06x08 - The Old Man and the Anomaly

Previously on "The 100"...

GAIA: Sheidheda, the Dark Commander,

- he's getting too strong.

ECHO: Bellamy, what's going on?

Clarke's dead.


This body's not big enough for both of us.

Two minds, one brain.

If we don't do something, this body dies.

What if I told you that Primes had a way to save Kane?

Teach them how to make Nightblood, and then that's yours.

His mind is gonna go in another person's body?

I'm afraid of what will happen to you

- if you lose him.
- I'll do it.

BELLAMY: Josephine was tapping Morse code on her arm.

It means Clarke's alive.

Don't try to control your hand.

Just let it move. Take a look.

- The shape of the Anomaly.
- What does it mean?

The Anomaly is calling you just like it called me.

I guess we better see what the hell this Anomaly wants.


XAVIER: Welcome to the Verge.


Don't worry. You'll never get used to the sound.

Is he here?

XAVIER: I got to get the power on.

First, the old man cures you.

And then you put a bullet in his brain.

Look at us finishing each other's thoughts.

Who'd have thunk we'd turn into an old, married couple?




DIYOZA: Thought you said radios were no good here.

XAVIER: They're not.

Uh! Nngh...

All signals get sucked up by the Anomaly.

You pick them up here in endless, repeating waves or something.


DIYOZA: Who's the girl?

XAVIER: Put that down.

He loved her, didn't he?

You can tell by the picture.

She was just looking to get laid.

I wouldn't know.

You can ask Gabriel yourself when we get to the Anomaly.

Weapons stay here.

- That's funny.
- Is it?

You know what happens during the Red Sun?

Heard about it... tree toxins, mass hysteria, sounds like a party.

It's not.

The Anomaly has a similar effect on the plants here, only it's constant and weirder.

Trust me, you do not want to be armed.

I won't take you if you are.

What about these?

Because there's about different ways

I can kill you with them.


Who are you?

Octavia. Octavia. Octavia.

Octavia, it's okay. Okay. Shh shh shh.

It's starting to reach her brain.

Hey, it's me...

Diyoza, hmm?

Two serpents, one garden.

Yeah. Good girl.

XAVIER: Move over. I need to see her arm.



We don't have much time. I'm curious.

You experiencing memories, things you don't quite understand?


You look pretty good for an old man.

Say hi to Gabriel.

You saw the scar. Heh.

I would ask about yours, but the story of how you slashed your own throat was big news before we left Earth.

Where do you think you're going?

To the Anomaly as planned.

Time to find out what it wants with you.

Oh, about the gun, if you bring it, you'll most likely kill all of us, yourself and the baby included.

It's up to you.

Come on.

Uh! Huh! Uh...


I got a bad feeling about this.




We're ready for you.

For the glory and grace of the Primes.

For the glory and grace of the Primes.

MAN: Congratulations, Gavin.

Your spirit shall live eternally.


ABBY: I don't know what this [INDISTINCT] is.

I just know that it works.

NIYLAH: Abby, we're talking about erasing a person's mind.

I know what we're talking about, honey.

RAVEN: Can I talk to Abby alone, please?

You said we came here to save Kane, but you left out how.

That's Becca's serum, isn't it?

Yes. It is.

I show them how to make Nightblood, they save Marcus.

But by turning him into one of them, by murdering that man out there and keeping Kane in...

Gavin, come with me.

Abby... excuse me for interrupting.

It's not murder, Raven.

It's sacrifice.

Gavin wants this, don't you, Gavin?

More than anything in the world.

You can't even look at him.

Do you mind? Abby, look at him.

Ma'am, it's okay.

You're giving me a gift.

As a Null, I could never dream of a moment like this.

Your offering is accepted with love and light.



Nice catch.

Don't worry. He felt no pain.

So much for, "First, do no harm."



How do we do it?

JOSEPHINE: Well? Any sign of stroke?

How long until our brain melts?

Best guess... hours, less if you can't keep on her side of the divide.

Oh, it's not a problem.
She's back in her cage.

I just need to stay awake long enough for Priya to build something to generate the EMP.

You can't tell Priya or anyone else, not until your mother is back and we're sure we can make enough hosts for you and the others.

I'm confused. I already have a host.

I just need you to finish what you started.

We take out my mind drive, we nuke the neural mesh with the EMP, and then we put it back in.

Problem solved.

Josie, we have a chance to erase this sin, to give Clarke her body back, to put you in a willing host.

Uh, are you out of your mind?

- Uh...
- Ohh...

Uh, look, Dad.

I've seen inside this girl's head.

I know what she's done.

Trust me, if we bring her back, she'll kill us all.

I don't think she will, not if we do the right thing.

Stay here.

I'll have Jade fetch you Clarke's clothes.


When the universe gives you a second chance, you take it.

