1x04 - The Serpent

(White Rabbit) No one believed Alice when she spoke of her adventures in Wonderland, of how she fell in love with a genie named Cyrus, and how the Red Queen tore them apart.


Alice. She needs help.

So the Knave of Hearts and I brought her back to Wonderland to search for her true love.

He's here. I can feel it.

There are those who will try to stop her.

What we want can't be accomplished until the girl's made all her wishes.

But Alice's greatest adventure has just begun.

Previously in Wonderland...

What happened here?

Bandersnatch attacked.

Did you kill it?


It was a young woman and a man.

Who was this man?

She called him "Knave."

So, tell me, Knave, who's Anastasia?

That is a tale of heartbreak.

I love you, Anastasia.

And I love you, Will Scarlet.

(Indistinct conversations)



Boy, the fire's dying!


There was no coal left. I had to go...

No excuses!



I should throw you back in the gutter where I found you!

No! Please!



Maybe another night without food will remind you to be better prepared!

(Excited shouting and indistinct conversations)


(Excited shouting continues)

(Whispering) Boy! Boy!

Turn away!

Turn away!

Boy! She'll burn us where we stand!

(People murmuring softly)

(Animals bleating, door creaks)

(Bleating continues)

(Door creaks)

(Gasps) I'm sorry to disturb you.

I... you work at the market.


What are you doing at my door?

I was wondering if you...

I'm not asking what you want.

I'm asking why you'd disturb me.

You must know what I can do to you.

Death would be a kindness compared to the life I have ahead of me.

I want you to teach me.

Teach you?

Dark magic.

So that one day people will fear me, as they fear you.


Please! I will work for you, do anything you want.

Magic is not something you use to simply fight off bullies.

That's not what...

Then what is it?

I want revenge.

On who?

(Sighs) Go away, boy, before I turn...

The Sultan.

And why would someone like you have any concern with the Sultan?

Because... he's my father.

Is this true?

There's nothing more important between two people than honesty.

To my eyes, you look nothing like royalty.

He abandoned me!

Why would the Sultan abandon his own flesh and blood?

Because, as he says, I am his b*st*rd.

I hate him with the fire of a thousand suns!



What's your name, boy?


Well, Jafar, tomorrow we will begin to see what you can do.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x04

The Serpent

Original air date November 7, 2013





There's a thing called the front door, darling.

You really must try it sometime.

I thought making our interactions secret would be more to your liking.

After all, secrets seem to be a habit of yours.

Tweedles, begone, dears.


There's nothing more important between two people than honesty.

Wouldn't you agree?

(Gasps softly)

(Lowered voice) What's this about?

Why didn't you tell me Alice brought a friend to Wonderland?

This Knave of Hearts.

(Normal voice)

'Cause it was an inconsequential detail.

He's nothing but a cowardly thief.

He's of very little concern to us.

Actually, he's caused a great deal of trouble, so I'd say his presence is of great concern.

Why did you bring him?

Because it wasn't quite as simple as sending Alice an invitation.

Otherwise, you'd have done it yourself.

I needed someone that Alice trusted, and that someone happened to be the Knave.

He served his purpose.

And now his purpose is done.


Then there's no issue.

Eliminate him.

Remove him from the playing field.

Going after the Red Queen is a bad idea, Alice.

She stole Cyrus' bottle.

It only stands to reason that she has Cyrus as well.

So you're gonna go after the entire Red Army by yourself?

If that's what it takes.

There's a smarter way to do this.

Is there now?

Play the hand you've been dealt, Alice.

I've seen your cards, Knave, and they're quite lacking.

Which is exactly the time to start bluffing.

Look, the White Rabbit... he has no idea we know he's working for the Queen.

We need to use that to our advantage, fool him into telling us where Cyrus is. (Sniffs)

Or we could just pick him up by the feet, dangle him over a cliff until he tells us everything he knows.

We need to work on your poker face.

(Man in distance) - Over here!

Did you hear that?

I did.

(Men shouting indistinctly in distance)

Oh. Someone's following us.

By the sounds of things, I'd say several someones.

Do you recognize them?

(Alice gasping)

They work for the Caterpillar.

They're collectors.

(Gasps) - What are our options?

Well, basically, we could die, or we could run.

I don't particularly care for the first one.

Me, neither. Left or right?



Where'd he go?!

(Blade zings)

After him!

He's getting away!

(Whoosh, thuds)



(Man) Getting away!

