02x12 - Uncharted Waters

Episode 212
"Uncharted Waters"

Dawson: James Van Der Beek
Joey: Katie Holmes
Pacey: Joshua Jackson
Jen: Michelle Williams
Andie: Meredith Monroe

Gail: Mary-Margaret Humes
Mitch: John Wesely Shipp
Grams: Mary Beth Piel
Bessie: Nina Repeta
Abby: Monica Kenna

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: January 27, 1999

*Cut to Dawson's room. Pacey is pulling darts off a dartboard on Dawson's door.*

Pacey: Well, I think darts may be my destiny, Dawson. Travel around the world as an international renowned master of the darts. I found my calling.

*He looks at Dawson who is studying some papers scattered over his bed.*

Pacey: What're you doing over there?

Dawson: Well, I rewatched a bunch of movies and I think I need to dub in some complicated relationships. Trying to, you know, write some complexities of a character in the movie...layer it a little bit.

*Pacey laughs. He walks over and takes a seat in the chair next to the bed.*

Pacey: There's the Great Santini.

Dawson: Classic dysfunctional father-son relationship.

Pacey: It's a father who thinks his son's a screw-up, huh?

Dawson: Yeah, pretty much.

Pacey: Yeah, well, you can skip a Blockbuster moment, Dawson. You're going to get plenty of insight into that on our little fishing trip this weekend.

Dawson: Come on...okay, granted your father's a little tense but you tend to exaggerate just a little bit. The Great Santini bounces basketballs off his son's head to make a point. At least your father respects you enough not to do that.

Pacey: Ah, yes, respect. Do you respect your father, Dawson?

Dawson: I'd hate to live in a world where I didn't.

Pacey: That's not the answer.

Dawson: Do you respect your father?

Pacey: Well, I mean, John Witter, the most well-know, well-respected man in Capeside. Fights for safety, fights crime, locks up bad guys, helps little ol' ladies across the street, how could you possibly not have respect for a man like that?

Dawson: That's not an answer, either.

*Pacey laughs.*

Dawson: Good ol' fashioned father-son fishing trip. Why do I sense disaster?

Pacey: Tell you what. *gets up and walks toward dartboard* Why don't we let the darts do the talking, huh? If I can hit a bullseye with this *motions to dart in hand* dart in my hand, you and I are in for a weekend of good fun, big fish, and good ol' father-son bonding.

*He throws the dart. Dawson and Pacey go up to see...they turn around.*

Dawson: Best 2 out of 3?

Pacey: Yeah.

*Cut to two people on bikes coming down the street being followed by a patrol car, as they near we realize it's Pacey and Dawson and the patrol car quickly turns on its siren to signal them to stop. John Witter steps out of the car.*

John: Dawson Leery. Capeside's own cinematic wonder kid.

*They shake hands. Dawson smiles.*

John: You aren't going to go forgetting us when you become a big wig out in la-la land, are you?

Dawson: I wouldn't worry about that, Mr. Witter.

John: I'm sure you'll come back and visit Pacey at whatever fast-food joint he's flippin' burgers at.

*Pacey turns around and has a frustrated smile.*

Pacey: The Witter's all come from a long line of illustrious professions requiring uniforms. Right, Pop?

John: *turns back to Dawson* Dawson, I spoke to your pop. I expect you both on the dock at O-600 hours. Now, come prepared, both physically and mentally, because you are going to be fishing in the presence of greatness. We are going to bring back the tournament trophy, Dawson. Or we are going to end our lives at sea. Pursuit of the big one that got away.

Dawson: Well, I don't want to disappoint you. My dad and I are not exactly accomplished fishermen.

John: *laughs* Dawson, I have no doubt with your brain and committment to excellence, you'll make a first-rate first-mate. See you tomorrow. In the meantime, keep Pacey out of trouble for me. Will ya?

Dawson: Okay.

*John Witter gets in his car and drives off.*

Pacey: Aye-aye capitan.

Dawson: Your father's classic, Pacey.

Pacey: Oh yeah, he's a classic, alright. The man thinks my IQ matches my age. You hear that crack about flipping burgers?

Dawson: Pacey, he was obviously kidding.

