06x11 - The Reckoning

Previously on "How To Get Away With Murder"...

And then Uncle Clyde came out of your room, and I knew what he had done.

Sometimes you got to do what you got to do... even if all you've got is a long match.

I did everything I could to help your father.

And you failed.

My pops was murdered because of you.

- Stay the hell back.
- Time you finally paid for that.

I need you here right now.

- What's wrong?
- Asher's here.

[WHISPERING] He turned.

LANFORD: Admit that you did all of it because you were under the influence of Annalise Keating, and you'll get five years.

- TEGAN: Where's Annalise?
- BONNIE: She's gone.

That's why I'm here to see if you helped her disappear like you did Laurel.

I'm only signing if you agree to one more term.

The terms are only valid if they apply to Connor and myself.

Agent Lanford. You find Annalise Keating yet?

MAN: Annalise Keating?

- Seras extraditado de regreso a los Estados Unidos en nombre del FBI.





Someone needs to take care of the baby.








I'm gonna protect you!

- [ECHOING] ... protect you.

I'm here for you.


OPHELIA: What's the matter?

It's just a dream. [EXHALES SHARPLY]

You were yelling about some baby.

Just go back to sleep, Mama.


Are you awake?

TEGAN: It's : a.m.

What the hell you think?

You wouldn't be able to sleep with an old woman in your bed either.

How's she doing?

Great, considering I almost threw her over the balcony a few times.

That's one way to finally get charged with murder.

JUDGE VITKAY: This is the arraignment in Case CR ,

- the United States vs. Annalise Keating.
- _

AUSA, what are the charges?

Ms. Keating entered Mexico with a passport under a false name.

The government charges her with one count of possession of a false identification document and the related charge of passport forgery.

That's it?

Yes, Your Honor.

Ms. Keating, do wish to enter a plea at this time?

Not guilty, Your Honor, and I'd like to request release on my own recognizance.

By definition, this crime makes Ms. Keating a flight risk.

We thereby forego bail and ask that the court place her on house arrest, pending trial.

I have an elderly mother who has dementia, who requires my assistance outside the home, Your Honor.

You and I both know how much worse these charges could've been, Ms. Keating.

What if I countersue for suppression of evidence, argue that the government's been hiding my real charges behind the passport fraud?

Or you can take a moment to think before poking the bear.

I do better when I'm on the attack.

What about motioning for a Bill of Particulars?

The particulars being a list of charges that can get you put away for life?

Well, at least I'd be able to prepare a defense instead of watching my mother watch stories all day.

You want my opinion as your lawyer or your friend?

I don't want to get you any more involved in this Hell.

"He who represents himself has a fool as a client".

Aw, Abraham Lincoln never met a lawyer as good as me when he said that.


But I'm here if you need me.

Like I'd be calling your ass at : a.m. if I didn't already know that.

Okay, I'm gonna be your friend, and I'mma let you sleep.

I'm awake now.

Aw, good night.

- Good night.







I need those.

Anna Mae!

This ain't no spell.

This is your mama knowing you ain't sleeping right, all stressed out.

Next thing you know, you'll be sucking down alcohol out of everything in this place.

Mama, I haven't had a drink in five months.

Let's keep it that way, honey.

You know what?

I came up with a brainstorm this morning.

How 'bout we buy you a cat and we take that ankle bracelet and put it on that thing and you go on about your business?


Great idea.

- Got a better one? Where is it?
- Yeah.

Let me see it.

My plan starts with calling up Celestine to come back here and take you home.

[CHUCKLES] That's not gonna happen, honey.

- Because I'm here to take care of you.



I knew that would do the trick.

- Mm-hmm.




Cookies for breakfast?

Asher's snickerdoodles!

If we can't go to the funeral,

I figure we honor him by doing stuff he likes.


Yes, we're in Hell, but let's just eat cookies for breakfast until we get out.

- Ooh, God.
- Ugh. Oh, God.

- Sorry.
- What is that?

I think I used too much baking soda.

I'll start over.

He hasn't called. I checked like two minutes ago.

You want Lanford to call?

Well, you know, just to let us know what we're supposed to do here.

Thought you were just supposed to sit tight and wait for the trial.

