02x07 - The All-Nighter


Dawson: James Van Der Beek
Joey: Katie Holmes
Pacey: Joshua Jackson
Jen: Michelle Williams
Andie: Meredith Monroe

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: November 18, 1998

In this episode: A panic-inducing English Lit mid-term compels Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Andie, Jen and Chris Wolfe to mount a desperate, last-ditch study effort - the rite-of-passage all-nighter. At Chris' house, the group members settle in to study, procrastinate and come to terms with their individual dramas. Dawson puts Joey through the paces, creating a post-break-up hell in which he gives her the silent treatment, insults her and says a lot that he doesn't mean. Andie finds out about Pacey's affair with Tamara during a Cosmo magazine purity test, and Jen gives in to temptation courtesy of lady-killer Chris.

*Dawson's room - a movie is on the television. Dawson is watching it.*

Dawson: There's not a single dramatic storyline in existence that Shakespeare didn't conquer first. Family revenge, political intrigue, the great gender battle. The guy mapped it all out for us, and what was his parting lesson? What genre of all genres did he finally arrive at after years of toil and sacrifice? Tragedy.

Gail: *offscreen* Shh.

Dawson: Like all great romantics, he finally realized that life was a lot more likely to end up with a bunch of dead Danish people on stage than with a kiss.

Gail: What a sad movie.

Dawson: Mom, you cried at the commertials.

Gail: Only that cotton commercial.

Dawson: We've got to do something about your perpetual state of melancholy. I'm...concerned about you.

Gail: Well, honey, I'm concerned about you. Ever since your breakup with Joey, you haven't said one word about it. Dawson...you haven't even wallowed.

Dawson: What good is wallowing? All the wallowing in the world doesn't bring somebody back.

Gail: Wallowing isn't about getting them back. It isn't about them at all, it's about you, and learning to allow yourself the few meager advantages of being the dumpee.

Dawson: Advantages?

Gail: Sure, like allowing yourself to stuff your face with a lifetime supplu of red licorice and doughnuts, or a newfound appreciation for country music.

Dawson: Like an excuse to watch the last scene from Field of Dreams?

Gail: Acquiring the necessary pain to write bad, bitter poetry.

Dawson: A reason to scowl.

Gail: A reason to bitch!

Dawson: Work out aggression!

Gail: Yes! You see, when you think about it, honey, every inch of pain that youches you makes you a deeper, more real individual. Whether you're 16 or...slightly older.

Dawson: So it doesn't get any easier?

Gail: Nope. You just go to bed earlier.

*She gets up off the bed and walks towards the door*

Gail: Night, honey.

Dawson: 'Night mom.

*She turns around*

Gail: I hope I was an acceptable substitute for movie night.

Dawson: You were great.

*Gail leaves and Dawson pops in a new movie and lays back on his bed. He looks over at the empty window, then back to the TV. He pulls out a piece of licorice and eats it.*

Teacher: "What light through yonder window breaks?" It is the midterm, and your impending failure is but hours away. *passing out books* Blue books. You're notice they're blank, and for many of you, they'll score higher as such than when actually written in.
*Dawson leans over and so does Joey and Dawson gives Joey an angry look.*.

Teacher: (cont.) Please sign your real name. As to the test, it will cover everything we have studied in English Literature thus far and will be worth 50% of this term's grade. Main points of interest...Shakespeare, Dickens, the romantics, and your favorite, the read everybody's talking about, Beowulf.

*A kid in the back, Chris, throws a wad of paper towards Jen. She opens in and it reads,
"Don't forget to smile."*

Teacher: (cont.) I will be hosting a study session in this classroom at 3:00. It is my recommendation you attend. Unless, of course, your parents have dedicated at least a wing or two to an Ivy League institution in which case your tragic, East Coast aristocratic, social alcoholic fate has already been sealed. This is more than just an exam, people. It's your life.

*The bell rings and everybody rushes out of the classroom. Joey follows Dawson.*

Joey: Hey.

*Dawson keeps walking*

Joey: Dawson, at some point we have to say something to each other.

Dawson: What would you like me to say, Joey?

*They're at his locker*

Joey: What do you want to say?