*Pacey just sighs and turns around and starts biking for school. Dawson stares after him... Cut to Capeside High. Dawson and Joey are walking together down the hall.*

Joey: How's your movie coming?

Dawson: We're in hell right now. We're in scout locations, cast, affording roles, scrounging props and wardrobe, realizing that budget really isn't as big as I first thought it was.

Joey: Sounds like your typical pre-production chaos.

Dawson: Actually, it's really not even chaotic. Jen has everything under control. She's like the troubleshooting dynamo, putting out fires before they even ignite.

*Joey's obviously irritated by this.*

Joey: Hm, well, she's never worked on a film of this capacity...how does she even know what to do?

Dawson: I don't know. She's got this inate talent for it which is causing me to step up my game as a director, which is great.

Joey: *getting really irritated* Wow, that's great. Too bad she didn't work on your last movie, I mean, think of how much better it would have turned out.

Dawson: Joey, I'm not comparing her to you...

*Joey raises her eyebrows as if to say, "Uh huh..sure.."*

Dawson: (cont.) ..working on that movie with you was one of the best periods of my life. I'm just saying it's a surprise, that's all.

Joey: Yeah, who would of thought?

*Jen walks up*

Dawson: Jen, that's funny. We were just talking about you.

Jen: *laughs* God, dare I ask?

Dawson: I was just singing your praises, telling Joey what an incredible job you're doing producing.

Jen: Thank you.

Joey: Oh, yeah, I'll just leave you two professionals alone to collaborate.

Jen: No, Joey! Actually it was you I was looking for.

Dawson: Great! I gotta go, anyway. See ya!

Jen: See ya! Um, Joey, I need your help, okay? See, I promised Gail I'd give her a hand in this newsreport that she's doing--

Joey: Gail? Mrs. Leery?

*Joey seems disturbed by this, also.*

Jen: Yeah, um, yeah, she's doing a newsreport on teenage girls as the new consumer phenomenon. You know, what they think, what they like, what makes them tick, blah blah blah.

Joey: Oh, so now in your spare time, you're helping produce newsreports for Gail.

Jen: Hardly, I wouldn't say that. She's just letting me watch her in action and you know, pick up a few tricks of the trade. Um, anyway, we really need girls to come by Dawson's house tomorrow to--

Joey: Spill their guts on local television?

Jen: No, no just answer questions on what it's like being a teenager. We really need girls who are thoughtful and articulate and no one speaks their mind more eloquently and honestly than you do.

*Cut to rise of sun coming up over creek. Cut to Dawson and his father walking down the dock.*

Mitch: Look at this. *motioning to fishermen nearby* All these people with profound connections to the sea. I mean the idea of the ocean, boundless, mysterious. Life at sea is just about as romantic as love. Kind of makes you want to chuck it all and become a fisherman, you know?

Dawson: Fish is a viable corruption for you now?

Mitch: Ohhh, maybe.

Dawson: What's next, Dad? A fireman?

*Cut to Pacey tying some rope. Cut up to Mitch and Dawson.*

Mitch: Permission to come aboard, sir.

John: Ahoy, mate! Permission granted.

*Mitch laughs. They shake hands*

John: Hi ya, Mitch.

Mitch: How ya doin' John?

John: Dawson.

*Dawson sets his stuff down next to Pacey. Pacey stands up.*

Pacey: Oh, God! Ya know!

*Cut to a picture of Jack running down the dock with his stuff, back to Pacey*

Pacey: Dawson, I completely forgot to tell you something yesterday and you are just going to kill me for it.

*Cut to Jack who drops something and picks it up and keeps running. Back to Pacey.*

Dawson: Who's being melodramatic all of a sudden?

*Jack reaches the boat.*

Jack: Hey guys! I'm sorr--

*Dawson turns around and Jack looks disappointed that he's coming and same with Dawson to Jack.*

Jack: Sorry I'm late.

*Dawson gives Pacey a look as Jack climbs aboard the boat.*

John: Pacey, start the line.

Pacey: Yes, sir. *He checks the side of the boat.* Alright, she's clear.

