01x09 - History Repeating

In Maths Classroom.Bonnie seems to be tired .

Teacher:Today We're going to talk about shadow reckoning.This is a method ofmeasuring heights by the sun's shadow.Let's say for exemple that we're going to measure the distance of the shadow.We're gonna take this measure here,measure the lenght,and were going to multiply that by the height of the source.Building height can also be measured,using a ...

Bonnie see someone in the hall ,Bonnie stand up and go in the hall.

Bonnie: Hello?

She follows Emily's gosth in th woods.

Emily: Please Help me.

Bonnie:Who are you ?

Emily:I'm Emily. You know that. We're family.

Bonnie:Where Am I?

Emily:This is where it started. And this is where it has to end.

Bonnie: No this isn't real.

Emily: Help me.

Bonnie Wake's up in class with a little scream everybody's looking at her .

Bonnie : What are tou looking at ? Turn around.

She sees emily ,scream and wake up in the woods

In front of the school, Elena et Caroline.

Elena : Have you even talked to Bonnie?

Caroline: No I'm Mad at her .She needs to make the first move.

Elena:Be the Bigger Person.

Caroline: Impossible in her presence.

Elena:Why are ou so pissed at her ,anyway?

Caroline: She's a thief. That's why. I gave her my necklace ,and she refuses to give it back. It's matter of principle.

Elena: All right.Well ,I tried. I'm officially out of it.

Caroline: Good .Where's Stefan?

Elena: He's avoiding me.

Caroline: Why?

Elena: It's Complicated .I'll see you later.

Caroline: Bye.

Elena goes away, Caroline meet Matt.



In classroom , on the History lesson.

Elena:Are you alright? [Bonnie Just nod]

Teacher:Good Morning everyone.Alrighty. In , Alaric Saltzman. It's mouthfull.Iknow.Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.Saltzman is of German origins .My family emigrated here in 1755 to Texas. I,however,was born and raised in Boston . Now the name Alaric belongs to a very dead great-grand-father I will never be able to thank enough. You'll probably want to pronouce"Alaric" but it's ..."Alaric",okay. So you can call me Rick.I'm your new history teacher.

At Salvatore's house.

Damon: Rise and Shine. You'll be late for school.

Stefan : What...What are you doing?

Damon:Peace offering. Come on you need it for blood circulation. Does dead flesh good?All right. I'mSorry.

Stefan: Step aside,please.

Damon:I got the town off our back. It was for the greater good but I'm sorry.And to prove it ,I'm not gonna feed on human

for at least a ...week. I'll adopt stefan diet, only nothing with feathers.

Stefan:Cause I realize that killing your clothest and oldest friend is beyond evil ,and yet somehow, it's worthy of humor.

Damon:Are you mimicking me?

Stefan:Yes stefan .Now that the secret society of vampires haters is off our back , I can go back to my routine of how can I destroy Stefan's life this week.

Damon:And I can go back to sulking and Elena-longing and forehead brooding. This is fun . I like this.

Stefan: And I will finaly reveall the ulterior motive behing my evil and diabolical return to Mystic falls.

Damon:Yeah .I'm done . That's just like you, Damon .Always have to have the last word.

Bonnie and Elena in front of school.

Bonnie:And then I ended up at the remain of the old fell's church before I woke up back in the woods.

Elena:And your always see your ancestor Emily.

Bonnie:Hein, hein .Do you believe in gosths?

Elena:Two weeks ago I'd said no but now...

Bonnie:Cause i think I'm being hunted.

Elena:I don't get it. Why Emily?

Bonnie:Granms said she was a powerful witch back in the civil war days and this medallion was hers ,a witch's talisman.

Elena:And all started when you got the necklace?

Bonnie: I think she's using it to communicate with me.

Elena: Ok what does Grams say about it?

Bonnie: I can't call her . She's gonna tell me to embrace it .I don't want to embrace it., I want it to stop.

Jeremy and Alaric in the history classroom.

Jeremy:Hey Mister Saltzman , I'm Jeremy Gilbert .You wanted to see me?

Alaric:You know that your old teacher had a jackass file ?No joke.It's...typed on a label. It has all the ...troublesmakers in it but really it's just an opus... to you.Don't worry about it. I'm not him .Clean slate.Now... let's talk about grades.

