06x23 - Life Sentence

Oliver: Previously on "Arrow" Diaz has people everywhere.

Oliver: He controls Star City's government, its infrastructure, and its police force.

Felicity: Diaz went after this instead of going after Curtis.

What if these are all of Diaz's books, everyone he has on his payroll?

We could liberate the city.

Your digital sniffer, can it read the drive?

If you get me close enough, for sure.

Diaz's base of operations is too secure.

We can't move on it without losing people.

You want my help?

I'm gonna need you to say the words.

I am the Green Arrow.

[Arrows whooshing]

Sentries are not responding.

You know, somebody want to tell me why I got to do everything in this place mysel-- Why don't you watch where you-- You got to be a special kind of stupid to be coming back here alone.

I'm not alone.

[Canary cry]


[Canary cry]

[T-sphere whirs]

- FBI!

- FBI!

- Clear!

- Clear!


Where's Diaz?


Where is Diaz?

Rene: No sign of Diaz.

Watson: What about Knyazev?

Rene: Same.

Precinct reported he's not there either.

John: This isn't over yet.

Arrow 6x23 Life Sentence Diaz clearly has a third base of operations we don't know about.

Yo, Hoss.


Watson: Mr.

Queen and I have come to an understanding.

Even if we didn't, your identity is hardly a well-kept secret, Mr.


So you're done trying to throw us in jail?

Everyone has immunity from prosecution, Rene.

The FBI recognizes that Diaz is the clear and present danger.

Better late than never, I suppose.

That immunity deal does include me, right, because I'd really like to not spend the rest of my life in prison if I can avoid it.

How did Diaz know we were moving in on him tonight?

We've rounded up the SCPD, but Diaz still controls dozens of city officials.

Diaz has a list of all of them.

He keeps it on his person.

Once we take, Diaz, we won't need a list.

We need to interrogate all the people we rounded up, see if we can get one of them to give up Diaz's location.


They won't give it up.

They're more afraid of them than they are of us.

Watson: They also know without corroboration, Diaz or this list of his, we'll have to kick them in 48 hours.

Where's he going?

Probably to go talk to his guy on the inside.

[Radio chatter]

[Cell phone vibrates]

- Zdrahstvuyte.

- Anatoly.

Big night for you, kapiushon.

How you turn FBI from foe to friend, huh?

Same way you did me?

Where's Diaz?

Eh, he's been on the move ever since he heard FBI coming to town.

When he settles, I want to know where.


I'll try my best, but he's not in very trusting mood these days.

[Car door shuts]

[Speaks Russian]





My sister.

What you Americans call high maintenance.


You avoided the raid.


I got hungry, therefore lucky.


Got dinner.

When I got back here, FBI all over place like ants at picnic.

So what is your next move?

You lost your army.

I made some new friends.

New friends?

The Longbow Hunters.

Thought those were a myth.

They're very real.

We're going somewhere to mount our counterattack.

Be there in an hour.

John: Yeah.

I love you, sweetie.



- Lyla?

- Yeah.


She, J. J. , and William are at the NORAD bunker, but she would much rather be here.

We have enough backup.

A son needs his parents.

And yours doesn't?

I'm gonna see this through, Oliver.

Thought you might say that, so I think you should dress the part.

I had a spare made up.

There's no rule saying there can't be more than one Green Arrow.

I should have done this from the beginning.

Oliver, our disagreement was never about the uniform.

I know that.

I'd like to apologize for any part that I played in it.

I really thought I wanted this mantle.

It means something.

You've made it mean something.

When our city looks at it, it gives them hope, Oliver, and it would be diminished if there was more than one.

For everything along the way, thank you.

Anatoly: Hello!

Uh, excuse me.

Hello, everybody.


My name is Anatoly Knyazev, and I'm here to turn myself in.


We--we also have, uh, costume parties in Russia.

It's always great fun.

What do you have, Anatoly?

Address for Diaz.

He said to meet him there in one hour, but he's not going to be alone.

He's bringing Longbow Hunters.

Long-what, now?

3 assassins that even the League is afraid of.

Or they were because the last one died out in the 1950s.

John: Or that's what they wanted people to think.

Rene: We got the FBI backing us.

Please tell me we're not afraid of 3 guys.

Hell, no.

All right.

Let's get ready to move.

I'll go tell Agent Watson.


It's funny.

