01x08 - 162 Candles

Stefan wakes up when his book falls on the floor.He hear some noise.


A Vampire Attacks him.

Stefan: Lexi!


Stefan: What are you doing here?

Lexi:How could you even ask that?

Stefan:I missed you.

Lexi:Happy Birthday.

Stefan and Lexi are kidding in Stefan's room.

Lexi: Stop . I don't know, some freak shot at me with wooden bullet . I bail in under sixty .And why is a news reporter hunting vampires ?

Stefan: I don't know. Who knows about us . That guy did.There could be others . Do me a favor while you 're there ,please be careful.

Lexi : Why stay? I'm headed to New-York for the week-end .Bon Jovi in the Garden ."Wanted dead or alive" , it's our theme song.It'll be blast.

Stefan:Do you think he would actually remember us? That was a pretty crazy week-end huh?

Lexi:We can make him remember us.Come on Let's go.I mean,What's keeping you here.

Stefan:I told you her name is Elena.

Lexi:Let's hope she's better than the last girl you got all sprung over.

Stefan:Tou didn't even know Katherine.

Lexi:Cause if I did I'd kick her ass .Little bitch. Speaking of... where's Damon?

Stefan:Inflicting misery somewhere. you gonna be ok here alone? Cause I got some things I gotta take care of.

Lexi:It's not exactly like I can go anywhere. And you and damon are the only ones whit these nifty little daylight rings. I'have a mood ring form seventy five trade ya.

Stefan:Doesn't work that way and you know it.

Lexi: Yeah.

Stefan: Hey Lex I'm really glad that you came here.

Lexi: What are we doing for your birthday ?It's not everyday a guy turn a hundred and sixty-two years old.


Lexi:Oh yeah.

Sheriff Forbes is asking questions about Vicki.

Sheriff Forbes:Where did Vicky says she was going?

Jeremy:She didn't.

Sheriff Forbes: Did she tell her brother where she's going ?

Matt : No she didn't say anything to me . She told Jeremy to tell me that she was leaving town.

Sheriff Forbes:Is there anyone I can talk to that may know what happened to her prior to her living town ?

Matt: Stefan Salvatore may know he came by the house to see her but she wouldn't talk to him.

Sheriff Forbes:What was he doing here?

Stefan: I was trying to help, i knew that elena was worried about her brother, he was dating vicky and she had drug problem so i tried to help.

Sheriff Forbes:So you got involved because Elena asked you to?

Elena:I asked stefan to help i thought that by helping vicky he was helping my brother.

Sherif Forbes :What was her behavior like those last few days before she left ?

Matt:Up and down , very sketchy like she was coming down from some major party.

Sheriff Forbes:Any signs of agression or violence?

Jeremy:No that I remember.



Sheriff Forbes:So you believe that Vicky has really left town?




Jeremy:I'll miss her but ...I thing it's for the best.

Stefan is waiting Elena in front of the police station

Stefan:I was tryin' to help her matt. That's all.

Elena finally comes out .

Elena: I'll meet you guys at the car.


Stefan:You're okay ?

Elena: I don't think the sheriff suspected anything . Jeremy had no memory at all . All he knew wa what Damon made him know.

Stefan:Thank you.

Elena:I can't do this stefan.Everytime I look at Matt or Jeremy ,all I tkink that vicky is never gonna come back. And they'llnever know why.Around you people get hurt and people die. I can't i just... it's just to much...

Stefan:why don't we go somewhere and talk about it.

Elena:No, Stefan you have to stay away from me.

In stefan's room Lexi is sleeping Damon awake her.

Lexi:Hmmm , Huh.


Lexi: Rooh.

Damon:Hello Lexi .What an unexpected surprise .

Lexi:Unexpected Surprise? I think the wrong brother went back at high school.

Damon:how long you here for?

Lexi:Just for stefan's BDay.

Damon: you mean you didn't come all this way to see me.

Lexi:That's it Damon .After a century I finally realize death mean nothing without you. do me.

Damon:why are you so mean to me.

