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1x12 - To Catch a Thief
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Previously in Wonderland...

The four of us are no match for Jafar's magic.

Once he completes the spell, his power is gonna be unstoppable.

So, let's begin.

Let me look at you.

My three brave, beautiful sons.

I had a partner. Her name was Amara.

I found another use for her.

The needle... it's following you.

Is it following me, or is it following the staff?

My mother always said it would one day lead me back to her.

This might sting a bit.

[ Screams ]

She's made her wishes.

I have no reason to keep her alive.

No! No!

[ Sobbing ]

No! No!

Jafar: Loves makes us do the maddest things, doesn't it?

Go away.

She risked so much to get you back.

Pity it didn't work out.

Yeah, pity.

She does look beautiful, though.

Like she's only asleep.

Like you could almost reach out and wake her up...

Leave her alone!

I like you with your heart in your chest.

I imagine you must want to kill me for what I did.

Why don't you open this door and we'll find out?

Haven't you tortured him enough?

Show the boy some mercy!


And I suppose you'd be the expert on that subject?

I've learned the error of my ways.

But I'm waiting for you to learn anything at all!

I'm going to give him something better than mercy, father.

I'm going to give him hope.

If he agrees to one small favor.

[ Spits ]

If you think I'll ever help you, you're madder than the hatter.

You know, when I was a young boy, I lost someone I loved.

And I can still remember exactly how it felt.

The cold rushing in, like the fabric of the world had ripped in half.

What if I told you there was a way to sew it back together again?

To bring back Anastasia?

I'd say you were a lying b*st*rd.

Half right.

But ask yourself... what if there is a chance, no matter how small, to see her again?

She risked everything for you.

Don't you think you owe her the same?

Don't listen to him, boy.

Oh, I think he'll do more than listen.

Give a man the proper motivation, there's no telling what he might do.

[ Birds chirping ]

Knave: Well, this is just lovely, isn't it?

Tromping through the cold with you lads.

Anyone know a good marching song? No?

I don't know what I enjoy more... the frostbite or the conversation.

Stop talking.

Well, I'd like to stop walking, but the Queen of Hearts ordered me to, so...

[ Chokes ]

Listen, Knave.

We're hunting the most dangerous criminal in Wonderland... killed plenty of men, women, children.

Been evading my men for weeks...

trained soldiers.

So tell me, how are you going to help us?

By paying attention.

To what?

Campfire you're standing in.

We're close.

Spread out.

And show no mercy.

Because you'll get none from this monster.

[ Rustling ]


Split up!

With me!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Panting ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Panting ]

You're quite clumsy for a soldier.

And you're a little... young to be a murderer.

A murderer?

[ Sighs ]

Is that what the Queen of Hearts says I am?

She used a few other nasty words, as well.

But given the circumstances, I hope she's wrong.

She's wrong.

You need to be a little bit more selective with who you take orders from, soldier.

I'm not a soldier.

Then who are you?

I don't have to tell.

Who are you?

The Queen's Knave.

A knave?

Kind of like a court Jester?


More like a Jack-of-all-Trades, actually.

But, apparently, a master of none.

Watch your tongue, lass.

Else you'll lose that as well as your head.

That's a little redundant, don't you think?

Depends which one you lose first.

See you around, Knave of Hearts.

This isn't over!

You will be seeing me again! I'll promise you that!

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x12

To Catch a Thief

Original air date March 27, 2014

Alice, you have to understand.

I do understand. I just don't agree.

To defeat Jafar, we need to free my brothers from their bottles, but to do that...

Both: We need to return the stolen water to the Well of Wonders.

And you believe that that water is in Jafar's staff.

Yes. If my mother's in there, the water rests with her.

Well, let's free her first.

If I had a chance to speak with my mother again, I would do anything.

I defied the fates once before, Alice, and was cursed into a bottle for hundreds of years.

I would sacrifice my own life, but not a life with you.

All right, then. If you're certain.

Let's set off now, while it's still light.

Set off where?

[ Gasps ]


You're out! You got away!

I never thought I'd be so happy to see your face.

What's wrong?

She's dead, Alice.

