03x15 - Crime and Punishment

Episode 315 - Crime and Punishment

[Scene: The School Hallway by the stairs. Joey is painting her mural on the wall, during the after school hours. Pacey comes up to see her painting.]

Joey: I don't recall requesting the pleasure of your company, Pacey.

Pacey: Rag?

Joey: Brush.

Pacey: You know, after Van Go chopped off his own ear. There was a rash of copycat mutilations among his students

Joey: Your point being...

Pacey: Well, my point being that the whole world reveres the artists, envies their talent, wants to be just like them. I'm hoping some of your genius will rub off on me.

Joey: You got kicked out of your house again.

Pacey: Well not exactly kicked out. It was more like they're filming a lifetime original movie in my living room right now.

Joey: And which one of the Witter sisters is in complete distress right now?

Pacey: That would be numero uno. Left the sergeant major for conduct unbecoming, fled back to whole home front and, brought along my screaming nieces.

Joey: So I finally get my own room, and you have been exiled to sofa city. Ouch.

Pacey: My sentiments exactly

Joey: So, uh... So, what do you think?

Pacey: Oh, is it done?

Joey: Yes, it's done.

Pacey: I thought that Principal Green had commissioned you guys to do murals exemplifying school spirit and unity.

Joey: They did.

Pacey: Well...No offense, but this looks like something you'd find tattooed on Kwai Chang Caine's forehead.

Joey: You don't like it.

Pacey: I didn't say I didn't like it I'm... Pretty sure the rest of the murals, will be a little more traditional but—

Joey: What, like football players and lighthouses? And what do they actually say about the high school experience?

Pacey: Jo, this is the U.S. of A. We're a very prosaic nation, and when we have art in public places we want it to be about as subtle as Godzilla.

Joey: Yeah, but, Pacey, don 't you think that art can have this power? I mean, it can bring people together.

Pacey: Oh yeah, absolutely. In museum, the thinking man's pickup joint.

Joey: That's what I like about you Pacey. You just… Go so deep.

Pacey: Thanks.

[Scene: The school Hallway, by Joey's mural. The mural is covered up by a sheet that is taped to the wall, to prevent anyone from seeing it. Dawson comes up to it, and it trying to sneak a peek at it. Joey sees him trying this.]

Joey: No peeking.

Dawson: What, I don't get a preview?

Joey: No.

Dawson: Why not? Pacey did.

Joey: Dawson the unveiling is a crucial part to any new work, and...I want you to have the whole experience. He didn't tell you what it is, did he?

Dawson: No. He didn't. But he said it was great.

Joey: That means a lot, coming from the world's most discriminating art critic.

Dawson: He . Well, he... He knows what he likes.

Joey: On, Pacey's prized possession is a black velvet painting of the baby Elvis.

Dawson: So how's your speech coming?

Joey: I don't know why I have to say anything. I mean, isn't an artist just supposed to let her work speak for itself?

Dawson: Yeah, but when the PTA and the school board let you paint something in the hallway of a public school, they expect a little poignant ceremonial in return.

Joey: So are you going to be there?

Dawson: Of course! I mean, if you want me to.

Joey: I want you to. Ok, and whatever you think, be honest with me, even if you hate it--

Dawson: Even if I Hate it? What makes you think I'm gonna hate it Thing is.

Joey: It's just...

Dawson: The stepping out from behind the curtains, I can understand that it can be terrifying. Up there in the lights in front of all those people. Being judged.

Joey: Well, it's even more than that. I mean. I feel like I'm... Declaring myself for the first time. I mean... what I really think about is places and... With everyone staring at it, it's gonna be like they're looking right into my soul.

[Scene: School Library. The Disciplinary committee is there and they are talking with Matt Caufield about his cheating on a quiz.]

Matt: Give me a break. It was joke.

Andie: There's nothing funny about cheating, Matt.

Matt: Principal Green... members of the disciplinary committee. I--I admit I--I didn't know the answer on the quiz, and I did what any self-respecting kid would do in the cellular age, you know? I whipped out my Startac, I dialed home and--and I ask my mom, "How many justices sit on the supreme court? You know, call me crazy, you know-- even Mr. Higgins laughed.

Andie: Ok and you're saying that your mother didn't know the answer either?

