01x21 - Isobel

[Mystic Grill]

(Isobel and Alaric are standing at the bar)

Isobel: It's good to see you. You look good. I hear that you're a high school history teacher? How is that?

Alaric: Where have you been, Isobel?

Isobel: I don't have any reasons that are gonna comfort you. I don't have any explanations that are gonna satisfy you. I wanted this

Alaric: It's that simple?

Isobel: Yeah. You were supposed to mourn me, and move on

Alaric: You were my wife, and I loved you. How could I not search for you?

Isobel: Because I wasn't lost, Ric

(She takes a paper and writes something)

Isobel: I understand that you know my daughter Elena and I hear that she's been looking for me. So…

(She gives the paper to Alaric)

Isobel: I want you to arrange for a meeting with us

(Alaric looks at the paper)

Alaric: You want me to deliver a message?

Isobel (she smiles): yeah

(Alaric throws the paper)

Alaric: Screw you. You selfish bitch!

(He gets up and leaves)

[Mystic Grill's parking lot]

(Alaric is going to his car. Isobel arrives behind him)

Alaric: What do you want from me?

Isobel: I told you

Alaric: I'm not gonna do anything for you

(She strangles him and pushes him against his car)

Isobel: You better tell Elena that I want to meet or I'm gonna start killing the citizens of this town one by one and I'm gonna start with your history students. Got it?

(She throws him on the floor and gives him the paper. He gets up and looks at the paper)

[Gilbert's house]

(Elena is on the phone with Damon)

Elena: I'm supposed to help build the Miss Mystic falls float for the founder's day parade. If I don't I get the rad with Caroline but I wanted to check in first

Damon: I'm doing great, thanks for asking

Elena: Checking on Stefan

Damon: Oh him? He's terrible

Elena: What's the matter?

Damon: He's just back to boring, straight-laced, off the junk. You've successfully cured him of anything that was interesting about his personality

Elena: Don't forget who helped me

Damon: I hate myself. Did uncle john mention anything about my field trip with the history teacher?

Elena: No. I'm still avoiding him. Why? What's he up to?

Damon: I don't know. But I'd love if you could find out for me

Elena: I've got to go I'm late

Damon: Have fun with the mystic queen, I know I did

(Elena hangs up)

[Salvatore's house]

(Damon hangs up. He gets up and gives the phone to Stefan)

Damon: Elena called

(He smiles and leaves the room. Stefan looks at him and then at his phone)

[Mystic Falls High School]

(At the Cafeteria, Alaric is giving papers to students)

Alaric: So these are the expects from the history department. For the founder's day float we'll be recreating the battle of willow creek. Tyler has been nominated at the head of the production design

Tyler: By whom?

Alaric: By me. I've seen your sketches and they're good

Tyler: I'm not really into the…

Alaric: Well, you just pick your team, be creative and… (He sees Elena and Stefan) don't screw up

(Alaric is going towards Elena and Stefan)

Tyler: Great! (To Matt): You want to help me out with this?

Matt: Not really no

Elena: Hey mister Saltzman

Alaric: Come with me. We need to talk

(Stefan and Elena are going with him and look at each other)

Bonnie: Alright show me

Caroline: Let's reference last year Miss Mystic float

(She writes on her computer)

Caroline: This is what they did last year (She turns her computer and sow a picture to Bonnie) and this is exactly what we don't want to do

Bonnie: So, what are we doing?

Caroline: Southern classic elegance

Bonnie: Gone with the Wind?

Caroline: How'd you know?

Bonnie: You channel Scarlett, daily

Caroline: So true!

(They laugh. Caroline is looking around)

Caroline: Where's Elena? She's supposed to be helping

Bonnie: I don't know

Caroline: Okay, what's the deal?

Bonnie: What do you mean?

Caroline: Don't play dumb. You and Elena are fighting. Spill!

Bonnie: It's nothing

Caroline: It's not nothing. You know this whole float is supposed to be about friends creating something together and everyone is fighting. Matt and Tyler hate each other, you and Elena are on the out and I don't like it! And I can't fix it if I don't know what's wrong

Bonnie: I can't talk about it. Caroline I'm sorry

(They look at each other)

[Alaric's class room]

(Damon enters)

Alaric: Damon, thanks for coming

Damon: Sorry I'm late. My dog ate my uh… never mind.