Jeremy:I know it's been a rough couple of month ,but I've been trying to turn them around.

Alaric:I saw that but the problem is we're halfway through a semester and... after half a fail iis still pretty bleak,this is the part where you say to me : "But what can I do to change that?"I'm glad your asked .Hhow do you feel about extra credit?

Jeremy:Yeah yeah totally .Whatever.

Alaric:Good .Write me a paper then.

Jeremy:Okay. About what?

Alaric:History. Pick a topic .Keep it local and no wikipedia regurgita. These old towns have a rich hostory so just... get your hands dirty ,make it sing and your back on track.Deal?

Jeremy:Yeah. Deal ,.That's a cool ring.

Alaric:Oh thanks .It was my father's .A little garish ,but family. You know. You got a week.

Jeremy: Yeah

Caroline out of the school with to friends.


Caroline:Hey, What is that?

Matt:What is what?

Caroline:The "hey". That's twice That is two heys.That... do you have any other words in your vocabulary?

Matt:What's wrong with "hey"?

Caroline: It reeks of awkward subtext. You spent the night in my bed , there was ...cuddling and then you stuck out before dawn so you wouldn't have to face me, which I must say is a total lame guy that I did not appreciate.And now with the heys? Serously?I mean,I may have been some pathetic, insecure mess after the party but,do not mistake that for me being a pushover,because I do not let guys mess with my head anymore.

Matt:I heard your mom in the morning and I didn't want to get you in trouble so I went out hte window.

Caroline:You went out the window?Another lame guy move.

Matt:Your mom's the sheriff.And as for the heys , I'm pretty sure it's what I've said you every day since the first grade.Trying to read something into it ... lame girl move.

Elena sees Stefan outside of the school

Elena:You weren't in class.I was worried.

Stefan:I got your messages, and sorry I didn't get back to you, but...What I wanna say shouldn't be said over the phone.

Elena:A simple "I didn't kill my brother" text would have sufficed.

Stefan:I didn't kill my brither , as much as he deserved it.He has to thank you for that.

Elena:So what did you wanna tell me?

Stefan:I won't be comming to school anymore.I'm gonna back off and keep my distance.It's the right thing to do.

Elena:Back off from school or...from me?Thank you for telling.

Stefan:It's better this way.

Elena:Yep.I got it.

Stefan:You're angry .That's good.Be easier if you hate me.

Damon try to get his cristal back.

Damon:Okay,it's your last chance.

Bonnie:I'm gonna scream.

Damon:Don't do that.Let's stay on point.I want my necklace.

Bonnie:You can't have it.

Damon:I can't take it but you can give it tome.I'm trying to help you here.

Bonnie:I don't want your help.

Damon:You do want my help, and you don't even know it. You know why , you little witch?Cause you've stumbled into something you nee to stumble out of.

Bonnie:Just leave me alone or I swear...

Damon:Don't.No threats.A, you hurt me last time.B, I wish you no harm.Believe it or not Bonnie,I wanna protect you.Let me help you get Emily off your Back.

Bonnie:How do you know about her?

Damon:I know a lot of things, and I know more about that crystal than you do,and I know thas she's using it to creep inside of you.See how scared you are?And you should be,because I will get that crystal ,even if I have to wait for Emily to give ti to me herself.Next time she comes out to play, you tell her...That a deal's a deal.

Bonnie and Elena in Bonnie's car.

Bonnie:He's bad news,elena.He really scared me.

Elena:You need to stay as far away from Damon as possible.

Bonnie:I'm trying.He just keeps showing up.

Elena:I don't want you to be alone.You're sleeping at my place tonight.We can make a whole night out of it.Where are you going?Are you okay?

Bonnie:Now I am.All my problems were because of that thing.Can't believe I didn't do that sooner.

Elena:What's your Grams gonna say?

Bonnie:Grams isn't the one being haunted by a hundred and fifty-years-old ghost,is she?


Jenna and Jeremy at the Grill ,she's staring at Alaric.

Jenna:I like a man who can dine Alone.A quiet strength.

Jeremy:I thought you were still in that whole Logan depression thing.

