01x14 - Fool me once

Elena's waking up in a bed . She's at Anna's Place.She tries to get out but Ben wakes up.

Ben:I wouldn't.Don't try to escape.Don't even move.Do you understand?

Elena:I understand.

[Elena opens the door but Anna's behind it]


Ben:I told her not to moove!I did that eye thing you taught me.

Anna:You forgot the lesson about vervain.[She grabs Elena]She takes a vampire

venom, duh!

Elena:Who are you?What do you want?

[Elena gets in the Bathroom , Bonnie's inside.]

Elena:Bonnie?Oh, my god!

Damon's reading the grimoire of Emily Bennett.Stefan comes.

Stefan:Anna took elena.

Damon:Yeah, I got that from your 600 voicemails.

Stefan:Damon, all night long,every single street in town,I've been searching.What if your blood hasn't passed out of her system?

Damon:Well, then at least you know you'll see her again.

Stefan:Please.What do you know?You were with anna. You must know where she's living.Just tell me where I can find her.

Damon:Nope.You can go.Really.

Stefan:You know, all I can remember is hating you.There might have been a time

when that was different,But your choices have erased anything good about you.But see, I also know that you have just as much reason to hate me.This all began with me.Katherine got taken away from you Because me.And I'm sorry.

Damon:Apology accepted.

Stefan:So please,Just tell me what you know.It's elena, damon.If you know something...Tell me.

Damon:I mean this sincerely.I hope elena dies.

Back to Elena and Bonnie , Elena's trying to wake up Bonnie who's asleep.



Elena:Oh, you're ok!

Bonnie:My head...

Elena:Come here.

Bonnie:Oh, my god! Ben is a-

Elena:Shh. [whispering]they can hear.

Bonnie:I was so stupid!

Elena:Oh, he had all of us fooled.

Bonnie:What's going on?Why are we here?

Elena:It must have something to do with the tomb and emily's spell book.

Bonnie:Spell book?

Elena:Damon said that it could be used To open the tomb.

Bonnie:Why didn't I know about any of this?

Elena:I was trying to keep you out of it,Hoping it would never come to this.

Bonnie:Come to what?

Elena:They need a witch...To break the spell an let the vampires out.

Bonnie:No way.

Elena:I Know-

[Ben gets in the room]

Bonnie:You're wasting your time.I'm not going to help you.

Ben:That's why she's here.[He grabs Elena]Motivation for you to behave.You know, you shouldn't be so desperate.You made it too easy.[He pushes Elena in the other room]she needs to talk to you.

[Elena nearly falls]

Anna:Elena gilbert.You really are katherine's doppelganger.You must have

the salvatore boys reeling.

Elena:Who are you?

Anna:I'm anna.Your brother may have mentioned me.I mean, we're, like,

practically dating.

At the Grill, Jeremy's reading something, Tyler's playing pool and Matt's working.

Tyler:Ten kegs?You know how much damage we could do with ten kegs?Duke's got it all hooked up.

Matt:Duke's a douche.

Tyler:Yeah, a douche with ten kegs.Aka, my new best friend.[Jeremy laughes]What's the problem,gilbert?

Jeremy:Don't have one,lockwood.

Tyler:Yeah, I didn't think so.

Matt:You ever get bored of it?

Tyler:Of what?


[Jeremy laughes]

Tyler:Keep laughing, buddy.

[Caroline comes]

Caroline:Hey, jeremy.Where is elena?I have been texting her and bonnie All day about duke's party.

Jeremy:Uh, she went somewhere with stefan.

Caroline:I am so not going to be one of those girls Who disappears just because

she has a new boyfriend.

Jeremy:Who is duke?

Caroline:Some guy that graduated a couple years ago.And he throws a party every

time he comes home from duke.

Jeremy:Wait, duke goes to duke?

Caroline:His real name is bob or something.He's a total ass. But he buys the beer.Maybe you should come.

Jeremy:Uh, yeah. -I don't think so.

Caroline:No, seriously.Everyone goes.Even quiet loner little brothers.Think about it.

[She gets into Matt]



Caroline:So I have speech.It is fully scripted and well-rehearsed.Are you ready

for it?