You mean the trial that they still haven't set a date for, thereby giving Annalise more time to figure out we took a deal?

Annalise isn't gonna figure it out.

- Okay, she might figure it out.
- Thanks for the comfort.

Look, I'm just saying the FBI isn't gonna let anything bad happen to us after what happened to Asher.

I'll shut up now.

- Thank you.
- There you go.

ANNALISE: Any word on Michaela or Connor?

Not a peep.

Guilty as hell, right?

Alright. Here's my plan.

- We file a Bill of Particulars with the judge.
- Bill of what?

It'll force the AUSA to reveal all the charges that they plan to bring against me.

Tegan can help you if you need it.

You're talking to Tegan about your case?

She's on our side, right?

- She helped Laurel disappear.
- I trust her.

You also trusted the kids. Now look.


If you want out, I'll understand.


Whatever crap the FBI's got on you, they've got on us, too.

We're gonna beat this.

I'll file the bill with the judge right away.

You going to Asher's funeral?


He did this to himself.


I got her.



Chloe. Asher's sister?

I stopped by to get a few of his things to put up at the funeral.

I assume you're not going?


What killer wants to go to his victim's funeral?

Hey, I had nothing to do with this.

Then why did you lie to the FBI?

- You're mistaken.
- Really? Am I?


Asher called me from this phone before he was killed.

Give me one damn reason why I shouldn't think it was you.



What the hell?

I'm fine. Just... I-I need your phone.

- For what?
- It's an emergency.

- Give me your phone.
- No.

Wait. I'll pay you $ , for it.

- Whose blood is that?
- It's mine, okay?

I-I took shrooms, I fell down, I hit my head.

You can ask Peyton. She saw us all out.

Now, please, please give me your phone.

Okay, just... stay.


Wait. [SIGHS]

First, tell me if what I saw on the news was true.


Did Wes kill Sam on his own?

- I-I have no idea.
- Then bye.

Look, okay, okay. I-I wasn't there when any of it happened, but I was there after, and Wes is not the kind of guy who could kill someone.

So, he had help.

I wasn't there, but, yeah, I think so.

- From Annalise?
- I don't know. Please, please, your phone.

Thank you. Here.

No, you're clearly high.
There's no way I'm taking that.

Collateral until you get your phone back.


- CHLOE: Whoever this is, stop calling.

- Chloe, it's me.
- Asher? Whose number is this?

Look, I need you to come pick me up right now.

- I can't.
- Chloe, what...

I'm in Atlantic City.

They found out, okay?

Michaela, Connor, Oliver, they found out.



Swear on Dad's grave you didn't tell them.

No, I just... Michaela asked, and I couldn't lie.

- Idiot.
- Just worried that the...that the FBI won't go through with the deal now.

- They have to.
- No, the deal is contingent on me getting them evidence that they can use at trial.

I haven't given them that.


It's gonna be fine.

I'll call a car to come get you right now.

It's graduation night. It's gonna...

- It's gonna take forever.
- Just stay there.

I'll text you at this number when the car arrives, okay?

[SIGHS] Okay.


And you're not an idiot, at least not more than me.

- Love you.

Why did you lie to the FBI?

I didn't. I-I just didn't think they needed to know.

My brother's dead, and my mother's probably gonna kill herself, too.

I will waterboard you to get the truth.

The FBI framed me for terrorism last year, so they're not exactly people I trust.

Do I look like a moron?

I can show you court transcripts if you want.

He was informing against Annalise Keating.

We both know she has something to do with this.

Well, hope the FBI buys that story.

Just... don't say anything, okay?


The FBI's who told me Asher used your phone.

I'm just surprised I'm the one who got to break the news.

BONNIE: Asher looked out for himself, just like Connor and Michaela are now.

Why aren't we?

We need a plan, Frank.

You mean a plan that doesn't just involve you and me.


What if Laurel comes back and says all the things that you've ever wanted to hear?


I'll choose you.

But you got to choose me, too.

You and Annalise have a bond I'd never want to get between.

You two don't?


When it's all over, it's you for me.

But I don't know who it is for you, and that's okay.

She's the only reason we're still here, Bon.

You know that, too.



Stop snooping.

