13x24 - Family First

Gibbs: Previously on NCIS...

Morrow's dead.

Jessica Terdei, she was with Fornell when he got shot.

Prep him for surgery!

Is he gonna be okay?

Clayton Reeves. MI6.

This FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe.

Jacob's already killed former Director Morrow, MI6 Chief Terdei.

Where's Jacob?

Boss, he's in the Navy Yard.

I'm being set up for those murders.

Jacob's telling the truth.

I think someone used Jacob's file to create a fake print.

Kort was the one selling secrets to the Russians, not Jacob.

Tony: Kort disappeared right after he learned about Ziva. He may know about Eli's files.

He's running. I can guess where he's going.


McGee: Boss, look at this.

Reporter: The house previously belonged to Mossad Director Eli David.

Isn't that...

Where Ziva's supposed to be staying.

The blast occurred just hours ago in this tiny Israeli village on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

The farmhouse belonging to the former Mossad Director, the late Eli David, was the apparent target of mortar fire just before midnight.

Several terror groups have already claimed responsibility.

More like a one-man terror group.

Where's Trent Kort?

No word, Gibbs. All previous means of locating or contacting Trent Kort have been disconnected.

None of his former CIA people, no GPS to track, nothing, Boss. It's like he fell of the grid.


Still no Ziva.

I tracked down Adam Eshel in Belgium.

He, uh, hasn't spoken to her in over a year, but he was pretty sure she was staying at her father's old house.

And, uh, we are just receiving late word of a possible survivor being pulled from the rubble.

No identity as yet, as rescuers continue to dig.

A survivor.

I can't stay here.

We know that.

If that's Ziva, I got to go.

We know. McGee, get him a plane.

It's already booked.

The plane leaves for Tel Aviv in four hours.

Boarding pass is in your inbox.

What are you waiting for?



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Family First
Original Air Date on May 17, 2016

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What is really surprising about this attack... (knocking on door) .. is that it would...

(door closes)

I got Mossad to confirm that Ziva's been residing at the farm house, Gibbs.

That's all that they were willing to share.


No surprise.

Still no sign of Kort, huh?

We'll find him.

After this bombing, he could've easily crossed over to Egypt, Jordan.

Any help from Interpol?

Agent Monroe's got a contact there.

Knows of a safe house that Kort used in the past in Budapest.

It's worth checking out.

Doctor: Good news is we'll be moving your father out of the ICU in the next day or two.

He gave us all quite a scare but fought hard.

He managed to clear that first hurdle beautifully.

And the bad news?

Second hurdle?

I won't lie, he's got a long road ahead.

The bullet narrowly missed his spine but still caused significant nerve damage.

Are you saying he's paralyzed?

Nothing permanent.

We anticipate problems with his right arm and leg.

He faces extensive rehab, and they'll be tough times ahead, I'm afraid.

(sighs) Been there, done that.

Nothing he can't handle.


I got to get this, excuse me.

Uh, hope I'm not interrupting.

Gibbs, you haven't answered your cell phone for a couple of days and your coworkers said you'd be here.


Here I am.

So, um, how you holding up?

Okay then, how are you holding up?

Uh, Emily, isn't it?

I'm Grace.

Not great, Grace, to be honest.

Who is this now? A girlfriend?

Head shrinker.


I'm not here to shrink anyone's head.

Though I am very sorry for what you're going through.

If there's anything I can do...

Well, actually, there is.

There is?

Well, yeah. If we're gonna catch the guy who did this, I would rather you not be alone.

Uh, you mind sticking around?

What? No. I-I don't even know her.

I don't know you either, sweetie, so we have that in common.



Look at those beauties.

Your handy work, Popeye?

They're not done yet.

We ran out of polish.

Hey, I can go get you some more.

Is that "Flamingo Drag?"

"Watermelon Pie."

You would do that?

What, to kick those up a notch?

Hey, why don't we both go?

We'll grab some more colors, a couple of lattes, and then we'll come right back.

(quietly): You can trust her.

(in normal voice): I do.

(sighs) Okay.

Give me a second.


Wow. You trust me.

I owe you.

I'll bill you.


You asked and I came.

Plus, I'm well versed in teenage girls.