Lexi:have you met you? , you're not nice person.

Damon :Because I'm a vampire.

Lexi: But you're only the bad parts.

Damon:Teach me to be good.

Lexi takes him by the neck.

Lexi:I'm older and that mean stronger.

Damon: sorry.

Lexi:Don't ruin my time with stefan cause I'll hurt you and you know I can do it .


At bonnie's house, Bonnie is packing her suitcase.

Bonnie's Grand Mother: You're leavin' ?

Bonnie:Dad doesn't like it when I stay here too much.

Bonnie's Grand Mother:Because he misses you or because he doesn't trust me. You're father's problemis he lacks imagination. He thinks I fill your head with my whitchy juju .

Bonnie:He's right.

Bonnie's Grand Mother: He's always rights that's his other problem.You needto be wearing that.

Bonnie: Igotta give it back to caroline it doesn't belong to me.

Bonnie's Grand Mother: Yes it does it was your ancestor's and now it yours .

Bonnie:Emily was your ancestor to why don't you wear it?

Bonnie's Grand Mother:Because it didn't find me , it found you , protected you a which's talisman is a powerful tool don't be givin' that back to anybody.

Bonnie:I just wish it was prettier.

At Elena's home , Elena is sitting on the caoutch.Jenna comes and sits next to her.Jeremy is writting something behind them.

Jenna: you're wallowing.

Elena : So are you.

Jenna: My wallow is legitimate. I was dumped.

Elena:Yeah. Well logan 's a jerk.

Jenna: You didn't get a brush-off e-mail say:" I'm leaving town see ya."

Jeremy: Wanna keep it down over there.

Jenna: Why? What are you doing?

Jeremy: Homework.

Elena:Since when do you do homework?

Jeremy: I gotta finish this.i'm way behing and I have a quizz tomorrow so...

Elena: What do you think ?Alien?

Jenna:Some sort of replicant.

Jeremy: he can hear you

At sheriff's office , sheriff Forbes is dealing with paper , she receive a call.

Sheriff Forbes:Yeah so send him in .[Damon enter to the office] Mister Salvatore come on in .Could you get the door for me?


Sheriff Forbes:I understand from Mrs. Lockwood that your uncle's is out the town.

Damon: Yes he is . but I spoke to Zach . He filled me in and asked me if I could bring this to you.

Sheriff Forbes:Vervain.

Damon: That's all we have at the moment I hope it's enough.

Sheriff Forbes:It's a small circle ...Founding families , a few city officials.

Damon:And your deputies, of course right? Are we any closer?

Sheriff Forbes :I think our facts are wrong . We've always believed that vampires can only come out in the dark. What if that's changed.

Damon:So is that even possible

Sheriff Forbes: We've exhausted every other option . We have to consider the vampire may be walking around during the day.Right in front of us.

Damon:Hum .So what's the next step?

Sheriff Forbes: We are looking at anyone new to town ,since the deaths began. Should turn up a suspect or two.

Damon:And I of course will do anything I can to help.

Bonnie came in Elena's Bedroom.

Bonnie: You Up ?

Elena: No Bonnie tire la couverture, no, no.

Bonnie: Why haven't you call me back?

Elena :I'm sorry.

Bonnie: Are you gonna stay in there forever?


Bonnie: Move over .I'm offically worried. what's going on?

Elena: I'm tired of thinking ... of talking I...

Bonnie: Can I get one-line versionso I can at least pretend to be helpful?

Elena: Stefan and I broke up.

Bonnie:I'm so sorry .Aare you ok ? Right stupid question. I know I've been kind of MIA when you need me the most.I suck.

Elena:You wanna make it up to me .Get my mind off it .

Bonnie: Just remember you asked for it .

She destroy a pillow.

Elena: Hey .

Bonnie: Be patient .

Elena: Ok.

Bonnie: I need you to swear you to secrecy.

Elena: It's king of a bad week for that kind of stuff.

Bonnie: Swear cause I'm not suppose to be showing you this.