Who's Robert?

No one.

And I just got word that the judge wants to see me.

Because of that Bill of Peculiarities?

Keep eavesdropping on my private conversations, Mama.

I dare you.

Well, what you gonna do, kick me out? Huh?

That would be just another bad decision you're making.

Only bad decision I've made is you letting you come.

I mean, who are you entrusting your business to?

That Bonnie and Clyde team are shady.

They have my back, Mama.

And what happened to Nathaniel?

Nate is the last person who's gonna help me out of this mess.

Well, frankly, sweetheart,

I think you need to get yourself a lawyer.

Mama, I'm the best lawyer I know.

How 'bout that lesbian friend that you went to law school with?

Her name is Eve, Mama.

And we were more than just friends.


You mean that you were...

Before Sam.

That's why I went into therapy.


That's my ride.

Anna Mae.

Oh, Miss Ophelia.

- So good to see you!
- Mm-hmm.

I'll be back in an hour, Mama.

- Love the sweater, Miss O.



But better, right?


What are you doing?

MICHAELA: It's happening.

What is?

The reckoning.

I just got off the phone with my lawyer.

Annalise filed a motion to get a list of her future charges.

- So?
- If Annalise wins, she'll know she's getting charged for Sam.

The only testimony to support that would have to come from the people who were there.

Disclosing details of an open investigation isn't necessary until an indictment.

Half of Philly thinks I murdered my husband because of what the FBI let slip to the press.

That itself is an indictment.

Ms. Keating, DOJ guidelines give the AUSA leeway over if and when to add charges to your case, so even if I agreed with your claim, legally...

The law dictates you agree with her, Judge.

I'm sorry, are you part of Ms. Keating's legal team?

Yes. Ms. Price is my co-counsel.

Well, I don't have that name anywhere in my paperwork.

It's getting filed today.

Until then, the United States v. Rosa allows you to force the AUSA to reveal future charges when a defendant might face prejudicial surprise at trial.

AUSA MONTES: What surprise?

Ms. Keating seems very sure additional charges are coming.

Only because of the public lynching the FBI has given me in the press.

Your Honor... the government is deliberately hiding its real case to deprive me of my Fifth Amendment right to due process.

Now, if Ms. Montes needs a review of that law,

I'm sure one of my students can tutor her.



We make a good team!

You got to give me that.

I'll admit it if I win my motion.

"I" win or "we" win?

You're hired.

Ooh. Finally!



Just this once.


First order of business, you've got to entertain my mother.

I'd be honored.


You taking a nap?





Maybe she just went out for a walk?

Celestine's gonna kill me.


- ♪♪


GABRIEL: Asher! It's Gabriel.
Give me my phone!

I need a few more minutes. Go away.








It's me.

Uh, this isn't what I wanted to have happen.

But I just have to say this.


My assistant said you had an urgent matter.

Yeah, um, Asher borrowed this from me the night he died.


Chloe Millstone tell you?

Does it matter?

I brought it here, okay? So just take it.

I assume you deleted anything incriminating that might explain why you need a second phone.

Your agents have a history of framing me for crimes that I didn't commit, so can't be too careful.

Then let's talk about the acts of violence you've committed against Asher in the past... the courthouse fistfight you instigated, for example.

- Aah!
- Just stop!

Asher borrowed my phone.

That was the last time that I saw him until I found his body and I called .


Let's amend your statement.

Did you check the security footage?

I don't care if you just got on duty.

Just check every damn tape.

Doorman didn't see her leave, and I knocked on every door I could.

This is stupid.

- Your monitor! Annalise!
- It's my damn mother.

The judge can kiss my ass.

What is it?




She's here. Don't worry.

Why didn't you call me?

She just showed up.

Tell her I had one of my spells.

- Bull, Mama!
- We're all good.

We're all good. I'll drive her to you now.

And, Nate, thank...

Let's get you home.

Not until you explain yourself.

I mean, how dare you not stand by Anna Mae after all she's done for you, Nathaniel.

Miss Ophelia, if I may, there's a lot more to the story

- than you know.
- Oh.

There's a lot more to every story, like how Anna Mae had the chance to turn against you last Christmas.