Everything always comes down to a signature on a piece of paper.

Diaz's crimes are local, which means the bureau needs municipal authority to operate in Star City.

Well, now you got it.

[Cell phone chiming and vibrating]

- Heh.

- What is it?

Got a location on Diaz.

This'll be over tonight.

Excuse me.

Hey, honey.

Diaz: Hey, daddy.

So the relationship between me and your daughter, it took a turn.

I don't think she's, uh-- she's into me anymore.

- Listen to me.

- No!

You listen to me, or Laurel dies a second time!

What do you want?

For the mayor to kick the FBI out of my city.

Do it tonight or Laurel's dead.

Go to hell.

What was that?


You said you're ready to move on Diaz tonight.

I'm ready to come down on him like God's own righteous fury.

Do it.

I don't think your daddy loves you anymore.

I think if you were the real Laurel, he'd already be here.

Go to hell.

That's a witty response.

I was expecting better.

Do you know what the funny thing is?

You moved on me because of him.

You got yourself in this situation because of him!

You could have skipped town, but you came after me!

Was you afraid of what I was gonna do to your daddy when you were gone?


Come on, baby.

Talk to me.

Talk to me!

We're on site.

The FBI has graciously given me control of their keyhole satellites, which I got to say are a lot easier to operate when they aren't being hacked.

Watson: All right.

Listen up.

Diaz may have lost his police force, but we believe he still has his personal security and Quadrant muscle backing him up.

No warning shots.

Let's move out.

If this is where Diaz is planning on making his last stand, I would have expected more guys with guns.

Rene: Not seeing anything.

I'm getting a big thermal reading from inside the northwest corner.

That's where we're headed.

Stand by.

Son of a bitch.

What is it?

Laser tripwires.

Tripwires to what?


[Powering up]

Felicity: Triacetone triperoxide.

It's the thermal source.

Diaz was never here.

It's a trap.

Oliver: Hang tight.

We're almost at your position.


If you go in there, if anybody moves, the whole place will go up.

Rene: If we can't move, we can't get to the bombs.

How are we supposed to disarm them?

Felicity: I am working on that.

Everyone else, just get clear.

We can't leave Rene.


There might be more explosives rigged.

Just please get away from the building.

Oliver: You heard her.

Let's go.

Talk to me, Blondie.

I'm tracing a radio signal to the explosives.

In case Diaz gets impatient, wants to set off bomb himself.

If I can piggyback off the signal, I might be able to fool the triggers into thinking that you're not moving.


You can't see this, but there's enough explosives in here to send us into orbit.

Pressure is not helping, Rene.

If the bombs can be triggered remotely, Diaz can kill us anytime.

We're not making it out of here, are we?

Hey, Peanut.

It's daddy.


Everything's fine.

I'm safe.

I just wanted to hear your voice And tell you that I love you And I'm so proud of you.

You give my life meaning every single day.


You're my everything, Peanut, and I need you to know that.

Daddy's got to go.

I love you.

I'll see you soon.



Oliver: Can we get in through the roof?

Felicity: Negative.

Blowing the roof will set off the TATP.

Stand by while I clone the trigger frequency.

[Cell phone ringing]

- Hello.

- So I'm curious.

How many did I get?

- You suhkin syn.

- You betray me, and I'm the son of a bitch?

The ones trapped in there with those explosives, they're gonna die in a blink, but you, Anatoly [Speaks Russian]

I'm gonna make it last for days with you.

He triggered the explosives, but I'm bouncing the signal off a bunch of satellites.

You have 7 seconds!


Come on!

You ok?

Thought I'd check in on you.

I'm fine, Hoss.

Agent Watson told me about your call with Zoe.

I thought I was gonna die in that room.

I just wanted to say good-bye.

Tell her how proud you are of her?

There's not enough words to say how much.

I feel the same way about you, Rene.

When I first met you, I--I didn't think that you were much more than a thug in a--heh-- in a ridiculous costume.

You're no prize yourself, Hoss.

I judged you.

For far too long, I judged you, and that was a mistake.

I'm sorry.

I think that you're a good man, Rene.

I think that you're the type of man that this--this city deserves.

I know it seems like I don't give a crap about what anyone thinks, but this means a lot.


Felicity: Guys!

We have another problem.

Quentin: I told Diaz to go to hell because you were about to move on him.

Anatoly: It was deception.

He learned I was helping you, and he manipulated me.

