10x02 - Founder's Mutation

Previously on The X-Files...

Mulder (O.C.): My name is Fox Mulder. In the 1990s, I began investigating paranormal science cases through a unit of the FBI known as the X-Files. My partner in this pursuit was Agent Dana Scully, a medical doctor and scientist. In 2001, we had a child together...

Scully (quietly): William.

Mulder (O.C.): ...but had to put him up for adoption to hide him from those who wished him harm. In 2002, the FBI closed the X-Files. 14 years later, circumstances have arisen which demand new X-Files investigations...

Mulder (O.C.): Are you saying you have alien DNA?

Mulder (O.C.): ...bringing Scully and I back together.

(electronic whirring)

Female electronic voice: Good day, Dr. Sanjay.

Sanjay: Yeah. Good morning.

(scanner wand squeaking)

Sanjay! (laughs) Oh. You okay? Rough weekend?

Sanjay: A humdinger.

Work or pleasure?

Sanjay: I haven't known pleasure for quite some time.

(wry laugh)

(tone ringing)

Are you okay?

Sanjay: It's nothing.

Hill: The Founder looked at the data. He sent a message this morning. "Do over."

Cynthia: That's it? We spent months on those trials. We've tried every new source of pluripotent stem cells, including samples from amniotic fluids.

We need more than just pronouncements from above.

We need direction!

What about a meeting with the man?

Hill: You want the Founder to tell you how terrible your data is face-to-face?

The guy is a recluse. No one here's even seen him for years. (distorted): For all we know, he didn't even read the stuff.

Hill (distorted): I can assure you that Augustus Goldman is (slows, distorts): fully engaged. But the Founder has other interests that keep him occupied.

Yeah, what about that? Doesn't that creep you out, that he's referred to as "The Founder"?

(Crows fluttering)

(glass rattling)

(Pencil snaps, cracks)

(fingers thudding)

(eyelids shudder and crackle)

Cynthia: ...do it.

Hill: Now. It's necessary.

Data... is the key.

Hill: Don't hesitate.

Go. Go now.


(tone ringing)

(distorted): No... no!

(glass rattling, clattering)

Can't anyone hear that?

(tone stops)

Sanjay: (gasps) Sorry. Excuse me.

♪ ♪

(typing rapidly)

Cynthia: Do it.

Hill: Now.

Rogers: Data... is the key.

(knock echoing)

Rogers (muffled, distorted): Sanjay! Sanjay!

Hill (O.C.): Sanjay, come on! Open up!

(insistent banging on door)

Hill (muffled): Open the door, Sanjay!

Rogers (distorted): Sanjay! Sanjay, open the door!

Hill: It's not opening!

Rogers (O.C.): Open the door! Sanjay!

Hill: Something's wrong with the system!

Rogers: Sanjay, open the door!

(tone ringing)

(tone intensifies)

(Sanjay whimpers)


(muffled): Sanjay?

(muffled): Sanjay! Sanjay!

(tone continues)

(crackling, squishing)

(brief whimper)

The X-Files
Season 10 Episode 2
Founder's Mutation
Original air date: January 25, 2016

(camera shutter clicking)

Mulder: What do you make of this, Scully?

Scully: Well, it seems that Dr. Sanjay had a psychotic break and committed suicide. Note the letter opener sticking out of his head.

Mulder: Noted.

Scully: All the witnesses I spoke to have consistent accounts.

Mulder: I mean the room. He chose the most secured place in the building to kill himself. He was trying to access something. These are isolated servers, so the only way to get to the data is through this terminal, which is also protected.

Scully: Is that why we're here? You're interested in the server? What are you looking for, Mulder?

Guard: Unhand the hard drive, sir.

Mulder: This is evidence.

Guard: It's classified.

Scully: The reason why we're investigating, rather than the local police is because we have security clearance.

Guard: To be in the room. Not to look inside this. That is property Department of Defense.

Mulder: We need to conduct a few more interviews, then, before we conclude our investigation.

Guard: The individuals pertinent to this incident have already been interviewed by your colleague.

Mulder: We'd like to talk to Augustus Goldman.

Guard: That's impossible. Dr. Goldman was not even on campus when this happened.

Mulder: Well, if you won't let me look at the drive, then I have to talk to Goldman about what the deceased was trying to access before he died.