Dawson: Go away.

Joey: Besides that!

Dawson: Joey, you made it very clear you needed space, okay? I am giving you that space.

Joey: I didn't think it would mean we'd be cutting off all communication, Dawson.

Dawson: What did you think it would mean?

Joey: This isn't fair.

Dawson: To which one of us? You can't make up all the rules!

Joey: I don't want to!

Dawson: Then what do you want?

*Cut to the cafeteria*

Pacey: One day this cafeteria is destined to cook a fry THAT ACTUALLY TASTES LIKE A FRY!

Andie: Menage a trois. Ever been in one?

Pacey: All hail, the queen of non-sequiturs has spoken.

Andie: It's not a non-sequitur. It's this month's Jane.

Pacey: Chick magazines are racier than Playboy. There's always some article in there about how to prolong your 'this' or around your 'that'.

Andie: This one's a purity test.

Pacey: What?

Andie: A purity test. You've heard of them. An assortment of sexual questions that when totaled are meant to gauge your level of sexual experience.

Pacey: *nervously* Okey-dokey. Time to put that away now.

Andie: Why? It's fun!

Pacey: Gauging our level of sexual expertise is not really my idea of joy abounding.

Andie: Don't think I don't know where this is going, Pacey Witter. I know your history.

Pacey: *surprised* You do?

Andie: Sure. You're a typical guy. You want everyone to think you have unseemly, adventurous sexual existence when in fact your purity level is probably closer to Big Bird's than Bill Clinton's.

Pacey: Yeah, you know what? You got me. That's me...Mr. Embarrassingly Pure.

*They exit into the hallway*

Andie: Whatever. So am I going to see you at Peterson's Cram-o-Rama?

Pacey: That would imply that I am going.

Andie: No, no, Pacey, you CAN NOT bail on this study session. It's way too important.

Pacey: To you.

Andie: No, no, no. To anyone who cares about their grade.

Pacey: Well, see, there's the rub. Yo soy not concerned.

Andie: Don't joke about this.

Pacey: I'm serious. As committed as you are to doing everything in your power to get an A, I'm equally committed to getting my C, possibly D if I can't get a good look at your answer sheet.

Andie: Pacey!

Pacey: Give me one good reason why I should go.

Andie: Me!

Pacey: Okay...fine. I'll go. Just don't expect me to stay awake.

*Cut to the track. Chris walks up to Jen.*

Chris: Jen-a-lish Delish.

Jen: Hey Chris, what's up?

Chris: Long run today. Thought you'd be looking for someone to keep stride with.

Jen: And you'd like to be that someone?

Chris: I'm a good pacer. I know when to speed up and when to slow down.

Jen: And when to leave someone alone?

Chris: Jen, is there a particular reason why you're not receptive to my wily charms?

Jen: Other than the fact that you emit them regularly to any skirt within a 6-mile radius?

Chris: Actually, I have a car so it's more like the tri-state area.

*Jen smiles*

Chris: Ah-ha! A smile. Mission accomplished.

Jen: Later, Chris.

*He walks away. Dawson walks up*

Dawson: And the hawk circles.

Jen: He's just being cute, which he really is.

Dawson: You seen his love 'em and leave 'em rap sheet? It's epic.

Jen: Relax, Dawson.

Dawson: Just looking out...so, you hitting the study session?

Jen: Oh, doubt it. Not much into the "Applying Myself" zone these days. How about you?

Dawson: Well, it's either that or another evening watching some awful, seventies tearjerker with my mother. You should go.

Jen: I'll tell you what, Dawson. Since it doesn't look like I'll be having a hot night of unbridled passion with Romeo over there, *Cut to Chris talking to another girl* I'll consider it.

Dawson: Okay.

*Cut to Andie reading a note on a classroom door*

Andie: Dear Class, I want home with a cold that was considerably more important that you. The test is still on for tomorrow. Study the sample questions. Until then, hardly yours, Mr. Peterson.

Pacey: So he bailed on his own study session.

Joey: Great.

Chris: *to Jen* We should have our own study session. My folks are in Saint Martin. We'll have the whole house to ourselves.

Jen: Like we'd get a lot of work done that way.