*The boat starts to move away from the dock as an angry Dawson puts a hand on the dock holding it for as long as he can before he's out there with Jack.*

*Cut to Andie and Joey walking towards Dawson's house as Jen greets them.*

Jen: Hey guys! Thanks for coming. I'm really glad you could make it.

Joey: Couldn't resist seeing the hot new producer in action.

*Abby walks out of the house.*

Abby: Oh, wow, I like that camera guy's angle...if you know what I mean.

Andie: Oh God, not you.

Abby: Rude. Where's the love?

*Gail walks up holding some camera equipment.*

Gail: We're going to get started in a minute. This was a great idea, Jen. This is going to be fun, don't you think?

*Joey looks at her and nods...a little too much. They follow her into the house. Cut to Jack bringing a fishing pole out to the backside by Dawson. He tries to set it up but he can't.*

Jack: Guess my little secret's out.

*Dawson just stares at him.*

Jack: You wouldn't exactly call me Ishmal. Ishmal...Moby Dick...

Dawson: Yeah, I read it.

Jack: Yeah, right. Well, this is going to be a fun weekend.

Dawson: So why'd you come, Jack?

Jack: Look, Dawson, I didn't realize you were going to be here. It's a little late for me to make an exit now and survive so why don't you and I try to deal with our little problem here.

Dawson: There's no problem here, Jack. I'm just...amazed at your confidence, you know? That you'd leave your girlfriend alone, this whole weekend, this early on in your relationship while things are still new and vulnerable, still trying to figure things out. 'Cause it's right about now, some new guy, some bumbly, naive, artsy type is going to come along and steal her away right from under your nose. And, trust me, that sucks.

*Dawson storms off as we go to a pan across the top of the boat with Pacey in the crow's nest holding up a sign that reads '53' to a nearby boat. Cut to Gail being filmed with Joey and everybody around her.*

Gail: Okay, what do you think is the most important issue facing teenagers today? *She looks around the room.* Joey! *holds microphone up to her, Joey just sits there.* Anyone else? *nobody says anything* Jen, can I talk to you for a second?

Jen: Sure, Gail.

*They leave the room.*

Gail: We've been at this all afternoon and we've still got nothing. Do you think the formality is making everyone uncomfortable?

Jen: I think having everybody in one room is making everybody uncomfortable.

*Cut back to the living room. Abby is flirting with the camera guy.*

Abby: That camera equipment looks really heavy. You must be built ram-tough.

Camera Guy: Naw, it's really not that heavy.

*Gail and Jen walk in and the camera guy walks back over by the camera.*

Gail: Okay, everyone listen up. Jen has this great idea. Instead of doing this interview right out of the gage, why don't we spend a little time bonding? You know, make it a Ladies' night.

Abby: Ladies' Night? How long are we gonna be here?

Andie: Yeah, Abby's got to make the rounds on her broom.

Abby: And Andie's mom might start roaming the city, foaming at the mouth.

Gail: Hey, hey, hey! Let's just get to know one another a little better. Connect with one another, okay?

Abby: Oh, God, I'm going to need a drink.

Gail: No alcohol, but I do have enough junk food in that kitchen to fulfill anyone's cravings. And it's all yours, if you bear with me.

*Cut to the fishing boat.*

John: Gentlemen, this is not a pleasure trip. You are not on a Carnival cruise, we've got a job to do. We need to work together like a well-oiled machine. Somewhere out there is a fish. A very big fish that's going to hitch a ride with us back to Capeside. Mitch, you and Dawson work the port rigs.

Mitch: Aye-aye, Skipper.

John: Jackie Onassis there can handle the starboard poles with me.

Pacey: That makes me the odd man out.

John: Yea.

Pacey: You know, Dad, I may not be a charter member of the National Brain Trumps but I think I know how to handle a fishing rod.

John: Pacey, I need you to do everything else. Rig the begs, raise and lower the anchor, back up the anguish. Your job is most important. Who do you think raised the flag in Hiroshima? General McCarther? No, it was the grunts.

Pacey: Dad, we're fishing. Not storming the beaches of Normandy.

*John just laughs.*

Pacey: *under his breath* This sucks.

John: A lot of things in this life suck, Son. It's my job to prepare you for that inevitability.