I was once one myself.


Well, she's a lot more than that.

I wish you luck.

I think you're gonna need it.

Mm-hmm. Thanks.

And you're welcome.

Gibbs: Hey, where you been?

Well, I considered getting a massage, but I can't find my neck.


Tell me about it.

You find Kort?

I'm still waiting on my guys from across the pond.

They don't work quite as fast as we do.

For good reason.

You want speed or do you want accuracy?


Where's Agent DiNozzo?

Headed to Israel.

His plane leaves in a few hours.

What is it, Director?

I just got a call...

(voice breaking): from Tel Aviv.

You'll want to sleep on the plane, son.

I can give you a little something that works for me.

That's all right.

I'm not gonna sleep, Dad.

Look, it's gonna be fine, Junior.

You do know that, right?

No, actually, I don't.


I guess it's better to be prepared, but I've got this feeling...

The feeling of what? The feeling that she's still alive?

So do I.

But I don't know that she's still alive.

And nobody knows anything, so what's the point in feeling anything at all?

I didn't mean to make things worse.

Listen, I know you're trying to help, and I appreciate it, but I'm a wreck.

You're a rock, son.


That'll be my ride.

You finish, I'll get it.

Thanks, Dad.


I'm on the run, I got...

Hey, Tony.

McGee: We, uh...

Vance got a call.


(softly): Ziva.

(bags thump)

(voice breaking): Are we sure?

(sighs heavily)

I'm so sorry, Tony.

It's devastating.

The intensity of the fire reduced most of the farmhouse to ashes.

Makes no sense.

Just when you think she'd finally found peace at home.


Well, life rarely ends the way we imagine.

Yeah, Ziva, she would've, she would've gone out swinging, you know?

You know, just fighting till her last breath.

Instead of ambushed in her sleep by some coward with a mortar launcher.

Hey, how's Tony?

Uh, about how you'd expect.

Anything we can do for him?

He made one request.

That we do what Ziva would do.

Find Trent Kort.

And kill him.

(computer chimes)

Here it is, Dr. Mallard MI6 is finally giving us permission to perform Director Terdei's autopsy.

Then let us make haste, Mr. Palmer.

Perhaps she can point us towards Kort.

Wherever he may slither.

(sighs): Okay.

What are you doing here?

What am I doing?

What are you doing?

What are we doing?

Is anybody here?

Oh, DiNozzo.

What do we know? What are the facts?

'Cause we don't assume, we verify.

Do we know she's dead?

'Cause if we know she's dead, we're gonna get him.

Yeah, she's dead, and we will get Kort.

Us. Not you.

Oh, yes, me!

We've lost agents before, haven't we?

And when we do, (pounding) it's all hands on deck!

She's more than an agent to you.

She was a daughter to you.

She was a sister to McGee and Abby, and...

She was no more to me than anybody.

Well, that's not true.

Yes, it is!

And why are you following me?

Come back home, Junior.


(softly): I can't.


You need time.

I need to know what happened.

You need to breathe.

I'll breathe when Trent Kort is dead.

Senior: But not like this.

Just for tonight.

Get your bearings, son.

Listen to him.

He's right.


Or go for good.



I'm not asking.

We got this.

(breathing heavily)

Sorry, Tess. We've got friends surveilling possible hideouts from Brussels to Turkey, all the way to the Russian border.

Officer Kohl, we're way past surveillance at this point.

You want Kort taken dead or alive?

We'd actually prefer if you tagged him and released back into the wild.

No need for sarcasm, MI6.

Just a little bit jet-lagged, Interpol.

Find him.

What, Monroe?

Well, I'm just wondering, maybe Kort's not over there at all.

What if he's still here?

And he outsourced the hit?

McGee said he was smart.

Smart enough to keep his hands clean?

Assassins for hire everywhere.

Out to make a quick dollar.

We find our killer, we find Kort.

Yeah, but how?

NSA chatter.

Yeah, Kort and anything to do with Israel.

On it, and I'll check for wire transfers, too.

Gibbs: Congratulations.

You're now a journeyman agent.

I will carry this with tremendous pride.

(sighs heavily)

You all right, boss?

We need answers.

You know, there's something I've been thinking about a lot lately.

