02x04 - Strike Force

Galavan: Previously on Gotham...

My forefathers were betrayed, their legacy erased, and I am here to punish those who wronged us.

We have a deal?

We do.

I'll do whatever it takes. I'll train every day.

Yeah. Well, you said that before, didn't you?

I'll even go back to school.


I saved your life.

You wanted to do it, too, you just didn't have the guts.

Selena, I miss you.

Theo: This is not what we rehearsed.

I'm so sorry, Jerome.

Enter the hero.



Oswald: Gentlemen!

Ladies! Others!

Let us discuss the future with a little civility, shall we?

So... not one of you knows who orchestrated and/or executed the Arkham breakout?

I find that hard to believe.

I mean, the cops' only lead is an old blind man, for God's sake.

A blind man!

Then who here is to be trusted?

Because someone knows.

Uh... we thought it was you.

Why would I do that?

We've never had it better.

I gave you all of the freedom in the world and business boomed.

For all of us.

A new generation.

Then that ginger maniac had to spoil everything.

Even now he's dead, the public is still terrified, business is in the can and what are we doing?

Fighting among ourselves.

Is this how any of us want to live?

Squabbling, brawling, running, hiding?

This city belongs to us now.

But kids, that brings responsibilities.

We need to restore confidence in our brand, if you will.

We need discipline and unity, yes?

There will be no more chaos.

No more gang wars.

No more blood in the streets, scaring decent folk.

From now on, if you want to kill someone, blackmail, steal or kidnap anyone, I need to hear about it first.


Yeah, got it.




(all murmuring, grumbling)

(whispering): Boss, there's somebody...

(continues indistinctly)


Quite the King Solomon.

You had them nicely in line.

Who are you?

My brother would very much like to talk to you.


Why you looking at me like that?

You don't know me.

Relax, Butch.

He has issues.


She don't know me, I'm just saying.

(sighs) Your brother?

Theodore Galavan.

There's a car waiting for you outside.

I'm sick and tired of your holier-than-thou crap, Gordon!

Yeah? Then do some police work.

Last arrest you made was your bookie.

My name is Nathaniel Barnes.

Captain Nathaniel Barnes.

That's right.

I'm your new boss.


Barnes: You.

Clean that up.

You know when this place was built?

Over 100 years ago.

Can you imagine how many perps have been booked in here since that time?

All the murderers, rapists, thieves that have been locked up?

They don't make 'em like this anymore... strong, sturdy.

And yet... just days ago, an escaped convict just strolls in here, into our house... our house!

And murders your commissioner and nine of your fellow comrades.

I wasn't even here and I'm ashamed.

Are you all ashamed?

I hope so.

Anyone that's here that's not ashamed, and angry, should resign.

Right now.


Some of you are lying to yourselves.

I've got your files here.

I've read them all.

Step forward if you hear your name called.








You aren't ashamed.

You have no shame.

You're not police, you're low-life criminals.

Bribery, drug abuse, extortion, racketeering...

Sons of bitches!

You're all fired!

Drop off your badges and your guns with the desk sergeant on your way out.

Perez: Hey.

You can't do this! We got rights!

Yes, you're right.

You do have rights.

You have the right to remain silent.

You have the right to an attorney.

Take him.

From now on... any officer, detective, rookie or clerk who breaks the law will not just lose their job, they will go to jail.

If you turn a blind eye to crime, I will bust you. If you fail to help a fellow officer because of cowardice or apathy, I will bust you!

What the hell are you still doing here?

Don't make me mad.

Anyone who didn't hear their name called, get back to work.

I'd like to see you in my office, please.

Well, what do you think about what I said out there?

I agree with every word, sir.

Every word, huh?

You a sycophant, Gordon?

No, sir.

"No, sir."

I've read all your files.

Army, Academy, GCPD.

You're a troublemaker.

A fighter.

Is that an accurate assessment?

Yes, sir.


