10x05 - Babylon

(speaking Arabic)

(woman singing in Arabic)

♪ ♪

(woman continues singing in Arabic)

(engine revving)

♪ you can crawl back home, say you were wrong ♪
♪ stand out in the yard... ♪


(woman chuckling)

Woman: Looks like we got a visitor.

Woman 2: A little brownie.

Man: Are we in the wrong country then? Huh?

Woman: All right, all right.

(truck engine revving)

♪ oh, damn, oh, damn! ♪

(turns engine off)

(speaking Arabic)

(Arabic music playing on CD)

(door open alarm dinging)

(people shouting, screaming)

(shouts and screams echoing)


Scully: - What am I hearing, Mulder?

According to eyewitnesses-- or "earwitnesses," as it were-- it sounded like trumpets playing.

From nowhere in particular?

No apparent source.

Music as if from the heavens themselves, as if God himself was making music, blowing his own horn.

Since when do you believe in God, Mulder?

What makes you think I do?

"God himself"?

I speak merely as an investigator. Reports from Belarus to Canada, France, Italy, Germany, the Ukraine...

But as an investigator, you seem to give this phenomenon credibility.

It's not important what I believe, Scully.

It's important what they believe.

The earwitnesses.

And what do they believe?

"And I saw the seven angels that stood before God, and to them were given seven trumpets."

Revelations 8:2.

A herald of end times.

You know that prophecies like this have been going on for centuries.

Failed prognostications of doom, failed prophecy, even in the Bible.

Yeah, God told Adam that if he ate the forbidden fruit he'd die, and he lived 930 years.

Top that.

You know that didn't literally happen, right?

I'm just sayin'.

It's your book.

(knocking on door)

Man: - Hello?

Anyone down here?

Nobody but the FBI's Most Unwanted.

I've been waiting 23 years to say that.

How'd it feel?

Pretty good.


It's open. Come on in.

Special Agent Fox Mulder?


And to whom am I speaking?

I'm Special Agent Miller. This is Special Agent Einstein.

You're Special Agent Einstein?

I claim a distant relation, if that's what you're referring to.

For-forgive Agent Scully's impertinence.

She wrote her dissertation on Einstein's twin paradox.

Excuse me, but I was definitely told you were a medical doctor.

I am. But I'm also a scientist.

Because I'm a medical doctor.


And you're a profiler, obsessed with the paranormal?

That's why we're here, actually.

When we should be at the airport.

You both heard about the terrorist bombing of an art gallery in Texas.

Yes. Two young Muslim men protesting the depiction of Mohammed.

Wearing suicide bomber vests.

Can we get to the business section, please?

Nine people killed in the act but one of the bombers survived.

Einstein: Technically.

Medically, he's in a persistent vegetative state.

He's dead except for a heartbeat.

You must imagine why we're here.

There have been so-called practitioners...

Scully: I'm sorry. Forgive me, but I can't imagine why you're here.

That would make two of us.

Agent Miller, a man with a mind obviously open to possibility would like to communicate with the dead, or the near-dead, as the case may be.

I believe he may have intel on a larger sleeper cell with an aim to commit more acts of terror.

Which is where our energy would be better spent, trying to stop live terrorists rather than stopping to try to speak with dead ones.

I have to say I agree.

There have been noted divinators, oracles, fakirs, necromancers who have claimed the ability...

Madame Blavatsky, founder of Theosophism, brought to America a so-called Ancient Wisdom gained from Tibetan spiritual adepts.

Maybe I've been part of the X-Files too long, but I happen to know that Madame Blavatsky's dead.


Which would make it that much harder to glean her far-flung abilities.

Yeah. That's what I thought. Miller?

You know of no such practitioner working now whom we might consult?

None that I'd waste your time on.

Miller, come on. There's a 1:30 flight to Texas, and I want to be on it.

Thank you for your time.

Uh, please call me when you think of something.

He seemed like a bright young man.

She calls him "Miller."


Using artwork to desecrate the prophet of someone else's religion just incites fanatical terrorists.

It's just a painting.


Of Mohammed sitting on a toilet defecating radical Islamists!

Woman: Do you know how absurd this all is?

