01x19 - Miss Mystic Falls

[Mystic Fall's high school]

(Stefan is parking his car; Elena sees him and rejoins him)

Elena: Nice car

Stefan: That was a waste to leaves it in the garage

(She smiles, they kiss)

Elena: I didn't know we were coming back today

Stefan: You know, I woke up this morning and I was feeling great and I figured it was time for me to get back in the things

Elena: Is that mean you're okay now, with all the cravings?

Stefan: Yeah, I mean the worst part is over so… now what I want to do is just spent as much time with you as possible

Elena: I'm okay with that

(They kiss)

Stefan: Hey, thank you for helping me get through the rough patch

Elena: You're welcome (pause, they look each other). We are going to be late

Stefan: Okay, uh, you know what? I'll catch up with you, I'm gonna grab my stuff. I'll be right behind you

Elena: Okay

(She leaves; he goes to the trunk and opens it. There's a lot of blood pouch from mystic falls hospital. He grabs his stuff and clothes the trunk)

[Founders hall]

(Damon, John and Sheriff Forbes are talking)

Sheriff Forbes: There was a disturbance at the hospital blood bank last night; some of the supply was compromised

Damon: Compromised? You mean stolen?

Sheriff Forbes: We almost missed it. The inventory records were altered but when the night manager was questioned he had no recollection of changing them

John: That means that the vampire who stole the blood used mind control to hide the theft

Damon (looking at John): I know what you meant

Sheriff Forbes: We wouldn't noticed if John hadn't alerted us to recent discrepancies in other hospital blood banks in the county

Damon: How lucky for us, we have John

(He looks at John)

Sheriff Forbes: We're stepping up security at the hospital, giving the guard vervain to prevent this from happening again

John: Sheriff, may I offer a suggestion? Why don't Damon and I put our hands together? We can track down whoever is doing this

Sheriff Forbes: Truthfully I can use the extra hands. Is that something you would be willing to do?

Damon: of course, I mean if it'll help

John: I think we could make a good team, don't you think Damon?

(He looks at Damon)

Damon: John, whenever I can do to help keep this town safe; even if it means spending time with you

(He looks at John and smiles, John smiles too)

[Mystic Fall's high school]

(Alaric History Class)

Alaric: Okay, this week we're gonna set outside the regular curriculum for a lesson on local history as we approach founder's day. Apparently the community lead feels it's more important that world war 2 but hey what do I know?

(Bonnie interrupts him and enters the classroom)

Bonnie: Sorry I'm late

Alaric: Well, its lake we will be on full occupancy today. Welcome home Bonnie

(Bonnie sits down and smiles at Elena but when she looks at Stefan she doesn't anymore smile and seems upset. Stefan smiles at her but she tries not to look and him and turns her head. Elena and Stefan don't understand, they look at each other)

[Salvatore's house]

(Someone is ringing the bell, Damon opens the door: it's Anna)

Damon: I suppose I should be grateful, you learned how to use the bell

Anna: I'm here on behalf of my mother

(She enters)

Damon: On behalf of or in spite of?

Anna: I'm sorry about what the other vampires did to Stefan. Undocked him, tortured him… It wasn't supposed to go down like that

Damon: You're plain house of half of a tomb of really pissed of vampires. What do you think was going to happen?

Anna: My mom is devastated; they tried to over throw her

Damon: Why isn't she here telling me this?

Anna: She doesn't really do apology

Damon: Well, it's a coincidence, ‘cause I don't do forgiveness. Let just roll long. And if you're going continue playing house with these little vampires pets, you might wanna stop rubbing the blood bank dry because they're onto it

Anna: I haven't been to the local blood bank in at least a week

Damon: Then it's one of you others

Anna: The others are gone Damon

Damon: Well, where did they go?

Anna: They were cut off of this town. After what happened with your brother my mom kicked them out and they took off. It's just us and Harper now

(Damon is surprised; he doesn't know what to think)

[Mystic Fall's high school]

(Bonnie is walking, reading papers; Elena is running after her)

Elena: Bonnie!

