02x10 - High Risk Behavior

Episode 210
"High Risk Behavior"

Dawson: James Van Der Beek
Joey: Katie Holmes
Pacey: Joshua Jackson
Jen: Michelle Williams
Andie: Meredith Monroe

Gail: Mary-Margaret Humes
Mitch: John Wesely Shipp
Grams: Mary Beth Piel
Bessie: Nina Repeta
Abby: Monica Kenna

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: January 13, 1998

In this episode: It seems that love - or at least lust - is in the air in the usually sleepy town of Capeside. During much analysis of his autobiographical movie script, Dawson and Jen ponder their past romance and current friendship. Their frank discussions lead to Dawson's realization that romance, love, lust and passion are sometimes hard to separate. Meanwhile, Pacey and Andie move forward with planning Andie's ultimate fantasy scenario for losing her virginity. And, Joey agrees to let Jack pose nude for a sketch, which serves to heighten the mounting tension between them.

*Dawson's room: Focus on Pacey's face, which is staring intensely at someone...unseen at the moment.*

Pacey: I can't believe you're saying this. I mean, after all these years of hiding behind high-brow analytical posturing.

*Cut to Dawson's face. Intense as Pacey's.*

Dawson: I'm saying it. *pause* I love you. I know it's nonsensical.

Pacey: Nonsensical? It's insane. We've known each other for 15 years and you couldn't find another time to freudian-slip this cat out of the bag?!

Dawson: *with complete honesty* I've wanted to! So many times. You have no idea how long I've been wrestling internally with the psychological repercussions of my feelings.

Pacey: *stares down as if he's overwhelmed* I need time to process this. I mean, my electrical synapses are on overload here. My brain is telling me one thing but my heart, it says another. It's telling me that I should consider the unequivical, highly irrational, possibly damaging, proposition...*with deep feeling, looking into Dawson's eyes* of loving you back.

Dawson: Wait. *leans in like he's going to kiss Pacey but quickly turns and reaches for some papers on his bed glancing over them* You missed a line. You forgot 'hypnotically scarred'.

Pacey: So if you want it done right, then you get an actor. I'm not exactly comfortable playing the girl here.

Dawson: So what do you think? Think it would make a good movie?

Pacey: You're writing too many syllables. I mean, what's with all the psychobabble insight? How many teenagers do you know that talk like that?

Dawson: Grumbles, aside, do you think it would make a good movie?

Pacey: Yeah...*thinking*..yeah..however, you did make Joey a little on the angry side, even for her.

Dawson: It's not Joey.

Pacey: Right. *sarcastic* That's not Joey, the guy's not you, and you're not disecting you two's relationship on the page just like every other narcissistic writer through history.

Dawson: *sighs* Just tell me what you think.

Pacey: I think it's dark. It's obtuse. It's very un-Dawson Leery.

Dawson: Thank you. *he gets up from his chair by the bed and walks over by his desk* This is the first time I've been able to write something that's not just plot-driven but emotionally driven.

Pacey: Congratulations. Revolving as an artist.

Dawson: It's about time I took some risks, you know? Ride the edge a little.

Pacey: Well, if that's the case, I do have one note.

Dawson: *hesitantly looks over at Pacey* Which is?

Pacey: I mean, why don't they have s*x? I know you and Joey never did in real life but this is a film. You can write it any way you want. You know? Take the risky plunge.

Dawson: Ah-ha! See, I have.

*Pacey looks skeptical.*

Dawson: (cont.) How many movies have you seen where a bunch of horny teenagers just...go at it like rabbits? I mean, that's the safe choice.

*Pacey laughs.*

Dawson: The riskier, edgier choice is to have them not do it.

Pacey: Only you take your virginal insecurities and fear of deflowerment and turn them into "risky, edgy behavior."

Dawson: Oh yeah, I have no problem being a virgin, alright? I'm sorry if my confidence in my convictions is discombobulates you.

*Pacey stares out in bewilderment.*

Pacey: Dis-com-bob-u-late. How many syllables is that?

*Dawson throws his script at Pacey*

*Cut to Capeside High's frontyard.*

OVERVOICE OF JEN: Hey. We're holding auditions for a movie today. Hope you can make it.

*Cut to Dawson coming out holding a stack of papers heading towards...Jen.*

Dawson: Hey!

