01x07 - Sorbet

Jack: Previously, on Hannibal

The reason you kept failing to capture the Chesapeake Ripper is I already had him.

I see the Ripper, but I don't feel the Ripper.

Franklyn, the lion is not in the room.

He's, um, he's eating them.

The real Chesapeake Ripper is gonna make sure everybody knows it.

I don't think we've ever been alone in a room together, have we?

My name is Mariam Lass. I'm actually just a trainee.

She was a very brave young woman.

Jack, it's Miriam. I don't want to die like this.

The Chesapeake Ripper kills in sounders of three.

He did his first victims in nine days.

Annapolis, Essex, Baltimore.

He didn't kill again for 18 months.

Then there was another sounder of three in as many days, all of them in Baltimore.

I use the term "sounders" because it refers to a small group of pigs.

That's how he sees his victims; not as people, not as prey.


Eleven months after the sixth victim, there was a seventh.

Two days later, the eighth is killed in his workshop.

Every tool on the pegboard where they hung was used against him, and, as with previous murders, organs were removed.

The removal of organs and abdominal mutilations means someone with anatomical or surgical know-how.

There... is a distinctive brutality.

An FBI trainee named Miriam Lass was investigating private medical records of all the known victims when she disappeared.

She's believed to be the Ripper's ninth, but no trace

of her was found... until recently, two years later, when her severed arm was discovered.

Only because he wanted it to be.

True to his established pattern, the Chesapeake Ripper has remained consistently theatrical.

(Baroque opera music)

(Singing in Italian)

It's been too long since you've properly cooked for us, Hannibal.

Come over and I will cook for you.

I said properly. Means dinner and the show.

Have you seen him cook? It's an entire performance.

He used to throw such exquisite dinner parties.

You heard me. Used to.

And I will again, once inspiration strikes.

I cannot force a feast. A feast must present itself.

It's a dinner party, not a unicorn.

Oh, but the feast is life.

You put the life in your belly and you live.

(She chuckles.)

I believe this young man is trying to get your attention.


Hi. It's so good to see you.

This is my friend Tobias.

Good evening.

How do you two know each other?

There should remain some mystery to my life outside the opera.

I'm one of his patients.

Did you enjoy the performance?

I did. I loved it. Every minute.

His eyes kept wandering.

More interested in you than what was happening on stage.

Oh, don't say too much.

You must leave something for us to discuss next week.

Franklyn, good to see you.

You too.


Who's hungry?

(She chuckles.)



(Phone ringing)

(Phone ringing)

(Phone ringing)

(Phone ringing)

(Phone ringing)

(Phone ringing)

(Phone ringing)

(Vibrating and ringing)


The victim was found in a hotel room bathtub.

There were abdominal mutilations and organ removal on the scene.

Sounds more like an urban legend than the Chesapeake Ripper, no?

I've had the room sealed. You'll get it fresh.

Fresh? Fresh as a Daisy?

Fresh enough for to tell me whether or not it's the Ripper.

Then you can go back to class.

Oh, you don't want me in a classroom.

You want me to wrap my head so tight around the Ripper I won't go back to class until he's caught.

Your bad luck that you're the best, pal.

Expecting another couple of bodies after this one?

If it's the Ripper, yes, I am.

Don't let the Ripper stir you up.

The reason he left you Miriam Lass's arm is so he could poke you with it.

Why not the rest of her?

His other victims...

He wanted to humiliate in death, like... like a public dissection. She was different.

He was probably impressed that she was able to find him.

He may be starting another cycle, Will.

The Ripper contacted you directly.

If he was killing again, he wouldn't be subtle about it; he would just pick up the phone.

Any more phone calls, Jack?


Look, if this is the Ripper, there'll be at least two more bodies and then nothing for months, maybe a year.

We'll have a window of opportunity to catch him and that window will close.

The last time the window closed, I lost the Ripper and I lost Miriam Lass.

I don't intend to do that again.

(Police radio chatter)

(Camera shutter click)

Has anyone touched the body?

For once, local police behaved themselves.

It's fairly evident the man's dead just by looking at him.

I touched the body. A lot going on with that body.

Surgery was performed and then un-performed.

Surgery was un-performed with bare hands, sutures clawed open.

I, uh, I also... did a little bit of touching.

Pieces of him were torn off from the bed to the bathroom, like breadcrumbs.

Surgery wasn't performed here. There would be a lot more blood.

If he's moving his victims, he could be performing the mutilations in the same transport.

Find the car, find the killer.

He tore open his own sutures.

It wasn't the kidney.

The Ripper already took it with him. Or her. I'd say him.

What did he take out of the chest?

Going for the heart.

Probably interrupted. It's intact. Traumatized, but it's intact.

Everybody out.