Anastasia... she's dead.

Jafar... he stabbed her right in front of me, put me heart back in me chest, and made me watch her die right there on the ground.

I'm so sorry.

I want you to know that you're not alone.

We're here for you... both of us.

Do you mean that?

Of course I do.

There's something you can do, actually.

I mean a way to truly, really make things better.

Well, tell me.

Remember when I said anything's possible in Wonderland?

Well, it turns out I was right.

We can bring Anastasia back to life.

There's just one catch.

We have to let Jafar win.

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Click ]


[ Grunting ]

You again?


This is very uncomfortable.

Good. Maybe this time, you've learned your lesson.

Apparently not.

[ Grunting ]


That hurt!

Good. It was supposed to.

You're making me wonder why I keep sparing your life when you are continually trying to take mine.

Honestly, I've been wondering the same thing, given your history and all.

My history?


All I did was try and pick a weeping willow from the Queen's garden.

You know what? I actually believe you.


But I still have to kill you!

[ Grunting ]


I don't have a choice, really.

Everybody has a choice.

Not me.

I've heard of people like you.

The Queen of Hearts... did she take your...?

In hindsight, not one of me better ideas.

You mean you asked her to?

It's a long story.

Didn't quite realize what it all entailed.

And now you have to do everything...

Whatever she says, yeah. That's right.


Well... this is a predicament.

I can't just leave you here.

And I can't have you running around, trying to kill me, either.


Maybe there's a way to both get what we want.

What are you talking about?

What if I... stole your heart back?


[ Laughs ]

What is so funny?

Oh, nothing. It's just... u're obviously not much of a thief.

Obvious to who?

A thief.

You clearly don't even know the first rule of thievery.

Which is what?

The best thieves never work alone.

Well, I work alone, and, uh...

I got the drop on you... twice.

You got lucky... twice.

My heart's locked in the Queen's vault, guarded by her best men.

So why would you take a risk like that just to help me?

Well... everybody deserves a second chance.

[ Sighs ]

Aren't you the one that told me that everyone deserves a second chance?


Well, this is Anastasia's second chance.

If we give that staff back to Jafar, he'll change the laws of magic.

Which is exactly what we've been trying to prevent.

I don't know if you've been listening, mate, but the situation's changed.

Look, I know it sounds like a bad plan.

It sounds like an awful plan.

Have you got a better one?

Will, we want to help.

You keep saying that, but I don't see either of you doing anything.


If you're any mate of mine, you'd hand that thing over.

You know we can't.


We can't.

I'm sorry.

So, that's how it is, then?

Will, think.

Even if Jafar kept his end of the bargain, which he won't...

You don't know that.

Well, if he did, then what?

Yes, Ana would be alive, but what about all the people that will die because of it?

We can't give someone as evil as Jafar that kind of power.

I'll do anything for you.

I just can't do that.

You're right.


No, it's okay. You're right.

I was thinking with my heart and not with my head.

I haven't had the option in a while.

I guess sometimes you just need a friend to set you straight.

Would you want to come with us?

Where to?

The Well of Wonders... where this all started and where it's gonna end.

I guess I could go on one last adventure, get some fresh air before Jafar brings me back to that bottle.

For old times' sake?

Sounds just perfect.

[ Jabberwocky sniffing ]

Did you know that everyone's fear has its own unique scent?

Yours, Jafar, smells like pine needles... in the snow.

Sneak up on me again, and I'll pin you to the ceiling for another thousand years.

If you're tired of me, why not just give me the vorpal blade... like you promised... and I'll be on my way?

You'll get this back when I finish the spell... not before.

Your words say one thing, but your fear says another.

You're worried you won't be able to complete the spell, because you need another sorcerer for that.

You're wondering why the staff wouldn't harm Cyrus... afraid it might have something to do with the one inside it...


You mistake curiosity for fear.

You know what the difference is between you and me?

I don't need to get inside your head to know what you're afraid of.

You wear it on that tortured face of yours.

You're afraid I won't live up to my end of the bargain and you'll be my slave for as long as we both shall live.

The thought had crossed my mind.