(He looks at Stefan and Elena)

Damon: What are all the frown brows?

Alaric: I saw Isobel last night

Damon: Isobel is here? In town?

(He turns to Elena and looks at her)

[Isobel's house]

(John parks his car and enters in the house. He's going into a room. A men and a women are dancing. Isobel is watching them)

Isobel: You're late

John: I didn't realize there was a schedule. What's with the side show?

Isobel: Cherie is a little jazz singer that I picked up in a blues bar in Brooklyn. And I got the cow boy in a gay rodeo in Amarillo

John: He's gay?

Isobel: Not right now, he's really good to me (To the men and the women) Hey Cherie? Cassez vous!

(They leave)

Isobel: I'm teaching them French. Oh! I can smell the judgment coming out of you

John: Well, they're people Isobel and you're treating them like dolls

Isobel: If we're gonna be partners you really have to stop being such a hater

John: We're in a partnership together because we share a mutual goal. Don't ever confuse that for an acceptance of your lifestyle

Isobel: My lifestyle? So, I assume that you still don't have the invention

John: I'll get it. I said I would

Isobel: uh, you threatened to expose Damon Salvatore that didn't work. You killed that Pearl lady, still no invention. I really don't think that you're plan is working John

John: Well, you being here is not going to help anything

(She slaps him. He falls)

Isobel: You failed john. I'm gonna take care from here

[Alaric's class room]

Damon: Did you ask her about Uncle John? Are they working together?

Alaric: No

Damon: No they're not?

Alaric: No I didn't ask

Damon: What about the invention?

Alaric: Didn't ask

Damon: Did she know about the tomb vampires?

Alaric: I don't know

Damon: Did words completely escape you?

Alaric: No, I was a little too distracted by my dead vampire wife to ask any questions

(Damon turns to Elena)

Damon: What did she want?

Elena: She wants to see me, Damon

(He looks at her)

Stefan: Alaric is supposed to arrange a meeting. We don't know why or what she wants

Damon (still looking at Elena): You don't have to see her if you don't want to

(Stefan looks at Damon and then at Elena)

Elena: I don't really have choice

Alaric: She's threatening to going killing spree

Damon: Oh! I take that's not okay with you guys

Elena: I want to do it. I want to meet her. If I don't I know I'll regret it

(Damon and Elena look at each other)

[Mystic Grill]

(Elena is sitting alone. Stefan is standing at the pool table. He watches after Elena)

Elena: Can you hear me? Thanks for coming, I'm nervous

(Stefan smiles at her)

Elena: I'm happy that you're here. I love you

(Stefan moves his lips and tells her "I love you" Isobel arrives and sits down with her)

Isobel: Hello Elena. You look just like her, that's eerie

Elena: You've met Katherine?

Isobel: She found me after I turned. Genetic curiosity I suppose. She would be fascinated by you

(Elena looks at Isobel's necklace)

Elena: Is that how you can walk in the day?

Isobel: Katherine helped me obtain that

Elena: Who's my father?

Isobel: Not important. He was a teenage waste of space

Elena: A name would be nice

Isobel: It would, wouldn't it? You ask a lot of questions

Elena: Why did you compel that man to kill himself? Right after he told me to stop looking for you

Isobel: Dramatic impact. I wish it would be more effective

Elena: Human life means that little to you?

Isobel: Means nothing to me. It's just a part of being what I am

Elena: No it's not. I know other vampires, that's not true

Isobel: Your new boyfriend over there by the pool table? Stefan Salvatore. Why Stefan? Why you didn't go for Damon? Or are you enjoying them both like Katherine did?

(Elena looks at Stefan. He looks uncomfortable)

[In front of the Mystic Grill]

Damon: We should be in there

Alaric: No, Isobel made it clear we're going to step a foot inside

Damon: I'm not going to kill her in a crowd restaurant

Alaric: You're not going to kill her period!

Damon: She ruined your life and you still want to protect her?

Alaric: She's my wife (Damon looks at him) was my wife. I looked for the woman I married but she wasn't there. The woman over there is just cold and unattached

Damon: Yeah, she's just given up her humanity

Alaric: you see I don't get that. Stefan has his humanity, he's a good guy. And you're a dick and you kill people but I still see something in you. But with her there was… nothing.