It's just absurd!

Man: It's not absurd to the victims of this action and their families...

Wearing that vest, those last few steps, knowing you're gonna die, must be so strange.

How 'bout the victims? Imagine not knowing.

That's even worse.

Where does all the hate come from?

He's just a kid. A kid needs to be taught this hate. You wonder who got in his head.

Well, he's not gonna tell you, Miller.

And neither is any necromancer.

Well, wasn't it at least worth a try?


You think anyone takes the X-Files seriously?

That's why they got them stuck down in that basement office.

I pity that poor Agent Scully.

That's, like, my dream assignment.

No self-respecting scientist would spend a career toiling away in obscure realms of science fiction.

Why else would she do it?

She's clearly in love with him.

You spent all of five minutes with them.

How do you know that?

Nothing else would explain it.

Maybe he values her open mind.

Maybe she challenges his BS.

(phone ringing)

(sighs heavily)

Special Agent Miller speaking.

Agent Miller, this is Agent Scully.

Um, hey. One second.

I'll meet you on the plane.

Man (on TV): ...Westboro Church, the best representative of all Christians!

(woman shouting in response to man, indistinctly)


You might wonder why I'm calling.


Uh, well, actually, yeah.

I was thinking about your case, and I have an idea that might help you communicate with your terrorist.

That is good news.

What is it?

There's something I'd like to try.

But I need to meet you in Texas.

Okay. Yeah.

That sounds great.

(phone ringing)

Special Agent Einstein speaking.

Agent Einstein, it's Agent Mulder.

You must wonder why I'm calling.

No. I'm completely baffled.

I have an idea of how you might communicate with your terrorist.

Uh, I think it's Special Agent Miller you're looking for.

No, no. I-I-I need to speak with you.

I got your number from AD Walter Skinner, who sings your praises, by the way.

Yes, I helped him with his migraines, which he claims are due to you.

In-in-in any case, I was hoping I might impose upon you to delay your trip out to Texas.

You can't just tell me now?

It requires some explanation.

You do realize the clock is ticking on this case, quite literally.

I think it could save lives.

Say no more.

I'm on my way.

Where are you going?

I'm catching the crazy train.

I'll see you down in Texas, Miller.

Woman (on TV): When did radical Muslims become a protected class in America?

Man (on TV): When the Founding Fathers signed the Constitution-- that's when.

The same document that's supposed to protect my freedom of speech.

But not your freedom to hate! What is wrong with you?

It is not a freedom to hate!

Why do you think these guys are acting this way?

Why do you think that guy went up and shot five servicemen in Chattanooga? Because they loved him?

Because we treated him well? Because we don't plaster their names as terrorists all over the media? No!

Because we hate them.

We do not hate them. I will not...

No, we do not hate them. And I will not allow for that.

We are not going to continue to spread lies about a people...


Ah, come in, Agent Einstein. Have a seat.

I came here in good faith, Agent Mulder, but lives are at stake.

I'm all about that.

If there were another act of terror, and I'm in here listening to some woo woo treatise on the paranormal, I don't think I could forgive myself.

(stammering): I-I don't do woo woo.

Okay, what's your big idea?

How are we going to talk with this terrorist?

Well, first, can we talk about the nature of reality, as you perceive it?

My reality is new chatter on the Internet about more suicide bombs.

But do you believe that thoughts have mass?

That ideas such as faith and forgiveness have weight much the same way this desk... has weight?

Or any material, really.

(wry laugh)

You are too much, Agent Mulder.

It's a legitimate question.

There's a legitimate answer-- no.

How can you be so sure?

Because when I stand on the scale and think of ice cream, my ass doesn't grow.

Need I illustrate further?

Yes, but I'm sure you believe that words have weight-- the weight to move people to go kill other people.

People kill people. Bombs kill people.

Words can incite people to kill people as instruments of hate, but are not lethal in and of themselves.

Ever suck on a lemon, Agent Einstein?

Do you feel a sensation right now?

(sucking) A quasi-measurable effect?

I am getting a taste of what Agent Scully must suffer.

Neo-Darwinists believe that every word spoken, every thought, every perception, lest I misperceive, is a step in the evolution of mankind.

