01x18 - The Truth

Opening scene - The pool house - Sandy goes in to talk to Ryan. Ryan is on his bed reading

Sandy: (knocks, then opens the door) you're not havin breakfast

Ryan: I'm not really hungry

Sandy: Dr Kim jus called to let us know that you've ben suspended indefinitely, y'know until the disciplinary committee can figure out whether or not they wanna expel ya

Ryan: I know you want me to say I'm sorry but I'm not, Oliver admitted it right to my face, he told me he wanted me gone...so he could get to Marissa

Sandy: (shrugs) then why would he drop the assault charges against ya

Ryan: he did that

Sandy: yeah I-I mean it seems to me that if he had it in for ya (walks inside) if he wanted you gone you'd be gone you'd be back in juvi already I mean y'know that right...c'mon help me out here would ya (sits on the bed) (Ryan sits forward) tell me what's goin on

Ryan: (sighs) Oliver's dangerous

Sandy: this is what I know, you attacked him period your on probation you knew the slightest infraction would probably result in ya bein taken from us (shakes his head) an ya did it anyway I-I for the life of me I can't understand why, talk to me (Ryan shuts his eyes) c'mon Ryan talk to me

Ryan: (swings round to sit on the edge of the bed) what's the point your not gonna believe me anyway

Sandy: (trying to get through to him) it's not about what I believe, I wish it was! it's about what you did! (Ryan looks at him) the next time you feel like raisin your fist you had better open your mouth an talk (Ryan looks down) I'm here for that (rubs his eyes) so what am I spose'ta do, I cant ground ya I'm not gonna chain ya to the wall (frustrated) you wanna go after that Oliver kid (stands) go ahead, doors open (Ryan just sits there listening) but if you wanna stay, if you wanna be part of this family your not gonna go anywhere your not gonna do anything your not gonna see anyone unless Kirsten an I say its ok, that's the deal take it or leave it (Ryan looks at him, not saying anything)

Theme Song - California by Phantom Planet

We are still in the pool house, but Ryan is there by himself. he's just sitting there flicking through a book, we pan across and Ryan is now lying on the bed he's puts the book next to him, we pan again and Ryan is now doing sit ups on the floor. pan again and Ryan is sitting on the edge of the bed, he falls back and sighs. in the background we hear the sound of a bell, Ryan looks at his clock just as it changes to 8:00am

CUT TO: Harbor school - Marissa and Summer are walking outside

Summer: so Ryan jus like punched him for no reason

Marissa: well that's what Ryan does he punches people, he doesn't talk to them...an he doesn't listen

Summer: ok well he had to have a reason though, I mean yeah Ryan's violent but he's not stupid

Marissa: (sighs) he just...I don't know he thinks Oliver's in love with me...or something

Summer: well isn't he (Marissa looks at her) a little

Marissa: (heated) we're jus friends!

Summer: (defensive) ooooook

Marissa: I mean Oliver's like the only guy in my life who isn't jealous an scary an breathing down my neck all the time, an he actually tells me what he's thinking...unlike some people

Summer: soooo are you an Ryan...

Marissa: we broke up

Summer: (shocked) whoa! Coop...(thinks) so that means that we're both single now...which (excited) rocks! right (Marissa half smiles) no more Ryan no more Seth Cohen we're totally free, liberated, infact how bout I treat us both to a little Bourke Williams today after school, a little facial a little massage

Marissa: (smiles) I cant I promised Oliver I'd help him study after school

Summer: (disappointed) oh, well how bout this weekend

Marissa: well my dads taking Caitlyn to my grandmas an I have to spend the entire weekend at my moms, apparently she's got this whole like mother daughter marathon thing planned

Summer: well then when are we gonna hang out

Marissa: (shrugs) soon

(the bell goes and Marissa walks off. Summer looks disappointed)

Marissa: (turns back) hey you coming?

CUT TO: Seth and Anna getting drinks inside

Anna: well even if Ryan gets expelled he's still gonna live with you guys right, I mean your parents aren't gonna kick him out

Seth: no, I don't think so

Anna: (concerned) well is he ok

Seth: yeah, he's not the one who got punched in the face

Anna: (takes his arm and they start walking) I'm talking about in the larger sense Seth

Seth: I guess I-I don't really know

Anna: you don't know, haven't you talked to him

Seth: no, what am I spose'ta say

Anna: um I don't know are you ok is there anything I can do

Seth: well that's the thing there is nothing I can do, I begged him to stay away from Oliver an he didn't listen'a me, look you don't really know Ryan that well ok you don't understand

Anna: (hurt) I'm trying

(Summer & Marissa are walking towards them, they all stop. it's awkward)

Marissa: hey

Seth: hey

Summer: hey

Anna: hey...how is everybody

Marissa: (over enthusiastic) good

Seth: good

Summer: good

Anna: good

(they all look at each other)

Seth: ok this is really um-

Summer: weird

Seth: yeah (to Marissa) jus cause you an Ryan aren't together anymore (Marissa nods)

Summer: that doesn't mean we cant all

Seth: (points) exactly

Summer: right

Marissa: so is he ok?