Chris: The lady questions my motives? Invite your friends. *to Pacey and Andie* You two interested? Let's study at my place.

Andie: I was thinking more along the lines of the city library.

*Pacey stops Andie*

Pacey: Whoa! His offer does have certain enticing qualities.

Andie: Since when have you been in such a rush to form a study group?

Pacey: Have you ever seen this man's house?! His family is totally loaded. They got a satellite dish.

*Andie shakes her head no*

Pacey: Oh, come on!

Andie: *giving in* Alright, we're in.

Chris: Cool. I'll drive. *to Jen* Young lady, will you be join us?

Jen: How can I resist?

*Cut to Andie catching up with Joey*

Andie: Hey, Joey. So what are your study plans?

Joey: Oh, just me, my English lit book, and a loud, crying baby.

Andie: Good. Then you can come with me.

Joey: Where?

Andie: A study session at Chris Wolfe's. I can't do this alone.

Joey: Chris Wolfe's? You're going to rely on Chris Wolfe to provide a suitable study environment? I think I'm better off with the loud, crying baby.

Andie: Okay, do you honestly believe I would let this night be anything less than ridiculously beneficial? Trust me. I'm in mega-control of this event.

*Cut to Pacey and Dawson*

Pacey: Hey Dawson! Where you headed little buddy?

Dawson: Well, Skipper, I saw Peterson's note. I'm headed home.

Pacey: I'm actually headed to a different study session, if you're up for it.

Dawson: "Different study session"? Is this Pacey Witter code for party? Brothel? Road trip to Disneyland?

Pacey: Believe it or not, this is a true meeting of intellectuals in a highly moderated studious environment and that, my friend, is our ride. So what do you say?

Dawson: Sure..

*Dawson opens the door to the car and sees Joey and is a little perturbed. He gets in*

*Cut to the gang going into Chris' huge house.*

Chris: Uh, the TV is that way. *points* The Jacuzzi and sauna are out back. We keep extra suits in the guest room, and the kitchen's that way *points* if you get hungry.

Joey: *to Andie* Sounds like we're going to get a lot of studying done.

Andie: Reminder, I'm in complete control here.

Dina: AHEM!

*The attention turns to a girl reading a magazine in the other room. She's about 12, maybe?*

Chris: Everyone, my little sister, Dina.She promises to stay out of the way.

Andie: Nope. This room isn't going to do. We're going to need a long table, proper lighting, and high-backed chairs. Where's Pacey?

*She finds Pacey in the other room with the TV flipping through channels*

Pacey: Hey, check this out. 200 channels from all over the world. It's a couch potato's dream. Look at that! 3 Stooges in Cantonese.

Andie: Why do you insist on undermining me at every opportunity you get?

Pacey: Think of how boring the alternative is.

Andie: Look, I'm going to need your help with our attention deficit host, okay? There's no way I can expend energy rounding up the both of you. Now, come on!

Pacey: *whining* But I wanna watch TV...

*Cut to the room. The group is around a table and Andie is standing up with WAY too much energy*

Andie: So, the plan of attack is simple. Using this book, we'll spend 30 minutes on each of the various sections: Victorian poetry, Shakespeare, Dickens, etc. And, by my watch, if we allow for a few 15 minute breaks, we'll be able to cover the entire course load by midnight. That will still give us enough time to do an hour speed round and get a good night's sleep. Sound good?

*It's quiet*

Chris: Anybody want to order a pizza?

Joey: Me!

Dawson: Absolutely, yeah.

Pacey: Hey, I got it! Listen, why don't you just think of this as several of our 15 minutes breaks strung together?

*Cut to the kitchen and Chris is going through the wine talking to Jen*

Chris: Got a bottle in here from '84. It's from Napa.

Jen: Fancy.

Chris: Well, actually the wine is made by a married couple who have sort of a Mom-and-Pop vineyard thing going. I was taught to choose quality over labels.

Jen: I think we're getting to know each other minus sexual overtones. Well, it is possible.

Chris: You know, Jen, it bothers me that you assume the worst about me. I don't about you.

Jen: Well, given our previous encounters, plus your reputation, what would you expect me to assume?

