02x02 - Brave New World

[Mystic Falls' hospital]

(She wakes up with a start and goes out of the room. The nurse is here)

Caroline: Excuse me? Where is everyone?

Nurse: It's the middle of the night honey

Caroline: It is? Oh, uh… have you seen my mom?

Nurse: She left after dinner with your boyfriend and then your friend Elena stepped by

Caroline: She did? Yeah, she did but she said her name was Katherine. Can I just get something to eat?

Nurse: Breakfast comes around seven

Caroline: But I'm hungry

Nurse: You should go back to sleep

(She goes toward the room but then she stops)

Caroline: What is that smell?

Nurse: Back to bed

(The nurse leaves but Caroline stays in the hallway. She looks everywhere and sees a blood pouch in a patient's room. She goes toward the pouch and touches it but the nurse arrives)

Nurse: What are you doing in here?

Caroline: I don't know

Nurse: You need to go back to bed

(She takes Caroline to her room and leaves. Caroline sits down on her bed and takes he blood pouch from her pocket. She drinks but she doesn't like it so she throws the pouch on the floor. She looks at the pouch on the floor and takes it. She drinks)

[Mystic Falls' high school]

(Everyone is preparing the carnival. Bonnie and Elena are taking care of everything)

Bonnie: Katherine looked just like you, it was freakish

Elena: She is my ancestor. Eh, I move the student booth into the cafeteria

Bonnie: Your vampire ancestor and she didn't just resemble you like a family member would. She was you

Elena: I don't know, I can't explain it. It's creepy, that's all you got

Bonnie: How do you know she's not still out there pretending to be you?

Elena: I don't but I could sit here and be tortured by the not-knowing or I could get these prices to the ring toss

Bonnie: Have you talk to Damon since he killed Jeremy or tried to kill Jeremy?

Elena: No Bonnie, I haven't and I won't and I don't want to talk about Damon or anything else that's vampire relating okay?

(She gives a bag full of plush to Bonnie)

Elena: I'm human. I have to do human stuff. Otherwise, I'm going to go crazy

Bonnie: Okay, I'm sorry, let's focus. We have to make Caroline proud or she will kill us. I don't know how she does all of this

Elena: Well because she's not human, obviously

Bonnie: Obviously

(She laughs)

(Jeremy and Stefan are in the hallway against Jeremy's locker)

Stefan: It's the same as the bracelet Elena gave you

Jeremy: It protects me from compulsion

Stefan: Vervain is toxic to vampires

Jeremy: Like poison?

Stefan: Yeah, it's very poisonous. It keeps them out of your head

Jeremy: but why vervain?

Stefan: don't know, certain natural herbs and roots and other elements are just harmful to vampires

Jeremy: Like a stake to the heart?

Stefan: Right but it has to be wood

Jeremy: You're pretty confident in yourself telling me all the different ways I could kill you

Stefan: Jeremy, if I thought you wanted to kill me we will be having a much different conversation

Jeremy: Yeah, Damon is the one that deserves it

Stefan: I want you to forget about Damon, all right? He's hundred times stronger than you and right now he's not stable. You got to try to move forward

Jeremy: I was killed by a vampire and brought back by a magic ring. How do you move forward from that?

Stefan: Right. Well, today we have a nice little distraction encouraged by the slave driver Elena

(Elena arrives)

Stefan: Hello Elena

Elena: Hey, do you…

Jeremy: Yeah, yeah, I set up the golden fish toss all through hundred golden fish. It's gonna be epic!

(He leaves)

Stefan: He's gonna be alright, he's just been through a little bit of a whole deal

Elena: I was just hoping that this carnival would wild him back into the land of a high school teenager

Stefan: That was what we were doing here?

Elena: Yes, we all are. We're gonna be boring high school students who live in a world where the "v" word is not ordered

Stefan: Got it!

Elena: Then later you're going to take me on the Ferris wheel, we're gonna ride the very top and then you're gonna kiss me and my heart will flatter like a normal high school girl. Do you see a redeem theme here?

Stefan: Yeah I know, I'm seeing it and I'm liking it but I have a quick question. Uh, what do we do about Damon?

