01x12 - She's a Murderer

Previously on "How To Get Away With Murder"...

Hi. I'm Hannah, Sam's sister.

Whatever his wife told you, my brother is no murderer.

Annalise: I'd just hoped that it wasn't true...

That he hadn't hurt that girl.

Wes: Christmas card for Rudy.

Rebecca: Yeah, he's the freak who lived here before you.

Why wouldn't his relatives know he doesn't live here anymore?

Oh, it's from his grandma!



My engagement ring is gone!

I lost it!

What is that?

It's a fake.

I bought it with cash at a jewelry mart in Chinatown.

Wes, we have a real nightmare.

The human remains were found one week ago at the landfill.

The body belongs to Sam Keating.

Numerous sources within the Philadelphia Police Department do confirm that the tests showed it was, in fact, his body found at the Nayatt landfill one week ago.

Sam Keating was considered a top suspect...

She's setting us up.

What are you talking about?

You don't just find body parts in a landfill.

A body, sure.

A head, a hand, but not charred-up bits of someone.

Not unless you're told where to look.

They wouldn't have found him at all if you had listened to Wes and incinerated the body.

Wait. Why do you think Annalise would want to set us up?

Annalise wouldn't...

Wouldn't do that! Okay, we know, Waitlist.

You suckle at the teat of our dear, old Professor.

Rebecca: Annalise has no reason to sell us out.

She's the adult. You're her students.

I'm her freaking client.

Who do you think the police want to take down more? Us or her?

All of us.

This is Annalise Keating.

If it's urgent, please call my off...

[Cellphone beeps]

[Cellphone rings]


Laurel: What are you doing?


You can't be calling me.


You're under a microscope now.

Everything that happens from this moment on is gonna be monitored by the police.

So just sit on your hands and act normal.

Tell the rest of the rat pack the same thing.


Your stupid study group!

Now, hang up and do nothing!



[Breathes deeply]

Sam Keating was first reported missing...

Connor: God!

Can you knock next time?

I just talked to Frank.

He said we're being watched, so it's important we don't freak out.

Too late for this one.

Wes: What did he say about Annalise?

Uh, he didn't.

Well, call him back.

I can't.

The calls we make can become evidence used against us.

[Chuckles] Of course we can't call the one person who said they'd protect us.


[Knock on door]

Can I help you?

Are you Ms. Keating?

Depends which one you mean.

Annalise Keating.

That's me.

And you are?

Hannah Keating.

I grew up in this house.

And I live here now.

What's going on?

You haven't seen the news?

Is he dead?

I'm his sister.

Anything you can say to her you can say to me.

Is he dead?

His remains were found in a landfill several days ago.

We would have notified you sooner, but it took our department a while to get a positive I.D.

How do you know it's him?

They tested the tissue against his DNA, which was already on file for the Stangard case.

[Voice breaking] Oh, my God.

[Crying] Oh!

Oh, no.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Don't touch me!

[Sniffles, groans]

Oh, my God.

Arrest her.

[Gate opens]

She killed him.

Ma'am, please, if you could just calm down for a second.

She killed him, and she... She tried to hide it by making it seem like he was missing and that he had killed that girl, but he didn't.

She did it. That's her.

She's the murderer.

She killed him.

Arrest her! I said...Arrest her.

She's a murderer!

She killed my brother!

Arrest her!

Arrest her, I said!

Arrest her, damn it!

[Indistinct conversations]

[Cellphone rings]


Nate: It's me.

I'm on a burner.

You should get one.

I'll tell Frank.

How are you?

Annalise. It's bad for me, I know, but how are you doing?

They're gonna question me again.

Don't let them.

And make myself look guilty?

You've done their job for years.

They'll twist whatever you say.

I'll get a lawyer.

Well, I am a lawyer, and I'm telling you do not talk to them under any circumstances.

Is that what you're gonna do?

Yeah. If they want to talk to me, they're gonna have to arrest me.

Say that to them, they just might.

Don't talk to them. Promise me.

I got class.

