02x12 - Tome-wan

I'm a good fisherman, Jack.

You hook him, I'll land him.

Never seen pigs like these.

They're a special breed.

Riding agrees with you. You've got a bloom.

I don't get a legacy.

(Lecter): Unless you make one.

She's pathological. I'm sure she's told you horrible things that I've done. They're going to find something wrong with your lady parts, Margot.

You must be the baby daddy.

Dr. Lecter's the one you want to be feeding to your pigs.

Can you explain my actions?

Can you posit my intentions?

What would be your theory of my mind?

I have an understanding of your state of mind.

You understand mine.

We're just alike.

This gives you the capacity to deceive me... and be deceived by me.

I'm not deceiving you, Dr. Lecter.

I'm just pointing out the snare around your neck.

What you do about it is entirely up to you.

You put the snare around my neck.

Why did you tell Mason Verger I want to kill him?

I was curious what would happen.

It's true, isn't it?

You do want to kill him.

Or you want me to kill him.

Either way, you'd like him dead.

I'm just... giving you a little nudge.

Mason is discourteous.

And discourtesy is unspeakably ugly to me.

Are you thinking about eating him?

Whenever feasible, one should always try to eat the rude.

Free-range rude.

Would you join me at the table?

Mason Verger is a pig... and he deserves to be somebody's bacon.

Maybe you should kill Mason during your next session.

He may be intending to kill me during our next session.

Then you'll have to kill him first.

You said you were curious what would happen.

I want you to close your eyes, Will.

Imagine what you would like to happen.

(pigs squealing and grunting)

What did you see?

(theme music)



Shall we talk about what happened to poor Margot?

We can get to that later.

Oh, we can get to it now.

Family affairs are best left to the family, Dr. Lecter, and you interfered.

I provided counsel.

You subverted me.

While you were subverting the underprivileged children at your summer camp.

What did you learn?


Keen student of the Bible that I am...

I learned about suffering.

Not mine, mind you, but the general... conceit.

God's choices in inflicting suffering are not satisfactory to us, nor are they understandable, unless innocence offends him.


Clearly, he needs help in directing his blind fury with which he flogs this earth.

Margot's happiness is more important than her suffering.

You say that as though the two are mutually exclusive.

I believe they are.

Can never say to a certainty.

It is one of those things that is... "hid"... as the Bible says.

Papa taught me how to hide all sorts of things.

This was his knife.

I carry it around with me to remind me of him.

Whose fat are you planning to measure today, Mason?


No fat on you.

Take more than a flesh wound to make you squeal.

What game of chicken are you and the sperm donor playing, Dr. Lecter?

Don't get me wrong.

I play chicken with Margot all the time.

I just don't tell her I'm playing.

I'm good at chicken, Dr. Lecter.

I never blink.

(Mason laughing)

Just send me the bill.

I'm so sorry.

They could have done what was done laparoscopically, but my brother told them to leave a scar.

He branded you.

Mason wants you to know this can never be undone.

Mason can be undone.

Not without taking everything I have with him.

He's all I've got now; that's exactly what he wanted.

He won.

He always wins.

This won't make you human, Margot, so much as give you the ability to make yourself human and move on.

There's no resolve to this.

There's no resolution.

Moving on isn't just a distraction... it's a rebuke.

Show your brother how strong you are.

Survive him.

Hannibal has a certain personality style we can all learn from.

In moderation of course.

All I want to do is catch him.

He's given me nothing, Jack.

Nothing actionable. He has confessed to nothing.

He's acknowledged only vagaries.

I need more than vagaries. You have killed someone, Will.

Who was trying to kill me.

I don't know if I can prove that. You mutilated the body!

We made a public spectacle of Freddie Lounds's death.

I'm out on a limb here, and the limb is going to break!

I've only told the OIG what they need to know. Now, what haven't you told me?

Hannibal is trying to manipulate me into murdering one of his patients.

Mason Verger.

But I can manipulate Hannibal into killing him instead.

What's Verger done?

Hannibal considers him rude.

It's motive enough.

It's as though committing murders has purged him of lesser rudeness.

We're talking about putting a man's life in danger.

You know, sometimes, Jack, a good plan is less about finding the best alternative, than it is about finding one that works.

Don't let empathy confuse what you want with what Lecter wants.

I told you, Jack, I'm a good fisherman.

We have to use the right bait.

When Hannibal tries to kill Mason Verger, I'll arrest him, and you'll have 2 witnesses.

We might have 3.

I'm a good fisherman too, Will.

They tell me you were hard to find.

That was the idea.

Thank you... for visiting me in the hospital, and, uh... for what you said.

I didn't say enough.

And now's your chance to say it all.