Bonnie: Hey

Elena: Hey, i tried to grab you after class but you already taken off. How are you? How's your family?

Bonnie: We're dealing, it's been hard

Elena: Everyone here really missed you

Bonnie: Yeah, I just had so much to deal with after Grams' funeral and, honestly after you told me the tomb spell failed I just didn't really want to come back

Elena: I hope you'll understand why I called… I wanted you to know before you came home

Bonnie: I understand why. I just… shouldn't know

(Long pause, they look at each other)

Elena: I know it's been really hard…

(Caroline interrupts them)

Caroline: Bonnie! Bonnie! Thank god you're home!

(She embraces Bonnie)

Caroline: I know we talked everyday but I missed you

(Elena looks at them, she seems sad)

Caroline: How are you doing?

Bonnie: Better. You know, glad to be back and trying to keep myself busy

Caroline: Well, I can help with that. Major wardrobe problem. You need to help me pick up the perfect dress for the founder's court

Elena: The founder's court? Did I miss something?

Caroline: The founder's court! You know, Miss Mystic Falls. They announced it today and you and I are both on it

Elena: Oh my god! We signed for this so long ago… I completely forgot

Caroline: So, are you dropping out then?

Elena: I can't

(She looks at Bonnie)

Caroline: No?

Bonnie: Her mom is the one who wanted her into this

[Salvatore's house]

(Stefan is back from school. Damon was waiting for him)

Damon: How was school?

Stefan: Fine

Damon: Yeah? Same old, same old? Nothing new? No stories to bring home?

Stefan: You make it small talk, why?

Damon: You seemed off the ship lately, less dump and glum, more peps in you steps

Stefan: And you think it's because I drank human blood again

Damon: I don't want to brag but I would definitely take responsibility for this new and improved you

Stefan: Well, I hate to push the bubble but I'm clean

Damon: Yeah, not possible

Stefan: Not only isn't possible but it is quite true

Damon: Stefan, just be serious for a second. You spent the last century and a half being a poster child for Prozac and now you expect me to believe that this new you has nothing to do with human blood. Nothing

Stefan: I'm clean

Damon: You're lying!

Stefan: Believe what you want

(Stefan leaves, Damon seems suspicious)

[Gilbert's house/Salvatore's house]

(Elena is in the kitchen; she opens the fridge and takes a bottle of water. She's on the phone with Stefan)

Elena: I'm sorry for the short notice; I didn't even know that the contest was coming up much as less that I will be in it

Stefan: I will be happy to escort you anyway

Elena: My mom was really into this founder's day stuff. She was even Miss Mystic in her day. I want to do it for her

Stefan: It'll be great, we'll have fun

Elena: Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, I love you

Stefan: I love you too

(He hangs up. He has a blood pouch in his hands. He opens a drawer and hides the blood pouch in it. He goes in the basement and opens a fridge. There's a lot of blood pouch in it, he looks at it but Damon is looking at him in the shadow)

Damon: Well well, he's a liar and a thief. So, when are you gonna share?

Stefan: Go ahead, help yourself

Damon: No, no, no I'm talking about the fact that you have a closet blood junkie

Stefan: So, I'm drinking blood again. You're the one that shoved it on me, what's your problem? I have it under control

Damon: Under control? You've robbed the hospital!

Stefan: So, what's your point?

Damon: Fine, whatever man, drink up. Just remember, we're trying to keep a low profile. Why don't you just walk up to Sheriff Forbes and ask her to tap a vein?

Stefan: Have my actions negatively impacted you? I can't imagine what that must feel like

Damon: Yeah, what Elena thinks about the new… you?