Elena: Uh, no "D" word okay? That has been deleted from the list of topic that we can discuss

Stefan: Unfortunately Katherine showing up has been a little bit of an odd place, little off-kidder, kind of dangerous. Who knows what he's up to?

[Lockwood's mansion]

(Damon is in the living room with Carol Lockwood)

Carol: So I understand John Gilbert has left town. Have they found the vampire that attacked him?

Damon: Well, the sheriff has asked me to take the lead on that and I promess to you I will get to the bottom of it

Carol: Which brings me to my next subject. With Richard gone, I'll be acting as interim mayor until the elections and I'm going to need someone to spill out the council. I'd like that person to be you

Damon: Whatever you need Carol. As a founding family member it's something that's very close to me so I would be honored to help keep this town safe from vampires

(Mason and Tyler enter the house. Carol closes the door of the living room)

Damon: Is it safe to talk?

Carol: It's my brother-in-law, Mason. He's still visiting. I just don't want him to hear us. He didn't want any part of the council when he lived here and I see no reason to bring him to it now

(Damon is listening to their conversation with his powers)

Tyler: When was that? Like seven?

Mason: Six. I don't count the last one. You crawled

Tyler: What?

Mason: I think Grandma Lockwood actually passed you her walker

Tyler: Yeah, okay. Shoes off. Mud, my mom…

Mason: Yeah, yeah.

(Mason sits down and removes his shoes)

Mason: So all this anger and aggression you're talking about, you notices a difference when you exercise?

Tyler: Dude, I play 3 varsity sports. I work out 4 times a week and run 3, I'm gonna say no

Mason: Do you have episodes? What happens exactly?

Tyler: Most of time normal, I get angry typically over nothing. I'm an angry guy. I know it just amplifies and I go off

Mason: You black out?

Tyler: Yeah, it's like I go blind with rage

Mason: Is there a pattern? Like once a month, only at night?

Tyler: All I know is I loose myself, you know? For that time I become something else and I hate it

(Damon is still listening)

Carol: More tea? Damon?

Damon: Oh yes, please. Thank you Carol

[Mystic Fall's hospital]

(Caroline is in her room. She puts her hand in the sunlight and it burns. Matt arrives with a tray of food)

Matt: Your mom said you're not eating

Caroline: It's gross

Matt: It's the hospital food; it's supposed to be gross

(Matt goes toward her to kiss her but there's the sunlight between them)

Matt: She also said you're getting released tomorrow morning

Caroline: Morning? I need to get out tonight

Matt: No, the carnival is going to happen without you Caroline. I know it's hard for your neurotic control freak personality to process but Bonnie and Elena have it

Caroline: I'm not neurotic

Matt: Yeah you are but it's cute so…

Caroline: Look, it's not about the carnival okay? It's just that this place is just really depressing

Matt: It's because you're sitting in the dark

(He begins to open the curtains)

Caroline: No don't!

(Caroline goes against the wall with her powers)

Matt: What the hell?

Caroline: Just close it please

Matt: What's wrong with you?

Caroline: Close it!

(He closes the curtains)

Matt: I'll just come back later okay?

(He leaves)

[Salvatore's house]

(Damon is pouring a blood pouch in a glass. Stefan arrives)

Damon: Do you care for one?

Stefan: No, thank you. I'm not hungry, just ate

Damon: Are you worried that one day, all the forest animals are gonna band together and fight back? I mean, surely they talk

Stefan: I'm just happy that's it's a blood bag and not a sorority girl supplying your dinner

Damon: I like this. You, walking on eggs shores around me because you think I'm gonna explode. Very suspencible. Is Elena worried too? I bet I'm your every conversation

Stefan: Have you heard from Katherine?

Damon: I think the Lockwood's have a family secret because the Gilbert device affected them but vervain didn't so they're not vampires, they're something else

Stefan: Is this your new obsession?

Damon: You'd rather some unknown supernatural element running upon our town. Fine, I'll drop it

Stefan: We haven't seen lots of Katherine, you do know that right? We have no idea what she's up to

Damon: Sure we do. She came back to profess her undying eternal love for you so I'm gonna let you deal with her because I have more important things to do like explode. Shears!

