10x04 - Home Again

(men shouting) _

You people were told this was coming.

This is the first phase in a relocation project that will see you transferred to the old Franklin Hospital in Bucks County!

Any personal items collected tonight by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development can be retrieved... (woman sobbing) at our field office at 1804 South Walnut Street.

(woman shouting)

That's just where I'll be.

(men continue shouting)

Hey, give me a ride back to the field office.


(indistinct chatter)

Your street is next!

Tomorrow morning! You've been warned.

(wind whistling softly) _

(quiet rumbling)

Hey! Hey, come on!

(rumbling continues)

(zipper closes)

(truck engine idling)

♪ ♪

(turns pages)

Landry. Cutler.

You still down there? Everything okay?

Any problems?

(sniffs, gags)

(electrical crackling)



(gasps softly)

(clang in distance)

Somebody out there?




This is Joseph Cutler.

I'm at 1809 South Walnut. There's an intruder.

Operator: Sir, we're notifying the police.

Are you in danger?

(Cutler panting)


Sir, tell us what's happening.


(Cutler screams)

Operator: Sir?

(Cutler yells)

Sir, are you there?

(flies buzzing)


(camera clicking, indistinct police radio chatter)

I'm Special Agent Dana Scully, and this is Special Agent Fox Mulder.


How you doing?

I'm Aaron Dross. I called the Bureau.

They said that you two have experience with these, um... spooky cases.

Well, I don't want to be confrontational here, but, uh...

It wouldn't be Philadelphia without a certain degree of confrontation, right?

Look, all I'm saying is just because I called for a hand doesn't mean I'm looking to pass off this investigation to you.

I'm sure I don't have to point out to you, Detective, that the FBI has jurisdiction over the murder of a federal employee.

Have you tried polyvinyl siloxane to try to lift the print?

It's not that I can't lift a print, it's just... there's no prints to lift.

A footprint is here, but there are no ridges.

Well, it looks like this person was born without footprints.

Which is impossible... by the way.

Where was the victim found?

He's still here.

He's there.

And, uh, his head... is in a trash can here.

Not even in the proper recycling bin.

Both arms are gone, too.

Must have been a sword or machete.

Scully: The supraspinatus and the deltoideus appear to be shredded from the torso, not severed, as do the other points of separation.

So what are you telling me, that he was pulled apart?

Scully: Well, I don't think that would be possible for a... for a single human being.

(phone vibrating)

You know, the homeless out there-- they hate this guy, this Cutler.

See him as a reason for them having to relocate out to the old Franklin Hospital.

When a medieval prisoner was drawn and quartered, it took four horses charging off in four directions at full speed to tear him apart.

(phone continues vibrating)

Bill, I'm at a crime scene.

Is everything okay?

Are you still in Germany?



(phone beeps)


That was, uh... that was my brother.

He just...

The EMTs found his phone number.

Uh, my mom's just had a heart attack.

She's in ICU in DC.

You go.



(breathing heavily)

Mulder: Here are the four mounted security cameras.

There's the first one knocked out of position.

Then the second one.

And the third.

And I saw that Cutler's was knocked out.

But Cutler's eye-line is trained above the door, about Tim Duncan height.

We can eliminate any 76ers, 'cause those guys can't find the rim.


Look at that.

The billboard outside Cutler's office.

At the time of the murder, there's no artwork on it or graffiti.

That street art was put up this morning.

After Cutler's murder.

Maybe the artist that put it up there is saying something or saw something.

I'm gonna see if it's signed or if anybody knows who made it.


(shoe squeaks)

♪ ♪

(monitor beeping, air pumping steadily)


Are you related to Margaret?

Yes, I'm her daughter.

I'm Dana Scully.

She regained consciousness for a few moments.

She repeatedly asked for someone named Charlie?

Charlie's... my brother, her youngest son.

They were estranged.

Oh, I thought you'd want to know.