Guard: I'm not authorized to confirm that I have knowledge of the whereabouts of the Founder.

Scully: Can you confirm that you have security cameras watching over the entire complex? There's that one, and I saw a few more out there.

Guard: Yes.

Scully: In that case, I'd like to see all of the tapes. As soon as possible.

Guard: All right. I'll have those sent over. But for now, remove this body so we can secure this room.

Scully: Sorry, we're not finished--

Mulder: Oh, we are finished. We are finished.

Scully: Mulder, that's not your phone.

Mulder: You know me, Scully. I'm old-school.

Scully: Riley vs. California. The Supreme Court ruled that you needed a warrant to search a mobile phone.

Mulder: That's for a suspect. Sanjay's the victim.

Scully: Well, there is no victim. He killed himself.

Mulder: Well, then, I'm sure he won't mind me talking to some of his friends. Here's someone he talked to every night. "Gupta."

Scully: Dr. Sanjay is from western India. Gupta's a Marathi word. It means "secret."

Mulder: How do you know that?

Scully: I'm old-school, Mulder. Pre-Google.

(blues song playing in background)

♪ tell me, baby... ♪

Mulder: Gupta? Thanks for meeting me. My name is...

Gupta: No... no names, please. You're Sonny's friend?

(no voice)

Gupta: Is that guy bothering you?

Mulder: Not yet.

Gupta: What... do you... want?

Mulder: I want to talk. Can we go somewhere more private?

Gupta: I don't... know you well enough.

Mulder: I'm safe. You can trust me.

Gupta: Come on.

Mulder: Oh, whoa, whoa, no.

Gupta: Well, you said you wanted to "talk."

Mulder: Yes. I-I don't think that means exactly what you think it means. Or... or I'm not...

Gupta: You guys are all alike, you know? You say you want to walk on the wild side, but when it comes down to it... you're repressed. I finally let go of all that, that self-loathing and that judgment and I'm free. Stop tormenting yourself. The truth is in here.

Mulder: Yeah, I've-I've heard something like that. Hey, listen, I-I-I gotta tell you... (clears throat) Sanjay is dead.


Scully: Deceased is a male, 35 years old, five-foot-eight and three-quarters inches, 180 pounds. (sighs) The probable cause of death is the introduction-- self-propelled-- of a letter opener into the cerebral cortex by way of the ear canal. (sighs, groans) I will now commence with my overall external examination.

Gupta: The last couple of weeks, he was... he was distant. He was... he was troubled. I... I thought it was me, you know? We hadn't gotten together for a while. I mean, he'd call me every night, but nothing...

Mulder: .. physical. Did he talk to you about his problems? About work?

Gupta: Yeah. Yeah, he said he was upset about his kids. He said they were dying.

Mulder: His kids? He was single.

Gupta: I didn't push it. I just tried to make him feel better.

Mulder: Well, I saw where he lived. There was nothing there. He lived an antiseptic life.

Gupta: He lived two lives. In two separate places.

(phone buzzing)

Mulder: Excuse me. Yeah.

Scully: Mulder, you gotta see this.

Scully: I had to break his fingers to pry them open. But he wrote that on the palm of his hand before he died.

Mulder: "Founder's Mutation."

Scully: The Founder is what they called Dr. Goldman at Nugenics. Is that why you wanted to talk to him?

Mulder: I don't think that's the mutation Sanjay was referring to. Did you find anything else on the autopsy?

Scully: Well, there were no abnormalities in Dr. Sanjay's brain. The opener destroyed the acoustic nerve and then went into the cerebral cortex.

Mulder: It's weird, because the opener goes in at 90 degrees and then it veers off at 60 degrees up into his brain, like he was hunting for something.

Scully: Yeah. It ended up in the auditory cortex. You know... he blurted something out at the meeting, before his suicide. He said, "Can't anyone hear that?"

Mulder: Hmm.

Scully: But nobody else could hear a thing.

Mulder: Well, ultimately, hearing is just nerve impulses interpreted by the brain. What if those same impulses could be generated without actual vibrations striking the ear drum?

Scully: Hmm.

Mulder: Well, anyway. If he left a note on his hand, maybe he left other clues.

Scully: But where? We've checked out every square inch of his apartment.

Mulder: Well, he leased a place that only Gupta knew about. I think we should go to where he actually lived.