Now, let's see if there's a way for you to keep my fears from coming true, and then maybe...

just maybe...

I'll consider doing the same for yours.


If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to steal that.

Let go of my hand, mate.

You know Alice trusts you.

You don't.


It'll break her heart to find out about this.

She's a tough girl. She'll be fine.

How about you get back to bed, we pretend like it never happened?

I was never really good at pretending.

Three, two, one...


Now, which one of these drawers holds the Knave's heart?

3-H. 7-S.

What is this?

[ Breathes heavily ]

Oh, it's a deck of cards.

3 of Hearts... 7 of Spades...

The "K"...

"K" would be for "King."

S-s-so what's the Knave?

He'd be...

...the Jack-of-all-Trades.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Heartbeat ]

Alice, wake up.


What happened?

Oh, no.

How long ago?

A few minutes at most.

I can't believe he just...

It's my fault. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have trusted him.

You put your faith in a friend.

This was his mistake, not yours.

Fortunately, he made another mistake.

He left us with this.

The Lost and Found.

As long as he has the staff, this'll lead us right to him.

And what do we do if we catch him?

When we catch him, we ask him politely to return it to us.

And if he doesn't?

We take it back.

[ Whoosh ]

Rafi: What do you want?

Who says I want anything?

In all these years, you never once let us out of the bottles.

That's because I was never interested in you.

But I am now.

I'm curious.

There was a woman who first taught me about genies.

Her name was Amara.

Have you ever heard of her?


Are you sure?

She'd been searching for you for quite some time.

So have many others.



Is that all you wanted?

I'm afraid it is.

I didn't bring you out for your conversation.

All I really needed was to get a look at you.

[ Panting ]

Oh, bollocks.

Let's go this way. Go this way.



Wait. No, left again.

Was it...?

Double bollocks.



He's taking a very strange route.

Navigation was never his strong suit.

There! I see him!

Will, wait!

Split up! We can box him in!

[ Gasps ]

[ Gasps ]

Hi, Alice.

[ Sighs ]

Hi, Will.

I guess you're not as clumsy as you used to be.

So, what now?

I know it doesn't make any sense.

I'm not saying it does, but I love her.

I understand.

Do you?

I finally got my heart back, and you're asking me not to use it.

I went to the ends of the earth for you and Cyrus, risked me neck a dozen times.

That was different.


Why is it different?

[ Sighs ]

You know what your problem is?

You think your love story is the only one worth fighting for.

Don't follow me.

Will, wait!

[ Gasps ]

[ Splash ]

[ Muffled ]



[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ]

You saved me.

You'd have done the same for me.

You have done the same for me, now that I think about it.

I thought you didn't know how to swim.

I don't know how to lose you, either, Alice.

Give a man the proper motivation, you never know what he might be willing to do.

[ Chuckles lightly ]

You were right.

I was?

No matter how bad things got, no matter how much danger we had to pass through, you stood by me.

Until Cyrus and I were back together, you stood by me.

We always figured out a way to survive.

We did that together.

The best thieves never work alone.

[ Chuckles lightly ]

I said all that?

You have the right to fight for your own love story.

Just, helping Jafar... it's not the way.

You're right.

I guess I just thought...

You thought you were alone.

But you're not.

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

Bloody hell!

A bit of warning wouldn't have hurt... not nearly as much as the ground, anyway.

Good news... the Queen of Hearts no longer controls you.

Oh, is that so?

[ Grunts ]

Oh! Ya... ow!

I don't understand.

[ Groans ]

I have your heart.

Yeah, I don't bloody understand it, either.

I still kind of feel like I... like I have to kill you.

Tell you what... I'll give you a 10-second head start.


20-second head start.

I don't want a head start.

Well, then what do you bloody want, then?

I want you to stop trying to kill me!

[ Whoosh ]

Oh! [ Grunts ]

Yep. I think that did the trick.

You're done coming after me?

I guess I am.

I'll be taking me heart back now. Thank you very much.

So if I possess your heart... you'll do whatever I say.

Wait a minute, Alice...

Stand on one foot.

[ Laughs ]

Very good.

Now, you've had your fun. Let's sort things out now, eh?