Yeah, when we interviewed you last time, your husband was missing, Annalise.

Now he's dead.


I notice how upset you seem by that fact.

You're gonna arrest me because my grief doesn't look the way you want it?

Go ahead.

Chapin: Negligence is a failure to, um...

I-it's a failure to, um...

This was all in your syllabus, Ms. Chapin.

I'm sorry, Professor Dozier. I just, um...

Is the heat on really high in here?

No, that's just your nerves.


Dean Sumner said you weren't coming in, considering...

Sumner was mistaken. I'll take it from here.

[Indistinct whispering]

I've opted to depart from the syllabus today.

[Chalk scratching]

Ms. Chapin.

Can you tell us what the fifth amendment is?

The fifth amendment? Um...

Right, it, um...

Assures your right to protection from self-incrimination?

Are you asking me?

No, that... That's my answer.

And it's a correct one.

When clients talk to the police, they think clarifying or being helpful can aid in their case.

They're wrong.

Whatever you say to the police can and will be misconstrued to support the prosecution.

So when I doubt, shut your mouth.

[Glass shatters]

Bonnie: [Crying]

What the hell?

No one called me last night to tell me what happened.


I just saw it on the news.

Oh, come on.

Annalise had more important things to think about than you.

She doesn't trust me anymore.

What did I say?

This isn't about you. It is.

He kissed me.

And I told her.


And now he's dead.

You're not seriously upset?

The guy was a liar and a killer.

And someone killed him.

How did that happen, Frank?

Like hell if I know. Or care.

And neither should you.

He screwed over Annalise. From the looks of it, you too.

So stop crying, or else she'll fire you again, she sees you like this.

[Door opens]

Annalise: Frank?


Why are the police outside?

Some bull about keeping the press away.

Well, tell them to leave. We can handle the press.

And I have work on our case to prepare for.

Uh, about that, Annalise.

Leo Lombardo's secretary just called, and she'd like to reschedule the meeting in light of what's happened.


Call Leo's office.

Tell them I'm on my way over and that I will not leave until I speak to him myself.

You are not firing me.

You want your nephew to be locked up for the next 20 years?

Go ahead.

Get yourself a new attorney right before trial.

Or you could stick with me and he can walk out of that courtroom like every time we've done it before.

I have never lost you a case, Leo, ever since you put me on retainer 15 years ago, and, damn it, I'm not about to lose one for you now.

Hey, hey, hey.

No one's questioning what you can do in a courtroom.

I'm worried what happens when you're not there because it's you that's locked up.

No one's locking me up!

Do you hear me?

I didn't kill my husband. I'm innocent.

Paul: [Laughs] That's good.

That's just like how you tell me to say it.

Do you agree with your Uncle? Do you want a new attorney?

You're the one who's on trial here, Paul.

With the amount of drugs you were shipping...


Do you want a new lawyer?

Do you want to take that risk?

Take it easy, Annalise.

It's not like we're the only clients in your book.

Right now you may as well be!


Whatever is going on with me is not gonna affect your case.

I guarantee it.

Just like I guarantee you that I will kick the living crap out of the FBI in the courtroom, but only if you trust me.

It's up to you, Paul.

Do you want to fire me?

Hannah: You do know she lied to you, right?

In her interview with you, Annalise said that she found out about Sam and Lila's affair the night Sam went missing,

but she told me she knew about the affair three months ago.

She's lying about what happened the night Sam disappeared, because she killed him and then she went to her lover's house, and together they disposed of the body.

She needed help.

She couldn't have done it by herself.

Even... even if what you're saying is true, we still need probable cause to search the house.

What about Annalise's violent past?

She comes from a violent home.

Statistics show that a child that experiences a culture of violence and abuse in the home, that that cycle continues.

Past actions are not gonna get us a search warrant.

I'll call you when we know more.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]


No, you cannot be in here, Ms. Keating.



What if she threatened Sam's life?

If what you're saying is true, you will be called on to testify.

I'll testify to whatever you need me to.

Search that house.