(indistinct conversations)

Scully: It's hard to imagine, in 2016, that Sanjay had to keep his lifestyle preferences a secret.

Mulder: Being gay wasn't his only secret.

(tires screech, man grunts)

Scully: Mulder? (distant): I found something.

Mulder: His kids.

Scully: Yeah.

Mulder: Sanjay was afraid they were dying. These kids, they look so young. None of them look older than ten. Look at the backgrounds.

Scully: It's a clinical setting. It looks like it might be a hospital.

(car doors shut in distance)

Scully: The police are coming up. We must have triggered a silent alarm.

Mulder: All right, look around-- he's bound to have kept some information on them somewhere.

(tone ringing)

Mulder: (groans)

Scully: Mulder? Mulder, are you okay?

(footsteps approach)

Scully: They're coming. Mulder.

Man (distant): Police officer!

Officer (distorted): Lady, put your hands where I can see 'em!

Scully (distorted): FBI.

(tone continues ringing)

(nails scraping)

(tone ringing, nails scraping, no voice)

(tone stops)

Scully: (distorted, indistinct, then:) ...find her.

(distorted): Help me.

(distorted): Find her. (echoing): Find her... Find her... Find her...

(tone ringing, increasing in intensity)

Skinner: Do you have anything to add to this, Agent Scully?

Scully: If you look at the files that we found in Dr. Sanjay's apartment...

Skinner: No, I can't look at those.

Scully: They're right over there.

Murphy: These files are classified. They're the property of the Department of Defense.

Mulder: Well, I've had a look at them. Those files are the medical records of children with grave genetic abnormalities. How those children relate to Dr. Sanjay's suicide is the object of our investigation.

Skinner: Well, considering the fact that you just lost access to those files, your investigation is closed. I'll submit the report on the suicide to the proper authorities. We're done here.

Murphy: (clears throat) Let me remind you, Agents Mulder and Scully, dissemination of any classified material, either internally or publically, will be dealt with harshly.

Mulder: I'm familiar with Edward Snowden.

Skinner: I assume you made copies.

Mulder: I managed some top sheets before the DoD took over. I think those children are failed experiments.

Skinner: So you suspect the Department of Defense is experimenting with genetic modification on humans? What do you think?

Scully: I think there were many troubling details to this case, and, um... if Agent Mulder has nothing more to add...

Mulder: I don't.

Scully: .. then I think we need time to prove his theory.

Skinner: The bureaucracy in the FBI has become increasingly complex and inefficient. It might take days for your incident report and order to close the investigation to make it through the proper channels. Welcome back, you two.

[ FOX MULDER - Special Agent (sign on office door) ]

Mulder: Surveillance footage?

Scully: Yeah, from Nugenics. I've been working on syncing all the cameras to the exact time code of Dr. Sanjay's suicide. (sighing) There. What happened to you at Sanjay's apartment, Mulder? I can understand why you wouldn't want to tell Skinner, but I was there, I saw you on your knees in pain.

Mulder: I heard sounds. It was a high-pitched frequency, like-like a steel spike being driven through my head. And then it focused into two words... "Find her."

Scully: There were no sounds. I didn't hear anything.

Mulder: Look at those birds.

Scully: Maybe they seeded the lawn that morning.

Mulder: Infrasounds, Scully. Vibrations inaudible to the human ear but known to drive the worms up through the soil to the surface, in response to them.

Scully: Mulder, how are these connected? The birds, the suicide, the kids, the genetic anomalies. What are you hiding?

Mulder: Augustus Goldman is the only one who might know how it all fits together. We gotta talk to him. What are you hiding?

(keyboard clacks)

Scully: Sanjay heard sounds... right before he committed suicide. That could be you, Mulder. This is dangerous.

Mulder: (scoffs) When has that ever stopped us before?

Scully: I might know how to get to Goldman.


Sister Mary: Augustus. Yes, I know him well, but he's a very private person. Some would say reclusive. Without him, we wouldn't have the resources to help these women in need. He's a true champion of the unborn.

Scully: Dr. Goldman is a blessing. That's why we're here today. I've become aware of a situation that I wanted to share with you. Dr. Goldman is under investigation.

Mulder: Obamacare.

Scully: We wanted to spare him the indignity of having the government knock at his door unannounced. I was wondering if we could meet with him in private.