Jenna:I've sworn off men forever,but it doesn't mean I can't observe them from a safe distance.

Jeremy:Well,I can introduce you.

Stefan Comes to see Elena.

Elena:Thanks for coming.I wouldn't have called if it wasn't important.

Stefan:I know that.

Elena:He threatened her,Stefan.

Stefan:What would Damon want with Bonnie?

Elena:She has this necklace.Caroline got it from Damon,and she gave it Bonnie,and now Damon wants it back.He's tormenting her.

Stefan:Over a necklace.

Elena:it's not just any necklace.It has to do with Bonnie's heritage.it belonged to one of her ancestors who lived here during the civil war.When you and Damon lived here.

Stefan:Her name was Emily.She was Katherine's handmaid and a witch.

Elena:You know?About Bonnie?

Stefan:The first night that you invited me over for dinner,I made the connection.

Elena:And...now Damon knows,and...for some reason he wants that necklace.

Stefan:What does it look like?

Elena:It's...an antique iron setting with...

Stefan:With an amber crystal.I know it.It belonged to Katherine.Emily gave it to her,which means that...


Stefan;I don't know , but I'm gonna find it out.Let me talk to Damon.

Elena:Will he tell you?

Stefan:I'll get it out of him.

Back to Jenna and Jeremy at the grill

Jenna:Have you picked a topic?

Jeremy:No,not yet.It's gonna be local and non-internet research,so...

Jenna:That's easy.You got all your dad's stuff.

Jeremy:What stuff?

Jenna:How the Gilberts came over on the Mayflower stuff,all that family lineage from way back.Your dad really loved all that family history stuff.It's all boxed up in the closet.

Alaric join Jenna and Jeremy.

Jeremy:Mister Saltzaman.

Alaric:Jeremy.What's up,man?

Jeremy:This is my aunt Jenna.

Alaric:Alaric Saltzman.It's nice to meet you.

Jenna:Jeremy was just telling me about his paper.Thanks for giving him another chance.

Alaric:It was my first day.I wanted to make a good impression.

Damon is drinking, Stefan comes.

Stefan:So Stefan...You know,I been thinking.I think we should start over,give this brother thing another chance.We used to do it ,oh, so well once upon time.

Damon:I don't ,Damon.I can't trust you to be a nice guy.You kill everybody,and you're so mean.You're so mean,and...You're really hard to imitate,and then I have to go to that lesser place.

Stefan:Can I get a coffee,please?So what's with the bottle?

Damon:I'm on edge.Crash diet,and I'm trying to keep a low profile.

Stefan:You could always just leave, find a new town to turn into your own personal gas and sip.

Damon:I"ll manage.You don't have to keep an eye on me.

Stefan:I'm not here to keep an eye on you.

Damon:So why are you here?

Stefan:Why not?

Caroline,Bonnie and Elena at Elena's place.

Caroline:I'm sorry.There.I said it.If you want the ugly-ass neclace,keep it.It's yours

Bonnie:Will you hate me if I tell you I threw it away?

Caroline:You threw it away?

Bonnie:I know it sounds crazy but the necklace was giving me nightmares.I had to get rid of it.

Caroline:You could have just given it back to me.

Elena:Why?So you could give it back to Damon?

Caroline:Screw Damon.Are we doing manicures or what?Who has their kit?

Bonnie:Mine's in my bag.

Caroline:So Elena.How long do you think this fight with Stefan's gonna last?Is it...like a permanent thing?

Elena:I don't know Caroline.

Caroline:Why are you such a little liar,Bonnie?



Bonnie:I'm not Lying to you,Caroline.I swear.

Elena:It's true.I watched her throw it into a field.

Caroline:Then explain it.


Caroline:Who's Emily?

Bonnie:The ghost.

Caroline:The ghost has a name now?


Bonnie:I wonder why she won't leave me alone.

Caroline:What is going on?Why am I not a part of this conversation?You guys do this to me all the time.

Elena:That's not true.

Bonnie:Yes it is. I can't talk to you.You don't listen.

Caroline:That's not true.

Bonnie:I'm a witch.

Caroline:And don't we all know it?