What's this?

New client.

Is this a joke?

She's in the middle of a murder investigation.

Since when do we give up on our clients, Mr. Walsh?


The client's name is Paul Lombardo.

President and owner of an import/export operation known as Lombardo distribution.

Lombardo as in Lombardo crime family?

Is this a mob case?

He's a businessman.

[As Vito Corleone] What's the charge?

Did our capo take out a rival family's capo?

Did the Don bury his goomah in some concrete?

Drug possession with the intent to distribute.

300 kilos of heroin, to be exact.

I need two of you to look at the cargo container's chain of custody...

Who had access to it, whether it was a frame job.

Go to port security and look at any available surveillance footage.

So your last name is, uh...Delfino.


Anybody in your family, uh, you know...


If I tell you...

You can't tell the others, got it?


The drugs were found by customs agents when the container failed a random weigh-in, so the question is, why did the feds select that container over the thousands that come through the port each day?

Michaela: No. I'm never going back to those woods.

Dummy, if the cops find your ring, they'll trace it back to you.

You mean all of us.

And the police are probably waiting for the killer to return so they can identify them.

Maybe that's a risk you have to take.

You know, for the good of the group.

I'm agent Anthony Fain.

You have some questions for me.

Agent Fain, yes. Just one.

According to this log, on most nights, dozens of containers are weighed, but on this night, only my client's container was randomly chosen.

The one container that happened to be full of heroin.

Are we to assume that our client was just unlucky?


They don't call it "random" for nothing.

Annalise: Look at the personnel at the yard and see who had the motive to take our client down.

Laurel: Who's Rudy Walters?

Guy who used to live in my apartment.

He's who put the scratches in my wall.

His grandmother still thinks he lives there, which is weird, right?

How does she not know where he lives?

It's like he just disappeared.

Or he just moved.

Rebecca said he had a nervous breakdown and vanished.

It just sounds really weird.

Okay, but what's also weird is our case.

The port employee who weighed the container is a guy named Pedro Hortua, but there's no Pedro Hortua listed as working at the yard, so maybe you want to help me find him.

Leave your Rudy search for after work?


Yeah, just give me a second.

Frank: So then Mickey-the-ear gets wind that my pops is taking me to get a haircut.

Wait. They whacked him right in front of you?

A little kid shouldn't have to see that.


You freaking playing me, man?

You've seen too many Scorsese movies.

Wait, pause that.

The container hasn't even been weighed yet, but customs agents are already arriving at the yard.

Which means the feds were tipped off to what was in the container before it was even opened.

Oh, snap.

Somebody better get the cheddar cheese, because we got ourselves a rat.

Leo: No way.

There are no rats in our family.

The surveillance tapes show that the feds arrived way too quickly.

Someone with knowledge of the heroin obviously alerted them before the container was even pulled.

Who the hell you think it is?

You think they'd still be alive if I knew?

None of that talk in front of me.

The good news is that I can argue entrapment and get the charges dropped.

Paul: You hear that, Leo?

This snitch could help get me off.

See? You were right by keeping this husband killer around.

Maybe she can help find that rat, too, huh?

It's not in my job description.


You're a single lady now.

Call me if you get lonely.


Chocolate and Italian wine always pair well together.

My husband was just found murdered, Leo.


You don't seem too sad about that.

Maybe I'm a good faker.

[Siren wails]

[Door opens]

Um, Mr. Fisher...

First of the month. No exceptions.

No, that's not...

About the guy who used to live in my apartment before me...

Rudy Walters?

Do you have a forwarding address?

No, thankfully, or I'd have to mail back his security deposit.

He didn't try to get it back?

No, not after the cops carted him off.

He was arrested?

I don't know.

Ask your girlfriend.

She's the one who called the police that night.

You said you didn't know him.

Because I didn't.

I stayed away from him because he was weird.

Look, that night, he was clearly losing it, okay?

He was banging on the walls and screaming things that didn't make sense, so, yeah, I-I called the cops.

You don't believe me.

