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17x01 - Out of the Darkness
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NCIS - 17x01 - Out of the Darkness

Previously on NCIS...

NEWSWOMAN: The farmhouse belonging what do you believe?

To the former Mossad director was the apparent target of mortar fire.

Several terror groups have already claimed responsibility.

I just got a call from Tel Aviv. Ziva's dead.

We've lost agents before, haven't we?

And when we do, it's all hands on deck!

She's more than an agent to you.

She was a daughter to you.

ELBAZ: Tali is Ziva's daughter.

And your daughter, Tony.

BISHOP: Ziva rented this place from you?

ZIVA: Eleanor Bishop,

for the safety of my family,

please keep my secret.

Hello, Gibbs.

No time for pleasantries.

You're in danger.



Yo, Willie. What's going on?
I've been waiting for you, man.

I've been looking all over for you. Let me holler at you.

Listen, my girl's waiting on me, man.

Oh, two minutes ain't gonna kill you.

I guarantee I got a special as special as you.

Ring-a-ding-ding, baby.


Call anyone anytime.

No proof of said communication.

No problem.

I got a phone.

You got one your girl don't know about?

Forget it, man.

Buying stolen crap off you isn't gonna solve my problems.

- Hey. Who said it was stolen?
- I say whatever I want, dude.

Okay, well, then, say it again. Come on.

- Hey, say it again! Say it again!
- Get off me, man!

MAN: Give me the keys.

(CHUCKLES) Hey, hey, listen, friend, uh, can we talk about this?

I guarantee I got a special as special as you.

Give me the keys!

Get out of here!


- Let's go!

Get what you needed?



♪ ♪



Where you been?

Come. We must get you to a safe house.



Look at me.

What happened to you?






They're coming in through the front door.

- Do you have any ammo?
- Not here. You?

I'm traveling light.


To decompression.

Hey, I'm gonna go vintage Gibbs.

I'm gonna make up a new rule.

You talk about work, you buy the next round.

- Hey.
- Mmm.

(SIGHS) Decompression starts now.

You talk about work, you buy the next round.

- Hmm.
- I'll tell you, this... this case was really hard to get out of my head, you know?

It's like...

I don't know. After what happened to Emily,

I don't think Gibbs is gonna let this one go.

Excuse me, young lady?

This fine gentleman here

would like to buy us the next round.

- Muchas gracias. (CHUCKLES)


Hey. I thought you were, uh...sticking to club soda for a while.

Sounds like a lot of worry coming from someone who doesn't really worry about me.

Okay, we'll be right there.

What's going on?

Neighbors heard gunfire at Gibbs' house.

Alexandria PD responded.

Place is shot to hell.

What about Gibbs?

Police reported one fatality.

Jimmy's on his way.



Well, looks like Gibbs improvised some kind of explosive for when our dead guy came down the stairs.

Lots of casings and footprints upstairs outside the window.

Dead guy wasn't working alone.

Gun's empty.

Gibbs ran out of ammo down here.
What about upstairs?

Three hidden weapons that I know of, but Gibbs didn't take any of them.

What about the ironing board?

Shotgun's still taped underneath.

Left his cell here, too.

TORRES: All I know is there's only one reason why Gibbs wouldn't take any of those weapons upstairs.

This guy's friends took Gibbs hostage?

This stuff has moved.

- What?
- These motors.

They were against the wall before.

Gibbs must have moved them.

Looks like an old coal chute.


Fresh scuff marks.

And blood.

TORRES: So, Gibbs climbed out of a slide used for coal years ago?

Doesn't get more Gibbs than that.

Got a piece of fabric here.

Looks like wool.

It's not exactly Gibbs's style.

Well, could be one of these guys tore their pants as they were chasing Gibbs out.

BISHOP: Or this other person could've been with Gibbs.

An ally.

Bishop, you got something else?


GIBBS: Our six is clear.

Hold up.

There's no time to rest.

Hey, stop!

I don't need a damn breather.

I just want to know who we're running from.

There's a woman.

Her name is Sahar.

She wants me dead, and now she's after you, too.

There was more than one person shooting at us outside that basement.

Sahar works with a team, but she herself is the true threat.

Who is she?

I do not know.

Got a description?


I've never seen her.

Well, why does she want you dead?

I do not know.

Well, what did I do to piss her off?

We got zero intel.

We play smart.

- A safe house.
- We head west.

