02x01 - The Return

[Gilbert's house]

(John is in the kitchen, he closes the fridge. Katherine is here, she poses as Elena)

John: You scared me

Katherine: Sorry

John: Is Jenna home?

Katherine: She had to meet the fire chief about the building. She doesn't know the truth, they had covered that up

John: Yeah I know, how's Jeremy?

Katherine: Hold up in his room

(We see Jeremy on his bed, he's unconscious)

(Elena is on the porch, she's at the phone with Stefan)

Elena: I looked everywhere

Stefan: What do you think, someone stole it?

Elena: Yeah, someone definitely took my stuff

(Katherine and John are in the kitchen)

John: Can I help?

Katherine: Sure

(Elena is still on the porch, at the phone with Stefan)

Stefan: You want me to pick you out?

Elena: I'm just gonna check on Jeremy before I go to the hospital, can you meet me there?

Stefan: You bet

Elena: Ok, I love you Stefan

Stefan: I love you too

(Katherine cuts John's fingers and pushes him against the sick)

John: Katherine?

(Her face changes)

Katherine: Hello John, Goodbye John

(She stabs him)

(Elena enters the house)

Elena: Jeremy? Are you up?

(She hears noise in the kitchen and goes toward it. She sees John on the floor; he's alive but very hurt. She rushes over him. She calls 911 but Katherine is behind her)

Elena: Hi I need an ambulance to 2104 Maple Street

John: Behind you

Elena: What?

John: Behind you

(She turns herself but Katherine's not behind her anymore. She takes the knife and goes in the hallway. Katherine passes behind her with super speed. Elena turns herself. Katherine is behind her again. She rushes on the door with super speed and gets out of the house. Elena is scared)

Elena: Jeremy

(She rushes over the stairs and goes in Jeremy's bedroom)

Elena: Jeremy! Jeremy!

(She finds him unconscious on his bed)

Elena: Jeremy please wake up

(He opens his eyes)

(The police and the ambulance are here. They took John. Stefan arrives. They go in Jeremy's bedroom)

Stefan: What happened?

Elena: He said that Anna gave him her blood and then he took this pills and now… I mean he looks fine but so do you. I just… I don't know

(Stefan looks at Jeremy and takes his face between his hands)

Stefan: Look at me

Jeremy: I'm fine okay? I feel exactly the same

Elena: Should I call a paramedic? What should I do?

(Stefan looks at Jeremy's eyes)

Stefan: No, he's fine

Jeremy: You mean I'm not a vampire? Damn it!

Elena: Don't say that Jeremy! Jer, what do you want that?

Jeremy: Did you hear about Anna, what happened to her tonight? She's dead

Stefan: Jeremy, Jeremy. Come here, sit down

(Jeremy sits down on the bed)

Stefan: I'm sorry about Anne but it's very important that you listen to me right now. Every passing moment Anna's blood is leaving your system. If you try to kill yourself right now, you could really die

(He slaps him)

Stefan: Hey! Do you understand me?

Elena: Stefan…

Jeremy: Yeah, I understand

Stefan: Good

Elena: What about the pills that he took?

Stefan: He didn't take enough to die so Anna's blood actually hilled him about

(A policemen arrives)

Policemen: Miss Gilbert?

Elena: I'll be right there

Stefan: You need to be at the hospital

Elena: But…

Stefan: No, no, no, I'll stay here with Jeremy

Jeremy: No, I don't need a babysitter

Elena: Yes, you do

[Mystic Falls' hospital]

(Matt is sitting alone, Bonnie arrives)

Bonnie: How is Caroline?

Matt: She's not good Bon

Bonnie: What happened?

Matt: We were driving and Tyler heard this noise and he got…

Bonnie: A noise?

Matt: He got this migraine or something and he lost control of the car and… I thought Caroline was fine and then… and then she wasn't so…

(Sheriff Forbes is alone, Damon arrives)

Damon: Liz, I came as soon as I get the message. Is she okay?

Sheriff Forbes: She's in surgery, it's … they're doing everything they can. I need your help Damon

Damon: Sure, anything Liz

Sheriff Forbes: Mayor Lockwood is dead. They thought he was a vampire. They put him in the basement

Damon: Mayor Lockwood is a vampire?