(Both grunting and panting)

I'm the one they want. We should split up.

We should stay and fight.

Oh, better idea... you stay, I go.

Oi! Over here!

(Shouts indistinctly)

Will, no! - I'll be fine. I know these woods like the back of my hand...

I'm fine! Meet you back in Tulgey.


(Men shouting indistinctly)


It's okay, Cyrus. This is just a detour.

I'll be with you soon.

(Man belches)

(Man groans)

Please, sir.

I haven't eaten for days. (Slurring)

You should have thought of that before you did whatever it is you did.

You're right. I... I've made some terrible mistakes, but I'm starving.

Could you even just spare a bone? Just a little taste?



See if you can find a morsel out of that.

(Breathing heavily)

In all the days we've been here together, I've never seen you grovel like that for anything, let alone food.

(Breathing heavily)

That's because I'm not interested in food.

You wanted the bone?

It's a wishbone.


You're going to wish yourself out of this place?

Something like that.

(Snaps loudly)

(Birds chirping)

(Man) We must have missed him! You go this way!

I'll go the back!

Look along the bank!


(Blows landing, men grunting)


That she could do this all by herself?


Bloody hell.

Hello, Will.

(Goats bleating)


And so... so I'm scrambling down the rock face to try and save him, when the stupid goat... he sees a shrub.

No bigger than a chickpea, but he just has to eat it. He takes one step...

(Laughing, imitates bleating)


Down right...

One can never underestimate the stupidity or the appetite of a goat.


Well, thanks for saving him, Akil... even if he didn't deserve it.

Well, it is my job.

We have this wine for you as a reward for your good work.

Oh... thank you, Jafar.

May you rest easy.

(Pats arm)

(Bleating continues)

(Door closes)

No, not yet.

When are you going to let me study the spells inside that book?

When you're ready.

Which, as of now, you're not.

It is, however, time for me to teach you the masking spell, which you've been so eager to learn.

But I thought you said we couldn't, because it requires a human liver.

It does, but you've just gotten us one.

The wine you gave Akil... it was poisoned.

He'll be dead any moment now.

(Akil gasping)

But Akil did nothing!

Quite right.

(Akil moaning)

He's a fine man.

(Akil coughing)

And this is the antidote to the poison.

If you wish, you can give it to him.


But if you do, we won't have the liver.

And you won't be able to learn the spell.

Do you know what this is, Jafar?

A serpent.

Do you know why I surrounded myself with such creatures?


It is because of their true essence.

Their most important quality... that when they need to, they shed their skin and are reborn.

And that is what you need to do, Jafar.

By letting an innocent die?

(Akil groaning)

By showing me that you're willing to do whatever's necessary to get what you want.

Are you?


Or are you still just that little boy who came to my door, full of anger but little else?

(Continues gasping)

(Akil) Uhh!


Well, now we know.


Congratulations, Jafar.

You are reborn.


She's got him... the Knave of Hearts.

They're on their way back to the palace.


Is there anything else I can do for you?

No. I shall take it from here.

Remind me to reward you for your good work.

Of course.


You should never have come back to Wonderland, Will.

So what did your girlfriend Alice offer you that was enticing enough for you to overcome your survival instincts, hmm?

She's not me girlfriend.

I'm clearly not attracted to nice, normal women.

What have you been up to all these years, Will?

Still begging, borrowing, and stealing?

Bloody hell.

Maybe you've fooled all these people into believing you're some kind of queen...


But I know who you really are...

(Normal voice) Anastasia.

You never did know when to stop fighting, did you, Will?

How long are you gonna keep me in here?

How about we start with forever and work our way back from there?

(Indistinct conversations)

(Various creatures making sounds)

(Blade zings)

He's not in there.

Who's not in there?

You're looking for the Knave, right?


He ain't in there.

How do you know?

'Cause if he was, I'd be inside collecting a reward.

You're one of those collectors that was chasing him.

And, unfortunately, not the one catching him.

Wait. Did someone catch him?

I could tell ya. But, you see, I got this thing where it's hard for me to be straight with people pointing swords at me.

The Red Queen got him.

Are you quite sure?

Oh, yeah.

I got the bruises to prove it.

Well, I know what I have to do.

Thank you, Miss...


But most people call me Lizard.


Wish me luck.

Whoa, whoa, wait, wait.

(Chuckles) You going after him?

No. I'm going after her.