(Oliver comes up to them before Seth can answer. his lip looks gross & they are all shocked by it)

Oliver: what up what up, so what're we doing this weekend, ski trip mammoth six to eight inches of fresh powder tomorrow

Marissa: Oliver your lip

Oliver: oh, I was hopin it'd already made the transition from scary to sexy (Marissa laughs) not yet huh, walk me to western civ

Marissa: sure, bye you guys

Anna: bye (Seth & Summer wave) wow Oliver seems almost-

Seth: happy

Summer: yeah well why shouldn't he, he has Marissa all to himself now

CUT TO: Kirsten's office. Kirsten and Sandy are eating lunch together, Sandy is sitting there quiet

Kirsten: what

Sandy: I think I made a mistake (sighs)

Kirsten: by leaving Ryan home alone

Sandy: by bringin him home in the first place

Kirsten: Sandy he's a good kid, he's not perfect but we'll work it out we always do, everything's gonna be ok

Sandy: who'd ever thought you'd be tellin me that (Kirsten smiles)

(there is a knock at the door)

Guy: Kirsten Cohen

Kirsten: uh yes

Guy: your not spose to be here

Kirsten: (confused) I'm sorry

Guy: we have a work order here from Julie Cooper (shows the papers) excuse me sir

(they take the chair that Sandy was sitting on)

Kirsten: there must be a mistake

(the guys carry furniture out and Julie walks in)

Julie: (suprised) Kirsten what're you doin here you said you were going to lunch

Sandy: we ordered in, deli? (holds up his lunch)

Julie: oh hi Sandy (smiles) no thankyou

Kirsten: Julie! what is going on?

Julie: well as the Newport groups new design director I've decided to give the office a much needed face lift (excited) now wait till you see your furniture Kiki, its very fresh very Danish, very 'hello'

Kirsten: I'm sure it is, but you can't just initiate a redesign, you have to get approvals

Julie: Caleb said it was ok

Sandy: oh Caleb said it was ok (Kirsten looks at him)

Kirsten: aaah my coffee table (chases it)

(Caleb comes in)

Caleb: Kiki what the hell is going on, some man in a jumpsuit jus made off with my massage chair, I want my chair, I want my desk I want my office back (Kirsten just nods)

Julie: by the time we get back from lunch you'll have it an you'll love it (kisses his cheek) mwa, hey you guys wanna join us, we're celebrating my new position

Sandy: oh I'm not gonna touch that one

Kirsten: (looks at Sandy) no we're ok

(Caleb & Julie leave, Kirsten walks back into her now empty office)

Kirsten: (lost) I...I have work to do

Sandy: don't worry honey you said it yourself everything's gonna be fine

CUT TO: Cohen house - Ryan is watching TV in the living room. he changes the channel a few times then looks over at the phone. he picks it up then looks at the clock which says 12 exactly. he starts to dial then stops

CUT TO: Harbor school - Marissa and Oliver are outside eating lunch

Oliver: come on you have to go, we both could use the weekend away, it'll be my treat

Marissa: I can't, besides I'm the one who should be treating you, you never would've gotten hurt if it weren't for me

Oliver: hey that was Ryan not you, what'did we learn in therapy huh say it with me now, we are responsible for our own actions

(Marissa smiles, Luke comes and sits with them)

Luke: hey what's up (sits)

Oliver: Luke you have to help me convince Marissa to come up to mammoth with us

Luke: who's goin'a mammoth

Marissa: not me, my dads outta town so I'm gonna be spending the weekend at my moms

Oliver: which means she'll be spending it next to Ryan which is not good for her right now

Luke: well isn't that kind of up to Marissa

Marissa: look it's not a big deal, its fine

Oliver: ok so let me at least get you an your mom a suite at the hotel, that way ill be there an you wont even have'ta think about Ryan

(Marissa's phone rings)

Marissa: look this is probably her now already checking up on me (reads the call ID) (her smile goes)

Oliver: its Ryan isn't it (Marissa nods)

Luke: your not gonna get it

Oliver: (answers for her) she's not talkin to Ryan right now

Luke: is she still talkin'a me or are you doing all of her talking

Marissa: Luke

Luke: from now on

Marissa: don't

Luke: no Marissa

Marissa: (stands) I should probably jus go

Luke: stay, you two enjoy your lunch (leaves)

Oliver: I am so sorry, I guess I can jus get a little over protective sometimes, but I would never presume to

Marissa: (smiles) I know, its ok, really, why don't I jus go get us some desert (leaves)

(Oliver picks up Marissa's phone and listens to her messages)

You have one new message

Ryan: hey I was hopin maybe we could talk

face to face if you want, so ill meet you in the library after school an I hope...ill-ill see you there -

to save the message press 2 to erase the message press 3 (Oliver presses something)

message deleted

(Oliver closes the phone and puts it down, then continues eating like nothing happened)

CUT TO: Seth and Anna are walking outside

Anna: so what's the plan comic books first or frozen yoghurt?

Seth: actually do you think it's cool if we give the comics a run tomorrow

Anna: oh

Seth: I sorta thought it'd be better if maybe I went home an checked on Ryan

Anna: yeah that's a good idea (takes his arm) do you want some company

(Summer is in front of them)

Summer: hey where're you guys going

Seth: um well we were talkin about maybe going to the comic book store but I

Summer: really huh, can I come?

Seth: to the comic book store

Summer: yeah, I like comics sort of

Anna: (amused) you do

Summer: mm hmm believe it or not Betty an Veronica had a huge influence on me

Anna: you know what I do I do believe that

Seth: (smiles) I believe it to

Summer: besides Marissa has Oliver now and I...have a whole afternoon to kill

(Seth nudges Anna)

Anna: so great, you'll spend it with us

Seth: yeah (Summer smiles)

Anna: (to Seth) except don't you have to go check on Ryan

Seth: well I (sees Ryan in the school parking lot) excuse me (walks over to Ryan) hey

Ryan: hey

Seth: what're you doin here?