Chris: That we're a lot alike. That reputations aren't worth the air they're written on, and that the only way to really get to know someone is by getting to know them.

Jen: Deal.

Chris: I don't want to let go just yet..

*Cut back to the room. Andie is quizzing people.*

Andie: Okay, for 200 points: The most famous of the romantic poets?

Jen: The Pope.

Andie: Wrong. Dawson?

Dawson: Shelley?

Andie: Wrong again.

Chris: "Two beings were drifting, each one to the other, no moments, veil-liting, or hint from other." Hardy.

Andie: Impressive, but wrong! Pacey?

Pacey: "Would you eat them in a box? Would you eat them with a fox?" Seuss!

Andie: I so hate you right now.

Joey: Keats. It was Keats.

Andie: Ding, ding! Okay...for an additional 100 points, can you give us his most famous quote?

*Dawson stares at Joey.*

Dawson: "Beauty is truth, truth beauty."

Joey: Um, he's right. I forgot.

Dawson: It would seem so.

Chris: Whoa, maybe we shoudl hit that hot tub? What do you think, chill out a bit?

Andie: We've been chillin' out for 2 hours. What we need to do now is FOCUS.

Chris: Well, then, what do we have here? Why did I take you more for the National Geographic type?

Jen: You've got to be kidding me! "How Pure are You?" God, talk about an open can of worms.

Chris: Oh, excellent.

Andie: No way, no. We're already behind.

Chris: Come on, Lieutenant! I vote for one last bonding event before I go back to academic torture.

Jen: Why not?

*They all head into another room.*

Andie: Okay, in an effort to keep this moment of folly under control, I'm taking charge. There's 100 questions total, and I only have one test. We'll pass it around and take turns asking. Write your answers on the paper and we'll total when finish. Okay, um, Pacey? Whydon't you start?

Pacey: Alrighty. Question #1: "Have you ever been intimately aroused by a relative?" So, it's a southern test, huh?


Jen: #13: "Have you ever experimented with bondage?"


Joey: "Have you ever gotten cozy in an airplane?"


Andie: "..in a public place?"


Chris: "..in your parent's bed?"


Dawson: "Have you ever caught your parents having s*x?"


Pacey: #63: "Have you ever named your most private of regions?"

Jen: #69


Jen: (cont.) "Have you ever participated in.."


Joey: "Have you ever engaged in sexual activity with a member of the same s*x?"


Andie: "...with a transvestite?"


Pacey: "...with a 4-legged creature?"


Dawson: "Have you ever paid for s*x?"

Chris: Does dinner count?

Andie: Question #84: "Have you ever fantasized about a friend's significant other?"


Andie: (cont.) Very quiet in the room all of a sudden.

Jen: "Have you ever had an affair with a friend's significant other?"

Chris: In my fantasy.

Pacey: Give me this. *takes magazine* "Have you ever had an affair with a friend's pet?"
How come I get all the animal questions?


Joey: Okay, #100: *pauses* "Have you ever been in love? If so, how many times? Give yourself a point of purity for each time."

*Joey looks at Dawson.*

Andie: Okay, let's score 'em up! Everybody ready?

*Joey leaves the room.*

*Cut to Dawson walking into the kitchen where Joey is.*

Joey: Not now, Dawson.

Dawson: I saw the look on your face when you read that question.

Joey: Is this your version of space?

Dawson: You're free to leave anytime. I don't see you making a rush for the door.

Joey: That's because I came here to study. I didn't know you were coming.

Dawson: Is it so awful that I'm here?

Joey: No! Stop putting words into my mouth. I asked for time, Dawson, just time. Please respect that.

*She leaves. Dia is in the doorway.*

Dia: Issues. Dawson, right? Dina Wolfe here, in case you didn't remember.

Dawson: Dina, do you know where the coffee is?

Dina: Yeah, drip or instant?

Dawson: Um, drip.

Dina: Appropriate. Tough room.

Dawson: With me, always.

Dina: So, care to fill me in on the details of your little love affair?

Dawson: Id' rather not discuss it, actually, thanks.

Dina: You're right, Dawson. Why talk? People like you and me, we can say everything with a look.

