04x15 - s*x Ed

Previously on The Fosters...

So, you know, I'm on the pill.

Emma: There's something that I need to tell him - and I'm not sure that I should.

- Is it something that you can tell me?

Music therapy can actually rewire an injured brain.

Maybe I should have my brother come check out your class then.

He has a TBI and he's getting really frustrated in physical therapy.

I was talking to Ty's lawyer.

He's looking at up to five years.

You're family, AJ. I wanna adopt you.

What if you and Isabella move in here with me and AJ?

Ana has a record, you know.

And you're fostering AJ.

She's a convicted felon.

But technically, she's not fostering him.

I don't think that's going to matter to CPS.

Mariana: I feel powerless having zero privacy, so I'm changing that.

No wonder my lawyers don't want to go to trial.

If you believe this, I should be locked up forever.

So what's happening?

Uh, Aaron was just helping me finish my senior project.

It's a cell, kind of like the one they put me in at juvie.

(keys jangle, lock clicks)

Woman (on recording):

Are you injured or intoxicated?

Against the wall! Now!

This is the prison rape elimination act questionnaire.

Girl: I did exactly what you said!

- Man: Stop that now!

- (girl screaming)

Man (on recording): Inmate infraction!

I need backup!

Woman (on recording):

Put your hands against the wall.

Sit down!

- Lay down!

- Man: Sit down and shut up!

So how many times you been in juvie?

Let's hold questions and comments for discussion group, please.

So... I have anxiety, like medical anxiety.

And my doctor told me to take St. John's Wort.

It's an herb that's supposed to help you feel calmer.

Anyway, the counselor here told me in my pre-interview thing the other day, that it can interfere with birth control.

So, thank you, Dr. Gordon.

Well... at least, it's not your fault.

Do you think I should feel bad?



'Cause doesn't that make me a cold-hearted bitch if I don't feel bad?

But then if I do feel bad, then why am I doing this?

I must be wrong? Right?

(sighs) I don't know what to say.

I'm not in your position.

What if this were yours, how would you feel?

Um, I think, I would... support your right to make your own decision.

And how would you feel?

♪ The weight of it all on your shoulders ♪

(sighs) I would feel bad, for you, for doing this.

Then I would feel sad, too.

I know I'm not... ready to be a father.

Do you think that's how Jesus would feel if he knew?

- ♪ Just wait ♪

- I do.

Am I horrible for not telling Jesus before I do it?

- ♪ Just wait ♪

- It's going to be a while... until he's well.

And it's not like you can... wait.

(door opens)

Emma. Why don't you come on back?

We're gonna go into the office and talk for a bit before you see the doctor.

♪ Just wait ♪

(theme music playing)

♪ It's not where you come from ♪

♪ It's where you belong ♪

♪ Nothin' I would trade ♪

♪ I wouldn't have it any other way ♪

♪ You're surrounded ♪

♪ By love and you're wanted ♪

♪ So never feel alone ♪

♪ You are home with me ♪

♪ Right where you belong ♪

Man: Today we're talking about the biology of s*x.

- The pen1s and the v*g1n*.

- (kids laughing)

Intercourse, reproduction, how to use birth control and practice safe s*x.

So, the boy and the girl are ready to make love.

The first thing to consider when you're getting ready to have s*x...

Okay, next question.

How long were you in solitary?

Um, I'm not sure.

About a day and a half.

There aren't any windows or clocks, so, you lose track of time.

Can't believe they're allowed to do that to kids.

Yeah, they can pretty much do whatever they want.

- At least for now anyway.

- Were you, like, abused in any of those homes you were in?

If any of these questions are too personal, you don't have to answer them, Callie.

- No, it's okay.

Yeah, I was.

Okay, I think we have time for one more question.


I don't have a question, more of a comment.

I always thought, like most people, that if someone got arrested and went to jail then they probably did it, or did something bad.

But innocent people get locked up... and I don't really think there's any justice if we just put blind faith in the system.

So, thank you for opening my eyes.

This is really amazing art, and you're very brave for sharing everything that's happened to you.

I completely agree.

It's wonderful work, Callie.

(school bell ringing)

All right, everyone make sure that your projects are up and ready to go by the morning for Open House.

Hi. Ooh, hey.

Heard you're getting a new roommate.

- Hope she doesn't keep you up all night.

- Huh?


Ana and Isabella are moving in with you guys, right?

Where'd you hear that?

My cousin told me.