Sheriff Forbes: No, no. A mistake was made, they said he drops like the others when John's device when off but he… he couldn't have been a vampire, I've known him my whole life and know Carol Lockwood is gonna want answers and all I can think of right now is Caroline and…

(She begins to cry)

Damon: It's okay

(He embraces her)

(Elena arrives at the hospital, she's with Bonnie)

Elena: How's Caroline?

Bonnie: She's weak. They don't know if she's going to make it

Elena: What?

(Bonnie embraces Elena. Damon is near her, he looks at them)

Elena: Is there something that we can do? Like a spell or something?

Damon: She doesn't know how, do you?

Bonnie: No, I don't

Damon: No, you don't because it took Emily years to learn a spell like that

Bonnie: Now I can take down a vampire, this spell was easy to learn

Damon: I can give Caroline some blood

Elena: No, no way

Damon: No, just enough to heal her, she will be safe in the hospital and it will be out of her system in a day, she will be better Elena

Elena: It's too risky, I can't agree to that

Bonnie: Do it. This is Caroline. We can't let her die. Do it

Damon: If I do this, you and me, call truce?

Bonnie: No but you'll do it anyway, for Elena

(Bonnie leaves. Elena and Damon are alone)

Damon: I know this is probably the last thing you want to do right now but we should talk about what happened tonight

Elena: Yeah, one of the tomb vampires has got into to house and almost killed John

Damon: What? When? What are you talking about? After I left?

Elena: You were there?

Damon: Come on Elena you know I was

Elena: When were you at the house?

Damon: Really? Earlier, on the porch, we were talking, exposed our feelings, come on, we kissed Elena!

Elena: Okay, I don't have time for this Damon

Damon: If you want to forget what happened fine but I can't

(Jenna arrives. Damon is going apart from them but listen)

Jenna: Elena, I came as soon as I get you message. How is John?

Elena: Where have you been?

Jenna: At the fire department, I deferred a report. I told you earlier

Elena: No, you didn't

Jenna: Yes I did

Elena: No, Jenna, you didn't

Jenna: Yes I did

(Damon understands that it was Katherine)

Damon: Oh, you got to be kidding me

[Gilbert's house]

(Stefan is looking after Jeremy. He hears the front door. It's Katherine still posing as Elena. He goes down the stairs)

Stefan: Hey! How was Caroline?

Katherine: Not good

(He embraces her)

Katherine: Just what I needed

(She tries to kiss him but he understands that it's not Elena? He throws her on the couch)

Stefan: Katherine

Katherine: I least I fooled one of you

(He rushes over her and pushes her against the wall)

Katherine: Feeling better?

(He pushes her against another wall but someone is opening the front door. Katherine takes his arms and throws him on the floor and leaves. Elena and Damon enter the house. Stefan is on the floor but stands up immediately)

Elena: Stefan?

Stefan: What happened?

Damon: Katherine happened

(Damon and Stefan are in the kitchen)

Damon: Did she say what she wanted?

Stefan: No

Damon: This women certainly knows how to make an entrance

Stefan: She said she fooled one of us at least. What is that mean?

Damon: She pretended to be Elena too when I showed up earlier tonight

(Elena arrives)

Elena: I told Jeremy, I can't lie to him anymore

Stefan: Are you alright?

Elena: No, I'm not alright. I thought that with all the tomb vampires gone things were getting better

Stefan: I know, we all did

Elena: Katherine was in this house, that means she's been invited in, what are we gonna do?

Damon: Move

Elena: Very helpful, thank you

Damon: Katherine wants you dead, there's zero you can do about it, you will be dead but you're not. So clearly she has other plans

Stefan: Right and we need to find out what those other plans are and not provoke her in the process. What happened tonight when you thought she was Elena?

Damon: To risk another front line encroaching on your very crowded forehead … We… kissed

Elena: And you thought it was me?

Stefan: What do you mean you kissed?