Jen: Hey, you!

Dawson: So how's interest? Are we going to have a turnout?

Jen: Um, as a first-time producer...my instincts tell me that we're going to have a huge turn-out, Dawson.

*Dawson smiles*

*Jen hands a guy a flier*

Jen: *to the guy* Hey, we're having auditions for a movie today. Come on by, alright?

Dawson: You're such a natural. You're so good at this.

Jen: *laughs* Well, thanks. Don't expect too much. I mean, I'm no Joey.

Dawson: Well, hey, she had no experience either when she first started. You're going to be good. I have the up-most confidence in you.

Jen: Well, thank you. Mr. Writer/Director.

Dawson: *laughs* *pointing at a guy* Hey, be sure to give a flier to James Lowing, he'd be perfect for the lead.

Jen: Ew.

Dawson: Ew? Jen, he's like the classic, leading guy. He's kind, he's funny...he's self-effacing, he's Jimmy Stewart meets Tom Hanks.

Jen: Yeah, and about as sexy as a bucket, Dawson.

Dawson: Alright..

Jen: *pointing to a dark-haired man with a mustache* Now, Dave Fachelli, that's the leading man.

Dawson: Excuse me?

Jen: Yeah, he's like dark and brooding and Ray Liotta...

Dawson: Sewer rat. I don't get it...no way.

Jen: I'm just saying he's got a certain...appeal.

Dawson: So?

Jen: I mean, people don't always go to the movies to see their kind, sweet next-door neighbor. They go to see that slightly dangerous guy that they desperately want to sleep with but never will in real life. Sexy will always win out over nice. *pause* I'm just saying everyone casts Tom Hanks, you know? Try and make the less obvious choice. *turning to another person with a flier* Hey, movie auditions today. *She walks off.*

*Cut to Pacey entering the halls of Capeside High. He heads straight for Andie and holds a sheet in front of her.*

Pacey: *clears throat*

Andie: Hey! *reading the paper* What's this?

Pacey: The results of Pacey Witter's HIV test.

Andie: You got tested?

Pacey: You told me to.

Andie: But you argued with me.

Pacey: Andie, I always argue with you. It doesn't mean I don't listen.

Andie: And...?

Pacey: And it's negative! Which is positive in my book.

Andie: Congratulations. I'm proud of you. Getting tested was...very responsible of you. Just don't think that now that we got tested we're going to....you know.

Pacey: *acting clueless* What?

Andie: *frustrated* You know...

Pacey: No, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Andie: Okay, uhm, you know, we haven't been very, uhm, *lowers her voice* physical, or anything and I'm not opposed to us becoming more...*lowers again* intimate, but I just want you to know that everything has a perfect place and time.

Pacey: I didn't get tested to engage in uninhibited scrumping with you. I got tested for me. I don't want to jump in the sack with you.

Andie: Oh. Why not, exactly? Do you not find me attractive?

Pacey: Of course I find you attractive, Andie.

Andie: But you don't want to?

Pacey: Do you want to?

Andie: Well, I asked you.

Pacey: Well, I'm asking you back.

Andie: You first.

Pacey: I'd like to scrump with you any day of the week, okay? But we've got all the time in the world. There's no need to rush anything.

Andie: Okay, I hear you and I concur.

Pacey: Good.

Andie: Good....but if it were the right time and place, you would want to, right?

Pacey: Oh, hell yes!

Andie: Alright. 'Til then.

Pacey: Until..

*Cut to Dawson handing out fliers by a picnic table where Joey is sitting at drawing.*

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: *holding fliers* Movie auditions.

Joey: *motioning to drawing* Art class.

Dawson: *notices her drawing of a man..naked.* I see you've graduated from fruit bowls.

Joey: We're doing life-sketching...nude models...so..we're supposed to see the human form, a mass of lines and shadows.

Dawson: Really?

Joey: I'm working on it.

Dawson: And he does poses for you?

Joey: Yeah.

Dawson: Don't you find that uncomfortable? Just sitting in a room with some guy completely in the buff right in front of you?

Joey: No..

Dawson: Does he like talk or anything?

Joey: Oh, yeah. He sings, tells jokes, does a little softshoe. No, he doesn't talk, Dawson. He's a model. He sits there. He just takes breaks every now and then.

