01x02 - Lonely Hearts

Angel sits alone in the dark in his office. Doyle comes in and turns the light on, causing Angel to blink form the sudden light.

Doyle: "Hey, you know, maybe we should go over this thing again of you getting out in the world and involving yourself with people. It’s Friday night. It’s the most social night of the week! A couple of lookers like us should be out there enjoying the nightlife. Not sitting here in the dark like some kind of…"

Angel: "… some kind of vampire?"

Doyle: "Well, yeah. - I was going to say Slacker, but, yeah, to you, Mr. Obvious. - You got to come out, man!"

Angel: "Why?"

Doyle: "Because we deserve a night of fun, don’t you think? I mean, it breaks up those nights of death and mayhem. Plus we could toast the new business, you know, the three of us." (whistles tilting his head towards the outer office)

Angel, getting up: "Yeah, Doyle, if you want to ask Cordelia out, just do it yourself."

Doyle: "I don’t even know if she likes me, man, unless you put a word in for me, you know, just tell her what a great guy I am!"

Angel: "I barely know you."

Doyle: "Perfect. That should make it easier for you then."

Cordelia, walking in the outer office: "Hello."

Doyle: "You know, I am… when you’re talking me up to her, don’t let her in on that me being half demon. Because, you know, women can be a little funny about that."

Cordelia, walking in: "They’re finally in."

Doyle, to Angel: "There in."

Doyle goes to stand next to Cordy.

Angel: "Okay…?"

Cordelia: "Your cards."

Doyle: "The cards."

Cordelia: "Your calling cards to leave with people so they know how to reach you."

Doyle: "Great idea! Calling cards. It’s not like you have a signal folks can shine in the sky when ever they need help, you know?"

Angel, taking a card: “Hey, look at that, there is our number. It’s right next to a... a um... a... a butterfly ?”

Doyle, looking at Cordy’s face then back down at the card he is holding: "It’s obviously not a butterfly, you idiot. It’s a... a bird. No, no, wait, it’s an owl. A... a bird that hunts at night. Brilliant! It’s a... a..."

Cordelia: "It’s an angel!"

Angel: "An angel. Right. It’s an angel!"

Doyle, to Cordy: "Brilliant. So obvious and so clever on so many levels... "

Cordy: "Oh, shut up!"

She hits Doyle in the chest with the back of her hand.

Doyle, doubling over with pain: "Oh, jeez…"

Cordy taken a back: "Come on, don’t be such a baby. I barely hit you."

Doyle moans and kicks the desk then falls back, throwing the cards up in the air.

Angel, jumping to grab him: "He, hey, hey, Doyle!"

(Flash to out of focus scenes of a dance club.)

Angel: "Are you okay, man ?"

Doyle: "Yeah, I’m okay."

Angel: "What did you see ? What did you see ?"

Doyle: "It’s a bar. Uh, I think I recognize it. It’s one of those terminally... stuck-in-the-eighties places."

Angel: "Yeah, and ?"

Doyle: "That’s it. No faces popped out at me, man. Just, just a feelin’"

Cordy: "What feeling ?"

Doyle: "Something’s gonna happen."

Angel, after a beat: "Looks like you got your wish. Looks like we’re going out after all."

***** Cut to the entrance of a nightclub named D’oblique. *****

A girl with long blond hair sits at the bar looking unhappy. A dark haired guy comes up to her and points at the empty stool next to her.

Kevin: "May I ?"

Sharon: "What ? Oh, sure, sure."

Kevin: "Kevin."

Sharon: "Sharon."

Kevin: "God, I just hate places like this, don’t you ?"


***** Cut to the bar. *****

Kevin and Sharon have moved to a table.

Kevin: "When I was a kid I thought: you grow up, you meet *her*, and everything sort of falls into place."

Sharon: "Yeah, I had that... Only I had a him, where you had a her. Actually I just had a Ken and Barbie."

Kevin: "Ken and Barbie had it easy. They never had to come to places like this. But you’ve got to try. I mean, what if she was here and you missed her because you were – I don’t know – too burned out to still believe ? - You know what I mean ?"

Sharon, nodding: "I know exactly what you mean. You have to believe that someday you’re going to meet someone special."

Kevin: "I think I have... Oh, god. I can’t believe I just said that! I mean, I think you’re special... but it just sounded so... "

Sharon: "No, it sounded nice... Kevin."

(Camera pans to Angel, Cordy and Doyle coming down the steps leading into the club.)

Cordy: "Ooh, classy! - Okay, now what ?"

Angel: "All right. Look, let’s split up. Look for someone that might be in trouble."

Doyle: "Or for something that’s about to cause it."

Cordelia hands Angel a couple of his new calling cards and they split up. Angel steps up to the bar.

Bartender: "What can I get you ?"

Angel: "Um, I’m just wondering, have you noticed anything unusual tonight ?"

Bartender: "Unusual ?"

Angel: "Yeah, you know,... out of the ordinary... possibly even... dangerous ?"

Bartender: "Don’t worry. It’s early yet. The real hot women don’t mosey in until around 11:00."