She didn't ask for me or-or Bill?

Or her grandchildren?

Just Charlie.

Hi, Mom.

It's me, Dana.

I'm here.

I've been where you are.

I know that Ahab is there.

And Melissa.

But, Mom, I'm here.

Bill Jr.'s here.

And William.

William's here.

And Charlie... is here.


Please, Mom, don't go home yet.

I need you.

(police radio chatter)

Hey, Officer?


I'm gonna need access to the roof of that building.

Officer: Yes, sir.

All right?

Woman: Landry, I'm not finished with you!

Landry: Look, look, this street gets cleaned out tomorrow morning.

Not after I get an injunction. This street is a crime scene.

Landry: Are you blaming these poor people for Joseph's murder?

Woman: Doesn't his murder convince you how much these people hate what you're doing to them?

Are you threatening me?

I've been threatening you for six months.

Well, stop.

Special Agent Mulder with the FBI.

And who are these two fine representatives of the City of Brotherly Love?


Daryl Landry. I've been working with Joseph Cutler.

We've been redeveloping this area.


And you are? And why do you think someone down here killed him?

Nancy Huff.

I'm the president of the Central Bucks County school board.

And this... douche bag and Cutler are moving... - Oh, you guys married?


To him?


Oh. "Douche bag." I thought maybe...

Yeah, him and Cutler are moving these poor homeless out of this area in order to build a ten-story apartment building to kick-start gentrification.

Landry: The old Franklin State Hospital is in her district, just sitting there empty.

We're taking these poor people out of the downtown to that facility, away from the drug bazaar, the rats, the urine in the streets.

I want these people to be safe and comfortable as much as anyone.

I come down here every Thanksgiving and serve turkey dinners.

Oh. But?

But the Franklin Hospital is just two blocks from Pennsbury High School.

If one of these... downtown people killed Cutler, would you want that person moved near your children?

Okay, okay, okay, I hear you speaking for them, but really you're speaking for yourself.

And I hear you speaking for them, but really speaking for yourself.

What I don't hear is who speaks for them.

The Band-Aid Nose Man.

Band-Aid Nose Man?

What is that? That's...

Name of the artist? Who is that?

You know where I can find him?

(monitor beeping, air pumping steadily)

Mulder: I don't know if my being here will help bring you back... but I'm here.

♪ ♪

(phone vibrating)

Hey, Bill.

What time is it where you are?

What time is your flight from Frankfurt?

(rapid beeping in distance)

(monitor flatlining)

Scully: Oh.

I think you should get here as soon as you can.

Oh, I can't...

How am I to know that?

I-I won't answer as to whether she's going to die before you get here.

Bill, yes, I'm a doctor, but I'm also her daughter.

Well, we'll keep her on life support.

That's... that's what she wanted.

Yes. Mom and I talked about it after my experience in a coma.

She said that she wanted us to do everything that we could to keep her alive.

Her advance directive is on the Living Will Registry.



(monitor beeping, air pumping steadily)


Mulder: Clean?

So clean. There's nothing here.

You can confirm that there's no presence of any pathogenic agents?

No, Mulder.

I mean, there's nothing.

Something's there.

Some material appears apparent, but it's also not there.

I used backscattered electron imaging to separate and identify inorganic particles from organic materials, and I found neither.

There's no organic material on this Band-Aid, but there's no inorganic material either.

It's not alive.

It's not dead.

(monitor beeping, air pumping steadily)

Nurse? Is it wise to administer a hypertonic saline to a cardiac arrest patient?

Agent Scully, we had to confirm your mother's advance directive, and it indicates that she not be resuscitated if unconscious or requires artificial respiration.

She amended it last year.

It's signed and witnessed by two retired naval officers.

(labored breathing)

Let's see what we got here.


This one's so big.


This is new territory. It's not like him.

We should go to Sotheby's on this.

Never knew you could make so much money off the homeless.