Ryan: I'm spose to meet Marissa

Seth: ok but-but here in broad daylight in front of god an Dr Kim an everyone man

Ryan: she's not taking my calls ok, this is the only place I knew id be able to see her

Seth: (worried) so does Marissa know about this meeting

Ryan: (hurt) you'd think you of all people would believe me, I believe you

Seth: Ryan Marissa's a big girl ok you can't go around telling her who she can an can't hang out with

Ryan: Oliver's not stable he's dangerous, he's violent one girl already got a restraining order against him and his girlfriend Natalie either she lives in Niagara falls or she doesn't exist

Seth: I'm sure he's not making up girlfriends

Ryan: Seth he's crazy

Seth: ok ok fine he's crazy but this mission impossible act you're pulling, it's not the way to make your case

Ryan: I have to go (he walks off)

CUT TO: Ryan in the library waiting, unbeknownst to him Oliver is there

Oliver: she's not coming (Ryan turns around) an she asked me to tell you not to call her anymore...an not to try an see her. an if you do she's gonna get a restraining order against you

Ryan: (smug) really, what's that like?

Oliver: its not my fault she doesn't wanna see you, I mean you spied on her, you stole from her, you beat up one of her best friends

Ryan: an I'd do it again too, right now!

Oliver: I coulda pressed charges but I didn't, I'm trying to help you but if you keep this up no ones gonna be able to save you, give it up buddy, its over! (walks away)

Ryan: hey Oliver (Oliver turns around) it hasn't even begun

(Oliver smiles freakily and walks off. Ryan stands there looking worried)

CUT TO: Cohen kitchen - Kirsten is on the phone. Sandy comes in and looks at the kitchen, that is now looking more like Kirsten's office

Kirsten: I need my office back by the end of the day Brian oh and if Julie Cooper asks you to do anything else you nod your head an do nothing, thanks (hangs up)

Sandy: have you uh have you seen the coffee

Kirsten: oh very funny in the mean time I have no place to work

Sandy: yeah I have no place ta eat

Kirsten: her first day on the job an Julie has displaced half the staff from their offices an personally alienated the other half, she's driving everyone crazy!

Sandy: including me would you please talk to her before I starve to death

Kirsten: you can't talk to Julie Cooper she's...Julie Cooper

Sandy: so talk ta your dad, he's the only reason she's there

Kirsten: I know but then he's gonna think it's personal or that I'm jealous, I can't talk to my father

Sandy: hmm

Kirsten: you don't mind if I work outta the house do you

Sandy: oh (puts his hands out)

(Ryan comes in)

Ryan: sorry I thought if there was coffee

Kirsten: oh Ryan come on in, there's coffee an-an cereal an...a model home

Ryan: yeah (takes coffee) ok thanks

(Ryan looks at Sandy and doesn't say anything, he leaves the kitchen)

Kirsten: (quietly) Seth said Ryan didn't leave the pool house all day yesterday, maybe we're being too hard on him

Sandy: we gotta hang tough, it's for his own good

Kirsten: then why do I feel so bad (door bell)

(Kirsten goes to answer the door, its Julie)

Julie: (cheery) Kirsten (suprised) oh you're not dressed

Kirsten: Julie

Julie: I thought we could car pool from now on I mean we're right next door, have you read the latest EPA figures, what we're doing to the environment, Sandy I can see you hiding in there

Sandy: (yells) not hiding Julie jus making myself presentable

Julie: oh well don't go to any trouble for me

Sandy: don't worry

Julie: Kirsten! you're still not dressed

Kirsten: yes uh well I was planning on working from the house today, since my office is still...

(Sandy comes in)

Sandy: actually honey weren't you spose'ta meet with Caleb this afternoon to talk about the...the thing

Kirsten: it can wait

Sandy: so can Julie! grab a shower, I can get Julie some coffee (Kirsten glares at him)

Julie: ill help myself, is it flavoured?

Sandy: no (mouths to Kirsten 'go go')

CUT TO: Julie is in the backyard drinking coffee and reading the paper, she puts the paper down and we see Ryan standing there

Julie: aren't you a little bit late for school

Ryan: I got suspended

Julie: ooh what a suprise (smiling) who'd ya beat up this time, Dr Kim

Ryan: I guess you an Marissa haven't talked in a while

Julie: well as a matter of fact she'll be spending the weekend with me so

Ryan: she will

Julie: I guess you an Marissa haven't talked in a while

Ryan: (sits at the table with her) look I know you an I haven't always agreed when it comes to Marissa...but I'm asking you please keep her away from this kid Oliver, he's not well

Julie: really...the boy who lives in the pool house is warning me about the boy who lives in the penthouse

Ryan: (looks at her) he's got this thing that he does, he locks into a girl thinks she's gonna make everything ok an when she cant he loses it

Julie: (rolls her eyes) I am not getting involved in the thrills of teenage romance thankyou

Ryan: he cut his wrists last year because of a girl, last month when his girlfriend Natalie broke up with him he got busted for tryin'a buy cocaine...its true you can ask Marissa (Julie looks at him)

(Kirsten comes out)

Kirsten: Julie are you ready

Julie: yeah (stands up) uh-hm, stay out of trouble Ryan

CUT TO: Harbor school - Marissa and Oliver are walking up the stairs outside

Oliver: what'did your mom say about mammoth

Marissa: I didn't ask her yet...I'm sorry I jus I try not to talk to my mom as much as possible (laughs)

Oliver: look if...you don't wanna hang out with me this weekend that's fine

Marissa: what?

