1x08 - Home

Previously in Wonderland...

I give you your Queen!

Everything I have, I had to take.

What about everything you've lost?




Stop underestimating me, Jafar.

I have the bottle.

(Jafar) - Find him!

(Jafar) - The genie escaped.

I'm coming for you.

(Alice) We were friends.

How could he just betray me like that?

Your Majesty, I... I've fulfilled my obligation...

I, uh...

Promises were made to be broken.

(Alice) I believe I was promised falling stars, and yet... just stars.

Be patient. It's almost time.



That's incredible.

You know, they say, one kiss under the falling stars, and it brings you good fortune.

If you want to kiss me, you don't have to make up a story.

It wasn't a story.



What's this?

Ah, it's a trinket. It's nothing.

It's a very nice nothing.

Was it from another girl?

In a way.

It's... my mother gave it to me.

Your mother?

I didn't know genies had mothers.

Was she a genie as well?

No, she was quite human.

As was I when I was born.

You mean... you haven't always been a genie?


Why didn't you tell me?

Oh, because I'm a genie now, and I fear I shall be a genie for the rest of my days.

My life as a human was a long time ago.

And your mother? Is she still...

I don't know.

This compass... it has great magic.

And it always pointed me towards her.

It was the only thing I kept with me in the bottle for all those years I was a prisoner.

It provided me comfort.

I knew she was out there.

And then some years ago, it...

Just stopped pointing.

I'm sorry.


Stand up.

And step away from the girl.

It took us a long time, boys, but we finally found ourselves a genie.

(Breathing heavily)

Looks like wishes do come true.

I will give you whatever you desire, but please let her be.


What would I want with her?

Once I get my wishes, I could have a hundred like her!


Now... where is your bottle, genie?

It's far from here, but I can take you to it.

Better be telling the truth now.

I am not to be trifled with!

Fortunately... neither is she.






(Grunting continues)


(Grunting continues)

I guess the stars did bring us luck.

They barely even scratched me.


(Breathes unevenly)





Alice, no!

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x08 - Home Original air date December 12, 2013

(Birds chirping)

(Men speaking indistinctly)

(Branches rustling)


(Blade zings)

(Breathes unevenly)

Knave. You gave me a fright. Where were you?

Sorry, nature was calling.

Really? What did it say?

Nothing you want to hear, trust me.

So those guards out there... they're looking for us?

No. They're looking for someone who's escaped.

(Speaking indistinctly)

They're looking for Cyrus.

Oh, well, that's good then.

How is that good news?

'Cause if they're still looking for him, it means they haven't found him yet.

But it's only a matter of time, so I suggest we start looking, too.

Actually, we don't have to.

Why is that?

Because I know where he's going.

Where might that be?

The only place he knows where he'll be safe.

In Wonderland?

With Jafar and the Red Queen after him?

I doubt such a place exists.

There is.

He just needs to get there before they get him.


(Rope whooshes)


(Groans) What's this?



Come on!

(Cyrus, faintly)

Come on...

(Cyrus grunting)


Come on, a little help.

There's got to be a way out of this.

Come on!

The genie.

Thank you, grapevine.

I believe the Queen will be quite pleased.

As you requested, Sire.

You were able to procure it with no incident?



The Queen has no idea.


Uh, you... you'll protect me from her?

Soon she will no longer matter.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

(Footsteps approaching)

(Door closes, footsteps continue)

Your Majesty.


I've heard something through the grapevine.



Th... the genie has been captured in the forest.

He's yours now.


Let's go retrieve him, shall we?


Well, I'm sensing you're not sharing my enthusiasm.

What is it?

It's my brother.

Darling, your sibling rivalry does not interest me.

I fear he may have done a bad thing.

Considering both of your mental limitations, I'm not sure it's something I need to worry about.

I saw him give something to Jafar.


A bag. Handed it to him in secret.

What was in it?

(Stammers inaudibly)

I don't know.

But I came to you right away.

I don't know what it is, and I'm sorry.