*Cut to Jack swatting a bug by his ear, the Dawson and Mitch leaning against the side of the boat, then a far off view of the boat. Cut to Andie eating Chester's corn puffs it looks like...something like that.*

Abby: I'm bored. I think it's time for a field trip..upstairs.Cruise the contents of Dawson's room....don't even try and pretend you're not interested.

Joey: It's up to Abby to come up with the most obnoxious pasttime imaginable.

Abby: Fine! I don't mind flying solo.

*She heads upstairs...Jen, Joey, and Andie follow.*

*Cut to Jack handing Dawson a sandwich.*

Dawson: No thanks.

Jack: Look, Dawson, it's not imperative that you and I become friends.

Dawson: Good.

Jack: I just thought it might be nice that's all.

*Jack takes off his life jacket and sits down.*

Jack: You don't know this, alright? I didn't steal Joey away from you. I mean, you of all people should know that she's got a strong will and is as intelligent as a Rhodes scholar...she's not the kind of girl who lets herself get stolen.

Dawson: You don't know anything about her. And, secondly, if you think everything's over between Joey and me, and done with, you're massively dillusional.

Jack: Maybe. Fact of the matter is, Joey and I have something and you aren't going to like it. But if you have any respect for Joey, you better respect me.

*Dawson just raises his eyebrows. Jack walks away. Cut to Abby opening Dawson's closet doors.*

Abby: I think I'm on the verge of uncovering scandalous comfort wear...*looks at an outfit* Yep, I think I've hit pay day!

*Jen and Joey close the closet doors on her and Jen leans against them. Joey laughs.*

Abby: Guys! *banging on door* Hey!

Andie: Hey, guys. Guess what I found tucked behind Jaws? "Good Will Humping"!

*Joey and Jen's eyes get big as they walk towards her and Abby comes out of the closet...literally not figuratively. Cut back to the boat.*

Jack: Wo! Wo! Guys, I got one!

*They rush over to him. John sits down and starts reeling it in and the line breaks.*

John: Where's the new pole?

Pacey: On the other side. What? It doesn't matter what side the pole's on.

John: This is what I mean, Pacey. It's the same thing with you over and over again. The simplest instructions in the world and you find any excuse not to follow them. How do you expect me to give you more responsibility if you can't even adhere to the most rudimentary directions. When I speak, you listen. Don't think, just do! Please! I'm not asking that much!

*He walks off. Dawson comes up*

Dawson: I've finally shaken Jack for two seconds. Can you tell me what the hell you were thinking when you invited him?

Pacey: I'm sorry, man. Andie's just been nagging me excessively about including the guy. He doesn't know any guys in town. His mother just keeps on getting worse and worse. I guess I took pity on him, yeah?

Dawson: Alright, that's fine. But how could you forget to tell me? Alright, Pacey? Come on! I could of had some preparation time before facing my adversary.

Pacey: You know what? Screw you, Dawson. Not all of us can be the fair-haired embodiment of perfection, alright? Not everyone gets wonder king and genious attached to their name. Some of us are just simple-minded folk trying to make it through the day without breaking anything.

*Cut to the four girls sitting on Dawson's bed watching "Good Will Humping". They're making disgusted/laughing/surprised faces.*

Abby: You are aware that where this tape begins, Dawson finished.

Andie: Finished what?

Jen: Shaking hands with the other boy.

Joey: Waxing the bald-headed bishop.

Abby: Test-firing the missile.

Andie: Okay, I got your point guys.

*they watch the TV. Joey turns her head.*

Joey: How does she do that?

Andie: I'm not that limber.

Jen: Where do these women come from?

*They all scream.*

Jen: What sort of career is this?!

Abby: Hey! Getting paid for something, you're good at...something they love. Hey Jen, in a couple of years, that could be you!

*Joey and Abby laugh*

Jen: You know what, that's really not funny.

Joey: I didn't say anything.

*Gail enters the door.*

Gail: Hey ladies!

*Andie jumps off and shuts of the television.*

Gail: Whatcha watchin'?

Andie: Um, nothing. Um, we're watching an educational video for school, it's, um, we're studying human anatomy!

Abby: No, it's a porno we borrowed from Dawson's video collection!