Elena:Ok I swear.

Bonnie:There's no windows open right.

Elena: Right.

Bonnie :There's no fan .No air conditionning.

Elena: None.What are doing ?

Bonnie:Grams just showed me this . You're gonna love it. You ready?

Elena:Bonnie what's going on?

Bonnie: It's true elena .Everything my grams tolds me.

Elena: It's impossible.

Bonnie: But it's true. I'm a witch.

Elena: I believe you.

Caroline meet Damon on the street

Caroline: Look dungeon boy I'm done being your little slave girl . You seriously hurt me ,.And I will be damned if you think..

[He hypnotize her]Oh My god where have you been ?It's really good to see you.

Damon: Much better .You wanna throw a party at the grill tonight.

Caroline: Oh why don't you do it.

Damon: Because then Stefan and his BFF won't come .I need a lot of people . Big crowd .Invite everyone.

Caroline: And why am I having this party.

Damon: Because you're gonna help me solve this town's little vampire problem .And I want my cristal back.

Caroline:But Bonnie has it.

Damon:I now that .Get it from her.

Lexi and Stefan are speaking.

Lexi:So this Elena girl .She'll come around. I'm sure of it.Have you had s*x yet.

Stefan : No

Lexi: s*x always work. Mean you'll rock her world so hard with your vamp s*x.She'll be yours forever forever.

Stefan:Yeah,but see, this isn't about s*x or... or compulsion or anyof our other tricks. She has to want to be with me on her own terms.

Lexi : Waouh that sounded all mature and grownd-up.

Stefan: I'm not getting any older.

She takes some blood.

Lexi:Want some ?

Stefan: No thank you.

Lexi:Relax I didn't kill anyone for it .This phlebotomist i went out with a few times, he's my supplier. Oh don't judge ok? Listen I tried the animal diet lasted three weeks.

Stefan: It doesn't matter . Cause if I started again ... I just don't know if...

Lexi:You could stop.

Stefan:Lexi I'd never judge you.

Lexi:I'm just jealous of your restraint. I have none. I delight i hedonism . Speaking of which, what are we doing tonight?

Damon:Funny you should ask.

Lexi:Well I wasn't asking you.

Damon:There's a party at the grill . You'll love it.Banquettes, Tacky wait staff, All Stefanf's friends.

Stefan:Oh I don't want a Birthday party.

Damon:Well,It's not for you. It's a party party. No one's gonna know it's your birthday.Caroline's throwing it.

Stefan:Damon stay away from Caroline.

Damon:We're friends it's cool.It's important for the town to see us out and about like normal folk.We need to blend.He looks at Lexi's stock of blood.I prefer mine at 98.6.

Lexi:Let's Go.Please?

Back to Bonnie and Elena in Elena's bedroom.

Bonnie:It's Weird huh ? after all This times joking about being psychic.I really am a witch.You don't think I'm a freak do you?

Elena:No of course not.Bonnie I just ...don't understand though .If your grams asked you to keep all this secret , why did you tell me ?

Bonnie:You're my best friend.I can't keep secrets from you.

Lexi going out of a shower.

Lexi:I'm almost ready.

Stefan : I can't believe you actually think that we should go on this thing

Lexi:Sorry to asking you to run outside midday without your ring.I mean serioulsy it's a party.

Stefan:A Party that Damon wants us to go to .So My question is why?I think he's up to something.

Lexi:Who cares.What can he possibly of all those people in a public place.

Stefan:He knows how to keep a low .Believe me.

Lexi:Ok so he'll behave.Come on.One day a year I get you , one day that you're not brooding and existing in your own head.

Stefan:It's my birthday yeah?

Lexi:It's my day and that guy that jump naked in the Trevi fountain;And got drunk on the torch of the statue of Liberty.That guy can take a break from all of his worrying one night.And go to a stupid party.So quit your whining and go get ready.


Elena arrives at stefan's place.She knocks on the door.

Lexi:It's open come on in.[Elena come in] Oh My God! How...How...Who?

