03x08 - The Brave and the Bold

My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I have come home with only one goal-- to save my city. Now others have joined my crusade. To them, I am Oliver Queen. To the rest of Starling City, I am someone else. I am something else.

Previously, on "Arrow" and "Flash"...


It's Barry.

Barry Allen.

I woke up.

I could use some advice.

I don't think that bolt of lightening struck you, Barry.

I think it chose you.

You can inspire people in a way that I never could.

So what are you guys doing in Central City?

Working a case.

Suspicious homicide, in a style where the murder weapon...

Is a boomerang.



Barry has super powers, Oliver has a bow and arrow.

If I had a DNA sample I was unable to fully break down, do you think you could isolate the genetic markers for me?

What's the sample from?

Canary's murder.

In position?

In position.

In position.

Neighborhood's clear.

You know, I probably should have brought this up before, but if this place doesn't belong to the killer you chased to Central City and back, well, we're going to have a lot of explaining to do.

It's his.

Why, because the residue S.T.A.R. Labs found on the boomerang says so?

Because the whole place is rigged.


I can see a trip wire connected to pressurized gas.

Front door will be the same.

Our new friend doesn't want any surprise visitors.

Well, he's going to get a surprise.

Looks like we interrupted his dinner.

We just missed him.

Drop your guns.

Sure thing.

Right when you learn how to count.

You're outnumbered, jerkwad.

You're not SCPD.

Unless police uniforms have gotten really interesting, neither are you.


Your flanking patterns haven't changed in years.

Why is A.R.G.U.S. in on this?

The man who was killed by the Boomerang...

He was an A.R.G.U.S. agent?

Which makes this an A.R.G.U.S. matter.

Bug out.

Target's not here.

Let this go.

Are we going to let this go?

What do you think?

Season 3 Episode 08
The Brave and the Bold
Original Air Date on December 3, 2014

What about this A.R.G.U.S. angle?

Oh, well, A.R.G.U.S. wiped all evidence of their agent's death after he was killed, or at least they thought they did.

Our boomerang victim, Kai Wu.

The man's profile is so clean, I should have known it was an A.R.G.U.S. cover.

Well, now that we know Wu is A.R.G.U.S., maybe Lyla can get us a lead?

If this an A.R.G.U.S. thing, Lyla's going to want it to stay that way.

Then tell her to stop letting people get killed in my city.

You really don't care about my marriage, do you?

Well, I would...

If you and Lyla were still married.

Thank you for coming.

Like I had a choice.

I see you made a new friend.

This is Katsu Cheng.

Mr. Cheng fancies himself something of a munitions specialist.

According to HKPF, Cheng planted an explosive device somewhere in Hong Kong, I need you to talk to him, find out the bomb's location.

So I'm just going to talk to him and he's going to give me information?

It won't be easy.

That's why I brought you your tools.

What tools?

We recovered these from the freighter when we recovered you.

You're welcome.

You want me to torture this guy to find out where the bomb is?

I want you to find out where the bomb is.

How you do so is of little interest to me.

[Door opens]

Almost done here, Jerry.

You should have gone home hours ago.

Caitlin: Who's Jerry?

This place is bigger than my apartment.

What are you guys doing here?

You asked us to analyze the DNA off the arrow that killed Sara.

I was just going to mail you the sample.

We had some vacation days coming--

We want to see the Arrow cave.

We don't call it that.


I want to see the toys!

I need to see the toys.

Do you guys have an Arrowmobile?

Don't touch that.

Or that.

It's a jettisoning arrow.

Uses compressed CO2--

Compressed CO2 to jettison high tensile strength polymer cables.


Since when did we start selling admission the the Arrow cave?


Do you see what you've done?


I have so many ideas for improvements.

And this. Oh, oh, man!

This--this is the bomb.

And I mean, red is so much cooler than green, am I right?

Hmm. I am really starting to like this guy.

Hey, what's that for?


Distracting me from work.

So where's Mr. Diggle?

He's running down a lead.

We have this handled, Johnny.

I told Oliver that already.

Seriously. It's an internal A.R.G.U.S. matter.

I told him that, too.

Listen, sweetie, a guy who kills with boomerangs?

That's a little outside you guys' wheelhouse.

While exotic killers are more...

Our thing.

You only call me "sweetie" when you want something.

Is it working?


Hang on a second.

Is there a problem?

Something strange with your ID.