*Andie's eyes get huge.*

Abby: Mrs. Leery, you have to face the music. Your son is a pervert! What! I'm not going to lie. Unlike some people, I do have morals.

Gail: I think we should leave poor Dawson's room, don't you?

*Abby, Andie, Jen, and Joey follow her out if the room. Jen stops Joey.*

Jen: Joey, um, I've played armchair psychologists for so many hours, trying to analyze why you're so consistently hostile to me in your actions and your attitudes. And the only theory that I've been able to come up with is you somehow felt threatened by my relationship with Dawson, but that theory just doesn't stand up anymore. I mean, you won in that rivalry, Joey. Hands down. I just want to know why you're still treating me like I'm this vixen that came into town and stole away your one true love.

Joey: You are so disingenuous.

Jen: What?

Joey: Look, you want our relationship to change, Jen? Then stop encroaching on what's mine. I mean, you systematically continue to recast yourself in my role. I mean, everytime I turn around I'm being replaced by you in some form, and then, you're fain, shocked, and surprised when I resent you for it.

Jen: How have I replaced you, Joey?

Joey: Oh, well, first you were Dawson's girlfriend, and now your his producer, his collaborator, his best friend. I mean, you've adopted his interest in his dreams and now his mother. I mean, what's next? Are you going to get a job at the Icehouse and take up watercolors?

Jen: I love how you demonize me, Joey, instead of recognizing your own, rampant insecurities.

Joey: Fine, maybe I am slightly insecure, but maybe you just won't own up to your own motives. See, when Dawson chose me, I think your ego was bruised. And deep down, you still want to win. You still want him back.

*Cut to the guys entering a bar by the dock.*

John: Alright, now, although today's display of angling ineptitude reached a new low, we'll put it behind us. Oh, hear that!

Mitch: What?

John: It's a dartboard calling my name. Who's man enough to go toe-to-toe with the master? C'mon, Mitch, you and me, buddy.

Mitch: I'll give it a try.

John: Drop anchors there, boys.

*Cut to Dawson, Pacey and Jack playing pool.*

Dawson: I hope my dad doesn't have too much fun otherwise by tomorrow he'll be drawing up plans to open a seedy, dockside tavern.

Pacey: How could you possible find justification to criticize a man like your father?

Dawson: I'm afraid his mid-life crisis isn't going to end. He's going to wind up a homeless street mime. What the hell is your problem?

Pacey: You don't see what's going on, Dawson?

*Dawson just stares at him cluelessly.*

Pacey: Come on, nobody's that oblivious. Not even you.

Dawson: Alright, then why don't you tell me whatever it is you have up your ass 'cause you're about to rip the felt. If you're mad at your dad, tell him. If you're mad at me, let me have it.

Pacey: It's just that simple for you, is it, Dawson? You can just go up to your dad and say 'Gee whiz, pop, I have a problem. Let's talk about this. Heart-to-heart, man-to-man.' That's your wonderful life, not mine. You've gotten a glimpse into the hell that is my life.

Dawson: So then why is my mere presence suddenly a detriment to your happiness?

*Jack walks up.*

Jack: So that Mr. Witter has put you up on such a towering pedestal that you're what? A mere presence, Dawson? C'mon, it's an icon Pacey couldn't possibly live up to!

*Jack walks off.*

Pacey: It's your shot.

*Cut to the Leery living room. Gail is interviewing the girls.*

Abby: Adults idealize their childhood, and that leads to censorship.

Gail: Thank you, Abby. So Andie, why do you think girls are such trendsetters?

Andie: Well--

Abby: Well, it's not because they're so cutting edge. It's because they're insecure. And popular culture capitalizes on that. I mean, girls think, "If I go out and buy this lipstick...," or, "If I watch that TV show.." or listen to this music, I'll be popular. I mean, look around this room. Every one of these girls is incredibly insecure. I mean, I can't even speak my mind anymore without stomping on somebody's feelings. I make a cancer joke, and Joey gets upset. Or I make a crazy joke and Andie gets upset. Or you make a crack about ho bags and Jen starts humping the couch.

Jen: Oh, screw you, Abby!

Abby: See what I mean?

