02x20 - Unleashed

Previously on Gotham...


Nygma: I'll find my way out 'cause this place is just one big puzzle, and puzzles are my forte.

Oh, my...

I don't know who you are anymore.

Please, that is such a ridiculous cliché.

Tabitha: It's time for me to look out for number one.

The man who contracted Matches Malone to kill your parents called himself The Philosopher.

Bruce: Hugo Strange, The Philosopher.

I was one of the ones who forced Thomas Wayne to shut down the program.

You're lying.

I needed to be sure you were behind all this, and now I am.

Strange: Our creations need new personas to give their minds focus.

Peabody: That sword was made yesterday.

Our replica is central to his acceptance of his new identity.

I'm Azrael.

My lord, Dumas, command me.

Strange: A murderer walks the streets of this city a free man.

By your blade he must be destroyed.

Tell me his name.

James Gordon.

That is not possible.



You're dead.

Not anymore.

Inmate: Five-O, Five-O, come on, come on!

Peabody: What is the meaning of this?

You are upsetting the inmates.

Where's your boss, darling?

We got a warrant to search his office and everything in it.

He's busy with patients.

That's quite all right, Ms. Peabody.

We're gonna tear this place apart, Strange. We're gonna get answers.

Answers to what?

Records indicate Theo Galavan's dead body was brought here, that it was cremated.

Seems likely.

Then why the hell was he at the GCPD last night, running our captain through with a sword, huh?

I'm as surprised as you are.

And while you're at it, explain to me this: why Victor Fries, also last seen here, very dead, is alive and kicking and dressed like a spaceman.

You stink, Strange.

This whole damned place stinks.

Excuse me.

Is this your office?

Strange: Yes, but, Detective, please...

What the...?


Son of a...

Spring cleaning.

You're free to look around.

I'm just not sure there's much more to see.

You think shredding a few documents is gonna save you?

It won't.

We're on to you.

Bad guys come in and monsters come out.

Just like Pinewood, right?

Seeing as how you no longer work for the police department, I'm not required to speak with you, Mr. Gordon.

You have a lot of anger, James Gordon.

I can help you with that.

We're gonna tear this damn building apart, every square inch!

Check your warrant, Detective.

It clearly states that you have permission to search my office, nothing more.

Of course, I'm more than happy to accommodate you if you come back with a different warrant.

Just know that I will also be calling the judge and telling him how disruptive it is to have the GCPD... and others... traipsing about this place of healing and disrupting the patients unnecessarily.

This ain't over yet.

Has Azrael returned?



(elevator bell dings)

Orderly: Hey, hey!

What are you doing out of your cell?

Big mistake.

Sorry, my bad.

Just got lost.

Escort me back, would you?

Thank you.

Thank you, have a nice day.


I've got to get out of here.



(siren wails, bell chimes)

Damn kids.

Did you break the lock?!

Hey, you!

This is God's house, a place of worship, not a homeless shelter.

Get out before I call the cops.

I need a weapon to fulfill my holy quest.

I don't have any weapons.

Oh... then what good are you?

Female reporter: Captain Nathaniel Barnes remains in critical condition at Gotham General after suffering a violent attack by a masked assailant late last night.

So far no arrests have been made, but reports coming from within the locked down GCPD have confirmed that the masked man is, in fact, former Gotham mayor Theo Galavan.

Search parties continued throughout the night, but, as of yet, Galavan's whereabouts remain a mystery.

There's nowhere to hide, Galavan.

I'm coming for you.

Bullock: Alvarez, any sign of him yet?

No, but we've got six choppers in the air and every sniffer dog in the state out there looking.

Call the brass upstate, tell them to get more men down here.

That freak couldn't have gotten far.

Tom, get Judge Bam Bam on the phone.

Tell him I need a new warrant to search Arkham, every friggin' room, all of it!

What are they all doing?

They don't have a captain, Harvey.

Guess you're it.

I ain't no captain.

Say something to them.

I don't work here anymore, you do.

All right, everyone, listen up.

I know we're all a bit freaked out right now.

It's understandable, hmm?

Some nutjob in a Halloween costume and cape comes into our house and takes out four of our brothers?!

He does this to our captain?!

Now, I've been around a long time.

It's like the bad guys in this town just keep getting weirder and weirder, but under that mask... is just a man, and he can bleed, just like you and me, and if he bleeds, he can be beaten.

So, let's do what the cap would tell us to do if he were here.

Let's go out there and let's find that son of a bitch and let's get him, whatever it takes!

(officers affirming)

I'm not one for speeches.

No, no, no, you did fine.


