanity will be saved.

What will it be, Father?

Crane, you know what you have to do.

In Genesis, God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

The binding of Isaac.

Yes, I've read this tragic little story.

Abraham was willing.

But at the very last moment, God provided him with a ram to sacrifice in Isaac's stead.


I will give my life wielding this sword against you if I must.

But we have another way.

A mighty ram.



My son, let me pass... and I will dispatch Moloch to hell and you will be free to live a life of your making, not a pawn in his game, but as a loved one in a world of free will.

You... you would let me live while you go face Moloch and die?

That is what sacrifice is.

Allow me to fulfill my duty as a Witness and end this madness.

Henry, let us pass!

You never gave up on me.

You never will.



Parish: As an immortal, I can wield this with impunity.

Faith, hope and charity; the Holy Trinity has brought you to your knees again, Father.


Moloch is waiting.

Kill the witch.

Then the final tree will burn.

But she is Abraham's.

Abraham failed. He gets nothing.

The witch dies first.

Parish: But Abraham is awaiting the bargain you made with him.

He is nothing.

You are nothing but what I made you.

Sacrifice your mother.


(thunder crashes)

Very well.

Take me!

Take me.

Ichabod, it's me he wants.


You tell me of Abraham's sacrifice.

The Akeda, the story of a cruel and merciless God who designed a cruel and merciless world.

Who could worship a deity who commands a man to sacrifice his own son?

Those days have come to an end.

The true lesson of the story comes not from Abraham, but from Isaac.

The chasm between father and son was never bridged.

They never spoke again.

And justly so!

For any man willing to sacrifice his child... should die.

As should any god!