You're my second in command.

Starting now, Jim, we're gonna fix this department and bring respect for law and order back to this city.

Yes, sir.

We're, uh... kind of shorthanded.

What, you think I cut too deep?

You could have thrown out 20 more guys and not hit bottom.

Fixing this department's gonna be tough.

Maybe tougher than you think... sir.

Welcome to my unit, you sad-ass Army hump.

Tough is what we eat for breakfast.

(laughs quietly)

A jarhead, huh?

Who would've guessed?


I hope you just told him he made a huge mistake.

I don't think he did.

Come on, Jim, we've seen his type come and go.

Idealists, always looking to walk the straight line...

Gotham doesn't have straight lines, it's got twists and turns and dead ends.

Yeah. But it doesn't have to be that way.

With Mayor Jam still missing and the deputy mayor recently murdered, the need for leadership at City Hall is of paramount concern to Gotham's citizens.

Today, two more hopeful candidates have thrown their hats into the ring.

Janice Caulfield is a city councillor who began her political career as an environmental activist.

Randall Hobbs... the longest-serving teamster boss in Gotham's history, is another candidate with a strong base.

In the latest polls, though, a surprise surge for a man who has not even declared his candidacy...

Theo Galavan.

The dashing billionaire businessman has not ruled out a bid for the mayor's job, but he is considering his options, according to a spokesman.

(turns TV off)

(chuckles): Mr. Cobblepot, finally we meet.

Call me Penguin.

I thought I heard you hated that name.

It grew on me.

Penguin, it is.

Please, sit.

How's your head?

Oh, healing, thank you.

(chuckles) Gave me quite a scare.

You were lucky to get out of there with your life.

Wasn't I just?

(chuckles quietly)

Was it luck?

You are a clever man.

Perfect timing, dear.

Do you two know each other?

We've met.

Oh, my.

The Arkham breakout, the GCPD massacre, Jerome and the Maniax.

All you. (chuckles)

Of course.


It was foolish of me to think I could trick the "The King of Gotham."

Barbara: Here.

You need this more than me.

I'll make another.

My sister tells me you're doing a stellar job of organizing your new empire.

I try.

You're not "The King of Gotham."

You're "The King of Garbage."

A year ago, I held Fish Mooney's umbrella.

Now she's dead by my hand.

Along with Maroni.

Falcone is in hiding, and all of their businesses are mine.

They all underestimated me.

I suggest you not make the same mistake.

My sister is too blunt.

But she is honest.

The foundations of this great city were laid 200 years ago, by some very dedicated people.

Now it's an old crumbling pigsty, full of human waste.

It's time to move into the future.

A cleaner, brighter...


Uh... those are all residential areas, so thousands of homes would have to be destroyed, wouldn't they?

Yeah. So?

Here's the rub: In order to rebuild, I need first to destroy, but I can't do that.

I mean, watch the news, I'm a hero.

But you have a certain flair for such a task.

You, Penguin... you will be my destroyer.


Truly, I'm flattered.

Thank you so much for thinking of me, but... my dear sir, you have me all wrong.

I have no flair for destruction.

I'm a builder, a problem solver.

Besides, such a huge project would need the support of hundreds of city officials.

Yes, only the highest authority could see it through correctly.

Say, a mayor with a landslide mandate.

But you're not a candidate.

Oh, I will be.

By popular demand.

Alas, some of my fellow candidates actually stand a chance of winning, so they'll have to go.



And I'm gonna need you to take a crack at me also.

And miss, of course.

Don't want anyone to think that...

I had anything to do with my fellow candidates' demise.

That's smart thinking.

However, with all due respect, Mr. Galavan, I'm not your man.

You need an assassin.

This is Gotham, you can find them in the phone book.

Under "A."

One moment, Mr. Penguin.

I'm sorry, I took you for a man of vision.

Tabitha, you want to get the remote, dear?


Theo: Before you leave, my sister would love to show you her favorite reality show.