Matt:You wrote a speech?

Caroline:Yes.It's a "you kissed me And I don't want things to be weird" speech.It's pre-emptive.

Matt:[He chuckles]pre-emptive.

Caroline:Yeah, you know, in case you were having second thoughts Or regrets Or were,like, ooged out-

Matt:Ooged, huh?

Caroline:Can I just get on with the speech part?

Matt:Yeah, go for it.

Caroline:So I know that you don't think That this is going to work out between us.I just want to let you know that right here and right now,I'm offering you an out.Like an escape clause.

Matt:Why are you giving me an escape clause?

Caroline:I don't want to make assumptions about what it is we are doing here.

Matt:Got it.

Caroline:So, if you would like to exercise it,Just let me know.

Matt:I'm good, but thanks.



Caroline:So...See you for duke's tonight.


At Grams place Damon's knocking on the door.


Damon:Hi there.I'm looking for bonnie.

Grams:She's not here.

Damon:Oh, do you know when she would be-


Damon:You have quite an opinion for someone who doesn't know me.

Grams:You got some nerve knocking on a bennett witch's door And asking her

for anything.

Damon:What'd I do?

Grams:Spirits talk,mr. Salvatore,And so does my granddaughter.You are no friend to us.Now get off my porch.

Damon:Step outside and say that.

[She hurts him]

Grams:I am not bonnie.You don't want to mess with me.

Back to Anna's place.Anna's looking outside.

Elena:Bonnie's not going to open the tomb.

Anna:Oh, I think she will.

Elena:Do you really want katherine out that bad?

Anna:Trust me.No one I know wants to see that girl again.Except damon,

the lovestruck idiot.

Elena:Then what is it?Or who is it?

Anna:My mother's in there.Katherine couldn't help herself.She just had two boy around With both of the salvatore brothers.And when she get caught,So did my mother.I watched jonathan gilbert take her away.

Elena:I'm sorry.

Anna:You really mean that, don't you?Yeah, I think we'll skip The dead mom bonding so you can start serving a purpose.

Elena:Which is what?

Anna:Leverage.This belong to you?[Elena tries to take the phone]Ah, ah.

[She calls Stefan]

Stefan:Elena, are you ok?

Anna:She's fine,for now.Tell me you have the grimoire and she'll stay fine.

Stefan:I can't get it.

Anna:Which means your brother has it.And I have the witch.So one of you

had better meet me In the very public town square in 30 minutes So we can safely discuss .How fun it's going to be to work together.

[She stop the conversation]

At Salvatore's place Stefan looks at Damon.

Damon:Go ahead.Grovel again.Oh, wait, no.I don't care.

Back to Anna's place.She knocks at the bathroom door.

Anna:I'm leaving.[Ben comes with Bonnie]Keep them buttoned down.Compulsion won't work.Just use violence.

Ben:Right.I got that.Sit. Behave.You're the key to this.Literally.The one who opens

the door.Tell me, how long have you been a witch?

Elena:Is there anything to drink here?

Ben:Are you offering?There's water on the nightstand.

[Elena takes the glass]

Bonnie:Hey. Can I have a sip?

[Bonnie throw the water on Ben and get fire on it]

Ben:Whoa![He grabs Elena]Come back in,shut the door!

Bonnie:Don't hurt her!

Ben:Don't make me![Bonnie closes the door]Lock it.

In the street Jeremy runs into Anna.

Jeremy:Anna!Hey, what, uh,What happened to you last night?

Anna:Sorry,I had to leave.I told your sister to tell you.

Jeremy:Oh, I haven't seen her.

Anna:Well, I gotta run, so-

Jeremy:Hey, do you want to go to a party tonight?

Anna:Do I what?

Jeremy:The guy that's throwing it is a total douche,But it's, uh, it's supposed to be fun.I figured, you know, safety in numbers.

Anna:[She chuckles]so you're finally ready to go out with me, are you?

Jeremy:It's been a while since I've been to a party,And I kindwant to get back out there.And not be such a lor.And, uh, I like you.You're fun, and you're also kind of Strange and lurky, but,h,I guess I like that, too.So, yeah, you should come to the party. With me.It's in the woods by that old cemetery.