First I'm hearing about it.

You know what, she's kind of an idiot.

Forget I said anything.


How'd it go?

- Amazing.

- I told you.

Do you think anyone's even having s*x in our grade?

Um, I don't know.

Are, um, you and Noah?

Uh, not really.

We almost did...

but I've been grounded.

So, when you're ungrounded?

Are you guys gonna...

- You know?

- I don't know.

I wasn't so nervous when we were getting high, but I promised my moms I wouldn't do it anymore, so...

It's just that Noah has had a lot of boyfriends, and I'm not really sure what to do.

What about, like, watching p0rn?

I tried that and it sort of freaked me out.

Plus, it's not like actually doing something, you know?

Well, why don't you do like a practice hook-up?

Is that a thing?

Even Talya said nice things.

Talya. Wow.

- I know.

- Very cool. Very cool.

- I'm so proud of you, honey.

- Thanks.

I'm even kind of proud of myself for once.

Please do not say, "for once."

Hey, um, have you guys heard anything from Robert's lawyers?

Not yet. But, you know, these things take time.

So if everyone involved in the accident takes the money, then Callie gets off.

Hey, did you see Emma today?

Uh, yeah, at school.

They say if all the parties agree...

Did she look okay? Did she go home sick?

Mariana: So if you can buy your way out of jail...

does that mean Nick's gonna get out?

Honey, she's been here everyday since you got home.

She must've been feeling pretty funky.

- What if he does?

- Yeah.

- I have no way of protecting myself.

- I'm pretty sure she'll be here tomorrow.

Maybe you should take a self-defense class or something.

You both should. What do you say?

- I'm good.

- No, seriously.

I've taught self-defense at the department.

- I could show you guys a thing or two.

- No, thank you.

I'm still traumatized from you teaching me how to drive.

- Come on, it'll be fun!

- Hey, Jude, how was health class?

Mmm. s*x ed.

Did you learn how to put a condom on a banana?

I'm pretty sure that's ninth grade, actually.

Mariana: It was so slimy.

Ew! All right! Enough.

Not a the dinner table.

It was fine, I guess.

Why don't they talk about gay s*x?

Um, I guess because it's controversial.

Why? I mean... we have gay rights and we have marriage equality.

- So why don't we have gay s*x ed?

- Yeah.

You're right. We should.

(phone vibrating)

- You know, I was

- thinking, now that Jesus can manage the steps... why doesn't he take my room for a little bit?

For real?

Yeah, I mean, the hospital bed's too big for your room.

(phone vibrating)

- Stef: That's very nice of you, B.

Yeah. Who are you and what have you done with my brother?

Lena: Excuse me a second.


Sorry, I hope I'm not interrupting dinner.

No. It's okay. Everything all right?

I wanted to talk to you about Callie's senior project.

Oh, yeah, I heard it was a huge success.

Yeah. It was, and it's really great.

But... (clears throat)

I need it removed from campus as soon as possible.

Mike: This is great. Thank you.

So, how was school today?

It was good.

It was good.

So, when were you gonna tell me y'all are moving in?

Um... I was gonna talk to you about that.

Only if it's okay with you.

Of course it's okay with me. (laughing)

I could crash on the couch if Bella needs my room.

- Both: No.

- AJ, no.

No, of course not. The plan is for us to move in to the three bedroom next door, if that's still available.

Yeah, no, it is.

Sorry to break up the bachelor pad.


- Hey, I'm here. I'm ready.

Really, Mariana? Heels?


You can't call a time-out for a wardrobe change when you're getting attacked.

Fair enough. Okay.

Here we go. You ready?

First rule of thumb: If you feel like you are in danger, stay around lots of people and avoid isolated areas.

Which you did not do at BayFest.

Okay. Check.

Second: If you're being followed, you yell, (shouting) "Leave me alone!" or "Stop following me!"

You wanna make people around you aware of your problem.

You do realize that I'm the loudest in a family of seven.

Yes, I'm well aware. So you shouldn't have any problem with your most important tool, which is screaming.

- Got it.

- Okay.

- Let her rip. Let's hear one.

- Right now?

It's nighttime. The neighbors are going to think that someone's getting murdered.

Okay, sweetheart, I know that it's uncomfortable.

As women, we are conditioned to be passive and polite, and not to raise our voices, but sometimes you gotta push on through.

Okay, fine.

(shrieks softly)

I know you can do better than that.

Okay, look, I know how to scream, okay?