[Mystic Falls' hospital]

(Caroline is putting her jewelry. She puts the necklace Elena gave to her but It burns her skin so she throws it on the floor. The nurse arrives and takes it)

Nurse: That's pretty

Caroline: Yeah, my friend gave it to me

(The nurse leaves, Caroline drinks blood from a pouch. She looks at her in the mirror, her face is changing and her fangs appear. She screams, the nurse arrives)

Nurse: what's wrong?

(She strangles the nurse and pushes her against the wall)

Caroline: You can't tell anyone, you can't tell anyone!

(She compels her)

Nurse: I can't tell anyone

Caroline: You'll do what I say?

Nurse: I'll do what you say

Caroline: Good because I'm starving

(She bites her)

[Mystic Falls' high school]

(It's the carnival. Elena is talking with Bonnie)

Bonnie: The ring toss is out of Bart and Homer dolls and team Jacob teas

Elena: Okay, I can grab some from the science club. Also we lost a speaker in the karaoke booth

Bonnie: Hey, all good Elena, take a breath, look around. This is a huge success

Elena: You mean I can give more than just freak vampire havoc?

Bonnie: Good

(They laugh, Elena looks at a man who is repairing one of the stands)

Elena: Hey, Carter right? You're with the carnival

Carter: That'll be me

Elena: Okay, great

(He looks at Bonnie)

Carter: Wow, what do you need beautiful?

Bonnie: What do you know about karaoke speakers?

Carter: Why don't you show me the problem?

Elena: Yeah Bonnie, show him the problem

Bonnie: Okay, come on

(They leave Elena smiles)

[Lockwood's mansion]

(Mason is in his brother office, looking for something. He searches everywhere. Tyler arrives)

Tyler: What are you doing?

Mason: Nothing, just killing time waiting for you

Tyler: You're looking for something?

Mason: Yeah actually. You know where I can find any family artifact stuff?

Tyler: You drained your trust fund already?

Mason: I did that when I was 22. No, I'm just looking for this old piece of my mom's. My dad gave it to her when they got married. It's a sentimental value. Probably passed out on your dad. It just still be in the house here somewhere

Tyler: What's it look like?

Mason: It's a moon stone; it's about the size of a hockey puck. Old, ugly, minimal monetary value

Tyler: Yeah man, whatever. Ask my mom I guess

Mason: Yeah, cool, I'll do that. You're ready?

Tyler: Yeah

[Mystic Fall's high school]

(Jeremy is buying popcorn. Damon arrives)

Damon: Jeremy, it's so good to see you alive

Jeremy: Aren't you a little old for a high school carnival?

Damon: A hundred and fifty years too old

Jeremy: You're pretty funny cracking jokes when I could I don't know… led the hold of this thing telling by telling someone what you really are

(Damon catches him and takes him apart)

Damon: So please tell that was not a threat

Jeremy: Maybe it is

(He shows him the ring and Damon strangles him from behind)

Damon: This is what we're not gonna do: we're not gonna walk around like we are invincible when it's this easy for me to end you

(He releases him)

Damon: If you want to tell people what I really am go ahead and try

(Damon shows him the ring; he has it in his hand)

Damon: I will shot this ring so far up your ass that you'll really have something to choke on

(He throws the ring on his face and leaves)

[Mystic Falls' hospital]

(Caroline is dressed and on the phone)

Caroline: The doctor said I'm good as new, he signed me out, he said that I didn't have to wait ‘til morning so call me when you get this

(She hangs up; the nurse is sitting on Caroline's bed. She has a bandage on her wound on the neck)

Caroline: It's dark, thank god. I'm so sorry about that

(She looks at the bandage)

Caroline: Okay, now what's the story?

Nurse: My husband likes to get kinky

Caroline: Yes, good. Okay, so I'm gonna take off. I'm in the comity chair for the carnival and I'm worried it's a complete disaster. I mean god bless Elena, she's not understand the word fabulous

(She takes her bag)

Caroline: Once again I'm so sorry about that and if you could just forget that I bit you that would be great because I'm going to

Nurse: Forget what?