No need for apologies.

Now leave before I decide to kill the messenger.


(Latch clicks)

(Exhales sharply)

(Slams lid)

(Inhales sharply)

So where are we headed?

Where exactly is this safe place of yours?

The outlands.

We're gonna walk all the way to the bloody outlands?

You couldn't have picked someplace closer, like... anywhere else?

Back when Cyrus and I were together, we made a deal that if we ever got separated or if anything ever happened, we'd always meet back there.

Any chance you've left any food there?

I could use a bit of... - I just need to make a stop before we arrive.

Oh, of course we bloody do. Where now?

The White Rabbit's house.

Oh, come on.

I know you're ticked off about how he betrayed us, but is this really the time to settle a score?

I don't want revenge, Knave. I want help.

From him? He's a bloody traitor.

And he's our only way out of Wonderland.

Don't you see?


With Jafar and the Red Queen alive, we'll never be safe here.

You, me, and Cyrus, we need to leave today.

And the Rabbit's the only one that can take us away.

We can't trust him, not after what he's done.

He and I were friends once. Good friends.

It just doesn't make sense.

Maybe he just got a better offer.

Sometimes people turn on you, and you'll never understand why.

No. For him to betray us that bad, there has to be a reason.

(Rapid footsteps, panting)

Open up! Please, rabbit, open the door!

All right, all right. Keep it down.

Do you want to wake the whole famil...

Alice! What happened?

We were attacked. We need help.

The kind of help only she can provide.

All right now.

Ugh! You two, get out of my way! Shoo!

Excuse me. Standing in front of my willow root.

Is she going to be all right?

This poultice will help her along.

Your fretting, not so much.

Well, I can't just do nothing.

(Lowered voice)


The children.

(Cyrus, lowered voice)

I'm sorry.

Forgive me. I've barged into your home, and...

And a good thing you did, or she wouldn't survive the night.

But the best way to help her now is to let me do my work.

(Hoof beats approaching)

You've come to finish the job?

Not exactly.



Shall we go for a ride?


Well, that depends where we're going.

Where you belong, darling.

Back to your bottle.

(Reins clatter)

(Horses whinnying, hoof beats resume)

(Sighs deeply)

At last.

(Exhales sharply)

(Rattling softly)

(Breathes unevenly)


(Pounds twice)

(Thud echoes, clattering)


Nice spot.

There's something wrong in the world when a rabbit has a nicer flat than you do.

It looks different here.

The grass is overgrown.

The carrots are all moldy.

Maybe he abandoned the place.

Or maybe that's just what he wants people to think he did.

(Knocks on door)

Rabbit, it's me. It's Alice.




Any other idea where we might find him?



(Kicks door, door creaks open)

In here.


Where are you? I know you're in here.

Over here, Alice.

Do what you want with me.

Everyone else has.

What happened to you?


I betrayed you, Alice. You and Cyrus.

And me.

Yes, even you, Knave.

Rabbit... we already know.

We have for quite some time.

Then... (Stammers)

Then why are you here?

Because I need your help. One last time.

Oh, Alice. I...

Cyrus is free.

And we're going to be reunited.

And when we are, I need you to be there.

So we can go home, and leave this behind for good.


I'm sorry, but... I... I can't.

You can. And you bloody well will.

After everything you've done, you owe her that much.

I owe her more, but there's a difference between what I should do and what I'm able to do.

The Queen... she has my family... my wife, my children.

Everything I've done, I've done to keep them alive.

I... I'm sorry you've had to suffer because of it, but... but you know better than anyone when someone you love is in danger, you'll do anything to save them.

I do understand.

Me, too.

I also apparently understand.

No one has to know that you helped us, Rabbit.

The Red Queen would know!

And even if you found another way out of Wonderland, she'd blame me!

It was my job to stay with you, to be her ears, to tell her everything you were doing.

What if... we rescued them?

Your family.

We can all leave together.

Well, you'd have to find them first.

I've already searched every place I can think of where the Queen would hide them, and failed miserably.