Damon: You can turn it off, like a button you can press. I mean, Stefan's different. He wants the whole human experience. He wants to feel every episode of How I Met Your Mother, so he shuts his feelings out. The problem is, as a vampire, your instinct is not to feel. Isobel chose the easier road — no guilt, no shame, no regret. I mean, come on, if you could turn it off, wouldn't you?

Alaric: You haven't

Damon: Of course I have Rick. It's why it's so fun to be around

[Mystic Grill]

Elena: Why did you want to meet me? Can't be just to catch up

Isobel: Because I was curious about you. But the real reason is: I want what you're uncle wants. Jonathan Gilbert's invention.

Elena: How did you know my uncle?

Isobel: I used to spend a lot of time here when I was younger. John had a crush on me for years. He was the first one that told me about vampires

Elena: So what made you want to be one?

Isobel: A very long list of reasons Elena. All of it I'm sure you've thought about

Elena: No

Isobel: That was your first lie. It's inevitable, you're going to get old Stefan won't. (Elena looks at Stefan. He seems sad).Forever doesn't last very long when you're human

Elena: I'm sorry but I don't have what you're looking for

(She gets up but Isobel catches her arm and forces her to sit down)

Isobel: Sit down (Stefan is going towards them) and tell your boyfriend to walk away. I want the invention

Elena: I don't have it

Isobel: I know that but Damon does and you're going get it for me

Elena: He's not going to give it to me

Isobel: Then the blood will be on your hands

(She gets up and leaves)

Isobel: It was nice meeting you Elena

(Elena cries. Stefan is going toward her. Bonnie arrives; Elena gets up and looks at her. Stefan arrives behind Elena. Elena looks at him and then looks at Bonnie. Bonnie looks at Stefan and leaves.

[Gilbert's house]

(Jeremy is on the phone with Anna)

Jeremy: Hey Anna. Where are you? What's up? Uh… Give me a call when you get this

(Jeremy hangs up the phone)

Jenna: How is Anna? I like that girl, she has fire

Jeremy: I don't know. She won't return my call

(John enters in the kitchen)

John: Girls trouble?

Jeremy: No, no trouble. Anna just owes me a call, that's all

John: Is that the girl that I show you at the founder's pageant? You two are getting hot and heavy. When was the last time you saw her?

Jeremy: Why?

John: I was just making conversation. No one else in this house likes me. At least I can talk to you especially if you need someone to talk to about girls

Jenna: Oh please! I'm eating

(Jenna leaves the kitchen)

John: So seriously, how well do you know Anna?

Jeremy: I know Anna extremely well

John: I want you to know that you can talk to me about anything. I'm here to answer any questions that you have, to help you in any way I can

Jeremy: Why?

John: Because your dad would want me too

Jeremy: I'm good

(Jeremy leaves the kitchen)

[Isobel's house]

(Damon is shirtless. His playing strip poker with Cherie)

Damon: Oh Oh Cherie, you won again. I hope I'm wearing my good underwear

(Damon gets up and begins to remove his belt. Isobel arrives)

Isobel: And it's just one blast from the past after another. No, no, no

(Damon closes his fly)

Isobel: Degage Cherie

(Cherie gets up and leaves the room)

Damon: It's good to see you Isobel. I was just having fun with your little mignon

Isobel: How did you find me?

(Damon comes towards Isobel)

Damon: Search for the neighborhood bank closures and found the most expensive one

Isobel: Oh I should have known. You're the one who taught me that. What are you really doing here?

Damon: Well you caused quite a stub when you blew into town. So, everyone except me were a little hurt

Isobel: I'm so sorry. Did you bring the device?

Damon: What are you doing with John Gilbert?

Isobel: We dated a few times when we were young. He was a little bit in love with me

Damon: I'm sure. One of the many. Now, this little invention what do you want with it?

Isobel: Oh, me personally? I don't want anything with it. I'm just doing what I'm told. You know Damon we are one the same side

(Damon takes Isobel's face in his hands)

Damon: Oh yeah? What side is that?

Isobel: Katherine's. she wants John Gilbert to have the device and I think that you know that she's not happy when she doesn't get what she wants

Damon: Why are you doing her dirty work?

