02x02 - The Road Less Traveled

[Film Projector Starts]

♪ Edelweiss, edelweiss ♪
♪ Every morning you greet me ♪
♪ Small and white ♪
♪ Clean and bright ♪
♪ You look happy to meet me ♪
♪ Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow ♪
♪ Bloom and grow forever ♪
♪ Edelweiss, edelweiss ♪
♪ Bless my homeland forever ♪

In our favor, however, an enemy who underestimates the strength of our resolve.

And in war, surprise is a formidable weapon.

Given our numbers, the last thing the Americans expected was a frontal assault.



That is precisely what I ordered.

And it worked?

Would you have tolerated my stories if it had not?


[Speaking Japanese]

[Speaking Japanese]

Onoda: Heh heh, drink some more.

[Speaks Japanese]

Where exactly are you from, Chief Inspector?

Do you not like conversation?

[Onoda Laughing]

[Woman Laughing]

If you don't talk to me, I'm not doing my job.

And if I'm not doing my job, I'll lose it.

And I really need this.

I am from Kohri-yama.

That's an agricultural area, right?

My folks were farmers.

Do you still have family there?

Two children.

And my wife.

[Onoda, Woman Laughing]

There's a potted plant right behind you, if you want to get rid of that drink.

I am on duty. That is all.

Are you ever not on duty?

I'm sorry. I was just wondering if it's that you don't want to be here or if you're never really anywhere.

Just because that would be kind of... sad, you know?

No. Explain.

Well, if your mind is always elsewhere, in a way, you never really are experience anything, right?

Nothing's ever real.

[Man Speaking Japanese]


[Vehicle Approaches]

Can you please give me a lift?

What happened?

Just a fight with my boyfriend.

Get in.

Thank you.

Let me see that.

It's okay. I was an army medic.

Let's have a look.

It's dislocated.

Give me your wrist.

Count to 3, okay?

And you push it back in on 2.

What's this?

That's not gonna work, either.



Where exactly are you headed?

He was executed, sir.

The two men... one white, one black... drove off in that direction.

The woman fled on foot.

They left this one behind.

Kido: Establish if she's Resistance.

We're trying to identify her now, sir.

Why did they not flee the scene together?

I don't know. Panic, perhaps?

Not one of ours.

The men were not just shooting at the officer up there.

They were also shooting at the woman they arrived with.

But... why?

Round-ups in every district, Sergeant.

Reprisals will be severe.


You said you were an ex-con. Come on.

You sure this is her place?

I'm sure.

Maybe she beat us here.

We'll wait.

If the Pons picked her up, they could be back here any minute.

If they did, we have much bigger problems.

Why? She can't take anybody to him.

She doesn't know where he is.

We can't take that risk.

Well, Gary, everything got f*cked up.

f*cking them up more won't bring Karen back.


I lost people, too.


If Karen was here, she'd tell you the same damn thing!

Shut the f*ck up!


Nasty-looking scar.

On your back.

This isn't the first scrape you've been in.

You're Resistance, right?

I passed an ugly scene a couple miles before I saw you... police, soldiers, girl lying dead in the road.

You're sure she was dead?

I was in a M.A.S.H. unit during the war.

One thing I know is dead.

I like to use this road if I can.

It's good to be reminded.

A few miles that way, there's a redwood grove where they all went near the end, waiting to surrender.

We set up a hospital, put boys back on their feet that had no business breathing.

Then the Japs came through.

Lined them all up.

Women and kids, too.

One bullet each to the back of the head.

Never more than one.

Took about an hour.

Used to be I thought victory was winning.

Then I convinced myself it's surviving.

The thing is...

The truth is I know I should do more.

Like you folks.

You killed us. You do know that.

You admitted swindling the Yakuza.

I didn't set up the deal.

Wait. You're not seriously positing a reality in which any of this is my fault?

This time, please do not talk.

You want to work for us?

It was a Nazi who killed your men.

I had no idea that was going to happen...

Oh, sweet Lesu...

I stole from your lawyer to prove I can make you a lot of money.

What kind of businessman are you?

Clearly an excellent one.

Sir, I have a list in my shop of buyers willing to pay vast sums for old-time Americana.

Whatever else Mr. Frink is... and in... in truth, I hardly know him... he is an extraordinarily gifted artist.



He can make anything?


But only if I have my assistant.

[Elevator Bell Dings]

Welcome back, Obergruppenführer.

How was your flight?

Fine. Thank you.

You recalled the Field Agents?

Along with suspected Resistance members from across the Neutral Zone.

All are being questioned about the whereabouts of the Man in the High Castle.


The Standartenführers are gathered to brief you, sir, but nothing definitive yet.

And Joe Blake?

No word.

Well, look what the wind blew in.