Damon: You know, when two lips pucker and then

(He feigns a kiss. Stefan rushes over him with his super speed but Damon is faster)

Damon: Don't be obvious Stefan

(Stefan goes toward him but Elena puts herself between them)

Elena: Stefan wait, he kissed Katherine, not me

(She looks at Damon)

Elena: I wouldn't do that. We don't have time for this guys

Stefan: Later

Elena: John must know something. It has to be a reason why Katherine tried to kill him

Damon: She's Katherine, she loves to play games and you're fooling yourself if you think you're going to find out what she's been up to before she wants you to know

Stefan: No, actually Elena's right, John could know something threw Isobel. You mother, she was in touch with Katherine so maybe we can go to the hospital and talk

Damon: I've got a better idea

Elena: What's that?

Damon: I'm just gonna ignore the bitch. See you

Elena: Is that smart?

Damon: If Katherine thinks she's been ignored it will low her out, she'll make a move

Stefan: Yeah? And then what?

Damon: Stake her; rip her head off, something poetic. We'll see

[Mystic Falls' hospital]

(Bonnie is talking with Matt)

Bonnie: You've been here all night?

Matt: Yeah, with the sheriff

Bonnie: No one else?

Matt: Stefan's brother Damon stopped by late last night

Bonnie: How is Caroline today?

Matt: See for yourself

(They go on Caroline's room)

Caroline: Jersey Shore's on

(Bonnie embraces her)

Caroline: Careful, still a little sore

Bonnie: Sorry

Caroline: its okay but they say I'm healing very quick

Matt: My turn

(He kisses her. Bonnie's crying)

Caroline: Why are you crying?

Bonnie: I'm just happy you're okay

Caroline: I love you guys

Bonnie: We love you

(They embrace each other)

[Lockwood's mansion]

(Carol Lockwood is talking with Sheriff Forbes and Damon)

Carol Lockwood: I want to know exactly who's responsible for killing my husband

Sheriff Forbes: I'm looking into it but you have to be straight. Is there any reason Richard was affected by the vampire device?

Carol Lockwood: Are you implying that he was one of them?

Damon: No, no one's implying that

Carol Lockwood: Your deputies screwed up, plain and simple which makes you responsible

Damon: Carol…

Sheriff Forbes: Your husband is the one who helped John Gilbert execute his idiot plan in the first place

Damon: Liz…

Carol Lockwood: Someone got my husband killed

Damon: We're all in edge here, you've suffer a great loss, the whole town has. We have to stick together okay? Trust each other, we're gonna get through this

(Tyler is outside, a man arrives)

Tyler: So the black sheep returns

Mason: Tyler?

Tyler: Yeah

Mason: What happened to you? In my mind you were twelve years old

Tyler: Then that's two years older than the last time you saw me, Uncle Mason

(They embrace each other)

Mason: Good to see you again

Tyler: It's good to see you too. Come on inside

[Mystic Falls' hospital]

(Stefan and Elena are going to see John)

Stefan: Ready for this?

(They enter in the room)

Elena: John?

(He opens his eyes and gets scared when he sees Elena)

Elena: I'm Elena, I'm not Katherine

Stefan: We know she did this to you

Elena: We need to know why

John: Where is she?

Stefan: You tell us

John: I don't know

(He tries to sit down but Stefan stops him)

Stefan: You're a little too weak to play tough guy, I want you to sit back and answer a few questions

(Elena gives him his magical ring)

Elena: Please, tell us why she's here. What does she want?

Stefan: She'll try again; we can't help you if you don't confide in us

John: In you?

Stefan: In your daughter then

John: My daughter should have put you a stake to your heart by now

(He looks at Elena)

John: I never spoke to her directly, she never trusted me

(He looks at Stefan)

John: So either kill me or get out because I can't stand the sight of you with my daughter

Elena: You see the problem with such hatred? It's gonna get you killed

(She goes out of the room. Stefan is alone with John. He rushes over John and strangles him)

Stefan: You may be okay with dying but I have a better plan for you

(He cuts his wrist and puts it in John's mouth and makes him drink his blood)

Stefan: You know, with my blood in your system all I have to do is kill you. Now take my advice… Leave town, Elena doesn't want you here. You've got about 24 hours before the blood leaves your system, that's enough time to disappear or I swear to god I will turn you into a vampire and I will watch you hate yourself more than you already do

(He releases him)

Stefan: The clock starts now

(He leaves the room)

[Lockwood's mansion]

(Damon is watching Mason and Carol. He talks with Sheriff Lockwood)

Damon: Who's the guy with Carol?