Can we get to the part where I actually learn how to defend myself?

- Screaming is your best defense, love. It...

- (phone chimes)

- Hello?

- Sorry, I just need to reply to this real quick.


If and when you are ready to take this seriously, go ahead and let me know.

Otherwise, just please don't waste my time.

- (sighs)

- Hey!

Where'd you go?

I hope you remember you gave up when you're identifying my body in a morgue.

(door slams shut)

You haven't played guitar in a while.

Yeah, just, um...

So much going on, I just haven't really felt like it lately.

So, listen, um, Monte called earlier, and she thinks your senior project is incredible.


She called to tell you that?

Yes, she did.

And she also wanted me to talk to you.

She has a request that I don't like, but I sort of understand.

She wants you to take it down for the Open House.

It's not a judgment or a reflection on you at all.

It's just that the Open House is mostly for prospective families.

And with attendance down after the whole Nick situation, the lockdown...

- Yeah, you don't want families to think you've... got a bunch of delinquent students.

We're just under a lot of pressure.

It's an accreditation year.

I get it. It's okay.

Are you sure?

I mean, this was a huge win for you and I really don't want to take that away.

- No, I know.

But to be honest, I was starting to get anxious about what parents might think anyway.

Thank you, Callie.

♪ One step over mind ♪

- ♪ To let go in time ♪

♪ Brown eyes far away ♪

- ♪ Forget that I called ♪

I'm so happy that AJ is good with us moving in.

- Yeah, me, too.

- (TV playing indistinctly)

So, I was thinking, you know, uh... the three bedroom only has one full bath.

I mean, it's still kind of small.

So, what I'm saying, is there's a... one-bedroom opening up down the hall.

I was thinking that might be better, I mean, you know, if you moved in there, we'd have more bathrooms and more private space. I mean, we'd still basically be all living together.

What do you think?

I think that it sounds like you don't want to live with me, just near me.

Mike, if you're getting cold feet, I need to know.

- I have Isabella.

- It's not that.

I want to live with you and Isabella.

I found out that, while I'm fostering AJ, you can't live with us.



'Cause of your felony.

I'm sorry.

We'd write PITA on the kid's file, so we'd know they have a pain-in-the-ass parent.

(laughs) That's fantastic.


- Lena.

- Hey!

Hey, what are you doing here?

Well, Stef was with Jesus, so I thought I would come by and talk with some of his teachers.

Oh, you haven't met Drew.

Drew Turner, this is Lena Adams Foster.

I've heard so much about you.

You've done an amazing job here at Anchor Beach.

Oh, thank you.

And you have done an amazing job with my office.

Well, yeah, I hope it's okay.

- Please, make yourself at home.

- Thanks.

Oh, it's so good to see you. We miss you.

Oh, did you get a chance to talk to Callie?

I did, and she understands.

But there is actually something else I wanted to bring up.

Jude was talking about health class last night, and he brought up a very good point.

Gays and lesbians are really left out of s*x ed. Right?

I mean, the whole LGBTQ community is, in fact.

And so, I thought, we could talk to Arturo and maybe get him to design a lesson plan that's more inclusive.

How do you think that would play with the parents?

Not to mention the school board?

Well, I think we would need to educate them.

Um, there was some debate about doing this in my last school, and a group of parents got together, threatened to opt their kids out of s*x ed altogether, which, I think, puts kids at risk.

Well, I think our LGBT kids are at risk because no one is giving them the information that they need.

Jude's welcome to ask his teacher questions after class.

He won't, and neither will other kids who are confused or embarrassed or... afraid to out themselves.

Like Sally Benton.

Can you imagine the uproar her parents would've made, if we taught their daughter how to be a lesbian in Health class.

That's ridiculous. That's not what we'd be doing.

But that's what some parents will think.

Look, I appreciate your point of view as a concerned parent, but with all due respect, you're on administrative leave right now, so... that's the only point of view you're entitled to.

Try this. This... is... my... pat-tern.

Play... it... back-to-me.

(Grace chuckles)

Good job. Good. Hey.

I'll be back.

- Uh, I hope this is okay.

- Oh, I said you could come anytime.

You know, I was doing some of the stuff with my brother and it seems to be really helping him.

- That's great.

- Yeah.

- Uh, so are these kids...

- They have autism.

And music helps them?

Well, music is a non-verbal language.

So, the kids make music and I can connect with them by answering back musically.

- That's really cool.