Matt: Uh-huh.

Andie: Ok…so how do you explain your perfect score on the quiz?

Matt: I guessed.

Andie: Ok, Um, well, then I guess my recommendation would be that you get a failing grade on the work in question and a 3-hour detention.

Matt: Why don't you just break my kneecaps while you're at it?

Principal Green: That'll be enough Mr. Caufield. While your behavior clearly violates the letter of the honor code? I don't believe it is in violation of the spirit code.

Matt: Am I free to go then?

Principal Green: Yes, you're free to go. Mr. Caufield. Let's let this be the last time we see you before this committee.

[Matt and many of he others in the room leave. Principal Green, stops Andie before she leaves.]

Principal Green: Uh, Andie... Would you wait for me for a minute, please?

Andie: Sure. Principal Green, I'm really sorry about earlier. I reacted to the …

Principal Green: That's not what this is about. Andie, I have news.

Andie: News?

Principal Green: I was contacted this morning, by the educational testing service…your phenomenal PSAT results placed you among the top 50 000 scores in the country. You young lady have taken one giant step towards a national merit scholarship. Isn't that fantastic?

Andie: Uh, yeah, fantastic.

Principal Green: Andie, what's wrong? You seem stunned.

Andie: No. No, no. It's just, um... well, it's just-- yeah...I'm a little stunned.

Principal Green: Congratulations.

[Scene: Outside Doug's Apartment. Pacey has just been buzzed in and he goes to Doug's door, but when Doug sees that it is Pacey he tries to shut the door before Pacey can get in, but Pacey manages to put his foot in the door.]

Doug: No, no, no. Pacey, last time you were here, you left water rings on my deco coffee table.

Pacey: Dougie, mom and dad just wanted me to bring you something, that's all

Doug: Oh yeah? What?

[Pacey makes his way into the house.]

Pacey: Me!

Doug: What are you doing?

Pacey: I'm moving in, bro.

Doug: What, excuse me?

Pacey: You heard me. I'm moving in. Oh, look, dad gave me a check to give to you, like a security deposit. In case I break your stereo.

Doug: You're not breaking my stereo, because you're not touching my stereo, 'cause you're not moving in with me. Not now, not ever. This is not party of five.

Pacey: Come on, Dougie, please you can't make me go back to that house. I mean, Think about it. You got this whole styling bachelor pad all to yourself with the ... Nice lighting and the fancy window dressings and all the other trappings , of the dire extremely closeted sexual man, and I won't even have a room to myself anymore.

Doug: [sigh] Since when?

Pacey: Well, since Carrie decided to take an extended leave of absence from Jerry. You remember Jerry don't you? Our favorite Brother-in-law, the one with all the tattoos? And of course she brought along the no-neck monsters. Who are currently residing in my room. So what do you say, man? Can I stay here, please?

Doug: If I agree to this-- and it is very big "if"--There will be rules.

Pacey: I am your willing pupil.

Doug: Number one: We don't eat anything that mom sends over. The woman thinks that iceberg lettuce ah cuisine.

Pacey: Agreed.

Doug: Number two: The coaster. Live it, love it, use it at all times.

Pacey: Done.

Doug: You will keep the CD collection in alphabetical order by last name not first. Do you understand?

Pacey: Oh, yeah, perfectly. But I don't foresee the need for me to dive into your diva collection anytime soon.

Doug: Oh, I think you would be surprised at how a tortured, impassioned female voice can soothe an achy breaky heart.

Pacey: Heart's just fine, thank you very much.

Doug: Oh, sure it is, little brother. Sure it is.

Pacey: Look, Dougie. If you're referring, to our brief jailhouse conversation the other night, you can chalk it up drunken rambling.

Doug: Well, there won't be any of that on my watch. And I won't have any moping around like a lovesick puppy either. By the way, you any good at decoupage?

Pacey: Oh, god help me...

[Scene: Joey's house. Joey, Bessie and Bodie are getting ready to go see her unveiling.]

Joey: You are not planning on taking pictures?

Bodie: Uh, don't try and stop her, Joey. When a little sister accomplishes something impressive, it's very important for a big sister to create a huge embarrassing fuss over her.

Bessie: Yeah, the more embarrassing the better.