(chuckles): Yes. A butterfly beats its wings in China, but that butterfly won't be defusing explosives in any suicide vests.

Agent Einstein, you have a terrorist lying in a state of existence somewhere between life and death.

If he holds valuable intel on other terrorists, maybe in order to reach him, you need to expand your mind on the so-called material world.

I got here as fast as I could.

Let me say, I'm blown away you came down here to help me at all.

Well, I sensed your frustration.

I just want to believe there's some way of reaching this young man and learning what he might know.

Well, I believe there may be, but not the way you think.

What way is that, Agent Scully?

Well, not through an oracle or a psychic or a seer, but through science.

I don't know how you mean.

This may sound heavy, but this is a bit of a personal quest for me.

My mother was in a coma recently, and I wasn't able to communicate with her, either.

I take it she's passed?

I wish I'd had the presence of mind to think of this when she was still alive.

It might've solved a mystery that I may never know.

Please enlighten me, Agent Mulder, how nine years of college, three degrees, and two years at Quantico has left me such a simpleton.

Not a simpleton.

A mugwump.

I resent that characterization, and I don't even know what it means.

It means sit down and shut up.


You talk to Agent Scully like that?

Only when she's being a mugwump.

Please... have a seat.

I'll give you two minutes, Agent Mulder, and then I'm due back on Earth.



Psilocybe tampenensis.

I'm afraid where this is going.

The so-called Magic Mushroom, the study of which has begun anew by respected medical practitioners from Columbia University to Oxford.

(groans, chuckles)

Highly contested studies.

Highly uncontested results.

Test subjects report experiences that transcended space and time, confrontations with the dead, touching the very face of God.

That's nice, Agent Mulder-- you've got about a minute and counting.

Test subjects have also reported that once the impediment of the physical body is removed, deep and lasting truths are revealed that the conscious mind won't allow-- feelings of ineffability, sacredness, peace, unity, joy-- all without altering brain chemistry.

Are you proposing, Agent Mulder, that we administer the Magic Mushroom to the terrorist?

No. No.

I am proposing that you administer it to me, so that I can communicate with the terrorist, learn what he knows, and prevent future acts of terror.

To a technically dead man?

Death is now viewed by some as merely another plane of existence.

I don't think our terrorist has even achieved that plane.

I believe he's still reachable on this plane.

So you called me back here to ask me to administer this drug, this illicit Schedule 1 substance.

As a medical professional.

Which Agent Scully is as well.

Agent Scully has recently had her own life-altering death experience, and I don't want to bother her with this.


Oh, so you want to just keep it between us?

I-I would, if you don't mind.


No, I wouldn't mind at all.

Because there will be absolutely nothing to say, except maybe to Internal Affairs, if I were to go through with this lunatic scheme of yours.

What is lunatic about it, exactly?

Oh, let me think about that. Everything?

And rest assured, Agent Mulder, when I walk out of here, I will never again darken your basement door.

So that's a maybe?

(monitor beeping steadily)

It's hard to imagine there's someone in there, when you really see him.

Research bears out a surprising incidence of electro-activity even in the most severely brain-damaged.

What I want to try is a rather... novel but not untested protocol.

I'm open to whatever.

I'm certain that you are, Agent Miller.

I believe so many answers lie beyond the pale of the known world in realms of extreme possibility.

I believe that you believe.

So what are you proposing?

Doctors recently achieved the ability to communicate with a man known as Patient 23 through magnetic imaging-- MRI-- by prompting his otherwise inert and unresponsive brain with questions that triggered electro-activity.

What kind of questions?

Mundane questions about... housekeeping and tennis.

But they unexpectedly lit up certain regions of his brain that translated to yes-and-no responses.

That is incredible.

Well, more incredibly, it can be achieved rather simply through the use of an ordinary electro-encephalogram.

Why didn't someone think of that?

But let me caution you.

Even if we do reach this young man, it may be difficult to get the intel that you're hoping for.

Male agent: Who's Special Agent Miller?

I'm Special Agent Miller.

Gonna ask you to leave.

FBI has no more jurisdiction here.

Who has jurisdiction?

Department of Homeland Security.