Sister Mary: Dana, I'm afraid Our Lady of Sorrows cannot be a conduit for the FBI to one of our biggest donors.

Scully: Sister Mary, I've worked here for seven years. You know me.

Sister Mary: Yes, and I know your heart's in the right place.

Scully: I wouldn't ask if it weren't important.

Sister Mary: I have a number I can call. I'll agree to relay a message.

Scully: Thank you.

Mulder: Ask Dr. Goldman if he'll talk to us about the Founder's Mutation.

Sister Mary: Stay here.

(tapping on glass)

Agnes: I got to get out of here.

Mulder: What's your name?

Agnes: Agnes. You got a car?

Scully: Do you want to call someone?

Agnes: You think if I could call someone I would be asking you? Just forget it. I knew you weren't gonna help me.

Scully: Agnes. Wait. I'm a doctor. You can tell me anything.

Agnes: I don't belong here. Not with these sheep. I don't care what I signed.

Scully: The hospital is only concerned with the health of the mother and the baby.

Agnes: My baby.

Scully: Of course, your baby.

Agnes: I changed my mind. I'm not giving it up. I don't care if he's sick.

Mulder: Sick?

Agnes: My baby's not right. They saw it on the... ultrasound thing, and I had a feeling, you know, ever since I got pregnant. But everybody here has the same story. Just don't say anything. I was just kidding around, okay?

Mulder: If you ever want to talk.

Sister Mary: I've spoken to Augustus. He said he'd be happy to meet you.

Scully: Thank you.

Mulder: Sister Mary, how are the patients chosen to be here?

Sister Mary: They're homeless, damaged in one way or another. Alcohol, drugs, no fathers in the picture. Men and their lies. No offense. Desire is the devil's pitchfork. But as long as there's a need and an innocent child, we'll provide for each and every one.

Mulder: It's insidious, Scully. A ward for pregnant women paid for by Augustus Goldman, the founder of a company with deep ties to the Department of Defense. This could be another phase of the project-- their experiments in eugenics. Those women in there... could be incubators.

Scully: Mulder... I'm not a fragile little girl.

Mulder: Scully...

Scully: This is what you suspected all along, but were afraid to articulate. Is this what you believe happened to me 15 years ago? When I got pregnant, when I had my baby? Was I just an incubator?

Mulder: You're never "just" anything to me, Scully.

Scully: Do you ever think about William?

Mulder: Yes, of course I do, but I've... I feel like I've had to put that behind me.

Scully: He'd be 15 years old now. And I've missed every single year of his life. And sometimes... I hate myself that I didn't have the courage to stand by him.

Mulder: You did what you did to keep him safe. His adoption is secret, his location is unknown because you had to protect him.

Scully: Do you believe he was an experiment?

Mulder: I don't know.

Scully: What if he's out there somewhere, like one of those kids on Sanjay's wall, fighting for his life?

Mulder: All we can do, Scully, is pull the thread, see what it unravels.

(class bell ringing, student chatting)

Scully: It's the first day of school. Are you nervous? Your hands are sweaty.

William: Ew! That's you.

Scully: (laughs) What's the most important thing to remember?

William: Sit still, listen, say "excuse me" if you fart.

Scully: (laughs) The most important thing to remember is that I love you. That's all you have to remember. Come on, let's go say hi to your teacher. Thank you.

(bell ringing, kids chattering)

William: Hi, Mom. Bye, Mom.

Scully: Be home in time for dinner!

Scully: (quietly): Will...

William: I'm scared.

Scully: You're gonna be fine. You've just broken your arm. Does it hurt anywhere else? Okay, we're gonna get you to the hospital, and take some X-rays to make sure you don't have a concussion, okay, honey?

William: Mom! Mom, please! Mom!

Scully: (gasps)

William: What's happening to me?

♪ ♪


Dr. Goldman: "Founder's Mutation." Intriguing message.

Mulder: It's what Sanjay wrote on his hand.

Dr. Goldman: Yes, before his unfortunate act of self-destruction. Very dramatic, but meaningless.

Scully: I've read everything you published, Dr. Goldman. It seems your research deals primarily with genetic manipulation.