She's addicted. (chuckles)

Mmm, she's being kind of dull right now, but sometimes she cries and bangs on the door.

- Please.

Oswald: Mother.

You'll pay for this.

(chuckles) That's the spirit.

They die, your mother lives.


(Gertrude pleads indistinctly over TV)

(over TV): Please!

I swear, I swear, I don't know nothing...

(Theo laughs)

(phone rings)

(Thompkins groans)


Barnes: Good morning, Dr. Thompkins.

Captain Barnes, GCPD.

Captain Barnes.


I hear great things about you, Doc.

Get ready to get real busy.

We're gonna be sending you a whole lot of dead bad guys.

Oh, uh, okay-okay.

May I speak to Jim?

He wants to talk to you.

This is Gordon.

Meet me at the police academy at 07:00.

The academy, yes, sir.

If you don't mind me asking, sir...

Everybody knows you're banging the M.E.

See you in an hour.

Barnes: Oldest in your class.

Not the strongest or the fastest or even the most academically gifted either, and yet... you finished at the top of your class.

Now how did you do that?

I'll tell you how.

You were a soldier.

You saw combat while your classmates were still playing with themselves in their parents' basements.

You got blood on your face.

You could say that.

You're a warrior, Jim.

So am I.

But you can't carry on the way you've been, going after everyone on your own.

You need help that you can rely on.

With all due respect, sir...

What if there were a team of young cops who haven't been bought yet?

Not jaded, not corrupted.

Still filled with hope and faith in the system.


This is the greatest academy in the country.

Graduation is next week.

We could grab a group of their finest before some precinct kills their spirit.

Wouldn't hurt to look into it, right?

(whistle blowing, jump rope whipping)

Gus: Don't want anybody getting shot...

Barnes: Gus.

Captain Barnes.

This is Gordon.

Sure, I remember this guy.

He argued a lot.

I'd like to think I was raising questions.

(Gus chuckles)

What do you got for us?

This way.

(whistle blows)


Keep your eye on the little one.

The one getting her ass handed to her?



(whistle blows)


Not your strong virtue, if I remember right, Gordon.

Barnes: State wrestling champ, academy running back.

Why this place and not a sports scholarship?

People from my neighborhood don't get scholarships.

They join gangs, sell drugs.

I needed to change the direction my life was going.

Mr. Martinez... says here you're the best shot this school's ever seen.

Where'd you learn to shoot?

Gotham gun range.

One of my mother's three jobs was cleaning it.

When she died, the owner let me go there after hours and practice, until I worked out my anger.

I still go there.

You're way too smart to be here, Garrett.

Don't tell me... your father's a cop?


My father's family business was destroyed by armed thugs who demanded he pay them protection money.

When he refused, they beat him half to death.

I'm here to make sure that doesn't ever happen again.





You swear to honor that badge with your life?

Cadets: Yes, sir.


You are now Unit Alpha of the GCPD Strike Force under the command of Detective James Gordon.

You answer only to him, and him only to me.


Strike force?

Got a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

They're good kids.

But facing what's out there at their age?

That's a big risk, sir.


What do we got to lose?

Yes, sir.

For your acts of courage in the face of overwhelming uncertainty, the city of Gotham would like to give you this token of appreciation.

The Medal of Valor and Bravery.


(clears throat)

Mr. Galavan.

Uh, please... Theo.

Theo, for Pete's sake, why aren't you running for mayor?

(car tires screeching)

Get down!

(group screaming, groaning)

Officer: Everybody stay where you are!

Theo: Everyone okay?


(sirens wailing in distance)

(sighs heavily)

You know what?

Gothamites don't buckle under pressure, and neither will I.

We will not be intimidated by the scum that seek to reduce this great city of Gotham to ruins.

If the bad guys want to stop me running, well, then I guess I got no choice.

I will run for mayor.

(all cheering, speaking affirmatively)

Man: Yes!