*She looks at Dawson and Dawson looks at her like she's lost it.*

Andie: And the totals are as follows, Chris clocked in with the least pure score of 66%, Jen is a close second with 69%, Joey and Dawson bring us up the scale with a matching level of
85%, and I round us up with a 92%. Wait a minute...we're missing one here.

Pacey: *holds up his* It's right here.

Andie: Oh, why didn't you turn it in?

Pacey: Didn't really want to.

Andie: Hand it over.

Chris: You dog! This wouldn't have anything to do with question #16.

Andie: #16? I don't get it.

Chris: Yeah, we blew right past it, but I think we should read it again aloud. What do you say, Pace?

Pacey: Chris..

Chris: Come on. Stop it. I'm dying to know. What'd you put for 16, Witter? Let's just put an old rumor to rest right now.

Pacey: Is there anything redeeming about you other than your house?

Chris: Ouch.

Andie: Okay, will someone please tell me what you guys are talking about? Okay, I'll look it up myself. Um, 16: "Have you ever had s*x with someone...twice your age?" Huh? It's a joke, right?

Chris: Well, it's true after all. Witter laid the pipe with Miss Jacobs. I don't know whether to congratulate you or fall off my chair.

Andie: Miss Jacobs...the teacher who left Capeside? Pacey...you said that you were embarrassingly pure. Those were your words, right?

*She walks off. Pacey leaves.*

*Cut to Chris and Dawson out by the Jacuzzi*

Dawson: Chris, do you know where they may have gone?

Chris: I'm telling you, they're out there screwing around by now. Everyone knows makeup s*x is the best kind.

Dawson: I wouldn't know.

Chris: Don't worry, bud. The way you and Joey are going at it, there's bound to be some serious make-up s*x in your future. So...

Dawson: So?

Chris: How am I doing?

Dawson: With?

Chris: The lovely Jen Lindley. You guys used to date. You know how she thinks. She likes me, huh?

Dawson: Well, you never have had much trouble attracting the opposite s*x, Chris.

Chris: Yeah, but, uh, Jen's different. She's too with it. Closing the deal requires a completely different strategy.

Dawson: You mean sleeping with her.

Chris: No, I mean a heavy game of Uno.

Dawson: It's not going to happen.

Chris: We'll see.

Dawson: You know, Chris, Jen is in this really weird vulnerable state right now. Don't take advantage of that.

Chris: Relax. We won't do anything she's not looking forward to.

Dawson: We'll see.

Chris: Ah, if it's proof you need, you see that light up there in the guest house? When that light's off, that means I'm inside with Jen...lowering both our purity levels, and you? You'll be out here alone. Let me know if you need to borrow a swimsuit.

*Cut to Jen and Joey in the guestroom.*

Jen: God, I can't believe this place. They've got brand-new swimsuits just for visitors. Nice digs. What's the matter, Jo? You're not going to give in to a little hot tub temptation?

Joey: I'm just going to study, thanks.

Jen: You know, I really am sorry about you and Dawson and I know that you may not believe it.

Joey: You know, you're right! I don't!

Jen: Thanks, Joey. Thanks for making our conversation just as delightful as ever.

Joey: Anytime.

Jen: You know, I used to think that it was our mutual feelings for Dawson that kept us apart. I never really considered the fact that maybe you were just a bitch.

Joey: Look, Jen. I didn't mean to be so harsh. God, I am so sick of talking all the time. I just want to follow my feelings and not discuss it. We run it into the ground and...don't you just want to have something left to just experience?

Jen: As much as anyone.

*Cut to Pacey walking up to Andie sitting on the swing*

Pacey: I was beginning to think you walked all the way home.

Andie: Why didn't you tell me about her?

Pacey: It never came up.

Andie: No good, Pacey. It did, and you lied.

Pacey: Come on, Andie, what was I supposed to say?

Andie: Okay, well how about for starters, "Oh, before you fall for me, Andie, I slept with my teacher."

Pacey: Oh, right, there's an easy sentence.

Andie: It's not a joke, okay? I'm serious, and despite your braggart tendencies, Pacey, it's not exactly an admirable event.