I'm going to have to detain you for a minute.


If that's a problem, I really don't care.

You know, you should be careful how you treat people, my friend.

After all...

What goes around, comes around.


I appreciate the offer, Johnny, but really, we have it handled.

[Alarm sounding]

Is that your "We have it handled" alarm?

[Alarm continues]

We have a breach.

Initiate lockdown protocols.

[Cell phone vibrates]


We have a bit of a situation here.

Our man's at A.R.G.U.S.

Lyla's here.

Oliver, this guy?

He's the real deal.

Our target is storming A.R.G.U.S. and Lyla is there.

Cisco: Mm-hmm. Bad ass.

So cool!

It'll be over by the time they get there.

[Alarm continues]


You only call me "sweetie" when you want something.

No, Chase, just because we kiss, it doesn't mean anything, ok?

[Sirens in distance]

Are you sure you're ok?

What was that?

Better question... who attacked you?

And don't tell him it was an internal A.R.G.U.S. matter.

His name is Digger Harkness.

Former ASIS.

His specialty is weapons and technology before he went rogue.

Started selling his services to the highest bidder.

We caught him three years ago.

Well, looks like he escaped.

Not exactly.

Harkness' skills made him an ideal recruit for Task Force X.

You mean the Suicide Squad.

They had an Op in Tanzania.

Assassination of a local warlord.

But the warlord had bigger guns.

The mission went south... and the team had to be sanitized.

You mean killed, Lyla.

Waller couldn't be reached.

It was my call.

The micro bomb in Harkness' neck must have malfunctioned.

We need to consider that every A.R.G.U.S. facility is compromised.

There's only one place we can keep you safe.

How often does Oliver do this?

Felicity: At least every Wednesday.

There's a lot of sweating.

I don't see what's so hard about that.

I'm not sure she should have called you.

Oliver doesn't play well with others.

Ah, come on. Barry and Oliver kicked ass last week.


They were in, like...

A league of their own.

Yeah, that was, like, a one time thing.

The dude was tossing around exploding boomerangs.

They needed some back-up.

And I need some dinner.

That salmon ladder made me hungry for Sushi.

And I need to get some paperweights down here!

Caitlin: I should have warned you about that.


Are you ok?

You can't work for A.R.G.U.S. without making a few enemies.

I'm sorry to involve all of you in this.

Is that A.R.G.U.S. property?

It's evidence.


Secret identity?

They're married.

Both: We're not married.

Or together.


He told her about me.

You didn't?

I keep secrets for a living, man.


My bad.


The Flash. Sushi?

We need a location on the man who's after Lyla.

His name is Digger Harkness.

The first step is to work the evidence--

Barry, can I speak to you for a moment, please?

I appreciate your help back at A.R.G.U.S., but we have this handled.

You don't want to team up again?

Things work differently here.

Starling City is meaner.

I seem to remember helping you pretty good last year, and that was without powers.

I've been practicing everything you taught me.

I'm--I'm casing new environments; I'm not running in blind.


We do this my way.

Yes! This is going to be awesome.

Ok, what's our first move?

We need to reassemble the evidence.

It will take some time, but it'll--

But it'll be worth it.


These are a bit more teched out than the one you guys brought to Central City.

3D printed polymer with a circuitry weave.

Some of Harkness' boomerangs exploded.

Oh, yeah, there are grooves in here that could definitely pack a C4 charge.

Maybe if we figure out where Harkness got the supplies, we can use that to track him.

These weren't made by Ka-Boom-Boomerang?


Yeah, you know, he has exploding boomerangs?

That's not your best.

Really? It makes perfect sense--


If Harkness didn't make them, we need to find out who did.

And who he made the buy off of.

Marcos. You see this collapsible node design?

Dead giveaway.

That's his signature.

We need a location on this...

Klaus Marcos.

No known home address or place of employment for Marcos.

But he was arrested last year by an officer Quentin Lance.

Dad, I absolutely understand, but my boss wants answers on what the department is doing about the rash of B&Es on the south side.

Well, you can tell 'em I got a whole squad on it, but it can only move so fast!

Hey, Laurel, Detective--

Captain. Cap--

Captain. Sorry.

Don't worry about it.

It's been a while.

Is everything ok?

Oh, it's fine.

This is, uh, Ah, Bart Allen, right? You get hit by a bus or something?

Barry. It was lightning.

Huh. Ow. We worked together on a case last year.