I was assigned this case. Agent Scully is a medical doctor.

We think we can communicate...

Communicate? To say what?

"You shouldn't have done it, son"?

There's a chance to question him about who was behind the bombing.

And you think he's gonna tell you?

By any moral definition, this body here isn't a human.

By my definition, this terrorist is dead.

I'm sorry, but what's your business here?

I suggest that you both take a little breather and call your superiors in Washington, if you have any questions.

We're not leaving this room.

(speaking quietly in Arabic)

Miller: I'm gonna ask you to leave.

I'll give the orders, Agent Miller.

Wrong. I'm giving the orders now.

They've come here for retribution.

Whoever you're calling, this goes way beyond...

I'm not calling anyone.


Special Agent Einstein.

I'm sorry, but I can't let you in there without authorization.

I've been assigned this case with my partner, Special Agent Miller.

Let me see that.

(clears throat) If you're his partner, then who is Special Agent Dana Scully?

(line ringing)

Agent Mulder, it's Agent Einstein.

How soon can you be in Texas?

(jet airliner taking off, engines whooshing)

(indistinct announcement over PA system)

Agent Mulder.

Agent Einstein.

For a second there, I thought you were gonna punk me.

I had a little trouble, uh, procuring... the illicit substance.


Where'd you get these?

Apparently, Texas is something of a promised land-- as it turns out, one of the early research pioneers is from here.

So this is the real deal, huh?

I can't speak to the dosage, and I certainly wouldn't take both.

Not till you've experienced the one.

May I ask, Agent Einstein, what changed your mind on this whole deal here?

I got here to find that Agent Scully was here in Texas working with Agent Miller.

I sense some professional animus.

Nothing professional about it.

But you think this misguided.

My loss is your gain, Agent Mulder.

I'll deal with Agent Miller about this later.

In the meantime, we must conduct this business with a certain delicacy where the consumption of any potentially dangerous and psychotropic hallucinogen must be undertaken outside of a laboratory.

You mean hide it like a couple of drug addicts.

While this may seem foolhardy, I am anticipating results, that you will actually be communicating with the terrorist, somehow.

Now, what he may say to you, or you to him, I have no clue.

How do you say "Howdy, pardner" in Arabic?

Thank you.

You Agent Einstein?

No, I'm Agent Dana Scully.

Agent Miller?

Yes. Is there a problem?

I'm Special Agent Brem, here to inform you that this hospital is under terror threat.

I've got a cordon of agents near the building as a precaution against an attack, but I need to clear this wing until we can bring in the bomb squad.

You know where the threat came from?

Mm-mm. An anonymous caller, but... a very clear guess-- there's a large and... unassimilated Muslim community in the area, with one shared wish.

One shared wish that what?

To wipe you and America off the map.

To honor their hero, Osama bin Laden, whose picture we find all too frequently on their refrigerators.

Not all Muslims are extremists, certainly.

Feel free to stay here and take your chances, if you don't believe me.

There are other people who want to see this young man dead.

I'm not one of them, Agent Miller.

Last thing I want is for this... killer to die and go to paradise or to his 72 virgins... (scoffs) ...in the sky.

(quietly): Sounds like torture to me.

This boy can hear everything you're saying, and we're trying to win his trust and talk to him.

Keep the killer alive.

You do your job; we'll do ours.

Brem: Time to evacuate.

Everybody out!

(monitor beeping steadily)

(monitor beeping, respirator hissing)

(alarm beeping)

(quiet guttural gasping)

(flatline tone, alarm beeping rapidly)

(flatline tone, alarm beeping rapidly)

(alarm stops, then four beeps; respirator hisses)

There's, uh... there's been a bomb threat. They're asking us to leave.

Uh, we have special authorization.

That's what everyone says.


We'll just need the room for a few minutes... to do research.

Yeah, that's what everyone says.

You know, I've never seen a patient receive so much attention... especially one who's so unworthy of it.

Well, this is a special case.

Just like all those immigrant groups coming over here, taking all our jobs, clogging up the health care system and our schools, and they don't even speak English.

We're not gonna fix that right now, so...

A church group brought 200 Arab refugees to our town, and now they're saying that they want to bring some more.