Elena:I'm Elena who are you?

Lexi:Lexi a friend of stefan's.

Elena:Is he here?

Lexi:He's in the shower do you want to wait?


Lexi:I'll tell him you stopped by.

Elena:That's okay.

Lexi goes to Stefan's Bedroom , she seems furious.

Lexi:Are you out of your freaking mind?

Stefan:What are you talking about?

Lexi:I've just met Eelena, you have some serious explaining to do.You have some serious emotion damage.

Stefan:No it's not what you think, she's not Katherine.

Lexi:So they're related cause they can be twins.

Stefan:I don't know.

Lexi:You don't know or you didn't find out?

Stefan:No maybe i don't want to know. I have no desire to tie Elena to Katherine.Ok yes , yes the resemblance is what drew me in .But that's it.Katherine and Elena may look the same at the outside but at the inside they are completely different.

Lexi:So Eelena is not a raging Bitch then huh?

Stefan:No. Elena is ... Elena's warm and she's...she's kind, and carind ans she's selfless and it's real and honestly when I'm around her... I completely forget what I am.

Lexi:Oh My god! you're in love with her.

Stefan:Yeah I am.

At the mystic grill party

Caroline:Amazing party right ?

Damon:Glad you thought of it.

Caroline:Well,have you having good time?

Damon:Do you have my cristal?


Damon:Then i'm niot having a good time [Damon sees lexi]Where's my brother?

Lexi:He said he'd meet me here.

Damon:Buy you a ...

Elena open the door , Stefan is behind it.


Elena:What are you doing here?

Stefan:Lexi said that you came by and you seem upset.

Lexi:The girl in the towel.

Stefan:The girl in the towel?.Oh no no no no not like that she's not exactly a girl she's just 350 years old

Elena:You mean she's a...

Stefan: And she's my oldest friend.Nothing romantic .Ever.

Elena:Okay ,well ...she kept stop starring at me it was weird.

Stefan:Yeah well i've talk about you a lot so...I guess she felt like she knew you.So why'd you come by?

Elena:It was ; it was some mistake.

Stefan:Elena talk to me.

Elena:I can't.Stefan i can't and that's the problem I'm keeping all these secrets from everyone.I can't even tell my best friend . Do you know how hard that is?It's like I need to talk to someone but the only person I can talk to is you ...and.


Stefan:I want you to know that I will always be here for you .you can come to me about anything okay?

Elena:Well ,thank you for coming by.

Stefan: hey do you need a ride to the grill tonight.

Elena:Are you going to caroline's party?

Stefan:Lexi's dragging me and ...it's my birthday.

Elena:Really? Waouh happy birthday then.

Stefan:Thank you actually I ...I think I'm gonna stay in tonight.

Stefan:Well have... have a good night.

At the mystic grill , people having fun.

Caroline:Bonnie I've been looking for you. I'm totally sorry to do this I know it's so indian giverand ,we're not supposed to say that anymore but I need my cristal back.

Bonnie:Why ? You said you hated it.

Caroline:then I saw it on you and I realize how great it is and I've got three outfits I can coordinate it with so...

Bonnie: I can't give it back to you.

Caroline: Well I didn't want to tell you this but I'm you friend ,when you wear it make you look fat there i said it but i's because I'm your friend so...

Bonnie:I'm sorry caroline I can't.

Caroline: What do you mean you can't ?Bonnie it's mine.

Bonnie: I thought you said it was Damon's.

Caroline:It is.

Bonnie:So he's the one who really wants it back.

Caroline:No maybe just... are you wearing polyester?

Bonnie: You were really gonna pull it from my neck what the hell is wrong with you.

Caroline: Argh!

Stefan comes into the grill

Stefan:Matt, just hear me out please I just tryin to help vicki, I went through something similar once, I'm really sorry.

Matt:Don't be it's not the first time she's run off.Turn out vicki's like her mother I can't count on either of them, thanks for tryin.

Damon runs into caroline

Damon:Where is it?

Caroline: Bonnie won't give it to me.