Anna:Oh.It's there, huh?That sounds cool.Uh, I'll meet you.

Jeremy:Oh-ok! Great!Cool.Ok!

[She sits and Damon appears next to her]

Damon:Got a hot date,Or are you just planning on nabbing the entire gilbert family?

Anna:A party, right next to the old cemetery.Isn't that nice of them?Lots of warm bodys for starving vampires.

Damon:I told you.I work alone.

Anna:Yeah, so do I.But you're minus a witch And I'm minus spell book.So what do you say?

Damon:Stefan will come after you, you know that.For messing with elena.

Anna:Then he won't be too happy if I kill her When I don't get what want.

Damon:When do you want to do this?

Anna:God, it's like 1864 all over again.You salvatores are truly pathetic when it comes to women.Tonight. After sundown.Meet at the church.

Back to Anna's , Ben's aking some quetions to the girls.

Ben:Witches don't have eternal life, right?So you guys can die.

Bonnie:Yeah, we can die.

Ben:Ah!That sucks.

[Stefan opens the door ,Ben screams]


Stefan:Let's get outside.[He approach Ben]When the sun goes down,Leave town.If I ever see you again,I will kill you.

At Grams Place . Bonnie and Grams are around the table.

Bonnie:How did you know where we were?

Grams:Many things can feel a witch's power.Worry, anger.After stefan told me that they had taken you, I had a lot of both.Simple locator spell was easy after that.

Bonnie:I'm sorry.About all of this.

Grams:Not as sorry as they're gonna be.

[Stefan and Elena comes]

Elena:So what do we do now?

Stefan:For now, you need to stay here.

Grams:A prisoner,in my own home?I don't think so.

Stefan:I can't protect you if you leave the house.

Grams:We'll protect ourselves.

Elena:We need to let him have katherine back.He's not going to stop until he gets her.If we help him,maybe that ends it.

Bonnie:No! He doesn't deserve to get what he wants.

Elena:What other choice do we have?

Grams:Witches being pulled down by vampire problems.As much as we tried

to do to stay out of it.I'll open the tomb.You get your brother's girl,And destroy the rest with fire.Then this will be all over.

Stefan:We still have to get damon to agree.

Elena:He already agreed once.

Stefan:Yeah, and then we double cross him.So now he's angry.

Elena:He's hurt. There's a difference.I think I know what I have to do.

Back to Anna's Place ; Ben's hidding from the sun.

Anna:You've got to be kidding me.

Ben:It was stefan.There was nothing I could-

Anna:Shut up! Stop talking.Without the witch,We don't have damon or the grimoire.Damon's not going to stop.He'll find a way to get in.And we're going to be

there when he does.

At the Salvatore's place , Damon's packing some books ,Elena comes.

Damon:I'm going to have to change the locks.Did you stage a jailbreak?


Damon:Oh, brother.Ever the white knight.

Elena:I convinced bonnie to help you.

Damon:I doubt that.

Elena:I'm not going to say that I'm sorry We got the grimoire without you last night,Because I'm not, really.

Damon:Well, at least you're honest.

Elena:I was protecting the people I love, damon.But so were you,In your own,

twisted way.And as hard as it is to figure,We're all on the same side,After the same thing.

Damon:Not interested.

Elena:Yes, you are.Because you were willing to work with us yesterday.

Damon:Fool once,shame on you.

Elena:Ok, when we were in atlanta,Why didn't you use your compulsion on me?

Damon:Who's to say I didn't?

Elena:You didn't.I know you didn't.But you could have.You and I...We have something.An understanding.And I know that my betrayal hurt you,Different from how it is with you and Stefan,But I'm promising you this now,I ll help you get katherine back.

Damon:I wish I could believe you.

[She took her necklace off]

Elena:Ask me if I'm lying now.

Damon:No animal will stop, by the way,No matter what I do.

Elena:Then we'll deal with it.

[He put her necklace back]

Damon:I didn't compel you in atlanta because we were having fun.I wanted it to be real.I'm trusting you.Don't make me regret it.

They go together at the party

Elena:The duke party.I forgot.I hope they stay clear of the church.