Something you said to me when you first hired me.

Something I never forgot.

You asked, "What happens when the best agents in the world want to accomplish something?"

"They get it done."

Damn right they do.

For Fornell.

For Ziva.

We'll get it done.

Bishop: NSA confirmed it through CIA and Homeland.

Breadcrumb trail points to Kort hiring this man to do the bombing.

Clayton: Ghazi Farsoun.

I know him.

Palestinian. Jack of all trades.

How much did Kort pay him to take out the farmhouse?


We believe this is the wire, though the names involved are fake.

That's a bargain on the black market.

Where'd the transfer come from?

D.C.-based bank.

(scoffs) Son of a bitch.

He never left.

I knew it, Kort's been in the States the entire time.

Question is, where's he hiding?

Tony, what are you doing here?

Director called me in.

Tony, I'm so sorry.

I wish there was something I could say.

Thank you, Bishop.

Tess, did you say that Trent Kort is here?

Looks that way.

Where's Gibbs? Does he know?

Upstairs. He knows.

(sighs): Okay.

McGee, catch me up after.

I want in.

You got it.

Vance: Agent DiNozzo.

Come in.

You remember Mossad Director Elbaz.


Yes, this is no time for formality.

It's good to see you, Tony, despite the sad circumstance.


Tell me you got who did this.

First, let me say how very sorry I am.

This is profound for so many people, myself included.

That's interesting.

From what I recall, you and Ziva weren't exactly BFFs.

Something about you running off with her father.

Agent DiNozzo.

Ziva and I mended many fences in recent years.

I came to consider her a dear friend, and I know she would say the same.

Friends don't let friends get hit by mortar fire.

We had no way of knowing.

You're Mossad, you know everything.

Including the fact that Kort never left the United States.

We confirmed that Trent Kort was behind the attacks, hiring Farsoun to destroy Eli David's private file.

Ziva was... an unexpected and unfortunate casualty.

And you're sure?

You haven't even finished sorting through the rubble.

Where is Farsoun now?

Every effort is being made to hunt him down, Agent Gibbs, believe me.

I'd believe you if you were still back in Israel searching, instead of standing here telling us how sorry you are.

Actually, I am here for a much more important reason.

Something far more personal.

Bring in Tali.

Wasn't that Ziva's sister?

Her namesake, yes.

Whose namesake?

You may have heard there was one survivor pulled from the farmhouse.

Her room was in a corridor not destroyed by the fire.

(door opens)

Tali... is Ziva's daughter.

And your daughter, Tony.

Orli: Poor Tali.

She cried throughout the flight, Enduring more in her last day than most people do in a lifetime.

Tony: Does she even know?

I mean, does she understand?

All she knows is that her mother has gone away.

(sighs) Ziva assured me you were the only biological possibility, in case you were wondering.

I wasn't.

But if she had any doubts, that would explain why she didn't... tell me.

No doubts.

Yes, she's the image of her mother, but the eyes are all you, Tony.

If I'd known she was pregnant, (scoffs) I would've been there in a second.

Which is precisely why she didn't tell you.

She didn't want to disrupt your life any more than she already had.

That was not her decision to make.

You know better than anyone how fiercely independent Ziva was.

She did not need a man to complete her.

She was quite comfortable and confident raising Tali on her own.

Without ever telling me.

Actually, she came to regret that decision as Tali grew, but she struggled with how to break the news.

She didn't... she knew you wouldn't be pleased.

Then she never knew me at all.

(footsteps approaching)

Is it true?

Can we see her?

What do you got, Duck?

Nothing, Jethro.

Nada. Naught. Niente.

Not a bloody thing on Terdei's body to indicate the whereabouts of Trent Kort.

Let's hope that Abby fairs better with the clothing and bullets.


You all right?

Are any of us?

I mean, it's information overload.

One could pull a muscle trying to digest it.

First, Ziva.

And now a child.

Not a typical day.

Is that really all you have to say?

Keep your eye on the ball, Duck.

Jethro, I know that Trent Kort is our primary goal, but we cannot lose sight of Anthony and the enormity of what he's going through.

We're not.


Family first, Jethro.

Great kid.

If she's as much like her mom as you say, I wish I'd met Diane.