We'll get through this. You'll see.

JACKSON: Thank God she's still in there.

It would have destroyed Abby.

BELLAMY: Question is, how do we get Josephine out?

ECHO: We need Raven. She'll know what to do.

MADI: Raven's not here.

Hey, we're gonna get her back.

When the transport ship lands, we'll be waiting in the field with Josephine.

Once we're all back on the mothership, Abby, Raven, and Jackson will go to work.

What if they don't open the shield and let us out?

ECHO: If they don't, Josephine dies.

- That's why they will.
- What about Delilah?

If Clarke's still alive, then she could be, too.

You only care about Clarke.

That's not true, but worry about Clarke for now.

We start asking questions and the Primes figure out why...

They can't figure it out if they're dead.

Once we kill the Primes, we take over Sanctum.

We save Clarke here in the lab that was built for it.

Is that your idea or Sheidheda's?

Who cares if it works?

I've been surveilling the one named Miranda.

We kill her and let them find the body.

They'll think it's the Children of Gabriel and panic, locking themselves inside the palace, probably the Great Hall, and that's where we'll be waiting to take out the rest.

We're not killing Delilah.

Delilah's already dead.

We don't know that for sure.

You're right, but what we do know is,

I'm the Commander.

Echo thinks it's a good plan, don't you, spy?

A little aggressive for the situation, but it could work if we were willing to kill all of their people along with them when they come after us for killing their gods.

- We are.
- No, we're not.

Gaia would tell you the same thing if she were here.

We have until the ship lands to come up with a quiet way to get Clarke on it.

What about Murphy and Emori?

For now, we tell them nothing.

Emori, too?

BELLAMY: We have to assume that she's with him.

Don't worry.

When it's time to go, we're taking them with us, even if we have to do it by force.

- Hey...
- Hmm.

It's a beautiful morning.

Come on outside. I want to show you something.

- Don't do that.
- Do what?

Act like nothing's wrong.

They killed Clarke.

How can you be okay with that?

I'm not.

Let me guess. You talked to Bellamy.

Echo. She said you made a deal with them.

We don't go to war over Clarke, the build us another Sanctum.

What I want to know is what's in it for you.

Only immortality.


You know, I really wanted to do this on a balcony overlooking our brand-new world, but I guess it has to be here, it has to be here.


What is this?

Emori, I love you, and... look... I know I've never been perfect or even close, for that matter, but you make me want to be, and we've been through so much and survived so much.

What are those?

Mind drives, one for each of us.

First, they make us Nightbloods.

Then they make us Primes.

We'll never die.

Well, now, that's a survivor's move.

Oh, the ultimate. Ha ha!

So what do you say?

Think you can love me forever?

JOSEPHINE: Adorable.

Sorry to interrupt. Where's Ryker?


Ryker, get down here.

Josephine, Emori. Emori, Josephine.


Bet you can't wait to get rid of that thing.

Uh-uh-uh-uh, Hurricane Josie, you owe her an apology.


What is it?

- Or not.
- What's wrong?

Not sure where to start.

How about the fact that you're living in the machine shop and not the palace?

It's Clarke, right?

Unfortunately, the answer to that is not a straight up no.

Sorry. What do you mean, it's not a straight up no?

Is she with us?

- I'm with you.
- Good.

We'll have plenty of time to get to know each other, but first, I need your help getting your friend out of, well, her own head.


Welcome to the party.

MURPHY: Wait a minute. Clarke's alive?

Great. We're all on the same page.

Wow. I feel us coming together as a team already, don't you?



How do we know when this stuff starts getting to us?

JOSEPHINE: You might actually...

DIYOZA: You okay there, Grandpa?
I asked you a question.

JOSEPHINE: What do you think, Gabriel?

DIYOZA: Are we boring you?

How about we pass the time by you telling us how someone dedicated to the destruction of the Immortal Primes took a new body?

I mean, dying sucks... I get it... but not being willing to die for your cause makes you a coward where I come from.

I left Sanctum, but Sanctum didn't leave me.

What the hell does that mean?

It means I still have the drive in my head but no one to remove it.

I eventually taught someone... Eduardo, a Null infant rescued from the Offering Grove.

I loved him like a son.

Unfortunately, once he learned to perform the procedure, he refused.


By then, Xavier was born. He had the blood.

Eduardo believed it was a sign, a freeborn host.

I thought I convinced him otherwise, but when my last body died, he finally wiped Xavier and brought me back.

JOSEPHINE: He loved you too much to lose you.

I know the feeling.

Once I resurrected and realized what he did, I killed him in a fit of rage and assumed Xavier's identity out of shame.

No one else knew.

That's why they think you abandoned them.

You're right. He's a coward.


Did you hear that?

GABRIEL: Hey, hey.

You didn't abandon your people.