(Soft ambient pulse)

Will: Signs of a struggle indicate he's suffering from a severe, violent emergence from deep sedation.


(Both grunting with effort)

His heart seizes up.

I open his chest wall.

I spread the ribs.

I... I take his heart in my hand.

Internal cardiac massage.

(Breathing shakily)


This wasn't brutal.

The killer wasn't killing; He was trying to save his life.

The Ripper ever do that?

It's the Chesapeake Ripper. Will: It's not the Ripper.

There are too many similarities.

There aren't enough.

Knife wounds are cuts, not stabs.

Anatomical knowledge, dissection skills, mutilation, organs removed, victim clothed, on display.

We got 22 signature components

all attributable to the same killer.

Twenty two possible

signature components.

It's the Ripper.

Are you sure?

More or less.

Tell me why you're sure.

The Ripper left his last victim in a church pew using his tongue as a page marker in the Bible he was holding.

This isn't that.

This is a medical student or a trainee or someone trying to make an extra buck in a back-alley surgery, and it went bad.

Actively bad.

You'll catch the Ripper eventually.

Yeah, well, I want to catch him now.

And when I do, you're not gonna get a chance to shoot him,

'cause I'm gonna do that.

You can't just jack up the law and get underneath it.

Can't I?

Tell me how you see the Ripper, Will.

I see him as one of those pitiful things sometimes born in hospitals.

They feed it, keep it warm, but they don't put it on the machines.

They let it die.

But he doesn't die.

He looks normal.

And nobody can tell what he is.

Good morning. Please come in.

Would you like to discuss our chance encounter?

(Franklyn chuckles.)

It wasn't altogether by chance.

I kind of... kinda thought you'd be there... which isn't why I was there. I-I... I was there because I like that sort of thing.

Uh, it just occurred to me that... that you might like it too.

In fact, I do.

I tried to get your attention.

I was aware of that.

I knew that you were aware, even though you were pretending that you weren't.

It would be unethical to approach a patient or acknowledge in any way our relationship outside this room until that patient gives consent.

But I really don't know who you are outside this room.

I'm your psychiatrist.

I want you to be my friend.

Of course you do.

I have intimate knowledge of you.

And we like the same things. I think that we would make good friends.

It makes me sad that I have to pay to see you.

(Franklyn sighs.)

I am a source of stability and clarity, Franklyn. I'm not your friend.

I'm a great friend.

I was listening to, uh, Michael Jackson last night, and I burst into tears, and... my eyes are burning right now just talking about it.

You know what I think is the saddest thing about him dying is that I will never get to meet him, and I feel like if I was his friend that I... I would have been able to... help save him from himself.

In this Michael Jackson fantasy, how is your friendship returned?

I just get to touch greatness.

Hello. Come on in.

This always goes better if I'm perfectly honest with you.

What would be the point otherwise?

Well, one of us has to be honest.

I'm honest.

Not perfectly.

As honest as anyone.

Not really.

I have conversations with a version of you and hope that the actual you gets what he needs.

A version of me?

Naturally, I respect its meticulous construction, but you are wearing a very well-tailored

"person suit".

Do you refer to me as "person suit"

with your psychiatrist friends?

I don't discuss patients with my psychiatrist friends, especially since I only have one patient who chose to ignore my retirement.

A patient who wears a person suit.

Maybe it's less of a person suit and more of a human veil.

That must be lonely.

I have friends.

And the opportunities for friends.

You and I are friendly.

You are my patient and my colleague, not my friend.

At the end of your hour, I will pour you a glass of wine.

Nevertheless, you will be drinking it on the other side of the veil.

Why do you bother?

I see enough of you to see the truth of you.

And I like you.

Red or white?

I think something pink, don't you?

Good evening, Will.

Please come in.

Oh, you've been drinking.

I had a glass of wine with my last appointment, yes.

Drinking with a patient.

Ah, she was drinking with a patient.

I have an unconventional psychiatrist.

Well, we have that in common.

Am I your psychiatrist, or are we simply having conversations?

"Yes" I think is the answer to that.

Then having a glass of wine before seeing a patient, I assure you, is very conventional.

Especially for evening appointments.

Huh. How long have you been seeing a psychiatrist?

Since I chose to be a psychiatrist.

Thank you.

I read the Freddy Lounds article. Chesapeake Ripper has struck again.

No, no, no. No, it's not the same guy.

Maybe it's never been the same guy.

Oh, what, now he has a friend?

(Will chuckles.)

Any variations in the murders that might suggest there could be more than one Ripper? Some variations.

The victims were all brutalized.

What was the brutalization hiding?

The careful surgical removal and preservation of vital organs.

Valuable organs.

Organ harvesters?

Jack's looking for a serial killer he can't seem to catch.

It's a brilliant diversion.