I mean, the FBI even offered her a deal to turn you in, which she didn't take.

You know why?

'Cause she cared for you, Nathaniel.

Your daughter made her own bed.

She fought the Supreme Court for your daddy.

And I know you miss him, but you taking your pain out on Anna Mae isn't the answer.

That is not what's going on.

That's exactly what's going on.

It's written all over your face, the guilt.

You're guilty because you're wrong, and you know you're wrong.


With all due respect, the person you should be talking to about all this isn't me.

It's Annalise.


You think being so big makes you tough?

Then why don't stop acting like a hurt little boy?


ASHER: ♪ I don't need no teacher ♪

♪ You come on our turf, we be like, "Bye, Felicia" ♪

♪ "Bye, Felicia" ♪

♪ "Bye, Felicia" ♪

♪ You come on our turf, we be like, "Bye, Felicia" ♪

- What if the deal was a mistake?
- Connor, don't.

- We agreed to a lie.

I don't even know how it happened.

It happened because we finally made a good choice.

- Or we panicked and got played.
- No.

We're just doing what we should've done three years ago when we tried to go to the police after Sam.

And who stopped us?


By promising she wouldn't let us get caught.

And guess what?

We got caught.

We're finally being smart.

I'm not gonna feel bad about that.

NATE: She okay?

She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Guess you got what you wanted.

Giving you a chance to gloat.

It's not something I do often.

Your mother already read me pretty good.

I want to feel bad for you... but I don't.


Next time you leave, get some home care.


OPHELIA: I think I got through to Nathaniel.

I pulled his coattail on a few things.

Mama, you know I can take care of myself, right?

- Hmm?
- Nate or any man is not the answer to my problems.

I'm the answer to my problems.

Then why are you always in trouble with the law, Anna Mae?

I'm sorry.

Are you?

I just think sometimes you might be a little confused.

Me or you?

I mean, just 'cause you've been burned by some men, it doesn't mean you write them all off and you go to lady town.


Anna Mae, be honest. Are you a lesbian?

[SIGHS] I don't know.

How do you not know?

You either like ladies, or you don't.

Well, like you said, I'm confused.

You know, I worry... this is all because of Clyde.

I've seen it happen... a woman gets messed with and doesn't want anything to do with a man after that.

I don't think it's that simple, Mama.

Remember all those boys I caught you with in high school, hmm?

Then comes Solomon, Sam, Nathaniel.

Maybe those men were just me running away from being different, Mama.

Look where it got me... right back where I was when you grounded me for messing with all those boys, trapped at home with my mother.


Did you love her, Anna Mae?



I did.

And she loved me.

I was just scared.



Do you want to make out?

Grief s*x is a thing for a reason.

- MICHAELA: I'm coming in.


My lawyer called again.
Annalise won her motion.

She's gonna know it's us.

Witness intimidation of Simon Drake.

Murder in the first degree of Emily Sinclair.

Murder in the first degree of Rebecca Sutter.

Everything from Operation Bonfire.

Everything from the last three years, all stemming from this... murder in the first degree of Sam Keating.

Asher couldn't have given them that.

Exactly. The little bitches turned.

Can I go rip their heads off now?


We're gonna play nice.


Annalise asked to see us. What do we do?

You go see her.

No, she probably knows that Connor and I took a deal.

Yeah, isn't this when we go into Witness Protection?

Keating's elderly mother is in town. You'll be fine.

OLIVER: No one is going over there.

Connor agreed to testify at the trial. That's all.

Incorrect, Oliver.

Your husband will tell you that clause -c of his deal

requires continued cooperation...

same for Ms. Pratt and, frankly, same for you, if you don't want this blowing up on them.


What excuse they give?

They're coming in an hour.


I guess I just had to say this so that you could understand... or at least try.

Just don't hate me.






Thank God.

Where have you been? I called you like times.





ASHER: [WEAKLY] No. Please don't.







- VIVIAN: It's Vivian. Hit me at the beep.
- [BEEP]

Hey, Ma.


I need you.


OPHELIA: Well, nobody wants sandwiches?

They're peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

[CHUCKLING] I made 'em myself.

Unh-unh? Don't want nothing to eat?

Well, Anna Mae got a swing set outside.

