Please Read Updates: 3/1/21 Take the Challenge!

I wanted to personally say thank you to so many of you for your generous donations in helping with the costs and volunteering editing help last year... especially during such a difficult pandemic.

If you would like to help edit any of our transcripts with character names, locations or just fix spacing or sentence structure please contact me via our contact page at the bottom of this site or our facebook page IM. You are welcomed to send us updated transcripts for us to replace on this site or if you want to be a board Editor of an entire forum - just register on this site (using the drop down menu at the upper left corner of the site) and send us your username and which forum you'd like to edit- we'll set you up! No experience needed to volunteer! Serious inquires only.

**Why not give it a try this year? Take the challenge and start with just one of your favorite episodes, or one of your favorite movies... Copy/Paste and use Notepad+ or whatever program you want... watch the show/movie and add names to it, correct/join sentences. Email me back the updated copy to replace on the board. If you love it, you can sign up to be an Editor of an entire forum and do more, if you hate it... at least you did one to help everyone worldwide have a better reading experience. I mean, why not? We're all watching more TV this year with more time on our hands.

Here is an example of one that was done for the TV show Game of Thrones:
One that was done for the TV show The Walking Dead:
One that was done for the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
And here was one done for the movie Twilight:
There are many other examples on the board and as you can see you can do it however you like.

****Lastly, If this site is ever down or experiencing problems you can read current status updates on our facebook page: Please, try not to overwhelm us by sending emails as that takes away time from us trying to fix any issues. Thank you for your support and understanding!

- We appreciate all the help and contributions of the community! Cheers to 2021! :)