That's an interesting theory.

I will keep it in mind if another body drops.

Please do.

Doctor: Any other infections?

Hannibal: You seem convinced I'm diseased.

I was asking a broader question. A disease is an infection.

An infection isn't always a disease.

That is true.

You should just tell me now, because I'm going to find out, and it will affect your insurance if you lie.

May I ask for your business card, please, for my records?

(Baritone singing in Italian)

(Frustrated shout) Agh!

Do you need a hand?

I think I must have hit a rock or something.

It gouged my gas tank.

Have we met before?

Found him in a school bus, sitting across the asile from himself.

Not only did the Ripper take his kidney... but he also took his heart, which, if you'll recall, is what he tried to do in the hotel but was interrupted before he could paint his picture.

The Ripper wasn't painting a picture in the hotel. Someone else was.

You still think that he was ripping out a heart to save a life?

Yes, I do.

The Ripper painted this picture, for sure.

In big, broad strokes.

Could both victims' organs have been harvested for transplant?

Subtle variation on waking up in a tub of ice missing a kidney?

I love a good urban legend. You could put the organs on a ventilator long enough to coordinate the donation.

At the hotel, the victim's abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava... that's like the kidney's in-and-out for blood... were entirely removed.

They're like USB cables. You keep them intact for an easy reconnect.

Were Mr. Caldwell's heart and kidney disconnected for easy reconnect? Yeah.

Um, other Ripper victims... Organs and USB cables missing?

It's inconclusive due to the degree of mutilation, but yes, that is how the Ripper rips. Two different killers, same agenda?

Is the organ harvester disguising his work

as the crimes of a serial killer, or is the serial killer disguising his crimes as the work of an organ harvester?

The Chesapeake Ripper wants to perform.

Every brutal choice has... elegance, grace.

His mutilations hide the true nature of his crimes.

[ Concerto for Two Violins, "Largo", by J.S. Bach ]

I've been unspeakably rude.

I Haven't offered you a drink.

I appreciate beer more than wine.

It's not what you appreciate; It's that you appreciate.

A compromise?

Beer brewed in a wine barrel. Two years.

I bottled it myself.


A cabernet sauvignon wine barrel.

I love your palate.

I love your beer.

I taste oak.

What else do I taste in there?

I will only answer that yes or no.

Are you serving this at your dinner party?

No. This is your reserve.

My own private reserve?

Why, thank you.

I'm curious about something.

Are you purposefully avoiding the subject of Will Graham?


Not on my account, I hope.

I'm happy to get your perspective.

No, it's on Jack Crawford's account.

I don't want any information about Will that I shouldn't have as his friend.

Did Jack ask you to profile the Ripper?

Not since I consulted on the case with Miriam before she disappeared.

Crawford's trainee.


Very sad.

You had me examining PhD candidates that week.

And I'm grateful you were examining PhD students and not the Ripper.

You realize those candidates thought we were having an affair.

Why didn't we?

You were already having an affair.

Will does that too, you know.

What? Have affairs?

Flirtatiously change the subject. You have that pathology in common.

Or we just have you in common.

I recall even before I met Will, you never spoke about him.

Probably because I just want everybody to leave him alone.

It's not even about Will.

Jack's obsessed with the Chesapeake Ripper and he's grooming Will to catch him.

And I sincerely hope he does.

(Opera music)

(Baritone singing in Italian)

They're all missing different organs.

Before, we were looking at waiting lists for a heart or a kidney.

Now we're looking at hearts,

kidneys, livers, stomachs, pancreases, lungs.

This guy, he's missing a spleen.

A spleen!

Who the hell gets a spleen transplant?

Intestines were the only organ missing from this body?

Yes, right, so we're either looking for someone with short bowels or... Ripper's making sausage.

[ Piano Sonata No.11, "Alla Turca", by Mozart ]

He's selling these organs to someone.

We don't even know if he's transplanting them within the US.

He could be exporting them to China.

The Chinese have a cultural taboo that restricts voluntary donation.

You gotta die with all your parts or you dishonor mommy and daddy.

I mean, you could still kill a guy for parts. That doesn't break that taboo.

I was agreeing with you.

Well, I was.

Your tone was a little...

Jack: Ok, ok.

(They clear their throats.)

How many killers?


You confident one of them is the Chesapeake Ripper?

At least one of them, yep.

Good morning.

Please come in.

I discovered that we are cheese folk.

I saw you shopping for cheese. I didn't say hello, because you were so uncomfortable the last time that I did.

This city is very small.

Yes. José's.

José's has the best selection of artisanal cheeses in Baltimore, city or county.

(Franklyn chuckles.)

Cheese is my passion.

You ever heard of Tyromancy?

Divination by cheese.

It was my gateway to cheeses.