Maybe you want to go out there and play a little bit, hmm?


Maybe you want to get some rest?

Why you always shoving me off someplace?

I don't want to go to bed.

- It's not... It's too early.
- Yeah.

That was an act, right?

- She has dementia.

Or Annalise wants to play the guilt card.


She has her good days and bad.

She's not the only one.

I'm sorry about Asher.

Are you?

Okay. Is this why you're here?

To blame me for everything once again?

Look, you told us to come. We came.

Now that we're here, just tell us.

Was it you? Did you kill Asher?

- Connor...
- I can fight my own battles, Oliver.

Asher turned on all of us, not just me.

So, at some point, you may want to turn on me next.

Tell us why we shouldn't.

Because then I'll turn on you, and then I'm gonna have to tell the world the truth, that all I've ever done is try to save you from your own mistakes.

I don't think that's an accurate representation

- of the last few years.
- Say more, Oliver.

Okay, if you were really trying to save us from our own mistakes, then why did you take off to Mexico without telling us?

Oh. Oh, okay. Is that what you're upset about?

We're upset about a lot right now.

I ran away because I was scared and dumb and I wasn't thinking straight.

And that's why I was caught... that and your father.


He didn't tell you that he ratted me out to the FBI?

Okay, what...

What's the plan here?

We just wait until we get arrested, too?

Or are you gonna sell us out before your trial?

No, I'm not gonna sell you out, because then I'll look like a fool for protecting you.

Do I seem like a fool to you?

And if we can't trust each other, what do we have?

They turned, lied right to my face... and badly.


[WHISPERING] You can't be surprised that they finally chose themselves.

I never said I was.

You've been protecting them for all these years.

And you.

So, I'm the same as them to you?

Where were you that night?

You mean the night that you left without telling me?

I came back for you, Bonnie.

Stop the car. Turn around.

- Bonnie, open up!

Bonnie, wake up!


I went to your apartment to tell you that Asher was the informant.

Up until that night, he... he had never lied to me.

I know, but you found out what he was doing.

And I know what you've done before.


It wasn't me.


I believe you.

I do.



I get Annalise Keating's your white whale, but you and I both know

I'll knock out half these charges pretrial, so let's cut some now and not waste time.

I assure you we have evidence for every charge against Ms. Keating.

Computer trespass and hacking?

Have you seen this woman type?

She directed others to do it.

Ethnic intimidation?

I think you have that one backwards.

And this here, "aggravated arson".

Annalise's house burnt down because of a gas explosion.

That's an official ruling.

It's true, except you have the wrong house.

Looks like someone needs to brush up on her client's whole history.

They're alleging a pattern of arson based on the fire that burnt down your childhood home.

That's insane.

Unless you did it.

Was little Anna Mae a fire starter?



If there's anything you need to tell me, now is the time.

It wasn't me.

But you know who it was?

What matters is who gave the FBI the article.


Who is it?


I could've given them these.

Denver files?

You told me you destroyed these already.


Nate must've already handed over copies of the files to the FBI.

Why would he do that?

To cut his own deal.

That S.O.B.

Nathaniel ain't worth one tear, you hear me?

I know.

I'm sorry I told you to protect him.

I thought he was better than that.

What man is ever better than that?

It ain't just men you're mad at, baby.

Let's not go through this again.

Because the person you're most mad at,

I'm afraid, is me.

Clyde happened because I left you all alone in that house so much.

Clyde did that to me, Mama, not you.

But where was I?

You were working two jobs because Daddy left us.

You're not hearing me, Anna Mae.

That baby in your dream you keep trying to get to, huh?

It's you.

You never felt protected as a little girl, and now, all these years later, you still think you only have you to lean on.

No wonder you're exhausted.

I'm just doing what I wish someone would do for me.


You're trying to be the parent you felt you did not have.

No, Mama. Listen.

This is not your fault.

It doesn't matter whose fault it is, but Nathaniel, those students, they're not your children, and you are not their mother.

The only one you need to protect from now on is you, Anna Mae.


They don't like it, send them Mama's way.

I'll teach 'em... and good.


Bless your heart.


MICHAELA: It smells like him.

In a good way or a bad way?