Cut to Cordelia walking up to a black guy and handing him a calling card.

Cordelia: "Hi! If you’re in trouble, just call this number. We can help !"

She moves on to a couple sitting at a table.

Cordelia, handing a card to the girl: "Hi. Being harassed by someone or something ? Just dial us up, day or night. (to the guy) You look troubled. Are you troubled... or is that just your lazy eye ?... Anyway, call us, we are very discreet. (moving on to the next table) Hi, how are you ?"

Doyle grabs her and pulls her away form them.

Doyle: "Hey, hey, hey ! This isn’t a marketing seminar here, princess. You’ve got to stay a bit more below radar."

Cordelia: "What radar ?"

Doyle: "The police ? You know the service our friend Angel provides... might put some people in mind of the V-word."

Cordelia: "Vampire ?"

Doyle: "No, Vigilante. You know there are laws against this. You need to chat people up a little more casual like. You know, hi, what’s your name? How’s life treatin’ ye ? What’s that you say ? Minions from hell gettin’ you down ?"

Cordelia: "I’m an actress, a student of the human animal. I don’t need to talk to people to know their story. (turning to point at guy dancing) You see jazz-hands over there ? Mama’s boy. Peter Pan complex. (pointing at a short haired blonde) Self-absorbed closet-dud, with a big ‘the world owes me’ chip on her shoulder. (pointing to Sharon leaving with Kevin) Check out Sarah-plain-and-tall. Has or comes from big money."

Doyle: "How do you know all that ?"

Cordelia: "Well, you’ve got to be rich to snag the Calvin Kline model she’s leaving with."

Doyle: "Yeah, well, they’re all riveting insights and such, but we need to find someone that’s in trouble ?"

Cordelia: "How’s Angel doing ?"

Cut to Angel standing by the bar.

A guy is walking away from him shaking his head.

Angel: "No seriously, I wasn’t hitting on you !"

He massages the bridge of his nose with a sigh and leans back against the bar.

Blond girl sitting at the bar with a drink: "Are you okay ?"

Angel: "What ?"

Girl: "No, no, nothing... Sorry."

Angel: "No. Am I okay ?"

Girl: "Well you just looked... bad... Not that you look bad, you look very nice... I think I’m just going to have my drink."

Angel: "Thanks."

Girl: "For thinking you look bad, or thinking you look good ?"

Angel: "You choose... I’m Angel."

Girl: "I’m... I’m Kate."

Kate: "So do you come here a lot ?"

Angel: "First time. It’s really... "

Kate: "Easy ? Yeah. I prefer those cool bars that are hard to get into, but I can’t get into them... Anyway, this is close to home... So, did you... did you just stop in ?"

Angel: "I’m sort of looking for someone."

Kate: "I’m sorry, if am I keeping you..."

Angel: "No, no, no, I’m just looking for someone to... rescue ?... Are you maybe in need of some... rescuing ?"

Kate, staring at him in disbelief: "Well that’s the strangest line I’m going to hear tonight."

Angel: "No, it’s not a line. I’m..."

Kate: "Oh, I didn’t mean... That was harsh."

Angel: "No, hey, you know... I’m not very good at this... talking."

Kate: "Well, I’m the expert. I’m sure you can see... Well, the answer is no, I don’t need rescuing... I gave up on the knight in shining armor concept a while ago... Anyway I don’t expect to find him here at the international house of posers."

Angel: "People can surprise you."

Kate: "I sound like a big hypocrite, don’t I ? Ragging on this place, I still come here most every night... How else are you going to meet somebody outside of work ? It’s either this, or sit at home alone in the dark."

Angel, looking at the ceiling: "Hmm. Wouldn’t want that."

Kate: "So... what do you do ?"

Angel: "Do ?"

Kate: "For a living.”

Angel: "I... ah... well, basically I... um... I help... I’m a veterinarian."

Kate: "Really... Well, I always say a man that loves animals, is a man you can trust."

Cut to Cordelia and Doyle.

Doyle: “So you got everyone figured out, huh ?”

Cordelia: “Not everyone. I mean you I don’t get.”

Doyle: “Me ?”

Cordelia: “Yeah, I mean, what’s with those vision things of yours ?”

Doyle: “They’re messages I get, you know from the higher powers, whoever they may be. You know, it’s my gift !”

Cordelia: “If that was my gift, I’d return it. I mean you get those headaches, and you do this bleh thing with your face.”

Doyle, downing a drink: “What thing with my face ?”

Cordelia: “Plus, your visions are kind of lame. A bar ? That’s nice and vague ! I mean they should send you one of those self-destructing tapes, you know, that come with a dossier ?”

Doyle: “Well, I’m sure to mention it...”

Blond guy, coming up holding a calling card: “Hey, you’re the one handing out those cards ?”

Cordelia: “Do you need help ?”

Blond guy: “Well, I was wondering if that is really your number. Do you mind if I ring you up some time for a date ?”

Doyle: “Yeah, she minds.”