You've been granted immunity from prosecution by the U.S. Attorney from District 36, and by local authorities in a memorandum attached, sworn and attested.

Let's talk about Hannibal Lecter.

Some psychiatrists are so hungry for insight that they may try to manufacture it.

How deadly that can be for the patient who believes them.

You were Dr. Lecter's psychiatrist, he wasn't yours.

I told myself that, but I was under Hannibal's influence.

And what he did to you made that abundantly clear.

You were attacked by a patient who was formerly under Dr. Lecter's care.

That patient died during the attack.

Report said he swallowed his tongue.

It wasn't attached at the time.

How... exactly... did your patient die?

I killed him.

I believed it was self-defence.

And to a point, it was.

But beyond that point, it was murder.

Hannibal influenced me to murder my patient, our patient.

You weren't... coerced?

What Hannibal does is not coercion... it is persuasion.

Has he ever tried to persuade you to kill anybody?

He will.

And it will be somebody you love.

And you will think it's the only choice you have.

How would you catch him?

Hannibal can get lost... in self-congratulation at his own exquisite taste and cunning.


That will be how he will get caught.

We're maintaining our position on the event horizon of chaos.

Your veneer of self-composure gives a strong sense of the surreal.

So much about this feels like a dream.

Dreams prepare us for waking life.

It's one thing to dream; it's another to... understand the nature of the dream.

You're waking up to who you are. That's all you need to understand.

There are extraordinary circumstances here, Will.

And unusual opportunities.

For whom?

For both of us.

Mason Verger is an opportunity?

Mason Verger is a problem.

Problem solving is hunting.

It's a savage pleasure, and we are born to it.

A pleasure we can share.

You're fostering codependency.

Is that what I'm doing?

Isn't that what you did to Abigail?

Got her to take a life so she would owe you hers?

I bond with Abigail; you take her away.

I bond with... barely more than the idea of a child; you take it away. You saw to it that I alienated Alana, alienated Jack.

You don't want me to have anything in my life that's not you.

I only want what's best for you.


Every moment of cogent thought under your psychiatric care is a personal victory.

You're applying yourself to my perspective... as I've been applying myself to yours.

You're right.

We are just alike.

You're as alone as I am.

And we're both alone without each other.

So you managed to avoid prosecution.

I gave you every opportunity to tell the truth, but you ran.

How do you think the FBI could have protected me?

You couldn't protect Will Graham.

You still can't.

Nothing makes us more vulnerable than loneliness, Agent Crawford.

Will's not alone.

No, he's not.

Hannibal thinks Will is a killer.

Do you still believe he is your killer?

I have to believe.

Hannibal's only crime I witnessed was influence.

Influence works best when we're unaware.

Will Graham has been very aware.


Meaning maybe Mr. Graham doesn't know himself as well as Hannibal does.

Will has more reasons to see Hannibal caught than any of us.

If you think you're about to catch Hannibal, that's because he wants you to think that.

Don't fool yourself into thinking he's not in control of what's happening.

(classical music)


A Ukrainian dish whose outcome can never be predicted.


The Latin word gelatus

translates as "frozen."

Here, the aspic provides a three-dimensional canvas in which one may stage a scene.

The eternal chase.

An evocative shape in that at a certain point, it becomes unclear who's pursuing whom.

(small laugh)

Well, in isolation, a moment can't really speak to motive, intent or aftermath.

Aspic is derived from bone... as a life is made from moments.

So, tell me, Hannibal, what, uh... what moment are we in now?

You, me, Will?

Still harbouring doubts about Will?

Alana Bloom isn't harbouring any doubts.

She's convinced that he murdered Freddie Lounds.

And you?

I am convinced of my general lack of trust in other people.

Lack of trust in other people increases the need for religion.

If you can't rely on others, you have to rely on God.


I'm relying on myself.

And yet in this moment, I have to confess that... I don't know who's pursuing whom any more than these fish do.

Whomever is pursuing whom in this very moment, I intend to eat them.

(Jack snickers.)


(sinister piano music)

Hi, guys. Eat up.

(woman singing Italian opera)

(door opening)

Buongiorno, Dottore.


(soft creaking)

Mr. Verger wants your company.

Please, come with us.

Preferirei di no.




(moaning in pain)


He shouldn't have done that.

Buona sera...


You are Sardinian.

If you have to be kidnapped for ransom, a wealthy Italian will tell you it's better to fall into the hands of the Sards.

And you're a professional revenger as well, I suspect.

With you... it is personal now.

I take it Matteo didn't make it.

Did he foul himself?

I imagine he smells worse than you by now.

Kill him and you will get no money! Carlo!


Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho!

Those little piggies are gonna go EEE-EEE-EEE-EEE all the way home.

Haha! Yes!