Woman: Hello, Caulfield for Mayor.

Yes, uh... will do!

Excuse me, you can't go in there.

Miss Caulfield, what a pleasure.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I can see what you are.

How did you get in?

I know it's late, but I'm afraid there's no time for delay.

Someone tried to kill Theo Galavan this morning.

Are you here to kill me?

Actually, yes.

Please, no.

I'm a mother.


I have a mother, too.

(muffled shrieking)

Steady now, folks.

Just think of blue skies and cornfields.

That's what I do.

Why are you doing this?

Darling, I got no freaking idea.

We've been doing crazy stuff all day long.

Well, we're away then. Sorry to ruin your evening.

Now, remember...


I got your names and addresses.

So think about your families and keep mum, eh?

(boys conversing indistinctly)

(hands gripping, feet landing)

Are you waiting for someone?


That's your job.

That's for Reggie.

I know you killed him.

Now, I don't know what you want with Master Bruce, but I'm certain that his life's gonna be a damn sight better without you in it.

So you do yourself a favor, treacle, and jog on.


All good.

Oh, Master Bruce.

You know, I could always pull out front, if you want.

No, uh, Alfred, I don't want the other kids to see...

To see that you've got a butler.

Yeah, I completely understand that.

I made dinner reservations, as requested, for tomorrow night.

Mr. Galavan suggested the Regal Hotel.

It's very posh. You're gonna be forking out serious dosh for that, I'll tell you.

He saved my life.

Dinner's the least I can do to repay him.

Uh, Master Bruce, where are you going?

Now, I clocked Wayne Manor at exactly six and a half miles.

It should take 90 minutes to two hours, depending on how many times you stop, of course.

Now, you said you wanted to train.

To prepare.

Well, this is it.

Wait, you... you expect me to-to walk?

No, Master Bruce.

I expect you to run.

(car door shuts)

(engine starts)

(engine revs)

(siren wailing in distance)

Miss Kringle, ever since I first laid eyes on you, I've felt this deep connection.

(clears throat)

Perhaps you've felt it, too?

Ugh. How cheesy.

Miss Kringle, you've perhaps felt my affections from afar.

"Afar"? Really? Oh, God.

Miss Kringle... (wry laugh)

Be quiet.

I don't need your opinion.

What you need is to stop mumbling and fumbling and tell her what's up.

Well, she's been bullied and taken for granted for too long.

And I want her to understand...

You saved her life!

For God's sake!

She owes you.

Take what you deserve.

Kringle: Guys... (chuckles)

Miss Kringle.

Dinner, tonight.


Chez Moi. 8:00.


I'd like that.

You will.

A wise cop once said, if you catch a kid smashing a window, even a small one, bust him.

You let it slide, and he'll smash another one.

Then he'll tag a wall, steal a bike, rob a store, maybe hold someone up.

Crime unpunished is a crime in itself.

This city is bleeding to death from the amount of free passes we hand out.

Time to put a tourniquet over that wound.

From now on... no one gets a free pass.

What is this strike force for?

To send a message that this epidemic of lawlessness will no longer be treated but extinguished.

With extreme prejudice.

Gentlemen, lady, your new uniforms.

Sir, got a caller.

Says Councillor Caulfield has been attacked.

Says she's dead.

(indistinct chatter, siren wailing in distance)

No security cameras.

Galavan and now her.

Looks like a damn pattern.

Only she's dead.

Come on, people!

Who knows what?

Just give us a name, a description.

You will not have to testify.

They have our names and addresses.

Woman: All right, Hanson, can you show me...

(continues indistinctly)

Ms. Caulfield was stabbed repeatedly.

Probably drowned in her own blood.

Forget it, Jim.

The man with the knife was short, fancy clothes.

Walked funny.

Ah, Mr. Galavan.

Thank you for meeting me.

It's an honor. The pleasure's all mine.

I'll meet you in the lobby, Master Bruce.