Stefan: Nothing's changed; I'm still the same person

Damon: Clearly

Stefan: Elena doesn't need to know anything yet

Damon: You've been out the human stuff for years Stefan. If you're having problems controlling…

Stefan: I don't have any problems

Damon: Who do you think you're talking to? I know what it's like. The Jekyll and Hyde feeling, that switch, sometime you goes off and snap. Right now is not a good time for me to be worried about you snapping

Stefan: I know that it pains you to see this but I'm fine okay? I'm fine

(He takes a pouch from the fridge)

Stefan: So please, do me a favor and back off

(He closes the fridge and leaves)

[Founder's hall]

(Carol Lockwood and two others woman are interviewing the girls who are in the Miss Mystic Falls pageant)

Carol Lockwood: This year's queen will have the special honor of taking stage at the one hundred fiftieth founder's day gala. Before we crown a winner, we'd like to get to know a bit more about each of you

Caroline: I'm on the MF beautification comity; I volunteered the poor soup kitchen

Elena: I recognize that I haven't been as involved this year that I used to be

Caroline: I implemented this year's go green campaign at school

Elena: I've been distracted and I let a lot of things aside

One of the girls: I don't think it's wrong for me to win two years in a row

Amber: I was surprised to have been selected since I'm not one of the founding families

Elena: But I'm aware of what an honor this is and I want you to know that I take it seriously

Caroline: I worked for the recycling program and was in charge for the police's this year raffle

Tina Fell: Just because my D.U.I. made my community service mandatory doesn't mean that I was any less committed

Elena: This was really important to my mother. She believed in community, family, honor and loyalty. It's the legacy she'd left for me

[Salvatore's house]

(Someone is ringing the bell, Damon opens the door it's John. He enters in the house)

John: Hey partner!

Damon: What do you want?

John: You haven't return any of my calls

Damon: Most people take it has a hint

John: Where do we start looking for vampires?

Damon: How do you act John? You obviously don't care about catching vampires, you're here talking to me

John: Actually, I care very much

Damon: What Isobel says about that? I mean, considering that she is one

John: Isobel and I share a mutual interest. The original Jonathan Gilbert has an invention and it was stolen by a vampire. That vampire was then burned alive in Fell's church, that's what Jonathan thought and the invention was lost forever. But then the vampires weren't killed, were they? They were trapped and now they're free, thanks to you which means the invention is retrieval

Damon: What is it?

John: The only thing that matter is that I want it back and you're going to help me if you want your secret safe

Damon: Why bring me into it John? I mean, I don't know what you are talking about much less who has it

John: Oh come on Damon! You were around back then, you know what this people are, what they look like. He was friendly with a woman who turned out to be a vampire. Her name was Pearl. Is that ring a bell?

(Long pause, they look at each other)

Damon: I'm not playing anymore. Get out

John: I beg your pardon?

Damon: You know, I only entertain this whole blackmail skin thing of yours because I thought you and Isobel could lead me to Katherine but see, now I know you've no idea where Katherine is, because if you did you would know that Katherine and Pearl were best friends. See, you don't know everything did you?

John: I'll tell the entire council what you are

Damon: Go for it! I'll kill every last one of them. Then I'll sever your hand, pull your ring off, and I'll kill you too. Do you understand that?

[Mystic Fall's high school]

(Carol Lockwood is teaching dance moves to the girls who are in the Mystic Falls pageant and their partners)

Carol Lockwood: Stay focus, right hand around. Flirt with your eyes (Elena and Stefan are laughing) Left hand around

Elena: This is ridiculous

Stefan: You're only saying that because you don't know how to do it

Elena: Sorry. Only one of us was around when the dance was invented

Stefan: Ouch!

(He catches her arm and makes her turn around herself)

Mrs. Lockwood: No! No! There's no touching during this part. It's about the simple intimacy of the near touch

Stefan: If you ask me, the 'near touch' is overrated

Elena: You seem to be in a good mood

Stefan: Is that a bad thing? Would you prefer me to be burring and tortured?