Cordelia, putting a hand on Doyle’s chest: “I can handle this, ok ? (to guy) Yes, I mind. This is a business card. We offer our services to people in need.”

Blond guy: “Well, I might be in need of a little service. You charge by the hour ?”

Cordelia: “Excuse me ?”

Doyle: “Alright. Just everyone relax here a little bit. The Lady is with me, all right ?”

Cordelia: “No, I’m not.”

Blond guy: “Hey, nobody is talking to you, wipe.”

Cut to Angel and Kate sitting at the bar.

Kate: “I guess I just... I just have a hard time, you know... trusting people. Male people particularly. In a place like this, it’s not like anyone is just going to come up to you and show you who they really are. Every body is too busy to get,... I don’t know... what ever it is they are looking for.”

Angel: “What are you looking for ?”

Kate: “Depends on how many Daiquiris I’ve had. Oh, god, way to come off like a drunken slut. Slut’s better then a hypocrite though, right ? I’m moving up.”

Angel: “Kind of hard on yourself.”

Kate: “That’s me a self-flagellating-hypocrite-slut. What was your question ?”

Angel: “What are you looking for ?”

Kate: “I guess I’m just trying to make a connection. The more I come to places like this the harder it gets... What about you ?”

Angel, with a sigh: “I honestly don’t know. But I’ll know it when I see it.”

Kate: “Would you ?... I’m sorry. Forget it.”

Angel: “What ?”

Kate: “I was just going to ask you... if you would like to go some place... more quiet.”

Angel: “Um, I can’t... I have got to stay here.”

Kate: “Right.”

Angel: “I would…”

Kate: “No, that’s okay.”

Cut to Doyle, Cordy and the blond guy.

Doyle: “Listen, I don’t want any trouble, okay ?”

Guy#2, coming up: “Hey, what’s the trouble ?”

Doyle: “No, trouble. Did I not just get through saying that we don’t want any trouble? We are trouble-free, okay ?”

Blond guy: “Turns out, she’s a hooker and her pimp here is giving me a hard time.”

Cordelia: “That’s it !”

Doyle: “Down, Cord…”

Cordelia: “Did you hear what he just said about me ?”

Doyle: “Everyone just simmer down here, okay ? Violence isn’t going to solve a thing here. (steps forward and head-buts the blond guy) On the other hand it is kind of festive.”

The three guys start fighting.

Cordelia: “Oh, my gosh!”

The bartender comes up to break up the fight and guy#2 hits him in the face.

Cordelia: “Oh, my god!”

Angel comes up and grabs the chair away from the blond guy as he gets ready to hit Doyle with it. He uses the chair to block the blond guy’s punches, then throws him into the wall. Both guys go up against Angel but he holds them off easily. Then he and Doyle throw them into a pile and the bartender steps between them.

Cordelia, pointing to the two guys: “Those two jerks started it !”

When they start to protest the bartender cuts them off

Bartender: “Not a word. Not a word ! Every time with you guys. Out ! Come on. Lets go !”

As the bartender ushers the two guys out, a starry eyed princess-Leia-type-of-girl walks up to Angel and Doyle.

Girl: “Wow, are you okay ?”

Doyle, holding the side of his head: “Yeah, I’m fine, thanks.”

The girl ignores him and smiles up at Angel.

Angel, looking around for a moment: “Yeah,... ah... I’m... I'm okay... Are you okay ?”

Girl, walking over to the bar with a smirk: “Well, now. That’s for you to find out.”

Angel, following her after a beat: “No, I... I mean, I’d really like to know. .. So how do you want to do this... twenty questions ?”

Cut to Kate disappointedly watching Angel talk to the girl.

Cut to Angel and the girl.

She’s laughing.

Angel: “So... Marcie from Barstow. That doesn’t even rhyme or anything.”

Angel watches Kate leave.

Girl: “It’s wild, us meeting over a bar fight. Isn’t it great when two people make a connection?”

***** Cut to Kevin's apartment. *****

Sharon and Kevin lay in bed next to each other. Sharon doesn’t look exactly happy.

Sharon: “It’s late...”

Kevin: “Yeah.”

Sharon: “I should probably...”

Kevin: “I know.”

Sharon, sitting up: “Well...”

Kevin, sitting up too and reaching for her: “Well, if you have to leave, I understand, but I’d just like to hold you.”

Kevin wraps his arms around her form behind with a sigh.

***** Cut to the empty bar. *****

Angel, Doyle and Cordy sit around a table.

Angel: “You know, I’m having a hard time believing that Doyle’s vision meant I was supposed to come here to break up a bar fight.”

Doyle: “Yeah, well, if it was, I’m in for some serious workman’s comp.”

Angel: “Alright think. Could either one of you sense that anyone here tonight need help?”

Cordelia: “Yeah, everybody.”

Angel: “This socializing thing is brutal. I mean, I was young once,... I used to go to bars. It wasn’t anything like this.”

Doyle: “I used to go to taverns. Small towns, where everybody used to know each other.”

Cordelia: “Yeah, like High-school. It was easy to date there. We all had so much in common. Being monster food every other week for instance.”

