02x07 - Yakimono

Previously on Hannibal...

Where were you last night?

I was with Hannibal all night, Jack.

My name is Miriam Lass. I'm with the FBI.

Come in.

The Chesapeake Ripper recorded Miriam Lass

2 years ago.

Jack, I was so wrong.

You said yourself, there's no body.

Miriam Lass is dead.

Found something else in the lures.

Madrona bark.

Will didn't kill any of these people.

There's a small stand in Virginia.

Jack, it's Miriam.

I don't know where I am. I can't see anything.

I was so wrong. I was so wrong.

Please, Jack. I don't want to die like this.

Jack, it's Miriam.

I don't know where I am. I can't see anything.

I was so wrong. I was so wrong.

Thank you.

I knew you'd never stop looking.

Can I see him?

We haven't caught the Ripper.

He's... he's still...?

We need your help, Miriam. You know who he is.

I don't. Know who he is.

You found him.

I don't remember finding him.

He got inside my head.

I remember a dream about drowning.

And then being awake.

And not awake.

Being myself, and not myself.

I'd wake up to the smell of fresh flowers and the sting of a needle.

I wasn't afraid.

Fear and pain were so... far away.

I was reckless with your life.

I was reckless with my life.

I saw what I needed in you and I used you.

I let you break the rules on my behalf while I hid behind deniability.

Agent Crawford, please do not apologize to me for my mistakes.

He treated me very well, until the end, until he put me in the ground.

Even when... he took my arm.

He told me what he was going to do.

I went to sleep, woke up, it was gone.

He said he wanted to give it to you.

Can you identify him?

I could hear his voice, but I couldn't see his face.

All I could see... was light.

Why didn't he kill you, Miriam?

Why were you spared?

I wasn't spared.

He was saving me for last.

They found a witness.

A survivor. The only victim of the Chesapeake Ripper who lived to tell.

Is this witness watching me now?


(Hannibal):It seems I am the usual suspect.

I keep having angry, imaginary conversations with Jack Crawford about that.

I wish I could tell you why this is happening.

His witness must not be able to identify the Ripper by sight.

Jack wants them to hear my voice; otherwise, I'd be in here alone.



I appreciate your company.

It's not him.

Are you sure?


He's not the Ripper.

This is very sudden.

The federal prosecutor dropped all charges.

Since you were not convicted of killing anyone, the basis for your sentencing to this institution is null and void.

The Chesapeake Ripper has set you free.

Mazel Tov.

(door buzzer) (door unlocked)

I would love nothing more than to see you trade places with Dr. Lecter.

I have no intention of ending up on his menu.

Well, then confess, Frederick.

Might be the only thing saves your life.

Confess to what?

Confess to bonding with Hannibal Lecter over your shared practice of unorthodox therapies.

Dr. Lecter with me, you with Abel Gideon.

Gideon is playing his own game; was wheeled out of that hospital by the Chesapeake Ripper.

Curious what bargain they struck.

No, there's no bargaining with smoke.

No, Gideon's dead.

You're next.

Unless I unburden myself?

Confession is good for the soul.

Shine a light on your relationship with Hannibal Lecter.

He works in the shadows.

Deny them to him.

Tell Jack Crawford everything.

Are you suggesting I kill my career before Hannibal can kill me?

I'm suggesting you convince Jack Crawford however you can.

Like your life depends on it.

Why did Hannibal not just kill you?

Because he wants to be my friend.

You need a ride?

I was gonna call a cab.

We found Miriam Lass.


You catch the Ripper?

How is she? Miriam.


Miriam thanked me after we found her.

Thanked me for not giving up on her.

But I had. I had given up on her.

And I gave up on you too.

I thought she was dead.

I thought you were crazy.

And I gave up on trying to find the both of you.

You didn't have to find me, Jack.

You just had to listen to me.

I put Miriam in a room with Hannibal Lecter.

She stated definitively he is not the Chesapeake Ripper.

That definitive enough for you?


It wasn't.

Where'd you find Miriam, Jack?

The property was condemned years ago.

Apparently the Ripper has been using it since that time.


In here.

It's Beverly Katz's blood.

He drained her before he froze her before he cut into her.

Chesapeake Ripper's latest victim, he was found in the other cistern.

The water in his lungs is what led us here.

We found Miriam down there.

She believed the Ripper brought her here to kill her.

He was saving her to be his last victim.

He knows we're close to catching him.

He's been caught before.

Catch a fish once and it gets away... it's a lot harder to catch a second time.

(steady heartbeat)

I sowed the seeds... and watched them grow.

I cultivated... a long chain of events leading to this.

All of this... has been my design.

It's theater.

Every time the Ripper kills someone, it's theater.

The Ripper didn't bring Miriam here to kill her.

He brought her here for you to find.

But the Ripper's not self-destructive.

He doesn't want to get caught.

He wants you to catch someone.

Like he wanted you to catch me.