Elena: Hey, I'm not complaining

(They dance)

(Caroline is in the hallway with Bonnie)

Caroline: The Fell cousins don't have a shot and Amber Bradley is only on the court so the pageant doesn't look like its founding families only which of course it is. So that leaves Elena which totally has a simply vote since her parents died. How can I compete with that?

Bonnie: Very nice, very sensitive

Caroline: Oh I'm sorry, this must sound really unimportant

Bonnie: It's okay, I get it, you want to win

Caroline: Well, my grandmother was Miss Mystic and both of my ants. My mom is the only one who didn't get the gene and I want this. I actually deserve this

(They leave, Bonnie falls into Elena and Stefan, and she's uncomfortable)

Elena: Hey

Stefan: Hey, how are you?

(She doesn't answer, Elena and Stefan feel that there's a problem)

Caroline: I begged Bonnie to have filled in for Matt, he had to work today

(Elena looks at Bonnie)

Elena: Bonnie, do you have a minute?

Bonnie: we only have 30 minutes for rehearsal

Elena: It'll only take a minute, please?

(They are going apart)

Elena: Bonnie you have to tell me what's wrong

Bonnie: It not worth talking about

Elena: What do you mean don't worth it? You barely said ten words to me and you won't even look at Stefan. Is that what it is? Is it Stefan?

Bonnie: Look, Elena, I can't just pretend that everything's okay. Everything my grams did was to protect us from those vampires from the tomb. And now they're out which means she died for nothing

Elena: I'm so sorry Bonnie, What can I do to make it better?

Bonnie: That just did, there's nothing you can do. I blame him Elena, him and Damon and I'm not gonna put you in a situation where you have to choose sides. I'm just having a hard time with it okay?

(Stefan is listening to them)

(Stefan is walking on the campus, one of the basketball players is hurt, he is bleeding. Stefan is not okay. Alaric arrives and touches him. Stefan strangles him)

Alaric: Are you okay?

Stefan: Yes, I'm sorry. I was just… feeling sick

(He leaves, Alaric watches him)

[Gilbert's house]

(Elena goes down the stairs; she has her dress on the arm. Someone knocks at the door: it's Alaric)

Elena: Hey

Stefan: Hi

Elena: I heard you're driving

Alaric: Yeah I'm. Let me get that for you

(He takes the dress)

Alaric: Thanks

(He enters the house and closes the door)

Alaric: How… how is Stefan?

Elena: What do you mean?

Alaric: You know, he seems on edge

Elena: He went through a lot, he was in bad shape for a while but he's back now

(They look at each other, John arrives)

John: Alaric. Hey buddy what are you doing here?

Alaric: I'm the chauffeur

John: I thought I was driving

(Jenna goes down the stairs)

Jenna: No need, we go with Rick

Elena: Are we ready?

Jenna: Jeremy can drive with you

[Founder's hall]

(Anna arrives, she goes outside. Damon rejoins her)

Damon: n the running for Miss Mystic Falls?

Anna: Sometimes you have to wear uncomfortable heals to blend in. I remember this event from 1864, I was supposed to honor before everything happened

Damon: Ah, nostalgia's a bitch

Anna: If you're just gonna mock me can you move along please?

Damon: John Gilbert thinks your mom stole an aterfact from Jonathan senior, senior back in 1864

Anna: What are you, his errant boy?

Damon: I don't know what it is but I don't want him to have it

Anna: I could ask her but you know, you've made it pretty clear that you don't trust us so why should I even bother?