(Scoffs) The Red Queen? You can't go in there by yourself.

Why does everybody keep telling me that?

Maybe 'cause it's true.

Fine. Hell with it. I'm coming with you.

I'm quite certain I didn't ask you to.


The Knave owes me, and, uh, dead men can't pay debts.


Congratulations, Majesty.

About what?

Such a quick capture of the Knave.

News travels fast.

Yes, it does, doesn't it?

But I just have to ask, why is he still breathing?


The Knave.

I understand he's locked in your dungeon.

I was just curious as to why that is.

We wanted him "removed." He's "removed."

But he's no use to us locked away where no one can see him.

You want me to put him outside in the gallows? Fine...

I want you to put his head on the chopping block! (Thud)

A public execution so everyone will see the price for helping Alice in Wonderland.

Did it ever occur to you, Jafar, that he might be more useful to us alive than dead?

More use to us...

Or more use to you?

Do you have something to say?

Do you?

First you forget to tell me this Knave was helping Alice, now you seem reluctant to kill him.

It makes me wonder if perhaps there's a reason for your inaction.

It's time to find out if you're a woman who's prepared to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, or just a little girl with a stolen crown and nothing else.

Let me be clear this time.

Kill him.


This book contains all the world's wisdom about genies.

(Inhales and exhales)


That's what you've refused to share with me all this time?

Well, I had to wait until you were ready.

And you are.

Inside these pages is a spell that only the power of the three genies will allow us to cast.

A spell so powerful that even I, with all my magic, could not attempt alone.

But now that I have a partner...


What kind of spell could be so difficult that it requires both of us?

One that, if we succeed, will make us the most powerful sorcerers the world has ever known.

We will be able to change the very laws of magic.

And once we do that...


All we desire will be at our fingertips.

And you wish to share this with me?

Your generosity...

I don't know how I could ever repay it.

I have waited many, many years to find someone worthy of this, Jafar.

Just as you have waited years to seek your revenge not only on your father who cast you out, but on all those who ever... belittled you... or doubted you.

No one has ever shown me such kindness.

No one... has ever loved you like I do.


Almost there.

What are you doing?

Excuse me?

Show me your hands.

I don't understand.

You're holding something. I saw it.

Show me your hands.



All right.

(Loud clank)



Must have taken you a long time.

The Queen's palace is a tricky place.

I know. I, uh, pickpocket the tweedles every six months or so.

And you never got caught?

Learned from the best.

The Knave?

Of course.

You're not doing this for repayment of a financial debt, are you?

I was on the streets.

He took me in, gave me a place to sleep.

Taught me everything I know.

Well, sorry to hear that.


Come on, I know he can be difficult, but his heart's in the right place, thanks to you.

Sounds like you two were close friends.

Unless... wait, were you two...

No. Uh, no.

I mean... (Scoffs) I would never...

Will and I... we just ran together.

You know, stealing.

Sometimes for the Caterpillar, and... sometimes just for fun.

You'd rob people for fun?

Will kind of went through a dark period after the whole Anastasia thing.

There's that name again... Anastasia.

Who is this girl?

Never met her, but whoever she is, she completely wrecked him.

Everyone says Will left Wonderland 'cause of his debts, but I don't think so.

This place reminded him of her.

I think he just couldn't take it anymore.

(Wind whistling)

What are you doing here?

I thought the whole point of becoming Queen was that so you never had to get your hands dirty again.


Will, I still get my hands dirty.

The only difference is now I get people to clean them off for me.

So you've just come to gloat?

Remind yourself that you did the right thing all those years ago?

That's not why.

Then why?

(Breathes unevenly)

I came to tell you that in a few minutes, the White Rabbit will be here with instructions to take you out of Wonderland and back to where he found you.

Will he now?

Will, I'm serious.

Is this the part where you get to catch me escaping?

Give you an excuse to kill me?

Will, I don't need an excuse to kill you.

I need an excuse not to kill you.

I'm involved with people who want you dead.

Since when did you do what anyone told ya?


No, you don't understand.

I'm trying to make it up to you.

I don't need your pity, Anna.

Actually, you do, because without my pity, you won't have a lot of things, including your head!

So when the Rabbit gets here...

I'm not going.

Oh, don't be a fool now, Will.

If I'm a fool, it's only because you made me one.

You're a terrible person who does terrible things to people.

But I think there's one thing even you won't do.

What's that?

Kill me.

In fact, I dare you to kill me.

