02x08 - The Reluctant Hero

Episode 208
"The Reluctant Hero"

Dawson: James Van Der Beek
Joey: Katie Holmes
Pacey: Joshua Jackson
Jen: Michelle Williams
Andie: Meredith Monroe
Jack: Kerr Smith

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: November 25, 1998

Elated about winning the junior division of the Boston Film Festival, Dawson wants to share the triumph and prize money with Joey, whose less-than-enthusiastic response dampens his jubilant mood. As she pulls away from Dawson, Jack edges a little closer and asks her out on a date. Seeking solace, Pacey's guidance counselor paints a bleak picture of his future. Andie helps him buckle down, but she too needs to be saved, when her mother loses her composure in a public place.

*Dawson's room - Dawson and Pacey are watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and eating pizza.*

Pacey: Mind if I have these extra pepperonis?

Dawson: Shh! Yes for the tenth time.

Pacey: Could you pass me the crushed pepper?

Dawson: Pacey, you're driving me crazy.

Pacey: I'm a hungry person.

Dawson: You're an annoying person.

Pacey: I'm a bored person. I mean, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Dawson? C'mon! It's in black and white!

Dawson: It's a Frank Cappra classic.

Pacey: There's a bunch of dead people in it. Everyone in this movie is decomposing somewhere. It's morbid. You know, we got this whole section at the movie store called "New Releases". You should check it out.

Dawson: Pacey, this is a timeless tale about a man faced with his heroic nature.

Pacey: You know, I can't really connect with the whole (missed word)
ground. That's more of your style, Dawson.

Dawson: Are you insulting me?

Pacey: Mm-mm. You're an endangered species, my friend. Last of a dying breed, and this movie is killing you softly with it's song.

Dawson: You are insulting me.

Pacey: No. I'm stating the obvious. You take in stray dogs, Dawson. You help old women cross the street. You just say no. You are Jimmy Stewart.

Dawson: What does that make you?

Pacey: The needless waste. Born to walk in the shadows of greater men.

Dawson: Somebody's having a self esteem crisis.

Pacey: Ah, no, no, no. On the contrary, my friend. Knowledge is power. I'm quite happy with my below average status.

*Jen appears in the window, drunk.*

Jen: I dropped my purse in the hedge, remind me tomorrow. It's bright in here. Hi Pacey.

*She flops on the bed*

Pacey: Looks like you got company.

Dawson: Third time this week. C'mere. *moving towards Jen's feet* Help me out.

Pacey: Once again, hero Dawson to the rescue. This isn't exactly the ideal situation...too bad for you.

*Jen sitting up*

Jen: Oohhhhh. I think I'm going to be sick.

Dawson: Wastebasket, quick.

*Pacey hands it to him. He puts it under Jen's mouth. Jen leans over it.*

Jen: False alarm.

*She flops back down on the bed.*

Dawson: *to Pacey* I don't know what to do about her. She's spiraling.

Pacey: Maybe you should just finish watching the movie. Jimmy Stewart would know what to do.

*Cut to Leery kitchen. Mitch is reading the paper. Dawson walks in and spots him, surprised.*

Dawson: Hey, what are you doing here?

Mitch: Oh, I was just packing up some more stuff...movin' out.

Dawson: Oh. Well, have fun.

Mitch: Actually, I was going to see if you could give me a hand later. I thought we could grab a bite to eat, spend some time, be like a friend thing.

Dawson: Sure. Might want to skip the friend thing, I kind of have real friend for that.

Mitch: Look, Dawson. I know this isn't easy for you. And you're disappointed in me, and, believe me, I wish that things could be different, but--

Dawson: They're not.

Mitch: I'm trying here, Dawson. See you after school, then?

Dawson: Sure. *leaving*

Mitch: Oh, before I forget, I grabbed this by accident when I was picking up my mail the other day--

Dawson: *takes the letter* Dad, look, I don't know what exactly you expect from me, but this isn't exactly a transition that I'm thrilled to make. And I don't see how you moving out is a step in the right direction.

Mitch: That's my decision to make. Not yours.

Dawson: I see.

*He leaves. When he gets outside, he looks at the letter, he hurries to open it. He reads it, a huge smile crosses his face*

Dawson: Oh my God!

*Cut to Pacey in his counselor's office*

Counselor: Well, Pacey, gradepoint average 1.7, currently failing biology, and US History, extracurricular interests, none, tendency to be disruptive in class, has difficulty with tests requiring a No.2 pencil, let's see here, career aptitude tests, well I didn't realize it was possible to fail an aptitude test. This shows that you have absolutely zero career objectives. Congratulations. Most people with your academic record can't walk upright.

Pacey: What are my options?

Counselor: Summer school, followed by a return engagement in your sophomore year, and if by some miracle you make it to graduation, a life of leisure. Until welfare reform kicks in that is. Well, nobody (missed phrase), now I'm really disappointed in you, Pacey.

*Pacey sinks down in his chair and lays his head back*

*Cut to hallway. Dawson is rushing down it*

Dawson: Joey! Joey, wait up! Joey! We won!

*Joey has a confused look on her face*

Dawson: (cont.) We won, you and me!

Joey: What are you talking about?

