02x13 - Athelstan's Journal Loyalty (webisode)

[solemn vocal music]

Fever Ray: ♪ If I had a voice, I would sing ♪

Athelstan voiceover: Loyalty, the lifeblood of this place.

This is a personal combat.

[crowd yelling]

Athelstan voiceover: Whole empires have fallen in the name of loyalty.

But new empires built on loyalty will rise from the ashes to take their place.

Hail Earl Ragnar!

all: Hail, Earl Ragnar!

Athelstan voiceover: For as long as the loyalty that built them remains unbroken...

I swear to be true to you, your wife, and your family.

There is no need for you to swear.

You have already paid a heavy price for your loyalty to me.

Nevertheless, I will swear, brother.

How will we ever be equal now? family...

I'm with child again.

Athelstan voiceover: Common intent...

You were once married to an earl.

Would you not like to be married to another one?

Athelstan voiceover: A shared enemy...

Aethelwulf: It seems they intend to stay here a while as scavengers, little more than beasts.

We must be able to outthink them.

You see them up there?


What are we waiting for?

Ragnar: Until the odds are in our favor.

man: We're being attacked.

Athelstan voiceover: And inspired leadership always wins the hearts of men.

Ragnar: Who are you?

Aethelwulf: I'm Lord Aethelwulf, brother of King Aelle.

Yet you lead his army.


Ragnar: Shall we go visit the king?

[Aelle claps hands]

What do you want for the safe return of my brother and for leaving my kingdom?

£2,000 in gold and silver.

What did he say?

How much?


[people whispering]

Aelle: I agree to the terms.

But first I desire that either you or one of your companions agrees to be baptized into our faith.

That way, I can make peace with a friend and fellow Christian and not an enemy.

man: How will you ever get Odin to forgive you now?

Athelstan voiceover: Most surprising of all is the loyalty born of kindness.

I want to serve you.

Lagertha: If it's really what you want, I accept your offer.


Athelstan voiceover: Carefully nurtured, it is a currency beyond riches.

Carelessly tended, it is a torch to the fire of vengeance.

man: They're empty!

[men yelling]

Aelle: I swear before God Almighty I declare war eternal on the Northman Ragnar Lothbrok.