Sheriff Forbes: It's the mayor's younger brother, Mason Lockwood

Damon: Is he in the council? Like John Gilbert when he rolled in?

Sheriff Forbes: He's nothing like John. For one, he's not an ass. He's not a believer either. He wants nothing to do with the council. He's too preoccupied finding the perfect wave

Damon: Thanks see you

(Katherine arrives at the mansion. Tyler intercepts her)

Tyler: Hey Elena, thanks for coming, come on in

(She enters)

[Mystic Falls' hospital]

(Elena and Stefan are outside)

Elena: Hey, I just have to swim by home to pick up Jenna and Jeremy so we can go to the Lockwood's. How did you leave him there, John?

Stefan: I… I asked him to leave town

Elena: Asked? You threatened him

Stefan: Yeah I threatened him

Elena: Good. I want him gone, Stefan. I know that I shouldn't feel that way but I don't want someone like that in my life or Jeremy's life

Stefan: I know

(They embrace each other)

Elena: So what now?

Stefan: Now… I need to go find Damon

Elena: Please Stefan, don't fight with him

Stefan: No Elena, he tried to kiss you I'm not okay with that

Elena: That's not the problem, Katherine is. She's already messing with both of your heads and Damon is not stable when it comes to her. The last thing we need is to make things worse

[Lockwood's mansion]

(Damon and Bonnie are talking)

Bonnie: Did you know the Gilbert device affected Tyler Lockwood?

Damon: Well, I know mayor in

Bonnie: Don't you want to know why?

Damon: Yes Bonnie, I would love to know why. A non-vampire was tortured by the vampire torture device that you let John Gilbert use against us. Speaking of your guilt how is Caroline?

Bonnie: Much better

Damon: You're welcome

Bonnie: No, you're welcome

Damon: Why am I welcome?

Bonnie: You live to see another day

Damon: No good deal goes unpunished with you, doesn't?

Bonnie: Doesn't undue the bad. I know what you are Damon, you might have Elena and the sheriff and everybody else fooled but not me. One wrong move and I'm gonna take you out

Damon: Now you need to stop with the witches' brood. You're starting to believe your own press

(She looks at Damon in the eyes, his head his hurting him. He holds his head)

Bonnie: I'm sorry, you were saying?

(She goes out and sees Elena but in reality it's Katherine posing as Elena)

Bonnie: Oh my god! Damon drives me crazy. He's walking around like he's some kind of hero for healing Caroline when it's his fault all of this happened in the first place

Katherine: I'm sorry Bonnie. What Damon's done is just awful

Bonnie: Okay, better. Hateful Damon moment over

(Bonnie touches her; she feels that it's a vampire)

Bonnie: I've got to find Tyler and Give my respects. I'll be back

(She goes in another room and calls Elena)

Elena: Allo?

Bonnie: Elena? Where are you?

Elena: Bonnie, I know I'm late. I'm getting in the car now. I'll be here in 5

(She hangs up. She turns herself, Katherine is here)

Katherine: We haven't officially met, I'm Katherine

Bonnie: I know who you are

Katherine: Of course you do. You're the best friend right? I've been putting all the pieces of Elena's life together. Isobel told me it was a bit of a puzzle. I do know who Jenna and Jeremy are and I met that delicious ex-boyfriend Matt, he was sweet on Caroline, and then there's you, the vampire-hating Bennett witch. Did I do good?

(Bonnie tries to get out but Katherine is faster than her. Bonnie looks at her and tries to hurt her with her powers. Katherine feigns to be hurt)

Katherine: I've been around a long time Bonnie; you have to do better than that

(She catches Bonnie by the neck and pushes her against the wall. Her face changes, Bonnie open the doors with her powers)

Katherine: Nice

Stefan: Katherine

Katherine: Stefan

Stefan: Leave her alone

Katherine: Okay

(She releases her and leaves the room. Stefan looks at Bonnie and follows Katherine)

Stefan: What are you doing here?