Oh, you two together? (laughs)

That's a scary thought.

What about you, Popeye?

What about me?

Well, lots of curve balls.

Fornell is like a brother to you.

How does it feel almost losing him?

And then you have this former agent, David, is it?

DiNozzo loses a love, gains a child.

That's got to make you feel...

(scoffs) what?

I can't believe I have to resort to this. Um....

Nod if I get anywhere close.

Sad, mad, happy, scared.


Sure, what? To which feeling?

One of them? All of them?

It's not the same.

I-I don't...

You don't what?

I-I don't...

You can say it.

(clears throat)

You can say it, Gibbs.

(phone rings)

Yeah, it's Gibbs.

Yeah, Abbs.

Uh, yeah. Right there.

What's not the same? Tell me.

Tell me.


I gotta go. Thank you.


Let's run to the couch.

Run, run, run, run, run, oh. (laughs)

The old man you were with before, that's Senior.

He'll be back from the market in a little while.

Until then, we just...

Ooh, hey, I got one.

All right.


One... two... three.

Do you see it?

Oh, here's it coming!

It's coming back down to us.

(quiet scream, whooshing)



All right.


What's that?


KEH-lev... I don't know.

KEH-lev, KEH-lev.

Okay. Okay. Shh.

KEH-lev, KEH-lev.

It's okay. It's okay. KEH-lev, huh?


Is it this?


KEH-lev is your doggy.

(sighs) Well...

Thank God for the go-bag, right?

Well, your mom always packed a go-bag.

Tony, you are so...

(sighs) loved.

I lost my little sister Tali in a Hamas suicide bombing.

Gibbs: What's going on, Abbs?

Clayton is a Renaissance man, Gibbs.

Hobbyist, really.

Minor in science at the University of Birmingham.

Mostly in it for the smart women.

Abby: Um, don't worry about the radioactivity.

It's at, like, super low levels.

Radioactivity? From what?

This mud is from Kort's footprint that was found at your house.

The techs scraped it up the night that Fornell was shot.

Should I be worried?

Clayton: Again, super low levels.

Nothing a mop and soapy water won't fix.

That tells us what?

Well, it doesn't tell you anything.

It tells me that we've got some bad nuclear juju going on here.

It tested positive for isotopes.

And what does that tell you?

Well, if we can find the source of the isotopes, it might be where Kort was exposed.

And if we find where Kort was exposed...

Then we find Kort.

McGee: Now these are the nearest facilities handling nuclear material.

Two in Virginia, two in Maryland.

Let's split them up.

I'll take Bauco Point in Maryland.

I'll take Feder Power and Water.

Clayton: Hold the phones.

Isn't that what you people say?

Or is it "stop the presses"?

Keep talking, Reeves.

These nuclear sites.

We're assuming Kort's connected to one.

Is or once was, yeah.

Well, it just hit me.

We might not have the scumbag, but we have another common denominator.

Someone we know connected to all of this.

Jacob Scott.

Who's already told us everything he knows.

Why would he hold out on us now?

Maybe he doesn't know he's holding out on us.

Doesn't know all he knows.

(phone rings)

Yeah, it's Gibbs.

Great. Great news.

On my way.

Get Jacob Scott in here.

Let me know when you got something.


So yummy. Yummy.

Rough night?


Aside from the screaming, tears, (chuckles) not to mention poor Tali here.

Oh, who's poor?

All I see is happy Tali.

Smart Tali. Strong Tali.

You got to keep it positive, Tony.

It really matters.



She positively seems to have no appetite.

Well, would you?

I mean, look at these yucky jars here.

No, you got to try these organic baked yams that I brought over.

They're packed with vitamin C, natural fibers.



What are you doing to my countertop?


Y-you know, it never used to bother me, getting on a plane, or driving a car, but now that I'm responsible for another human being, I have become much more safety conscious.

And my job is not nearly as dangerous as yours is.

Hey, are you, are you coming back to work?

Of course I am. Why wouldn't I?

Oh, I don't know. I just...

Y-You're a single dad now, Tony.

And an agent in the line of fire.

Just wasn't sure you'd want to juggle.

Well, I've been juggling my whole life, Jimbo.