Damon:Your hope, not mine.

Matt: Elena, hey.

Caroline:Elena, oh, my god.Where have you been?

Damon:Long story,no time to tell it.

Caroline:Wasn't talking to you.

Damon:Sure you were.

Matt:We haven't met.I'm matt.

Damon:Matt, there's a reason we haven't met.[He pushes Elena]You and I are

going that way.

Elena:Ahhh. I'm sorry,you guys.

At the Church , Stefan comes with a showel.

Stefan:Cleared the debris away.Set the torches like you asked.We can get down now.

Grams:What is that?

Stefan:It's everything I need to destroy them.

Grams:Are you sure damon will come back with her?

[Damon whistles]

Damon:Brother, witches.

Stefan:Everything ok?

Elena:I just want to get this over with.Are we ready?

Bonnie:I guess so.

Back to the party , all cheering and rock music playing.

Tyler:Done!Hey, uh,I'll be right back.[He gets into Jeremy]Hey, man.Uh, you got any weed?

Jeremy:Wait, you're kidding me,right?You act like a total dick every time we cross paths,And now you want to party with me?

Tyler:You're not Gilbert.I'm just asking question.

Jeremy:Dude, I don't get you, man.

Tyler:It's a party.You're a partier, ok?There's no need to psychoanalyze it.

Jeremy:I don't party anymore.And even if I did, it wouldn't be with you.

Tyler:No problem.Carry on just standing there, by yourself.All alone.The enemy of fun.Do you even have any friends?

[Tyler goes away and Anna comes]

Jeremy:Thanks god.

Anna:Weird hello, but ok.What's the matter?

Jeremy:Uh, nothin'.Nothing, just...It's nothin'.

Anna:Come on, let walk.

Back to the Church.Grams doing the spell.



Elena:That's it, just water from the tap?

Grams:As opposed to what?

Elena:I just figured maybit would have to be blessed Or mystical or something.

Stefan:What's that?

Damon:It's for katherine.Gotta have something to get her going.Unless your girl's

offering a vein to tap.Admit it-You can't wait to get rid of me.

Stefan:I can't wait to get rid of you.


Bonnie:You ready?

Back to Anna and Jeremy in the woods.

Anna:This place is wild.

Jeremy:You kinda like dead people, huh?

Anna:I'm strange, remember?You ok?

Jeremy:Yeah, yeah. Uh...This place makes me think about someone.

Anna:A dead someone?

Jeremy:No, no, just...Someone I used to know.So, uh, hey.We made it all of, what, 37 minutes in that party?

Anna:Not your scene?

Jeremy:No, I'm not really sure what my scene is anymore.


Jeremy:So what do you say?You want to be part of my non-scene?

Anna:I would happily be a part of your non-scene,Except, uh,I'm leaving.

Jeremy:Wait, what?

Anna:Yeah. My mom and I are moving away.

Jeremy:Oh, uh...That's- that's a bummer.



Anna:Guess this is good-bye.

Jeremy:I guess it is.

[Jeremy kiss her]

Jeremy:Anna, your face!

Anna:It's nothing.

Jeremy:It didn't look like nothing.

[Ben hits him in the back]

Anna:you didn't have to hit him that hard.

Ben:Yes, I did.

Anna:Grab him, and let's go.I'm taking him to meet my mother.

Back to the party, Tyler's drinking beer , Matt's laying on a tree.

Tyler:Hey,Where's your date?

Matt:Who knows?

Tyler:Ah, is the honeymoon over already?


Tyler:After all that grief you gave me about liking her.I figured it would have lasted

longer than five minutes.

Matt:Look, I just- I don't know if I can do the whole public couple thing.She-she seems like she might be a little clingy.

Tyler:Well, good.I need my boy single anyway.Ooh.Incoming.

Caroline:Hey.There you are.

Matt:Here I am.

Tyler:Yeah, well, I'm not drunk enough,So I'm just going to go get another beer.



Caroline:I have another speech.


Caroline:The hand thing with elena,It was lame.Well, I was lame.And, hey, your feelings for elena aside,Damon was there,And he was always such a jerk to me.And...I wanted to show off that I was with the good guy.So, anyway, I was lame.So...Forgiven?