- Yeah.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Um, it would be a huge help if you can put away any loose instruments.

- Sure.

This... is... my... pat-tern.

Play... it... back... to... me.

- Go.

- (whimpers)

No, it's okay. You can do it.

- You can do it. Here you go.

- (wailing)

Hey, hey, hey. Oli,

it's okay. It's okay.

Do you want some time?

Do you want your fidget?

Yeah, there you go.

Good job, Oli.

You don't touch a child with autism.

- I didn't know.

- Exactly.

You're here to observe, and if you can't do that...

- I'm sorry, I...

Maybe I shouldn't be here at all.

- Thank you for helping me.

- Mmm-hmm.

I'm guessing Aaron wasn't available.


So, did you hear? Ana and the baby are moving in with me and Mike?

- No.

- Yeah.

I guess we're gonna move into that three-bedroom in our building.

(chuckles) Great.

I have such fond memories of that master closet.

Hey! Mike told me he loves you like family.

And he wants to adopt me.

He does?

What do you think?

I wouldn't mind.

Mike's been good to me, but...

I don't know how Ty would feel about it.

You know, him being a white cop and all.

I thought Ty was glad that you had Mike looking after you.

Yeah, but fostering is different than adopting.

I just... I'd want him to be cool with it.

If it's what you want, then he should be.

I think you should ask him.


- What are you doing?

- Uh, we are taking this down.

Why? The Open House is tomorrow.

Yeah, that's the point.

Monte doesn't think that my project is appropriate for prospective families, so...

Are you serious? That's total BS.

I finally got my own room.

I should've nailed myself in the head sooner.

Not funny.

You know what is funny?

Brandon having to share a room with Jude.

I think it's very sweet that he gave you his room.

- You might be a little grateful.

- Okay.

Slow your roll there, Foster.

You wanna help me with some... physical therapy?

I don't know if you're up for that.

Oh, no, no, no. I'm up.

- You wanna see?

- Not what I meant. Are you sure it's safe?

Uh, yeah. Yeah. I'll wear my helmet.

Your family's here.

I don't want anybody walking in on us.

Are you hungry?

Why don't I make you a sandwich?


AJ: Did you get the books I sent you?

Ty: Yeah. Thanks. They really help pass the time here.

- You been staying out of trouble?

- Hell, yeah.

Been keeping my head down.

- How about you?

- I'm doing good.

Getting good grades.

Uh, so,

I wanted to talk to you about... you know, my situation.

- Yeah. Yeah, me, too.

My PO is saying, "You'll be out of here in a few months."

- For real?

- Told you, I've been doing good.

Plus, I get these credits that shorten my sentence for the courses I've been taking in here.

- Like what?

- I'm in firefighter training.

That's got me thinking about doing that once I get out.

You know, do something to help people.

Anyway, I'm gonna get a job, as soon as I'm out.

And you're gonna be .

So you can move in with me, just like we planned.

You can go to college if you want.

I'm gonna take care of the rent, all that.

Yeah, yeah. That all...

That sounds good, man.

Oh. Hey.


I'm sorry.

How, uh...

- How're you feeling?

- I'm okay.

Yeah, you sure?


Your brother wants to...



- Sorry.

- No.

I told him he's probably not well enough.


And I'm not...

No, of course.

Sorry, it's just that...

nobody else knows.

Uh, well, that's okay.

You know, um...

I'm not exactly, like...

qualified or anything, but...

if you ever...

you know, need to talk about

it or anything, I'm always...

- (sighs) Thanks.

- Yeah.

(phone vibrating)


Siri: Emma sent...

"Was just talking to Brandon. Be right up."

Would you like to reply?

_- Hey!

- (screams)

Are you crazy?

Exactly the scream I'm talking about, right there.

- Mariana, where are you going?

- What is going on?

What? Nothing.

I'm just trying to get her to take this a little bit more seriously.

- Why did she scream?

- 'Cause I

- jumped out from behind the tree.

- You scared her?

Yeah. She's been giving me a lot of attitude, a little resistance.

- Go.

- What?

- Go talk to her. Say you're sorry.

Oh, come on, she's being silly.

She's not you, okay. She didn't play with G.I. Joes.

She grew up wearing princess dresses and wanting to live in a castle.

Okay, I find that a little sexist, Lena, I gotta be honest.

- You know, even princesses can learn to fight.

- Agreed.

But you don't teach them the same way you would teach a Marine.

(sighs) Fine.