Oh, why not dine with us?

That's very kind of you, sir, but I don't think it's appropriate.

And I know that Master Bruce wants to speak to you on his own.


Thanks, Alfred.


(Theo sighs deeply)

You like this place?

I've never been here before.

To be honest, I don't... go out much.

Well, I hope I can change that.

There's always some tedious function I could drag you to.

I just...

I wanted this opportunity to thank you, in person, for saving my life.

Oh, you're very kind.

The truth is, I don't know what came over me.

I don't think I was in complete control of my faculties.

I also wanted to speak with you face-to-face.

It's regarding your parents' passing.

I find it astonishing that the police have failed to produce any evidence or any real suspect in all this time.

It is disappointing.

Even your father's own company, (young woman laughs) Wayne Enterprises, has failed (whoops gently) to advance the investigation in any way.

It's shocking.

Yes, Mr. Galavan, it's-it's very disappointing.

(young woman chuckles)

That's Silver.

Uh, I'm sorry?

Silver St. Cloud.

Her father was my stepbrother.

He passed, sadly.

She's my ward now.

Would you like to meet her?


Hello, my dear.

(chuckles) Uncle.

I'd like to introduce you to Bruce Wayne.

Nice to meet you, Bruce.



I was early, so I came out here. It's such a warm day.

Do you know, I do believe that you two will be sharing a school soon.

Anders Prep, yes?

Silver just got back to Gotham after two years abroad.


Geneva. Ugh.

Yes. We have a house there.

So, what's it like?


No. Prep, silly.

I think it's fine.

I've been homeschooling for quite a while now, so I'm virtually a new boy, too.

Then we shall brave it together.

(wry chuckle)

♪ I'm just a gigolo ♪
♪ Gigolo ♪
♪ And everywhere I go ♪
♪ Gigolo, gigolo ♪
♪ People know the part I'm playing ♪
♪ Gigolo ♪
♪ Gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo ♪
♪ Paid for every dance ♪
♪ Gigolo... ♪
♪ Selling each romance ♪
♪ Gigolo ♪
♪ Oh, what they're saying ♪
♪ Gigolo, gigolo ♪
♪ Gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo ♪
♪ There will come a day when youth will pass away ♪
♪ Oop, what will they say about me? ♪
♪ When the end comes, I know... ♪
♪ Life goes on without me... ♪

I was kind of expecting a restaurant.

Miss Kringle, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

I should have been more clear.

Uh, I like to cook. (chuckles)

I'm a good cook. Is that okay?

It is. It is. Um, and... perhaps you should call me Kristen.


♪ When the end comes, I know ♪
♪ They'll say just a gigolo ♪
♪ Life goes on without me. ♪

(door clangs shut, thunder rumbles)

Hobbs' campaign office is the entire second floor.

You sure about this?

Don't worry. I've got it under control.

Okay, you gotta tell me what the hell's going on.

I know I gotta do whatever you say, but at least tell me why the hell we're doing it?

They have my mother, Butch.


Galavan and his sister.

They have her.

They're making me do this.

Holy smokes.

We gotta find your mom.

If they find out we're looking, they'll hurt her.

(pats leg)

Don't worry. We'll find her.

(vehicle approaching)


(brakes squeaking)

He's here. (clears his throat)

Let's go.

Got it. Thanks.

(thunder rumbling)

I still think we should move you somewhere a little more secure.

Forget it. Anyone has the guts to come after me...

They'll find out real soon who they're messin' with.

(conversation continues indistinctly in distance)

Bodyguard: Whoa-ho-ho...

Who the hell are you?

Oh. (clears his throat)

I came here to volunteer.


Well, run back to whoever hired you.

Tell them I'm not going anywhere.

This city needs me.


Cool pins.

Count, idiot.

There's five of us.

I know.

Hardly seems fair.

Bodyguard: Move, move, move, move, move! Go!