Katherine: After the way you treated me last night, I thought that a public place would be less violent

Stefan: You're taking this a little far don't you think? Elena could walk in at any moment

Katherine: But that's part of the fun Stefan. Damon's here, somewhere, I've been avoiding him

(Matt arrives)

Matt: Hey guys

Katherine: Hey Matt. I heard that Caroline is doing much better. Her recovery was practically miraculous, you must be so relieved

Matt: I am. Thanks Elena

(He leaves)

Katherine: Oh! His eyes are so blue!

Stefan: You need to leave now

Katherine: You're hurting my feelings Stefan. Damon was much happier to see me but he thought I was your girlfriend so…

Stefan: Katherine, I'm not doing this with you

Katherine: Okay, how we don't have a couple's fight in front of all of your friends? Walk with me

Stefan: Just tell me what you're doing here

Katherine: Maybe I missed you. Is that an acceptable reason?

Stefan: What game are you playing?

Katherine: Why, you want to play with me?

Stefan: I don't know, how can I play if I don't know the rules?

Katherine: No rules Stefan. Don't you remember? No rules

(They leave. Elena, Jenna and Jeremy arrive)

Jenna: Looks like the whole town has turned out

Elena: Yeah. Well he is… he was the mayor

Jeremy: Why are they doing this for the funeral?

Jenna: That's what people do. The Lockwood's were here for us when we went through this. It'll be quick; you drop off the food and pay respects and go

Jeremy: In and out? It sounds like a plan

(Elena sees Damon)

Elena: You guys go ahead, I'll be right there okay?

(She goes toward Damon)

Elena: Hey, how are you doing?

Damon: Great Elena. Walking on sunshine, thanks for asking

Elena: Damon

Damon: Elena

Elena: We should be able to talk about this. Damon, we're close enough now. I really want to know how you are doing

Damon: I kissed you; I thought you kissed me back… Doppelganger hijinks ensued… How do you think I'm doing?

Elena: I think you're hurt

Damon: No, I don't get hurt, Elena

Elena: No, you don't admit that you get hurt. You get angry and cover that up and then you do something stupid

Damon: You're scared. You think Katherine is gonna send me off the depend don't you? I don't need her for that.

(He begins to leave but stops)

Damon: You know… why this is such a surprise that I would kiss you?

Elena: That's not a surprise. I'm surprised that you thought I would kiss you back

Damon: Now I'm hurt

(Bonnie arrives)

Bonnie: Elena!

Elena: Bonnie, what happened ?

(Jeremy goes into a room. Tyler is there, drinking)

Jeremy: Sorry, I was just looking for the…

Tyler: Bathroom is down the hall

Jeremy: Hey look… I'm sorry about your dad

Tyler: Today has been a big day as sorry from people who don't really give a crap

Jeremy: I remember when my dad died; I had a house full of strangers telling me how a great guy he was. Anyway, I know how hard all this is

Tyler: The difference is in your case it was true. My dad was a dick

Jeremy: Yeah, yeah he was

Tyler: I found this on his desk

(He holds the flask to Jeremy, he hesitates)

Tyler: He won't mind, he's dead

Jeremy: Yeah, you know what, sure

(He takes the flask. Mason arrives)

Mason: Hey, what's going on here Tyler?

Tyler: Nothing, nothing

(He looks at Jeremy)

Mason: You don't have somewhere else to be?

(Jeremy gives him the flask and leaves. Mason drinks and gives the flask to Tyler)

(Katherine and Stefan are outside, walking)

Katherine: The Lockwood's have a lot more land than they used to. These actions from the tomb vampires built them quite a fortune

Stefan: Yeah, why did you want them dead? You're the one who turned most of them

Katherine: There's nothing more annoying than revengeful vampire Stefan. Just ask John Gilbert

Stefan: You haven't changed at all don't you?

Katherine: But you have. You're stronger, meaner, sexy

Stefan: Don't flirt with me Katherine. I'm not Damon; I haven't spent one hundred and forty five years obsessed with you

Katherine: Yeah, based on your choice of woman I'd say otherwise. Although I admit it does bother me that you're falling in love with someone else

Stefan: I was never in love with you, Katherine. You compelled me so none of my feelings were real

Katherine: Believe what you want Stefan but I know the truth and deep down so do you

Stefan: The truth? Well the truth is, you're the same lying, selfish, manipulative bitch that you've always been. So, whatever it is that brought you here, why don't you just get down with it and leave town? Because if you don't, I will hunt you down and I will rip your heart out

Katherine: You want to know why I'm here Stefan? I came back for you

Stefan: Well the problem Katherine is that I hate you

(She takes an iron stem and stabs him with it)

Katherine: You hate me uh? That sound like the beginning of a love story Stefan, not the end of one

(She takes off the stem and leaves)

(Elena and Stefan are sitting on a bench, she's washing his wound)

Elena: You're gonna be okay?