Joey: Thank you. I mean, I know it's not gonna be too fun for you to walk the halls of Capeside again, seeing it wasn't exactly your favorite place on earth.

Bessie: Yeah, but I'm old, remember? And that was a long time ago, and things are different now.

Bodie: They're not that different. What, are there, like 10 black kids in that school?

Joey: 11 and don't try to rewrite history, Bess. I mean... I remember days when you used to pick me up from kindergarten and you spend the whole way home hollering about some... smug, 2 faced idiots who thought they were better than you simply because you had the wrong kind of jeans.

Bessie: Ok, I admit it. I hated high school, but that's why I'm so glad it's not like that for you, Joey. You are talented, and everyone at that school knows it. They've known it for years, and today they're going to see proof positive that Joey Potter is force to be reckoned with.

[Scene: They School hallway there is a large group of student watching the unveiling of the murals and the speeches by the artists. Pacey, Dawson, Andie, and Jack, are among the students watching. Bessie and Bodie are also there. One of the artists is talking about her mural to the crowd.]

Artist: I painted this so that we all can remember the beacon of knowledge that our teachers shine on us every day. In closing I would like to thank Principal Green , and all of you for this opportunity to impart my message of unity.

Principal Green: And now, the last of our Capeside High murals. I'd like to ask Joey Potter to step up and grace us with a few words about her creation.

Joey: Well, uh, Principal Green said the mural should focus on what unifies us as a school, and…you think about it, nothing really unifies us. Even our mascot is divisive-- the minuteman? Right there, you've listed half of the student population.


Joey: ...The only thing that I could think of that unites us all, that we all have in common-- is that we all start off thinking that we can be anything that we want to be. I mean, by the time we get here, we've somehow lost that feeling. We've started to believe whatever our parents or our friends have told us about what we can achieve, about what we can got out of life, and we've forgotten about the possibility we had when we were younger. And that's what I think we all have in common. That's what the symbol on my painting means… possibility. I painted it because I thought we could all use a daily reminder that if you believe in yourself, when the odds seem stacked against you anything's possible. So, I hope you like it.

[She pulls down the curtain, and someone has painted all over her mural with black paint. Joey sees this and runs out of the room. Dawson, seeing her distress, runs after her.]

[Scene: Outside the school. Joey is running away from the school, and Dawson is chasing after her. He finally catches up to her.]

Dawson: Hey, wait up. You ok?

Joey: That's what I get for answering the call to public service-- public humiliation.

Dawson: Nobody's humiliated in there except for maybe the person who did this.

Joey: It felt humiliating, Dawson, to me.

Dawson: Look, it was a silly prank.

Joey: You don't know that.

Dawson: You put your heart and soul into that, and I don't blame you for being angry, but don't turn this into some sort of personal attack on you.

Pacey: Not to stick my nose in here, but just to stick my nose in, of course it was a personal attack.

Dawson: What?

Pacey: There were only 3 murals in that hallway. Yours was the only one that got touched.

Dawson: So?

Pacey: So either someone didn't like what Joey was trying to say, or someone just didn't like you.

Dawson: Your logic leaves a lot to be desired.

Pacey: Dawson, we're in high school here. It's a veritable society unto its own with a pecking order that makers the caste system look forgiving. Who knows what subtle line you may have crossed or what offense you might have given without even knowing it?

Dawson: Paranoid much?

Pacey: You don't think there's a possibility there's somebody out there who hates Joey just for being Joey? Who hates the way she talks, the way she dresses, the way she chews on her lower lip.

Joey: I don't chew on my lower lip!

Pacey: I'm just putting it out there. Think about it. Does anybody come to mind?

Dawson: Why, so we can all gang up on him and call him dirty names? Do me a favor, just stay out of this. It was an act of vandalism, pure and simple. Some idiot trying to rage against the machine. That doesn't make sense.

Joey: Perfect! Heckle and Jeckle. This is exactly what a girl needs in the middle of an existential crisis, and it's not helping. So thanks, but no, thanks.

[She leaves them and they start to watch her go.]

Pacey: Shouldn't we, uh—

Dawson: No. Let her go.

[Scene: Inside the McPhee kitchen. Andie and Jack are talking to each other.]

Jack: So, uh, have you heard any word on Joey? She's pretty broken up about it.