Isobel: Don't kill the messenger. We both know that you can't control Katherine. She does what she wants

Damon: So do I

Isobel: Oh really Damon? You do? What we should do know?

(They begin to kiss each other. Damon slams her on the floor)

Damon: Now that I have your attention, listen up. You do not come into my town; threaten the people I care about. Going after Elena? Bad move. You leave her alone or I will rip you to bits because I do believe in killing the messenger. You know why? Because it sends a message. Katherine wants something from me? You tell that little bitch to come get it herself

[Gilbert's house]

(Elena is going down the stairs. Someone is knocking on the door. She opens the door. It's Bonnie)

Elena: Hey

Bonnie: Hey. I couldn't sleep last night. You were obviously upset about something and I just walked away. It's not me. That can't be us. You're my friend Elena. If you need me I'm here for you and I'm sorry I couldn't show you that yesterday

Elena: I met my birth mother

Bonnie: Oh. Was it... Are you okay?

(Elena cries. Bonnie embraces her)

[Mystic Fall's high school]

(Matt is building the float. Tyler arrives)

Tyler: Hey man. So Caroline told me you've been on your own for the past two weeks. Is everything okay?

Matt: You're asking me about my mom. Seriously? Look, why don't you just give her a call to know when she goes back to town?

Tyler: Dude, that's not what I meant okay? I'm just trying to… I don't know what to say

Matt: Good men, don't say anything. You're a dick, end of the story

Tyler: I know (Matt leaves) whatever

[Mystic fall's high school class room]

(Bonnie is leafing through Emily's spell book. Elena enters the room)

Bonnie: Hey! Thanks for meeting me. I wanted you to see this

Elena: Is that Emily's spell book?

Bonnie: I've been going through it since grams died. Check this out

(Bonnie shows her the book)

Elena: That's the vampire compass

Bonnie: Yeah, according to Emily, Jonathan Gilbert never actually succeeded in inventing anything. Emily secretly spelled them all with magic. Compass, rings and the mystery device you told me about

(She shows her a page from the book. The device is designed)

Elena: Yeah that's it. Well, a part of it. Damon only has one piece

Bonnie: Emily preached her loyalty to Katherine. But she couldn't stand by and watch innocent people get killed. This was the only way she could think of to help. To let Jonathan Gilbert believe that he'd actually invented these devices

Elena: That it say what it does?

(Bonnie reads the page)

Bonnie: Are you sure this is what Isobel wants?

Elena: Yeah I'm sure. Why?

Bonnie: This is a weapon against vampires

(Elena is surprised)

[Mystic Fall's high school]

(Jeremy is walking and sees Elena)

Jeremy: Elena!

Elena: Hey, have you seen Stefan? I need to find him

Jeremy: No, not lately. Listen, do you have a second?

Elena: Yeah. What's up? What's going on?

Jeremy: Well, it's Anna. I've left her all this messages but she hasn't answer back to me, not even a text

Elena: Anna? I didn't know that you guys were still friends

Jeremy: We're more than friends. Look, something could be seriously wrong and if you know anything you've got to tell me

Elena: I haven't talk to her, Jer

Jeremy: Are you lying to me right now?

Elena: Why do you say that?

Jeremy: ‘Cause that's what you do. Lying. You lie about everything. I know what Anna is and I know that you know. So tell me, do you have any idea where she is?

Elena: No, but Jer… Jeremy wait!

(She turns out and falls into Isobel)

Elena: Isobel. What are you doing here?

Isobel: I'm your mother Elena. I want to be more involved in your life

Elena: I don't want you in my life

Isobel: I understand that. You've already have a lot of people that you care about but I've been studying. Let's see if I got this right.

(She looks at bonnie)

Isobel: There is the witchy best friend, Bonnie. Gonna stay away from that one

(She looks at Jeremy)

Isobel: oh… sad little brother Jeremy

(She watches Caroline)

Isobel: And there's Caroline… upknocious Caroline. I got all of my info from her by the way. She had no idea who I was and she wouldn't stop piping. Oh…

(She looks at Matt)

Isobel: And there's Matt, friend, ex piapy future ex. Lots of connection there

Elena: Matt is not involved in this

Isobel: He's involved with you isn't he?