Oliver: its ok if you don't jus tell me because after what happened with me an Natalie

Marissa: I do wanna hang out with you, believe me there's nothing id rather do then jus blow everything off, school, therapy, my mom an hang out with you (Oliver smiles) but I've got so-

Oliver: you mean it, seriously (Marissa nods/shrugs) then let's do it lets-lets blow it off, alright we can drive to LA we can have lunch at the IV do the gette swing by the troubadour

Marissa: (smiles) it sounds perfect except my mom would kill me! I mean I'm spose to have dinner with her tonight

Oliver: well what if I get you back by dinner (Marissa thinks) come on you know you want'to

Marissa: (laughs) stop it, what about therapy

Oliver: oh you don't need therapy, from what you told me your moms the one who needs therapy right

Marissa: (gives in) promise ill be back before dinner

(Oliver smiles and puts his arm around her neck, they both walk down the stairs. the camera pulls back to show that Seth and Luke were watching them)

Seth: where're they goin?

Luke: I don't know but I don't trust that dude

Seth: stop it man you sound like Ryan (Luke looks at him) you've met Natalie right

Luke: Oliver's ex Natalie, no, you?

Seth: no, Ryan thinks he made her up

Luke: (thinks) Oliver said she went to Pacific right (Seth nods) so I've got some friends over there I can jus ask em

Seth: you don't think that's a little crazy

Luke: dude have you met Oliver

CUT TO: Caleb's office - Caleb is in there working and Kirsten comes in

Kirsten: (knocks) dad, do you have a minute?

Caleb: exactly one

Kirsten: uh it's about Julie

Caleb: (looks up) close the door (Kirsten closes the door) she's driving me crazy

Kirsten: (confused) excuse me

Caleb: don't get me wrong I enjoy the woman, but not every living minute of the day, she's there every time I turn around at home in the office, I wouldn't be suprised if she wasn't in here now (looks around paranoid)

Kirsten: dad you're the one who hired her

Caleb: I gave her something to do so she wouldn't be calling me all the time

Kirsten: well it worked, now she doesn't have'ta call you she's always here

Caleb: which is why I want you to talk to her, I know she's your friend but in the interests of the business not to mention your father's sanity, this has to end

Kirsten: (frowns) what're you talking about the job or- (Caleb doesn't say anything) (realises) you want me to break up with her!

Caleb: I knew you'd understand (kisses her cheek) mm (pats her arm)

(Kirsten is stunned)

CUT TO: The pool house - Ryan is lying on the bed and Seth comes in

Seth: (opens door) hey...so um Summer an Anna are both here an Summer is about to read her first comic, I knew you wouldn't wanna miss that

Ryan: (flat) let me know how it goes

Seth: (nods) ok...well I can see your busy

Ryan: why don't you invite over Oliver...Natalie if you can find her

Seth: (nods) maybe ill do that (leaves)

(Ryan lays there with no emotion)

CUT TO: Sandy comes in from work - he goes into the living room where Seth, Anna and Summer are reading comics. Seth and Summer are on the floor and Anna is on the couch

Sandy: hey guys what're you doin

Seth: hey well believe it or not Summer's shown a latent interest in-in comic book reading

Sandy: I don't believe it (Summer smiles, Anna looks left out)

Seth: believe it

Sandy: (nods) hey where's Ryan

Seth: I invited him to come join us but he's chosen to stay in the fortress of solitude (to Summer) that's a superman reference

Summer: I knew that

Seth: so I'm gonna start ya off with some basics (Anna looks at them, not happy) batman the dark knight returns, very important uh watchmen an the sandman (hands them to her) enjoy

Anna: Seth

Seth: yeah

Anna: don't you think maybe you wanna start on something a little less grim an gritty

Seth: like what

Anna: like the Archie's

Seth: (cringes) ugh Anna the Archie's

Sandy: hey I'm with Anna, life's gritty enough comic books are for fun

Seth: (frowns) life's gritty enough? we live in Newport beach

CUT TO: Sandy now in the kitchen. Anna comes in

Anna: hey Mr. Cohen

Sandy: yeeeess

Anna: did you read comic books when you were a kid

Sandy: oh yeah sure, I mean not like Seth

Anna: (smiles) I know...you have no idea how rare it is to find another comic book person (Sandy smiles) especially one who loves death cab an sailing, I thought I was the only one

Sandy: I thought Seth was the only one (Anna laughs) death cabs a band yes (Anna nods) yeah

(Kirsten comes in carrying grocers)

Kirsten: guys (yells) Seth (to Sandy) uh can you help me with the rest of the groceries

Sandy: yeah yeah yeah in a minute

(Kirsten walks out)

Anna: so I guess you an Mrs. Cohen have alot in common huh

Sandy: oh yeah, yeah sure we-we both love (thinks) uh...Seth so I guess we don't have alot in common

Anna: huh...well then what do you think is the key to a successful relationship

Kirsten: uh sooner we get the bags outta the car, sooner we eat

Sandy: (yells) coming (laughs) well I think as far as Cohen men are concerned the key (nods) is patience

Anna: patience (smiles)

(Seth comes in)

Seth: hey dad is it uh cool if Summer stays for dinner (Sandy looks at him)

Anna: (not happy) uh...I'm gonna get the groceries

Seth: alright thanks (Sandy smacks him up the back of the head) come on man what're you doin

Sandy: what're you doin!