Andie: Yeah, obviously. Who wouldn't be?

Jack: They'll catch the guy, and you can have the last laugh.

Andie: Huh?

Jack: D.C. Throw the book at him.

Andie: Right, heh. You know what? Actually, Jack, I'm thinking about quitting my position.

Jack: On the disciplinary committee? Andie, you're, like, the senior-most student representative. That's one step below the savior for mankind as far as college admissions are concerned.

Andie: I know, but it's just taking up way too much time. Besides, my schoolwork's starting to slip, and the more Ii think about it, the more uncomfortable I feel about sitting in judgment of others.

Jack: What? I'm just a little shocked. Why? It's not like you to bail on a commitment.

Andie: Come on, Jack. A lot of things aren't like me, but I've done them anyway. Can you set the table?

Jack: Yeah.

[Scene: Joey's house. Dawson has just come into the house and sees Joey cleaning up the table. And rings the service bell.]

[Ding ding]

Dawson: Any room at the inn?

Joey: Depends.

Dawson: On what?

Joey: The length of the lecture I'm gonna be forced to sit through.

Dawson: No lectures, I promise. Although I do wanna say that I'm sorry that what happened today happened.

Joey: Well, the whole thing was tragically lame to begin with. As if painting on a wall is going to make a change or the slightest bit of difference in school.

Dawson: Maybe. Maybe not.

Joey: For some reason, I don't like the sound of those maybes.

Dawson: Repaint the mural.

Joey: What?

Dawson: Do it tonight. Surprise that bastard when he shows up tomorrow morning.

Joey: I would rather shove red-hot needles underneath my toenails, ok?

Dawson: Come on. You're gonna let some stupid high school prank keep you from finishing something that you obviously care about?

Joey: I finished it, Dawson, ok? It's not my fault that not everybody got a chance to see it.

Dawson: I can't believe you're being like this.

Joey: Like what?

Dawson: Defeated. Dejected. Demoralized.

Joey: News flash, Dawson. I can't always be, your plucky little Joey Potter. I don't have this unlimited reserve of goodwill and good faith in humanity, and sometimes, I am going to be a little depressed. It's not about demeanor. It's about not being a v*ctim. It took me a month to do that, Dawson. I had to conceive it, and I had to execute it, and you can't just expect me to start over.

Dawson: Why not?

Joey: For the same reason you haven't sh*t a roll of film since January.

Dawson: Joey, that's completely different.

Joey: Really?

Dawson: Yes. I chose to quit filmmaking. That was a personal decision.

Joey: It had nothing to do with the fact that it was poorly received at the festival?

Dawson: Truthfully? No.

Joey: Well...Then how convenient for you.

Dawson: What does that mean?

Joey: You have all of these choices, Dawson. You have all of these choices that you just take for granted. I mean...God...One day, you're a filmmaker, and the next day, you're not, and tomorrow, you could wake up and decide you wanted to be a sculptor, or you wanted to just backpack through Europe, or--or--or climb Mt. Everest, and you can do that.

Dawson: And you can't?

Joey: No, I can't.

Dawson: Why not?

Joey: I can't afford to waste the time to go find myself and be artistic, and I can't afford to just reject reality and go off and chase my pipe dreams. I can't do it because that's not my life. That's your life.

Dawson: You know what I think this is about?

Joey: What?

Dawson: I think you're relieved. I think you're relieved somebody painted over you mural… 'Cause you never had to go through the hard part-- never had to show it to the world, never had to hear what anyone else thought about it. You never had to decide for yourself how good or talented you really are. Wonder why I came over tonight? These are the keys to the school. Principal green gave 'em to me. Do what you want.

[Scene: School Cafeteria. Pacey comes up to 2 guys in line for food and starts talking to them.]

Pacey: Oh, if it's brown, it must be Tuesday.

Student 1: What do you call these things again, Witter?

Pacey: Elephant scabs. Packed with whole grain goodness. Did you guys see the look on Principal Green's face?

Student 1: Huh?

Pacey: At the unity mural thing. I thought the guy was gonna have a breakdown.

Student 2: And that girl Joey, she totally lost it. Classic.

Student 1: Yeah.

Pacey: Look, uh... I'm running myself a little pool here-- guess the true culprit. Winner takes all. You guys in?