You were just afraid to lead them.

I was trying to take down a system dedicated to the worship of false gods.

JOSEPHINE: A system you helped create.

I became a false god all over again.



Good. Come on.

You don't have much longer, and we still got a ways to go.


Hey. Hey, hey.

You're not gonna freak out on me again, are you?

- Oh...
- Hey, come on.

Come on.

- What?
- What?


It's just, uh,

can she see me, or...

Yes. She can, John, and she knows that you betrayed her and that you're gonna help me kill her once and for all.

How does that make you feel?

RYKER: She's lying.

By the time both minds are simultaneously conscious, she won't be able to speak, let alone stand.

JOSEPHINE: Not quite right.

It does suck, though, which is why it ends today.

I know why I'm doing this. Why are you?

JOSEPHINE: Because she wants what you take for granted.

Shall we tell her why you're doing this?

Didn't think so.

So what do we use to channel the pulse to her brain?

Wait. The wristband.

I saw it in Clarke's mind.

They clamped it on Raven's wrist before blasting her with the EMP.

The telemetric cuffs they used to monitor you from the Ark.

It made contact with the central nervous system.

We don't have anything like that here.

Actually, we do. I'll be right back.

I like you, Emori.

I think we're gonna be great friends.

Hmm. I approve.

Let's prep for surgery.

One Eligius shock collar.
What do you need it for?

This circuitry will be useful in building our radiation shield.

You okay?


Thanks for this. See you.


Clarke's alive.

You already knew. Why didn't you tell me?

Oh, because I'm with John.

- Emori, I...
- Never mind.

What are you doing about it?

You think you have time?

Bellamy, they're wiping her today.

That's what this is for.

I take it it's go time.

Yeah. We need a plan to get Clarke now, something other than killing them.

Where the hell's Madi?

Sorry to keep you waiting.


For the glory and grace of the Primes.




If you had the chance to bring back someone you love, would you?

Not if I had to kill someone to do it.

I didn't come here to debate this.

No. You came here to ask me to take a spacewalk because Becca's serum only combines in zero g.

It's what we figured out before you went full Mount Weather on Luna, turning her into a monster.

Now I guess it's your turn.

Raven, if we don't do this, Marcus dies, too.

Then that man who sacrificed

- his life for him is...
- Oh, stop.

Do you honestly think this is what Kane would want?

I don't know...

But no, probably not.

He'll hate you for it.


Maybe you're right.

I might lose him, but at least he gets a chance to live.

I am not doing this for me.

Neither am I.

Get out.

- Raven, please.
- I said go.

Fine. I'll take the spacewalk myself.

Go for it. My suit's in the cargo bay.

At least you'll have a nice view when you die.

Oh, brain surgery in a machine shop.

What could go wrong?

It's very Clarke, actually.



You'll be a god, John.

They'll write songs about you.

They'll pray to you.

You'll only get old if you want to, and you'll never die.

How are we doing over there?

Yeah. All set, actually.


Before we get started, in case anyone gets any ideas...

If I don't come back, Jade has a letter for my father about how you let Gabriel go.

That makes you a founder of the terrorists trying to wipe us out.

My guess... you'll get fed to the forest...

- And you...
- Mm-hmm?

In case you have any second thoughts, she has orders to kill you and your adorable...


She took the EMP.



Emori, what are you doing?

Let's go back, be immortals.

The offer still stands for the next seconds.

Please, just let me talk to her, okay?

I love you.

I know that this is hard, but Clarke was willing to put you in an oven.

You remember that?

Oh, John,

I am so sorry it had to be like this.

Like what?

Emori, nothing needs to change.

We can go back right now.

I told them not to tell the guards about any of this.

BELLAMY: That's what we were counting on.

Oh, perfect.

You know, I admire you guys.

I really do.

If the other Primes had half your balls, we'd be swimming in hosts, and none of this would be necessary, but unfortunately, it is, so I'm gonna give you the facts because I really don't think you thought this through.

Yes, Clarke's alive, but the brain we now share is dying, so unless one of you is a neurosurgeon, this body will die in hours, not days.

My mind'll be backed up, and hers won't.

ECHO: Actually, our neurosurgeon's on his way.


Huh. Okay. Sure.

Let's say that he figures it out.

He won't, but, just for fun, where you gonna operate, here in a joberry field?

BELLAMY: Actually, we're thinking about using one of the research outposts marked on the map your father gave us.

Well, it's too bad you can't get past the radiation shield.

Oh, that's where the EMP comes in.


- Uh uh!
- Ah! Uh!

- All right.
- I'm sorry, John.

Step away from the device.

BELLAMY: You think we care about that traitor?

JOSEPHINE: Uh, Lord knows you shouldn't, but, yeah, I do, which brings us to yet another episode of "no good choices".