Look, if you want to leave me, you can.

Oh, stop!

No, just... just let me... let me... let me say this.

You're freaking out.

Which I get.

I mean, you did this really terrible thing.

And now that they've found the body, now that we might get caught, you're starting to wonder...

Rebecca: If what you did for me was worth it.

None of that's true.

Then why are you obsessing about Rudy? What is this?

Because it feels like you're just trying to catch me in a lie, and that means you don't trust me.

I do trust you.

I can still tell them it was all me.


He was on top of me.

He was going to kill me. It was self-defense.

I'm never gonna let you do that.

Well, what are we gonna do if we get caught?

Guess we'll figure it out when that happens.


If it happens.

Hobbes: So you're accusing us of having a criminal informant.

Really? That's your best strategy here?

My client's container was the only one inspected that night, and the customs agents were miraculously available minutes after the inspection.

If it walks like a duck...

Might as well give up now, Annalise, because there's no C.I. here.

Fine... You're gonna force me to produce your spy in open court, prove entrapment, and destroy years of your investigation into this family.

You know, you're doing an awful lot of jaw-jacking for someone who I hear is a prime suspect in her husband's murder.

Notice I haven't been arrested.


I also hear the police don't have much evidence on you.

Why don't we keep it that way, huh?

Woman: Sources tell us Sam Keating's remains were placed in four separate garbage bags, much like this one, after they were severely burned and dismembered.

Police are compiling a list of local stores that sell this brand of bag in the Philadelphia area, hoping to provide a lead to the Professor's killer.

You mean "the Professor's idiot killer."

You treat people like trash, the fuzz gon' find yo' ass.

Annalise: Turn it off.

The criminal informant angle is off the table.

If we could prove there's a C.I., I don't...

If I say it's off the table, it's off the table.

A friend at the court just called.

Detective Bryce is in the process of getting a warrant to search the house.

Hannah made a statement saying you threatened Sam, which gives them probable cause.

Wait, they think you killed Sam?

Call the judge and tell them that you're on your way to challenge the warrant.


It's a conflict of interest for me to defend myself in court, and I have to meet with our client.

And, Bonnie... don't screw it up.

You know, I can ask A.K. not to pair us up together anymore if you want.

So she'll know what happened between us?

No, I just...

Let's just keep it professional.

Can you do that?

Of course. Can you?

Of course.

The night at the bonfire, when you saw Connor's car in the driveway, was Annalise's car there, too?

Not that I remember. Why?

No reason.

Hannah: I was in town for a mixer the psychology department was throwing for Sam's new book.

He and Annalise got into some sort of fight.

[Chuckling] And we all left early.

Then later that night, as I was getting ready for bed, I heard yelling from downstairs.

Annalise yelling.

And this wasn't just a fight now.

This was... Something...Rageful.

So, I ran downstairs, and that's when I saw Annalise throw a paperweight at him.

It nearly hit him in the head.

And yelling, "I'll kill you, you worthless piece of"...

I'll spare the court the language that Annalise used.

Bonnie: After this supposed fight, which your memory claims happened three years ago, did you speak to your brother about what you saw?


He said it had happened before, but he didn't want me to worry because he loved her and wanted to work it out.

Did he also happen to mention what caused Annalise to allegedly throw this paperweight?

Was she trying to protect herself from Sam, perhaps?

Are you suggesting that the victim caused the violence, Ms. Winterbottom?

Answer the question, Ms. Keating.

I would if you were asking the right questions.

Judge, if you would, tell...

Because what you should be asking me is was I drinking the night of the mixer.

The answer is no.

I was just recovering from a minor surgery.

Did the mixer end abruptly?


And every guest who was there will attest to that.

Okay. Fine.

But will those same guests also confirm that it ended early because of an argument between Sam and Annalise?

Oh, honey.

I can't do all the work for you.


So, we lost. Cheer up.

You know, babe Ruth didn't hit a home run his first time at bat.

What's that?

A burner.

Frank said he'd let me know the second anything happens.