Seth: these are crazy people

Sandy (walking out of the kitchen) Luke! what're you doin here besides relievin me of grocery duties

Luke: well I hadn't seen Ryan in a while so I thought id stop by an say hey, is that ok (Sandy nods)

CUT TO: The pool house - Ryan and Luke are in there

Luke: I can't stay I have'ta go have dinner with my dad but there's somethin you should know

Ryan: what

Luke: I saw Marisa leave school today with Oliver they skipped the whole day (Ryan shuts his eyes) an I tried her on her cell but

Ryan: you don't know where they went

Luke: (shakes his head) no...an I'm sure she's probably fine right but there's somethin about that kid...so I went over ta Pacific after school I know a few guys on the water polo team over there I figured id ask them what they knew about him uh what was he like when he went to Pacific uh did they even know him uh did they know Natalie...well turns out there is no Natalie (Ryan looks at him) at least not at Pacific high

(Ryan looks worried)

CUT TO: Anna setting the table in the dining room, Summer is walking behind her correcting everything Anna does. Kirsten comes in with the wine

Summer: are you sure its ok that I'm staying for dinner

Kirsten: oh absolutely we have more then enough for everybody

(Kirsten walks into the kitchen where Sandy and Seth are)

Sandy: I don't know where we're gonna put it all

Seth: (carrying food) eventually in my belly

(Anna smiles, Summer smiles, then Anna turns around and sees that Summer smiled and they both stop)

(we see Ryan coming out of the pool house, he closes the door and sees them all around the dinner table through the window. he stands and watches for a minute then he walks off)

CUT TO: Everyone around the dinner table. Kirsten and Sandy are either end. Seth and Anna are on one side and Summer on the other

Sandy: why don't you go ahead and start without me

Seth: (already eating) ok

Sandy: (gets up) ill go get Ryan

CUT TO: The front of Julie's - Marissa is getting out of the car, Ryan is waiting for her

Marissa: what are you doing at my house...you have to leave...I mean it

Ryan: I have to tell you something

Marissa: (angry) you went to my mom she called the school, she called the hotel looking for Oliver's parents

Ryan: jus let me talk to you please

Marissa: (yells) why do you hate him so much, what'did he ever do to you

Ryan: there is no Natalie

Marissa: your becoming pathetic (tries to get passed Ryan who's in her way)

Ryan: ask him, ask him to show you his year book, she's not there she's not real, he made her up (Marissa doesn't say anything)

(Julie comes out)

Julie: Marissa inside your in big trouble, Ryan go home

Marissa: no you know what Ryan you stay I'm going (she gets in the car)

Julie: Marissa (yells) Marissa get back here

(the sound of a car starting)

Julie: (yells) get back here

(Marissa drives off, Julie goes back inside and Ryan just stands there, he looks up and sees that Sandy saw the whole thing, Sandy walks away disappointed)

CUT TO: The penthouse - Marissa is urgently knocking on the door, after a while Oliver opens it

Marissa: hey

Oliver: hi

Marissa: (upset) do you mind if I stay here tonight

(Oliver motions for her to come in and she walks in. we pan out on the door shutting)

CUT TO: The pool house the next morning - Ryan is lying on the bed and we hear a knock. Ryan sits up and slides to the edge of the bed. Sandy comes in

Sandy: uh I thought you might want some breakfast (hands him food and a coffee)

Ryan: (sighs) thanks

(Sandy sits in the chair and drinks his coffee)

Ryan: I shouldnt'a gone over there last night

Sandy: do you wanna talk about it

Ryan: not really

Sandy: Ryan, I promise I will do everything I can to help you but I-I-I cant help you if you don't talk ta me, if you don't tell me what's goin on

Kirsten: (knocks) Ryan I thought you might like some...uhhh coffee

Sandy: great minds

Kirsten: (smiles) Luke's here to see you

Ryan: (gets up) thanks you guys

(Ryan is now walking towards Luke in the hallway)

Luke: hey man (they shake hands) how'd it go last night, what'd she say

Ryan: she didn't believe me...an then her mom started in an she ran away

Luke: ta Oliver's

Ryan: I don't know

Luke: we- so let's go find out

Ryan: an then what, she wants ta be with him she's gonna be with him

Luke: so your jus gonna give up

Ryan: what else can I do she's not gonna listen'ta a word I have ta say

Luke: well...she's gonna listen'a me, see ya (leaves)

(Ryan sits on the step)

CUT TO: The penthouse - Marissa and Oliver are eating breakfast

Oliver: so if we leave for LA after our massages we can check inta my parent's suite around 2

Marissa: wait your parents have their own private suite in LA to

Oliver: yeah yeah they have private suites in all their hotels, London, Paris

Marissa: oh I wish we could go to Paris

Oliver: we can, it's only fifteen hours away

Marissa: (smiles) yeah as long as we're back by Monday right

Oliver: look if uh if you don't wanna go jus say so we don't have to

Marissa: no I do I jus...cant

Oliver: why not, you've ben sayin you wanna get away from your mom and from Ryan, an this way it'll jus be you an me (smiles) in Paris

(Marissa's phone rings)

Oliver: hey don't answer that it's probably your mom

Marissa: (checks the call ID) its Luke uh (answers) hey

Oliver: Marissa

Luke: (driving) where are you, are you ok?