Matt:Yeah, course.Yeah.

Back to the church , Bonnie and Gram are doing the spell.

Damon:What it's that?

Stefan:It sounds like latin.

Elena:I don't think it's latin.

They continue in the foreign language.

Elena:What's happening?

Bonnie:It worked!

Grams:Of course it worked.

Damon:Weave some fires to build.

Stefan:I'm gonna go get the gasolin, I'll be right back.

Damon:You ready?


Damon:You think I'm going to go in there by myself So you can seal me in?

Elena:Don't take her in.I'll bring the walls down.

Damon:You'll bring walls down if I don't. You think I trust you?

Grams:As much as I trust you.

Elena:Enough!Both of you.Look, he needs leverage.He needs to know that you're not going To shut the door when he gets inside.I get it.I'll go.

Damon:May I?

Outside Stefan tries to take the gasolin but Ben interrupt him.

Ben:Dark down there?

Stefan:I thought I told you to leave.

Ben:I considered it.Then I thought,screw you.

Anna: Hey, hero.I'm going down there to get my mother.

Stefan:Can't let you do that.

Anna:Well, ben's about to make a main course Out of elena's little brother,So you can stop me or him.Your choice.

Back to Elena and Damon walking inside the tomb.They can hear whisperings.

Elena:What is that?

Damon:They can sense you.Where is she?!


Back to Bonnie and Grams , Anna comes.

Bonnie:Hey, you're not going in there.

Anna:You think you can stop me?


Bonnie:Why did you let her go in?

Grams:Because she isn't coming out, baby.None of them are.

Back to Stefan and Ben in the woods.

Stefan:Do you really think she cares about you hmm?You're disposable.

Ben:I don't care. She already gave me what I want.

Stefan:You're going to say "eternal life"?You're really that stupid?

Ben:You know,I've heard about you.You don't feed.You're not strong enough

to beat me.[He tried to hurt Stefan but misses him]Is that all you got?

Stefan:No.I got this.[He burns him with the gasoline]

Back to the tomb Elena's Alone .

Elena:Damon?[She whisper]Damon!

[She gets in a room full of vampires and falls near to one]

Outside Bonnie and Grams are waiting.Stefan comes.

Stefan:Where's elena?

Bonnie:Damon took her inside.


Grams:Stefan!If you go in there,you won't come out.

Stefan:What did you do?

Grams:Opening the door didn't remove the seal,It just opened the door.

Stefan:What's the seal?

Grams:Some seals keep vampires from entering.This one keeps them from...Coming out.

Stefan:Elena's human.She can leave.Anna and katherine can't.Damon can't.You weren't even planning on breaking the spell,Were you?

Grams:I told you.I will protect my own.Elena can get out.That's all that matters.

Back to Elena and Anna in the tomb.

Anna:You must have a taste for it.You scream and shriek and even bother to escape,But then you just come right back to it.[Elena steps on something]Mother!Your boyfriend did this, you know.

Elena:His father did.

Anna:And jonathan gilbert.Made a choice a long time agoThat it would be gilbert blood That brought her back to life.I had jeremy all ready to go,But...

[Elena screams when Anna bites her ,Stefan goes inside]

Bonnie:Stefan!You can't just leave him in there, grams!

Grams:He made his choice!

Bonnie:No.Here.[She tooks the grimoire]Just tell me what to do. I'll do it!

Grams:We are not strong enough.Even if we were able to bring the seal down,There's no guarantee that we can get it back up again.

Bonnie:You said it yourself-Many things can fuel a witch's power.Help me!Or I'll do it alone.

Back to Elena and Anna, Elena's wrist bleeding , Anna give the blood to Pearl.

Elena:Please don't!No!

Stefan:Let her go![He Grabs Anna]


Stefan:Go, go. I'll be right behind you.

Pearl: Anna!Where am I?

Elena gets outside the tomb.

Bonnie:Elena, stefan...

Elena:He's right behind me.Stefan what are you doing?

Grams:It's gonna be ok.

Bonnie:We'll fix it.

Stefan:I can't.

Elena:Can't?Can't what?