Caroline: I don't know how that works but its brilliant

(She leaves)

[Mystic Falls' high school]

(Damon is looking at Tyler, he's doing arm wrestling. Stefan arrives)

Stefan: You're lurking

Damon: I'm observing

Stefan: It's more like obsessing

(Tyler wins)

Damon: He's got strength

Stefan: He's a triple varsity athlete, of course he has strength. You're reaching

(Mason arrives to do arm wrestling against Tyler)

Mason: I bet I could beat you

Damon: Enter the uncle

Stefan: That's ridiculous

(Mason beats him)

Tyler: Okay, he's the champ, who wants to go next?

Damon: Stefan wants to go

Stefan: Yeah, sure, I'll… give it a shot

(Stefan rejoins Mason)

Damon: Give him Stef!

Stefan: My brother over there thinks I could beat you

Mason: Your brother's wrong

(Mason beats him. Stefan rejoins Damon)

Damon: You didn't put an effort at all

Stefan: Yeah, actually I did

Damon: Come with me

(They go in the hallway)

Damon: Is he…?

Stefan: No, no, I wasn't that kind of strength but it was more than human, it doesn't make sense

Damon: What is up with that family? They're not vampires, what the hell are they?

Stefan: Maybe they're ninja turtles

Damon: You're not funny

Stefan: Or zombies, werewolves

Damon: No comedic timing at all

(Damon turns his head and sees Carter repairing something)

Stefan: What? What are you up to?

Damon: Since this is reality and there's no such thing as werewolves or combat turtles

Stefan: Ninja turtles

(Damon goes toward Carter)

Damon: Hey you!

Carter: I have a name

Damon: Yeah I don't care

(He catches his shoulders and compels him)

Damon: I need you to pick a fight with someone, a kid named Tyler Lockwood

Stefan: Damon, don't do this

Damon: It's just an experiment. Get him mad, don't back down no matter what he does okay?

Carter: I won't back down

Damon: I know you won't

(He releases him, Carter leaves)

Stefan: Do you realize someone is going to get hurt right?

Damon: No, someone is going to get mad, as in rage

Stefan: What's that going to accomplish?

Damon: That Tyler kid is incapable of walking away from a fight. Let's see who intervenes, maybe the ambigus, supernatural mystery uncle

(Damon is walking alone is an hallway when Caroline arrives)

Damon: Hey Blondie, they let you out?

Caroline: I remember

Damon: What do you remember?

Caroline: I remember how you manipulated me, you pushed me around, abused me, erased my memories, fed on me

Damon: You're crazy

Caroline: Memories have been coming back, in pieces

Damon: You can't remember. It's impossible, I mean unless you're becoming a…

(She smiles)

Caroline: have a message from Katherine, she said "Game on"

Damon: Wait…

(She pushes him with strength, he falls on the floor)

Caroline: You suck

(She leaves)

(Elena is with a girl, Damon arrives)

Damon: Elena

Elena: What do you want Damon?

Damon: I know I'm the last person you want to see right now but I need you to come with me

Elena: Whatever it is I'm not interested

Damon: Yeah, I need you to come with me right now, Elena

(She follows him)

(Tyler is going in the parking lot; Stefan follows him and hides himself to observe the scene. Carter arrives and pushes Tyler)

Tyler: Watch where you are going

Carter: You got a problem?

Tyler: Yeah, you walked right into me

Carter: What are you going to do about it?

Tyler: You're kidding right?

(Carter pushes him again)

Tyler: You better back off

(Carter pushes him)

Tyler: You hit me again, I swear to god…

(Carter punches him in the face. They fight, Mason arrives. Mason pushes Carter)

Mason: What the hell man?

(Mason strangles him but Carter punches him on the face and pushes him against a car. Tyler makes some supernatural moves, his eyes change, and they are yellow and glow)

Tyler: Your eyes

(Mason Heats Carter, he falls on the floor. They leave, Stefan arrives to help Carter)

Stefan: You're alright man?

Carter: Why did I just do that?

Stefan: You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time

(Caroline rejoins Matt at the ring toss)

Matt: What are you doing here?