Student 1: How much?

Pacey: It's only a buck a pop.

Student 1: Had to be Caufield.

Student 2: Yeah, definitely.

Pacey: What makes you guys so sure?

Student 1: 'Cause there's no other possibility.

Student 2: Ha ha ha!

Pacey: Ok. Caufield it is.

[Pacey goes over to the table Matt Caufield is sitting at.]

Pacey: Hey, Caufield.

Matt: Do I know you?

Pacey: No, not really, thankfully for me. Look, rumor has it that you have this irrepressible urge to express yourself artistically.

Matt: What, that thing yesterday at the mural? That was pretty classic, huh? Too bad I can't take credit for it.

Pacey: So you didn't do it?

Matt: I don't know. I mean, everyone seems did, so maybe I should just do the polite thing and accept the credit and say thank you.

Pacey: Maybe. But, look, I'm here to tell you that not everybody thinks what you did was funny.

Matt: Well, some people don't have a sense of humor. Is that your problem?

Pacey: Yeah, that's me. I'm humorless.

Matt: Hmm. What do you want?

Pacey: I want you to apologize, and then I want you to turn yourself in, and I want you to do it before the day is done.

Matt: And why would I do that?

Joey: Because this time, you just happened to mess with somebody I care about.

[Scene: School hallway. Dawson walks up to the covered up mural, and sees that nothing has been done. He sees Andie walking towards him and asks her in passing.]

Dawson: Hey, have you seen Joey?

Andie: No. She wasn't in homeroom.

[Scene: Outside the school. Pacey is watching as Matt pulls up in his SUV. When Matt gets out he goes over to him.]

Pacey: That's a nice rig.

Matt: It's a Christmas present.

Pacey: Eh, that sucks, huh?

Matt: What's that?

Pacey: Your parents shorted you on the off-road package.

[Grabs Matt and throws him against his car.]

Matt: Get your hands off me.

Pacey: Oh, come on, tough guy.

Matt: What the hell do you want?

Pacey: You know exactly what I want.

Matt: So, what's next, Witter? You gonna sic your civil servant dad on me? Can't you see... I'm barely shaking in my boots?

Pacey: Well, you know my name. That's a good starting place.

Matt: What I know is I'm gonna count to 3, and you're gonna step aside.

Pacey: Dream another dream, cowboy. That's not how this is gonna shake out.

Matt: 1, 2, 3. [Pacey doesn't release him.] Are you whack or something?

Pacey: Oh, no. Not yet. Not by a long sh*t.

Matt: What? You want me to say I did it? Ok, I did it. Huh, there. Satisfied?

Pacey: Good. Now, what are you gonna do about it, huh? [Screaming] I said, what are you gonna do about it!

Matt: I'm gonna go and apologize. Ok?

[Pacey releases him and allows him to walk away. As Pacey turns to walk the other way, Matt sucker punches him from behind. Pacey gets up and tackles him. They fight, throwing each other around, until Pacey Slams Matt down onto the ground and begins b*at him. Principal Green see them while he drives up in his car.]

[car horn honks]

Principal Green: Hey! On your feet! Both of you! Inside! Now!

[Scene: Outside Principal Green's Office. Pacey and Matt are seated in his office. Principal green is talking to his secretary, and Andie is summing into the office area.]

Principal Green: Get me Dawson Leery and David Curren, please.

Andie: Uh, Principal Green, can I talk to you for a minute?

Principal Green: Not now, Andie. I'm in the middle of something.

Andie: Please. It'll only take a second, and it's really important.

Principal Green: What is it?

Andie: I'd like to tender my resignation from the disciplinary committee.

Principal Green: What?

Andie: I think that you have this idea about me that--that I'm somebody I'm not, that I'm--I'm somebody with unwavering integrity, and I can't live up to that.

Principal Green: Can we discuss this later at length?

Andie: I don't know that there's anything more to discuss, Principal Green. Thank you.

Principal Green: [Sighs]

[Back in the Office. Dawson and David are there now too.]

Principal Green: Now, since neither Mr. Witter nor Mr. Caufield choose to clarify the meaning of their little title fight in the parking lot, I'm counting on their friends to look out for their best interest. Mr. Leery?