Bonnie:The spell's still up,we can't get them out.Yet.

Elena:You went in there not knowing If you could come back out?Oh, my god.

Stefan:I heard you scream.

Elena:We can't leave him in there.We promised him, both of us.

Stefan:I know.

Grams:Even if we're able to break through the seal,We won't be able to hold it for long.

Back to Damon inside the tomb , he's angry because he didn't find katherine.

Damon:She's not here!


Damon:She's not here.


Damon:She's not here!

Back to Bonnie and Grams removing the seal.

Elena:I think it's working!

Anna:I just wanted my mother back.Jeremy's fine. He's outside. We won't touch him.

Grams:Bonnie!Keep going!You better hury.

Elena:Stefan, they can't hold it much longer!

Back to Damon and Stefan.

Stefan:Damon, we need to get out of here.

Damon:It doesn't make sense.They locked her inside.

Stefan:If we don't leave now,We're not getting out.

Damon:How could she not be in here?

Stefan:It's not worth spending all of eternity down here!She's not worth it!


Elena: Damon!Please.

Back to Bonnie and Grams.

Bonnie:oh, my god!I can't!

Grams:Yes you can.

Back to the party , Matt's staring at Caroline.

Matt:Is this for real?

Caroline:Is what for real?

Matt:You being all cool and honest and open?

Caroline:Speech number three?I want this to work.And I'm scared that you're

going to change your mind And you're not going to want it.I don't want to mess it up.

Matt:I don't want to mess it up, either.

Back to the church , Elena and Stefan find Jeremy.

Stefan:He's ok.He's all right.

[Damon comes ,Elena hold him in her arms]

Elena:I'm sorry.

At Grams' place , she walk difficultly.

Bonnie:Hey, let me help you.

Grams:Oh, I'm fine.You don't need to coddle me, baby.

Bonnie:It was a big spell, grams.I could tell it took a lot out of you.

Grams:I'll be fine.

At Elena's place she took some aspirin and water for Jeremy.

Elena:How's your head?

Jeremy:Oh,, it's, uh,it's all right.I just-I wish I knew how I pass out.I didn't drink

that much, I swear.

Elena:And you don't remember anything?

Jeremy:The whole thing's pretty cloudy. I just...I know how this looks.I'm-I'm sorry.

Elena:No, Jeremy,don't be sorry.You didn't do anything, ok?


Elena:I've gotta head over to bonnie's for a little bit,But is there anything

that you need?

Jeremy:Oh, no, I'm just-I'm gonna crash.

Elena:Ok. Well, jenna's here,and I'll be back soon.

At Anna's place ,she comes with her mother ,Damon's sitting in the chair.

Damon:You knew katherine wasn't in there.

Anna:You wouldn't have helped me.

[He took Pearl by the neck]


Damon:Why do you get happiness?

Anna:Damon, please, you wouldn't have helped me! You know you wouldn't!

Damon:Why do you get it and I don't?!

Pearl:The guard,the one at the church,the one who locked us in ,she promised to turn him,he was obsessed with her.She had him under her spell like everybody else.He let her go.

Anna:The last I saw her Was chicago.1983.She knew where you were, damon.She didn't care.Sorry.

At Bonnie's ,Elena's speaking on the phone.

Elena:I just got to bonnie's.

Stefan:Everything all right?

Elena:Yeah.How's damon?Is he going to be ok?

Stefan:I don't know.Can I call you later?

Elena:Yeah, of course.

[He stops the conversation]

At the Salvatores's Damon's drinking in front of the cheminey.Stefan sits next to him.

Back to Bonnie's place she goes to give her Grams some coffee.

Bonnie:Here it is Grams.Grams.Grams? Grams Wake up.Grams?Grams?Elena!Help.Wake up!She's not breathing!She's not breathing!Please, wake up!I'm gonna fix it!

Elena:Yes, I need an ambulance.

Bonnie:It's ok, I can fix this.

Elena:It's an emergency.Bonnie!Bonnie!Bonnie!

Bonnie:No, no!I can fix this!


Bonnie:Grams, I can fix this!


Bonnie cries a lot. In the tomb a vampire drink the blood that Damon throw away and goes outside.