Bonnie:See?That's what I'm talking about.I'm trying to tell you something.You don't even hear it.

Caroline:I listen.When do I not listen?

Back to the Grill with Jenna and Alaric.

Jenna:Jeremy totally ditched me.

Alaric:Where's he go?

Jenna:Home.It's not far.He can walk it.

Alaric:So are you from here?Are you a townie?

Jenna:I'm a returnee.Left town for a while.Now I'm back.

Alaric:Why'd you leave?

Jenna:School.And then there's the real reason.I was wronged..Guy named Logan.

Alaric:What'd he do?

Jenna:Basics...Lied,cheated,lured me back in , left me again.Your turn.Any sad relationship stories?

Alaric:The basics...Fell in Love,married young,my wife died.


Alaric:That's always a good conversation stopper.

Jenna:What happened?

Alaric:Well,you,me and the ... North Carolina department are all wondering the same thing.It's what's known as a cold case.

Jenna:So why'd you move here?

Alaric:A change of pace,new scenery.I like it here.It's ... got a rich story.

Stefan and Damon are playing Darts.

Damon:Lucky shot.

Stefan:More like a carefully honed skill over many decades.

Damon:You're beating me.

Stefan:Yeah.It's because I'm better than you.

Damon:I'm onto you.Reverse psychology.It's a little transparent, but I admire the effort.

Stefan:You prefer the brooding forehead?

Damon:Seriously , what game do you think you're playing?

Stefan:That's funny question considering the fact that I have been asking you that for month.It's frustrating isn't it?


Back to Elena's house.

Caroline:Bonnie.Look it's just not me.I don't believe in the...But if you do,then...Okay.I'm in.That's all it takes for me to jump onboard,because I consider you to be my best friend.And I'm saying this knowing that Elena's in the kitchen listening to my every word.I didn't know how this was for you,but I'm listening now.Elena ,you can come in now.We're done.There is just way too much drama in this room.So what do you guys wanna do?I have an idea.Why don't we have a séance?

Bonnie:I don't think that's a good idea.

Caroline:Come on.Let's summon some spirits.This Emily chick has some serious explaning to do.

They start the séance.

Bonnie:What are we doing?

Elena:I don't know.

Caroline:Be quiet and concentrate.Close your eyes.Now take a deep breathe.Bonnie Call to her.

Bonnie:Emily you there?

Caroline:Really?"Emily you there?"That's all you got? Come on.Fine .Jeez.

Bonnie:Emily I call on you.I know you have a message.I'm here to listen.

Elena:Did that just...

Caroline:Yeah.it just happened.

Bonnie:It's just air conditioning.

Caroline:Ask her to show you a sign .Ask her.Emily if you're among us,show us another sign.

Bonnie:See?It's not working.I can't I'm done.Get the light.Please get the light on.

Elena:Hold on.I got it.

Bonnie:You guys,the necklace ,it's gone.

Stefan and Damon at the football stade.

Damon:What are we doin' here?Bonding.Catch.Go on.

Stefan:Give it a try.

Damon:Don't forget who taught you how to play this game.That hurt.

Stefan:Downside of my diet ...getting hit actually hurts a little bit.

Damon:I'm impressed Stefan.Fun Booze and darts,sentimental football,and now starry night.What do you want,Stefan?

Stefan:It wasn't real,Damon.Our love for Katherine.She compelled us.We didn't have a choice.Took mr years to sort that out,to trully understand what she did to us.

Damon:We are not takin' that tonight.

Stefan:What do you want with Katherine's crystal.

Damon:How do you know about that?

Stefan:Come on.You knew Elena would tell me.

Damon:How do you know it was Katherine's?

Stefan:Emily gave it to her on her last night.I was with her,and you weren't.I was the last one to see her.Now ,what do you want with Ktherine's crystal?

Damon:She didn't tell you?

Stefan:We had other things on our mind.

Damon:I could rip your heart out and not think twice about it.

Stefan:I've heard that before.

Damon:I have a bigger surprise,Stefan.I'm gonna bring her back.

Back to Elena's house.

Elena:Fun's over ,Caroline.You made a point,and I get it.Now give it back.

Caroline:What?well,I didn't have it.What ? What happened?