I'll call our usual collectors.

Put that away.


I got it.

Let's go, buddy.


All right.



(wheels squeaking)

(flies buzzing)


You input that new guy's number we met from last week?

(phone chimes)


The waitress from the bar?

(singsongy): She's got a friend.

What are you doing?

Why'd you turn it around, man?

Those slats will mess up the paint.

Dude, what are you doing?



(doors creak, thud)

(garbage truck clattering, rumbling)

(monitor beeping, air pumping steadily)

We have to extubate her.

It's not necessarily termination, but we not only have to honor the law, Dana, we also have to respect your mother's wishes.

(phone vibrating)

(phone beeps)


Mulder: I'm here.

(bus brakes squeak)

Landry: All right!

Time to go to your new home.

Everyone on the bus.

Huff: Excuse me.

Man: Let's go.

Landry: Oh.

This is an injunction against this operation, Landry.

If any of these buses show up at Franklin Hospital, they'll be turned away by Bucks County sheriffs.

Mulder: There was some artwork displayed outside Cutler's office after the murder.

It was of a figure the people on the street believes defends them.

The street artist that made the artwork goes by the name "Trashman" -- no one knows his real name.

Stays anonymous. No one's ever seen him.

I suspect the subject may be a mission-oriented killer who believes he's helping the homeless by eliminating those involved with the relocation.

And I would stay, but I suspect the subject will kill again.

She asked for Charlie before she fell into the coma.

Your brother?


Just him. Not Bill or me or...

I don't even know where he is.

He hasn't bothered with her or with us for years.

Why would she do that?

And why would she change her living will without talking to me?

And what's this? Oh.

I've never seen her wear it.

The-the date has no significance.

It's not any of our birthdays.

It's not dad's death or Melissa's.

I mean, what is it about that quarter that she would frame it to put it around her neck?

Doctor: Are you ready to extubate?

Woman: Yes, Doctor.

Doctor: You have a stent on hand?

Woman: Removing the tube.

On her next exhale.

Man: Ready?

I don't care about the big questions right now, Mulder.

I just want one more chance to ask my mom a few little ones.

(over car stereo): ♪ when you're alone ♪
♪ and life is making you lonely ♪
♪ you can always go ♪
♪ downtown ♪
♪ when you've got worries, all the noise and the hurry ♪
♪ seems to help, I know ♪
♪ downtown... ♪

(car stereo clicks off)

(thunder rumbling)

MAN (recorded): Hey, honey, letting you know I checked in at the hotel. I'll call you on the way to the meeting.

Kids are good. They're staying at Ed and Melinda's. Love you.

(thunder rumbling)


(garbage truck rumbling, brakes hissing)


(phone beeps) _

("Downtown" by Petula Clark playing)


♪ when you're alone and life is making you lonely ♪
♪ you can always go ♪
♪ downtown ♪
♪ when you've got worries, all the noise and the hurry ♪
♪ seems to help, I know ♪
♪ downtown ♪
♪ just listen to the music of the traffic in the city ♪
♪ linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty ♪
♪ how can you lose? ♪
♪ the lights are much brighter there ♪
♪ you can forget all your troubles ♪
♪ forget all your cares ♪
♪ so go downtown ♪
♪ things will be great when you're downtown ♪
♪ no finer place, for sure ♪
♪ downtown ♪
♪ you're gonna be all right now ♪



(grunting, panting)

downtown, downtown
♪ and you may find somebody kind to help and understand you ♪
♪ someone who is just like you ♪
♪ and needs a gentle hand to guide them along ♪
♪ so maybe I'll see you there ♪


♪ we can forget all our troubles ♪

(flies buzzing)

♪ forget all our cares, so go downtown ♪
♪ things will be great when you're downtown ♪
♪ everything's waiting for you ♪
downtown, downtown
♪ downtown ♪

(thunder rumbling)

(monitor beeping, air pumping steadily)

Back in the day, did... we ever come across the ability to just... wish someone back to life?