There's a junkyard on Bryson.

We get a car running good enough to get us to a safe house.

We call for backup. We make a plan.


This battle is mine alone.

And for me, there's no time for breathing.

You're the one who said "safe house."

Yes, for you, Gibbs!

You must go there now.

I'll get word to you when it is safe to leave.



No! No, I will not be convinced.

I will not be swayed.

This is the only path that'll lead me back to Tony, back to my Tali.

I will find Sahar, and I will kill her.




- Any word from Gibbs?
- Nothing.

Hospitals haven't checked in anyone matching his description.

Come on, guys, please tell me we've got something to go on here.

Our dead guy's friends left his body clean.

No weapon, no cell phone, no I.D.

Jimmy's doing the autopsy now.

We're hoping that gives us something.

So, until then, what?

We're just gonna sit on our asses and wait for the phone to ring?

If Gibbs could've contacted us, he would have.

He wouldn't just stay out there on his own

- for no reason.
- He might not be alone.

What do you mean? Who could he be with?

MCGEE: I get the feeling Bishop had a theory, but, uh, she didn't say what.

Bishop should've beat us here.
Where is she?

I thought she was with you guys.




That's rather unnerving.

I-I noticed your car parked out front.

I wasn't expecting to see you here on a work morning.

Where's the coat?

- I'm sorry?
- Ziva's coat. It was hanging right there, and it was made of fabric exactly like this.

As you know, I'm-I'm not responsible

- for any items left in this office.
- Okay, listen to me.

This game you're playing, I'm done with it.

You know how I got this?

Whoever was wearing it was just involved in a massive shootout.

Is she all right?

I think she escaped with Gibbs.


Haven't I earned her trust by now?

Haven't I earned yours?

You thought the death of Ziva David was nothing more than collateral damage.

That the explosion at the farmhouse was meant to destroy the files of Eli David.

- It was really meant to take out Ziva.
- Yes.

She was the true target of that attack all along, and she suspected as much.

She used her presumed death as a protective shield for herself and her family.

She sent her daughter to live with the child's father.

- Tony.
- Then she went deep undercover.

For years, she sifted through evil in every form, searching for the person who wanted her dead.

And that kind of... separation from everything the heart holds dear, it... takes its toll in many ways.

What about Tony? I mean, d... d-does he know that she's alive?

- Does he know about any of this?
- That is not for me to say.

But hear this message loud and clear, Agent Bishop.

The more people who know Ziva David is alive, the more danger she's in.

Who are you, really?






TALI: Ima!


GIBBS: Ziver.

- What happened to you?
- TALI: Ima, you wear it.


ZIVA: I am weak.

They believe the story.

They believe you are dead.

Ziva, we will work together.

We will find this threat against you, and we will neutralize it.

And you'll have Tony and Tali again.

I'm not myself, Adam.

I am weak.

Weakness... not accepting help when you need it, my friend.

Thank you.


GIBBS: Are you okay?

If you were gonna follow me, why the charade of letting me go?

Looked like you needed space.

GIBBS: Found this.

Someone ditched it in here.

It's got one live round.

You keep it.

Ziva, I know you want to work alone.

I want to honor that, but I can't.

When I finally learned the name of this person that wants me dead, I decided to stop hiding.

The plan was simple. Show myself.

Kill Sahar before she killed me.

- She came after you first.
- Why?

She does not know about Tali.

- What about DiNozzo?
- What could he possibly provide

except tales of old heartbreak?



She went after the person she thought was most important to me to use as leverage against me.

You and I...


we are not who we once were.

No matter who we are, I'm not leaving you.

I have a contact.

He left me some intel.

(EXHALES) I must retrieve it.

We must get out of here and find a bus.

Junkyard car is still faster than a bus.

(GRUNTS) I'm not talking about just any bus.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Nick. Hey, yeah, it's me.

I know. No, I know. I know.

I was just... I was following a lead on that fabric.

No, it turned out to be a dead end, so I, um...

I, uh... I've got to call you back.

What are you doing here?

Back at Gibbs' house,

I could tell something was going on with you.

And you didn't show up back at headquarters.

So you pinged my phone?

You want to tell me what you're doing at Ziva's old office?

Look, I can ask as senior field agent or I can ask as a friend.

But I'm not leaving here until you give me an answer.

The person Gibbs is with...'s Ziva.

She's alive.

- McGee, wait.
- I-I'm done talking about it.