Flap your arms like a chicken.


Look, just because I'm not ordered to kill you anymore doesn't mean I can't.



Help me show my father I'm not crazy.

Help me find proof so he can see that Wonderland is real.

That's what you want?

More than anything.

All right, then.

Let's go and get you your proof.

Thank you for rescuing Alice.

Knave: Don't mention it. Any chance this makes us even?

More than even.

You sure? I just don't want to have to always be watching me back.

How about I give you a free swing?

No, thank you.

Seriously... I don't mind.

I do.

What, because you're a lover, not a fighter, and all that?

I don't want to carry you around for the next five hours.


I don't hear anything.


The Jabberwocky... she's here.

Are you sure?

[ Wind whistles ]

Pretty sure.

Stop playing games, Jabberwocky. Show yourself.

Jabberwocky: Be careful what you wish for.

You don't scare us.

Mm. But I know what does.

Cyrus: Take one more step, and I'll take your head clean off your shoulders.

Ohh. Come now, Cyrus.

Is that any way to talk to a lady?

What would your mother think?

You don't know anything about my mother.

Don't let her get in your head. She's poison, this one.

If Jafar knows we're here, why would he send you?

He doesn't. And he didn't.

My affinity for Jafar has lessened of late.

What do you want?

I want what anybody wants... freedom.

Forgive us if your freedom is neither a concern nor a priority.

But best of luck.

Don't be a fool, Alice, or you'll end up buried in a dungeon, like your fair-haired friend.

You know, a glass coffin will only stave off decay for... so long.

You're a bloody monster.

Nobody's born a monster.

We're made.

A product of a cruel world... filled with cruel people.


I feed on fear.

But remove Jafar from this land, and fear will leave with him.

With nothing left to eat, I'll be forced to simply... move on.

Isn't that what everybody wants?

We want more than just to defeat Jafar.

We want to bring back the Queen.

So unless you can help us with that... you're of no use to us.

I'm sorry.

I can't help you with that.

But she can.

[ Indistinct conversations, music plays ]

[ Clank, clank ]



I thought you didn't like to drink.

I don't. But I do like to win.

You know, I used to love throwing back a pint.

But these days, it's just not the same.

You might say my heart's not in it.

I'm sorry about that.

You must think I'm a terrible person for holding on to it.

Alice, you could make me do anything you wanted right now, and you let me come out for a cold beer.

[ Chuckles ]

You're fighting to hold on to your father... the only family you've got left.

If that makes you a terrible person, then I wish everybody was as terrible as you.

I don't know why I still need to find proof for him, after all these years.

I suppose I'm just...


[ Burps ]


I grew up with a very stubborn girl.

Always felt like they were the best kind.

Was she an old flame?

Nothing like that.

My sister, Penelope... four years younger and better at almost everything.

We had a lake by our cottage.

In the winter, it'd freeze over, and we must've spent hours... days, even... out on that lake.

But all it takes is one second, one thin patch of ice, and your whole life changes forever.

I always wondered what she'd be like when she grew up.

Maybe I think... she would have been a bit like you.

I'm so sorry.

I know what it's like to lose someone.

It's not right for me to hold on to this.

Bloody hell.

[ Heartbeat ]

So, you're just giving it back to me?

Finding proof for my father... that's my problem.

I can't drag you into it.

I need to do this alone.

Alice, have you forgotten already?

The best thieves never work alone.

[ Chuckles lightly ]


[ Clang ]

306, 307...

Have you been counting this whole time?

I told you... we need to time this out perfectly.

And you're still counting right now while you're talking to me?

I'm trying to, yes.


Would it be better if I shut up?

If you don't mind.

319, 320.

Okay, go!

[ Grunts ]


I've brought you...

...a treat.

This isn't what I ordered.

He could be quite valuable to us.

And, I might add... a worthy payment in exchange for the vorpal blade.

You could be right.

You have something that belongs to me.

My staff.

Where is it?

Let's try that again, shall we?

Your stick... it's long gone.

So are Alice and the Knave.

Is he telling the truth?


Tch, tch, tch, tch, tch.