Dawson: And Little Joey Potter doesn't blush?

Joey: No.

Dawson: Not even a little?

Joey: Maybe a little...

Dawson: *raises eyebrows* Just a little?

Joey: *knowing he's figured her out* Okay, I've broken 12 pencils

*Dawson laughs*

Joey: BUT it's getting better. You'd be surprised, Dawson. I'm changing. I'm not Little Joey Potter anymore.

Dawson: No, you're certainly not.

*Cut to Joey looking off in a distance to...Jen handing a flier to Chris.*

Jen: Auditions...come please...

*Back to Joey and Dawson.*

Joey: Jen's your producer? *looking slightly irritated*

Dawson: Yeah...yeah, you're busy.

Joey: *looking at her art* So what's your movie about?

Dawson: *hesitates.* Um, young boy...comes of age...in a small town...

*Joey nods*

Joey: Well, good luck with it, Dawson.

Dawson: Thank you, thank you! Gotta go! Time is money.

*Dawson takes off as Joey stares after him.*

*Cut to inside the halls. Chris walks up to Abby.*

Chris: Hey! Are you going to audition for Dawson's movie?

Abby: Participate in Dawson Leery's lame home video project? Doubtful. Why? Are you?

Chris: I was thinking about it. I got the audition piece so I was looking through it. He's got financing. He's going to do the festival circuit. It would be an opportunity for some Hollywood-type exposure.

Abby: Yeah, right! Are you have delusions of Brad Pitt-itis?

Chris: I think I would make a good actor, actually. And actors get action, and I foresee a non-stop party. I was thinking maybe you and I could read together.

Abby: You and me?

Chris: Yeah, c'mon! We'd have some serious chemistry. Come on. Audition with me.

Abby: Celebrate(?) elsewhere. I couldn't be less interested.

*She walks into the girl's bathroom.*

*Cut to Joey back at her picnic table, Jack walks up behind her with a shake, looking at her drawing.*

Jack: Wow!

*Joey turns quickly noticing him then covers up her drawing.*

Joey: Don't look.

Jack: Come on, I've seen a naked guy before, Joey.

Joey: Yeah, but not drawn with the talent of a second grader, trust me.

Jack: C'mon. *Joey still covers it up.* *he starts tickling her* Let me see it! Let me see it!

Joey: Nooo.

*Jack looks at it.*

Jack: Wow. It's a good use of light and dark, especially around the side. I mean, it's very dramatic. Shading is excellent.

Joey: *in disbelief* Really?

Jack: Yeah. Lines are strong. Uh, everything seems to be in...proportion. Uh, you did a real nice job *reaching up to point, he accidentily knocks his shake all over Joey's drawing, ruining it.*

Jack: Joey! Oh God! I'm sorry, Joey! I'm sorry! I'm sorry.

Joey: I gotta go.

*She grabs her ruined drawing and leaves*

*Cut to auditions, a girl with long red hair and huge eyes is auditioning. She is wayyy over-acting.*

Girl: I can't believe you're saying this. After all these years of high brow, analytical posturing.

*Cut to a football player with red hair, auditioning with no acting talent whatsoever.*

Guy: I love you....I know it's nonsensical.

*Cut to a blonde cheerleader reading the script really ditzy-like and it looks like she's chewing gum.*

Girl: Nonsensical? It's insane! We've known each other for 15 years.

*Cut to a shot of Dawson and Jen looking irritated and tired.*

Girl: (cont.) Somewhere in there you couldn't find the time to *voice fades out..*

*Cut to a curly-haired guy auditioning with glasses, putting way too much feeling into it.*

Guy: I've wanted to. So many times. But you have no idea how long I've wrestled internally with the psychological repercussions...

*Cut to a blond pierced guy just standing there not saying anything. Then cut to a girl crying, putting too much emotion into her role. More frustrated shots of Dawson and Jen. A girl with glasses just stares out blankly then widens her eyes.*

OVERVOICE (Football guy from earlier): You have no idea how long I've been wrestling internally with the psychological reproductions.