Well, I'm not.

You knew and you didn't tell me.
What else is there to say?

A lot. Just hear me out.

My God, you have the freaking legs of a giraffe.

Just please, stop walking.

Okay, all right. Does Tony know?

Huh? How long have you known?

Were you ever planning on saying anything?

I can't even look at you right now.


Hey. She asked me not to say anything.

I was just trying to keep her safe.

You can't just walk into the men's room.

Well, I just did, so get over it.

I'm not gonna get over it.

Listen to me. Okay...

Ziva has meant so much to so many people.

When she asks you to do something, you trust her and you do what she asks.

Bishop, she was a sister to me.

Okay? I had a right to know.

I want to make this right.


If we're gonna help Gibbs and Ziva, we need to put all the intel we have together and find them.

So start from the beginning and tell me everything you know.


We have to keep this between us.



Transfers available: M , M and M .


Next stop is: Broad Street and Falls Avenue.

Sure would be nice to know what we're doing here.

Five seats ahead of us on the left.

GIBBS: We're getting our intel from Grizzly Adams and his mom?

No. Under that seat, my contact left an SD card.

When the passengers leave, I will retrieve it.


Wow, I haven't heard of a drop on a bus since .

(LAUGHS) Well, that is rich, coming from a man with a black-and-white television.

- I assume you still have one of those.
- Hey, what I'm saying is we're putting our necks on the line to trust this contact.


So, can we trust him?

You're not leaving this room until you tell me what you found.

Sahar has sent her men to bring in Gibbs.

She will use him to get to you.

They'll never take him alive.
I must warn him.


If they find you with Gibbs, you will pay the price.

And so will I.

GIBBS: Ziva.


Can we trust him?

I do not wish to discuss my contact.

Lady and gentlemen,

I expect that when one of our own goes off the grid, you'd have the common sense to walk up here and update me

- without me having to hunt you down.
- Yes, sir.

Well, now that I've hunted you down, I suggest that you get to it.

Kasie analyzed the casings found outside Gibbs' basement window.

Bullets were American-made.

We also found a piece of fabric on the coal chute that Gibbs used to escape from.

But, uh, that was a dead end.

Well, the fabric could belong to someone

- that Gibbs is working with.
- Or not.

BISHOP: It could be from one of his attackers.

We don't have clarity on that yet.

Hoping to get some new leads from Jimmy.

We're headed down to autopsy now.

John Doe from Gibbs's basement.

So, you're telling me you have nothing on where Gibbs is now, who he's with or who used his residence for target practice?

Unfortunately, no.

Do I need to make a speech about the mountains that Gibbs would move if the roles were reversed here?

No, sir. We're aware.

Then get back to work.

And the minute you find something,

- I'm your first call.
- Sir.


You guys want to tell me what's going on?

- Yeah, we're going to autopsy.
- No, no, no, no, no.

Your neck is sweaty.

- What?
- When you lie,

your neck sweats.

No, it doesn't.

Please tell me we didn't just lie to the director.

Oh, wow.

Oh, my God.

- My head is exploding.

We shouldn't have told him.

Well, that's not your choice to make.

Listen, Nick, Jimmy's gonna be down here any minute.

Okay? We got to keep this quiet.

I mean, I didn't even know this ninja, but this is, like, the biggest news of my life.

Ziva David is freaking alive?


I'm sorry, uh, uh, c-come again?

- Jimmy, um...
- I dropped a pipette, and I was... I was cleaning it up, and I heard you guys come in, and-and I-I didn't say anything,

and you guys were talking, and... and I didn't know what to do, uh, and then you said the... the thing about Ziva?

And, uh... and my ears heard it, and now I think, uh... I think I need to...

I-I think I need to sit down.

- Here.

What do we really know about the attack at Gibbs's place?

From what I got from Odette...

- Wait. The landlady?
- I think that's the least interesting thing on her résumé.

She said the person behind the attack is a woman named Sahar,

- motive unclear.
- No one comes at you that hard unless... unless you killed someone that matters.

That doesn't exactly narrow it down.

Wait, Ziva's killed that many people?

Hey, guys, I thought maybe Jimmy and I could do a tandem update.


There's, like, some weird air in here.

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

- Nothing. No.
- Not a whole lot.

Pretty solid chance I'm gonna throw up.

Hey, is your neck sweating?

Can we talk about your findings?