Stefan: Yeah, it will heal

Elena: It's not what I meant

Stefan: I was trying to figure her out. I was playing along and let her get to me

(Damon arrives)

Damon: I tried to track her but she's gone. Ouch, cover up Fabio. You have a crazy ex on the loess

(He looks at Elena)

Damon: You better watch out, looks like Katherine is trying to steal your guy

Stefan: it's not what's happening

Damon: Isn't it? I mean it's only fair since I went after your girl

Elena: I'm gonna go check on Jenna and Jeremy. Let me know when you guys are done

(She leaves)

Damon: So what's gonna be uh? Fight to the death? Go ahead, make your threat, stake your claim

Stefan: I'm not gonna fight you

Damon: Why? I'd fight me

Stefan: Katherine is gonna try to play us against each other, you do know that right?

Damon: Brother, don't you worry, our bound is unbreakable

Stefan: We need to stay united against her. So yes, as much as I would like to kill you, I'm not gonna fight you

Damon: I kissed Elena

Stefan: Because you feel something for her, because you actually care and I'm not gonna let Katherine coming here and destroy that part of you that is finally, after all of this time, willing to feel something. She will try to

break you, she will try to break us and how we respond to that will define us. It's our choice. So no, I'm not gonna fight you

(He looks at Damon and leaves)

[Gilbert's house]

(John is preparing his luggage. Jeremy arrives)

John: Jeremy

Jeremy: What are you doing here?

John: I'm packing, leaving

Jeremy: So you figured you kill all you evil vampires and then you leave town?

John: Not all but enough. For now. Can you tell Elena I say goodbye?

Jeremy: Why don't you tell her yourself?

John: You know Jeremy, I was taught to hate them, the vampires. That's what I know; that's what you father knew

Jeremy: My father would have seen things differently

John: No, he may have done things differently but there's no other way to see it

Jeremy: That ring on your finger, the one's that supposed to protect you, that was my father's right?

John: Yeah

Jeremy: Then why didn't it protect him, why is he still dead?

John: What happened to your parents wasn't supernatural, it was an accident. There's nothing that can save us from that

Jeremy: I wonder what he'd think of all this, of me

John: He would think that you're just too young. You're still finding yourself but you are a Gilbert and you've been exposed to this town's darkest secrets and with that come responsibility

Jeremy: I don't believe in that family legacy stuff

John: Sooner or later you'll have to

[Lockwood's mansion]

(Tyler is in his father's office. He looks at a picture of him and his parents and breaks it against the desk and breaks all the things on the desk. His mother arrives)

Carol Lockwood: Tyler! What are you doing?

Tyler: I hate him

Carol Lockwood: Oh, don't say that

(She touches him but he pushes her)

Tyler: Let go of me!

(Mason arrives rushes over him and pushes him against the floor)

Tyler: Let go of me!

Mason: Tyler! Hey!

Tyler: I said let go of me!

Mason: Tyler! Look at me, look at me. Calm down, settle down

Carol Lockwood: Oh god

[Salvatore's house]

(He's in the living room, drinking. Katherine is here)

Damon: Very brave of you to come here

Katherine: I wanted to say goodbye

Damon: Leaving so soon?

Katherine: I know when I'm not wanted

Damon: Don't pout; it's not attractive about a woman of your age

Katherine: Ouch. What, no goodbyes kiss?

Damon: What if I kill you instead? What are you doing here?

Katherine: Nostalgia, curiosity etc.

Damon: I like better the enigmatic Katherine. What are you up to?