Doyle: “Well, you’re in the big, bad city now, huh? Where everyone’s a stranger - hiding behind walls, keeping secrets.”

Bartender, coming up to the table: “Sorry folks, got to kick you out now.”

Cordelia: “Sure. (to Angel) I guess the single life’s particularly tough on you.”

Angel: “Why ?”

Cordelia: “Well, a couple of hundred years ago all you had to worry about was a hang over. Today, because of your curse thingy, - you can’t sleep with anyone... or else you might feel a moment of true happiness, lose your soul, become evil again, and... kill everyone.”

Angel: “Thanks Cordelia, I always appreciate your perspective.”

Cordelia: “No problem. Hey, the last thing I want is to show up at the office and find that I’m working for a homicidal monster.”

They get up and leave.

Cut to Sharon sitting on the edge of the bed. Kevin lays on the bed behind her, looking beat-up and dead.

Cut to Cordelia sitting in front of a computer, Doyle is looking through some news papers.

Doyle: “This is completely whacked, man. I don’t even know what I’m looking for anymore.”

Angel, coming to stand behind Cordelia: “You’re looking for any events in and around that bar.”

Cordelia: “Okay, I’m in the news group search engine. Now what is the name of that place again ?”

Angel: “D’oblique. Capital D, apostrophe, o-b-l-i…”

Cordelia: “Not so fast. Okay, Capital D,... apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe,... oh, I got it. Okay... Now what’s after that again ?”

Doyle, getting up and walking up the keyboard: “You know, I need a break. Let me... ah... let me get in here.”

He turns the keyboard towards him and starts typing really fast.

Angel: “How’d you pick up computer skills?”

Cordelia: “Downloading pictures of naked women ?”

Doyle: “Well, that’s more or less accurate. - Hello ! We’ve got two hits.”

He clicks on the first one.

Angel: “Look at that. Search continues for Heather Nolan. Missing since late last month the 24-year-old paralegal that vanished after leaving a downtown bar called D’oblique.”

Cordelia: “Missing girl. That’s sounds a little more up your alley.”

Angel: “What’s the second one say ?”

Doyle: “Badly mutilated body found in the dumpster nearly three weeks ago, described by the coroner’s office as eviscerated, has been positively identified as that of 28-year-old Martin Haber, last seen with an unidentified female companion at D’oblique, a trendy singles establishment.”

Angel: “That’s it then. Probably a lot more disappearances that the press hasn’t traced back to the bar yet.”

Doyle: “So, we got a missing girl and a stiff.”

Angel: “An eviscerated stiff. Go downstairs and use the library. Try to narrow down a list of eviscerating demons, ones that might have reasons to prey on young singles.”

Cordelia: “Where are you going ?”

Angel: “To the bar. To see if I can meet a killer.”

***** Cut to front of D'Oblique. *****

Angel walks up in front of the club, staring at the ground lost in his thoughts he runs into another person, literally.

Angel: “Oh, excuse me.”

Kate: “Well, hello.”

Angel: “Hi,... Kate... Uh,... I’m glad to see you again.”

Kate: “Really…”

Angel: “Yeah,... I owe you an apology... for last night.”

Kate: “You don’t owe me anything.”

Angel: “No, it was rude."

Kate: “Okay, then… maybe you can buy me a drink and we can start fresh.”

Angel: “I’m not sure that you should go in there tonight.”

Kate: “What do you mean ?”

Angel: “I’m not sure it’s safe.”

Kate: “What’s not safe ?”

Angel: “I can’t really explain it.”

Kate: “You know I’m having a problem trusting people... and surprise, you’re not making it any better.”

Angel: “I’m just asking you not to go in there.”

Kate: “And where are you going ?”

Angel, after a beat: “In there.”

Kate: “Well, I’ll tell you what: I can go where ever I want and ah,... you can go to hell.”

Angel, watching her walk into the bar: “Been there, done that.”

***** Cut to the inside of the bar. *****

Kate walks up to the bar and sits down next to a blond girl talking to a young man.

Bartender: “The usual ?”

Kate: “Yes.”

He sets a tall glass with a straw in front of her. Angel walks in, looks at her back for a moment then blows out a deep breath and settles down at the bar further down. They look at each other for a moment across the people sitting between them, then Kate turns away.

Kate, to the blonde sitting beside her: “You know, some guys have real problems.”

The blonde turns around. It is Sharon. No longer Sarah-plain-and-tall, she has made herself up into a glamorous chick.

Sharon, turning back to her date: “I’m sorry, you were saying ?”

Kate: “Nothing. It’s just my job. It’s hard to meet people. Everyone is watching their own back. It’s difficult... to know who you can trust.”

Sharon: “Still, I’m surprised. I would think that you would have your pick of girls.”

Kate: “Yeah ? (Laughs.) Well, I... I don’t know. I was pretty much a spaz in High School. You know, a real ‘something is out there’ geek, you know with the gang of geek toy minions. - I couldn’t get a date to save my life.”

Sharon: “Well, it’s a good thing High Schools over.”