Pacey: That's not fair, Andie. You're judging me, and you don't even know the circumstances. Besides, I slept with her, not you.

Andie: Why would you do it, Pacey?

Pacey: Why? s*x.

Andie: Oh, so there were no feelings involved.

Pacey: Of course there were feelings involved. You asked why.

Andie: Okay, I take it back. I don't want to know anymore. You're not like that.

Pacey: Of course I'm like that! I'm a sexual creature, Andie, and so are you. Why do you think we talk about it so much? Why do you think we joke about it? Why do you think we give each other tests to see how pure we are?

Andie: No, no, no! That's different. That's completely innocent.

Pacey: No, it's not! The test was about s*x, and s*x is never innocent! It's intense, it's passionate, and sometimes it can be life-altering, but it's never innocent, Andie, and I'm really sorry if this changes the way that you feel about me, but I can't change that. And if things are going to continue between us, I think you're just going to have to accept that.

*Cut to inside.*

Chris: Yo Jen! Hot tub's ready.

Jen: *upstairs* Be right down.

*Chris leaves and Jen comes downstairs. Dawson stops her.*

Dawson: Jen, hey!

Jen: Dawson, what? You're not going in?

Dawson: No, um, can I talk to you for a second?

Jen: Yeah...

Dawson: I'm worried Chris doesn't exactly have the best of intentions here.

Jen: Tell me something I don't know.

Dawson: You're aware that his goal is to sleep with you tonight?

Jen: He's a guy. He's 16 and he...seems to find me attractive, so yes, I would assume he's got some sort of agenda.

Dawson: And you're okay with that?

Jen: Just because he has some sort of master plan doesn't mean that I've got to go along with it.

Dawson: Okay!

Jen: And for that matter, why do you assume that I don't have a plan of my own?

*She walks outside toward the jacuzzi*

*Dina's in the doorway again*

Dina: Psst! Gorgeous!

Dawson: What? Do you hide in the vents?

Dina: So you dated both of them, huh?

Dawson: You certainly do your research.

Dina: Which one's the one? On your test, you put you'd been in love once. I'm dying to know. Is it Cameron Diaz or Julia Roberts?

Dawson: How did you--

Dina: It's called an answer sheet. It's called...*holds it up* here!

Dawson: *reaches for it* Give me that!

Dina: Wait, NOT SO FAST! I have one you want much more.

Dawson: Joey's?

Dina: She puts a little smiley face in her O's. Kind of makes me want to puke.

Dawson: Let me see it.

Dina: Not so fast, this toll has a fee.

Dawson: Okay. What?

*She puckers up*

Dawson: You've got to be kidding me. That's not going to happen.

Dina: I think you'll find her last answer rather interesting. Seems while you've only been in love once, according to you-know-who's answer sheet, she's been in love...twice.

*Cut to Jen and Chris in the jacuzzi*

Jen: Alright, that's enough. It's time to study.

Chris: No, no. Relax. We're in a hot tub. Studying's not permitted.

Jen: Really? Then, what is?

Chris: This.

*They start kissing*

Jen: And...what if I don't want to mess around?

Chris: Then we won't. Jen, I'm not a bad guy. I just want to have fun.

Jen: Well, then tell me, Christopher Robbin, what is your idea of fun?

Chris: This.

*They start kissing again*

Chris: So, Jen...are we on the same page?

Jen: Same page.

*Cut to Pacey and Dawson.*

Dawson: Is she okay?

Pacey: Yeah. She'll be fine. She just wants to be alone right now, you know?

Dawson: Why didn't you just write "no"?

Pacey: I didn't want to lie to her. I mean, I don't know. What would you have done?

Dawson: I'd like to think I would have been honest. I don't know. It's...I seem to have trouble saying a lot of things lately.

Pacey: You know what?

Dawson: What?

Pacey: Try harder.

*Cut to Dawson walking towards Joey on the patio*

Joey: Look, no more rounds tonight, Dawson. I am so tired. I'm actually trying to get 5
minutes of studying in.

Dawson: Jo, I thought what we had was special.

Joey: Look, I'm serious. I don't want to talk about anything but this.