Because personally, I don't think you've got it in ya.

You should know better than anyone that the surest way to make me do something is to tell me that I can't.

You can't.

Excuse me.

(Murmuring indistinctly)

What's going on here?

There's gonna be an execution.

(Murmuring indistinctly)

Excuse me?

Pardon me?

(Blade zings)

I have a blade.

(Man) Ooh!



What's it say?

The Knave.

They're executing him... today.


(Alice) What's the catapult for?


(Lizard) If you catch the head, you get a free dinner.

(Man) Make it a good one!

(Shouting excitedly)


(Cheers and applause)

(Man) That was a beauty!

Still barbaric as ever.

(Trumpet fanfare plays)

(Indistinct shouting)


(Man) Hail the Queen!


We have to save Will.

You have an idea?

'Cause this is looking bleak.

(Woman) Off with his head!

As a matter of fact, I do.

(Man) Kill the Knave!

(Cheering continues)

Now where's that smile?

You know the one.

The one that loves a good beheading.

It's right here.

Anything wrong... partner?

No. Just your constantly interfering with my affairs.

I think it's your affairs that are interfering with me.

If you've got something to say, spit it out.

(Shouting and cheering continue)

(Breathing nervously) Alice is here.

In the courtyard.

Well, have the guards seize her.

We don't need her ruining things...

No. Just... just keep an eye on her.

It's time for us to see how far she's willing to go to get what she wants.

(Horse whinnies in distance)

We are closed.

I'm not here for a drink.

If it's women you seek, then that's upstairs.

(Women laughing faintly)


I want the genie in your possession.

(Chuckles) I don't have a genie...

Don't bother denying it.

Rumors travel great distances, sir, when magic is involved.

I'm sorry you've come so far for nothing.

I'm not ready to pass on the bottle.

I still have one more wish to make, and I'm saving it for just the right thing.

And I'm in no hurry.

But I am.


Who are you?

The last person you will ever see unless you give me what I want.

You see...

I will be leaving here with the genie.

The question is, will you be leaving here at all?

If you are so interested in genies, then you know you can't kill me.

The only way for you to become his new master is for me to make all of my wishes.

Aah! Aah!

(Gasping and groaning) Aah!

Aah! Aah!

You're right.


I can't kill you.

But I can inflict so much pain, no wish will ever seem worth it.



I wish that you can do me no harm.


(Clattering, wind whistling)


(Whistling continues)

(Whistling stops)

As wishes go, that's one of the wiser ones I've heard.

(Horse whinnies in distance, hooves clomping)


Go back to the gutter, you b*st*rd.

What did you say?

You heard me.

Perhaps I did, but I'd like to hear you say it again.

Did you forget about my wish?

You can't hurt me anymore.

True, but she can.

(Panting) Please...

Don't kill me, I beg you.

I think you'll find there are far worse things than death.


(Whooshing, crumbling)


We're now one bottle away.

To us.

(Clink) To us.

(Cheers and applause)

(Man) Bring on the Knave!

(Cheering continues)

(Man) Kill him!

(Crowd booing)

(Man) - Kill the traitor!

(Woman) - Kill the Knave!

(Booing continues)

Off with his head now!

(Man) He deserves to die!

(Booing and shouting continue)

(Woman) Make him pay!

(Man) I want to see his head roll!

(Booing and shouting continue)


Be still.

Don't you ever clean these things?

(Woman) Kill the traitor!

(Crowd cheering and shouting indistinctly)

(Woman) - Kill him now!

(Man) - Come on!

(Cheering continues)

(Man) That's it, kill him!

(Cheering continues)

(Woman) Make him suffer!

(Man) Off with his head!

(Cheering continues)


(Crowd gasping and jeering)


(Man) What's happening?

(Indistinct shouting)

Bloody hell.

(Indistinct shouting)

(Man) Stop them!

They're trying to escape!

(Man) Don't let them get away!

(Indistinct shouting continues)

(Crowd gasps)

(Alarm wailing)


I thought I was bolluxed.

If that executioner had been 6 inches taller, you would have been.

All right.

How the bloody hell do we get out of here?

Come on. This way.

Lizard, you knocked him out cold.


What were you thinking?

You could have both been killed.

A simple "thank you" would suffice.

Thank you.

You, too, Lizard.

(Man) To the right! Follow me!

We got company.

We better go.

(Man) - Over here! Come on!

(Man) They're in the maze! (Panting)



Hello, Alice.