Marisa: I'm fine I'm at the hotel

Oliver: why is he callin you?

Luke: Marissa you've gotta listen'a me, there is no Natalie Bishop Ryan was right

Marissa: (rolls her eyes) Luke don't you start to

Luke: I'm tryin'a help you Marissa

Marissa: you really wanna help go to my moms pick up my clothes an tell her I'm fine

Luke: Marissa!

Marissa: Luke please

Luke: (sighs) ill-ill be there soon (hangs up)

Marissa: (hangs up) (Oliver looks at her) he's jus dropping off some clothes

Oliver: well if you don't wanna stay

Marissa: (smiles) no I do! I do I jus can't fly ta Paris right now, I'm sorry

Oliver: well its cold right now anyway, we'll go in the spring (Marissa looks at him, almost as if she's beginning to see what Ryan does)

CUT TO: Kirsten's office - Kirsten walks in and it's completely different

Kirsten: (suprised) unbelievable

Julie: (pops up form behind a chair) oh don't look its not finished I wanted you to be suprised when you walked in on Monday

Kirsten: I am...Julie its gorgeous (Julie smiles) did you do all this today

Julie: oh well I was suppose to have Marissa this weekend an that didn't happen an...I haven't heard from your father all day so then I thought why not work right, take my mind off things...so have you heard from your father, have you talked to him today

Kirsten: uh no, no not today but

Julie: but what is-is is he alright did something happen

Kirsten: no he's fine its jus

Julie: what

Kirsten: ...he doesn't like confrontation...Julie you wanna sit down

Julie: why, what's going on (Kirsten tries to speak but nothing comes out) (realises) no is-is is he breaking up with me (Kirsten motions yeah) or are you doing it for him

(Caleb comes in)

Caleb: Kiki I saw your car (to Julie) hello darling (looks at Kirsten) I tried to call you earlier but

Julie: don't bother Cal (puts her hand up) Kirsten's already done your dirty work for you...because obviously your not man enough to do it yourself

Caleb: (sighs) I'm sorry

Julie: you should be...god I deserve so much better from you...from both of you, enjoy your office I quit (leaves)

(Kirsten raises her eyebrows at Caleb)

CUT TO: The Cohen house - Summer Seth and Anna are in the living room watching a cartoon. Sandy comes in

Sandy: hello ladies, Seth

Seth: dad don't call me a lady

Anna: hey Mr. Cohen

Summer: hey Sandy (Seth waves)

Sandy: so the uh comic book education continues

Seth: mm-hmm

Anna: mm batman the animated series

Seth: yeeeesss girls night out in which bat girl an super girl team up to combat the forces of evil an delight Seth Cohen

(Anna doesn't look happy, Sandy notices)

Summer: is super girl wearing doc martins

Seth: yes, yes she is Summer

Summer: hmm

Seth: an a mid-driff bearing t shirt an a mini skirt

Summer: hmm

Seth: it's excellent

Summer: well no wonder you like comics super perve

Seth: (mouths 'that's right') dad we're all gonna have lunch um do you know if there's

Sandy: (arms folded) can I see you, now

Seth: kay

(they are now near the kitchen)

Seth: what, what'did I do

Sandy: you hurt that poor girls feelings out there (points)

Seth: who dad, Summer? please

Sandy: no, no Anna

Seth: I didn't say a word ta Anna

Sandy: exactly, how do ya think that makes her feel to watch you flirtin with another girl right in front'a her

Seth: ok dad, I was not flirting

Sandy: Seth

Seth: dad, Summer an I are friends

Sandy: that's not what it looked like

Seth: kay great (shakes his head) I'm not talkin about this anymore

Sandy: of course your not talkin'a me about it no ones talkin'a me about anything lately, if you wanna go ahead an flirt with Summer you go ahead-

Seth: ok why are we still talking about it?

Sandy: because I'm your father an I'm responsible for you, an if I see somethins goin on with you we are gonna talk about it!

Seth: ...do you think that this is about me...or could this be about Ryan

Sandy: no, it's about you!

Seth: ok...but just incase it's a little bit about Ryan (shrugs) I think he'll come to you when he's ready (pats Sandy on the arm)

(Sandy pats Seth on the back and Seth walks out)

CUT TO: Julie's house - Luke is at the door. Julie opens it and you can see she's been crying

Luke: hey Mrs. Cooper

Julie: (upset) hey

Luke: you alright?

Julie: (sniffs) hard day, come on in ill get Marissa's things for you

(Luke walks in and Julie closes the door. we are now in Marissa's room. Luke is stretched out on Marissa's bed and Julie is organising Marissa's clothes)

Julie: well I have to say I'm very impressed that you an Marissa are still friends

Luke: yeah I'm impressed she forgave me

Julie: maybe one day she'll forgive me to

Luke: for what?