Elena: Look, you shouldn't be here. You need to leave

Isobel: No, I have some friends here too. Look, you see that man over here, standing next to Matt by the Float? His name is frank, he's very handsome and he's also quite handy and he'd noticed that the aces are rusted which is very dangerous. So, all you have to do is apply a little bit of pressure and…

Elena: No!

(Frank jumps on the trailer above Matt. Matt Is stucked)

Matt: get this trailer! Come on guys help me!

(Tyler rushes to help him with some friends. They try to remove the trailer. Stefan arrives to help. They remove the trailer. Matt can go out. Caroline rushes to see Matt)

Stefan: Caroline, call an ambulance

Elena: Why are you doing this?

Isobel: I show you how easy it is to hurt the people that you care about

Elena: And you're doing this just because Jonathan Gilbert's invention?

Isobel: End it over and all we'll be stop

Elena: I told you, Damon is not giving it to me

Isobel: I think that you underestimate how much Damon cares about you

Elena: He'll kill you before he gives it up

Isobel: Is that before or after I kill your brother Jeremy?

(Elena turns to see Jeremy. He has disappeared)

Elena: Jeremy?

(Stefan looks at her)

Elena: Jeremy?!

(Elena looks everywhere. Isobel is gone too)

Caroline: The ambulance is saying in 15-20 minutes

Tyler: I have my car. I can take him to the hospital

Matt: Caroline can take me

Caroline: I didn't drive

Matt: I'll wait. Its fine

Caroline: You will not wait okay?! You need to see a doctor, Tyler is driving. End of story

Tyler: I'll get my car

(Matt looks at Caroline)

[Isobel's house]

(John arrives. He enters in the house. There's a lot of suitcase in the entry)

John: I see you're packing. It's a good sign

Isobel: It won't be long now

John: Did you get the missing piece? Where is it?

Isobel: I don't have it yet

John: Then, why did you call me there?

(Isobel is going in another room. John follows her)

Isobel: Because I have the next best thing

(Isobel enters the room. Jeremy is in the room. Cherie and Franc are around him)

John: What the hell are you doing?

Isobel: Getting what I want

John: Yeah but he is my nephew and you're going let him go right this second!

Isobel: That goddy ring on your finger, comes off

John: Come on Isobel, I know you okay? It's me John. You can't hurt a kid

Isobel: I'll kill him to prove you're wrong

John: Really? Are you that far gone? Look, I know you've changed but the old Isobel is somewhere in there isn't she? Come on let him go

Isobel (to her mignons): Faites le souffrir

(Cherie and Franck beat him and throw him on the floor. Isobel catch his hand and remove his ring)

Isobel: Nice try. We'll see how you do without this

(Isobel leaves the room. Jeremy look at John, he's on the floor, bleeding)

[Alaric's class room]

Bonnie: Where is the device?

Stefan: Damon has it. He's going to be difficult to resonate

Elena: We'll go to him, I'll talk to him

Stefan: He's not just gonna end it over, especially if it's harm for the vampires

Elena: What if it's not?

(Elena, Bonnie and Stefan look at each other)

[Salvatore's house]

Damon: Absolutely not

Elena: Hear me out

Damon: I'm not gonna give the device to Isobel so she could give it to John who is going to turn it to kill me. I like being a living dead person

Elena: But it would be useless, Bonnie can take its power away

Damon: I don't trust her

Bonnie: I can remove the original spell

Elena: Jenna and Isobel will never know

Damon: No, I'll get Jeremy in my own way

Stefan: Really? How are you going to do that? Because Isobel is a vampire and Jeremy could be dead the second you walk in the door

Damon (to Bonnie): Are you even up for this? I mean no offense, you're not Emily Bennet. Emily knew what she was doing

Bonnie: I've been practicing

Damon: It's not piano lessons honey

Bonnie: What's your favorite book?

Damon: What?

Bonnie: Name a book, any book

Damon: Name a book… How about "Call of the wild" Jack London

(Bonnie turns and looks at the library. A book flies and land in Stefan's hands. Damon looks at the book)

Damon: Jack London

Elena: We're doing this Damon. I'm gonna do it in my way. Now give me the device. We're wasting time!