No problem. I'll go talk to her. Happy?

(muttering) Stupid princesses.

Preston: It's open.

You're Jacob?


I'm sorry that I scared you.

No, you're not.

Yes, I am.

I'm not sorry that I made you scream.

Yeah, well, screaming's awful.

It's really upsetting. What's the point?

The point is to scare your attacker, love.

To draw attention to him, so hopefully he runs away.

So should I have screamed when Nick was in my bedroom?

No, in that situation, no.

And you know, I think...

I think the way you handled it was pretty brilliant. I do.

I wasn't handling it.

- What do you mean?

- I was so scared that I was frozen.

Maybe at first, but you know what, you were the one that talked him out of hurting you and himself.

You got him to put that gun down.

I just don't want to relive it at all.

I hear you, baby, I hear you. I understand that, but listen to me, you know, fear sometimes is a good thing.

When we can use that adrenalin to fight or take flight... you can't freeze when someone grabs you and you're certainly not going to be able to talk your way out of an attack.

It's like... if Snow White was...

If Snow White was in the forest and...

the dwarves were nearby, but they weren't keeping their eyes on her.

- And the witch, she...

- The evil queen.

It's the evil queen?

Okay, the evil queen, just kind of, jumps out of nowhere and grabs her...

- Okay, wait.

Why are we talking about a Disney princess?

- Well, she's a badass...

- (screams)

Like that?

Yeah, Mariana, like that.

Now that I'm deaf in one ear.

Oh, you think you're funny?

Oh, I know I'm funny.

Oh, you know you're funny?

You're a little punk is what you are, you little...

- (sighs) Is this all of it?

- Callie?


- Are you behind this boycott at the Open House?

- No.

What boycott?

Some of the seniors are refusing to put up their senior projects.

And they're pressuring other students not to attend.

- Why?

- Because they made me take mine down.

So if you had nothing to do with this, do you know who does?

- No.

- If I find out otherwise...

Don't threaten my daughter.

If she says she's not a part of this, she's not.

Right. Because this would be the first time she's ever lied to you.

Look, if the seniors don't show up, the school, your kids' school and our jobs are at stake.

- I'm sorry.

- No, no, no.

This is not your fault.

It's my fault. I never should've asked you to take your project down to begin with.

I should've fought for you and I'm actually really proud that your classmates are.

I don't want to hurt the school.

You know what? That's on Monte.

She could always change her mind.

Actually, I do have an idea.

But I don't think Monte's going to like it.

- Just have to leave a little early for school.

- Yeah.

Hey, Callie, can I talk with your mom alone, please?

- Okay.

- Thanks, hon.

Have you... Have you seen this?

What is this? What is Pump?

It's an app for gay men to hook up with each other.

Who downloaded this?

There's only one gay man on our family plan.

Boy, you mean?

Where is Jude?

He said he was going to Taylor's to study.


- What's going on?

- I don't know, bud. You tell me.

Did you download this app?


What's that?

May I please have your phone, Jude?

Now, Jude.

So you went to meet this man that you met on an app at his apartment?

Jude, we need to know everything that happened.

- We're not going to judge.

- Nothing.

He got mad.

I told him I was .

And he didn't believe me.

So he told me to get out.

- You're telling us the truth?

- Yes.

- I promise.

- Honey, why were you crying?

Because I was scared.

Being in his apartment, he thought I was trying to get him arrested.

Then why did you go there in the first place, bud?

'Cause I didn't know what to do.

For s*x.

They don't talk about it in Health.

And I don't have anyone to ask.

Jude, you are . You don't need to know what to do.

- You're too young to be having s*x.

- Okay, it's true, but...

we teach straight kids what to do at , you know, just in case... and we advise them to wait, but they have questions and we give them answers.

Where do LGBT kids go for answers?

Not to an app, where you could meet strangers who could hurt you.

Do you have any idea how much danger you put yourself in there, Jude?

What if he raped you, buddy?

There are so many what-ifs.

Each worse than the other.

I know that you have better judgment than this.

Honey, we want you, when you're ready, and hopefully, when you're older, to have positive sexual experiences, not ones that could scar you for life.

Stef: Hey, listen.

Enough of the lecture. Just please... promise us you'll never do anything like this ever again.

- I promise.

- Okay.

What's this?

Well, if we can't teach our kids on campus, I'm gonna make sure they get informed off campus.

Fair enough.

So, good news.

The seniors backed down.

They're showing their projects.