Clarke would love this.

Either you let Murphy die in a doomed attempt to save her, starting a war with my father or we stay friends and live happily ever after.

Take a minute to think it over.


Not on any of the lower levels.

Where's Jordan?

I thought he was with you.

No. We split up to cover more ground.

I'll find him, too, but you need to go now.

What? No. I'm not leaving without you.

MAN: Miranda Prime is dead!

The Children of Gabriel are here.

- Oh, how could that be?
- No.

- It's Madi's plan.
- She's in the Great Hall.

JACKSON: We got to find her before she kills someone else.

CASSIUS: The Children of Gabriel are here.

Let us get you inside.

It wasn't the Children of Gabriel.

Bring me the people from Earth.

Get Priya and Ryker into the Great Hall and sound the alarm.

CASSIUS: Sound the alarm right now!

Where the hell is Josephine?


Huh. That can't be good for you.

Stand down now, and this never happened.

We can't do this without Jackson.

MURPHY: You don't need him.

Find Gabriel.

He was one of them, but then he bailed.

Ryker helped him escape.

Gabriel left years ago.

He'd be by now, also known as dead.

Why do you look so concerned?


JOSEPHINE: Here they come.

Set the EMP.


JOSEPHINE: So much for forever.

- Aagh!
- No! John!

- No.
- Oh! John! John...

- Uh!
- Ugh! Agh! Uhh...

EMORI: Just put it near the pylon, plug it in, and press the button.

Make sure Clarke is out of the way.

You have seconds to get out before it reboots.

You take Clarke.

I'll stay and keep the others safe.

When the ship gets back, we'll find you.

This is a really stupid plan, you know.

If you do this, the Children of Gabriel will kill us both, and my father will kill the rest of you.

Is that what you want?


- We got this.
- You so don't.


ECHO: It's down. Go now.





Stay safe.

Save Clarke.

Huh! Uh!

- Okay.
- Emori, come on.

He's with them now.

No. I'm staying with him.

Go find our friends.

Okay. Okay.

You have to go. There's no time.

Shut up, John.

My answer's yes.

I will love you forever, even if we die today.


Stay with me. John!

Everyone out.

Prime protection protocol in effect.

- Move out.
- Let's go.


- No!
- Aah!

- No.
- Jordan?

CASSIUS: Lock the child up with the others and call the doctors.

- I'll stay with Priya. Move!
- Let me through!

JACKSON: I'm a doctor!



Be careful with that.

I can't make another batch.


Did you prebreathe pure O before suiting up?

If not, the nitrogen in your bloodstream could kill you.

I'll do that now.

Take off the suit, Abby.

Raven, I'm doing this.

RAVEN: No, you're not.

I am.

You were right.

An innocent man is dead because of you.

The way I see it, letting you die, too, would only make things worse.

I couldn't save my mother, but I can save you.

Now take off the damn suit before I change my mind.

JOSEPHINE: Come on. Speak.

We both know you only come here to see me.

Not this time.

You say something, Doc?

No. You must be hearing things.

The Anomaly will do that.

Sometimes it's your darkest fear...

Sometimes your deepest desire.

Sometimes it's both at once.

GIRL: Mommy! Mommy!


Mommy, please help!


JOSEPHINE: Her child. Of course.

Primal, tough to resist. to one, she goes in.

You may finally get your answers, Gabriel.

GABRIEL: Long is the way and hard that out of hell leads up to light.



GABRIEL: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

No one's who's gone in has ever come out.

Wait. She's not there.

OCTAVIA: Whatever you see, it isn't real.

If you go in there, you'll die.

I don't know what it means or if it's real.

I just know I have to go.



Diyoza! Wait!



You're healed. Oh...

RUSSELL: dead Primes in days.

This is my fault for letting them stay.

Oh, I'm sure you had your reasons.

They're not all bad, Russell.

Delilah's boyfriend saved my life.

And for that, we'll do what we can to save his, but the others will stand trial for what they've done.


Huh. Good.

We should talk about their motive.

What motive could possibly explain...

Mother, please.

Zeus looks like he has something to say.

She came to you, didn't she?

Yes. She did.

She who?


The one with the blood... Clarke.

Russell and Simone murdered her...

Only it didn't quite take, did it?

Russell, it wasn't your turn.

You jumped the line.

MAN: Move.

RUSSELL: Where is she?

They got through the shield moving east toward Children of Gabriel territory.


How many are with Josephine?

JADE: They're not talking, sir.

We'll see about that.

Put them with the others.



Rrgh! Rrgh!


Get their guns.

Distribute them to the guards.

Do whatever it takes to bring my daughter home.

As the Primes are my witness, I'll bring them back.


Here he comes.


I'll leave you two alone.





Huh. Ohh...

What the hell is happening?

What have you done?

I saved you.