Oh, like when they find microscopic bits of Sam's blood splattered in the cracks of the floor.

Everything has been cleaned.

That's what she wants us to think.


You ever think the reason why Annalise didn't go challenge the warrant herself is because she wanted Bonnie to lose it?

No, you're being paranoid.

Or maybe he's just being smart.

Someone gets me.

Thank you, Michaela.

Hannah: Hello again.

You're all quite dedicated...

To stand watch at your boss's hanging.

I will say I'm surprised that you've all stuck around.

For the best and the brightest, it seems like a foolish move.

Law is not my field, but I do know that reputation is everything.

From here on, you'll each be painted with your own scarlet "A" for "Annalise."

Annalise: Get off my property.

It's my legal right to stand here on this sidewalk.

Plus, I want to be here when they drag you out of my house in handcuffs.

That's what you always wanted.

You could never stand the idea of Sam's mistress living in mommy and daddy's precious house.

[Chuckling] "Mistress"?

Is that still how you see yourself, Annalise?

Better than the sister obsessing her entire life over her brother.

How's the saying go?

"Incest is best... put your brother to the test."

Yeah, I got to disagree with her on that one.

My sister is not attractive.

My cousin, on the other hand, oh!


[Indistinct conversations]

[Nostalghia's "Homeostasis" plays]

I'm so sorry.

I tried to traverse the search warrant, but the judge wasn't having it.

Man: Hey, there's something here.

It must have fallen off the trophy.


♪ And I got my gun ♪

♪ I told you not to call me "hon" ♪

♪ To call me "hon" ♪

♪ she floats so soft inside his web ♪

♪ My spider lover, his useless head ♪

♪ I told you not to touch my bed ♪

♪ To touch my bed ♪

♪ I'm changing, I'm spinning ♪

♪ I'm morphogenic ♪

♪ I'm webbing, I'm morphing ♪

♪ I'm morphogenic ♪

How much longer?

Uh, just a few luminol tests to check for blood traces, and then we'll be on our way.

♪ I'm changing, I'm spinning ♪

♪ I'm morphogenic ♪

♪ I'm webbing, I'm morphing ♪

♪ I'm morphogenic ♪


Will you, uh, check here?


[Bottle spraying]

Woman: Aah!



♪ I'm changing, I'm spinning ♪

♪ I'm morphogenic ♪

♪ I'm webbing, I'm morphing ♪

[cellphone rings]

♪ I'm morphogenic ♪

They didn't find anything.

What did you think they'd find?

A bloody knife Annalise hid under her mattress?

Our boss would be a better killer than that, yo.

♪ I'm tired, I'm wasting ♪

♪ I'm morphogenic ♪

Frank: Sam's M.E. Report. Anything juicy?

His skull showed blunt force trauma.

He was hit with an object probably made out of metal.

Or steel.

So, someone finally knocked some sense into him.

Just a little too hard.

They also found carpet fibers in his remains...

Along with some debris from a wooded area.

That should give the police something to find who did this.

Connor: The debris gets them to the woods, and the woods gets them to us.

We can't talk about this here.

Look, we dodged a bullet with the search.

But that report, I-it proves they know way too much.

You're still talking.

And you both have your heads up your asses.

She's telling us to act normal when she's the one who needs to act...

Will you two stop?

Her husband was just found murdered.

She should be grieving instead of blowing off the cops and taking on mobster drug dealers who she cares more about than saving us.

Annalise: Mr. Walsh.

My office.

I-I didn't mean any of that.

Yes, you did.

No. Don't look away.

Say everything you want to say to me right to my face.

I'm a bad person.

Heartless. A sociopath.

Is that about right?

You said you'd protect us.

Aren't I?

How could we know?

I mean, you...

You only talk to us in code.

You expect us to continue going to class and work your cases, even though nothing makes any sense anymore.

I want to trust you. I do, but...

Do you know why I gave you that trophy the first day?

Not because you screwed your way to it, although...

That's certainly something I've done in my day.

But because I saw you.

Someone like me.