All right.

Maybe I can help.

I might not know where the queen stashed something important, but I do know where Anastasia might.

Well, who's Anastasia?

(Hoof beats approaching)

What is this place?

What are we doing here?



(Door creaks)

(Door closes)

(Breathes heavily)

Yes, that's right, genie.

You have a very big decision to make.

(Chain and compass rattling)

(Lowered voice)


She's going to be fine.


Thank you.

For now.

What does that mean?

(Normal voice)

It means it's a damn good thing that we were here to help.

But what if we hadn't been home?

What about next time?

Next time I'll be more careful.

And the time after that?

What kind of life is this for Alice?

Always hunted, sleeping under trees.

It's a life we chose. Together.

Just because you chose it doesn't make it right for you or her.

I've known Alice since she was a little girl.

She always wanted a place to call home.

I'm her home now. As she is mine.

Yeah, uh... must you always speak in metaphor?

It's the truth. You know, we may not have a warm hearth or a roof to sleep under, but our life together, it's better than we could have imagined.

As I said, for now.

But we both know this can't go on forever.

You know, I spent years alone in that bottle.

Now you're telling me I should be alone once more?

If my family were in danger, I would do whatever it took to protect them.

Perhaps the only way to truly protect Alice is to let her go.

Your Majesty!

Where is everyone?

(Sighs angrily)

I think she's on to us.

(Slams lid)

(Breathing heavily)

(Staff clatters)


(Carpet flapping)


(Explosions bursting)

(Horses whinnying)

(Explosions bursting)

Jafar's on your side of the board, Your Majesty.

It looks like you're running out of moves.

He may have destroyed a few pieces, but in the game of chess there's only one Queen, and she's more important than them all put together.

Perhaps, but it doesn't look like Jafar's playing games.

(Explosions continue)

Neither am I.

Now tell me, where is Alice?

Why would I ever tell you that?

Because she's going to be found.

The only question is, whether it's by him... or us.

The choice is yours.

(Explosions continue)



(Snoring and grumbling)

(Piano keys strike)

(Coughing and grumbling)

We're closed. Party's over.

I'm not here for that.

I'm here for your help.

Hmm. (Chuckling)

I've been called many things.

Helpful isn't one of them.

I've heard you can make people disappear.

People who never want to be found again.

Perhaps. But the cost of such a thing is significant.

I own but one thing of any value, but you help me, and it shall be yours.


(Blades zing)


It's called a lost and found.



It'll point you to anything you've lost in your life and you wish to find again.

Ohh... oh, you must really want to disappear to give up this.

It's the only way I can keep someone safe.

Someone I care about very much.

Mm. Ha ha ha.

I may be able to help you.



Uh, you and the Red Queen used to live here?! - No.

The Queen wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this.

But a girl named Anastasia and I...


We had a few laughs here.

What makes you think this is where she'd be holding Rabbit's family?

Every now and then, Anna and I would acquire something of value that we wanted to keep hidden.

Our wagon turned out to be a lovely hiding place.

See, if it looks this shabby on the outside, no one ever bothers checking the inside.

Wait here.


(Door creaks)

(Door closes)


Always a step ahead, aren't you?


(Crying continues)

I'm telling you, it's no use.

Alice, what if the Queen...

What if my family is...

(Door opens)





My babies!

(Giggling) Percy!

(Laughing) Ohh, dears!

(All laughing)

Ohh! My bunnies!

(Kissing and giggling)

My little bunnies!


I thought we'd never see you again. Oh...

Alice... thank you for whatever you did to bring us back together.

You're welcome.

Oh... okay, now...

Remember what I told you about always keeping your promises?

Well, your father has to keep one of his now.

Take them to your mother's. I'll meet you there tonight.

Be careful, dear.

Well, aren't I always?

Do you really want me to answer that?

Fine, fine. I'll be careful.

All right, you two, come on, let's go!

Okay. Where to?

Where Cyrus is going... the outlands.

(Hoof beats, chains clattering)

Why are you so sure she'll be in the outlands?