Dawson: You wrote that you have been in love twice.

Joey: You looked at my test?!

Dawson: No, I've learned my lesson about invading your personal privacy. Chris's little sister was kind enough to impart that information. Joey, you said that I was your world. When did you have time for guy #2? I don't believe you're shallow enough to fall in love with Jack after one kiss.

Joey: Look, stop it!

Dawson: I don't understand!

Joey: I don't know, okay?! Why can't we go back to the way things were? Why can't we just be friends, Dawson?

Dawson: That's what you want?

Joey: Yes!

Dawson: After all we've been through, just friends?

Joey: Yeah.

Dawson: If you don't understand why that can't happen, if you don't get that, you don't get me!

*Joey walks off*

*Dina's in the doorway...again*

Dina: Very emotional. Oscar nominating. Really.

Dawson: Go away.

Dina: Dawson, you aren't crying, are you?

Dawson: You wanted a kiss. Is that what you want? Are you prepared for everything that comes with that kiss? 'Cause it doesn't just end with a fade out. There are repercussions. Hearts get broken. Friendships get ruined. Your entire life could fall apart because of one kiss. That's what you have to look forward to. Do yourself a big favor...don't rush it.

*She runs off and Dawson turns around to find Joey staring at him in shock about his outburst. Dawson sits down on the steps and looks out towards the jacuzzi...Jen and Chris aren't there. Then, he looks up to the guest house and the light is off. He puts his head in his hands.*

*Cut to Joey knocking on Dina's door.*

Dina: What do you want?

Joey: To hang out with the only sane individual here.

Dina: He's so mean.

Joey: All boys are. It's their easiest way of expressing themselves.

Dina: After tonight, I'm avoiding growing up at all costs.

Joey: Sounds good. Let me know if you have any luck.

Dina: Aren't you supposed to be arguing the other side? Convincing me that growing up can be such a beautiful experience if I just let it?

Joey: I see. You want the "I'm older than you, so here's how it works" speech? How's this? Growing up sucks. Not all kisses are magic, and most boys do not live up to your expectations, but there are those times when everything, I mean love, romance, relationships, it all falls together perfectly and it's incredible. It's those moments, no matter how depressingly few and far between, that make growing up worth it. You'll be okay.

*Cut to Dawson flipping through pages in a book. Timelapse and it's daylight. He wakes up and walks into the house finding Joey, Pacey, and Andie asleep.*

Andie: Oh, my God! Tell me it is not 6 am.

Dawson: It's 6am.

Andie: Wake up, wake up! Pacey, the test is in 4 hours. Oh my God! I must have been studying and I passed out.

Pacey: Hey, relax. Where's the binder?

Dawson: Binder's on the porch, I'll get it.

Andie: We don't have any time!

Joey: What's happening? Where is everyone?

Andie: Everyone is totally asleep, totally unstuidied, totally unprepared, and totally screwed!

*Cut to the guestroom*

Chris: Morning.

Jen: Hey.

Chris: They're getting up. We should get down there. Thank you.

Jen: For?

Chris: For a very fun night.

Jen: Hang on a s*x, I'll get dressed and come down with you.

Chris: No, no. That's cool. Just, take your time. I'll meet you down there.

*Cut to the room with the group around a table.*

Pacey: Alright, everybody, listen up! We got exactly 4 concentrated hours in which to study for the deadliest exam of our young adult lives. Now, going off an abbreviated version of Andie's lesson plan, I plan on constructing a 3 hour and 45 minute lesson plan, which, if executed properly, will cover everything. You following me?

Andie: Pacey, this test--

Pacey: Shh! Listen, don't worry. Boys and girls, you happen to be in the hands of a professional crammer. We'll start with Beowulf. How many monsters did he have to fight and name one.

Andie: 3.

Dawson: Grendel.

Pacey: Good, now on to the hard stuff.

*Cut to the group in the kitchen making toast and pouring orange juice*

Pacey: Which one of the Bronte sisters wrote Wuthering Heights?

Joey: Emily.

Jen: Charlotte.

Dawson: It was Emily.

Andie: Charlotte!

Pacey: Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre.

Jen: Then what did Emily write?