Cut to Kate looking at Angel.

Cut to Angel sitting at the bar sipping a coke.

A dark haired guy steps up to the bar next to him.

Guy to the bartender: “Yo man, where is Kevin?”

Bartender: “Hell if I know. Haven’t seen him in here tonight. Why ?”

Guy: “Dude didn’t show up for work today. And he’s not answering his phone.”

Bartender: “Pretty sure I seen him hook up with some girl last night. He’s probably sleeping it off.”

Angel: “What girl ?”

***** Cut to Angel's office. *****

Cordy and Doyle sitting together looking through a bunch of books about demons. Doyle points at the picture of a demon.

Doyle: “Here’s another one. Piasca. It’s a flesh-eating Indian demon that enters victims through the mouth and eviscerates from within. You’re going to put that one down ?”

Cordelia: “Yeah. Ugh, demons. Is there anything more disgusting?”

Doyle, after a beat: “You think so ?”

Cordelia, looking at him surprised: “Come on !... Okay, look at this one. (points to picture) This demon wears a wreath of intestines around its head. I mean honestly, what kind of a statement is this thing trying to make with that ?”

Doyle: “Yeah, you know,... I mean, it really depends, doesn’t it ?... I mean some demons could actually be nice,... given the opportunity. I think, you’d have to get to know them, yeah ?”

Cordelia: “I’ve met a lot of demons, and slime aside, not a whole lot going on there.”

***** Cut to the bar. *****

Bartender: “Sharon, Sharon. Her name is Sharon Kind of a regular.”

Guy: “Sharon ? That dowdy chick ? Ah, Kevin, scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

Angel: “Look, where can I find Sharon?”

Bartender: “She’s in here tonight. No Kevin though. I guess it wasn’t true love after all. (looking over to where Sharon was sitting next to Kate but doesn’t see her) Ah, she was there just a minute ago, getting it on with some Screech.”

Guy: “Yeah, that’s definitely more her level.”

Angel: “Look, any idea where she lives ?”

Bartender: “No.”

Angel: “What about a last name?”

Bartender: “Last name? Not a lot of last names in a place like this.”

Guy: “It’s Richler.”

Angel gets up to leave.

Guy to the bartender: “Alright. I asked her out a couple times.”

Cut to Angel looking Sharon up in a phone book.

Through the window beside him we can see Kate watching him from her seat at the bar as he scans through the book. He finds her name, rips out the page and leaves.

***** Cut to Sharon's apartment. *****

Sharon and the Screech laying in bed staring up at the ceiling.

Screech: "I’m sorry. I wanted this to go better. Maybe I was trying too hard. I just really like you. Next time, it’ll be better."

Sharon, turning to him: "Roll over."

Screech: "Okay."

He rolls over and she cuddles up behind him.

Cut to Angel running down the street.

Cut to Sharon and the Screech cuddling.

Screech: “This is nice. I think sometimes what we really need..."

A strange looking reptile like worm suddenly emerges from Sharon’s chest, and starts burrowing teeth first into the Screech's back. (Screams.)

Cut to Angel bursting through the apartment door.

He looks surprised that he got in. It dawns on him what that means and he grimly scans the apartment. He walks over to an open door and sees Sharon laying on the bed looking like week-old corpse. He looks over and just sees the tail end of the burrower disappear into the Screech’s back, leaving no visible marks behind, as he pulls on a sweater.

Screech, turning to look at Angel: “You’re not human.”

Angel: “News flash, pal, you’re a bit of the evolutionary chart yourself. (Both of them looking over at Sharon laying on the bed.) This has to stop. You have to stop.”

Screech: “I will, when I find the right one. The one I can stay with.”

Angel: “The right body ? What’s wrong with this one ?”

Screech: “Nothing,... yet. It’s new and different. It's great... But it won’t last. I already know it’s not the I can live in.”

Angel: “Well, then it’ll have to be the one you die in.”

They exchange some blows. The screech is at least as strong as Angel and not in the least bit phased by Angel’s blows. He manages to drop Angel with a punch to his back, then slides him head first into the wall. When Angel picks himself back up he is in vamp face. They go at it again, hitting and slamming each other into the walls. Then the Screech picks Angel up and throws him high through the air. Angel hits the corner of the room head down with his back to the wall and slides to the floor. The Screech takes off.

Kate runs into the apartment. Angel manages to get back up. When he turns to her he once again looks human.

Angel: “Kate, what are you doing here ? (Both looking over at the dead body on the bed.) Look, I know what this looks like.”

Kate, aiming a cocked pistol at his face and pulling out a police badge: “So do I. (putting her badge back away) LAPD. You have the right to…”

Angel: “I waive it... How did you find me ?”

Kate: “I’ve been tracking you since last night.”

Angel: “Listen…”

Kate: “Don’t move! Not a step. Back-up is on the way.”

Angel: “We’re on the same side. I’m after this guy, too.”

Kate: “You’re telling me you’re an investigator ?”

Angel: “More or less.”

Kate: “Where is your license ?”

Angel: “That’s the less part.”

Kate: “Right.”