Dr. Goldman: Let me try to explain to you what we do here. It's no secret. We're trying to save children. I won't tell you their last names, to protect their privacy, but I can tell you what they are fighting against-- Proteus syndrome... Crouzon syndrome... all kinds of cancerous tumors... epidermal displasia... Pitt-Hawkins syndrome, ichthyosis, Marfan syndrome, among others. We are a cutting-edge research facility for these unfortunate patients. There's absolutely no cost involved to be treated here. Would you like to talk to him?

Scully: Sure.

(switch clicks)

Dr. Goldman: Adam?

Dr. Goldman (over speaker): You have a visitor.

Scully (over speaker): Hi, Adam.

Scully: My name is Dr. Scully. How long have you been here, Adam?

Adam: Forever.

Scully: And where are your parents?

Adam: I don't have any.

Dr. Goldman: He was sent to us as a baby. Adam has a form of Crouzon syndrome.

Scully: And why is he in a sealed room? All of the children. He has a genetic disorder. He's not contagious.

Dr. Goldman: Thank you, Adam. We are working with therapies unavailable anywhere in the world. We need to eliminate the environmental factors that could affect the outcome. I am searching for the key that was the seed to all of these terrible genetic abnormalities.

Scully: Alien DNA? Is that why the Department of Defense is funding your research?

Dr. Goldman: Dr. Scully, I was told that you were the rational one.

Molly: No! Let go!

Man: Molly! Oop!

Molly: Let go of me! No! No! No! No! No!

Dr. Goldman: I'm afraid that that is all the time that I have. Sarah will show you out.

Sarah: This way, please.

Scully: He didn't answer my question.

(Molly screaming)

Molly: Let go of me!

Man: Molly! Molly!

Molly: No! No! No! No!

(Molly continues screaming and yelling)

Scully: Did you see that, Mulder?

Mulder: Interesting.


Mulder: Something's happened to Agnes.

Officer: We found the victim with your card in her pocket. Hit and run-- car was moving pretty fast. Skid marks from back there up to the point of impact.

(siren approaching)

Officer: We're checking cameras in the area. No witnesses.

Scully: What about the baby?

Officer: What are you talking about?

Scully: She was pregnant.

Mulder: The baby's gone.

(siren wailing)

Scully: Mulder...

Mulder: Hmm?

Scully: Agnes died from blunt force trauma. Most likely from the impact of the car. Her right ulna was broken in two places, her lungs were lacerated by broken ribs, and her skull was crushed.

Mulder: What about the baby?

Scully: Surgically removed. I couldn't tell if the fetus was still alive when it was taken from her womb, but... they took it, Mulder. To get rid of evidence. Agnes wanted to talk. She left the hospital. That baby was the only proof that she was part of Goldman's experiment.

Mulder: What if the baby was still alive?

Scully: Mulder, that car hit her so hard that a, an adult woman with the benefit of a mature skeletal structure wasn't able to survive the impact. It's highly unlikely that the baby would remain viable.

Mulder: Unlikely for human fetuses. In 1973, the Syndicate was convened to assist in a project to colonize the world by creating alien/human hybrids. The project was ultimately unsuccessful. I doubt they ever stopped trying.

Scully: But what you're talking about is changing the genetic makeup of a population. That's the next step in evolution.

Mulder: Every new species begins with a Founder's Mutation. One child with the correct combination of DNA could be a start.

Scully: There was a study published last year in Nature Communications, by Batini and Hallast, that found that Y chromosomes in the majority of European men could be traced back to just three individuals from the Bronze Age.

Mulder: I did some digging around the police archives, looking for anything related to Goldman. 17 years ago, Jackie Goldman was remanded to St. Elizabeth's hospital as a forensics patient. She was adjudicated criminally insane.

Scully: Dr. Goldman's wife?

Mulder: She was convicted of murdering her baby. That body also was never found.


Mulder: Mrs. Goldman, we'd like to ask you a few questions about your husband. About his work?

Scully: Mulder, she hasn't said anything in ten minutes.


Mulder: You don't like cats?

Mrs. Goldman: What do you want?

Scully: Can we ask you a few questions, Jackie?

Mrs. Goldman: Not about my husband. He is the one still keeping me here.

Mulder: Do you miss your daughter?

Mrs. Goldman: Molly.

[ Flashback ]

Mrs. Goldman: You should see, uh, that one, that one.

Mrs. Goldman (O.C.): I love my daughter. But... there was... something odd... about her. I felt it from the day she was born. I-I didn't know for sure... until she was two.