Because she's sure that I'll be there.

Ooh! You two have quite a lot of faith in each other, don't you?

Well, if you can't believe in love, what can you believe in?

What I believe in is of no concern to you.

You have a secret, don't you?

Don't pretend to know me.

I don't have to. Being a genie for so long, I've learned how to read people, to know what they'll wish for even before they ask.

I wish for you to shut up.

Your wishes are buried deep, aren't they?

Don't fret, genie.

You won't have to worry much longer.

You're about to find out.

Now tell me how much farther until we're there.

Soon. Very soon.





(Thunder rumbling and crashing)

(Thunder rumbling and crashing)

(Thunder rumbling and crashing)

(Whooshing and roaring)

(Thunder rumbles)

Find the Red Queen... and kill her.

(Wind whistling, thunder continues)

So I've heard stories of this mountaintop where you can actually stand on top of the clouds.

Yeah, sounds nice.

I think we should try it.

When I'm better.



What's wrong?


Alice, you're still healing.

And the fact is, wherever we go, whatever adventure we pursue, you'll never be safe with me.

Cyrus, you've told me all these dangers, and I still choose you.

But look what happened.

Maybe we were lost in a fantasy.

I thought I could protect you, but clearly I can't.


I would do anything to protect you.

Even if I suffered for it.

Are you trying to run away from me?

I will if that's the only way I can keep you safe.

Did you ever think that maybe I'm the one keeping you safe?


You are pretty handy in a fight.

I'm not afraid of this life, Cyrus.

The only thing that could hurt me is being apart from you.

I thought you might say that.

Which is why I've got something for you. For us.

What is it?

Look right there, next to that big rock.

I don't see anything.


Follow me.




What is this?

Somewhere where we can disappear.

(Gasps softly)

It's invisible from the outside, but on the inside, it's quite cozy.

It's not a perfect solution, but it's a start.

Now we can go on any adventure we desire, and we'll always have this, a place we can return to.

A home.


It's perfect.



How did you get such a place?

If your magic could create it, why wait until now?

It wasn't my magic.


Cyrus, what did you give up for this?

What I gave up... it's nothing compared to what I gained.

You know, they say that sacrifice is the measure of true love, and I would sacrifice anything for you.

And I for you.


Is this where Cyrus is supposed to meet you?



I don't want to burst your bubble, Alice, but your safe place isn't all that safe.


You can be seen from miles.

(White Rabbit)

Uh, maybe... maybe he's hiding.

Maybe he's just inside.

Inside? Inside what?


Bloody hell.

You coming?

Uh, better I say out here... keep watch in case anyone comes looking for us.

Don't try anything funny.

I don't want to make rabbit stew, but I will.

Oh no... of course, now, you wouldn't want that.


All this time, we've been using rocks for pillows, when we could have been sleeping here.

We were on the move.

Wouldn't have been a bad place to rest me weary feet, is all I'm saying.

Is that a bathtub?

This doesn't make sense. He should be here.

Anywhere else he might have gone?


Maybe he's left a note.

What do you think I'm looking for?

There's nothing here!

(Breathing heavily)

I know what you're thinking.

I'm not thinking anything.

You're thinking he's been captured.

Never said that.

You think he died trying to escape.

Or do you think he didn't really escape in the first place?

I think he's not here, Alice, which means we're running out of time.

And options.

Now the Rabbit's outside.

If we're gonna leave Wonderland...

We're not leaving without Cyrus.

We're not.



Alice, I'm sorry.







(Both panting and laughing)


I thought I'd never see you again.

Even in my dreams, I was afraid to imagine this moment and feared that it would never come true.

But it's here. You're here.

I'm here. It's over.


Well, I wouldn't quite say over.

Hello, Alice.

What the bloody hell is she doing here?

She's here to help us.

(Thunder rumbling)

She's going to help us?

You've got to be joking.

No time for joking, darling. You see that storm coming?

(Thunder rumbling)

That is Jafar, and he's coming for us. For all of us.