Damon: Because you want to stay in Mystic Falls and John Gilbert's in town, making that impossible. Find out where it is. He leaves and you can buy your welcome mat

(The girls are putting their make up on. Jenna is arranging Elena's hair)

Elena: Thanks for helping me

Jenna: Don't thank me until you're sure your hair isn't gonna burn off

Elena: You know I remember when my mom and I were first planning for this, she was excited

Jenna: So were you if I recall

Elena: I was. She's made it sounded like something so much fun. Lots of things changed then

Jenna: I hate to brake it to you but its little late for cold feet

Elena: I don't have cold feet. It's just… I think I'd be enjoying a lot more if she was here

(Long pause)

Jenna: Well I tell you one thing, your hair would had better chance if she was

Elena: Okay, I should go put my dress on. Be careful with that thing, don't hurt anybody

(She gets up and leaves, Caroline looks at her, she seems sad)

(Jeremy is outside, alone, John rejoins him)

John: You look miserable

Jeremy: Are they really a whole month of these events that I'm supposed to show up at?

John: You could fight it if you want but it's part of being a Gilbert

Jeremy: Yeah, you mentioned you know a lot about the family. You know anything about our ancestor Jonathan Gilbert?

John: Prolific writer, crazy inventor. Why do you ask?

Jeremy: Well, I read his journal

John: Is that right?

Jeremy: Yeah, I actually found it in all dads' stuff

John: Well, it's surprising. Most of them are locked away

Jeremy: There are more of them?

John: Jonathan Gilbert journaled his whole life. Right down his bedroom, insane, drunk and mad. The guy had a lot of demons

Jeremy: And did you read them?

John: Leafed through, yeah

Jeremy: What did you think about what he wrote?

John: Crazy ramblings of a mad man of course

(Long pause; He turns his head and sees Anna, he looks at her)

John: She's very pretty

(She looks at him and leaves)

Jeremy: Yeah, uh she's a friend of mine. Excuse me

(He leaves)

(Elena enters in a room to put her dress. Amber is already here, she's stressed)

Elena: Are you okay Amber?

Amber: I hate being the center of attention, I get panic attacks

Elena: You need some privacy so you can change?

Amber: Actually I'm gonna go get some air

(She leaves and clothes the door. Elena takes her dress, she sees Damon in the mirror)

Elena: Hey, you can't be back here

Damon: We need to talk

Elena: It has to be right now?

Damon: Normally I would have a completely different outlook of what I'm about to tell you but since it's really inconvenient to me, I'll squib

Elena: What are you talking about?

Damon: Stefan's still drinking human blood

Elena: What?!

Damon: Yeah, a month ago I would have ajoiced but with the council back on the alert, it is not a good time for Stefan to lose his mind

Elena: I know he's been a little edgy but he said that was normal

Damon: He has a fridge full of stolen blood bank contraband in the house

(She sits down on the couch)

Elena: Oh my god

Damon: He has no idea where normal is, his entire existence isn't normal. Normal to a vampire is drinking human blood but he spent all the time fighting it when he should have learn to control it and now it's controlling him instead

Elena: I can't believe it. I mean, it's Stefan that we're talking about here

Damon: Stefan on human blood Elena; he'll do anything, he'll say anything because is not gonna want to stop. Trust me

(Jeremy is running after Anna)

Jeremy: Anna!

Anna: What is it?

Jeremy: Come on, don't be like that

Anna: Why not? You were basically using me to turn you into a vampire so you can be with someone else

Jeremy: No, I wasn't using you

Anna: Really? And how would you like to define it?

Jeremy: Look, I don't think it's any worse of becoming friends with me so you can give to your mother my blood

Anna: How do you know that?

Jeremy: It's not important

Anna: Seriously Jeremy, what do you know?

Jeremy: Everything, I know everything

(Elena is still talking to Damon)

Elena: This is all my fault; I'm the one who fed him to blood in the first place

(Stefan enters, interrupting them)

Stefan: What's going on in here?

Damon: I was just filling Elena on your extra-curricular activities

Stefan (laughing): What are you talking about?

Elena: know about the blood Stefan

Damon: I'll be downstairs, drinking

(He leaves Stefan smiles)

Stefan: I was going to tell you

Elena: When?

Stefan: I'm fine. I'm fine, the blood, it doesn't change anything

Elena: It's changing you

Stefan: Why? Because I kept a secret from you? Come on Elena, look, giving the way you're reacting right now, can you really blame me for doing that?