Julie: (laughs) well I haven't exactly ben the best mom have I (sighs) or the best wife or the best girlfriend for that matter (laughs)

Luke: you an Mr. Nichol

Julie: yeah, it's over...which means that...in the past six months I've lost my husband...my daughter...my boyfriend an my job (cries) I'm sorry no, I shouldn't be telling you all this

Luke: no, no its ok (gets off the bed) the past few months have ben rough on everybody

Julie: yeah, yeah they have (sniffs) thankyou for listening...I haven't had anyone ta talk to in so long

Luke: well...you can talk ta me I don't know what good it'll do but (smiles)

(Julie smiles then kisses him on the cheek, they pull away from that and just stare into each others eyes)

Julie: you should go, Marissa's waiting

(Luke picks up the bag and leaves)

CUT TO: Lobby of the hotel - Marissa goes to the front desk to find out if her clothes have been dropped off yet

Marissa: hi I'm Marissa Cooper I'm staying in the penthouse with Oliver Trask, I was jus wondering if someone dropped off a bag for me

(hotel phone rings)

Girl: sorry one moment (answers) thankyou for calling this is Natalie, can you hold please

(Marissa sees the gold name tag that says 'Natalie')

Natalie: (hangs up) let me check for you miss Cooper

Marissa: Natalie, do you know Oliver Trask

Natalie: (smiles) yeah since he was just a little guy, I use to baby-sit him, you don't wanna know how old I am

Marissa: ...your last name isn't Bishop is it?

Natalie: yes, why do you ask?

(Marissa doesn't say anything. she is now coming back into the penthouse. she looks worried)

Oliver: hey

Marissa: hey

Oliver: I was jus callin your cell, where'd you go I got outta the shower an you were gone

Marissa: oh I jus went down stairs to see if they had my bag, but they didn't

Oliver: oh you didn't have'ta do that they'll bring it up (Marissa nods) you ok?

Marissa: yeah I'm fine...its jus (less worried) it's just the weirdest thing happened, so you know the concierge at the front desk her names Natalie, Natalie Bishop the same as your ex girlfriend right, it's just how weird is that

Oliver: yeah I know what your thinkin but

Marissa: there is no ex girlfriend is there

Oliver: Marissa I can explain

Marissa: (frowns) I have to go

Oliver: (grabs her arm) no no no please ok I'm sorry (holding her hands) I always do this (let's go of her hands and hits his head repeatedly) why do I always do this

Marissa: (worried) Oliver stop it (Oliver screams) Oliver stop

Oliver: (stops) ok

Marissa: alright, its ok I'm not going anywhere (scared) so why don't you just go get changed an then uh then we can go

Oliver: (softly) I'm so sorry

Marissa: it's ok

Oliver: ok ok (begins to walk away)

Marissa: yeah

(Marissa watches him leave the room, as soon as he does she gets her phone from her bag and dials a number)

Marissa: (breathing heavily, scared) pick up

CUT TO: The pool house - Ryan is lying on his bed, we hear the phone ringing, he looks over and sighs, he lays there and lets it ring then finally decides to answer it

Ryan: hello

Marissa: (urgent) Ryan it's me

Ryan: (sits up, worried) what's goin on where are you

Marissa: (upset, scared) I'm at the hotel, I can't really talk right now but its Oliver he's...you were right an now he wont let me leave

(in the background we see Oliver come back into the room)

Oliver: hang up

(Marissa turns around and sees that Oliver has a gun, she looks terrified)

Oliver: (walking over to her and waving the gun) hang up the phone, please

(Marissa takes the phone away from her ear and is breathing heavily just starting at the gun)

Oliver: give me the phone

Marissa: wh-what're you doing

Ryan: (listening through the phone) what's goin on Marissa?

Oliver: PLEASE give me the phone

(Marissa reluctantly hands the phone to Oliver)

Oliver: bye Ryan (hangs up)

CUT TO: The Cohen house - Kirsten, Seth, Sandy and Anna are in the kitchen/dining room preparing for lunch

Kirsten: its to bad that Summer couldn't stay there's so much food

Seth: never fear mom (rubs Anna's shoulders) Anna's here

Anna: you noticed (pulls away)

Sandy: hey Seth why don't you go get Ryan

Seth: ok (to Anna) hey will you come with me

Anna: yeah sure maybe then we can be alone for like ten seconds

Seth: hey, I'm sorry about the Summer thing ok you know how excited I get turning people onto comics

Anna: I know how excited you get turning Summer on yeah

Seth: ok that's not fair, I thought we were all friends

Anna: no! she's your friend, I am your girlfriend there's a difference or there should be

(Ryan rushes in)

Sandy: hey foods here, where you goin

Ryan: (picking up car keys) I think Marissa's in trouble I'm jus gonna make sure she's ok

Sandy: give me the keys

Ryan: no I have to go ok

Sandy: (sternly) give me the keys

Ryan: you said if I needed help I could come to you

Sandy: (more sternly) give me the keys

(Ryan hands them over)

Sandy: ill drive

CUT TO: The penthouse - Oliver is walking around with the gun and Marissa is sitting on the couch scared

Oliver: (upset) I'm sorry ok I'm so sorry, I just heard you on the phone with him an I didn't know what to do

Marissa: (upset) that's ok so why don't you jus put the gun down an we can talk about it

Oliver: no-no I cant you'll leave

Marissa: Oliver I have to go some time

Oliver: what ta him (Marissa is crying) ta him right (points to himself) what about me huh

Marissa: you an I are friends we will always be-

Oliver: (yells) friends, friends Marissa I'm in love with you (Marissa is crying) how could you not know that, I've always ben...your the one who gets me, the only one who gets me (sniffs) your the only thing in my life that I love

Marissa: (crying) then why would you wanna hurt me

Oliver: I don't, I never would (holding out the gun) this isn't for you this'is for me cause if you leave I will have nothing else to live for so you have to promise me you will not leave

(phone rings. Oliver cries and Marissa looks at it)

CUT TO: The hotel lobby - Ryan is on a phone, and Sandy is standing with him

Ryan: there's no answer, they're not pickin up

(Sandy nods and walks over to the front desk. Ryan follows)