John: Means we're right back to square one, not knowing where Diaz is.

Watson: But now we have a way to find out.

You tell Diaz you want to see Laurel, proof of life.

We follow you to her, her to Diaz.

You go in there guns blazing, my daughter takes the first bullet.

From what Oliver tells me, she's not actually your daughter, and she's a criminal that made her own bed.

This isn't a hostage situation.

Our objective hasn't changed.

- Oliver, please.

- We can keep her safe.


The first thing he'll do when he sees you coming is kill her!

I think this is a risk we need to take.


Would you be taking that risk if this was our Laurel, or is that the kind of risk that got her killed in the first damn place?

[Quentin exhales]

[Cell phone chiming and vibrating]

What the hell do you want?

To give you a second chance.

When you told me to go to hell, you know, I figured that you figured your buddies were about to take me down.

Well, it didn't work out that way, so now we're back to where we started-- you kicking the FBI out of here in exchange for Laurel's life.

I'd need to see her first, proof of life.

I'll send you the address.


You better come alone because if something happens that I don't like something's gonna happen to Laurel that you don't like.

Anyone ever tell you it's rude to sneak up on people?


He's gonna kill her.

I won't let that happen, Quentin.

What about Watson, huh?

Doesn't seem so important to her.

Just let me worry about Samanda Watson and let me try to keep Laurel safe.

I don't see how you can, Oliver.

You can start by trusting me, please.

I mean, I've earned it.

We've known each other for a very long time, Quentin.


A lifetime.


We've come a long way, you and me.

It's been getting better since the first time you arrested me.

You know, I've always been curious-- how'd you beat that lie detector anyway?

It just comes down tokeeping a regular heart rate.

I got a pacemaker that does that.

I didn't know you had a pacemaker.

I got it after that Mirakuru business a few years back.

The old ticker couldn't take that pounding.



Truth be told, I don't know if I could take it now.

Yes, it can, ok, because you're tough.

Laurel is tough, too, so trust me And this will all work out.

You were supposed to bring Laurel.

I give the orders.

He's clean.

And you're gonna give an order as mayor to get the FBI out of here, and you're gonna do it at a press conference.

Satellite track is clean.

Audio signal is 5 by 5.

Everyone get ready to move!

Not going anywhere until we know where he's keeping Laurel.

Not our objective.

Quentin: You want me to hold a press conference before you even let me see my daughter?

You have a problem with that?

I'm not doing anything until I see her alive.

What the hell is he doing?

The FBI is tracking me by satellite.

They're gonna move on you unless we move right now.

Now take me to my daughter.

Son of a bitch!

Get him in the car.

All units, move now!


John: Can your satellite track him?

I've lost him.

Watson: Your friend just blew this whole operation and our best chance to get Diaz, and his daughter's still gonna die.

When this is over, I'm bringing your friend Quentin up on obstruction.

Our immunity arrangement doesn't extend to him.

He was trying to save Laurel.

Well, I'm trying to save this city, the city your friend's supposed to be the mayor of.

Rene: I can't believe he'd do something so reckless.

Or stupid.

He knows Diaz will kill him and Laurel.

Curtis: What the hell was he thinking?

Watson: He wasn't.

That's the problem.

Before Quentin went to see Diaz, he went out of his way to tell me that he had a pacemaker.

Yeah, and he's never told us that before.

So why would he say something now?

- You can track a pacemaker.

- You know I can.

Quentin knew that Diaz's man was gonna frisk him for a tracker just like he knew that Diaz wasn't going to actually bring Laurel to the meet, so Quentin had Diaz bring him to her, knowing that we could track him.

How long will it take you to find him?

Give me a high-speed connection and a few minutes.

Quentin: Agh!

Diaz: You wanted to see her, now you see her.

I'm a man of my word.


Now let her go.

I just promised proof of life.

We'll see how long that lasts.

Oliver: Hey.

Felicity has Quentin's location.

It's an abandoned chemical plant on the border of Pennytown.

We're gonna move out in 5 minutes.

I'll be ready.

The FBI's only objective is Diaz.

They're gonna do their best to keep Quentin safe, but they don't care if Black Siren is collateral damage.

Your point?

My point, Dinah, is that it's up to us to keep her safe.

I know that you have put your vendetta aside for the sake of the mission.

And you want to make sure I keep it that way.

I want to say thank you.