Caroline: They discharged me, I'm better

Matt: How do you feel?

Caroline: I feel pretty good

Matt: Yeah, ‘cause earlier you were…

Caroline: I'm all better

(She kisses him)

Caroline: All better

Matt: Okay, you want to give it a shot?

(He gives him one of the rings. She throws it on a bottle, she breaks 3 bottles)

Matt: Wow, hey, nice shot killer

Caroline: They must already have been broken

(He embraces her. She looks at his neck)

Caroline: Oh no

Matt: What's wrong?

Caroline: I got to go

(She leaves and he follows her)

Matt: Wait Caro, are you okay, I mean…

Caroline: Just leave me alone!

(She leaves)

(Elena, Stefan and Damon are in a classroom talking about Caroline)

Caroline: How did this happen?

Damon: Well, I fed her blood and Katherine obviously killed her and a plus b equals…

Elena: But why?

Damon: Because Katherine is a manipulative nasty little slut

Stefan: And she said "game on"? What is that even mean?

Damon: It means she's playing dirty, she wants us to know

Elena: But why Caroline?

Damon: I don't know

Stefan: Caroline must be completely out of her mind, she don't even know what's happening to her

Damon: Oh I think she does. All of my compulsion from the past sort of wiring of the minute she was in transition

Stefan: We have to find her

Damon: Yep and kill her

Elena: You're not gonna kill Caroline

Damon: She knows who we are, she's officially a liability, and we've got to get rid of her

Stefan: Damon, absolutely not

Damon: Need I to remind you the tragic little story of a girl named Vicki Donovan? Caroline, of all people, won't not make it as a vampire. Her mother is a vampire hunter. Guys come on, we all know how this story's gonna end, just flip to the last chapter and…

Elena: It's not an option Damon

Damon: No? Your silence is defining, Stefan. Wait, wasn't there a school carnival the night you staked Vicki?

Looks like a town where story repeats herself. You know I'm right

Stefan: we're not gonna kill her

Damon: It's the only way

(Stefan and Elena leave)

(Caroline is alone crying when she sees carter. He's bleeding)

Carter: Hey, is everything okay?

Caroline: I'm so sorry

Carter: What?

(She rushes over him and bites him. She drinks his blood and kills him)

(Matt is talking with Bonnie)

Matt: She's obviously pissed at me for something but for what, no clue

Bonnie: What happened?

Matt: She freaked out and she's been like that all day. Cool one minute and crazy and neurotic next

Bonnie: She almost died, it's must be messing with her head. Plus, she's Caroline

Matt: Yeah, I'm used to the insecurity and all that. This is who she is, love it or hate it but this seemed I don't know… different. I can't explain it

(Damon is looking for Caroline; he finds a stake in the floor. He takes it. Elena and Stefan are looking for her too)

Elena: You're agreed with Damon, don't you? Stefan?

Stefan: Damon's right, not about what we should do but about what's gonna happen. Katherine has decided Caroline's death sentence

Elena: We can't let it in that way. She's doing this to me isn't she?

Stefan: No, she's doing it to me

[Lockwood's mansion]

(Mason and Tyler are entering the house)

Tyler: Well, we're home. Safe territory, enough with the silence

Mason: I told you to leave it alone

Tyler: What was that move you pulled?

Mason: Brazilian martial art, I took some classes a while back

Tyler: Don't lie to me!

Mason: I'm not lying

Tyler: I saw something!

Mason: You didn't see anything

Tyler: I saw your eyes, they glowed

Mason: Reflection of a car headlight maybe, that's all

Tyler: Reflection of a car headlight…

Mason: Yes

Tyler: You really expect me to believe that?

Mason: Tyler! You want to know what you saw? You saw me get pissed of that I had to put your delinquent ass out of a fight!

(Tyler leaves)

[Mystic Falls' high school]

(Stefan and Elena are still looking for Caroline)

Elena: Where could she be? What is it? Do you hear her? What's going on Stefan, what is it?

Stefan: Blood, I smell blood

(Caroline is crying next to Carter's body. Damon arrives. She has blood all over her face)

Caroline: He's dead, I killed him. What's wrong with me?