If that was Galavan that I saw, he'll know how to stay out of sight.

We got to think outside the box.

Like what?

Who knows him best who's still in the city?

His sister.

Bruce: Alfred, pull over.

(tires screech)

(car horn honking)

Master Bruce, are you out of your tiny, bloody mind?

There's a madman loose on the streets.

Now is not the time to go running around on your own, is it?

I don't plan on being on my own.

With all due respect, sir, what good will a 15-year-old little girl do even if Galavan does turn up?

Strange lied to the police.

I know it, a-and so do you.

I can't stay at home and do nothing.

We need to trust Jim Gordon.

I'm tired of trusting Jim Gordon, aren't you?

I am your guardian, Master Bruce, and it is my job to protect you.

Is it your job to watch me sit on my hands and do nothing?

Alfred, please.

(horns honking)

Let me go.

Man: Hey, buddy, move your car!

(horns honking)

Just... just be careful, all right?

I will.

Man: Hey, let's go!

Yeah, all right, mate, keep... just keep your bloody hair on!

Don't go, baby, come on, let's talk about this, huh?

Is this because I-I kicked Barbara out?

Just let me go, Butch.

Come on, I'll do whatever you want.

I-I-I'll eat more fruit. I-I'll work on the snoring, I swear to God, whatever you need...

Bullock: Catch you guys at a bad time?

Seriously, how do people keep getting in here?!

Do I have no security at all?!

Why the rush?

Just time to move on.

Oh, yeah, is that it?

Or are you worried Galavan's coming after you, too?

Don't worry, Butch.

It's not about you.

She's just scared of her brother.

Come on, help me find him.

You two hardly left on the best of terms.

Must have been weird, seeing your dead brother show up dressed like a ninja from Medieval Times.

That thing that stabbed your captain last night... wasn't my brother.

It was a 300-year-old assassin called Azrael.


That image I saw on the news, his clothes, the way he moved... it was Azrael.

A mythical figure worshipped by the monks who raised my brother.

A cold-hearted killing machine sent into the night to kill his master's enemies... and he wants you.

An ancient assassin?

A legend.

My family used to tell stories of him.

He was real?

Who knows.

It was 300 years ago.

Probably, yes.

So, your brother's gone nuts?

You tell me.

Theo convince you that he was Azrael last night, or was he acting?

Someone got inside my brother's head.

It's not a safe place to be.

If you're right, I want to find this person, but first I have to find your brother... so help me.

If a search team finds him, they're gonna kill him.

Gordon: He is still your brother, after all.

He's blood.

The sword that was used last night, the one that broke... it was fake.

And you know this how?

The real one belonged to my grandfather.

He was an antiquities collector, obsessed with Dumas history.

I saw it once; it was beautiful.

Forged by the monks themselves.

It's said to hold supernatural powers.

Theo knew this.

It's possible he'll attempt to steal it back.

Does your grandfather still have it?

And where is he?

Gotham Cemetery.

He's been dead for 20 years... but he was buried with his treasures.


(exhales) 'Sup?

I remember you telling me you're still feeding your friend's birds.

Someone has to.

Why you here?

Have you seen the news?

Walking zombies in Gotham?

What's new?

Strange worked for my father on a project designed to help people.

He perverted it and now I believe he's found a way to...

Bring back the dead?

A little far-fetched, don't you think?

Perhaps, but he's hiding something.

The police failed to find out what.

I think I can do better.

That so?

When my father shut down Strange, he was killed.

Selina, I just want the truth, that's all.

You just won't be happy until you get yourself killed, will you?

Victor Fries and Theo Galavan both went to Arkham as dead men. Both returned.

I don't care.

So did your friend Bridget.

Wait, they sent her to Arkham?

She may still be there right now.



I told her to leave town, to run, but she didn't listen.

It's my fault she's there.

Selina, we can put this right.

Strange was ready for the police.

He may even have been tipped off.

The only way we're gonna find out what's really going on in there... is if we break in ourselves.

Break in?

To Arkham?

A highly guarded place that's packed with crazy people?

If it's too dangerous for you, I'll just go myself.

I didn't say that.

Prisons are meant to stop people from breaking out, not in.

It can be done.

It's a loony bin, not a prison.

I know it can be done.

But I go alone.


If I get caught, they'll just toss me out.

Nobody cares about me.

But you? They see you coming and they'll shut that whole thing down quicker than you can say "rat."

And then you'll never find out what they've been up to.

That or... they'll just kill you.


I already know a way in.

This is it.

The Dumas crypt.

Dozens of my relatives are buried here.

So does someone have a key?