Damon (To Bonnie): I don't trust you, I tried to kill you

Bonnie: You're right, you can't trust me

Elena: But you can trust me

(Damon looks at her. Stefan looks at them. Damon gives her the device. Stefan looks at him)

Elena: Thank you

[Isobel's house]

(John is lying on the ground. Jeremy comes towards him with a towel)

Jeremy: Here you go (He gives him the towel)

John: Thank you

Jeremy: What is she after?

John: Your ancestor invented a weapon, a device that is extremely harmful to the vampires and we've been trying to get it

Jeremy: Why?

John: Because there's a group of vampires from a long time ago and they want revenge on this town

Jeremy: But why would a vampire help you kill other vampires?

John: She has her own reasons for wanting them dead. Look Jeremy, no one ever thought vampires would return to this town. Not in modern times, but they have and we have to destroy them

Jeremy: All of them? No, there are some good ones out there

John: They're not such things

Jeremy: I don't believe that

John: Well, your dad did. And has his son that should mean something to you

Jeremy: How does my father knew about all this?

John: Who do you think told me about the family history?

[Salvatore's house]

(Emily spell book is open. The device is next to it. Bonnie begins the spell. Damon, Elena and Stefan look at her)

Bonnie: Done

(Bonnie gives the device to Elena)

Damon: Great, now what?

Elena: Now we give it to Isobel

[Mystic Falls square]

(Elena is waiting for Isobel. She arrives behind her)

Isobel: Where is the device?

Elena: Where is my brother?

Isobel: This is not a negotiation. Where is the invention?

Elena: where is my brother?

Isobel: Do you really think that I came alone?

(Franck and Cherie arrives behind Elena)

Elena: Do you think that I came alone?

(Damon and Stefan arrive behind Isobel. She looks at them)

Isobel: For god sakes call home

Elena: What?

Isobel: Call home and ask to speak to your brother Jeremy

(Elena takes her phone and call home)

Jeremy: allo?

Elena: Jeremy, are you okay?

Jeremy: yeah yeah I'm fine, Uncle John hit his head. It was an accident

Jenna: We're all laughing

Jeremy: But yeah I'm okay

Elena: I'll be home soon alright?

Jeremy: Yeah

(He hangs up the phone and looks at his uncle)

Elena: You would never gonna hurt him

Isobel: No, I was going to kill him

Isobel: Don't look for any redeeming qualities in me. I don't have any

Elena: But you took a risk with Damon. How did you know that he was gonna give it to me?

Isobel: Because he's in love with you

(Damon looks at Stefan, he looks uncomfortable. Stefan seems upset. Elena gives the device to Isobel)

Elena (long pause): Thank you

Isobel: For what?

Elena: For being such a monumental disappointment. It keeps the memory of my real mother perfectly intact

Isobel: Goodbye, Elena. As long as you have a Salvatore on each arm, you're doomed. Katherine was smart. She got out. But we all know that you're not Katherine

(Isobel looks at her and leaves. Stefan embraces her. She looks at Damon. Then, Stefan looks at Damon. He cast down and leaves. Stefan looks at him)

[Gilbert's house]

(Jeremy left a vocal message to Anna. Elena enters in Jeremy's room)

Elena: Jeremy we need to talk about all this

Jeremy: No, we really don't

Elena: I don't know what Anna told you but there things you need to know

Jeremy: Yeah? Because I'm pretty sure that your journal covered it

Elena: you read my journal?

Jeremy: And save me the speech about invasion of privacy because I read a section about Damon racing my memory about what happened to Vicky

Elena: Jeremy, please, you don't understand. The night that Vicky died, it was like mom and dad died all over again. It was all over your face and it hurt so much to see you like this. I just wanted to take away your pain. I'm so sorry

Jeremy: Get out!

Elena: No Jeremy

Jeremy: Elena! Just get out! Please

(She leaves and then she turns)

Elena: Jeremy, please…

(He closes the door on her face)

[Mystic Fall's high school]

(Alaric is in an empty school hallway. Isobel is waiting for him)

Alaric: What do you want?

Isobel: I totally get it, you, here as an history teacher. It's good

Alaric: What the hell are you doing? You act like you don't care but yet you're here hunting me down

Isobel: I'm leaving. I just thought I said goodbye

Alaric: It haven't bother you the first time so why now?

Isobel: You hate me. Good

Alaric: Does it make it easier for you? I mean what is the whole point of this exercise?