Angel: “Kate you don’t know, you didn’t see…”

Kate: “What I see is the carving job of an impotent sicko. - It’s frustrating, isn’t it, not being able to connect, to love like other people? I mean, how do you get them to trust you, Angel ? Give them the big dark eyes, the ‘I’m not good with talk’ speech?”

Angel: “He gives them what they are longing for.”

Kate: “And that is?”

Angel: “Hope. - That the loneliness is going to end, and he is going to do it again…”

Kate: “Unless I let you go so you can stop him. - Save me the lines. I’ve heard them.”

Angel: “And I’ve heard yours. Something about not being able to trust people?”

Kate, getting out her handcuffs: “Turn around.”

Angel turns and puts his hand up against the wall with a sigh. She slaps a cuff around his right wrist and pulls his arm down.

Angel: “I’m sorry.”

Kate: “Is that a confession ?”

Angel: “I didn’t do that. I’m sorry for this !”

He kicks back, knocks her down and sprints for the open window. She gets up and shoots four times as he dives headfirst out the window to land on the hood of a car parked below, setting off its alarm. He rolls off and runs off down the street as Kate watches from the window. (The Camera pans down and shows the screech pressed against the wall below the window watching as well.)

***** Cut to Cordelia's apartment. *****

Doyle and Cordy walk into her apartment carrying a stack of old books. The place is a mess.

Doyle, looking around: “Wow, this is... place is… I thought girls are supposed to like pretty things.”

Cordelia: “Uh. Don’t start okay ? Angel told us to meet here, so we’re meeting here. That doesn’t mean that you can…”

Doyle picks up a bra and holds it up to his chest.

Cordelia, taking it away from him impatiently: “That is so High School ! Cordelia wears bras. Oh, she has girlie parts!”

Doyle: “Take it easy. You’re being a tad defensive here. I think it’s refreshing seeing a woman living like this. You know, it means you’re not so up tight. Means you live for the moment.”

He steps into a dirty cereal bowl sitting on the floor as a knock sounds.

Doyle: “You’re disgusting.”

Cordy, going to the door: “Who is it?”

Angel: “It’s me.”

Cordelia undoes the chain and opens the door. Angel stands there, he looks a bit beaten up.

Cordelia: “Oh, my god. Are you okay?”

Angel: “Look, I- I can’t, um…”

Doyle: “Invite him in! As long as you’re alive, vampires, they can’t cross the threshold unless you…”

Cordelia: “Oh, right, right. You promise you’ll stay good?”

Angel: “Cordelia.”

Cordelia: “I’m kidding. Come in.”

He comes in and Cordy closes the door.

Doyle: “What happened to you, man. You look wrecked!”

Angel: “That woman that I was talking to at the bar last night, - you know Kate?”

Cordelia: “She’s the killer?”

Angel: “She’s a cop. Followed me to another body.”

Doyle: “Now she thinks you’re the killer.”

Angel: “Yeah. So we don’t have a lot of time to…”

Looks around and notices the state of Cordy’s apartment for the first time. Looks at Cordy with a grin.

Angel: “You actually live here?”

Cordelia: “Yes, - okay? Is it my fault that maid service was interrupted? It was supposed to go, home, hotel, hotel, husband. Now can we move on?”

Doyle: “Yeah, well, we put together that list of eviscerating demons that you asked for. We actually narrowed it down to 3 or 4.”

Angel: “I saw it. It’s a burrower.”

Cordelia: “It’s a donkey ? - Oh, we didn’t see any donkey demons.”

The guys just look at her.

Angel: “Burrower.”

Cordelia: “Oh.”

Angel: “It eviscerates its victims as it moves from body to body, and it may only be able to do it after some kind of a s*x act, exchange of fluids kind of thing.”

Cordelia: “Eww!”

Doyle: “Lovely.”

Angel: “Look I want you to find out anything you can about this thing. Weaknesses especially. It was amazingly strong while we were fighting. - It may be hard to kill.”

Doyle: “We’re on it.”

Angel: “Good. I’m going to get back to the bar, see if I can find this thing.”

Cordelia: “What makes you think that it will show ? It knows that you’re after it.”

Angel: “It’ll be out there. It’s got to keep trying to make a connection.”

Cordelia: “Why ?”

Angel: “Because that’s what lonely people do.”

Cut to the screech talking to a gorgeous lady with long brown hair at the bar. Cut to Kate stepping into Angel’s office with her gun drawn. Cut to her stepping into Angel’s apartment and looking around. Cut to Angel walking around scanning people sitting at dining tables. Cut to Kate looking into Angel’s (luckily empty) refrigerator. Cut to Angel searching. Cut to the screech and the girl laying together on a bed. He turns to her and the parasite moves from his body into her back. Cut to Kate looking at the weapons decorating the wall of Angel’s place. Cut to the longhaired girl looking out a window. Cut to Angel walking down the street (it’s awfully bright, but according to Joss comment’s from the posting board it was supposed to be still pre-dawn, some mistake with lighting or post production or something).

("Touched" by Vast is playing through the previous montage.)