(She cries)

Damon: Hey, hey it's okay. I can help you

Caroline: You can?

Damon: Yeah, I have to

Caroline: What are you gonna do?

Damon: The only thing I can do, I'm gonna kill you

Caroline: Please don't! I don't want to die!

Damon: Yeah but you are already dead

Caroline: No, I'm not. Don't say that okay? Just help me!

Damon: Okay

Caroline: Okay? Just help me please! Please, please!

Damon: Okay, okay

(He embraces her and is about t kill her but Stefan arrives and rushes over Damon)

Damon: Stefan!

(Elena is with Caroline)

Caroline: Get away from me! You killed me!

Elena: No, no, no, no Caroline! That wasn't me. You know that! That was Katherine

Caroline: No! Then why did she look like you?! And why, why did she do this to me?

Elena: Stefan, we've got to get her inside

Stefan: It's okay Caroline, come with me

Damon: She'll die, it's only a matter of time

Stefan: Yeah but it's not gonna happen tonight

Damon: Oh yeah it is

(He picks up the stake and rushes over them but Elena puts herself in front of Caroline)

Elena: Damon, she's my friend

Damon: Whatever happens, it's on you

(Bonnie arrives)

Bonnie: Caroline?

Stefan: It's okay, come on

Bonnie: No, you're not, it can't be

(She touches her)

Caroline: Bonnie?

(She sees the body)

Elena: Oh god!

(Stefan takes Caroline)

(Stefan takes Caroline to the bathroom. He washes her face)

Caroline: She hates me! Bonnie hates me

Stefan: No, she's just in shock, we all are

Caroline: And what about Matt?

(She cries)

Stefan: Shut. One thing at one time, let' get this blood off, come on

Caroline: I'm a m-m-murderer. I'm a monster!

Stefan: Look at me, your emotions are highing right now, it's part of the transformation, it's completely normal, I promise you okay?

(Her face is changing)

Caroline: Why is this keeping happening to my face?

Stefan: Look at me, look at me, look at me! Caroline, Caroline! Look at me! Look at my face, look at my face!

(His face has changed too)

Stefan: You see that? When you feel the blood rushing, you tell yourself that you're going to get through it, that you're strong enough. Yes, yes, no matter how good it feels to get yourself over to it, you fight it off, you burry it. Watch me, watch me

(His face is normal again)

Stefan: It's the only way you're gonna to survive this thing. Try

(She takes a few breaths, her face is normal again)

Stefan: That's good

Caroline: Why did Katherine do this to me?

Stefan: I don't know, I wish I did. Hey, hey, I promise you I will not let anything happen to you. Come here

(He embraces her)

(Elena is still with Bonnie)

Bonnie: I can't believe this is happening

(Damon arrives with a shovel in his hands)

Damon: Come on, don't pout about it, I've got a body to bury

(He looks at Elena)

Damon: I thought you were calling the shots, no? It sucks to be you buddy

(Bonnie looks at him and gives him a headache; he takes his head between his head and fall on the floor. She opens the faucet with her powers and water is going out from the hose)

Bonnie: I told you what would happen if anyone else got hurt

Damon: I didn't do this

Elena: Bonnie, it wasn't his fault

Bonnie: Everything that happens is his fault Elena

Elena: Bonnie, what are you doing?

(She creates a fire, the fire goes toward Damon)

Elena: Bonnie stop it!

(Damon is burning)

Elena: Bonnie, stop! You're going to kill him?

(Damon is still burning)

Elena: Bonnie, stop!

(She jumps through the fire and catches Bonnie's arm. The fire is gone)

Bonnie: Why did you stop me?

Elena: Because this isn't us. Bonnie, this can't be us

(Elena looks at Damon and embraces Bonnie)

(Elena is at her locker. Stefan arrives)

Stefan: Hey. Caroline is okay for now, I'm gonna check on her later

Elena: What about the guy she…

Stefan: It's taking care of

Elena: Damon's right, isn't he? It won't end her for her

Stefan: No, I'm gonna make sure that he's wrong

Elena: I just can't believe what this day has turned into

Stefan: Not a normal day uh?