Elena:I don't know.Nothing.Jeremy are you home?

Bonnie:Guys...[The door get close]You guys open the door.Help me.

Elena:What's going on,Bonnie.


Elena:Try the other door.I'll check the hallway.

Caroline:Bonnie!Bonnie! Unlock the door!

Elena:Bonnie!Bonnie!Bonnie!Open the door!

The door finally get open

Elena:What happened?Are you okay ?

Bonnie/Emily:I'm fine.

Caroline:Unbelievable.You were totally faking it.

Elena:Caroline.Come on.

Caroline:No,you scared the hell out of me.


Bonnie/Emily:I'm fine.Everything's fine.

Back to Stefan and Damon.

Stefan:How can you bring Katherine back?

Damon:Before Katherine and the others were killed in the church,you remember what it was like in this town?

Stefan:I remember the fear and the hysteria.

Damon:Townspeople were killing vampires one by one.When they came for Katherine,I went straight to Emily,said,"I'll do anything.Name your price;Just protect her."She did.


Damon:She did some kind of spell with the crystal.And while the church was burning, we thought Katherine was burning in it.She wasn't.

Stefan:But I saw her go inside.

Damon:There's a tomb underneath the church.The spell sealed Katherine in that tomb,protecting her.

Stefan:Are you telling me that Katherine's alive?

Damon:If that's what you wanna call it.She's been trappes in a mystical holding cell for the last century and a half ,but you're an expert on a starving a vampire,so how do you thnik she's doing ,Stefan?Did you know that witches can use celestial events to draw energy into their magic?Me either.But in order to give the crystal power,emily used the comet that was passing overhead,and in order for that crystal to work again...

Stefan:The comet had to return.

Damon:Downside...Long time it between comets and a couple of hiccups along the way with the crystal but the comet passed,and I got the crystal.And then Caroline got the crystal,and now Bonnie has the crystal and here we are.

Stefan:Why would Emily...Why would she do this for you?

Damon:Because she knew they were gonna come for her,too,and she made me promise that her lineage would survive.

Stefan:I remember.You saved her children.

Damon:It's the only thing keeping me from ripping that little Bonnie girl's throat out to get my crystal back.Well.A deal's a deal.So...You wanna go throw some more?

Back to Elena's house.

Caroline: I can't believe I fell for it.

Elena:Are you okay?

Bonnie/Emily:I must go.

Caroline:She's leaving.I'm leaving.

Elena:You guys can't leave.

Caroline:I can.I've had enough freaky fake witch stuff for one night.

Bonnie/Emily:Thank you for having me.I'll take it from here?

Elena:Where are you going?

Bonnie/Emily:Back to where it all began.

Elena:Bonnie!Bonnie!Oh My God!Emily!

Bonnie/Emily:I won't let him have it.It must be destroyed.


Caroline:What's happening?

Elena:I don't know.The door,it's not...

Jeremy comes in

Jeremy:What the hell?

Caroline:I'm outta here.

Elena Call Stefan.

Stefan:What's wrong?

Elena:It's Bonnie

Stefan:What happened?

Elena:Emily is possessing her.She said something.

Stefan:What did she say?

Elena: She said "I won't let him have it.It must be destroyed.And then she just left.

Stefan:Where do you think she went?

Elena: I don't know.Fell's church,by the old cemetery that's where she took Bonnie in her dreams.We have to help her,Stefan.

Stefan:Just stay there.I'm gonna go find her.

At the old fell's church.

Damon:Hello Emily.You look different.

Bonnie/Emily:I won't let you do it.

Damon:We had a deal.

Bonnie/Emily:Things are different now.I need to protect my family.

Damon:I protected your family.You owe me.

Bonnie/Emily:I know.I'm sorry.

Damon:You're about to be a lot more than that.

Back to Elena's house.

Jenna:You're so wrong.I'm much more pathetic.

Alaric:Oh non no no.I've got you beat.I have pathetic down to a science.

Jenna:Oh no.We haven't even covered high school.Braces,"A"Cup.

Alaric:Glasses,skin condition.

Jenna:You can...You know what ?I'm not gonna invite you in.

Alaric:Well,some other time then.Have a good night Jenna.