She's telling the truth, Alice.

Why would he be after you? You're his partner.

Was his partner. Yes, it's true, we used to work together, but I am not like him.

When it became clear that he was no longer playing by the rules of the game... don't believe a word.

She knows how to lie, this one.


We can argue all we like when we get out of Wonderland, but for now, dig, bunny!

I'm not going anywhere with her.

(Thunder continues)

We may not have a choice.

What if will's right? What if this is an elaborate ruse?

Alice, what more do you want me to do?

I brought you your bloody genie!

You took him from me, too!

Alice, you need to trust me.

I will never trust you!



Tell me why.

Why you did all of this... why you made an alliance with a madman, and I'll go.

(Thunder continues)

But I need a reason.

I need something.

I thought he could get me what I want.

And what was that? You've got everything.

What more could you need?

You... Will.

(Thunder continues)

I wanted you.

I want you back.

More lies.

No. I'm telling the truth now. I'm telling the truth.

You had me. All of me... my heart, my soul... my life... and you tossed me aside like a piece of rubbish, all for a little red crown.

I made a mistake. I see that now.

Don't you see that's why I've done all this?

So Jafar can change the laws of magic so we can undo the mistake, change the past. Will!

Will, wait.

(Thunder continues)

I would give up my crown. I would give up anything...

everything just to go back to a time when you loved me.

(Thunder rumbling)

Please, Will.

I want you back.

You'll never have me.

(Thunder rumbling)

(Thunder crashes)



There you are...


See you soon.

(Thunder crashing)

(Wind whistling)

(Thunder continues)

Listen, you don't have to accept my apologies, but you do have to accept my warning.

The genie's here. The bottle's here.

The wish is here. What do you think Jafar's gonna do when he arrives, eh?

We'll go, and you'll have to answer to him.

No, 'cause you're forgetting something.

I have the bottle.

Which I'll gladly relieve you of.

(Blade zings)

Alice, there is no time to fight.

There's only time to die. We need to leave.

We have to leave! Now please! I'm telling the truth!

I will never trust you.

Neither will I.


I do.

(Wind whistling, thunder rumbling)

I knew you had a secret wish.

She's telling the truth, Alice.

(Breathing heavily)

So, please, let's take the bottle and get out of here!



(Thunder crashes)

Rabbit, dig your hole!

Where to?

Anywhere but here.

(Wind whistling)


Look out!







(Continues gasping)

I got you. I got you.

(Continues gasping)

What happened? Is he...





What is it? What's happening?


The first wish she made.

She was protecting will from Jafar.


If the Knave dies, then I die, too.


(Will and Alice gasping)

You don't have eight days.

(Gasping) Will.





I need you to listen to me, okay?

That last wish... you need to use it to save yourself.

No. I'm not gonna put you back in the bottle.

I'm not gonna make you a prisoner again.

I would gladly spend an eternity in that bottle if you could live.


I love you.

Alice, don't go.

Alice, don't you do this to me.

I've only just found you. I'm not gonna lose you again.

Cyrus! (Panting)

I can save her!


'Cause that's my bloody wish!

What's he talking about?

I don't know. What, Will?

Alice promised...

(Breathing heavily)

If I helped find you...

(Continues breathing heavily)

I'd get a wish.

That's good enough for me.

Be very careful what you wish for, Will.


(Breathing heavily)

I wish... to end Alice's suffering.





(Whispers) Alice.



You're alive.


But how?

The Knave... he used his wish.

But that was the third wish.

Why aren't you in your bottle?

My binds... they're gone.

They're gone.

Alice, I'm free.

I don't understand.

The Knave... he wished to end your suffering.

Part of your pain was not being able to be with the one you loved.

Will, you're a genius.

Where is he?

He's gone.


He was here, and now he's gone.

What do you mean?


What happened to the Knave?

Oh, no.


Wh... what?! Where is he?!

Where's the bottle?


(Tinkling sound)


(Water rushing)

Ah, bloody hell.