Damon: So rip it off her neck.

Caroline: I tried .It shocked me.

Damon: Damn it .Why does it do that I need that cristal.

Caroline:Why have you been like this .I'm s good to you and iId do anything it's just some stupid necklace.

Damon: No you are the only stupid thing here .And shallow. And useless.

Lexi is dancing , stefan find her.

Lexi:Okay,I'm gonna need a litle more foot movement.

Stefan: Yeah not really interested in making a fool out of myself.

Lexi: Come on you're not that bad.

Stefan: Do me a favor.Tell me if you see Damon with camera phone.


Damon get out

A girl: where are we going?

Boy:No one's gonna see us...

They kiss each other damon sees it.

Girl:did you hear something?

Boy:No it's cool. There's no one coming down here.

Damon bites him the girl screams.

Stefan is playing billiard.

Stefan : Woo!


Elena's lookin at stefan

Damon: Stefan smiles alert the media.

Elena: You haven't give him a lot of reasons to be happy lately.

Damon: No you're right poor stefan persecuted throughout eternity by this depraved brother, does it get tiring being so righteous?

Elena: It flaresup in the presence of psychopath.

Damon: Ouch! consider this psychopath's feelings get hurt.

Elena: what did you do to my brother.

Damon: I'm gonna need a less vague question.

Elena: When you did what you did to jeremy's memory of vicky, what else did you do to him?

Damon: You asked me to take away his memory of fangs and all the bad stuff .You wanted me to take away his suffering.

Elena: But he's acting different he seems okay with everything and a little too okay.I mean he's studing , he's not doing drugs ,he's not drinkig, are you sure you didn't do something else?

Damon:elena I took away the suffering.

Bonnie stops caroline

Bonnie: Caroline.

Caroline:Don't talk to me.

Bonnie:Don't do that let me explain.

Caroline:What is there to explain Bonnie ?you got what you wanted... and something that doesn't even belong to you by the way and I get called a shallow , useless waste of space.

Bonnie: Who said that to you?

Caroline:Who do you think?

Bonnie: You know that not true don't let him treat you like that.

Caroline: As opposed o how my best friends treat me.

Out a police officer in a car.

Girl :Help me.

On the bar

Lexi:Two shots of tequila make that three.

Barman: I need to see some ID.

Lexi: No you don't.

Barman:That'll be ..

Lexi: Free.

Barman: On the house.


She goes away with tequila

Lexi: Oh !The famous Elena.

Elena: Towel girl

Lexi:I've been called worse .Here.

Elena: Yeah she took tequila I didn't know that you guys could drink.

Lexi:Oh yeah it helps curb the cravings but makes for la lot of lushy vamps.

Elena:I've never seen stefan drunk he always seem so...

Lexi: Uptight?

Elena: But now with you.

Lexi:Well that the benefit for knoiwing someone for over a hundred years. You can just be yourself.

Elena: Yeah he can't be himself with me.

Lexi: Well not yet the first step is him telling you, the rest comes with time.

Elena: You seems so sure.

Lexi:The love of my life was human he went through , what I imagine you're going through denial,anger et cetera ..But at the end of the day love really did conquer all. Are you going to drikn that ?

Elena: Go for it .I'm scared.

Lexi:but you're here... cause you crazy about him I get it okay? I mean what's not to love . , Listen .Take it from someone who's been around a long time .When it's real , you can't walk away.

Elena: Hey Lexi it has been really nice meeting you.

Lexi rejoin stefan who is still playing.

Lexi:Yep I drink yours sorry.

Stefan:Thank you.

Lexi:You weren't supposed to be listening I was feeling epic whatever .


Sheriff Forbes: Keep this contained.

Officer: That's not all.

Sheriff:Hey hey did you see what did this?Tell me everything you saw.

Elena rejoin Stefan.


Stefan.Hey you came.

Elena : I couldn't miss your hundredth and... whatever birthday.

Caroline rejoin Matt.

Matt:Oh hey!