Elena: Are you hearing yourself right now? You've been stealing blood and lying and you say that everything's fine? Everything's not fine Stefan!

Stefan: So what's you and Damon all the sudden have everything figured out then?

Elena: it‘s not about Damon. It's about what's happening to you

Stefan: I know and I'm telling you that I'm fine. I'm fine. Please come on. Elena I thought you… I thought you believed in me

(Someone is knocking on the door. It's Carole Lockwood)

Carole Lockwood: Elena, let's go. The line up's starting

Elena: I just… I need a minute

Carole Lockwood: You're not even dressed yet. Escorts wait downstairs Stefan

(He looks at Elena and leaves)

(Stefan goes into the bathroom and slams the door. He's angry. He puts his fist into the mirror and breaks it. Amber enters in the bathroom)

Amber: Oh my god, sorry!

(Stefan's face has changed; he goes towards her)

(The escorts, the mayor and a crowd of people are waiting for the girls)

Mayor Lockwood: Miss Tina Fell, escorted by Bartholomew Whitmore

(Tina goes down the stairs. Upstairs Caroline and Elena are waiting)

Caroline Lockwood: Has anyone seen Amber?

Elena (looking if she sees Stefan downstairs): Do you see Stefan down there?

(Caroline look above the balcony)

Caroline: Nope, just my boring fill in escort

Elena: What happened to Matt?

Caroline: They wouldn't let him out of work and what happened to Stefan?

Elena: I don't know, he just disappeared somewhere, I don't know. What am I doing? I never should have gone through this

Caroline: What do you mean?

Elena: I need to find Stefan, this isn't me, I'm not this person anymore

Caroline: No, no, no way, no. You had your chance to drop out and believe me I was of for it because there was no way that I could beat you. Elena, you're doing this because it was important to your mom

Mayor Lockwood: Miss Caroline Forbes and her escort Jeffrey Lockwood Hamilton

(She looks at Elena and goes down the stairs)

Carol Lockwood: Elena, you're next

(Jeremy is still talking with Anna)

Anna: You're missing Elena's introduction

Jeremy: I don't care

Anna: So, she has no idea you read her journal?

Jeremy: She keeps things from me, I'm gonna keep things from her

Anna: What are you gonna do now? Now that you know everything she's been hiding from you?

Jeremy: I don't know. There's a part of me that's so angry, you know, she has covered up what happened to Vicky and raised my memory but there's this other part of me that's glad. I… I don't want to remember Vicky like that

Anna: As a monster?

Jeremy: No, as someone who wanted to hurt me

Anna: When I met you, you were just a part of my plan to get my mother back but then things changed… All the time we spent together… I would never do anything to hurt you, not now. You know that right?

Jeremy: Yeah I know that

(They look at each other and smile. John is a behind them, he's heard everything)

(Stefan is in the parking lot with Amber; he holds her arm and makes her following him)

Amber: Where are we going?

Stefan: I don't know

Amber: I'm in the ceremony

(He pushes her against his car)

Stefan: No, now you're not

(He compels her)

Stefan: You're standing in the parking lot with me

Amber: I'm on the parking lot with you

Stefan: I'm sorry. I'm not very good to be around right now, I'm a little bit on the edge. I've been drinking the human stuff and it's screwing with my head. She knows now. God! She wasn't supposed to found out, I didn't want her to found out, now everything's ruined

Amber: You seem sad

(He laughs)

Stefan: I'm not sad. I'm freaking hungry!

(Elena is waiting upstairs)

Mayor Lockwood: Miss Elena Gilbert, escorted by Mister Stefan Salvatore

(Damon looks for Stefan. Elena goes down the stairs and looks for Stefan but she doesn't see him. Damon takes Stefan's place to escort Elena. She smiles and rejoins him)

Elena: Where is Stefan?