He fears the consequences.

But yes.

He is.

Then it's a good thing I still have you.

As for the Knave, I have his bottle... which is all I need to bring him back, no matter how far he runs.

[ Snaps fingers ]

[ Footsteps approach ]

And what about me?

Sit tight... like a good little girl.

I'll let you know when your services are required.

[ Footsteps ]

If it's too hard for you to be here with her...

It's good.

Helps me remember why we're doing something as crazy as this.

Are you ready?

Are you?

Once we start, there's no turning back, no telling what's gonna happen... to either of us.

Just be careful.

Come on.

That's never really been either of our styles, has it?

No, not really.

So let's just say...

I'll see you soon.

I'll see you soon.

[ Clears throat ]

598, 599, 600.

It's time.

[ Sighs ]

Almost there, Ana.

Hey! What do you think you're doing?

[ Sighs ]

I'm paying me respects. Do you mind?

[ Keys jingle ]

I don't believe we've met. My name's...

I know who you are, Alice.

Cyrus says you hold great importance to Jafar and if I freed you... you'd help us.

Help you do what?

Making sure Jafar never hurts anyone again.

Come on.

It must be strange for you.

To be outside of the bottle, looking in.

I can't imagine what your life must have been like.

Knowing at a moment's notice, no matter where you are... you'll be yanked away by your master.

Oh, there you are!

Two, three... six of ya!

Does it hurt when you turn to dust?

Why don't you call back your genie and ask?

Sorry, lads.

I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got a bottle to catch.

Any minute now.

Any minute now!

Oh, bloody he...

Oh, hello, Jafar. Fancy seeing you here.

[ Choking ]

Tell me where my staff is, or I swear I'll make you spend eternity in that box.

[ Choking ]

Watching your precious Anastasia rot until she's nothing but hair and bone.

[ Choking ]

[ Choking intensifies ]

Where is it?!

Woman: Right behind you.


Hello, Jafar.

It's been a long time.

[ Snaps fingers ]

[ Gasps ]

This is between you and I, Jafar.

Let's leave the others out of it.

Will, where's Alice?

As you wish.

I'm curious as to how you managed to get out of that staff.

Let's just say I didn't teach you everything I know.

You were safer when you were in the stick.

As were you.

You're gonna have to do better than that.

Get back!

There's too many of them!

Incredible. Where did you learn to fight like that?

Cyrus... he taught me.

It was a lucky day when you stumbled upon his bottle.

Wasn't just luck. I had a little help.

I've never used one of these before!

What do I do?

Put the pointy end into the bloke who's trying to kill you, Alice!

Slight problem.

[ Groaning ]

Knave! Did you see that?!

I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment, Alice!

The walls... get him close to the walls!

Aah! Aaaah!

The bag!


Now, don't open it till you're home.

Rabbits have a nasty habit of running off.

In there is all the proof you need for your father.

[ Noise in distance ]

Take it and go. I'll distract the guards.

But what about... - It's time you got the hell out of Wonderland, Alice.

What about thieves never working alone and...

Trust me. A great girl like you won't be alone for long.

I have a feeling your happy ending is right around the corner.

You still have much to learn, Jafar.

[ Growling, hissing ]


You need a new bit, Amara.

The years have made you lazy.

[ Chuckles ]

You should have killed me when you had the chance.

Oh, that's right. You can't.

You need the magic of two sorcerers to do your spell.

And I can promise you this... this fight only ends when one of us dies.

So no matter who that is, you lose.

[ Grunts ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Grunts ]

After all these years, I've finally figured it out... what you were really after.

It wasn't power.

It's always the same story with us sorcerers.

At the end of the day... it all comes back around... to family!


[ Heartbeat ]

[ Heartbeat continues ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Panting ]

[ Gasps ]


Stay here.

You were never after the bottles.

You were after the people inside them.

Your son is dying, Amara.

And the only way you'll be able to save him when he does is to do what we set out to do in the beginning... complete the spell and change the laws of magic.

What was it you asked me all those years ago?

Ah, yes.

Are you willing to do what's necessary to get what you want?

[ Energy crackling ]

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