All right. Key, crowbar.

(mice squeaking and scurrying)

This one.

My grandfather's.

Wait, wait, wait.

I'm sure we're breaking more than a few laws right now.

Really? This is where you draw the line?

Come on.

This doesn't creep you out, even a little bit?

It's friggin' grave robbing!

Whatever it takes, Harvey.

(clanks loudly)

Little help?


That was said to be Azrael's sword up until the end.

He died?

No, he disappeared.

Azrael's thought to be immortal.

Gordon: It's beautiful.

Theo: I will take that.

(Bullock grunts)

(glass shattering)

(Gordon grunting)

(yells, groans)

James Gordon.


Time... to... die!

Step aside. He must die.

It's me, brother.

Don't you recognize me?

My quarrel is not with you.

Step aside.


Your sister.

I have what you're looking for.


(door rattles)


That's right.

You remember where we grew up?

The estate by the sea?

Before the monks took you.

Our dogs, the horses?

We were happy once.

You are Theo Galavan.

My brother.

(softly): Theo?



(cheering and applause)

Dent: Theo Galavan, the new mayor...!

Do you remember now?

Monks: Death to the Son of Gotham.

Death to the Son of Gotham.

Bruce Wayne.

We were sent to kill him.

Yes, yes, but...

He dishonored our family name.


Death to the Son of Gotham.




Thank you for reminding me.



(siren wailing in distance, men talking indistinctly)

Gordon: Harvey?

He's gone!

This is Bullock.

I need a backup down at the cemetery.

Galavan's in the wind again.



(strained): I'm sorry.

I made him remember.

Remember what?


"Death to the Son of Gotham."

Stay with her. I need to find Bruce.

(phone ringing)

(sirens wailing in distance, phone beeps)


Slow down!

(tires screech)

I need this car.

You ain't a cop anymore, Gordon.

I need the damn car!

(gate door buzzes open)

(dogs barking in distance, men talking indistinctly)

(breathing heavily)


(rats squeaking)






(engine revving)

(line ringing)

Come on, come on.

(stone scraping)

(phone ringing)

Master Bruce?

No, it's me. Where's Bruce?

I don't know. He was in the city.

Where in the city?

Well, to be perfectly honest, I haven't got the foggiest.
He's got a mind of his own at the moment, that one, doesn't he?

All right, well, we need to find him.

Galavan could be coming after him.

Well, you're having a laugh, ain't you?

I thought he was after you.

He was. Tabitha must have jogged his memory.

Reminded him of his original mission: kill Bruce Wayne.

Right. Well, I'll-I'll get the motor.

No, no, no. You stay there in case he comes back.

Where was the last place you saw him in the city?

Uh, Collins and Delaney.

Last I saw of him, he was headed for the roof to see that Selina, I reckon.

All right, I'll head over there.

(door creaking)

Till then, be safe.


Will do.

Oh, for Pete's sake, Master Bruce.

Creeping up on someone like that, I could have filleted you.


What's wrong?

Galavan, Master Bruce.

Theo bloody Galavan is what's wrong.

(chatter, laughter echoing)

Okay. Okay.


(shouts) Holy cow!

What the... Forensic guy?

Street trash girl?

You framed Gordon.

And you tried to get a reward by turning him in.

Oh, yeah.

What the hell are you doing here?

What the hell are you doing here?

I got to get out of here.
This place is crazy.

They're probably looking for me.
Which way is out of here?

I'll help you if you help me.


Where's Strange right now?

Okay, look, I barely know you, but that is the last person that you want to be looking for.

Why is that?

The basement here, it's horrible.

Just trust me, stay away.

He's a very dangerous man.


Alive people, dead people, dead-alive people... it's horrible.

Okay, how do I get there?

Wow, it's like I'm saying things, and you're just not hearing them.

He has a friend of mine, and I'm here to get her out.

Now, how... do... I get... there?

You'll tell me the way out?



There's an elevator.

I'll tell you where it is, but... can you pick a lock?


(sirens wailing, horns honking in distance)

(monitor beeping steadily)

Why'd you have to be brave, huh?

I just got used to you being around.

Partners, right?

How am I supposed to keep people in line now, huh?

I don't think I can do this without you.

You're one of the only people in the world who looks me in the eye when they talk to me.

You know that?

You laugh at my jokes.

(chuckling): You actually like the way I look.

I didn't think I'd ever feel like this again.

(shuddering breath)

I guess what I'm trying to say is...


Oswald: Well, don't stop now.
I was just getting misty.

What are you doin' here?

Paying my respects.

(clicks tongue)

She's looked better, I must say.