Sandy: scuse me my names Sandy Cohen (shows his ID) an we got an emergency call from the penthouse about twenty minutes ago an now no ones answering is there any chance at all you could let us in up there

Natalie: I'm sorry sir but without the guests permission we're really not able to

Ryan: (desperate) please we have a friend up there in trouble if you could uh ju (sees the name tag) wait wait your Natalie (Natalie smiles) Natalie Bishop

Natalie: (nods) are you a friend of Oliver's

(Ryan nods. we now see Natalie, Ryan, Sandy and 2 security guards getting off the elevator on the penthouse floor. they walk to the door)

Natalie: (knocks) Oliver are you there it's Natalie

Oliver: uh (Marissa stands)

Natalie: Oliver I'm coming in (grabs the card)

Oliver: uh no no that's ok um I'm fine I jus got out of the shower

Marissa: (whispers) Oliver please

Oliver: (puts the gun to his mouth) shhh

(Marissa is breathing heavily and crying)

Natalie: I guess he's fine

Sandy: well thanks for checking um...we'll go

Ryan: (not giving up) no, no (yells) Marissa!

(Inside Oliver looks worried, but Marissa looks hopeful now she knows Ryan is there)

(Outside Ryan and Sandy wait for a response, there is none)

(Inside they both remain quiet)

Ryan: (desperately yells) Marissa! {this is a powerful moment, in this one word we feel how much Ryan cares for Marissa and how desperate he is to hear her voice}

(Inside Oliver remains quiet, Marissa looks as though she wants to answer, but she can't

Sandy: alright let's go

Marissa: (desperately yells) Ryan! (crying) he's got a gun

Security guards: let's go

Oliver: (screams) oh why did you do that! why!

Marissa: (crying) I'm sorry, please jus put the gun away an let them in

(the security guards come through the door, followed by Ryan, Sandy and Natalie)

Security: (aims there guns) sir don't move, put the gun down

Marissa: Ryan! (cries)

Oliver: or what your gonna shoot me (puts the gun to his head) let me save you the trouble

Security: come on son

Sandy: Oliver you don't wanna do that

Security: put the gun down, now!

(Marissa is watching Oliver, scared. Oliver is upset and still has the gun to his head)

Oliver: (whispers to Marissa) I'm sorry

Ryan: Oliver put the gun down man

Oliver: why man, I'm doin you a favour

Ryan: why would you wanna do that you hate me (Oliver closes his eyes) that's right if you do this you wont hurt me you'll hurt Marissa the one person that cares about you an I know you don't wanna do that (Sandy watches Ryan) Oliver put the gun down man

Oliver: you don't know anything about me man

Ryan: I know what its like to be abandoned by your parents, your friends...an have no one in your life who believes in you (Marissa looks at Ryan with tears in her eyes) but you put the gun down you get a second chance

(Oliver stands there crying, Ryan looks at him, Marissa looks at him, Sandy looks at him. he finally puts it on the floor. the security guards rush in to take it away, Marissa runs to Ryan)

Marissa: (crying) I'm sorry (he hugs her) I'm so sorry

Ryan: it's ok

(Oliver is led out by the security guards, he's still upset. Marissa is crying on Ryan's shoulder and Ryan is holding her)

CUT TO: The Cohen house - Seth and Anna are in the dining room and Kirsten just got off the phone in the living room

Kirsten: (hangs up) Marissa's ok, her moms got her... an the police are taking Oliver to the hospital (stands up) I'm gonna clean up the pool house before they get here

Seth: (getting up) I should give Summer a call

Anna: what! why?

Seth: to let her know Marissa's ok

Anna: she doesn't know Marissa's not ok

Seth: yeah but don't you think she would wanna know there best friends

Anna: (getting up) you know what call her I'm leaving

Seth: Anna wait, will you jus wait one second this huge thing just happened

Anna: (yells) yeah an the first thing you do is decide to call Summer! (Seth doesn't say anything) come on Seth...look...I think your a great guy...but I'm not gonna stand here an pretend like I'm your girlfriend when I'm not...at least not anymore (softly) ill see you in school

(Seth just stands there)

CUT TO: The pool house - Ryan comes in and Seth is on the bed reading, waiting for him

Seth: hey, I was wondering where my copy of Kavalier an Klay went

Ryan: (sighs) you gave it to me, you said I couldn't be your friend until I read it

Seth: mm-hmm an have you

Ryan: ben a little distracted

Seth: well it's a good story Ryan (Ryan sits in the chair) it's the tale'a two young men who couldn't be more different but they learn'a overcome their differences they team up and essentially become brothers not unlike you an me...except that I blew it

Ryan: (sighs) its ok

Seth: no its not (moves to the edge of the bed) ever since the day you got here you 've totally had my back...an I just I promise you...from now on I will never fail you again...I am so sorry

(Ryan makes an 'its ok' motion then sits forward and sighs)

Seth: so do you wanna tell me about your night or shhh since I already heard about it could we jus skip to my break up with Anna

Ryan: really? Anna broke up with you?

Seth: now why would you just assume Anna broke up with me

Ryan: Seth come on

Seth: hmm what'does that mean (raises his eyebrows)

Ryan: (stands) what, she didn't break up with you

Seth: no she did, but your spose'ta have my back man...so uh-hm the three of us...

(Ryan sits next to him on the bed and we fade out on them talking - awww)