I invented it.

When you were in the hospital, like this.

You're a dark wizard, Mulder.

What else is new? (laughs)

(phone vibrating)



Did Bill call you?

Yeah. Um...

Mom asked for you.

Charlie, can you just say something to her, please?

Just anything. I don't know.

Just... (sighs)

Do what I can't do.

Bring her back to us.


I'll put it on speakerphone.

(phone beeps)

I've got Charlie here.

He's on the phone.

I know you can hear him.

Charlie: Mom? It's me.

It's Charlie.

I heard you were asking for me, so... here I am, for once.

What do you want to know?

What's the big mystery?

Anything? Any reaction?

Well, her pulse rate quickened, but I didn't see her move.


She just opened her eyes.

Do you know where you are?

Do you know your name?

My son... is named William, too.

Mom? Mom.

Mom. Mom, it's Dana.

(monitor beeping rapidly)

Mom, I'm here. I'm here.

(monitor flatlining)

Come back to us. Mom? Mom?

Charlie: Dana? Dana?


What's going on?


No! You get that out of here!

Get that out of here!

Scully! Scully!

No. Margaret's an organ donor.

They need her right away.

Let her go.


Her last words to us... (sniffles) were about our child.

Her grandchild.

That we gave away.

Why did she say that?

Why did she have to say that?



Mulder, let's drive to Philadelphia.

I need to work.

No. No, no, no.

Yes. Right now.

No, I get it, Scully, I do.

But not right now.

Mulder, right now.

I need to work right now.

Man: I broke down the paint samples you chipped away from the Trashman's signature and analyzed it with vibrational spectography.

It defines binders, pigments and additives that are used in spray paint.

The binder present in this breakdown was patented by a brand called Cannonz and used only in their high-end spray paints.

Product locator indicates there's only one store in Central Philadelphia that carries it.



(engine starts)

Federal agents!

We're looking for the Trashman.

I'm just letting you know, guys, from here on down, there's no light.

Power's out.


What? I wasn't gonna shoot the kid.

And I don't do stairs anymore.

Mulder, back in the day, I used to do stairs and in three-inch heels.

"Back in the day."

Scully, "back in the day" is now.

(door creaks)

(water dripping)

♪ ♪

(rat squeaking)

(door thuds)

What the hell?


Federal agents! Open up!

If you're in danger, we're here to help.

Man: I am in danger!

But go away.

Man: Put the guns down! They don't work on them!

Put them away! They don't work!

I tried.

I've tried to shoot them.

You the Trashman?

Turn down the light, man.

Turn down the light.

If they don't see me and I don't see them, they can't hurt me.

The people on the streets-- the homeless, street people-- they ain't got no voice, right?

They get treated like trash.

I mean, actual trash.

It's like this.

You throw your grande cup or your pop bottle in the right trash can under the sink-- recyclables here, trash there-- you tie it in a bag, you take it outside, you put it in the right dumpsters.

Pat yourself on the head.

You're a good person, yeah?

You did the right thing, you fought global warming, you love all the little animals.

Well, Friday come, Wednesday maybe, garbageman takes the trash away.

It's not your problem anymore.


But it is your problem, because it piles up in the landfill.

And the plastics leak toxins into the water and the sky.

But if you don't see a problem, there's no problem, right?

People treat people like trash.

Mulder: So, what, you took care of the problem?

I did my part.

By killing Joseph Cutler and Nancy Huff and those two art thieves?

Nah, I was just trying to give those people a voice the only way I know how-- through art.

Not violence.

Something I can put around town, so they wouldn't be forgotten.

A stencil that looked over the Bad Suit Building Man, looked down on the Lawn Gnome Suburban Lady.

Well, why'd you put up the art after the fact?

The-the morning of Cutler's murder?

I didn't.

That-that... that wasn't me.