In a sad way.


Should we answer it?


GABRIEL: I can hear you through the door.

We're mourning our friend. Go away.

What, you all know how to pick locks now?

We used Laurel's key, idiot.

Why would Laurel have a key?

Because she lived here before Asher.


Okay, is this just your way of deflecting blame for whatever you did to Asher?



I know from personal experience that you are not a hard sleeper, so maybe I should go to the FBI and tell them that.

Wait. Is Laurel back?

No. Why?

Nothing. Um, uh, I'mma leave you be.


That was weird, right?




Agent Lanford, I need to amend my statement.


Look, I think I know who killed Asher.

- How?
- I saw her do it.


... record saying anything ac...

I-I think we should call .

MICHAELA: Then call them!

Um, I think it was the mushrooms.

Wait! Wait, wait.



- I'm so sorry.
- Are you okay?


Laurel Castillo.


[SIGHS] I should've known.


Nate told me he was done with all of us.

Yeah, he told me that, too.

I didn't think he had it in him.

He's not gonna have much left in him once I get done.

Don't go near him.

He can't know that we know.



Save yourselves.


Listen, I was gonna leave you, so go, disappear.

We're saying no...

... because it's always been the three of us.


They want to come after me, call me an arsonist?

Well, they better get ready because we're gonna burn every last one of those mother... down.



- What's wrong now?

My Tech found something I thought you'd like to see.

Check your e-mail.


I'm gonna open it.


It's me.

This isn't what I wanted to happen.

But I just have to say this.

I'm not sorry for what I did.

I chose my family, and maybe that makes me a schmuck or soft, but I love them.

And I love you guys, too.

I mean that, which is why I need you to hear me loud and clear here.

You've all lost who you are.

I can say that because it happened to me, too.

We all got caught up in something much bigger than us.

But you all still have good in you.

And, Connor...

[SIGHS] I mean, I thought gay dudes were weird 'til I met you.

Then you make the awesome decision to marry Oliver?

You two taught me what real love looks like.

[SIGHS] And Michaela.

Oh, Michaela.

I love you so much.

I always will.

That's why I asked you to marry me tonight, not as some stupid way to protect us, but because I love you...

... so much so that I hoped I could save you from all the bad stuff that's gonna happen.


♪ Do you realize... ♪

Thank God.

Where have you been? I called you like times.

It doesn't matter. I'm here now.

ANNALISE: Who are you?

Isn't this the penthouse?

Send me a copy of the Winterbottom file tonight.

No problem.

Hey, how'd they find out?

I told them.

Don't yell at me. Just get me out of here.

Okay. Where do you want to go?

[SIGHS] Home to my mom.

Let's go.


Got to return something to my neighbor first.


♪ Do you realize... ♪

You'll wait here?


♪ ... everyone... ♪



I just want you to move past this and get the future that you deserve...


- ... the future we all deserve...
- You... No.


... and the future we came to law school for, the future where we get to be the people that make the world a better place.








Because I still think you can all be those good people.

You can all still make the right decision.

And I'm here to help you do that.

Just do what's right because... because I promise you, you will feel so much better when you do.

I-I guess I just wanted to tell you all this so that you could understand... or at least try.

Just... don't hate me.

- Here.

To Asher.

Uh, I never really said this to you, and I guess it's... kind of too late, but, uh, thanks for being fun and funny

[CHUCKLES] and, um, all the baking and dancing and... and bad jokes and for just being a cornball.

You made the Hell that is our lives bearable, and I...

[SNIFFLES] I didn't realize how much I needed you until you were gone, so...

Uh, someone else say something.

We love you, Asher.

- So much.
- Cheers.


GABRIEL: Hey. Guys, open up.

- Are you kidding me? Go away.
- Stop stalking us!

GABRIEL: I know who killed Asher.


What'd you say?

I know who killed Asher.

Laurel Castillo.


Who you calling?

My lead agent on this case.

Get me Agent Pollock in here.



AGENT POLLOCK: Heard you wanted to see me?

Mr. Maddox, this is Special Agent Pollock, Asher's point person here at the bureau.

Gabriel here thinks he saw Millstone's killer.



ASHER: No, please don't...




It was the FBI.