Someone so scared that the only way you know how to handle things is by worrying your way through them.

That's what you and I are.


It makes us very successful, but also very tired, too.

Here's the thing, Mr. Walsh.

You're not gonna trust me.

That's just not in your nature.

But you can stop worrying, because...

And...You might have forgotten this...

But I'm your only option here.

Without me, you go to prison.

That doesn't mean we won't end up there.

No, it doesn't.

But the odds are better with me.

Laurel got us a lead on the worker who weighed the shipping container.

Pedro Hortua quit his job two days after the FBI raid, saying he had to go take care of his sick father in Colombia, but look at this.

He just posted this from a party in cherry hill.

He's been in Jersey the whole time.

Get him.

Nate: A cop friend slipped me info on Sam's case.

They're testing the foliage and soil found with the remains to try to figure out where his body was burned.

I'll let you know as soon as I get my hands on the results.

Do you think I did it?

Come on, Annalise.

You have to be wondering. I know I would.

So ask me.


I'm not the detective on this case.

Once a detective, always a detective.

You're trying to pick a fight with me.

And I get it.

The whole world thinks you did this.

But you.

I'm asking you what you think.

What is it you say about your clients?

Never ask them if they did it.



Now you're mad.

Of course I'm mad.

He's the killer here, and whoever did this to him...

Me killing him would be the dumbest thing I could do.

That would mean he wins.

I should go.

I have court in the morning.

Lombardo case.

I heard.

Don't tell me you're judging me for defending them, too.

Not at all. I get it.

You stop working... Sam wins.

Go kick some ass.

Annalise: Agent Fain, why did you decide to inspect my client's container?

Because my team was alerted to a discrepancy with the container's weight.

So this gives you the right to search the container?

That's correct.

What was the name of the employee who first decided to weigh the container?

Can't say I recall.

His name is Pedro Hortua, and he left his job two days after the incident and disappeared without any forwarding address or information.

And once the investigation started, no one could find him.

Thankfully, I did.

[Spectators murmur]

Mr. Hortua.

[Murmuring continues]

How the hell did you find the guy?

We've got our secrets.

Annalise: So, how do you decide which containers are weighed, Mr. Hortua?

It's a spot check. There's no system for it.

So you chose my client's container at random.

How is it you came to select my client's container to be weighed?

I was instructed to.

By your supervisor or someone else?

Were you warned about testifying in this case?

Objection. Lack of foundation.

Then answer this...

Were you promised anything for singling out my client's container for inspection?

Speculation, your honor.

Overruled. Answer the question, Mr. Hortua.

They promised me a green card.

For me and my wife.

If you did what?

If I chose Mr. Lombardo's container.

And who is it that made you that promise?

A man. I did not know him.

Mr. Hortua, one last question, and then we'll be done.

This man... is he in the courtroom right now?

Objection, your honor.

Is the man you're referring to prosecutor Hobbes?

Your honor!


Good God, this is a farce!

I'm not the one on trial here!

You are now.

There's no evidence to support this man's claim.

Is the man sitting there not evidence?

Both of you calm down.

Because it's quite evident to me that he's proof that this case has been nothing more than a conspiracy to commit fraud.

From start to finish, the game was rigged, corners were cut, and my client's fourth amendment rights were discarded.

This is slander, your honor!

Mr. Hortua's testimony proves that this case was built on illegal grounds, including entrapment.

I demand Ms. Keating be sanctioned by this court!

It's no surprise, considering it's been Mr. Hobbes' mission to destroy the Lombardo family for more than 15 years.

So the criminal in this courtroom is not my client, but the federal government for bringing these bogus charges against my client.

[Cheers and applause]

[Gavel bangs]

Judge: Order.

Order in the court!

[Gavel bangs]

Good luck with that murder charge about to be thrown at you.

Is that an actual threat this time?

No one's threatening anyone.

I just figured you knew better, given the precarious position you're in.

Me? What about you?

You're the one dumb enough to mess with the mob.

[Door closes]


Now what?

What? What does that mean?