Look, I'm sorry to show up like this, sir, but... things took a little longer than I thought.

Last funeral I went to, the whole thing lasted about an hour.

You've been gone best part of three weeks.

Right. I'm sorry, sir. I'm here now.

And you expected me to keep the forklift open?

No, not expected, sir. Hoped.

Who the hell do you think you are, Blake?

I don't think I'm anybody, sir.

I just want to show up and do an honest day's work, if you'll let me.

Well, you want to grab a sledgehammer and break concrete, I guess that'll be okay.

That honest enough for you?

Thank you, sir.

The enriched uranium will be transported to the depot in Concord, then put in canned fruit boxes and transferred onto buses.

General Onoda has asked that we generate the relevant paperwork immediately, Trade Minister.

Public buses... carrying passengers.

The project must remain hidden from the Nazis at all costs.

Radiation of civilians.

Only buses carrying non-Japanese passengers are to be used.

Completely unacceptable.

General Onoda was most insistent, Trade Minister.

It can wait.

What of the research I asked you to carry out?


Nelson Mandela.

Cuban Missile Crisis.

I could find no reference to any of these in official records, Trade Minister.

[Speaking Japanese]

[Doorbell Ringing]

What happened to you?

Is Arnold home?

Where have you been?

Ma, is he here?

No. He got called in to work.

[Phone Rings]


Arnold, I need you to come home.

Is that...

I thought you already left.

Now, Arnold.

I just got here. What is it?

It's Ma. She needs you. It's urgent.

Can you just come home Please? Right now.

I'll be right there.

Juliana, you're scaring me.

It's gonna be fine, Ma.

I'll explain when Arnold gets here.

We all have to leave town.


I need you to start putting some things in a suitcase, okay?


Yes. And I need to look at the photo albums.


Just please.

Do you still have any of the clothes I left here?

[Women Laughing]

My point was he could try to be romantic now and again.

You know what he did?

He sent his secretary out to buy me a dress.

Henry confuses romance with, you know, romance.


Gerry shows his affection with a prescription for Eukodal.

Although, given the choice between Eukodal and, you know, romance...



What am I interrupting?

A spirited discussion about whether or not it's too late to plant daffodils.

What do you think?

I'm going to say no, while making a mental note how adept Mary Jane is at covering.


Sit with us, John.

Tell us about Berlin.

Did you meet with the Führer?

I'm sorry. I have a lot of work to do.

Both the Fatherland and our Führer are in vigorous good health.

Excuse me.

I'll be right back.

You don't look like a man who was greeted like a hero.

I have, um, an urgent assignment from the Führer, I have, um, an urgent assignment from the Führer, one that, uh... one that, uh... one that will be difficult to accomplish.

And how is he really?

Not in vigorous good health, physically or otherwise.

You're worried.

He's worried.

So what are you going to do?

What I vowed to do in the oath I took: Give my absolute allegiance, loyalty, and bravery until my death.

Thank you for coming, Kido Tai-i.

Brevity would be appreciated.

You owe a favor in exchange for the identity of the Crown Prince's assassin.

I must ask for it now.

The man you have in custody accused of this crime... Ed McCarthy...

I need you to release him.

The Judicial Panel meets later today.

I have a signed confession, and the evidence against him is compelling.

Evidence has been known to change, I believe.

Once I gave you the opportunity to eliminate the Nazi assassin, you were free to make your case fit anyone.

Not anyone. The Panel are not fools.

Neither am I.

I know the value of the information I gave you.

And yet you still have not told me how you obtained it.

If you are dealing with the Nazis, Mr. Okamura, then you are a traitor and taking a very big risk indeed.

So you will release McCarthy.

Your hair is fine.

You're about to die horribly, but your hair is fine.

Any relatives?

She has a mother that lives on Folsom.

[Knock On Door]

Lem: Hey, brother, how you doing?

Hi. I have something for Frank.

Gary: I'm Frank.

Come in.

Come in.

You're Frank?

What is it, brother? Juliana?

I gave her a ride to the city.

She said she couldn't come here.

Thank you, thank you. We...

We've been worried about her.

Do you have a message or...

She wasn't sure if you'd be here, so she, uh, she asked me to leave this.

Did she, uh, did she say where she was going?


4:00 p.m.

Ma, you need to pack, please.

What are you doing?

We don't have much time, okay?

Juliana, please, this is crazy!

Will you please start putting some things in a bag?

What are you looking for?

I saw an image of a man.

Okay? That I thought I knew.

I thought I knew him. I don't know.

I thought I'd met him.

I don't know where or when.

What man?

That's what I'm trying to find out.


Because it could be important.

Why, Juliana?


Who's this, Ma?

Who's that?

You know that picture.