Yeah. So, uh,

John Doe here, his DNA wasn't in the system...

You want to hop on in there with cause of death?

Oh, yes, right, yeah.


Cause of death was, uh, blunt force trauma.

He hit his head on the bottom step after the bomb...tumbled him backward.

And he had...

And he had...

- Red marks...
- Red marks, right.

He had red mar... he had red marks on the left side of his body.

I confirmed that they were bites from bedbugs.

Uh, Mr. Doe here is a side sleeper.

Bites tell us anything else?

I collected a few of the dead bugs from his clothing.

We'll see if they have anything to say.

Okay, so listen.

I got a thing about weird air.

I don't like it, so I'm-a leave now.


Oh, sweet mama, they're talking in unison.

No. No. Mm-mm.

Work boots like that, he'll get off before downtown.

Do not count your crocodiles before they hatch.


Where'd you get that?

The scar.

That is not the question you really wanted to ask.

I got a lot of questions, Ziva.

I'm trying not to ask the hard ones.

The pills?


A couple of months before the explosion, Tali and I went into this shop.

She pointed to this necklace, and-and-and she said, "Ima!"

So I bought it for her.

When I went to put it on her, she said, "No, Ima."

She wanted me to wear it.

She wanted it for me.

Whenever I held her, she would take it between her little fingers and-and she would smile.

And now when I think about holding her, I just...


If you had the chance for one more minute with your daughter, wouldn't you do anything in your power to get back to her?

Fight any demon with any weapon?

If it meant you could hold her one more time?

One of my demons has become anxiety.

The pills, they... they quiet this demon, but... they also dull my senses, so...

I will not be taking them for now.


AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE: Now arriving at...

He's leaving.

The card is gone.

He took it.

He could not have gotten far.

I'll loop around!

I sent the file.

You're going to have to decrypt it.



Where's Sahar? Where is she? (GRUNTING)



You should have wounded him.

We could've bled him for information.

Yeah, or he kills you first.




We just need to decrypt it.

(SIGHS) We don't have time for this.

Come on, let's go.


Truck is clean.

There's nothing that points to where Sahar might be.

Eh, we get the truck to NCIS,

Kasie might be able to pull something off it.

This Kasie sounds real impressive, but the answer's no. Come on. Let's go.

No. Got to make a phone call first.

- To this Kasie?
- McGee.

Gibbs, I cannot let you do that.

I'm not asking your permission on this one.

This intel to be decrypted, it is the whereabouts of someone who used to work with Sahar.

I do not want McGee or anyone else

- showing up there and getting hurt.
- Are you done?

Once you get in that truck, I will be.

Grizzly already sent what was on that thing to his people.

Yes. And I will find a way to decrypt it before they do.

You sure about that?

Ziva... what this is is a race.

Right now a head start is the difference between winning and dying.

The truck can stay.

But we are sending McGee the file on this card.

Gibbs. Do not do this.


Stop the men's room stuff. I'm coming in!

All right, Bishop, you really need to stop busting in here begging me to forgive you, okay?

That's not why I'm here.

I'm not asking for forgiveness.

I stand by what I did.

I just need you to understand it.

Okay, seriously, somebody is gonna call HR.

- Maybe me.
- Just listen to me.

I grilled this guy Matty at NSA, and he told me about an operative in Syria who is aware of a woman named Mira Sahar Azam.

Is that the same name Odette gave you?

She only knew the "Sahar" part, but it has to be the same person.

Mira Sahar Azam was thought to have been a P.O.W. in Syria.

She escaped one month before the David farmhouse blew up.

Were you able to pull anything else off the name?

No. It's like she's a ghost.





Boss, where are you?

Long story.

Yeah, we-we figured some of it out.

Um, is she there? Is Ziva there?

He knows.

Want to talk to him?

She's here. She says hi.

Uh, we think we have a full name for Sahar.

Mira Sahar Azam.

Mira Sahar Azam? That mean anything?

McGee, appreciate the lead, but you cannot get involved in this.

Who else there knows what's going on?

Just Torres.

Uh, Jimmy found out, too.

He was... under a table.

Tim, you got to keep this quiet.

We're gonna find a way to send you a file.

Decrypt it, fast as you can.

Okay. So I am getting involved?

No, no. Just on the file.

You call me back at this number as soon as you have something.

Oh, and, McGee, there is a dead body in the alley between th and Mitchell.