*Cut to Dawson and Jen. Dawson is looking at Jen in disbelief.*

*Back to stage where Football Guy and Cheerleader are reading together.*

Cheerleader: But my heart says something different. That I should consider the unequivical, possibly damaging *her voice turns into an overvoice as you see another girl laughing at the script and a guy coughing during his audition, then it cuts back to them.* highly irritional, hypnotically scarring, proposition of loving you back. *She looks at the football guy chewing her gum like a ditz.*

Guy: *long pause* Cool.

*Cut to an extremely frustrated Dawson and Jen. Cut to Capeside High where we're at Joey's locker when Jack walks up.*

Jack: Listen, I'm sorry. Uh, can you save it?

*Joey looks at him and reaches into her locker and pulls out a picture that justs looks like a blur of charcoal on it.*

Jack: Oh, God. I'm sorry. Look, can I do anything? What?

Joey: There's nothing you can do, Jack. It's due Thursday. I'm already the youngest and least experienced in the class and now I'm going to show up with an incomplete assignment.

Jack: Can you redraw it?

Joey: Not from memory. I mean, this is a nude man, Jack. I can't just recall it from thin air. *pulling out drawing and looking at it* The pose, the composition, the light, the shadows.You can't just recreate that.

Jack: Um *thinking*, let me pose for ya.

Joey: What?

Jack: Yeah, no, I'm serious. Let me pose for you. No big deal.

Joey: *in disbelief* You want to pose for me...naked.

Jack: Uh huh...yeah.

Joey: *slowly putting the drawing back in her locker and shutting it* Let me think about that...uh, no.

Jack: Okay, uh, what happens if you don't turn it in?

Joey: Look, I get an F, not to mention embarressment and feelings of tremendous inadequacy.

Jack: Alright, then that's it, I'll pose it for you.

Joey: No, you're not.

Jack: 'Fraid about seeing me naked?

Joey: Ah, the "Joey's a prude" tactic. Clever, but wrong.

Jack: Alright, then what is it? Are you scared it might get sexual or something?

Joey: Believe it or not, Jack, not every moment with you is sexually charged. Sorry.

Jack: Well, then, there should be no problem. C'mon, I feel awful about this and I don't want you to fail your first art project because of me so let me help you.

Joey: You're serious, aren't you?

Jack: I'm dead serious. I have a huge deal about things like this. So don't feel weird, I don't.

Joey: I don't know, Jack. I don't know if this is a good thing for us.

Jack: Strictly professional, okay? C'mon, Joey. This is your art.

Joey: Well, I guess the male form is just the male form...

Jack: Good, it's settled. I'll come by your house tomorrow around 7....Yeah...

*Jack walks off as Joey looks off after him.*

*Cut to Capeside, a store. Andie is at the pharmacy.*

Pharmacist: There ya go, Miss.

Andie: Thank you.

Pharmacist: Be careful with the dosage, I put a pamphlet in there for you.

Andie: I'm familiar with the drug, thank you.

*She turns around to find Pacey. She holds the bag behind her back.*

Pacey: Hello, McPhee, what's shakin'?

Andie: Hey, Pacey! Hi...

Pacey: Whatcha got in the bag?

Andie: Uh..nothing.

*He takes it from her and looks in it and takes out the bottle.*

Andie: Pacey, please. Give it back.

*He starts reading the bottle.*

Pacey: 'Andrea McPhee, take two tablets a day, as directed. ZanX, 20mg.' ZanX, um, that's for severe depression and anxiety, right? It's like Prozac so...

Andie: Uh, it's my mom's. We have the same first name. Andrea.

*Pacey remembers and regrets mentioning it.*

Pacey: Yeah..yeah..

Andie: Please, Pacey, she's getting better.

Pacey: I'm really sorry. I didn't know.

Andie: It's okay.

Pacey: You're such a good daughter.

Andie: What are you doin' here?

Pacey: Nothing, um, just picking up some stuff.

Andie: In the, uh, condom section?

Pacey: *fake laughs* I had no idea!

*Andie makes a 'yeah right' face.*

Pacey: How odd. You don't think this is a sign, do you? Like the love gods are trying to help us out..

Andie: No, I think that would be you.

Pacey: I'm just engaging in a little innuendo hoping that someday it will lead to something a little more tangible.

Andie: Hey, I'm all for discovery the...physical side of Pacey Witter, I just don't know that I'm entirely prepared yet.

Pacey: Well, hey *handing her condoms*, be prepared.