Pacey: Don't say anything, Dawson.

Principal Green: Mr. Curren?

Matt: Not a word, Dave.

Principal Green: Well, somebody better speak up, and you better do it fast... Because a timely call to the dean over at Dartmouth will trigger an immediate review on your early admission status, and Mr. Witter, one more suspension on your record, and you can bend down and kiss this whole higher education deal good-bye. [Sighs] Ok. I have no other alternative.

Dawson: It's because of the mural.

Pacey: Hey, shut up, Dawson. This is not your fight!

Dawson: It's not yours either.

Principal Green: So what you're saying is that the reason that Mr. Witter picked a fight was because he believes that Mr. Caufield had something to do with the vandalization of the unity mural.

Matt: I went nowhere near that thing. As if I could give a rat's ass about some stupid Chinese drawing.

Dawson: If you didn't go anywhere near it, how did you know what it was?

Principal Green: That's a very good question.

Matt: Anyone could've taken a look. She's been working on it for weeks.

Dawson: Yeah. At night and before school, other than that, it's been sealed up tight as a drum. I'm one of her closest friends. I didn't even know what it was.

Matt: You know, this is ridiculous.

Dawson: Not to mention, if you didn't, as you say, "give a rat's ass," then why would you go through all the trouble of finding out what it was?

Pacey: Check the floor, Caufield. I think you just painted yourself into a corner.

Matt: Ok. You got me. Busted. Yeah. I Jackson Pollocked some meaningless mural. You know what? For one thing, it was ugly. You know? It was an eyesore. And not to mention, why do I have to look at some trivial girl's little message to the masses every morning? Frankly, it offends me.

Principal Green: Possibility is offensive to you?

Matt: I'm white. I'm rich. That's all the possibility I need.

[Scene: Inside the McPhee Kitchen. Jack and Andie are there talking.]

Jack: Say again?

Andie: You heard me. The advance copy of the P.S.A.T. that Dawson had, I'm the one who stole it. That's how I did so well on the test, Jack. That's how I scored in the 99th percentile.

Jack: That was you? Oh, Andie.

Andie: I know. Surprise. Surprise.

Jack: Well, why? I mean, you knew that stuff cold, inside and out, backwards and forwards. If anybody was gonna ace that test, it was gonna be you.

Andie: It was just sitting there on the table like--like this piece of forbidden fruit, and not a chance of getting caught. I don't know. It just seemed like the answer to all my problems at the time.

Jack: What do you mean?

Andie: I thought that... You know, if I aced the test, then... Everybody would think I was ok again. You know, that that would somehow convince them. But now that I really am ok, I'm having a hard time living with myself.

Jack: Hence your resignation from he disciplinary committee.

Andie: Jack, for the past 6 months, I have been walking around, feeling like the biggest hypocrite. I mean, don't you see? I've been so hard on all these other people just as a way of punishing myself. But now it's time to make amends for that.

Jack: Wait a minute. What--what are you planning on doing?

Andie: I'm gonna tell Principal Green tomorrow.

Jack: No. You're not.

Andie: Yeah, I am.

Jack: No. No. Andie, look, think about this, ok? You screwed up. Fine. Ok? It was a moment of weakness. But do you really want to get kicked out of school for cheating on something that has the word practice in front of it?

Andie: Jack, you know what I want? I want to be free of this thing once and for all. You know? What I did, and I want to be able to go to the mirror and recognize who I am again.

Jack: Andie, there's got to be a better way.

Andie: Jack, I've thought long and hard about this. Ok? There is no better way. Not for me.

[Scene: Doug's Apartment. Pacey is lying on the couch holding a Steak on his eye. Doug comes over and grabs it.]

Doug: Do you mind? I'm having this steak for dinner tonight with a nice béarnaise sauce.

Pacey: Well, what am I having?

Doug: Bread and water.

Pacey: Doug, I'm a soldier here, returning from the k*ll fields. I mean, you know, where's my purple heart, my ticker-tape parade?

[Joey enters the apartment.]

Joey: Watch it on your black and white. You know, the one with a coat hanger as an antennae at the chevron station... Where you're probably going to be pumping gas for the rest of your natural born life, Pacey. Of all the bone-headed moves.

Pacey: What are you talking about? I was right. It was Matt Caufield.