I only thought him up.

You know?

Those people who got killed-- that was only him.


Who-who is him?

You saw those things in the hall.


I made them.

I didn't mean to, but I made 'em.

They'll go away, eventually.

They're fading.

But the Band-Aid Nose Man... he's different.

Tibetan Buddhists would call him a Tulpa.

A thought form using mind and energy to will a consciousness into existence.

Tulpa is a 1929 Theosophist mistranslation of the Tibetan word "tulku," meaning "a manifestation body."

There is no idea in Tibetan Buddhism of a thought form or thought as form.

And a... and a realized tulku would never harm anyone, let alone kill.

Okay. But I'm telling you.

I spend a lot of energy in my art.

I, uh, meditated on it.

I willed it.

What I wanted him to look like, what I wanted him to be, and why I wanted him.


(baby crying)

(gasping): Oh, oh!


I didn't bring him here.

He came to me.

(baby crying)

But in the end, he told me what he wanted to be.

All we do is hold the pencil.

All we do is hold the clay.

I think there must be spirits and souls floating all around us.

And if you think real hard or you want them so bad...

they come to you.

What are you gonna call him?


And then they become alive with a life of their own.

My son... is named William, too.

Our son, Mulder.

(crying): I gave him up.

This... this is what came to me in my dreams.

From some other place, yeah?

But now it's alive and it's out there.

Down to the Band-Aid I used to hold the clay in place.

Who would copy this?

And did you smell it?

It smells like nothing on this Earth.

It has its own life.

Does what it wants.

I just wanted to scare 'em, scare anyone that took dignity away from the homeless.

That's where the violent idea popped in my head.

It was just an emotion that ran through my head.

An idea is dangerous, even a small one.

But now he uses that violent idea.

He thinks that is what he is supposed to do.

You are responsible.

If you made the problem, if it was your idea... then you're responsible.

You put it out of sight, so that it wouldn't be your problem.

But you're just as bad as the people that you hate.

If what you believe is possible, the last person involved in the relocation would be Landry.

He got the injunction lifted.

They're moving people out to Franklin Hospital tonight.

(bus brakes squeak)

All right, all right.

I'm paying a lot of good money for all this.

Let's get going.

Time to go home.

We're looking for Daryl Landry.

Mr. Landry, this is Agent Mulder.

I need you to call me back.


It's urgent.

(indistinct chatter)

Man: I want my dog.

I said it. I didn't want to be be here if they wouldn't let me have my dog.

Sir, go to your room.

The dogs have been sent to the shelter.

I'm sure you can find it there.

Woman: Mr. Landry, sir?


(doors closing)

(flies buzzing)



Somebody down there?


This area is off limits!


Come back here to the rooms.

(electricity buzzing)


♪ ♪

(flies buzzing)


♪ ♪


(footsteps thudding)






(screaming in distance)

(footsteps thudding)


(flies buzzing)


There's one way out of this room.

He just screamed seconds ago.

How did we not see whoever did this to him leave the room?

♪ ♪

(seagull cawing)

I know now why Mom asked for Charlie, even though he was out of her life.

She wanted to know before she left that he'd be okay.

She gave birth to him.

She made him.

He's her responsibility.

And that's why she said what she said to us.

She wanted to make sure that we'd be responsible to know that William's okay.

Even though we can't see him.

I know that as parents, we made a difficult sacrifice to keep him safe.

That it was for his own good to put him up for adoption.

But I can't help but think of him, Fox.

I can't help it.

I believe that you will find all of your answers.

You will find the answers to the biggest mysteries, and I will be there when you do.

But my mysteries...

I'll never have answered.

I won't know if he thinks of me, too, or if he's ever been afraid and wished that I was there.

Does he doubt himself because we left him?

What questions does he have of me?

The same that I have with this quarter?

And I want to believe... (sniffles) I need to believe, that we didn't treat him like trash.