So, all's well that ends well.

Can I talk to you?

Oh, good. Good job, McKenna.

Uh, so, listen. I'm sorry, I...

I overstepped last time, and...

I'm here to observe if you'll have me.

And I promise I'll hang back, you won't even know I'm here.

Sounds good.



How do you think this is going to go down?

I'm not sure.


What the hell is this?

Well, you didn't want Callie to show her project on campus, this is how she got the seniors to back down.

Showing it off campus.

All's well that ends well, right?


So, clearly I'm a disaster, and the universe is telling me that this is not my thing.

Come on.

How did Oli do today?

He had a really big breakthrough.

He laughed.

He did?

And you can thank Brandon, he's the one that made it happen.

Thank you... so much.

Yeah, you're welcome.

Bye, Oli. See you later.

The real goal when working with kids with autism, is to connect with them, but to also help them connect with their feelings.

And that's what you did for Oli.

You should feel really good about that.

But you can't just bail every single time you get embarrassed or have a bad session with the patient, because there are plenty of those days, too. Trust me.

Oh, and you should also watch where you're going.

I just couldn't bring it up.

You know, he's so excited about getting out, and us getting a place together.

Well, he wants to be a firefighter.

Okay, but what do you want?

I don't want to hurt Mike.

But then I feel like it's worse if I hurt my brother, you know.

You think he'll understand?


He'll understand.

Excuse me.

Are you the student responsible for the art installation?


I'm here with my son for the Open House.

But I'm a professor at San Diego School of Art and Design.

Are you planning on going to art school?

- Uh, I don't know.

- Well, if you are, I certainly hope you'll consider applying with us.

It's a really powerful piece.

That's great.

You're doing better than me. Let's try again. Okay?


Why aren't you at the Open House?

I made an appearance, just a very brief one.

You know what, let's try to change the key this time.

G major.

So it's still just all white keys for this song.

I'm done.

Piano's too hard.

Come on, everything's hard when you're first learning it.

- Yeah, that's not an excuse to give up.

- Why don't you two just get a room, huh?

- What are you talking about?

- What? Did you think I'm stupid?

You're screwing my brother.

- No, she's not.

- That is not true.

That's why you don't want s*x with me.

- Jesus!

- Of course, you want Brandon. I mean, he's smart.

- Right?

- You gotta calm down or else you're gonna have a seizure.

Hey, hey, hey! What is going on in here?

- You and Mama know!

- What?

You want Brandon to have her because you always want Brandon to have everything!

- Hey! Hey! Shh!

Okay, enough. Brandon and Mariana, upstairs, please now.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, look at me, look at me.

Hey, Emma, sweetheart, I think that Jesus needs a little rest.

So why don't you head home for a bit, okay, baby?

Right, of course.

Hey, calm down, okay. Calm down.

Are you okay? Jesus?

You okay? Jesus?


Oh, my baby, talk to me.

Oh, baby.

♪ How'd you feel about the rising tides? ♪

- Is it true?

- No.

I saw the way that you guys were looking at each other.

- Something's going on.

- There's nothing going on.

I don't believe you.

- Maybe Mom can get it out of you.

- Mariana, no, it's none of your business. For once in your life, just stay out of it.

♪ Do you feel your heart shifting? ♪

Oh, my God. Emma's pregnant?

She's pregnant, isn't she?

That's it. She's pregnant.

Shh. No, she isn't pregnant.


♪ Do you wish you could rewind ♪

You don't gotta hang around.

I can watch her till they get home.

That's sweet, but I don't want to miss a moment with my grand baby.

Oh, yeah, you must be sad they're moving in with us.

You're gonna miss 'em.

So that's happening?

You're getting adopted?

What do you mean?

They wouldn't let her move in here while Mike was fostering you.

I know that she has a felony, but she is not a bad influence.

Well, now that he's adopting you, that won't be an issue.

Now we just have to get them married.

(keys clacking)

♪ Do you lie awake with worries in the night ♪

♪ Do you stumble on your prayers? ♪

♪ Do you ask with some despair? ♪

♪ Why you're sleeping... ♪

- Hello!

- Stef: In here.

We have an announcement.

Miss Callie is being scouted by an art school.

She just asked me to apply.

Hey, Robert.


What's wrong?

Troy Johnson won't take the settlement deal.

We tried everything we can. He doesn't care about the money, so... we're going to trial.

♪ Spinnin' ♪

♪ In the winds of time ♪