Barry's a friend.

He's in town with the Central City police department and I was hoping that you could help him with...

He'll explain.


Oliver, can I talk to you for a moment?


The Arrow was in Central City.

This is a follow-up.

Kind of.

I'm looking to track down a suspect you apprehended last year--Klaus Markos.

You know where we might be able to find him?

None of his last knowns are checking out.

Well, I don't really keep up on on the skels I busted walking the beat, you know?

I'm not real sentimental that way.

Ok. Uh, what did you arrest him for?


Identity theft.

He was using some gizmo to steal credit card numbers for the Bratva.

Russian mob.


I cannot believe you're a member of the Russian mob!

Former member, probably.

We had a falling out last year.

This is where they run their cyber crime operation.

Hey, nice outfit, by the way.

This place looks like a fortress.

Kalashnikovs everywhere.

Roy, take the southeast corner.

Barry, scan the perimeter.


I've got northwest.

Are you going to be ok?

You think I'll lose it because Harkness is after Lyla?

I'm good.

I had eight seconds to kill.

Was that wrong?


My friend wants to have a conversation with you.

[Groaning and grunting]

You made this for Digger Harkness.

I want to know where he is.

Go to hell.

[Groaning and grunting]

The only thing that hurts worse than an arrow going in is an arrow coming out!

Whoa, hey, what are you doing?!

Getting information!

Where is he?!

I don't know!

He said he doesn't know!

He's lying. If you want to be able to raise your arm again, tell me where he is!

Here! Harkness gave it to me. It's encrypted.

I had an order ready for him.

I called, he came.

I don't know where he is, I swear.

I swear!

Felicity can crack the encryption.

Use this to track down Harkness.

You tortured that guy.

I interrogated him.


When my friend said your tactics made you a criminal, I defended you because I thought you were supposed to be a hero.

I thought we were supposed to be better than them.


You live in Central City, where it's sunny all the time and your enemies get cute nicknames.

You're not in Central City.


I live in a city where my best friend was murdered, where a woman that I loved was shot full of arrows and sent tumbling off of a rooftop.

Where my mother was murdered right in front of me.

So before you--

My mother was murdered in front of me, too.

But I don't use my personal tragedies as an excuse to just torture whoever pisses me off.

Well, I'm sorry, Barry, I'm not as emotionally healthy as you are.

What's wrong with you?!

When we agreed that you were staying, we decided that it would be on my terms.

If that is proving too difficult for you, you know your way back to Central City.

Everything all right between you and speedy?

What? Roy?

Yeah, we're fine.

I meant him.


We had a... difference of opinion about the way the world works.


I know what that's like.

Well, sometimes they don't see it.

There are people in the world who deal only in extremes--

And it would be naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.

Sometimes bravery isn't enough.

Sometimes the world requires us to be bold.

Whatever the personal cost.

Felicity: I got him. He's in a warehouse at the corner of Infantino and Adams.

Is that--

A.R.G.U.S. spy satellite?

Yeah. Maybe.

Thermographic imaging shows ten bodies inside.

Harkness knows we're coming.

I can track the cell phone's position with this.

Cisco, you're with Diggle and Roy.

I'll race you there.

Where's the bomb?

[Speaking Chinese]

My Chinese sucks.

But that doesn't sound like a location.


Last chance.

Your hands are shaking.

I knew.

You don't have it in you.

You've killed, but torture is different.

For those with a conscience, inflicting pain is more difficult than inflicting death.

I'll figure it out.

No, you won't.

You don't have the stomach for it.

I do.

To save all those people, I do.

Where's the bomb?

Where's the bomb?!


You ok?

My daughter's mother tried to detonate a bomb in a man's head and now he's trying to kill her.

So that would be a no.

Look, you don't know me that well.

But I'm the type of guy who's only thought about one thing-- how do I keep the people I love safe?

Well, you seem to me to be pretty good at that.

Maybe before.

I remember a world where people didn't kill each other with boomerangs.

Or walk on water?

Barry can walk on water?

You guys, Harkness has been around long before people like Barry.

I mean, this world was crazy before all these meta-humans and super powers, right?

What's--what's your point?

Well, maybe meta-humans and superpowers were given to us to deal with the crazy.

You mean by God?

No. By a dark matter wave released from a failed particle accelerator reaction.

Either way, I think people like Barry are the hope for saving people like us.

People like your wife and daughter.