Elena: I was stupid to think that it could be. I mean, nothing about my life is normal. My best friend is a witch, my friend is a vampire and I have a doppelgänger who wants to destroy all of us

Stefan: I'm sorry

Elena: No, it's not your fault, Stefan. T's no one's fault you know? It is what it is

(He touches her face)

Elena: I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just that… you know what? I'm fine. I'm gonna to call you tomorrow okay? Good night Stefan

(She leaves)

Stefan: Good night

[Lockwood's mansion]

(Mason is talking with Carol)

Carol: I think it's good for Tyler to have you in the house

Mason: I appreciate that Carol

Carol: Oh, and I can see If I can dig up that stone you're looking for. It's bound to be tucked away in one of Richard's knocks and crannies

(She goes up the stairs, Tyler arrives)

Mason: Hey man, you're heading up?

Tyler: In a minute. Good night mom

Carol: Good night Tyler

Mason: Hey, I'm sorry about earlier, we're all good?

Tyler: yeah, we're good

Mason: Alright

(He lives. Tyler goes into his father's office, closes the door and open's his father's safe hiding under the carpet. He takes a box inside and opens it. There's the moon stone Mason is looking for inside. He takes it from the box and puts it in his pocket)

[Salvatore's house]

(Damon is taking a glass of scotch. Jeremy is here)

Damon: What the hell are you doing here?

Jeremy: You don't lock your front door

Damon: Yeah

(Damon is going to drink)

Jeremy: No I wouldn't… I lasted it with vervain

Damon: Why would you do that?

(Jeremy has a stake in his hands)

Jeremy: So I could stake you… with this

(He throws the stake on the floor. Damon picks it up)

Damon: You came here to kill me?

Jeremy: It's only fair, you killed me first

Damon: What made your eyes went up?

Jeremy: My father hated vampires, my uncle too. They were absolute they knew exactly what they stood for and I figured maybe I should too. I mean, stand for something but killing you, what's that gonna do?

Damon: Look, I don't do the big brother thing very well. Sorry, I don't have any milk and cookie stuff for you

Jeremy: Dick

(He lives)

Damon: Wait. My fathers hated vampires too

Jeremy: He did?

Damon: For the same reasons your dad did. Only it was 1864, people knew how to woodle

(He shows him the stake)

Damon: Did you do this?

Jeremy: Yeah I tried; it's harder than it looks

[Caroline's house]

(Caroline is laying on her bed when someone opens the window. She goes next to the window with her super speed. It's Matt)

Caroline: What are you doing here?

Matt: I came to see if today's bask period has expired

Caroline: You know you should just go ‘cause my mom is gonna be home soon

Matt: You've been dodging me all day. I mean, I'm more insecure than you are now

Caroline: What do you mean?

Matt: It means that… you almost died and it freaked me out and it got me thinking you know ‘cause… I'm not in a position where I can lose someone else right now. I realized, even though today I wanted to throttle you, I'm pretty sure that I'm in love with you and I it seems like you don't feel the same way

(She kisses him and they embrace each other. Her face is changing so she takes a few breaths and her face becomes normal again)

[Gilbert's house]

(Elena is sleeping; Stefan enters the room by the window. He kisses her on the cheek, she wakes up)

Elena: What time is it?

Stefan: It's almost dawn. Come with me

[Mystic Falls' high school]

(They are at the carnival. It's empty)

Elena: Stefan what are we doing here? We're going to get caught

Stefan: I compelled the guard to on break so I could kiss my girlfriend at the top of the Ferris wheel

Elena: Stefan…

Stefan: We have to take these moments, Elena. What Katherine did to Caroline could just be the beginning and there are things with Tyler's family that we don't even understand yet and there's always a "D" word but I came back to this town to start a life with you. We can't forget to live it

Elena: But Stefan, how are you going to the top?

Stefan: I guess you'll just have to hold on time

(She holds on and they fly to the top of the Ferris wheel and sits down. She laughs)

Elena: What?

Stefan: It's just so nice to see you laugh

(They kiss)

Elena: It's not going to get any easier, is it?

Stefan: No, it's not