JIMMY: Cause of death was a single gunshot to the heart inflicted by an exceptionally skilled shooter who knew within one eighth of an inch exactly where to hit to cause the most damage.

So, yeah, I think we can safely narrow this down to one of two people.

Did we I.D. this guy?

No fingerprints, no DNA in the database... same as his friend... making this

John Doe number two.

Two bodies, zero leads.

Doe number two is a back sleeper, if that helps.

Bedbugs here made an absolute meal out of the back of his arms and neck.

These guys weren't sleeping in the Four Seasons.

Eh, not even close.

Uh, the two Does do share another interesting commonality, though: they both had a significant amount

- of ash in their lungs.
- Smokers?

More like they were breathing in a big campfire.

I decrypted the file Gibbs sent.

Fastest geek in the East, baby.

It's an address belonging to someone named Mr. Rogers.

Location is a penthouse in downtown D.C.

- I'll call Gibbs.
- No, I already did.

- He's on his way there.
- Well, let's roll.

Gibbs said to stay put.

- What? Why?
- I have no idea.

JIMMY: Wait a minute. Wait, wait.

Wait a minute.
You guys aren't thinking about actually going down there anyway, are you?

Because I-I am super uncomfortable with being the only person in this entire building to stop people from finding out about...

"Operation Z."

(QUIETLY): Besides, Gibbs already told you, do not go.

How about the mountains Gibbs would move if the roles were reversed?

We don't know anything about this "Mr. Rogers" or what they're walking into.

Let go of me.

You want to know what I would love?

I would love to know how these two homeless people got all up in my crib.

We took these off him.

And those were on the female.




That is dope.



We're here for some information.

We need the location of the woman named Sahar.

That name doesn't ring a bell.

What about Mira Sahar Azam?

That's an alias.

But big props for even knowing that much.


Who are you?

And think before you speak.

Lies can get people hurt.

My name is Ziva David.


Ziva David is dead.

And yet, this is her face.

The face of a real American hero.


Damn, this is messed up.

Where is Sahar?

If she knows you're on U.S. soil, then so is she.

But where? Hell if I know.

ZIVA: You would know.

You worked closely with her.

Odd for a woman like you to wear a...


A woman like you wears only the thing that's her infinity.

That which lasts forever, never leaves her, never goes away.

It's either her heart or her albatross.

Pretty... please, tell me, which one is this, Miss David?

Why does Sahar want me dead?

Because of your albatross.

Because of your burden.

Because of your brother Ari.

I could tell you a real tearjerker about Ari Haswari.

But you got to give me a little, too, honey.

So, tell me, what are you willing to pay for what you want...

...and for what you've done?

Get down!




Buying stolen crap off you isn't gonna solve my problems.

Who said it was stolen?

I say whatever I want, dude.

BISHOP: This is the place.

- Say it again!
- TORRES: Uh, yo, that gray-haired guy is jacking that car.

BISHOP: Uh, that gray-haired guy

- looks a lot like Gibbs.
- GIBBS: Give me the keys!


Get out of here!

All right, on my go.


GIBBS: Let's go.

Uh, McGee?

- What are we doing, man?
- Get in the car.

- We got to follow them.
- McGee, no.

- Get in.
- You saw her just then. You both did.

She was asking you to stand down.

Look, she knows what she needs better than any of us.

We have to trust her.
You have to trust her.

K.H., let's giddyap with that update.

Daddy needs a new pair of scrubs. (CHUCKLES)

- Okay. First, you and the Three Amigos are talking in unison in autopsy, then the director calls and says that he's on his way down

for an update, and now you're in here acting like a cotton candy Gibbs?

The director's headed down right now?

He must know something's up.

It's weird air, Jimmy, and I don't like it.

Okay, really fast, tell me everything that you know.

I just need to make sure that you're not gonna say something the director shouldn't hear.

Kasie, please.

Look, everyone has left,

I am under an immense amount of pressure that you can't fathom and I can't discuss... (STAMMERS) because reasons.

You are lucky that you're so damn lovable.

So, I managed to pull blood samples from two of the bedbugs we got off the dead guys' clothing.

The first sample matched John Doe number one, who the bug had obviously bitten.

- And the second bug?
- It had been dead for months.

Now, I'm thinking its carcass just got stuck on Doe's clothing while he slept.

So the blood that it was carrying was from someone it had bitten months ago.