She's not his wife.

She's not my wife.


Anyway, you see my point, right?

Plus, you got to admit, it's all pretty freakin' cool, right?


[Men groaning]

You're late.

I knew he was there.

He's not dead, right?

Tranq arrow.

Same thing I used on you in Central City.

Cisco has the van running.

I see you met Harkness' hired muscle.

Harkness isn't here.


Where's Digger Harkness?

Never met 'em.

But he paid us 10 Gs to give you this.

Ten'll get you twenty this belongs to Harkness.

What does that mean?

That Harkness played you.

[Beep] I swear I turned that off.


Marko's phone.

I shut it down after I decrypted it.

Did someone turn it back on remotely?

And back trace the trace?

We have to get out of here now!

Hello, Lyla.

It's been a long time.



Cabinet, third drawer!

Know what I like most about boomerangs, Lyla?

They're proof that things can come back to haunt you.

You had a bomb in the back of my head.

I have a little something special for the back of yours.

Lyla! Get down!





Stop the bleeding.

I need Lidocaine.

We have epinephrine!

That'll work.

Hey, hey, stay with me!


Just try and keep her awake.

Can you hear me? Lyla?

Lyla! Lyla!


She's not breathing!

John: Lyla!



She's not moving.

I've got her stabilized, but I can't operate on her here.


Starling General's at Eighth and Wilcott.

HKPF IDed her as Sumilu Kang.

She was a student at the University of Hong Kong.

A biology textbook in her backpack.

Apparently she was studying to become a veterinarian.

He would have told me.

I just needed more time.

No, Mr. Queen, what you needed was conviction.

And the men who do things like this have it.

Tonight you didn't.

I thought I could--

You thought what?

You could reason with him?

Look around you, Mr. Queen.

Look around and tell me that the men who do this type of thing understand reason.

There are people in this world who deal only in extremes.

It's naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.

The bomber was Katsu Cheng.

But make no mistake...

This blood is on your hands.

Cheng said I didn't have the stomach for torture.

He was right!

Because you need to practice.

Torture is an art form.

It's a skill one must cultivate.

How do I do that?

I think Cheng was wrong.

I think you not only have the stomach for this work; you have the talent.

[Dance music playing]

[Indistinct chatter]

Felicity: This feels wrong.

Being here, it feels wrong.

Oliver needed to be alone.

He made that pretty clear.

Three doubles, straight up.

You guys ok?

We're just having a tough night.

Anything I can do to help?

No. We're--we're good.

But thanks for the night off.

Yo, who was that hottie?

My ex-girlfriend.

Oliver's sister.

So stay away, is what you're saying.

She's in surgery.

Mr. Diggle is with her.

She going to be ok?

I hope so.

She's strong.

How do you guys do it?

How do you guys live like this?

Where anyone you care about could be struck down?

We haven't been taking this seriously.

It's all been a game.

We give the bad guys code names.

I think the fact we go up against meta-humans made it all kind of clean.

Like, the fact that they have these powers makes what they're doing less...


This is all my fault.

It's really not.

I tortured Marcos to give up that phone.

None of this would have happened if it wasn't for me.

I get the feeling you don't say that very often.

Do what I do, Barry, takes... conviction.


More often than not, it's the will to do what's ugly.

Every time I do that, I'm...

I'm trading away little... pieces of myself.

So... You asked what's wrong with me, that's-- that's what's wrong, because the part that I'm trading away is Oliver Queen.

And lately I've been feeling like there is... nothing left except the Arrow.

I think you're full of crap.

Look, you've convinced yourself that everything you've been through took away your humanity.

But I think it's because of your humanity that you made it through.

You wouldn't have survived, much less come out the other end a hero, somebody who wants to do good, if you didn't have a light inside of you.

[Door opens]

I'm sorry if I'm interrupting.

I ran facial recognition on Harkness and I have a match.

Where is he?

Get on the ground.


Now why would I want to do that?

You hurt a friend of mine.

You really think there's anywhere in the world you could run where we won't find you?

Hmm, probably not.

Which is why I have a contingency in place.


Five bombs planted throughout Starling.

Now, you can stop me, or you can stop the bombs.

But you can't do both.

Bombs are armed.

In 90 seconds, this city will be on fire.


Guys! Harkness just triggered five bombs throughout the city.

We don't know where.

To blanket the entire city, he'd have to use--

Radio controlled IEDs.