Maybe we need to come back.

Or maybe... we can talk outside.

Nurse: It's all part of a government program paid for by my tax dollars, which means that I come to work every day, and I pay for these people...

(monitor beeping, respirator hissing)


So I did some research, and I found out that this is all part of a plot by the United Nations to get these people into the US, so that they can form terrorist cells.

That sounds very suspicious.


You turn your back on these people, you're taking your chance.


No, we don't want to turn our backs.

One more thing-- you say you're here doing research?

Yes. We'll just be a few more minutes in the room, and then we'll be evacuating, as well.


Well, your partner already left.

♪ stand on the bar, stomp your feet, start clapping ♪
♪ got a real good feeling something bad about to happen ♪
♪ oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
♪ oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
♪ oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
♪ pulled up to the church, but I got so nervous ♪
♪ had to back it on up, couldn't make it to the service ♪
♪ grabbed all the cash underneath my mattress ♪
♪ got a real good feelin' something bad about to happen ♪
♪ oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
♪ stand on the bar, stomp your feet, start clapping ♪

(horns honking)

♪ got a real good feeling something bad about to happen ♪

(whooping, crowd chatter)

♪ you can tell the world you never was my girl ♪
♪ you can burn my clothes up when I'm gone ♪
♪ or you can tell my lips to tell my fingertips ♪
♪ they won't be reaching out for you no more ♪
♪ but don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart ♪
♪ I just don't think he'd understand ♪
♪ and if you tell my heart, my achy breaky heart ♪
♪ he might blow up and kill this man ♪
♪ ooh... ♪

(cheering and whooping)

♪ but don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart ♪
♪ I just don't think he'd understand ♪
♪ and if you tell my heart, my achy breaky heart ♪

(cheering and whistling)

♪ he might blow up and kill this man ♪
♪ left, left, left, right, left ♪
♪ hustlers shootin' eight ball, throwin' darts at the wall ♪
♪ feelin' damn near ten feet tall ♪
♪ here she comes, Lord help us all ♪
♪ ol' TW's girlfriend done slapped him out of his chair ♪
♪ poor ole boy, it ain't his fault ♪
♪ it's so hard not to stare ♪
♪ at that honky tonk badonkadonk ♪
♪ keepin' perfect rhythm, make you wanna swing along ♪


♪ there ought to be a law ♪
♪ get the sheriff on the phone ♪
♪ Lord have mercy, how'd she even get them britches on? ♪
♪ that honky tonk badonkadonk ♪
♪ aw, that's what I'm talking about right there ♪

Is this what you wanted, Agent Mulder?

Your woo woo paranormal?

Come on, say it.

Woo woo.

Say it!

Woo woo.

Say it!

(echoing): Woo woo...!

Men (chanting): Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

♪ the higher that the monkey can climb ♪

You want the truth, Agent Mulder?

You've come to the right place.

♪ call no man happy till he dies ♪

(thunder crashes)

♪ there's no milk at the bottom of the pail ♪
♪ misery's the river of the world ♪
♪ misery's the river of the world ♪
♪ everybody rows this ♪
♪ everybody row ♪
♪ misery's the river of the world ♪
♪ misery's the river of the world ♪
♪ misery's the river of the world ♪
♪ everybody row, everybody row ♪
♪ everybody row... ♪


♪ everybody row ♪


♪ misery's the river of the world ♪
♪ everybody row ♪

(thunder crashes)

♪ everybody row, everybody row... ♪

Scully: Can you hear my voice?

Oh, we don't even know his name.

I was with the Bureau in Iraq.

Keep talking, Agent Miller.

The needles are moving.

It could be a false positive-- aberrant neurological activity, not a response in and of itself.

How do we know the difference?

Well, we need to set up a baseline, set up questions that serve as yes-no answers.

It will be painstaking and difficult.

I'm just certain he hears us.

Skinner (echoing): Agent Mulder?

Agent Mulder?

(sighs) Where's your hat?

Ah, rodeo's over, cowboy.

We're hanging up your spurs for good.

What are you talking about?

What am I talking about?

Dude, I was on fire.

Dude, you were an embarrassment, to me and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A-Agent Einstein? Agent Einstein, tell him.