Joey: Yeah, and that lets you off the hook how?

Pacey: Because the guy deserves whatever he gets, ok? Preferably his silver spoon shoved up his ass.

Joey: Oh, that's funny, Pacey. That's really funny.

Pacey: Oh, this is rich. Here I am, trying to do the right thing. You know, sometimes a guy just can't win.

Joey: No. He can't. Not if he completely overreacts to a situation. If you're gonna throw away your future, just do it on your own account, ok?

Pacey: Oh, hey, don't get me wrong. Don't think I ever cared here. I was only doing Dawson a favor.

Joey: Dawson.

Pacey: Yes, Dawson. You know, looking out for you. Think back with me, way back. You know, like the beginning of the school year. Dawson Leery returns from the big city a changed man, determined to sever ties with girl across the creek. So, he asks trusted friend to look after said girl during the delicate transitional period. Trusted friend, of course he obliges, and now trusted friend gets his head handed to him on a platter.

Joey: So you guys just traded me off like some sort of baseball card? Is that what this is about?

Pacey: What?

Joey: Us. You and me. I thought that—

Pacey: you thought what?

Joey: I guess I thought something else, Pacey.

[Scene: Principal Green's Office. Pacey and Matt are there for their punishment.]

Principal Green: You have consistently flaunted my authority, Mr. Caufield. You have undermined the ability of my teachers to educate. And now, you challenge my commitment... To reshape this school into a community.

Matt: Principal green, it was only a mural.

Principal Green: Yes, it was only a mural... But it was so much more than just a mural. You don't fool me, Mr. Caufield. I know exactly who you are. You've been led to believe you're u touchable. So you disrupt the school. You disobey the rules. You serve to divide the student body with your arrogance and your attitude. Now, you may be smart, and you may be rich, Mr. Caufield, but you are not above the law. And for that reason, it is my decision... That you be expelled from Capeside High.

Matt: Expelled?

Principal Green: You heard me.

Matt: For the rest of the year?

Principal Green: For the rest of the year.

Matt: Principal Green... Do you have any idea what my father's gonna say about this?

Principal Green: Yes. I have a very good idea of what your father's gonna say about this.

[Scene: Outside the office. Dawson is waiting to find out the punishment that Pacey is going to get, when Joey walks up to him.]

Joey: So what's going on in there?

Dawson: I don't know. It's hard to tell.

Joey: No sign of... Birch cane or knuckle rapping.

Dawson: No.

Joey: Let's face it. Pacey's gonna be lucky if he gets off without another suspension. The way things are going, I mean... You should have just asked me to look out for him.

Dawson: Excuse me?

Joey: I know all about the little wife-swapping arrangement.

Dawson: Wife-- Joey, that's not how I was, and you know it.

Joey: Then how was it?

Dawson: Well, first of all, it was months ago. I mean, things were very different between us.

Joey: You're right. Back then I felt like you still understood me.

Dawson: Oh, and I don't now?

Joey: No. I never asked for your pity!

Dawson: It wasn't-- it wasn't about pity. I couldn't be there for you, but I wanted you to have someone you can turn to, someone you could talk to. Now tell me-- where is the harm in that?

Joey: Well, it just would have been nice if that someone could have metered a shred of genuine concern, Dawson.

Dawson: That someone is in that room right now because he's got a hell of a lot more than a shred of concern. [Sighs] Joey, why are you doing this?

Joey: Doing what?

Dawson: Casting aspersions on people who obviously care about you. You really think that I don't want the best for you? Pacey--I mean, is a lot of things-- impulsive, thoughtless, stubborn-- but after everything that's happened this year, can you honestly doubt for a second... That he doesn't truly care about you?

[Scene: Outside the office. Dawson is still waiting and Pacey finally comes out.]

Pacey: Let me just state for the record... I like that man in there. In fact, I'll go you one better--he is a great human being. He's got the fairness of Lincoln, the charisma of Martin Luther King, Jr. He's even-handed and tempered and, if I may say so myself, acutely susceptible to a certain type of irreverent humor.

Dawson: So he let you off.

Pacey: Not exactly.

Dawson: But he didn't suspend you.

Pacey: Well, let's just say I'm not packing my bags quite yet. Although 3 days off would have provided a welcome diversion.