Katherine: Trust me Damon, when I'm up to something you'll know it. Come on, kiss me or kill me. Which will it be Damon? We both know that you're only capable of one

(She tries to kiss him but he turns his head. She pushes him on the floor)

Katherine: My sweet, innocent Damon

(He strangles her and puts himself above her, on the floor. They kiss, she opens his shirt, and they kiss again)

Damon: Okay, brief pause. I have a question. Answer it and its back to fireworks and rockets wire glare. Answer it right and I'll forget the last one hundred and forty five years that I spent missing you. I'll forget how much I loved you, I'll forget everything and we could start over. This could be our defining moment ‘cause we have the time, it's the beauty of eternity

(He touches her face and her hair)

Damon: I just need the truth, just once

Katherine: Stop, I already know the question and its answer. The truth is… I've never loved you, it was always Stefan

(She looks at him and leaves)

[Gilbert's house]

(Elena goes out of the bathroom and goes in her bedroom. Damon is sitting on her bed)

Elena: Oh god, you scared me

Damon: I'm just doing my part, the neighborhood watch

Elena: Thanks for looking out for us, for me

Damon: That's me, the trusted bodyguard, calm in crisis

Elena: You've been drinking? And you're upset, that's not a good combination

Damon: No I'm not upset. Upset is an emotion specific to those who care

Elena: Come on Damon. That's a lie, you care

Damon: You are surprise that I thought you would kiss me back? You can't imagine that I believe you would want to?

Elena: Damon…

Damon: No, all we've been doing here means something. You are the liar Elena. There is something going on between the two of us and you know it

(He gets up and goes toward her)

Damon: And you're lying to me, you're lying to Stefan and most of all you're lying to yourself. I can prove it

Elena: No

(He kisses her)

Elena: Damon don't! What's wrong with you?

Damon: Am I lying about this?

Elena: Stop, you're better than this, come on!

Damon: That's where you're wrong

(He tries to kiss her again)

Elena: No, no Damon. I care about you. Listen to me, I care about you. I do but… I love Stefan, it's always gonna be Stefan

(Jeremy arrives)

Jeremy: Elena, what's going on in here?

Elena: Nothing Jeremy, it's okay, just go back to bed

Damon: No it's not okay Elena

(He looks at Jeremy and then at Elena)

Damon: He wants to be a vampire

(He pushes Jeremy against the wall)

Elena: No Damon stop it!

(Damon is strangling Jeremy)

Damon: You want to turn off the pain? It's the easiest thing in the world. The part of you that cares just goes away, all you have to do is flip the switch and snatch!

(He kills him)

Elena: No!

(She rushes over Jeremy and cries. Damon looks at her and leaves. She sees John's magical ring on Jeremy's finger)

[Lockwood's mansion]

(Tyler is sitting on the couch, Mason arrives)

Mason: Your mom's out. I think she propped a couple of pills

Tyler: I didn't mean to freak her out. I don't know why I get like this

Mason: It's the curse of being a Lockwood

Tyler: Is this how you get the shill gene?

Mason: I didn't. I've just learned how to manage it

Tyler: I don't want to be like this anymore

Mason: None of us do. That's why it's a curse Ty

[Gilbert's house]

(Elena is on the floor with Jeremy, she has her brother in her arms. Stefan is here too)

Stefan: He saw the ring that's why he did it, he knew

Elena: He didn't see the ring

Stefan: It's Katherine. She got on his skin, she undead everything that was good about him

Elena: There's nothing good about him. Stefan, not anymore. He just decided what he wants. He just don't want to feel, he wants to be hated, it's just easier that way. He got his wish,

(We see Damon, at the Salvatore's throwing a glass against the chimney)

Elena: I hate him; Stefan

Stefan: I know

(He kisses her on the shoulder. Jeremy wakes up. Stefan takes his face and looks in his eyes)

Elena: Stefan, is he okay?

Stefan: He's okay

Jeremy: he killed me, Damon killed me

(Elena embraces him and smiles)

Elena: Oh god

[Mystic Falls' hospital]

(Caroline is on the bed, sleeping. She wakes up and sees Katherine)

Caroline: Elena?

Katherine: Hey Caroline

Caroline: What are you doing here?

Katherine: My name is Katherine. I was hoping you could get the Salvatore's brothers a message for me

Caroline: What are you talking about? What message?

Katherine: Game on

(She takes a pillow and puts it on Caroline's face, kills her and leaves the room)