Damon: I don't know

(He takes her hand and they rejoins the others girls and their escorts outside)

Jenna: What is she doing with Damon?

Alaric: I have no idea

(The girls and their escorts begin to dance. Elena and Damon dance, they look at each other and smile. The dance end)

(Stefan is still on the parking lot with Amber)

Stefan: I don't hurt people, I don't do that, I'm the good brother

Amber: Do you want to hurt me?

(He looks at her)

Stefan: I want to kill you, I want to rip into your skin and I want to feel on your blood

(He touches her hair and looks at her neck)

Stefan: Under your skin, pulsating, floating

(He touches her neck)

Stefan: Your carotid artery right here. If you punch right you can control the blood flow. It takes practice but it doesn't have to make a mess, you don't have to waste any

Amber: What's stopping you?

Stefan (still touching amber's face): If I do this, if I give in, there's no going back

Amber: Then don't

Stefan: I just want one taste; all I need is just one more taste

(His face change)

Amber: One taste?

(He finally bites her and drinks her blood)

(The girls are on the stage, the mayor arrives)

Caroline: Where is Amber?

Elena: I don't know

Mayor Lockwood: Before I crown a winner, I'd like to offer a personal thank you to all of these young ladies for their efforts to better our community

(Everyone applause)

Mayor Lockwood: So, without further due it is my honor to announce our very own Miss Mystic Falls, Miss Caroline Forbes!

(She is surprised. She and Elena are laughing)

Elena: Congratulations

Caroline: I actually won

(They embrace each other; the mayor puts the scar on her shoulder)

(John and Sheriff Forbes are in the bathroom where Stefan was earlier)

John: There is blood on the glass

(They look at each other)

Sheriff Forbes: Get me Stefan Salvatore

(Stefan is still on the parking lot with Amber)

Stefan: I can't do this

Amber: What's the matter?

Stefan: I can't do this

Amber: It's okay, doesn't hurt that much, just not so hard next time

Stefan: Oh god oh god oh god! I can't stop

(He touches her face)

Stefan: Why aren't you afraid of me?

Amber: You told me not to be

Stefan: What? What's your name?

Amber: Amber

Stefan: Listen to me Amber. I need you to be afraid of me. I need to run like hell do you understand me? Run, run now!

(She runs)

(Damon is waiting for Elena, she rejoins him)

Elena: What is it, did you find him?

Damon: They were signs of struggling on the upstairs bathroom

(Bonnie is looking at them)

Damon: There was blood and that Amber girl is missing

Elena: Oh my god! He wouldn't hurt her, he won't!

Damon: Let's just find him okay? Let's get your coat come on!

(They leave, Bonnie follows them)

(Amber is running but she falls into Stefan)

Amber: You said to run!

Stefan: I changed my mind

(She screams and he bites her. Elena, Damon and Bonnie arrive)

Elena: Stefan!

(He releases her)

Damon: Stefan, come on get control. It's okay, come on. Breath through a bit

(Stefan catches Damon and throws him against a tree. Damon gets up)

Elena: Stefan stop it!

(All the sudden Stefan holds his head, it hurts him. Bonnie is doing it to calm down Stefan. He looks at everybody)

Damon: It's okay Stefan

(Stefan runs and leaves)

(The police is here. Damon, Bonnie and Elena are still here)

Sheriff Forbes: She doesn't remember what happened

Damon: It's a good thing the girls got here before I did, she lost lot of blood

Sheriff Forbes (to Bonnie and Elena): You didn't see anything?

(Long pause, Elena and Damon look at Bonnie)

Elena: No, we just found her and called Damon

Bonnie: Is she gonna be okay?

Sheriff Forbes: It looks like it yeah. Why do you girls don't get back to the party? Damon and I can take it from here

Elena: Okay

(Elena and Bonnie leave; Damon stays with the Sheriff)

Sheriff Forbes: They didn't see the bite mark?