And that person was one

Robert Hitchem.
He was arrested years ago for armed robbery, but after that, he bought a roadside diner, lived there, worked there and turned his life around.

Until he went back to his old ways and helped our bad guys in shooting up Gibbs's basement.

Uh, no. Because this is a "before" picture.

There was a fire at Bob's Diner five months ago.

Robert Hitchem was killed in the fire.

The building was abandoned.

Kasie, what do we got?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Now, did the director send you down here to try and trick us into saying something?

- About what?
- About what?

Oh, my God!

Oh, we just talked in unison.


So, bottom line is, our bad guys are breathing in ash from the fire and sleeping on Hitchem's

old bedbug-infested mattress at his abandoned diner in the middle of nowhere, Virginia, and I told Gibbs the same thing when he called.

Gibbs called?

Was that part of the thing I wasn't supposed to say?

Was starting to wonder if you were coming back.

I surveyed the area.

Three men, north side of the building, heavily armed, not visible from here.

Also, I made a call.

My associate is coming.

I make a call, it's World War III.

You make a call, it's a party.

My associate will bring everything we need to take down Sahar.

What exactly is the guy bringing?

The clasp was broken, but I fixed it.

I asked you a question.

I fixed it while I was sitting down there thinking of all the reasons why I should walk away right now and do this on my own.

You know, ever since you showed up, I've been falling all over myself trying to make you stay.

I am done.

Your way stops here.

We do this the right way.

Meaning what?

Meaning, if she surrenders, we arrest her.

Gibbs, as long as she is alive, she is a threat, and I will not have this threat follow me back to my family...

You do not want to go down this road.

The only way back to Tali, back home, is if Sahar is dead.

If you go outside the law, you will lose who you are.

You don't know who I am.

You think I don't know?!

What you asked me on the bus, the answer, Ziva, is yes.

Yes, I would do anything to have one more minute with my daughter.

But it doesn't matter.

It does not matter, Ziva. She's gone.

I was not talking about Kelly!
I was talking about me.

They reported my death, and you did not question it.

You didn't come looking for me.

You abandoned me.

My associate is here.


Hope I didn't keep you waiting.



From your call, I gathered time was of the essence.

Still, I think you'll find I curated a rather thoughtful collection.

You sure he knows how to handle these?

Put me to work.

I play a really good old lady.

You've done more than your share, O.

Remember, on the other side of this, your daughter is waiting.


Director, I assure you, everything we did was within the boundaries of the law.


We understand the gravity of our actions, and we know they won't be taken lightly.

You're damn right, Agent Bishop.

None of this is being taken lightly.

MPD is calling me about a penthouse full of dead bodies, and I'm standing here asking myself how long you knew about Ziva David but you failed to inform me.

Sir, I did what I had to do.

Wow. Really? That's ballsy.

You stood in my office, and you lied to my face. All of you.

Excuse me. I mean, technically, the last time we were all in here,

I was in the dark, too.

You think we give a damn about technicalities, Nick?

This is Gibbs's life we're talking about.

How could you not tell us?

Hey, I'm the least guilty one in here.

- Okay? Uh, Bishop is the worst...

...and then there's McGee, and then there's me.

That's enough. Agent Sloane is right.

Lives are at stake here.

We know where Gibbs and Ziva are.

I want the three of you there as backup immediately.

Things are gonna start to get real dicey if I have to repeat myself.

- We're not going, Director.
- Excuse me?

Ziva told us to stand down.

- You spoke to her?
- No.

Not in words. I saw her.

But she didn't need to say it.

She looked me right in the eye, and she asked that we stand down.

Agent McGee, unless Ms. David somehow rose to the directorship of this agency while I was out getting coffee, I would suggest that the three of you get moving.

Sir, you know Ziva.

You know her.

When she asks you to do something, you trust her and you just do what she asks.

Leon, come on. This is crazy.

Agent McGee, you better hope to God that this is the right call.

Your check-in is late. Report back to me immediately.





Your men outside didn't surrender, and they're all dead.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.


If they find you with Gibbs, you will pay the price.

And so will I.

ROGERS: It's either her heart

or her albatross.

If you go outside the law, you will lose who you are.


ODETTE: Remember, on the other side of this, your daughter is waiting.


GIBBS: Ziva.

SAHAR: You'd do well to listen to him.

If you kill me, Ms. David, a United States senator will be dead by morning.

That is tomorrow's concern.

This is today.



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