Andie: Hey. Designed for that woman's extra pleasure. Yeah...how would they know?

Pacey: Maybe they're designed by women.

Andie: Oh. Good point. So, uh, should we get some?

Pacey: *surprised* What?

Andie: Well, you're right. We should be prepared. In case that mood strikes and we'll be ready.

Pacey: Are you being serious?

Andie: Yeah, we might as well have them on stand by. I mean, we can be adults about this..

Pacey: You're serious.

*Cut to Abby and Chris auditioning.*

Abby: Isn't there anyone else I can read with?

Dawson: Abby, we're short on time. If you could just start on page 3, that'd be great.

Chris: Sure, Dawson, but can I just ask a quick question?

Dawson: What is it, Chris?

Chris: I just...I don't understand why they don't ever do it. I mean, you have all the hot foreplay stuff, but they never hook up.

Dawson: Right. Well, your character believes that sometimes true love goes behind that that's merely physical.

Chris: See, yeah, that's just the part I don't get.

Abby: Yeah, Dawson, I think you should rethink that part. It's a little petty.

Jen: Okay, you know what, guys? Why don't we just keep moving?

Chris: I've wanted to. So many times. You have no idea how long I've wrestled with the psychological repercussions of my feelings.

Abby: I need some time to process here. My electrocal synapses are on overload. My brain says one thing but my heart says something else. That I should consider the unequivical, possibly damaging, highly irrational, hypnotically scarring, proposition of loving you back.

Chris: Wait.

*He pulls Abby in for a deep kiss and she struggles and pulls away.*

Abby: What the hell was that you loveneck freak?!

Chris: A kiss. It was in the script.

Abby: That was your tongue in my mouth.

Chris: Sorry, I was just getting into the role.

Abby: You were trying to get into my pants. God, I'm going to be sick.

*She rushes out and Chris stands there before taking a bow.*

Chris: Shall I continue?

Jen: That'll be all, thank you.

*Cut to Pacey and Andie walking out of the store*

Andie: I've put lots of fantasy thought into this, and I want my first time to be special. You know, the perfect evening. Like, dinner at a French restaurant, a romantic after-dinner stroll by the dock, and then onto a nice historic bed and breakfast.

Pacey: A bed and breakfast?

Andie: It's my fantasy, go with it. Lavender candles...and, uh, Sinatra, or somebody equally as old-style and romantic.

Pacey: Ok. Schedule in bathroom breaks, or does the poor guy have to hold it all evening?

Andie: Ok, I'm sorry, but deciding to lose my virginity is a huge deal, ok? I mean, I didn't hold onto it for 16 years just to lose it in one drunk fleeting moment in some skanky back seat of a late model american car, ok?

Pacey: Damn! Somebody's leaking all my best lovemaking secrets.

Andie: It's just that... I'm going to remember this for the rest of my life, and I just think that if we put a little planning into it, to ensure that it's worth remembering, it would be really nice.

Pacey: I know how important the first time is. Believe me, of all people, I know. And I know with my tainted past, I might not be the most likely of candidates, but if and when you do decide it's the right time for you, I'd really like to be the one that helps to make it a memorable evening.

Andie: Well, when you talk like that, it makes me want to jump you.

Pacey: Oh, really?

Andie: Yes.

*Cut to the place where auditions for Dawson's movie were.*

Dawson: It's just so frustrating to have this dream of making this movie, and actually get the money to make the movie, and then realizing that it still might not happen.

Jen: Just like in the script.

Dawson: What do you mean?

Jen: I mean, you and Joey. You're in love with her for 15 years, and then when you're just about to have her, you lose her. Tragic.

Dawson: The script is not about Joey.

Jen: Dawson, give me a break. It reads like an autobiography. It's funny. I thought that... We had something, too, but... even with my flair for the dramatic, my role has been reduced to the first act.

Dawson: Jen, you were important to me. You know that.

Jen: Was I?

Dawson: Absolutely. More than you know.

Jen: Then I, I want to ask you something, Dawson. Since we're friends and all, um... what did you like about me?

Dawson: What did I like about you? We have fun together... you know... I mean, you...you open me up to stuff. Skinny-dipping didn't suck. You know, you were... you were sexy.

Jen: Were?

Dawson: Are. Are.

Jen: You know, I think that Chris and Abby are right about your script. I think that the 2 young lovers should do it.