Dawson: Ok, so divulge. What happened in there.

Pacey: I'm gonna be a mentor.

Dawson: Be a what?

Pacey: Mentor. You know, the Capeside Mentoring program. Since I seem to be totally incapable of suppressing my own juvenile impulses, Principal Green seems to think that I would benefit from the company and example of someone half my age.

Dawson: Ha ha ha!

Pacey: What's so funny?

Dawson: What about the poor kid? What are you gonna teach him?

Pacey: What are you talkin' about?

Dawson: You gonna teach him the importance of keeping a secret? Like, say, from, you know...Joey, for example?

Pacey: Oh, that... Uh...She told you.

Dawson: Yeah.

Pacey: Hmm. Well, what do you think the odds are that you, yourself, will be as enlightened and forgiving a person as Principal Green just was?

Dawson: Not good, Pace.

Pacey: Ok...

Dawson: Not good.

[Scene: Inside Principal Green's Office. Principal Green is reading a letter, and Andie is sitting across from him.]

Principal Green: To say that I am profoundly shocked and disturbed by what you did would be an understatement. Your behavior was deceitful, immoral, and ultimately, a disgrace to this school.

Andie: I know. I just...Wish that I could have told you sooner.

Principal Green: You know I'm going to have to inform the educational testing service, and that they're gonna cancel your scores, and that you're gonna have to forfeit your chance at a merit scholarship.

Andie: I'm aware of that. Yes.

Principal Green: Now...You say that there were other students who were aware of this test, but you were the only one who exploited it. Are you absolutely certain about that?

Andie: Absolutely certain.

Principal Green: What do you want me too here? What am I supposed to do about this, Andie?

Andie: Um... Well... I heard that Matt Caufield was expelled from Capeside today. And what I did was... No less grave of an offense.

Principal Green: Is that what you think?

Andie: I cleared out my locker, and I know that all actions have consequences.

Principal Green: Andie—

Andie: Most of all... I'm sorry for letting you down and for letting myself down.

Principal Green: Andie... You and Matt Caufield have nothing in common. He is a selfish, spoiled young man who has no sense of right or wrong, who actually takes pleasure in hurting others. The only person that you hurt... Is yourself.

Andie: But I did cheat. And it was wrong, and I should be punished for it.

Principal Green: When you were on the disciplinary committee, one of the things that I tried to teach you was the idea of proportionality. Make the punishment fit the crime, yes, but also look at the person. Now, Matt Caufield, doesn't deserve, nor would he benefit from my leniency. But Andie McPhee... She just might.

Andie: I don't know what to say.

Principal Green: Don't say anything. Get your stuff. Put it back in your locker. As for your punishment... I have to think about that for a couple of days.

Andie: Thank you, Principal Green. Thank you.

[Scene: The defaces mural. Pacey is there painting over it with a fresh coat of white paint. Joey comes up carrying her art box, and is surprised to see him.]

Joey: What on earth?

Pacey: Hey, Potter.

Joey: Pacey, what are you doing?

Pacey: Painting.

Joey: Duh!

Pacey: I just thought it would be good if you could start with a blank canvas.

Joey: Blank canvas, huh?

Pacey: You know, wipe the slate clean, tabula rasa, return to point "a". All that good stuff.

Joey: And, uh, who, may I ask told you I was planning on repainting the mural in the first place?

Pacey: Ah, it's just this guy I met out in the street. Some guy. Ah, your typical do-gooder type.

Joey: Mmm.

Pacey: So...You gonna thank me?

Joey: For what?

Pacey: Well, for all manner of things. You know, like defending your honor, bucking the system--

Joey: Tilting at windmills while in the throes of a misguided hero complex?

Pacey: Well, yeah, that, too.

Joey: Pacey, if I was going to thank you for anything, it would be for being yourself, and, you know, not caring what anybody else thinks and for knowing in your heart what's right and wrong and... For being there this year... When I needed you the most.

Pacey: You're welcome. So you want help?

Joey: One condition.

Pacey: Sure. Name it.

Joey: You gotta be honest. The only reason you've been hanging out with me is simply because Dawson told you to?

Pacey: Yep. That's the only reason.

Joey: Hmm. You need to get a life.

Pacey: [Chuckles]