Mrs. Goldman: Where's Molly?

Mrs. Goldman (O.C.): She fell in the pool and nobody noticed. Molly was underwater for at least ten minutes. She should've been dead. I never told anyone else this. Not only was she alive... she was breathing in the water.

(muffled exclamation)

[ End Flashback ]

Mrs. Goldman: The other moms thought it was a miracle. But I knew what it was. My husband... did... something to the embryo. He used our own daughter for his research. I was nine months pregnant at the time. I was not about to let him have my son. I had to get away from that monster.

[ Flashback ]

Mrs. Goldman: (gasping)

Dr. Goldman: Please... don't go. I love you.

Mrs. Goldman: I want my daughter, Augustus.

Dr. Goldman: She is safe, so are you, right here with me.

Mrs. Goldman: What did you do to her?!

Dr. Goldman: Jackie! Jackie!

Mrs. Goldman: No! (panting)

[ End Flashback ]

Mrs. Goldman: He took Molly away. He hid her from me. So I got in the car and I drove. I just drove, no idea where to go. I knew there was no chance they would leave me alone. I had another baby in my belly.

Mulder: "They"?

Mrs. Goldman: The government. Augustus worked for them. I couldn't trust anyone. Especially the police. I was so scared. I was going too fast.

[ Flashback ]

Mrs. Goldman (O.C.): And there was an animal in the middle of the road. I-I panicked and I crashed.






Mrs. Goldman (O.C.): I thought I was gonna die.

(rapid gasping)

Mrs. Goldman (O.C.): But that's when I heard the sound.

(tone ringing)


[ End Flashback ]

Mrs. Goldman: It was so loud and piercing; it hurt. It was in my head.

[ Flashback ]

(tone ringing)


Mrs. Goldman (O.C.): He was talking to me in the only way that he knew how. And I knew what I had to do.

[ End Flashback ]

Mrs. Goldman: They said I killed my baby. I didn't.

[ Flashback ]

Mrs. Goldman (O.C.): I let him out.

[ End Flashback ]

Scully: Do you know what happened to your son?

Mrs. Goldman: Passed out from loss of blood. Woke up in a hospital. I never saw my boy again. I think about him every day.

Scully: A mother never forgets.

Scully: All my training, everything that I know about psychology tells me that she's delusional, but, Mulder, there's something about her that I trust.

Mulder: She heard a tone in her head, a screech-- that's what happened to me.

Scully: Are you saying that you think the baby that communicated with her communicated with you?

Mulder: Wouldn't be a baby anymore. Excuse me. Uh, you don't work for the hospital, do you? You're a subcontractor?

Man: Yeah. A-1 Janitorial. We're all over the city.

Mulder: Thank you. Thanks.

Mulder: A-1 Janitorial also services Nugenics. You'll recognize the uniform. He's cleaning the office directly above the Secured Servers vault. He's no more than 15 feet away from Dr. Sanjay at the time of his death.

(tapping keys)

Scully: Action, reaction.


Mulder: I made a request for the name of the janitor on duty. Turns out he also worked at St. Elizabeth's last month. High school dropout Kyle Gilligan. We got him.

Scully: I'm Special Agent Scully. This is Special Agent Mulder. We'd like to speak with Kyle Gilligan.

Mrs. Gilligan: I'm his mother.

Mulder: Is he around? We'd like to ask him a few questions about an incident at work.

Mrs. Gilligan: The suicide?

Mulder: You heard about that.

Mrs. Gilligan: There's not a thing that goes on in my son's life that I don't know.

Scully: Well, we'd still like to speak with him.

Mrs. Gilligan: He's got nothing to say.

Scully: Why don't you let us decide that?

Mrs. Gilligan: I don't like to expose my son to stressful situations. It's not good for him. He doesn't understand it. He's simple. And he's a minor. And I won't allow it.

Mulder: You didn't give birth to Kyle.

Scully: (quietly) Mulder...

Mrs. Gilligan: What did you say?

Mulder: After the accident, where'd you find him?

Mrs. Gilligan: Get the hell off my porch.

Mulder: Your son is unique; have you ever wondered why?

Mrs. Gilligan: Get out!

Scully: Mulder, she's making it pretty clear.

(birds cawing, wings fluttering)

(birds screeching, squawking)

Mrs. Gilligan: (quietly) Bad things happen when the birds gather.