Dawson: *standing up frustrated* It's about romance, not s*x.

Jen: Who says that s*x can't be romantic, Dawson? Come on. I mean, look at your target audience.

Dawson: I wanted to make the less obvious choice.

Jen: That's funny when you think about it.

Dawson: What?

Jen: Just that, if you hadn't gone for such an obvious choice of girl, maybe the ending to your script would have been a little less obvious.

*Dawson thinks as we cut to Joey's house as she sets out her art stuff.*

Jack: I'm coming out. *he stands as she doesn't look at him* Um... Jack McPhee reporting for duty. Where--where do you want me?

Joey: *still not looking at him* Um, you could, uh, sit on the couch or, or the chair. Or you could stand, or I could move.

Jack: Uh, why don't I just take the couch?

Joey: Ok.

Jack: You know, Joey, if--if you're uncomfortable at all, I--I can, you know, keep the towel on for a while, Just until we get loosened up. You know, you can kind of sketch around... it.

Joey: Jack, I'm fine. You know, whatever.

Jack: Uh, ok. *He starts taking the towel off*

Joey: You know what? You're probably right. Maybe--maybe the towel is a good idea. I mean, it'll give me a chance to concentrate on the... the top part.

*Jack puts it back on and lays on the couch*

Jack: Oh, deja vu. This is just like that scene from Titanic. *He laughs*

Joey: Oh, right. Yeah. Except I'm Jack and... you're Rose.

Jack: Role reversal. I like it. *he notices her nervousness* Look, Joey, if you're not gonna make it, we can stop this at any time.

Joey: You know, um... maybe if we just didn't talk. Um, the model in class kinda just sat and stared out the window. And, you know, since we are just... starting to get to know each other, I just... I'll admit it has made me slightly uncomfortable.

Jack: Well...just imagine how comfortable we're gonna be around each other after tonight.

*She stares at her just started drawing and stops.*

Joey: You know, Jack, um... I can't do this. You know, I just don't think this is a good idea. I mean, I tried to be adult about this, and not behave like little Joey Potter, but the truth is, you know, I'm really not that experienced with... Um, a lot of things. And I really don't think I could handle seeing you naked right now, so if you could probably just get dressed and go home, that would...

Jack: What about your sketch?

Joey: Yeah, I'll figure out some way to fudge it.

Jack: Are you sure?

Joey: Yes, I'm sure!

*She accidentily knocks her easel over and Jack gets up to catch it and his towel falls off. Joey stares at 'it' for a second then looks away.*

Jack: Well, um... might as well stay now.

Joey: Um


Jack: So, uh...how's it look?

Joey: *thinking he's referring to something else* "It"? *noticing what he's referring to* Oh, it's coming along fine. I'm sorry.

Jack: And how you doing?

Joey: Surprisingly well. You know, no sign of heart failure, so... it's actually...it's ok. It feels kind of...

Jack: Natural?

Joey: Um...sort of. It's more like an accomplishment. I know, this is something that most people would just assume that Joey could not do.

Jack: Why is that?

Joey: I mean, you see how I live. I don't get out much, and... I guess my life just seems kind of plain sometimes.

Jack: Does that bother you?

Joey: Um...yeah, sometimes. A good thing that I've discovered about this whole art thing is that it allows me to take chances, you know? I mean, this here is risky. Art is risky 'cause...you know, every time I draw or paint or take a class, I just... I feel like I'm doing something special. You know, just for me. Does that make sense?

Jack: It feels dangerous.

Joey: Yeah. Yeah. Why is that?

Jack: Art is about a world of uncertainty, And that makes it scary.

Joey: And what scares you?

Jack: s*x.

*Cut to Jen seeing Dawson out walking the docks. She goes out to join him. Cut to Pacey and Andie eating in a restaurant. Cut back to Jack and Joey*

Joey: First time anxiety?

Jack: Oh, no, no! I'm not a virgin.

Joey: *slightly disappointed* Oh. So, um... have you done it a lot?

Jack: Well, I've done it a total of, uh...once.

*CUT TO Jen and Dawson.*

Dawson: All I know is I'm really lucky to have you for a friend. I never could have gotten through those horrifically epic auditions today.

Jen: It's my job.