That's great.

You know, as long as you're happy, I am a big believer in modeling happiness.

Kids, they-they mirror so much of what they see.

In about ten years, most likely, you'll have Gibbs' job, and then you'll be happy.

And little Tali here will see that, and she's just gonna follow your lead, aren't you?

That's how that works out, right?

Did I die? This Hell?

I get a call telling me you're awake, and I get all the way down here, and you're still sleeping.

How rude of me.


It was him.

Yeah, we know.

Tobias, you look awful.

(weak laughing)

Ow. Ow.

I feel awful.

Leg's numb.

Can't move my arm.

My head is like ten hangovers.

All that matters is you're back.

You got a lot of work to do to get better.

What the hell?




(door opens)

Clayton: Jacob Scott.

Consider this your first official meal as a free man.

Chips ain't half bad.

Trent Kort.

How'd you like to help us find him?

If I knew where Kort was, I'd have tried to put him away myself.

How'd you two first meet?

It was so long ago.

Through work, I suppose.

The way you would anyone.

Interagency between CIA, MI6.

Do you recall the last assignment?

Well, countries were rebuilding their defense systems post 9/11.

Exchanging top-secret Intel.

How'd you get yours?

My contact was a man named Edgar.

Edgar what?

Don't know.

He was a-a nuke expert, contracted by DoD.

Knew which countries had nuclear capability, which didn't.

Did he know Kort?

He's the one introduced us.

Edgar was the brains.

He knew everything.

Any idea how to find him?

If he's even alive or in the States.

We never found him.

Edgar found us.

(phone rings)

Run a search for nuclear engineers with the name Edgar.

I think I can handle that.

Enjoy your Beltway Burger.

Tony: Where are we with Kort?

Well, we might have come upon his next target.

A nuclear expert.

Kort's into nukes now?

Just following a lead.

Well, that's a lead I'm interested in.

Call me when you're close.

You know I will.

We all want him.

She looks just like her mother.

What do you make of all this, Tali, huh?

Daddy taking care of you?

She doesn't know Daddy.

What do you mean?

I just met her.

And if Ziva never told me about Tali, maybe she never told Tali about me.

Were you and Ziva an item the whole time?

Timothy Farragut McGee, how indiscreet.

You know I would never kiss and tell.

Sure you would.

We had a connection.

And obviously, a very fond farewell.

(scoffs) That's unbelievable.

I loved her, Tim.

I know you did.

(phone rings)

Yeah, Abby, I'll be right there.

Something on Kort?

Don't know yet.

You'll call me?

You know I will.

McGee: All right, what did you get...


Clayton is a smarty-pants.

I thought I was a Renaissance man.

Well, you're a lot of things.

Abby, why am I here?

Turns out the isotope that we found on Gibbs' floor, isn't traditional at all.

It's experimental.

Who was doing the experimenting?

Clayton: Only one place.

Pryor Nuclear Research Facility.

Kort must've gone there to stake it out.

Abby: And look who one of their top researchers is.

Dr. Edgar Polk.

That's our man.

Kort's Edgar.

NCIS. What do you have?

Facility's on lockdown.

Two workers shot. One abducted by gunpoint.

Who was taken?

I've been directed to withhold names until the families have been notified.

Yeah, well unless you want to be reassigned to the local mall, I would reconsider that.

Is it Edgar Polk?

Do you know where they took him?

You have security cameras?


That's Kort.

And he's got Polk.

Can you zoom in on their faces?

Buddy of mine taught me how to lip-read across a crowded room.

Bishop: Okay.

Edgar's saying something about his son in Chesapeake City.

Could be where his files are stashed.

We're talking nuclear secrets from all over the world.

If Kort gets his hands on those...

McGee, go find his son's place.


Still think you could have gotten away with "pretend tea", Dad.

I don't think she would know the difference.

But I would know, Junior.

What does Daddy know about making tea, anyway?

Please don't... just don't call me that.

Why not?

Embrace it, son.

This kid is a DiNozzo all the way.

It's been a long day, and I need to take a shower.


Grab me a wipe out of her bag, will you?



Tony: Here we go. Hop on.

Getting pretty good at this. (engine revving)

What's this?