The swine may be shy with starting with the toes so we need to encourage them with a-little-sauce, huh?

So we're gonna cut your throat.


he killed Matteo.

We can give Matteo's family Dottoroni's cojones,

for comfort.



He likes to cut low.

You are an odd psychiatrist.

We could've had some good, funny times together.

It's a damn shame!

I've muzzled the dog; now, it's time for you to put him down.

Don't bleed him out! Just... just a little nick.

Just enough to give the pigs a taste.


(pigs grunting and squealing)

(Mason laughing)

(with distorted voice): Mason, I must ask you to be quiet.

Oh, shhh...

You'll frighten the animals.

Oh! Piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy.

Piggy, piggy. Here, piggy, piggy.

Ha! Ha! What?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

What have you given me? Ha! Ha! Ha!

(with distorted voice): A variety of psychedelic compounds.

"Psychedelic" so named from the Greek for "mind-revealing."

You need to write me a prescription for this, Doctor.


Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Patients rhapsodize about the life-changing insights they achieve.

I am enchanted and terrified.

(indistinct talking)

The world presents itself as a cacophony of sights, sounds, smells, recollections.

I want you to recall your education in stockyards and slaughterhouses.

Show me how Papa would check the depth of a pig's fat.


Here, piggy, piggy, piggy.

No, Mason.


Show me on you.


Hey, Winston.

Where's everyone else?

I just love your dogs.

How is that? Is that good? Do you want another piece?

How about you? That's a good girl.

Sit! Sit!


I should have put you in a cage with Dr. Lecter.

I'm curious what would've happened.

What are you feeding my dogs?

Ha! Just me.

(laughing maniacally)

Sit! Sit.

What Mason is experiencing isn't restricted to reality, so... reality has to be forced to adapt.

He fed his face to my dogs.

He broadened their palates as I broadened yours.

Murder or mercy?

There is no mercy.

We make mercy... manufacture it in the parts that have overgrown our basic reptile brain.

Then there is no murder. We make murder too.

It matters only to us.

You know too well you possess all the elements to make murder.

Perhaps mercy too, but murder you understand uncomfortably well.

I'm hungry!

Eat your nose then.

Eat my... eat my nose?

I have a taste and consistency that's similar to that of a chicken gizzard.

Taste is housed in parts of the mind that precedes pity. Pity has no place at the table.

(Mason burps.)

I'm full of myself.


I'm not gonna kill him.

So full of myself.

He was going to feed you to his pigs... after he fed them me.

Weren't you, Mason?

I was.

He's your patient, Doctor.

You do what you think is best for him.

(Mason humming softly)

(mechanical ventilation)

Good afternoon. Agent Crawford?

Yes. Good afternoon, Mr. Verger.

What a magnificent creature.

Oh, thank you.

It's a muraena kidako.

Its common name is "brutal moray."

Would you like to see why?

No, thank you.

I don't want to take up too much of your time, Mr. Verger.

I realize that you probably need to get your rest.

But I would like to ask you just a few questions about what happened to you.

Took a tumble in the pig pen.

Broke my neck.

Embarrassing, really.

Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy.

If my sister hadn't found me, the pigs would have eaten more than my face.

Pigs did this to you.

Oh yes, the pigs certainly did.

Mr. Verger, you are a patient of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, isn't that right?

Dr. Lecter, yes, yes.

Have you ever seen or met another patient of Dr. Lecter's, a man called Will Graham?

Will Graham...

The man that didn't kill all those people. That Will Graham?


Can't say that I've had the pleasure.

Do you find that Dr. Lecter's therapy has been helpful to you?

I've benefited greatly from Dr. Lecter's therapy.

I'm still benefitting from it.

I will always be grateful for how he's helped me.

I only hope that I may repay him one day.

Now, if you don't mind, I am rather tired.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Verger.

Is it time to talk about what Margot wants?

What Margot wants is to take care of you, Mason, dear.

Just as you took care of me.

Achilles lamenting the death of Patroclus.

Whenever he's mentioned in The Iliad,

Patroclus seems to be defined by his empathy.

He became Achilles on the field of war.

He died for him there, wearing his armor.

He did.

Hiding and revealing identity is a constant theme throughout the Greek epics.

As are battle-tested friendships.

Achilles wished all Greeks would die, so that he and Patroclus could conquer Troy alone.

Took divine intervention to bring them down.

This isn't sustainable.

We're going to get caught.

Jack already suspects you killed Freddie Lounds.

If Jack told you he suspects me, that means he suspects you.

I know.

You should give him what he wants.

Give him the Chesapeake Ripper?

Allow him closure.

Reveal yourself.

You've taunted him for long enough.

Let him see you with clear eyes.

Jack has become my friend.

I suppose I owe him the truth.