It takes a very big person to not seek vengeance for someone they love.

If I haven't always been sensitive to that, I'm truly sorry.

I'm sorry I was so hard on you.

You know, the truth is I respect you more than you could ever know.

You put together a team of heroes.

That's no small thing.

- I'm gonna go get ready.

- All right.

- Hey.

- What is going on?

- What do you mean?

- I mean, you've been giving the Oliver farewell tour all around this place, including giving John the hood.

You know, everyone's wondering what did you have to give Watson to get her to give us immunity, and I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and guess that it was giving up being the Green Arrow.


- Sort of.

- You can't be serious.

What happened to becoming your best self?

I don't know if I believe that anymore.

Oliver, this is who you are.

You can't let Watson get in the middle of that.

She's not.

It was my idea.

What do you mean, it was your idea?

Curtis: Ahem.

Uh, sorry to interrupt what looks like a pretty serious marital moment, but everyone's ready to go.

To be continued.


Diaz: Showtime!

You're gonna get in front of the camera, and you're gonna get the FBI to leave Star City, or your baby girl grows a third eye.

He's not gonna shoot me.

You willing to bet your life?!

- Yes.

- Laurel.

Yes, I am!

You got 5 seconds!

5 Don't let him take this city.

4 He's bluffing.

He's lying!

3 2 1!

Quentin: No!



Quentin: Daaaahhh!

- No!



- Ohh!

Stay with me.

Stay with me, daddy.

- Ohh!

- Stay with me!

Look at me, look at me.

- Ugh.

- Stay with me.

Quentin: Errrgh!


Don't waste your tears.

Where I shot him, it'll take a good chunk of time for him to bleed out.


Laurel, you need to get your dad to get on the phone and get the feds to go back to their swamp.

I'll show him some mercy.




Like the end of the movie with the little dog.

What's it called?

I'm gonna kill you.

I'm not doing anything.


All right.

We're gonna do this another way.


Because I'm not gonna count.

Your daughter's brains are gonna be splattered on your face!

Don't you.

Don't you!


It'll be all right.

Watson: FBI!



Dinah: I got him!

Get Diaz!

[Quentin groaning]

It's ok.

Stay-- Quentin: Laurel.

[Breathing heavily]



We got to get him to a hospital.

[Quentin grunting]

[Canary cry]

[Siren scream]


Come on.

I got you.


Diaz: I need a chopper!

I don't have 5 minutes!

[Arrow whooshes]

Oliver: I agree!

You want to shoot me?

Do it!

Right here!

See, that's your problem.

It's always been your problem!


Laurel: He needs a doctor immediately!

Agent: Yes, ma'am.







This is my city!

You want to stop me, you're gonna have to kill me!

He's right, Oliver.

The movie with the dog, it's called "Old Yeller.

" No!

[Siren scream]

What did you do?!

I had to!

I had to end it.


You think that fall's gonna kill him?

A girl can only hope.

I had him!

Watson: We scoured every inch of this city and trolled Starling bay.

He can't have gotten far.

He was launched off a rooftop.

He shouldn't have been able to go anywhere at all.

Diaz doesn't go down easy.

You seem pretty sanguine about it.

It wasn't a total loss.

Felicity reprogrammed this with a digital sniffer.

I was able to get close enough to Diaz to clone the drive that he wears around his neck.

I got government officials, city employees.

We can give you everyone on his payroll.


We can give you your city back, but the fact that Diaz is in the wind, it doesn't alter our agreement.

I know.

- How is he?

- He's septic.

They're getting him ready for surgery.

Dinah: Rene's in there with him right now.

What about Diaz?


Rene: You're gonna be fine, Hoss.

These docs are gonna fix you up.


Do me a favor.

Anything, Hoss.

If this thing goes the wrong way and I don't make it, d-d-don't call me Hoss at my funeral.

You're gonna make it.


[Door opens]

How's he doing?

Kind of macabre, actually.

I'll give you guys a minute.


- Hi.

- Ahem.

What's the latest on Diaz?

Diaz--ahem-- he got away.


Doesn't matter.

We'll get him.

We do have a list of everyone that he's been controlling.

FBI is rounding them up as we speak.

- So we can take our city back.

- Mm-hmm.

You did good, Oliver.

Thank you.

It's not over yet.

It is for you.

Am I wrong?

I've been dealing with Samanda Watson for months.