Yeah, I know.

It used to hang on the wall.

That's your father. That's Arnold.

That's their army unit.

I know that part, Ma, but who is this?

Why do you want to know about him?


Why are you doing this?

Doing what?

Asking questions!

Because I need to know.

Can you please tell me who he is?

Please tell me.

Have you seen Trudy?

Did you talk to her?

Tru... Ma, can you answer this question, please?

Why won't you tell me who he is?

His name is George Dixon.

George Dixon.

Okay, what... what's he got to do with Trudy?

He's her father.


A pleasant surprise.

Your collection of botanical literature has grown so fine that you no longer have need of us.

Yet there remain particular texts that you alone have access to.

The suppressed editions.

Their viewing must be approved by Tokyo.

You are concerned that I will be incited to insurrection?

"Then I thought a minute and says to myself, 'Hold on. S'pose you'd done a right and give Jim up, would you felt better than what you do now?' 'No,' says I. 'I'd feel bad I'd feel just the same way I do now. Well, then', says I, 'what's the use learning to do right when it's troublesome to do right and ain't no trouble to do wrong and the wages is just the same?'"

So is Huck good or bad?

Well, he's trying to be good.

And that's about all any of us can do.

Even you?

Yeah, even me.

Ma said you went back to work today.

She said you're helping to build the Reich, one brick at a time.

Well, when people you care about believe in you, you try and prove them right.

What about Jim?

How can he be good if he's black?

They burned that for a reason, Joe.

Buddy doesn't need to read about those people.

It's almost 4:00. She should be here by now.

Come on.

Excuse me, brother.

Where's the Sacramento bus?

Ain't no Sacramento bus out of here.

You sure?

Where does it go from?

Not here.

The bitch set us up.

What was the mother's address?

Now, look, it's time to quit, man.

She'll be long gone...

Just give me the f*cking address!

That woman whose body we found last night, her name was Karen Vecchione.

Confirmed Resistance.

She was married, unofficially, to Sam Kyle, a leader in the northern Resistance, one of those eliminated while planning the Pacific Bank operation.

Her brothers were killed in fighting after the surrender.

What else, Sergeant?

During the search of her apartment, the name Gillnitz was discovered... the name of the Oakland man found in Lafayette Park with his throat cut by, uh, persons unknown, in pursuit of the latest film.

The films.

Go through the files.

Look for all women connected to the films who could be a match for the fugitive from this morning.


[Speaking Japanese]

Repeat the description.

1.75 meters tall, slim, dark hair.

And call Trade Minister Tagomi's office.

Find out if Juliana Crain has returned to her post.

It was a few nights, that's all, after your father died.

They were best friends.

I didn't find out I was pregnant till after I was with Arnold.

Jesus, Ma, did you plan on going through the whole unit?

We all thought we were going to die.

Did Dixon know he had a daughter?


He didn't want to stay here after the war.

He hated the Pons.

I couldn't leave. I mean, this is my home.

So he went to New York, and he promised he'd stay away and let Arnold be Trudy's father.

Does Arnold know?

No. And he can't.

Not ever.

What about Trudy?

Did she know about this?

I don't know how she found out.


That's why she left.

Mom, what...

Juliana, honey.


This is ancient history.

It doesn't change anything.

It changes everything.

[Door Lock Unlatched]

Juliana, please.

Is Dixon still in the Reich?

You can't tell Arnold...

Is he?

Brooklyn, last I heard.

All right, what is the big hurry?

Arnold, listen, I have to go, okay?

You leave to leave town, both of you, right now.

You need to get out of the city.

You need to go to Sacramento and see Aunt Jean.


Because if you don't, you'll die.

What are you talking about?

I saw something.

Something terrible happened here in a film.

The... The city was destroyed by an atomic bomb.

What film?

Honey, I didn't have a chance to eat lunch.

Would you mind...

Look, I'm staying.

She doesn't understand. Why should we?

It now makes sense.

Are you talking about the Man In the High Castle?

What do you know about him?

Now I know why you're talking crazy. You know he's a lunatic.


It's not true.

I met him. That isn't true.

Jules, you trust me on this. I know better than you.

I've heard rumors. He's a nut.

Is that what they're telling you at work?

At the post office?

The truth is as terrible as death.

We're not going anywhere.

If you have to go, we'll get you some money.

[Vehicle Approaches Outside]

[Car Doors Slam]

Oh, my God.

Who are they?

Please, Arnold, stay here with Ma.

What do they want?

You lock the door and you stay inside till I've gone.

Juliana, listen to me.

Wait a minute. Take this. Take it.

Here, take this.

The tunnel connected to the bomb shelter... can we still get to it?


I love you, Mom.

Come back, you bitch!