***** Cut to Cordelia's apartement. *****

Angel enters Cordy’s apartment. Doyle and Cordy are slumped on the sofa with books piled on their laps, asleep. They wake as Angel closes the door.

Angel: "Morning."

Doyle: "Hey, ah,... so, any luck yet ?"

Angel: "No not yet. (sitting down in a chair) I know I can recognize this thing if I just saw it in another body."

Doyle: "That shouldn’t be a problem then. That narrows it down to what ? 5 million suspects in the naked city ?"

Angel, massaging the bridge of his nose: "How about you. Did you find anything ?"

Cordelia: "Yeah, we found a name for this burrower guy. Ah, Tahlmer ? He’s been around forever. A dawn of time kind of dude."

Angel: "Any weaknesses ?"

Doyle: "Few and far between. This kid is strong like you said. Not to crazy about fire though."

Angel: "Something we have in common."

Cordelia: "It’s a parasite. It moves from body to body. And when it leaves one for the next, not going to gag here, but the first one goes kaplooey pretty fast."

Doyle: "Yep, curdles like cream on a hot day."

Cordelia: "I believe I covered that with non dairy kaplooey ?"

Angel, getting up from his chair: "I’m going to need help to find this thing."

Doyle: "Well, who you’re calling ?"

Angel: "Kate."

Cordelia: "Cagney and Lacy Kate ? I thought we were hiding from her."

Angel: "We were. But she’s been tracking this thing a lot longer than we have."

Cut to the police station.

Kate is sitting at her desk. The phone rings and she picks it up.

Kate: "Lockley."

Angel: "It’s me... I need you to help me find the killer."

Kate: "That’s easy. I’m talking to him."

Angel: "That would make things nice and clean now, wouldn’t it ? But it’s not true and I think some pat of you knows that... Look he’s still out there. We should be sharing information."

Kate: "That’s not possible."

Angel: "All I need is 5 minutes. You think I’m your man after that, arrest me. Meet me at the bar at 7:00."

Kate: "Sure, that’s actually on my to-do list for this week: walk into a serial killer’s trap."

Angel: "Look, I don’t care if you come armed, wired, and covered by sharpshooters. Do what ever it takes so you feel secure... I can help you Kate, but your just going to have to trust me."

He hangs up the phone and looks at the others.

***** Cut to the bar. *****

Kate is sitting nervously at a table in the bar. The bartender comes up to her.

Bartender: "Kate. The usual ?"

Kate pulls out her badge and shows it to him.

Bartender: "That’s not your usual."

Kate: "Every now and then I’m in the mood for something different. Look, you remember that guy that was in here the other night ? He was tall, nice-looking, helped you out in the bar fight the other night ?"

Bartender: "Sure, sure."

Kate: "Let me know as soon as he comes in, okay ?"

Bartender: "Yeah, you bet." (Walking off.)

Kate: "Thanks."

Guy, coming over to Kate’s table: "God I hate places like this, don’t you ?"

Kate: "I do, but... um..."

Guy, sitting down: "I kind of guessed that. You really don't look like you are in your element here. Which is a compliment, by the way."

Kate: "Thanks. Um, Look I’d really love to chat, but actually I’m waiting for someone."

Bartender: "That guy you you’re looking for ? I think he’s out in the alley."

Kate: "What is he doing there ?"

Bartender: "I as just taking out some trash and there he was. Looked like he was ready to rabbit."

Kate, getting up: "Show me. (to the guy sitting at the table) Sorry, I guess you have to keep trolling."

Cut to the door leading out of the back of the bar opening.

Kate and the bartender step through. Kate has her gun out. She pulls out a card and hands it back to the bartender without looking at him.

Kate: "Call this number, tell the sergant that I need back... aahh !"

The bartender has picked up a wine bottle and hits her over the head with it. She drops to the ground unconscious. He pulls up her jacket and after a quick look around rips her T-shirt down the middle. He holds her up in front of him. Suddenly the parasite appears in the middle of his chest and lunges towards Kate’s back. Before it can make contact the bartender is thrown back by a board to his head. He drops Kate and the parasite retracts. Leaving a mark behind on his chest.

Angel, grabbing a hold of Kate’s shoulders: "Kate ! Kate ? Can you move ?... Move !"

He pulls Kate out of the way just as the bartender slams a keg down on them. He kicks the bartender and slams his fist into it’s stomach. Stares at the flap of skin hanging lose from his forehead where it got hit by the board.

Angel: "I guess you’re done with that body."

The bartender slams Angel face first into the fence.

Angel: "You stop being a guy. You don’t get to finish you just come apart at the seams."

Angel slams his head back in the others face, the holds on to the fence and swings up his legs and wraps them around the bartenders neck. Kate stares as he twists his body throwing the bartender to the floor. Getting up between Angel’s legs the bartender lifts him up and slams him into the wall, then tosses him through the door into a storage room. Angel catches the doorframe to keep from falling backwards down the stair behind him, but the bartender throws Kate into him. They tumble down the stairs, Angel trying to cushion Kate’s fall, as the bartender slams the door shut.