He goes away

Jenna:So you found the boxes.

Jeremy:I found this,too.

Jenna:Me and Logan.That's cruel.

Jeremy:Cruel is dating my history teacher.

Jenna:I'm not dating him.Yet.

Back to Emily and Damon.

Damon:It hurts.This is why I feed on people.


Stefan:Hello Emily.

Bonnie/Emily:These people don't deserve this.They should never have to know such evil.

Stefan:What do you mean evil?

Damon:Emily.I swear to God I'll make you regret this.

Bonnie/Emily:I won't let you unleash them into this world.

Stefan:Them?What part of the story did you lelee out?

Damon:What does it matter?

Stefan:Emily,tell me what you did.

Bonnie/Emily:To save her,I had to save them.

Stefan:You saved everyone in the church?

Bonnie/Emily:With ones comes all.

Damon:I don't care about that.I just want katherine.

Stefan:I knew I shouldn't have believed a single word that comes out of your mouth.This isn't about love,is it?This is about revenge.

Damon:The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Stefan:Damon,you can't do this.

Damon:Why not?They killed 27 people,and they called it a war battle.They deserve whatever they get.

Stefan:27 Vampires,damon.They were vampires.You can't just bring them back.

Damon:This town deserves this.

Stefan:You're blaming innocent people for something that happened 145 years ago.

Damon:There is nothing innocent about these people,and don't thnik for a second it won't happen again.They already know too much,and they'll burn your little grandwitch right next to us when they find out.Trust me.

Bonnie/Emily:Things are different now.

Damon:Don't do this.

Bonnie/Emily:I can't free them.I won't.Incendia!

Damon:No!No please.



Emily throw the necklace it get destroyed, Damon Bites Bonnie.

Stefan:She's alive,but barely.I can save her.

Elena:Her neck,it's healing.

In Caroline's Bedroom


Caroline:What are you doing here?

Matt:Your window was open.I thought you should know.

Caroline:Not Funny.

Matt:Earlier today,I lied.


Matt:About being in bed with you.We cuddled and it creeped me out.

Caroline:It creeped you out?I mean,did you just come over here to insult me or what?Because it's been a really long night.

Matt:It's just that...I don't like you.Inever have,but...it was nice.


Matt:Being in bed with you,it felt nice.And so ,I was thinkin about it,and I thought that I could tell you I stayed because you were all sad and alone and I felt bad for you.

Caroline:Well,thank you,cause I love being a charity case.You can leave now.

Matt:No,because I know...with Vicki gone and my mom off with...Pete whoever,it's just me,so...I know it.

Back to the Woods.

Damon:Katherine never compelled me.I knew everything every step of the way.It was real for me.I'll leave now.

Bonnie:I don't understand ,Elena,what happened to me.He attacked me,and...his face was like...

Elena:How do you feel?Are you okay?

Bonnie:I'm fine.It's just this blood.I don't...

Stefan:I'm not gonna hurt you.

Bonnie:What's going on?

Elena:I'll explain everything.Okay? Let's just get out of here.Look at me.Trust me.He's not going to hurt you.Come on.Come on.Is she in danger of becoming...

Stefan:No,she has to die with my blood in her system,so keep an eye on her tonight and make sure that nothing happens and once it leaves her system,she'll be fine.

Elena:I'm gonna tell her the truth.

Stefan:Are you Sure?

Elena:I can trust her.I need someone to know,someone to talk to.I can't live in secret.

Stefan:I know that.Shouldn't have to.

Elena:You saved her life.I'm sorry ,Stefan.I thought that ...I couldn't be with you,but I can.You don't have to push me away.I can do this.

Stefan:I can't.I have to leave.Too many people have died.Too much has happened.

Elena:What?No.I know you think you're protecting me but...

Stefan:I have to .Coming home was...it was a mistake.I can't be a part of your life anymore.

Elena:Don't go Stefan.Please...You don't have to.This is your home.Please don't go.


Elena:You're just gonna walk away?Don't walk away,Stefan!

Damon and Stefan are sad,Elena explain everything to Bonnie.They cry together.Logan Comes back.

Logan:Hello Jenna.


Logan:Aren't you gonna invite me in?