Tell him what, Agent Mulder?

What were were doing was under your medical supervision, all on the up and up.

It was until it wasn't.

Well, it's not like it was volitional.

What was it, Agent Mulder?

It was the Magic Mushrooms.

Maybe I took too much.

Maybe you didn't take enough.

What's that supposed to mean?

Agent Einstein informed me that you requested that she administer an illicit substance to you in your rather reckless attempt to talk to an alleged mass murderer.

Yeah, and administer them she did.

These are what I gave you, Agent Mulder.

Yeah, that stuff-- that's potent.

This stuff is purchasable at any corner drugstore. - Maybe in Texas it is.

These are niacin capsules, Agent Mulder.

What I gave you is a placebo.

No way.

No way. That's impossible.

I-I was under the influence of something... powerful.


The power of suggestion.

No, you were there.

And The Lone Gunman.

The Badonkadonk.

Yeah, I was in Washington, Agent Mulder.

This is what I'm saying!

I think he's still tripping.

Well, the placebo effect has been known to have lasting psychological outcome.

I talked to the terrorist.

You talked to the terrorist?


He whispered in my ear.

Well, what did he say, Agent Mulder?

I can't tell you what he said.

It was in Arabic.

Well, I'm gonna get you a wheelchair so we can get you home, partner, all right?

Well, you were there, too.

And you were 50 shades of bad.

You know this is ridiculous.

We don't want you dancing away.

So I did... I-I... I did dance then?

According to a whole bunch of very frightened, middle-aged Texans.

(sighs) You're just covering your ass.

Well, either way.

I'll be looking at disciplinary action over my own dismal failure of authority.

Thanks to you, I'll probably be banished to my own basement office, consigned to a life of ridicule and ignominy...



(woman pleading in distance)

Woman (in distance): I'm begging you!

I... I know this woman.

It's okay.

Maybe you haven't failed.

Agent Scully.


This is Noora.

She's come here today to talk to her son, Shiraz.

Mulder, where did you find her?

Please don't ask him that.


It's okay.


Got you.


(speaking Arabic)

We believe that he can hear you.

Then my prayers are answered.


My beautiful baby boy, Shiraz.

You could not ever kill anyone.

This is not how I raised you-- to worship Allah through death.

To be a man by following men.

Your heart is too big for them.

You see the faces of the innocent, and you lose your nerves.

You cannot go through with the bomb.

Mulder: Noora, how do you know that?

(sniffles) Because my Shiraz tells me so... (sniffles) in my dreams and in my prayers.

Who filled his head, Noora?

(sniffling) I do not know how to help you because I do not know their names.

(alarm beeping)

(Shiraz grunting)

He's going into cardiac arrest.

(flatline tone)

Scully: Blood pressure's dropping.

I'm gonna go get help.

No, no, I think he's trying to tell us.

(flatline tone continues)

Scully: Now we're losing him!

Shiraz, please, please.

I'm so sorry.

No, Shiraz! (crying)

Scully: I'm sorry.

(flatline tone, Noora sobbing)

Let's give her some space.

Noora: - Oh, my Shiraz.

He talked to us.

Oh, Shiraz.

He talked to me.

This is exactly how I saw it.

Agent Mulder, please...

He spoke to me.

(crying): Shiraz.

He spoke to me.

Scully: What do you mean he spoke to you?

Spoke to you when, Agent Mulder?

With the help of Agent Einstein.

Ugh, Agent Mulder, please stop.

Mulder, when could he possibly have spoken to you?

I can explain. Or I can't explain.

He spoke to me. In Arabic.

In Arabic?

In words I didn't understand, yeah.

What words, Agent Mulder?

(Shiraz speaking weakly)




(whispers weakly)

Babil? Babil al... something.

"Babil" is "Babylon," the city.

Like in ancient Babylon?

Just... Babi..

I feel like I need to explain.

Just let him finish, please.

Babil al... Babil...

Mulder, are you okay?

(whispering weakly)

Funduq. Babil al funduq.

Babylon the hotel?

(engines revving, tires screeching)

Allahu Akbar.