You will not hurt her.

(scoffs) Why would I do that?

Oh. I know.

Because she stabbed my mother in the back!

If you touch her, I will kill you.


I like this new side of you.

Soft, sentimental.

He has to pay, Butch.



No! Galavan! See, I will not buy this whole uber-villain nonsense.

I mean, if he wanted to wear leather, he should just wear leather.

This is Gotham City.
No one cares, right?


We have all suffered by his hand.

Me, you, my mother.

And now his own sister.

Galavan must die.


And when he does, you'll leave us alone?

(grunts) I suppose. (chuckles)


(groans) Geez.

Fine. Yes.


Where is he?!

(phone rings)


Alfred: He's here, and he's safe.

Thank God.

I'm coming.

(tires screeching)

(engine revving)

You're more to me than just a guardian, Alfred.

You're my friend.

Your timing really is quite... impeccable, Master Bruce.

But we haven't got time for... sentimental nonsense right now.

We have to make sure that all the doors are locked, all the windows are closed, and the lights are off to make it as hard as possible for Galavan to find us, do you get me?

Detective Gordon's sure he's coming here?

Nothing's certain, is it?

So we need to be ready.


It's a big house. We should split up.


But just you be quick.

So, you take the upstairs. I will take the downstairs. You make sure the windows are closed. You make sure the doors are locked. You make sure the skylights are closed. And then you meet me down here as quick as you can in the study, all right? Now go.

(bird calling in distance)

Alfred! Alfred!


(stone scraping)

Theo: Ingenious.


(stone scraping)

You, you will show me to the boy.

Over my dead body.

As you wish.

(distant groaning, laughter)

Check it out.


Guard: What's that noise?

Hey, Ed. What's that noise?


Son of a...




Sound the alarm.

We got a runner!


(alarm ringing, whooping)

Come on, come on, come on.


Okay, great.


(panting) Okay.


Alfred! Alfred...


Take one more step, mate, and I will put a bullet right between your bloody eyes.

You think that'll stop me, manservant?

I'd like to give it a go, if you don't mind.

Think I'm flesh and blood? I am immortal and I have grown tired of you!





Run, Bruce!


Immortal? Let's see, shall we?


(Alfred shouting)



Come on, come on.


(indistinct shouting in distance)

(door closes)

Give us a minute, please.

I think we can safely say Azrael has gone rogue.

I'm not comfortable making that assumption just yet.

But it's been more than 24 hours since he's made contact.

Perhaps that's because Jim Gordon still breathes.

But if the police catch him first, how do we explain...

Something that cannot be explained?

We don't.

Theo Galavan is no more.

Azrael is his new creation.

A killer, a madman.

The GCPD will fail if they try to capture him.

They'll have to kill him first.
And when they do, they'll be successfully covering our tracks for us.

In the meantime, this facility needs to be shut down.

All subjects moved to the new location.

Already happening.

That's my girl.

(shouting in distance)

(indistinct shouting, electric buzzing)


Damn it.

(door opens in distance)

(metal scraping)

Don't hide, little boy.

Face me.

Face... death.

(metal scraping)

You know the Waynes were a blight upon this city?

A selfish, arrogant family.

A family with no beliefs.

No honor.

No respect.

You're your father's only son, Bruce.

When I kill you, I eradicate the Wayne name... forever.

It will be as though you had never existed.

(engine starts)

Enough fun and games.


Prepare to die.





You okay?

Sorry I couldn't get here sooner.

Seems like I missed all the fun.

Where have you been?

I slowed him down for you, didn't I?

Gordon: I'll call Bullock.

Time I taught you how to drive, Master Bruce.


Oswald: You should know by now that bullets don't kill this monster, Jim.

My last one got stuck in your throat, so I'm thinking about shoving this one somewhere else.

Jim, a little tip for next time: always bring the right tools for the job.

See you in hell, Theo.



You're welcome.

Let's go, Butch.

Good night, fellas.




Oh, my God...


That little sprite was right.

Guard: Freeze.

Remain where you are.

Oh, dear.



Are you my human subject?


Were you sent here to test me?


Who's Bridget?

It's me, Selina.


You burnt yourself when the cops tried to bust you, remember?

I don't remember anything before this.

Professor Strange told me I had amnesia.

No, don't trust him.

Your name's Bridget.

He told me he'd send people to test me.

Well, I'm not here to test you.
I'm here to take you home.

That's what he said you'd say.

Bridget, no, Bridget, no, Bridget, no, Bridget, no, Bridget, no!

(doors locking)

Bridget, no.

Don't call me that.

My name's...