Damon: No, I got here before they got too close. There was too much blood, they couldn't see it clearly

(They look at each other)

(Bonnie goes to her car, Elena follows her)

Elena: Bonnie, can we talk about this?

Bonnie: There's nothing to talk about

Elena: Bonnie please

Bonnie: I told you I wasn't gonna make you choose but I need to make the choice for myself. Please just leave me alone

(She goes into her car, Elena looks sad)

(Jeremy is still talking to Anna. Jenna calls him)

Jenna: Jer, are you ready?

Jeremy: Just a sec

(She leaves and falls into John)

John: Who's that girl with Jeremy?

Jenna: His friend Anna

John: What's her story?

Jenna: why so nosy?

John: I'm just curious; he really seems to like her

Jenna: She's new in town I think. She and her mom Pearl, the family you're so rudely you try to prevent from buying Grayson's building

John (looking at Anna and Jeremy): Her mother's name is Pearl?

Jenna: Yes, so?

John: Well, I believe I already know all about her

(Alaric goes out, Elena is waiting for him)

Alaric: Good, there you are. Jenna wants me to get the car

(He looks at Elena, she's not okay)

Alaric: What happened?

[Salvatore's house]

(Damon is going home but Anna is waiting for him)

Damon: Anna, this is getting weird

Anna: We're here to talk

(Pearl arrives)

Damon: Not in the mood, today's been a no good, very bad day

Pearl: Annabelle tells me you're looking for something I took from Jonathan Gilbert

Damon: ‘m listening

(She gives him the device)

Damon: What is it?

Pearl: Jonathan was passionate by his inventions. He confided in me that he had created a detection device meant to track down the town's vampire element

Damon: It was a pocket watch

Pearl: That's what it turned out to be yes. But that's not what I stole. I discovered my mistake when I saw the watch in Jonathan's hand, the night he took us, its stile pointed in me

(Damon looks at the device)

Damon: So what is this?

Pearl: I have no idea but now it's yours

Damon: What's the catch?

Pearl: There is no catch. My daughter wants to stay here, I want to stay here. You refused to trust us and for good reasons. Consider this an apology

(He looks at them and leaves)

(Stefan enters in his bedroom, he tries to calm down. Elena arrives)

Stefan: You shouldn't be here

Elena: I know

Stefan: Now you know

Elena: That wasn't you

Stefan: oh, it was absolutely me. A monster, a predator, that's who I am Elena

Elena: That's what the blood makes you

Stefan: The blood brings out what's inside of me and if you think any differently then you're an idiot

Elena: I know this isn't you Stefan

Stefan: I wanted to drain every ounce of blood from that girl's body

Elena: No

Stefan: It's who I am Elena

Elena: No, you can't scare me off

Stefan: Why would you risk it? Why would you come here?

Elena: Because I did this, this is my fault; I'm the one who made you drink the blood

Stefan: All you did was expose me to who I really am

Elena: It isn't you

Stefan (screaming): Stop saying that!

(She begins to get closer to him)

Stefan: Don't get any closer to me

Elena: I'm not gonna let this happen to you

Stefan: Stop

Elena: Stefan, I'm not gonna give up on you! I believe in you!

Stefan: Stop!

(He pushes her against the wall)

Stefan: Stop!

(He hits the wall next to her head. She's afraid; he looks at her)

Stefan: I'm so sorry

Elena: It's okay

(He puts his head on her shoulder; He begins to cry)

Stefan: I don't know what's happening to me

Elena: It's okay Stefan shut. Its okay, you're gonna be okay

(She takes a vervain dart and puts it in his body. He falls and Damon enters in the room, she looks at him)

Damon: Sure you want to do this?

Elena: I'm sure

(They put him in a jail in the basement. He closes the door)

Damon: There's no guarantee it's going to work

Elena: It has to

Damon: Coming?

Elena: I'm gonna stay here

(She sits down; Damon looks at her and sits down too. She looks at him)