(bodyguard groans)

(horn honks, siren blares)

Keep going!

There you go. Right there!




Gordon: GCPD! Put down your weapons!


Fan out! Flank him from both sides, catch him in our crossfire.

Yeah, do that.

I'll cover you. Go!

(gunfire blasting)

Bullock: Okay.

So they move well.


(groans) Unexpected.

Move! Move, move, move!

(Josie gasping in pain)


Let's go!

(Josie gasping)

Shooter got away, sir.


You just met Victor Zsasz.

Works for Penguin these days.

What the hell is Penguin playing at?

(thunder rumbling)

♪ I love how your eyes close... ♪


No, but I... I feel like, um, I owe you an apology.

I feel as though I have been nothing but mean to you.

No, I don't think that's fair.

I feel like all I've ever done is... is annoy you.


I've been consistently inappropriate.

No. No, no, no, no, it's me.

You have been nothing but sweet, and I ignored your card and your... your gift.

Miss Kringle, I can honestly say that our interactions are always the highlight of my day.

Please. Uh... Kristen.

Oh, my, God, I even accused you of writing Dougherty's good-bye note.

Right. (laughs)


I mean, oh... who knows what that jerk was thinking?


How I ever let him lay a hand on me, I'll never know.

I'm glad he's dead.

♪ If I've been told... ♪

(phonograph needle scratches, music stops)

Well, he's... he just left town.

He's not... dead.

Right, yeah, I know.

Figure of speech.

He's dead to you.

Out of your life. Not dead, dead.


Um... (clears her throat)

I'm gonna use the restroom.

You blew it, dummy. Nice work.

Leave me alone!

Are you talking to me?


Honestly, Kristen, I wasn't talking to you.

Who else is there?

I talk... to myself.

It's crazy, I know. I just, I have this, um...

I have this voice inside my head, a sort of stronger version of me, that keeps this me in line, because I'm such a klutz.

I can understand that.

I think that we all have a voice like that.

You think?

What was your inner voice saying?

He was mad at me for spoiling the mood.


It was... it was a really nice mood.

But my... inner voice is telling me that I think maybe we can get back there.



(thunder rumbling)

(door opens)

(door creaks shut)

You killed Caulfield.

We have a witness.

And the attempt on Galavan... was that you, too?

Not now.

And Hobbs?

You sent Zsasz there?

It's complicated, okay?

What does it profit you to mess with the election?

You have your own sordid empire to rule over.

Walk away, Jim.

Let me be.

The GCPD has new leadership.

No more deals, no more favors.

If they find out you're behind these attacks, we will come after you with every...

Rousing speech!



But you came here alone, Jim, with no warrant, no cuffs, no backup, and why?

Because you would hate for your new captain to find out about how you gunned down Ogden Barker in cold blood.

Over a debt.

(laughs) A debt to me.

He was trying to kill me.

Where are your witnesses?

And just that day before, I suppose you did not ask me to run Commissioner Loeb out of town so that you could get your old job back?

I'll face whatever's coming to me.

As will I.

Good-bye, Jim.

Josie: Obviously.

Martinez: I don't think so.

I'm serious.

Singed for a second.

Hey, you shouldn't be joking about near misses.

Next bullet might get stuck right in your eye.

Yes, sir. No joking.

Barnes: All right, gather round.

Today, I'm giving the strike force its first real mission.

Build a case to put away Gotham's Enemy Number One.

Time to take down The Penguin.

(students conversing indistinctly)


Young woman: Hey, Selina, come on, let's go.

Alfred: I don't know what you want with Master Bruce, but I'm certain that his life's gonna be a damn sight better without you in it.

So, what do you think? Red?

Or blue?



Blue it is.

I want some fun.

I'm sick of staying indoors.

Patience, Barbara.

Your time will come.

The wheel is turning.

While the GCPD chase The Penguin, I'll steal the mayor's office right from under their noses.

Did you find her?

(door closes)