I've been doing what you said.

I haven't bothered you at all, even though I'm... I'm totally freaking out.


We're law students. Type-a.

We don't know how to sit on our hands and do nothing.

So just give me something to do.

I can't.

Why not?

'Cause there's nothing left to do.

I didn't mean that.

You did.

[Voice breaking] We're gonna get caught.

You're not. Okay?

Come here.

[Sniffles] don't.



Just because I'm upset doesn't mean I need you to comfort me.

I'm fine.

Am I at least allowed to stand here, comfort you that way?


Sources tell us police are nearly finished testing all the foliage from Sam Keating's remains.

They are confident that this new information will lead them closer to solving the Professor's murder.

Specifically, they are hoping that this new evidence will help them narrow down a wooded area where Sam Keating's body was burned.

Police believe that pinpointing that burn site will help them not only gather evidence...

But also find and arrest the Professor's murderer.

Sam's M.E. report says his skull was crushed with a heavy object.

Most likely made of metal.

I always wondered why the scales went missing the same time he disappeared.

The report also says they found carpet fibers.

Something terrible's happened.

Annalise: Bonnie! Is that you?

Yes. I'm coming.

And the debris they found, I'm sure the tests will eventually lead them to the woods behind campus.

You're not going to get away with this, Annalise.

Not if you keep avoiding the police.

Hannah's smart.

She loves Sam too much not to solve this.

And I know why you want to protect them, but they're sneaking off all the time to talk.

You didn't do this. They did.

Don't let them ruin you.

Annalise: Trust me.

I got you into this, and it's my job to get you out of it.

Let me help you.

Because if you do, I promise you will get away with this.

But the odds are better with me.

Without me, you go to prison.

[Sniffles, sighs]

I need you right now.

[Knock on door]

We found some evidence in the woods.

It's time you talk to us, Annalise.

Okay. Let me get my coat.

Bryce: And after your fight with Sam, what did you do? Where did you go?

I went to Nate Lahey's apartment, where I spent an hour or so.

And following?

Following that, I went home.

Is there anyone who can corroborate this claim?

No one was at home when I returned, and the only thing to support my claim are the two phone calls I made...

One to my husband, who didn't answer, and the other to my associate, Bonnie Winterbottom, when I started to worry that Sam wasn't at home.

You recognize this?

[Door opens]

Connor: Oh. We're all here!


Should make it easy for the cops to round us up.

Rebecca: I just talked to my friend whose brother's a cop.

Apparently they found a ring in the woods.

That's why they brought Annalise in for questioning.

[Breathing heavily]


And so it begins.

Bryce: So, you recognize this ring?

Of course I do.

I gave it to my husband on our wedding day.

Any idea why we found it in the woods?

I'm on it.

Of course I don't know how it got there.


There was also a fingerprint on the ring.

Do you know who it belongs to?

We're giving you an opportunity to come clean here, Annalise.

I don't need to tell you the benefits of helping us do this the easy way.

Detective, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Why don't you tell me whose fingerprint it is?

[Pounding on door]

Nate Lahey, you're under arrest for the murder of Sam Keating.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

[Indistinct shouting]

[Camera shutters clicking]

I suppose you'll claim he didn't tell you he'd done it.

That this was all some kind of surprise for you.

Whatever the case, I do know he did it for you, and my brother is dead because of you.

You dragged him down into the gutter, Annalise...

Just like everyone else in your life.

Reporter: An arrest has been made in the death of middleton university Professor Sam Keating.

The suspect in question, former Philadelphia police detective Nate Lahey, who has been romantically linked to Annalise Keating, the wife of the murder victim.

Detective Lahey was let go from the Philadelphia police...

She did this.

Though sources say Lahey's...


Will in no way affect treatment...

How did she do this?

As a suspect going forward.

Does it matter?

Authorities are not releasing...

She's doing what she said she'd do.

But we're told this arrest comes after the discovery of incriminating physical evidence...

She's taking care of us.

Physical evidence found in the wooded area...







I need you.