There's no way she was gonna help you without strings attached, but those strings, Oliver, that's a hell of a sacrifice.

I had to look at the way that I've been doing things.

It's not working.

I lost my city, I lost my team.

There's a penance for that.

It just seems a little drastic.

Coming from the guy who just took a bullet for his daughter.

Quentin, I hope I took the time to tell you, uh You're a really good father.

So are you.

I had a good example.


Your dad was a good man.

I'm not talking about my dad.

I'm sorry, but we have to take him to the O. R. now.

Well, um, when you get out, everyone will be here waiting for you.

Thanks, Oliver.

For everything.

[Door opens]

Thank you for coming.

How is he?

In surgery.

The doctors, they're optimistic, but-- but I thought you should probably be here.

Thank you.

This is probably really strange for you, right?

A little.

Are you, um-- are you like my Laurel?

Hardly at all.

How long is this gonna take?

How many times are you gonna ask that?

As many times as it takes to find out how long it's gonna take.

Mr. Queen.

- It's time.

- Time for what?

What is she talking about?

Oliver: I'm sorry that I haven't ex-- explained this to everyone.

Hasn't been any time.

There wasn't time to explain what?

- You're arresting us?

- What the hell are you doing?

Rene: I thought you said we had immunity!

You doThanks to him.

Oh, my God.


It was the only way.

No, it was not the only way.

There are a million other ways.

Dinah: The judge threw out his case.

You can't do this.

- I can.

It's federal.

- Federal.

The bureau's going to stay in Star City until Diaz is brought in, but only if Oliver agreed to turn himself in.

What the hell is going on here?

[Door opens]

Wait a minute.

Just wait.

Dr. Schwartz: Ahem.

How's Quentin?

Mayor Lance seized during the procedure.

The surgeons worked to revive him.

They did everything they could, but his brain was deprived of oxygen for 7 minutes.

He's gone.

I'm very sorry.

Unfortunately, this doesn't change our arrangement.


[Sara sniffles]

I'm so sorry, Sara.

All of you, please take care of each other.


Transport's delayed.

We'll be transferring you in a half-hour.


I talked to John.

We have a plan.

We're gonna get you out.

- No, you can't.

- Yes, we can.

We've done it before.

We got John out of-- we broke him out of Langham Penitentiary.

Yes, we did.

They're transferring me to a Supermax, Felicity, and even if I wanted to break out, they would just arrest everyone, including you.

I think that William deserves at least one parent.

During your trial, you said you didn't want to go public because you wanted a life after the Green Arrow.

This is that life.

You could-- I wanted to stop Diaz, and I wanted to save you and William more.

Not everything went our way.

Quentin and That protective custody that we talked about for the two of you during my trial - No.

- Lyla's gonna handle everything.

Uh I promise just until Diaz is off the board.


I refuse to believe that this is the only option.

We won back the city.

We got it back.

Thought I had lost it.

Oliver You didn't do that alone.

I know.

Diaz tried to kill everybody close to me.

I had to find a way to protect everybody.


This was the way.


Is William here?

Yeah, he's outside.

He's He's scared.

He's confused.

He's wondering how the woman that he's known for less than a year is suddenly his only parent.

Would you please go get him.



Buddy, how you doing?

I don't understand What's happening.

I'm gonna explain everything to you.

[Reporters clamoring]

Reporter: Mr.

Queen, why are you being arrested again?

Oliver: I have voluntarily, uh, handed myself over to the FBI.

Can you comment any further?

Yes, I can.

I am the Green Arrow.

I realize that I've denied that claim with the same conviction with which I'm speaking now.

I have let good people stand accused of things that I've done.

Roy Harper is not the Green Arrow.

Tommy Merlyn is most certainly not the Green Arrow.

These are two names on a long list of people who have given so much and sacrificed everything in the name of my crusade.

Some of them gave their lives in the pursuit of one simple objective-- to save our city.

Star City still needs saving.

Last night, we dealt our enemy a critical blow, but there is still work to be done, so I'm looking to the people of this city, I'm looking to my allies, to my friends, to my partners And I'm asking them to continue, to keep fighting.

I'm asking them to complete our mission To save our city.

[Reporters clamoring, camera shutters clicking]


[Prisoners shouting]

I know you, Oliver Queen.

You're gonna die in here, sucker!

You're gonna-- Back the hell off!


[Shouting continues]