Somewhere, in all of this evidence, you will find something that will lead you away from Hannibal Lecter.

Miriam Lass has already done that.

Two years -

it's a long time to have Hannibal in your head.

You can't trust her, Jack.

You can't trust any of this to be what it seems.

(dogs barking)


(He whistles.)


Welcome home.

Thank you.

Thank you for looking after them.

They seem happy.

Happy to see you.

Who's this?

Applesauce. She's mine.

She likes applesauce.

I rescued her.

Picking up some of my bad habits?

Picking up your good habits.

You challenged my whole framework of assumptions about the way you are.

The way I think you are.

Well, the way you think I am isn't always a reliable guide to who I am.

I was wrong about you.

Because you didn't believe me? Or in me?

Because you let me question my sanity, my sense of reality?

Because you tried to kill Hannibal.

You're wrong about him, Will.

No, you're wrong about him, Alana. You see the best in him.

I... don't.


What was done to you doesn't excuse what you did.

Are you going to try to hurt Hannibal again?

Is he safe?

From me, or for you?

He's dangerous, Alana.

I suggest you stay as far away from Hannibal Lecter as you can.

Come on.

(He whistles.)

(He whistles.)

(dog barking)

What can I do for you,

Dr. Chilton?

It is what I can do for you.

I would like to offer my services on the Ripper case - pro bono, of course.

I see.

You wish to be helpful expediting Hannibal Lecter's arrest?

I have consulted with the FBI on previous Ripper murders.

You have an agenda with this case, Doctor.

Yes, I have an agenda:


I should be assigned an FBI escort.

Everyone who believed Will Graham about Hannibal Lecter is dead.

Except you.

Except me.

I would like to remain not dead for the foreseeable future.

Do you have something substantial to contribute, or just an opinion?

I have a witness.

A witness?

If Will is not a suspect, then he is a witness.

To his own manipulation?

We have had remarkable success recovering memory.

He remembers so much of what was done to him.

Why hasn't Will told me this himself?

Because you told him his memories were meaningless.

I imagine Hannibal Lecter used the same coercive techniques on Miriam Lass that he used on Will Graham.

He buried memories in both of them.

Jack, I dug those memories out of Will; I can dig them out of Miriam.

Miriam Lass is not your patient, Doctor.

Over the shoulder...

Are you an FBI agent?

No. Uh...

I used to teach at the academy.

And, uh, two days ago, I was an inmate at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane... courtesy of the Chesapeake Ripper.

Well, the Guru told me the only person who had any practical understanding of the Ripper was you.

But he didn't mention that you were a victim.


Jack Crawford.


He has a peculiar cleverness.

The Guru tells me that you don't remember much about what the Ripper did to you.

I couldn't remember either.


Oh, I remember now.

Uh... not all of it. Pieces.

I was... under his influence.

He used some kind of light to induce a seizure response in my brain.

It created blackouts and lost time.

I remember the light.

He, uh, would stand in front of it, at a distance from me, silhouetted, very still. He would listen to chamber music. I still hear that.

(Hannibal): You're waking now.

And his voice, low and even, would pull me to him.

(Hannibal):Waking in a pleasant room. Safe...

Like a current.

(Hannibal):You're waking now. Waking, calm.

Waking in a pleasant room, safe.

You and I are... part of his design.

He wanted you to be free.

He wanted me to be free too.

Neither of us are really free.

He's not done.

The same unfortunate aftershave.

Too long in the bottle.

Our last kitchen conversation was interrupted by Jack Crawford.

I'd like to pick up where we left off.

If memory serves, you were asking me... if it would feel good to kill you.

You've given that some thought.

You wanted me to embrace my nature, Doctor.

I'm just following the urges I kept down for so long, cultivating them as the inspirations they are.

You never answered my question.

How would killing me make you feel?


Aren't you curious, Will?

Why you?

Why Miriam Lass?

What does the Chesapeake Ripper want with you?

No, you tell me.

How did Miriam Lass find you?

You made sure no one could find you that way again.

If I'm not the Ripper, you murder an innocent man.

You better than anyone know what it means to be wrongly accused.

You were innocent and no one saw it.

No, I'm not innocent. You saw to that.

If I am the Ripper and you kill me, who will answer your questions?

Don't you want to know how this ends?

My name is Miriam Lass. I'm with the FBI.

I would show you my credentials, but I'm actually just a trainee.

Never just a trainee. An agent in training. Please, come in.

I would have been happy to come to your office, Jack.

I understand, but I wanted to do this here.

I'm sure you have your reasons.

The most-important aspect of a successful recovery is recognizing that life will never be the same.

Then I must be well on my way to a successful recovery.

That's beautiful. Yours?


I enjoy portraiture.

A subject's mental process betrayed only by the expression on their face.

Miriam. The Chesapeake Ripper sent me a message from you. It was recorded shortly after you were taken.

It's me? My voice?


I want to hear it.

Very well.

Jack, it's Miriam. I don't know where I am.