(tone ringing)

Mulder: Aah!

(ringing intensifies)

Mulder: Aah... (groaning)

Scully: Mulder...? Mulder! Mulder! (gasps) Where is he?!

(tone ringing intensely)

Mulder: (yelling in pain)

Scully: Where is he?!

(birds squawking)

(mother shouting)

(tone continues ringing)

(tone ringing)

Scully: Whatever you're doing, stop right there.


Mrs. Gilligan: Don't take him! (crying) Don't! Please don't take him! He didn't know what he was doing! He was just trying to protect me!

Mulder: Is that true, Kyle? That you don't know what you're doing? Why did you kill Dr. Sanjay?

Kyle: I didn't want him to die.

Mulder: You made him kill himself.

Kyle: No! I would never. He was... was helping me.

Mulder: You got inside his head. You got inside my head. You can make people hear things. Like you just did; like you did to me in Sanjay's apartment. But you can't control it.

Kyle: I just want to find my sister.

Scully: Molly?

Mulder: At the hospital, where you worked. You heard Jackie's story.

Kyle: She told me that he has her. And Jackie is my real mother, okay? I have to find my sister.

Mulder: Kyle, nobody knows where she is.

Scully: I know who knows.

(switch clicks)

(switch clicks)

Dr. Goldman: Hmm. Would you mind if I took some blood?

Kyle: Where's Molly?

Dr. Goldman: How do you know that name?

Kyle: My... (gasps, groans) ...mother told me to find her.

Dr. Goldman: And what would you do... once you found her?

Kyle: I don't... know.

Dr. Goldman: I'm gonna let you meet Molly.

Kyle: Molly?

(quiet laugh)

Molly: What's your name?

Kyle: Kyle. (quiet laugh) No. Y-You're not my sister. No!

(clattering, thudding)

Scully: Kyle...?

Kyle: Molly? You're Molly.

Molly (telepathically): I didn't know I had a brother.

Kyle: I can hear you. Are you ready?


Mulder: Kyle!

(electrical buzzing and crackling)

Dr. Goldman: Molly! No! No!

Molly: Daddy, just let me go!

Dr. Goldman: Get the hell away from her!

(tone ringing, electrical buzzing)


Scully: Kyle!

Mulder: Scully!

(Goldman screaming)

(electrical buzzing)

Mulder: Aah!

(Goldman screams in agony)

(tone ringing intensely)

(Goldman screaming)

Skinner, keep your people behind the red tape.

(helicopter flying over)

Skinner: Department of Defense has control of the facility. It's now classified as top secret. We no longer have jurisdiction here.

Scully: Have they found Molly or Kyle?

Skinner: You were the last one to see them, Agent Mulder.

Mulder: I blacked out after Goldman's eyes popped out of their sockets. Believe me, you can't unsee that.

Skinner: Well, they're gone; there's no trace of them anywhere.

(helicopter flying over)

Scully: Kyle's blood.

Mulder: A trace.

[ Flashback ]

(growls, screeches)

William: Monkeys.

Mulder: Yeah, that's... well, that's early man, William.

(screeching, hooting)

Mulder: And that's the monolith.

William: What's a "momomyth"?

Mulder: Some people think it represents our first contact with aliens. Other people think it represents the beginning of human knowledge. I... I think one day you'll probably have your own ideas about it.

(hooting, grunting, screeching)

William: Dad...

Mulder: Hmm?

William: My fin broke.

Mulder: Oh.

William: Space is hard.

Mulder: "All great and honorable actions are undertaken with great difficulty." (imitating President Kennedy): "We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do other things, not because they're easy...

Both: "But because they are hard."


Mulder: That's right.

William: Come on, let's light this candle. We'll do yours first.

Mulder: Okay. There you go. You ready?

William: Yep.

Mulder: Five, four, three, two, one.

William: Ignition. I'm gonna go up there someday.

William (O.C.): Dad!

Mulder: William!


William: Dad!

Mulder: No!

(rumbling fades)

[ End Flashback ]

♪ ♪

Scully: Right now, we are in deep trouble.


Scully: We'll be getting another case, Mulder. It has a monster in it.

(both yelling)

Scully: It's a fresh kill.

Mulder: So we're looking for a man-sized horned lizard with human teeth.

Scully: Mulder, the internet is not good for you.



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