Narrator: "American Reich." Two cops, one big city.

Man: Seems to me that you haven't sold anything in months.

So tell me...

[Pounding On Door]

What are you talking about? Why don't you just cut me in...

Jimmy! No!


Listen here, this is New York City.

If you got a problem with Hitler than you got a problem with me.

[Television Continues Indistinctly]

Smith: Sieg heil, Joe.

Sorry to disturb you. Rita, isn't it?

Don't be alarmed.

Joe and I are old colleagues.

We just need a few minutes.

Sweetheart, just...

Can't take the idea that decent...

You haven't been picking up your messages, Joe.

I said everything I had to say.

I get it. You want to... do an honest day's work at the construction site, come home to Rita every night, and drink a beer in front of the TV, huh?

I understand the appeal of that.

But I wonder if you understand the cost of it.

I'm not the man you think I am.

I have orders for you from Berlin, from Reichsminister Heusmann.

He wants to see you.

And what makes either of you think I want to see him?

He's your father.

Why now?

I think that's a question for him, don't you?

That depends. Is it him who wants me there or you?

Is that what this is?

You think I'd be useful for you in Berlin?

If you tell me you don't want to go, Joe, I will countermand the order.

By the way, a female Resistance operative was shot and killed in the Pacific States last night.

We're waiting for confirmation it was Miss Crain.

I must ask you to leave, Tagomi Tai-i.

Do you know this book?

That is a question, not an accusation.

What we do not understand can be frightening.

Yes, it can be.

But when one is troubled by the reality of this world, it can be comforting to consider other possibilities, even if those possibilities disturb us, so strong is the desire to escape the tyranny of consciousness and the narrow boundaries of our perceptions, to unlock the prisons of thought in which we trap ourselves, all in the hope that a better world or a better version of ourselves, perhaps, may lie on the other side of the door.

I have your confession here, Mr. McCarthy, but I wanted to ensure that you fully understand the consequences.

I understand.

In addition to your execution, Mr. Frink and your grandfather will also be shot... as well as every worker at the factory before it is burnt to the ground.

Why would you do that?

Why would I not?

Because you got what you wanted.

I can assure you, Mr. McCarthy, I did not want any of this.




You're a liar.

You enjoy this. You must.

You beat every word of that out of me, and I would have died first.

I would have let you kill me if I knew you were going to do this anyway.

Then at least I would have died with some dignity.



You have suffered for those you love.

What I need to know now is how far are you prepared to go for them?

Okay, I'll be back in a day or two.

You've waited your whole life to meet your father, Joe.

What I have to say to him won't take long.

You don't believe me?

You said you were driving a truck for some extra cash.

I wanted to protect you and Buddy.

I always knew there was something or someone else.

Right from when we first met, you were never really with me.

Is there someone else?

Don't come back for me, Joe.

If you want to see Buddy, that's... that's fine.

But let's not pretend it's anything else.


[Knock On Door]

[Speaking Japanese]

I apologize for calling on you here.

I know it's proscribed.

I'm in trouble.

The Kempeitai called my office earlier today.

I have no one else to turn to.

Please give me one minute.

You had faith in me once.

I take full responsibility for my mistake.

Please, I need a diplomatic visa to get out of the Pacific States and do what I have to do.

What is that?

Something that might be crazy, but if it isn't, I can't take that risk.

All I know is I have to try to do what's right.

What if by trying you compound tragedy?

Are you saying I should do nothing?

Do not rely on my judgment.

I'm sorry. I cannot help you.

You didn't make a mistake.

It's not safe here in this city.

You should leave.

Juliana: Dear Frank, I don't even know if this letter will reach you, but if you are reading this, I'm begging you, please get out of the city now.

You might know already that I didn't follow the plan.

Aah! Aah!


But I am leaving town now.

One day I hope I'll get the chance to explain everything and that you'll understand.

The guilty party had access to firearms and strong motive: A family grievance against the Empire.

The assassin evaded capture for too long, but, as you can see, Miss Vecchione did not escape justice.

You're the kindest, most generous man I've ever met, Frank.

I'd given up on everyone and everything, and youput me back on my feet.

You brought me back to life one step at a time.


It's okay.

I want you to know that my feelings for you were and always will be more real than anything I've ever known.

Whatever happens, I don't believe our fate is inevitable.

And you shouldn't, either.

I don't know if we can change it, but I believe wehave to try.

You'll always be with me, Frank, and I hope I'll always be with you.


[Shouting In Japanese]

You! Stop!

Halt before we shoot!


Juliana Crane!

Juliana Crane!


[Shouting In Japanese]

Hands up!

She's out prisoner!

[Shouting In Japanese]

My name is Juliana Crain. I work with Joe Blake.

I need asylum.