Dawson: No, that's above and beyond the call of duty. You must have heard those lines read so many times you have the whole thing committed to memory.

Jen: Well, the good thing is, if you get really desperate, I could always play your leading lady.

Dawson: Maybe you should have.

Jen: Should have what?

Dawson: Been my leading lady.

Jen: You think?

Dawson: Sometimes. Too much of the time.

*Cut to Jack and Joey*

Joey: Was it scary?

Jack: Yeah.

Joey: Don't feel bad. I mean, I haven't done it at all, and it terrifies me from afar, so...

Jack: You know, it's not just that it was scary. I mean, that was part of it, but...I don't know, it's...it's hard to describe. You know, I'm not really that good at expressing myself. You know, I...I guess you found my...social flaw.

Joey: Could you try?

*Cut back to Jen and Dawson*

Jen: I know you've got this notion that if you-- if you don't let your characters act on their desires, then you're making a stronger, riskier choice, but that's not real life.

Dawson: But it's so obvious. I mean that... the story is much stronger if the characters resist their lust.

Jen: But it's not real. True love is always fueled by lust, and people who care that much about each other will sooner or later end up having s*x. Even people who don't care that much. And besides, this is 1998. s*x is always a risky choice. I just don't happen to believe that it's an obvious one. I think that intent and motive is what makes s*x so interesting, Dawson. I mean, why do 2 people have s*x? Ok, uh, so they're in love. That's obvious. Who cares? But they're in lust. Slightly more interesting. They're hurting over someone. They're in pain. Trying to forget someone. They're in denial. They're looking for a distraction. All of a sudden, s*x has just become very interesting and not the obvious choice at all. Maybe you should think about a rewrite, Dawson. You've still got time.

*Cut back to Jack and Joey*

Jack: Really? You--you want to know?

Joey: Yeah. I mean, not the gory details. Just...the feeling of it. Maybe you could describe it as if it were art.

Jack: Well...at first, it's all a jumble of emotions. Uh, it's hard to pinpoint. It's--it's kind of like expressionistic painting. But, you know, if you get comfortable with it, it's--it's like the first time you see Van Gogh's "Starry night". It's the same sky you've always seen, but everything...is different. Bigger. More passionate. The blues, the yellows, the swirling stars. Everything has feeling, movement. Even the colors seem alive. It's like...lying on Monet's water lilies. It's the warmth of a Georgia o'Keefe flower wrapped around you... feeling everything so intensely. It's the power and strength of a Degas dancer, it's the passion of...Munch's "Scream," the--

*Phone rings and Jack jumps and stares at Joey. You people know what he had.*

*Cut to Pacey leading a blindfolded Andie into a room.*

Andie: Where are we?

Pacey: Just wait.

Andie: Pacey, you're scaring me. Where have you taken me?

Pacey: Well, we just ate at Petite la Bistro, then we went for a stroll along the docks.

Andie: Blindfolded, I might add.

Pacey: So think about it. There's only one place we could be right now, isn't there?

Andie: Pacey, if I take off this blindfold and we're standing in a bed and breakfast, you're dead.

Pacey: Well...dispose of my remains now.

*He removes her blindfolded. Andie looks around the room.*

Andie: Oh, Pacey. God, I don't know whether to be touched or terrified.

Pacey: Hey, listen, you know, this night was not designed to reach the verdict of doing it. I just--I wanted to give you your fantasy evening. You know, a French dinner, a stroll along the docks, a bed and breakfast, romantic music. We can save doing it for another time. This is a step-by-step process. For me, too.

Andie: Oh, Pacey.

Pacey: What? What's wrong?

Andie: I...I really want to do this. I mean... I'd be lying if I said I didn't. And...you're really special to me. But, uh, I... I don't--I don't think I'm ready for this right now. I mean, there's so much that's going on that you don't know about, and that I can't even begin to tell you, um, I...I can't do this. I'm sorry, Pacey.

*He hugs her.*

Pacey: It's okay.

Andie: I can't do this.

Pacey: Why? Don't worry. It's no big deal. I told you. We can wait. Honestly... I think I brought you here tonight as much for me as I did for you. I just wanted to give you your fantasy evening, you know, so... please don't be upset with me. You have no idea what you've done for me, just being in my life. I mean, you make me feel like maybe there's hope for my pathetic existence, and I don't have to sleep with you to feel that. I feel it right now, just holding you in my arms. God, I am so lucky.