Isobel: What did you expect? You spent all this time trying to track me down. What do you think you would find?

Alaric: The woman who gave me this (He shows her the ring). I mean you act like you don't care but you care enough to protect me after you're left

Isobel: I was a different person back then

Alaric: Right! And that person is gone. The woman that I married, the woman I loved, she's just… she's gone

(He removes his ring and throws it to her)

Alaric: You expect me to believe that?

(He throws the vervain on the floor)

Isobel: What are you doing?

Alaric: Well, I'm ring free, I'm vervain free. So, kill me or compel me because I don't believe it. Not for a second

(Isobel pushes him against the wall)

Isobel: I wanted this, I needed this and I'm going to regret it forever. This was my mistake, not yours

(She compels him)

Isobel: You're not going to remember this. I left you, I did and when I'm think about what I gave up it hurts. But now your heart is free of me, it's easier this way. Goodbye Rick

(She puts the ring on his finger. She touches his face and leaves)

[Gilbert's house]

(Jeremy is going to bed. Anna appears)

Jeremy: Anna? What are you doing here?

Anna (crying): my mother. She's dead

Jeremy: What?

Anna: She was killed

Jeremy: Oh my god Anna. Hey I'm so sorry

Anna: I know I'm not supposed to be here but I don't have anywhere else to go

(He embraces her)

Jeremy: It's okay

[Salvatore's house]

(Damon is pouring himself a glass of scotch. Stefan arrives)

Damon: Would you like one? Say it, whatever I is purge, get it out

Stefan: It's about what Isobel said

Damon: What about?

Stefan: Well, I know Elena and you have bounded and I know she cares about you and… I know you care about her

Damon: Well, this is going in an interesting direction

Stefan: I'm just concerned about Elena being hurt. She considers you a friend

Damon: Same here, Elena is a very good friend. Actually, she might qualifies my only… friend. Is that a problem?

Stefan: So, at the risk of sounding like uh… like a jealous boyfriend

Damon: Oh, there's no risk, you do

Stefan: History won't be repeating itself where Elena is concerned. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Damon: Sure

(Stefan runs toward him)

Stefan: Do you understand?

Damon: Whatever you say man, I mean we're just friends and as a friend I wasn't looking forward to tell her the truth anyway so I let you do it

Stefan: What truth?

Damon: About John. Because I know you guys don't like to keep secrets from each other

Stefan: What are you talking about?

Damon: Am I the only one around here who has the ability to put everything together? Isobel! Hello? She dated John when she was 15; she gets pregnant and ends up in the doctor's office of John's brother. Now, what do you think John's role is in all this? I mean, go ahead, and think about it, I'm waiting. Did you get it? Is there in?

Stefan: So you think that John is Elena's father?

Damon: Ding, ding, ding!

Stefan: what proof do you have?

Damon: I don't need any proof, that's a DNA test for John, Elena and the crazy one to do it but I know how well you deal with these bombs so… Sleep sight

(He leaves the room)

Damon: Oh and when you do tell Elena and she needs a friend to talk to about anything, I'm here for her

(He leaves, Stefan looks at him)

[Gilbert's house]

(John is on the couch, hi phone rings. It(s Isobel)

John: Allo?

Isobel: On your doorstep you'll find what you're looking for

John: And my ring?

Isobel: Don't screw this up. You know what you have to do, John

(He opens the door and pick up the envelope)

John: I got it. I won't fail

(He opens the envelope)

Isobel: You better not. Katherine wants all of those tomb vampires dead, and I want to add two more to that list

(He retrieves his ring and puts it on his finger)

John: Let me guess

Isobel: Stefan and Damon. I don't want this life for her

John: That was always part of the plan. Consider them gone

Isobel: She's our daughter, John. We owe that to her

John: I know

(He hangs up the phone)

[Mystic Grill]

Caroline: So you're not going to tell me what happened?

Bonnie: I did something bad, Caroline, and I lied about it

Caroline: To who?

Bonnie: To Elena. I pretended to do something I didn't really do

Caroline: What are you talking about?

Bonnie: I couldn't do what she wanted me to do. It wasn't right. Grams would have never done it, so I couldn't either. But when Elena finds out, she's never gonna forgive me