Gail: Okay, stop rolling, Perry. Abby, I think we've heard enough of your opinions so...thank you for coming.

Abby: You're asking me to leave? Uh, you can't be kicking me out because what about sisterhood and all that junk about female-bonding.

Gail: Goodnight, Abby.

Abby: What kind of journalist, are you? Oh, yeah I know. A trashy one who sleeps around.

*Cut to the boat tied by the dock. Dawson walks up by his dad who's laying out his sleeping bag.*

Mitch: Hey.

Dawson: Hey Dad? What are you going to do?

Mitch: Well, I just thought I'd sleep right out here under the stars.

Dawson: No, not that. I mean....with the retaurant...Mom....your life?

Mitch: I wish I knew.

Dawson: Are you okay for money?

Mitch: Yeah, for now.

Dawson: Dad, I gotta be honest. I mean, as glad as I am that we can have this father-son bonding moment...I think a weekend fishing trip would be the least of your priorities...I mean, shouldn't you be out trying to procure some kind of employment or at least establish a game plan?

Mitch: I'm sorry you're disappointed in me. I want to be the kind of man that you can respect. But, I don't know, there must be something out there, musn't there? Something for me. Something that I can put my heart and my passion behind. Now, I can't stop lookin' for that...until I find it.

*Cut to the bar.*

John: Good game, Pete. Where'd everybody go?

Pacey: They went back to the boat.

John: Pacey, c'mon, you and me. Good ol' father and son. One on one.

Pacey: You're drunk, Dad.

*John downs another glass.*

John: Look, Pacey, I know you think I'm being hard on you but it's my job to protect you. C'mon. Show me what you got. Let's go! Let's see what you can do. This youth against the master. You ready?

Pacey: The master, huh?

*John laughs.*

John: Watch this....you ready? *throws dart* There! This will warm you up a little bit. Go ahead.

Pacey: Warm me up?

John: Watch this guys!

Pacey: Strike out that arm you know?

John: Hey, come on.

*Pacey smiles and throws the dart.*

Pacey: I'm sorry.

John: Don't try or nothing here, Pacey. Watch how it's done. *throws dart* Beat that!

*John laughs. Pacey beat his dart.*

John: It's done very simply. *he throws the dart* YES! Beat that! *hits him on the shoulder* BEAT THAT!

*Pacey turns and looks at his dad's serious face, turns back to the dartboard, and purposely blows it.*

John: Listen, there's nothing wrong with losing, Pacey, as long as you do it gracefully. GREGORY GET ME A DRINK! I won!

*Pacey grabs the darts off the board...the first dart he throws hits the bullseye. Cut to Jen, Joey, Gail, Andie, and the camera man in a dimly lit living room.*

Jen: I think that Abby was right. About the fact that, I mean, the reason teenage girls are such consumers is from the fact, I mean, from insecurity.


Andie: I, um, have this need to look and be perfect. My home life is in total chaos and I feel like if I get straight 'A's or if I'm involved in every activity, then...you know, people won't know that I'm this fraud and that I have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going.


Jen: I mean, when I first came here from New York, I felt relief. Trying to compete in that hyper-accelerated world, I mean, I was in the fast lane to self-annihilation. And then, when I got here, I figured maybe I didn't have anything to prove and that I could finally slow down. But having all that experience just came back to haunt me. I mean, in New York I was the precocious ingenue and in Capeside, all I'll ever be known as is the New York wild child, town slut, bad girl...


Joey: So when somebody comes along who has seen things that I've never seen or done things that I've only dreamed about, my defenses go up because I...I can't compete with that. I don't know. I think...I think I'm just Joey Potter, you know? You know the small town girl who will live and die on the creek. You know, and as much as I completely disdain that identity, you know, it's all I've got. And I dunno, so if I ever feel like, you know, somebody is going to steal that measly bit of self that I have or that or that small amount of love that I've somehow managed to accumulate, I feel threatened and I go for the jugular. I admit it.....I admit it...

*Cut to Dawson climbing onto the boat where Jack's laying down.*

Jack: Hey Dawson!

Dawson: Jack, whatever it is, I'm tired and I've had enough drama for one day.