Caroline: I slim...I'm slipped.I slipped.

Matt: Hammered huh?

Caroline: Well ... a very nice but not handsome , bartender was very kind to me tonight.Unlike the rest of the global humanverse.Are those curly fries.

Matt:Coffee for the drunk girl, bad night huh ?

Caroline:Baddest .Am I shallow?

Matt: It's that a trick question?

Caroline: I don't mean to he . I wanna be deep .I wanna be, like ...the abyss deep.

Matt:No offense,Care,but deep's really not your scene.

Caroline:That's true I'm shallow,I am worst than shallow ,I'm a kiddie pool.

Matt:You're not a kiddie pool . You're not a kiddie pool.

Caroline:Can I just go home okay?

Matt:I'll take you come on, you're ok , she's still alright,Hold still,Hold still.

Outside Matt runs into Sheriff Forbes.

Sherriff Forbes:What happened is she ok ?

Caroline:Like you care.

Sheriff Forbes:She's drunk?

Caroline:As a skunk.

Sheriff Forbes:Are they sirving you in there?

Matt:I'll take her home .It's on my way . They haven't been drinking.

Sheriff Forbes:iIwould apreciate that matt thank you . You and I will discuss this later.

Caroline:Can't wait.

Sheriff Forbes:Don't let anybody else leave.

On the bar

Lexi:All right ,the shots are bribe , I need you a answer to a question .What are you really doing in Mystic Falls?

Damon:Have you try The Brittle .It wins award.

Lexi: Cut the crap.

Damon:Ok I have a diabolical master plan.

Lexi:What is it?

Damon:If I told you it wouldn't be very diabolical , would it?

Sheriff forbes comes in with the girl.

Sheriff Forbes: Look around let me know if you see him.

Damon:What are you doing?

Sheriff Forbes:thank you for the vervain; now if you'll excuse me.

Stefan:Oh my god!

Elena:What is it?

Stefan:Excuse me sorry

Officier: Can't go out this way

Outside Damon Kills Lexi.

Stefan :Oh my god!


Damon: It's part of the plan, you okay?

Sheriff Forbes:Thank you .Get her in the car quickly.

Damon:All right.

Inside The Grill

Barman:Lady I checked everyone's identity.

Sheriff Forbes:Yeah apparently you didn't.

She sees Damon.

Sheriff Forbes: Pretty handy with that stake.

Damon:It Just ...reflex .I guess the adrenaline kicked in.

Sheriff Forbes:This nightmare is finally over.

Damon:Yeah call a lucky break with that witness, without her you wouldn't have been able to ID the vampire.

Sheriff Forbes:Wery lucky,well thank you again.

Damon:You're welcome.

In Carolines Bedroom.

Matt:You gonna be ok?

Caroline:No .Do you ever feel like there's not a person in the world that loves you?

Matt:Life can be a litte rough.

Caroline: I just wish...


Caroline: Wish that life was... different.

Matt:Yeah me too.

Caroline:Please ...don't leave me alone.

Outside the grill.

Elena:Stefan ! Stefan!

Stefan:He killed her,he killed zach , he killed tanner he turned vicky , I have to kill him.

Elena:No you can't do that.

Stefan: Why are you tryin to save him ?Elena he's never gonna change. Don't you see that? He's not gonna change.

Elena:I'm not tryin to save him, I'm tryin to save you ,you have no idea what this will do to you ,please Stefan.

Stefan:Everywhere I'd been pain and death follow, Damon follows me .No more.

Elena:Stefan please. Please just talk to me ;Let me be here for you . Talk to me.

Stefan: No. You were right to stay away from me.

In Salvatore's house.

Damon:Told you to take care of it.Come on I did this for you. To get them off our trail.

Stefan:You never do anything for anyone but yourself.

Damon:You missed.

Stefan:No you saved my life .I'm sparing yours, we're even.And now we're done.

In Bonnie's Dream ,she runs in the woods.

Emily: It's comming.

Bonnie Wakes up in wood near to the old church.

Written By Mystic Girl