Who the hell is that?

I'll tell you later.

We need to get out of here...

Leaving so soon?


I'll distract 'em. You guys run.

(Blade zings)

Liz, no! (Gasps)





I suppose it's time we met. My name is...

I know you who are, Jafar.

Cyrus has told me all about you.

Interesting. It seems I've learned a little bit about you today as well, Alice.

And what was that?

That you're willing to do anything for a friend.

Quite touching, actually.




(Continues gasping)

(Strangling noises)

Stop it! He's done nothing!

(Continues gasping)


Please, I beg you!

You don't have to beg, Alice.

Just wish.

(Weakly) Anastasia...


Just make a bloody wish, Alice!

(Continues gasping)

I wish if the Knave of Hearts dies...

Then I die!



Alice, no.

(Continues gasping)

(Grip releasing, whooshes)

(Giggles softly)

Well played, Alice. Well played.

That's one wish down, and two to go.

You'll have to kill me first.

Oh, wait.

You can't now, can you?


I need you alive to make your wishes.

But I don't need you whole.


(Weakly) Alice...



(Limbs cracking) Aah!

Aah! (Sobbing)


(Gasping and grunting)

All you have to do is wish for me to stop, and the pain will go away.


(Crack) Aah!

Such sweet relief can be yours for the bargain price of a few words.

I will never put Cyrus at your mercy.

Are you sure about that?

Aah! (Sobbing)


You'll have to kill me, Jafar, 'cause I will never, ever wish for you.

(Alice continues sobbing)

Aah! (Grunts)



Alice... are you all right?



Come on.

Let's get out of here while we still can.

While it's true I might not be able to kill either of you, I think you'll find, Alice, there are worse things than death.


Can't move.

What's happening?

Alice, what's happening?

Stop him. Make him stop.

(Whooshing and crumbling)

You were right, Your Majesty.

He was more useful alive than dead.

So you won't use your wishes to help yourself, Alice?

Then I will keep destroying all the things you care about, hurting all the people you love... until you have no other choice.

Because you have a weakness, Alice.

I've seen it today.

You have a heart.

And trust me, I shall exploit it.


Help him.

Why would I want to do that, darling?



Because you care.

You don't know me.

Yes, I do...


You can help him.

You can help him. Wish!



You keep on doing that, dear, and... what?

You'll kill me? You can't.

You think you have the advantage, but you don't.

I'm not the one whose friend has turned to stone and whose love is in my possession.

Now... you can carry on behaving like the little girl you were when we very first met.

Or you can grow up and do what common sense compels you to do.

Either way, you know where to find me.

You're not... going to put me in prison, torture me?

Let me rot until I do your bidding?


Don't you see, darling?

You are in prison.

What do you think Wonderland is?

You're mine, Alice.

And from now on, things are only going to get worse until you do what you must.



(Footsteps depart)




I'm sure you already know, but your precious love used her wish today.

I think you know what that means.

Soon the cage won't be necessary, because you'll be back where you belong... in your bottle.


What's the occasion?

I've heard a rumor.

The third genie?

Right here in Agrabah.



With how far we've traveled to get the others, that would be a welcome change.

I'm confident I will soon have the third genie, and then I'll be ready to begin the spell.

You mean we will be ready to begin the spell.

(Breathing heavily)


Do you remember a long time ago, you asked me what I was willing to do in order to get what I want?


What have you done?

It's a potion to steal your magical essence.

But then again, you probably know that.

It was in your book.

(Weakly) You loved me.


You loved me.

(Exhales) Please, Jafar. Don't do this.

You know you can't complete the spell on your own.

No one person can achieve that much power alone.

I won't be alone.

I'll have you...

And your magic.

Now it's time for you, like the serpent you so admire...

To shed your skin.


(Whooshing and creaking)

(Woman singing faintly in foreign language)

Congratulations, Amara.


You are reborn.



(Clanking in distance)

(Grunts and chuckles)

You have the other half.

It's a myth, what you've heard about wishbones...

that when you break them, whoever has the larger half gets a wish.


It's a story, created long ago by genies, to make people believe that you did not need to seek out a bottle

in order to someday have what you desire.

And so to this day, people keep pulling wishbones apart, hoping that magic will spill out of them.

But what a wishbone really wants is no different from what we all want.



To be joined to our other half.

And if we're separated, you will do whatever it takes to be together again.

Just like a wishbone.