(soldiers shouting, distant and distorted)

(medium-tempo balladro playing)

♪ secret heart ♪
♪ what are you made of? ♪
♪ what are you ♪
♪ so afraid of? ♪
♪ could it be ♪
♪ three simple words ♪
♪ or the fear of being overheard? ♪
♪ what's wrong? ♪
♪ let her in on your secret heart ♪
♪ secret heart ♪
♪ why so mysterious? ♪
♪ why so sacred? ♪
♪ why so serious? ♪
♪ maybe you're... ♪

(song continues, playing quietly through earbuds)

Not staying for the attaboys?

I didn't really do anything.


Nothing but take down a terror cell ready to kill untold numbers.

That was all Agent Mulder.

That's not how I understand it.

I'm told you kept that boy alive, that you kept him safe from harm.

I translated a few words.

It was all you and Agent Mulder.


Remarkably, I did nothing.

And, remarkably, it worked.

Although I'm at a loss in explaining it.

Maybe some things are unexplainable, Agent Einstein.


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, the source of all true art and science.

That's... beautiful, Einstein.

Yes, Einstein.

That's who said it, Miller.

The real mystery here is your behavior, bringing Agent Scully down here without bothering to consult me.

Remarkably, I did nothing. It was you who abandoned me, Agent Einstein, for the crazy train.

(scoffing laugh)

Never again, Agent Miller.

(muffled): ♪ secret heart... ♪

Although something is clearer to me now, as a result of the experience.

The value of an open mind?

The nature of reality.

I'm now convinced that words and ideas do have weight, the weight to move people to do the most psychotic things.

Giving someone magic mushrooms?

I was talking about Agent Mulder.


♪ I've been trying to do it right ♪
♪ I've been living a lonely life ♪
♪ I've been sleeping here instead ♪
♪ I've been sleeping in my bed ♪
♪ sleeping in my bed ♪
♪ so show me family ♪
♪ all the blood that I would bleed ♪
♪ I don't know where I belong ♪
♪ I don't know where I went wrong ♪
♪ but I can write a song ♪

Singer: - ...two, three...

♪ I belong with you, you belong with me... ♪

Talk to me, Mulder.

Oh... where to begin?

Why didn't you tell me about your little scheme?

Y-You were on your own mission.

And you would've never bought that.

Absolutely right.

I have to applaud her, though, on her clever trick with the placebo.



How did that work?


Wonders never cease with you.

I saw things, though, Scully.

Powerful things.

I saw deep and unconditional love.

I saw things, too.

I witnessed unqualified hate that appears to have no end.

(quietly): Yeah.

But how to reconcile the two?

The extremes of our nature.

That's the question.

Maybe the question of our times.

(quiet laugh)

Walk with me, Scully.

This whole thing has got me thinking.

Thinking about God.

You, Mulder, thking about God?

The angry God of the Bible.

The Tower of Babel and Babylon, scattering people violently, so there's never to speak a common language.

Punishing man for his hubris.

Well, that lesson didn't stick.

But the anger sure remains.

That's the same angry God as in the Koran... ordering death to the infidels.

What exactly is this God saying?

Worship me and my great anger?

Well, that's a good question, Mulder.

One for the ages.

Well, think about the immense power in those prophecies, the power in those words to convince young men to put on suicide vests today and murder for their angry God.

What are you getting at?

Those boys, they just swallow the pill.

It's the power of suggestion.

Is this received wisdom from your magical mystery tour? - Yes.

Courtesy of... the shrooms, something else, something to trump all hatred...

Mother Love.


I refuse to believe that mothers are having babies just to be martyrs.

I want to believe that mothers have a greater purpose for all of us.

I agree.

A child is not a tool to spread hatred.

But where does the hatred end, though?

Maybe it ends where it began, by finding a common language again.

Maybe that's God's will.

How can we really know?

He's absent from the stage.

(quietly): Well... maybe it's beyond words.

Maybe we should do like the prophets and... open our hearts and truly listen.



(trumpeting continues)


Did you hear that?

♪ we're bleeding out ♪
♪ I belong with you, you belong with me ♪
♪ you're my sweetheart ♪
♪ I belong with you, you belong with me ♪
♪ you're my sweet... ♪