Jack: Oh, I think I'm going to be nautious.

Dawson: You're sick?

Jack: Yeah. The boat's just still rocking...I've been trying to play it cool...but ever since I set foot on this boat...I've felt like I'm going to barf.

Dawson: I know the feeling. This isn't exactly how I envisioned this whole father-son outing.

Jack: I haven't had a father-son weekend in a long time.

Dawson: Where is your dad, Jack?

Jack: I tell you where he's not. He's not here. Of course, if you ask my mother or my sister, they'll tell you he's up in Providence taking care of the business. Truth is, he's up in Providence 'cause he left us.

Dawson: I know how that feels.

Jack: Dawson, your father moved up the street. My father's gone. Try and put that in perspective.

*Cut to Pacey walking his dad, who's drunk, down the beach. They fall.*

John: We're on the ground.

*He closes his eyes and falls asleep or passes out.*

Pacey: So I guess this is as good of time as any to have that father-son talk. *in a gruff voice* So, how ya doin' in school, Pacey? *back to normal* Actually, Dad, I'm doing alright. I'm really turning things around. Turns out I'm pretty smart. *gruff voice* Good man, Pacey. Always knew you'd turn out to be something. How the ladies treating you? *back to normal* Well, I met this woman. *gruff voice* Is she cute? *back to normal* *laughs* Aw, cute, man. Andie's beautiful. She's smart. She's funny. I tell ya, this girl is something special.For whatever reason, she seems to think I'm pretty special, too. Why can't you see that? Why can't you see me, huh? When did you give up on me? When I was 5? 10? 12? I'm 16 years old, Dad! *starting to cry* And I'm here and I'm not provin' that but I'm tryin' so hard for you. It's your job. It's your job to love me no matter who I am or what I become because you're my father! You're my dad! You're supposed to love me you son of a bitch. I can't do this by myself.

*Cut to the boat in the morning. Jack is asleep in a chair. Something starts pulling on his line.*

Dawson: Wo! Hey!

John: That's it. Whew!

Pacey: On 3. 1...2...3.

*Jack and Pacey lift the rod out of the holder.*

John: Don't panic! Keep your back straight in that chair.

Pacey: Wait a second. Slow it down and pull it up at the tip. Ready? Go.

*Jack does so.*

Pacey: Okay, when you go down reel.

*Jack goes down.*

Pacey: Reel! Reel, reel, reel! Hey, nice fish you got on there, Jack. Reel, reel, reel it!

Jack: You do it!

John: Come on!

Jack: Here!

John: Get in there, Pacey.

*Pacey sits down and starts reeling him in.*

John: Alright, give him some line. We got a big one out there the size of Texas. Keep him coming. Keep him coming...yes...come on....come on...

*They finally get the fish in and they take a picture of Pacey holding the huge fish.*

*Cut to Gail and Joey in the Leery kitchen the next morning.*

Gail: Joey, I just want to thank you for everything. I just, I can't tell you how much it meant to me.

Joey: No problem. I'm going to go home now.

Gail: Um, honey...I, um, have a confession. As I was listening to you girls talk so beautifully about your fears and your dreams...I started to feel a little bit sorry for myself.

Joey: Why?

Gail: I don't know. I think, you know, because I've always wanted a daughter. I mean, I love Dawson more than life but men are men...and women are women.

Joey: Right. The great divide.

Gail: But then I realized....I have you. You're my surrogate daughter, Joey. I have always felt that way and, honey, I am so proud of the woman you've become. Come here.

*They hug.*

Joey: Thanks.

*Cut to Andie walking outside. She sees someone sitting in the lawn chair and walks towards them. It's Abby.*

Andie: Abby? What are you still doing here?

Abby: I'm waiting for my mom. She thought I was spending the night.

Andie: Have you been out here all night?

Abby: What do you care?

Andie: I don't care.

Abby: I bet you don't.

Andie: Well, Abby, what do you expect? Your favorite pasttime is making my life a living hell.

Abby: That's not what I do. I play such a crucial role in this little circle and you all are too unimaginative to even notice. I'm the girl everyone loves to hate. I'm the scapegoat. I'm the one you can take all of your anger and aggression out on and never lose a moment's slept over.