But if we key into the detonator's frequency...

We can pinpoint the location of the bombs.


Barry: I need a location!

I need five locations!

The five receivers.

Nearest one is behind a restaurant at Faith and Flower.

Ok, hey, guys, I found it.

I'm going to run it out of the city.

Barry, wait!

That's not an option.

We think the bombs might be linked.


Press the emblem on your suit.

I installed a mini-cam there last week.

Ok. You see the secondary trigger?

It's not just a receiver...

It's a transmitter.

Barry, if you try to defuse the bomb, the secondary trigger's going to transmit a signal and the rest of the bombs are going to explode.

We're running out of time.

You have to defuse all the bombs at the same time.

You're thinking of multiplex. I can't be in five places at once.

But I don't have to be.

Stop the countdown!

Go to hell.

Last chance!

Or what?

You'll inflict pain?

Ah, I can tell you've done it before, so let me ask you this-- why are you hesitating?


Ten more seconds.

We should be able to see at least, ah, three explosions from here.


Everyone has to cut their wire exactly on three.

1, 2, 3!


Screw you, Captain Boomerang.

You think you've accomplished something here?

You think you not killing me makes you strong?

It just means...

You're weak.

It means I have some humanity left.


You just couldn't resist, could you?

Hey, sweetie.

You only call me "sweetie" when you want something.

I do.

I want you to marry me.

I can't believe I waited this long to ask.

I need you, Lyla.

Now, forever, official.

I need you.

Will you please stop talking...

So I can say yes?

[Both moaning]

Some of the STR markers on the DNA sample have degraded, but I've got a computer back at the lab that I think will help fill in the gaps.

Thank you, Caitlin.

I'll let you know as soon as I have the results.

I'll call this time.

Roy: It's cool.

You guys are fun.

So are you guys.

Well, you could be if you realized you were working under a nightclub.

Oh, did you guys take care of business?

Digger Harkness is now cell mates with one Slade Wilson.

We've got a Pipeline, he's got a gorgeous tropical island.

With the landmines.

Caitlin: Hmm?


It's a long story.

What's this?

Oliver helped me put that in while you guys were at the hospital.

Wait, this is for me?

For the next time you're in town.

There'll be a next time?

I'm still calling the shots.

We'll talk about that.

Yes, we will.

And then I'll call the shots.

We got a gift for you, too, Oliver.

Early Christmas present.

Turns out S.T.A.R. Labs' industrial fabricator was based out of Starling, so...

Polymer Kevlar weave.

It's 25% lighter and can carry 15% more gear.

I've got designs I'm working up that I'm really excited by.

It's, uh, it's subtle.

I wanted to replace the hood, but, uh, Felicity said it had sentimental value.

Thank you.

Any time.

You guys headed back?

It's possible that Dr. Wells didn't sign off on us leaving town.

Hey, do you still, like, take the train?

Yeah, sure, if I feel like taking a nap.

But Oliver and I have some unfinished business to take care of first.

You guys aren't going to punch each other, are you?

Why'd you summon me here?

To make me feel worse?

No, I summoned you here to give you a second chance.

Is this a joke?


This is Li Khuan Hui.

That name should sound familiar to you.

You work for China White.

Chien Na Wei.

Yes, Mr. Hui is on her payroll.

He's Chinese Triad, and he knows her agenda here in Hong Kong.

Fortunately for you, Mr. Hui has been less than forthcoming with the details.


You get a stab at redemption.

Barry: You could have invited everybody, they'd like this.

Oliver: Well, no, they would love this, but this is just for the two of us.

You mean, the one of you.

This was your idea.

You can't expect me to believe that you don't want to know, once and for all, who would win-- me or you.

You mean if you don't shoot me in the back.

You got to get over that, Barry.

Ok, I have super powers.

You have arrows that run out.

I have strategy and tactical awareness.

When I'm fighting you, it's literally like you're standing still.

[Chuckles] That's tough talk, you ready to back it up?

Oh, yeah.

Hey, by the way...


You were wrong.

When you told me I could inspire people, you said you couldn't.

But you were wrong-- you can inspire.

Not as the Arrow, that guy's a douche.


But as Oliver Queen.

Thank you.

Since we're sharing, you were wrong, too.


Right now.

Because you think you can kick my ass.

I can tell.

All right, well, if you think you can kick mine, you better do it fast.

I get it, Barry, I get it. You're fast.