It was like a magic 8 ball that you can eat.

Tobias, he, um...

He doesn't eat dairy.

Do you desire Tobias sexually?


God, no. Uh... no.

Not to be defensive. I just, um...

I mean, don't get me wrong. I was in a "fraternity".

I-I-I tried things, you know?

Uh, um...

It's just not my brand.

You care deeply about Tobias despite differences.

He's your best friend, but you're not his.

Well, it's sad when you say it like that.

You often worry about being alone?

I worry about hurting.

Being alone comes with a...

A dull ache.

Doesn't it?

It can.

[ Requiem, "Lacrimosa", by Mozart ]

It's better that it's just the two of us.

(Distant voice) Will?



There's someone else here.



I have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

What time is it?

Nearly nine o'clock.

Oh, God, I'm sorry.

No apology necessary.

I must have fallen asleep.

Was I sleepwalking?

Your eyes were open, but you were not present.


I felt as if I was asleep.

I need to stop sleeping altogether.

Best way to avoid bad dreams.

Well, I can see why you have bad dreams.

What do you see, doctor?

Sum up the Ripper in so many words?

Choose them wisely.

Oh, I always do.

Words are living things. They have personality, point of view, agenda.

They're pack hunters.

Displaying one's enemy after death has its appeal in many cultures.

These aren't the Ripper's enemies, these are pests he's swatted.

Their reward for their cruelty.

Oh, he doesn't have a problem with cruelty.

Their reward is for undignified behavior.

These dissections are to disgrace them.

It's... it's a public shaming.

Takes their organs away because, in his mind, they don't deserve them.

In some way.

What's this?

It's Jack Crawford's trainee.

She's not like the other victims.

The Ripper had no reason to humiliate Miriam Lass.

Seems to me he was humiliating someone.

Yeah, he was humiliating Jack.

Did it work?

I'd say it worked really well.

I've been looking for the kill truck... a van or SUV...

But it was a whole lot easier than that.

What am I looking at here?

One of the hotel security cameras.

Kill truck?

It's a private ambulance.

The city works with dozens of private ambulance companies.

Including this one. But not as a first responder.

A first responder driving

away from the emergency?

Have a seat.

Ambulance would be a smart place to perform surgery.

If the cops show up, blend in and drive away.

Where's Will Graham?

Will. There you are.

And Dr. Lecter. What a surprise. We have a lead.

Would you care to, uh, help us catch the Ripper?

How could I refuse?

That ambulance isn't in rotation. It hasn't even been out of the shed.

Surveillance footage says it has been.

Well, nobody's signed her out. My road sheet's got her down for repairs.

And who signed her in for repairs?

Devon Silvestri. He's one of our part-time drivers.

Does he want to be a doctor?

He's taking the MCATs.


It was there this morning.

It was there this morning.

Well. Is Mr. Silvestri working today?

He's not on the schedule.

Is there GPS on that ambulance?


Encrypted messaging, or remote tracking?

We can't afford that kind of hardware. We use consumer grade.

Digital trunk system.


Jack. If the ambulance radio is on, I can use a DF sweep to find it.


This is very educational.

(Classical choral music)

Show me your hands.

I can't.

Show me your hands.

He'll die.

Dr. Lecter!

I need you to assess the situation here, doctor.

He was removing his kidney.


I can stop the bleeding.

Do it.

Have you got it?

I've got it.

Mr. Silvestri, put your hands behind your head and exit the vehicle slowly. Do it.

On the ground. On your knees.

(Handcuffs clicking)

[ Violin Concerto in F Minor, RV 297, "Largo", by Vivaldi ]

I have a butcher who carries sow's blood.


Separate the matter from the water...

Creates a transparent liquid.

Serve with tomatoes in suspension and everybody will love the sweet taste.

Are you sure you can't stay?

Uh, I don't think I would be good company.

I disagree.

But before you go, what became of Mr. Sylvestri's donor?

You saved his life.

Been a long time since I used a scalpel on anything but a pencil.

Why'd you stop being a surgeon?

I killed someone... or, more accurately, I couldn't save someone. But it felt like killing them.

You were an emergency room surgeon. It has to happen from time to time.

It happened one time too many.

I transferred my passion for anatomy into the culinary arts.

I fix minds instead of bodies, and no one's died as a result of my therapy.

(Will chuckles.)

I have to go.

I have a date with the Chesapeake Ripper.

Or is that rippers?

Devon Silvestri was harvesting organs, but not with the Ripper.

There's no connection between them.

Jack must be devastated.

Will: I imagine he is.

Enjoy the wine.

Thank you.


[ Symphony No.40, "Molto Allegro", by Mozart ]

Before we begin, you must all be warned:

nothing here... is vegetarian.

(Quiet chuckles)

Bon appétit.