I can't see anything.

I was so wrong. I was so wrong.

Please, Jack.

I don't wanna die like this.

I don't remember.

Would you like to try?

You're waking now.

Waking, calm.

Waking in a pleasant room.


Open your eyes.

Jack. Jack, it's Miriam.

Tell me where you are.

I don't know where I am.

What do you see?

I... I can't see anything.

I was so wrong.

Jack, please.

I don't wanna die like this.

Miriam... what was the last thing you remember before making the call?

The wound man.

We found a fingerprint on a flower petal.

A partial, smudged. Not enough points for a courtroom, but it triggered a match in the system.

Hannibal Lecter.

After all these murders, the Ripper's gonna leave a print now?

Will said whatever evidence we found, it would lead us away from the Ripper.

We also found sodium amytal and scopolamine in Miriam's blood.

Dr. Chilton used scopolamine and sodium amytal on both Gideon and Will during their therapy. One claimed to be the Chesapeake Ripper and the other accused Hannibal.

"You've got the right box, but you're looking in the wrong corner."

Gideon pointed me at Chilton, told me that he was the Ripper.

Wait. I'm confused. So, who are we saying is the Chesapeake Ripper? Dr. Lecter, or Dr. Chilton?

Bring 'em both in.

(faint steady beeping)

(continuous steady beeping)

(flatline tone)

Hello, Frederick.

Oh, my god.


That will be the FBI.

When you wake up, your only choice will be to run.

(doorbell) One moment, please.

(dogs barking)

May I use your shower, please?

Gideon hasn't been dead for long, no more than a couple of hours.

Chilton's been carving steaks off of him for days.

Chilton's shelves are filled with a lot of old medical books.

The wound man.


This illustration shows up in a lot of early texts.

It's the Ripper's sixth victim.

Chilton was consulting on the Ripper case when Miriam disappeared.

She must've talked to him, made the connection.

Beverly made a connection too.

Chilton's been a part of the Ripper case since before Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Miriam Lass.

He had access to case files.

He would know everything the Ripper would need to know.

I have the same profile as Hannibal Lecter.

Same medical and psychological background.

We are both doctors of note in our field.

Of course it would be me!

Hannibal was never going to kill me.

I'm his patsy. I...

I have to leave the country. I am leaving the country.

No, if you run, you look guilty.

You did not run and you looked plenty guilty.

Abel Gideon was half-eaten in my guest room.

I have corpses on my property.

You just threw up an ear.

There's an APB on you right now. They've canceled credit cards, they're tracing your phone.

I have cash and I tossed my phone.

Jack Crawford thinks I killed two agents - three agents.

You know what tends to happen to people who do that? Shoot on sight.

I'm going to prove Hannibal Lecter is the Chesapeake Ripper.

I know you will. And when you do, I will read about it from a secure location and I will reintroduce myself to society at that time.

(dogs barking)

Will... what have you done?

I called Jack Crawford.



No. No.


No! No! No, stay there!

You're not a killer, Frederick.

Why'd you come alone, Jack? Why'd you come alone?

Where is he? Where is he?!

Hey, I told you, everything is not what it seems.

The Chesapeake Ripper is still playing with us. All of us.

The Chesapeake Ripper is not playing all of us, Will; he's playing you.

Jack, wait. I'll bring him out.

He's got a gun.



Chilton, stop where you are!


One navy blue sweater, one pair of men's dress pants in charcoal gray, one black and red pea coat, one black leather billfold containing

$443, various credit cards, one set of car keys.

I need to speak to Will Graham.

I don't care what you need.

One Montblanc fountain pen in silver and black.

Does it have to be you?

It seems like one final indignity.

Not like you to hide an achievement.

The achievement is not mine.

Whose is it?

Hannibal Lecter's?

Those are just words coming out of your mouth.

No weight to them.

No consideration they may be true.

They're not true.

You were using coercive therapies, influencing Abel Gideon and Will Graham to point the Ripper investigations in false directions.

You cannot see it, and you will not see it until it is too late.

Don't say I did not warn you, Dr. Bloom.

In fact, I believe these should be my last words on the subject of the Ripper

until my lawyer arrives.

You're waking now.

Waking, calm.

Waking in a quiet room.

You're waking now. Waking in a quiet room. Safe.

It's him. It's him.

(stuttering): It's him... It--

(Miriam crying)

It's all right.

(knocking on door)

Hello, Will.

May I come in?

Do you intend to point a gun at me?

Not tonight.

Are you expecting someone?

Only you.

Kept my standing appointment open?

And you're right on time.

I have to deal with you.

And my feelings about you.

I think it's best if I do that directly.

First you have to grieve for what is lost and what has changed.

I've changed; you changed me.

The friendship that we had is over.

The Chesapeake Ripper is over.

It had to be Miriam, didn't it?

She was compelled to take his life so she could take her own back.

How will you take your life back?

I'd like to resume my therapy.

Where shall we begin?