Kate: "We can’t let him get away."

Angel: "He’s not going to leave. He’s going to kill again, now."

Kate: "You think so ?"

Angel: "He has to."

Cut to the bartender looking at himself in the bath room mirror.

He tries to push the flap of lose skin back into place.

Cut to the bartender walking up behind a young blonde in the bar trying to act cool.

Bartender: "Hey, how’s it going ? Been noticing how gracefully you move and I was wondering would you like to dance or something ? Because I wish I could move like..."

She looks at him, takes it his disheveled appearance and walks away in disgust.

Cut to Angel throwing himself against the door. It doesn’t budge.

Cut to the bartender walking up behind a girls sitting at the bar.

Bartender: "Hey escuse me, that’s a beautiful dress you’re wearing. It really brings out the color of you skin."

He wipes at his forehead dislodging a flap of skin. The girl looks at him in disgust and walks off.

Cut to the storage room.

Angel helps Kate back to her feet at the bottom of the steps and looks around the room.

Kate: "Now what ?"

Cut to the bartender walking up to another girl.

Bartender: "Hey would you like a drink or something? Because I’m like the bartender here."

The girl looks at him and hurries away.

Bartender: "I just want to talk to somebody. Open up… I want to make a connection."

Cut to Angel looking at a row of windows just under the ceiling.

Angel: "We are going out that window."

Kate: "It’s almost 30 feet up."

Angel reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a grappling gun. He aims it at a angled support beam next to the window. He triggers the release and the hook shoots up and wraps itself around the beam.

Kate: "Who are you ?"

Angel give the rope a good pull and the beam comes crashing down. They look at each other then Kate bends down and pulls a hold-out gun out of her boot. She shoots the lock of the door and they hurry out.

Cut to the bartender stumbling out of the front of the bar.

He is looking worse all the time.

Cut to Angel and Kate hurrying through the club.

Cut to the bartender walking up behind a girl.

Bartender: "Please I just want to hold you"

The girl spins around and gasps at his horrid appearance. More skin is starting to peel back in patches from his face. The girl runs off while the bartender looks around.

Cut to Angel and Kate running out of the bar. They split up.

Cut to the bartender pulling a blond girl into an alley.

The Camera pans past a couple bums standing around a burning barrel to show Angel come running. He runs into the alley and launches himself feet first at the bartender, knocking him away from the girl.

Angel, to the girl: "Run !"

She does. Angel flips the bartender over a crate and kicks him. They fight, but even though the guy is falling apart he is still stronger than Angel doesn’t even seem to feel it when Angel throws him into the wall. He grabs Angel and tries to force his head into the burning barrel. Angel manages to spin away and throw the bartender back into the alley. He gets right back up and they keep fighting. The bartender pretty much cleans the floor with Angel. He throw Angel again towards the burning barrel and runs to jump on top of Angel laying on the ground. Angel uses his foot to catapult him over his head. The bartender overturns the burning barrel and catches fire. Now a living torch he stumbles towards an Angel that is desperately trying to move, but is to beat to more then watch him coming.

Shots ring out and the burning bartender stumbles back and falls to the ground. Angel sees Kate with her gun out and allows himself to collapse.

Cut to a fire truck, an ambulance and a police car at the mouth of the alley.

Paramedics wheel a gurney with a body bag over to the ambulance. Kate turns away from talking to a detective as Angel walks up to her.

Kate: "It all seems to add up. The bartender was connected to everyone... I must have talked to him a dozen times. I never had a clue."

Angel: "It’s hard to get to know people."

Kate: "Yes it is. - I didn’t thank you... for saving my life."

Angel: “I think saving mine is a start.”

Kate: "I think you should know I searched your place,... illegally, no warrant."

Angel: "Why are you telling me ?"

Kate: "I don’t know. I guess so we can start fresh. No secrets... Some pretty weird stuff for a veterinarian."

Angel looks down with a half smile then digs into his pocket and pulls out one of his calling cards.

Angel, handing her the card: "Look, if you ever need me, or if I can help you in anyway..."

Kate, taking the card and looking at it: "What is this, a lobster ?"

Angel, taking it back from her: "Uh,... I’ll be around."

From off screen: "Detective Lockley, can I talk to you for a minute ?"

Kate, turning to him for a moment: "Yes sir."

When she turns back Angel is nowhere to be seen.

Kate, turning back to the guy after some looking around: "What’s up ?"

***** Cut to Angel walking down a road. *****

***** Cut to Angel’s office. *****

Angel, pacing: "I know you guys have been working hard. I mean,... you’ve been cooped up inside a lot. And to show my appreciation I was thinking,... the night being, you know, young and all... that the three of us... could... well, should,... You know, maybe,... go out,... you know, for fun."

Cordelia: "Or we can go home."

Doyle: "And you can sit in the dark alone."

They get up and start to leave.

Angel, breathing a sigh of relief: "God, yes! Thank you."

He goes to sit down at his desk and after a moment the light goes off as Doyle and Cordy walk out the door.