Joey: Wuthering Heights.

*Cut to the group out by the pool in shades.*

Dawson: "To be or not to be. That is the question."

Chris: "Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings..."

*Cut back inside*

Pacey: Name the little people in Gulliver's Travels.

Dawson: Lilliputions.

Pacey: The big bad scary people.

Joey: Brob..

Chris: Brob..brob..

Andie: Bromd...brom..

Dawson: D-ding?

*Cut back to the gang by the pool.*

Jen: "Arms against a sea of troubles."

Pacey: To sleep..

*Cut back inside to the pool table*

Pacey: Name 3 occupations of travelers in the Canterbury Tales.

Dawson: Knight!

Andie: Summoner!

Pacey: Come on! Come on!

Dawson: Did we say knight?

*Cut back out to the pool*

Andie: "And by a sleep to say we end.."

Joey: "To die, to sleep, to speep perchance to dream."

Dawson: I'll buy it.

*Cut back inside.*

Andie: Bromdaming! Bromdaming!

Jen: Brobdingnagians.

Pacey: Yes!

*Cut to the room again where they're once again back around the table*

Pacey: Congratulations, guys, we're done, but I got one last group activity.

*He looks towards the pool. He starts sprinting for it and everybody follows. One by one they jump in.*

*Cut to them climbing out of the pool.*

Andie: Wow. You really took control in there. You have an interesting way of doing that.

Pacey: Yeah, well, I perform well under pressure.

Andie: I want to explain sometime to you.

Pacey: You really don't have to talk about this, Andie.

Andie: I do, Pacey. I mean, I'm the queen of keeping dirty secrets. So I understand why you didn't jump forward with the information. I think I was just more shocked by the idea that you have so much experience and I, um...

Pacey: Will.

Andie: You're such a jerk!

Pacey: A slacker jerk.

Andie: A champion slacker jerk.

Pacey: And what does that make you?

Andie: I don't know, Pacey. You tell me. I dare you.

Pacey: You, Andie McPhee, are the girl that I love to hate.

Andie: I love to hate you, too.

*They kiss.*

Andie: Not forgiven.

Pacey: It's a no?

*Cut to Dawson walking up to Joey in a robe drying her clothes*

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: Can we talk?

Joey: Sure.

Dawson: Do me a favor and don't say anything, okay? Because everytime we speak I screw this up, so just please listen.

Joey: Okay.

Dawson: All I've been thinking about lately is how much I want to take back our first kiss. How much I would pay to just let you climb through that window. I mean, who knows what would have happened? Maybe we'd still be best friends. Maybe you'd even still have a thing for me. I just know that I wouldn't be hurting like this. But then I think about everything that kiss brought into my life. What it was like to look at you and know not just what you were thinking, but also what you were feeling because I was feeling the same thing, and then it's worth it. It's..worth all the pain that I'm going through. I want to regret kissing you, Joey, but I can't. It was the smartest decision I ever made.

Joey: Dawson, the 2 times I feel in love, on the test, they were both you. I mean, the first time I fell was for my friend, the Dawson I grew up with, the boy across the creek, and the second time was after we kissed. I mean, you became this whole new person to me and....I fell in love all over again. I mean, just because we're not together anymore does not change my feelings for you, Dawson. It's me I'm unsure of.

Dawson: Joey, I'm going to give you that space. No hostility, no underhanded comments, just space. But that doesn't change the way I feel about you. Nothing can change that.

*Dawson leaves. Cut to outside everyone's getting in the car.*

Pacey: Come on, Dawson! Let's go!

*Dawson gets in and Joey gets in next to him and they smile at each other. Cut to the school. Dawson reads a note on the door*

Dawson: Dear Class, sometimes preparation teaches you more than the exam itself; therefore, you have more of it. My illness has claimed me for another day. Test rescheduled."

Andie: Well, looks like we crammed all night for nothing.

Joey: Now what are we supposed to do?

Andie: Go to our other classes, I guess.

Pacey: Actually, no. I got one last group activity. Follow me.

*Cut to the football field where Joey, Dawson, Jen, Chris, Andie and Pacey are sleeping in a circle in the middle of the field.*