Andie: You know what, Witter? You make me want to do it.

*They start making out*

*Cut to Dawson in his bedroom at his laptop. He's staring at it then he looks at a picture of Joey and sets it on his table. He deletes his ending. Cut back to Jack and Joey*

Jack: Listen, I'm really sorry.

Joey: Listen, Jack, it's ok, you know, don't worry about it. Stuff happens. Although not usually that kind of stuff And usually not in the Potter living room.

Jack: I didn't think it would be such a big deal for me to pose for you.

Joey: Yeah, well...

Jack: Listen, um... is this gonna screw things up with us?

Joey: What do you mean?

Jack: Well, I mean, I didn't want to bring s*x in this evening, you know. All I wanted to do was help you. uh, I don't want you to think 'cause a...all this stuff...here we go again. Social flaw.

Joey: Well, let's be honest with ourselves. Yes, we both came in here with the noblest of intentions. But, you know, at the end of the day, we're both human, and...there's something between us that's...you know, it's a...is your social flaw contagious?

Jack: Uh, yeah... God, I was so naive to think that this was a good idea.

Joey: No, I take full responsibility for this evening's turn of events. I mean, it's my fault. I asked to hear it.

Jack: That's true. Actually, I think it was your fault.

*They laugh*

Joey: It's...it's just that, uh... I don't know. Tonight was a big step in the life of little Joey Potter. She didn't feel so little tonight. I guess I just tried to bite off a tad too much.

Jack: Well, you were curious.

Joey: Yeah. For all the big words and not wanting to hear the gory details, I guess I'm just wrestling with my hormones like everyone else.

Jack: Well, um, you know, if you ever want to, uh, explore your curiosity...I'm available.

Joey: First you're a model, now you're a tour guide.

Jack: No. I'm just a guy who...finds it really hard not to want to hold you, and touch you, and I didn't really realize that until tonight when it was completely forbidden.

Joey: *moving closer to him*You have your clothes on now.

Jack: You're saying it's not forbidden?

Joey: No. I'm just saying it's, um...it's not as scary.

Jack: Gee, thanks.

*She laughs*

Joey: No, you know what I mean.

Jack: I think that, uh, 2 scared people...cancel each other out.

Joey: Meaning?

Jack: Meaning that tonight was a night of firsts, and there's no reason that it has to stop.

*They start kissing and it shows a close up of the drawing Joey drew of Jack.*

*Dawson's crawling into Jen's window.*

Jen: Dawson? Dawson, what are you doing here?

Dawson: I've been thinking about what you said about motive and intent. And love vs. hurt vs. lust vs. distraction.

Jen: And?

*He kisses her*

Dawson: Don't ask my motive.

Jen: I know better.

*They kiss more intensely*

*Cut to Andie and Pacey who are kissing. Pacey pulls away.*

Andie: What's wrong?

Pacey: Uh...you're not gonna believe this. Frankly, I don't really believe it, but... I don't want to do this. Yeah, I said that out loud, right?

Andie: You don't want to?

Pacey: Uh, no, no, I do. God, do I, but...

Andie: So?

Pacey: So, for once, Pacey Witter's raging hormones aren't going to do all the talking. And for once, I'm gonna do the right thing and...we're not ready for this, Andie.

Andie: B-but I might be ready and...

Pacey: Listen, at the risk of sounding like a really cheesy... after school special, when you're really ready, you'll know, and then we'll do this. Then we'll do this till the cows come home. But this thing is way too important for me to just fall back on the old "do now, think later" Pacey Witter approach. You know what the really risky thing for me to do is? It's to not have s*x. I mean, maybe that way I'll have some resemblance of a real relationship. So...you take all the time you need, 'cause I'll be here.

Andie: There you go again, Pacey. Just making me want to do it even more.

*They kiss*

Pacey: Mmm...it's all part of my evil plan.

Andie: Mmm.

Pacey: Come on. I'll drive you home.

*Cut to Joey and Jack kissing on Joey's couch then cut to Jen and Dawson making out on her bed, then cut back to Pacey and Andie exiting the Bed and Breakfast . They hold hands and walk to Pacey's car as "To Be Continued" appears on the screen.*