Oh, uh, I found that stuffed in the side of her bag.

I-I figured you'd seen it before.


Yeah, that's right, Tali.


W-What does that mean, "Imah"?


It means "mother", "mom".



Tali, what did you say?

Imah. Aba.



Ziva must have told her.

She knows me.

That's right, Tali.

You want to see something?

You're gonna like this.

Oh, yeah. Look.

This was Imah's.


Imah's, yeah.


Tony: This belonged to Imah, and now it's Tali's.

Come here.

There you go.

(phone rings)


Hey. You want Kort, here's your chance.

You got him.

We're about to.

I'm gonna text you his location in Chesapeake City.

Wait for us if you get there first.

Are you sure he's there?

Listen, Tony.

You wanted him, we got him.

I'm on my way.

It's the 21st century, Edgar.

There are places that will digitize old files for you.

Could've saved us the trouble.

Live and learn.

Pleasure working with you back in the day.

(muffled shouts)

(tires squealing)

Bishop: Calling the fire department.

Kort can't be far.

Fan out. Take the back.

Not waiting for Tony?

No. No. Move.

Polk could still be in here.



No one to break us up this time.



Old friends and new.

But not the one I expected.

Tony: I'm here.


I had no idea she'd be in the farmhouse.

You know that.

Do I?

It was nothing personal.

Strictly business.

It is personal.

It's Ziva.

She was my family.

Look who stopped by.

You got something on your mind?

Want to tell you why I was late today.

Well, you got there, DiNozzo.

I don't need an explanation.

I have one.

A few months ago, you asked me what I really wanted.

If I wanted to be an agent anymore.

Catch bad guys.


Now I know the answer.

I had a feeling.

The Gibbs gut.

No. You.

Seems to me, you've known for a while.

Only now, you've got a daughter to think of.

You can't only think about yourself anymore.

Evidently we have a daughter.

Me and Ziva.

Maybe she knew me better than I thought.

When McGee called, something hit me.

I got this feeling, something I'd never felt before.

In that moment, I didn't want Trent Kort dead.

All I wanted to do was take.


Everything that she had in her life was gone.

Mm-hmm. Except you.

Except me.

I'm it.

I'm everything to that little girl now.

And I've never been anybody's everything before.

But you showed up.

Yes, I did.

In all kinds of ways.

But that's it.

I'm done now.

I'm gonna take Tali to Israel, look for some answers.

Then I'm going to take her to Paris.

Ziva loves Paris.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

And you gotta believe what you gotta believe.

I'd say "thank you", but it doesn't quite cover it, boss.

You take care of yourself and your family, DiNozzo.

Copy that, boss.


Abbs. You're in early.


What's your excuse? (sighs)

I've just got a few things to take care of.

Where's Tali?


With... (chuckles) Grandpa.

Senior must be so happy.

To put it mildly.

Whoa. I've never done that before.

Hmm. How'd it feel?



I just have something I need to tell you before you go.

How do you know I'm going?

Because I'm Abby Sciuto, and I know things.

(chuckles) Why did I ask?

I know how much...

Ziva... really loved you.

And I need to know that you know that, too.

I do.

I think.


Don't think.


I know.

She told me.

I'm really gonna miss you, Anthony DiNozzo.

Not half as much as I'm going to miss you, Abby Sciuto.

I am an NCIS Special Agent.

My duty is to serve and protect the United States, and our Navy and Marine Corps, across global boundaries.

I recognize my badge is a symbol of authority and public trust.

I will live my life above reproach.

Understanding my actions reflect upon my fellow special agents and our agency.


Hey, guys.

So Gibbs talked to us.

You serious about this?

I have five words for you.

Very Special Agent Timothy McGee.

Eleanor Bishop.

You're a very good agent.

But not nearly as good as I think you one day will be.

Take care of yourself.

Where are you going first, Tony?


I'm going home to see Tali.

The MI6 Director wants a debrief in MTAC later.

Lots to explain.

Multiple agencies. Plenty of paperwork.

All about international teamwork.

Happy to help. Director can be a little bit tricky. so I wouldn't mind some back-up.

Bishop: Okay.

I'm in.

Me, too.

Yeah, you got it.

Listen up.

Grab your gear.