Andie: Um, excuse me. You have it mixed up, Abby. You trash us. You're mean.

Abby: Well being sweet is boring! I don't have family lives like you guys. My mom isn't a lunatic. My dad isn't in prison. I'm not the prodical daughter from New York. My parents' divorce is boring. My house is boring. There's no entry. No drama. So you know what? I create drama. And I think it's a valid extra-curricular activity.

Andie: Abby, you don't even realize how lucky you are. What you have, I've always wanted. I've always dreamed of. A normal life with regular parents and regular problems.

Abby: Well, the grass is always greener right?

Andie: Interesting.

Abby: Yeah, whatever. My mom's here so I guess I'll see you in school.

*She walks away and she turns back around.*

Abby: Do you need a ride or something?

Andie: Sure. Thanks, Abby.

*Cut to Joey walking into Dawson's room where Jen is.*

Jen: Hey.

Joey: Hey, um, listen...

Jen: You know, Joey--

Joey: No, let me talk. I've been thinking--

Jen: I know, I've been thinking, too.

Joey: No, I've been thinking more, okay?!

*Jen laughs and Joey sighs. They sit on Dawson's bed.*

Joey: I've been thinking that it kind of sucks that, uh, the people who I respect the most are the people who I've become the most competitive with. I wish there was some way to, uh--

Jen: You know for all your thinking, you're not being very articulate.

Joey: *smiles* I'm trying to apoligize here.

Jen: I know, I know, and I'm kidding. Joey, I'm sorry. I mean, I totally understand what you're trying to say and, um, I think that you're right. That we have been locked at a stalemate for way too long. And I think that there's room in Dawson's life for me...without replacing you.

Joey: No, listen Jen. We can sit here and rehash all of our old problems and disect and deconstruct all of our petty rivalries but I guess what I'm trying to say is that...I respect you. I respect who you are.

Jen: Thanks, Joey.

Joey: Sure.

Jen: You, too.

*Cut to Pacey and his dad accepting the fishing trophy. Then to Dawson standing by Jack. Dawson sticks out his hand towards him.*

Dawson: See you, Jack.

*They shake hands.*

JAck: Yeah, see you, Dawson.

*Cut to Pacey and his father.*

Pacey: I will never in my life for as long as I live forget the feeling of adrenaline that I got when I felt that one strong tug on the line and I knew that the fish had surrendered to the greater power.

John: *handing him trophy* Here, you take this, Pacey.

Pacey: Thanks.

John: Be proud of yourself. Enjoy this moment. You probably won't have many more like it.

*John walks away and Pacey sighs and sits down on a crate. Dawson walks over.*

Pacey: Do you have any idea how many times I set myself up for that one? I mean, over and over and over again, I just can't seem to stop myself from trying to get one unqualified, "Good job, son." from that b*st*rd. I really must be a Simpleton.

Dawson: I know it sounds the same, but there are people in your life whom recognize and respect your talent and intelligence. One of them is standing in front of you, and the other one is probably sitting in her bedroom right now, having a perky coronary in anticipation of your return home from the sea.

Pacey: Yeah...yeah...thanks, Dawson.

*Cut to Dawson and his dad unloading Dawson's stuff from his car in front of the Leery house.*

Mitch: Listen, Dawson, father-son relationships are excruciatingly complicated. I mean, I spent my entire life trying to figure out the dynamic I had with my own father. But, uh, I'll keep trying. Until the day I die. I'll do the best I can to be the best father to you that I know how.

Dawson: Dad, I know. And thank you.

Mitch: For what?

Dawson: For allowing me to make a multitude of mistakes, never making me feel inadequate. I know that my ability to dream without boundaries comes from you and you've never disappointed me, okay? I mean, I worry about you, but I respect you more than anybody I've ever known. And I know, especially after today, how lucky I am to have you as a father.

Mitch: Come here.

*Mitch pulls him in for a hug.*

Dawson: Don't get all sappy on me now.

Mitch: Thank you, Dawson.

*Mitch starts to go inside but then remembers that it's not his home anymore.*

Mitch: Goodnight, Son.

*Dawson goes into his house as we fade to end credits.*