Dawson: The Boston Film Festival. We won the Juror's prize for the best short film in the Junior division!

*Joey is happy.*

Joey: Oh my God!

Dawson: Listen to this, "The clever send up of the horror genre shows a profound understanding of the traditional Hollywood fascinations and turns them upside down in an entirely refreshing and entertaining way.."

*Joey is even more excited and happy for Dawson.*

Dawson: (cont.)"..writer and director, Dawson Leery, and producer, Joey Potter, have been allotted a budget of $2500 towards their next project." *holding up the check* This is a check for $2500 to finance our next movie. We've already been pre-accepted in their Winter Workshop.

*Joey looks up and smiles again, but this time a forced smile.*

Joey: We?

Dawson: Yeah! I mean, I know, I understand that we said we'd give each other space and I totally respect that, but I was wondering, er, I mean, hoping that you would still produce. Think about it. We could actually rent equipment! Say goodbye to holiday lamp(?) lighting and shopping cart dollies. I mean, if we move fast, we could get it finished by the summer, maybe travel with it, go to festivals--

Joey: Dawson. I'm really sorry, but I don't think I could do it. I mean, I don't think I have the time right now. I, I mean, I just signed up for some art classes and between work and school...

Dawson: But we make such a great team.

*Joey nods, but still holds firm.*

Dawson: Okay. No, no, I understand.

Joey: Listen, I mean, this is amazing! I mean, you should be thrilled! It's just incredible. It's--

Dawson: Yeah, it is. I am. I am! I'm thrilled.

Joey: *softly* Good.

Dawson: Alright. I'll see ya.

*Dawson walks off down the hall. Joey stands there saddened knowing she disappointed him until a hand taps her on the shoulder*

Jack: Joey? You got a second?

Joey: Actually, I'm kind of late for second period..

Jack: Um, look, I'd really like to make things right between us. It will just take a second, okay? It was a full moon. I know that's no excuse, but I'm really sorry. Just tell me what I've got to do to get our friendship back on track here because this whole silent treatment thing is killing me.

Joey: Jack, I'm not giving you the silent treatment, it's just I'm trying to figure things out.

Jack: Yeah, but you've been avoiding me like I have some kind of disease.

Joey: No, I've just had a lot on my mind lately.

Jack: Oh, so you're not mad at me?

Joey: No, actually, I think you had it right the night of the dance. More than anything I guess I was mad at myself.

Jack: Oh, well then, get over it already. This whole line of personal turmoil thing just kind of wrinkles up your forehead.

*They laugh*

Jack: Besides, I miss hanging out with you.

Joey: Gotta go.

Jack: Yeah, see ya.

*Joey leaves and Jack smiles and runs off towards his class*

*Cut to Dawson in the lunchroom, typing on a laptop. Jen walks up and takes a seat*

Jen: Hey you!

Dawson: How's the hangover?

Jen: Ah, post-Advil, fine. So, what are you writing?

Dawson: A script.

Jen: Really? That's great.

Dawson: Yeah, great, and..*pulls out letter* here.

Jen: *reads letter* $2500...Dawson, you won! You actually won.

Dawson: Yeah, I did.

Jen: Congratulations, I am so proud of you.

Dawson: So how does it feel to be the star of an award winning film?

Jen: An honor. Although, next time, I would like to request that you extend my dialogue beyond 'Help' and 'ahhh'."

*They laugh*

Dawson: That's a deal.

*Cut to Pacey and Andie in the lunch line*

Pacey: Then he tells me that I have no future that doesn't involve the fast-food industry.

Andie: And he's called a guidance counselors.

Pacey: Yeah, amongst other things.

Andie: Just because a student doesn't fit into some cookie-cutter mold that the public school system deems acceptable they're ready to write 'em off. I mean, Einstein failed second grade and not because he was stupid but because he was bored. And the incompetency of an inferior public school system failed to recognize it. You know, they'd rather just dismiss someone who's in obvious need of some guidance, rather than reach out to him. I mean, if someone along the way had just taken two seconds to notice, to care, they would have noticed that you need to be rescued not ridiculed.

*The entire cafeteria is watching Andie now.*

Pacey: Ladies and gentlemen, Andie McPhee.

*They clap.*

*Cut to Jen and Dawson. Chris and a friend walk up to them.*

Chris: Lindley.

Jen: Hey, you guys! I was looking for you earlier.

Chris: Impressed at your showing last night. I'm surprised to see you here.

Jen: I recooperate well.

Chris: Hey Dawson.

Dawson: *barely looking up* Sup Chris.

Chris: So, listen, I've got to confess. I am on a mission. Todd, here, is having a p-a-r-ty tonight.

Todd: Kegs and eggs. Party til breakfast.

Chris: Yeah, we're just getting the word out.

Jen: Well, you know that you can sign me up.

Chris: Excellent. See you there.

*They walk off*

Dawson: So, what's your deal with him?

Jen: We've just been hanging out. What?

Dawson: Well, I--

Jen: Come on, Dawson. Save me the character dissection. And while we're at it why don't you come with me?

Dawson: Well, let's see. We've got script-writing-career-advancement on one side and useless-drinking-oblivion on the other. That's a tough call.

Jen: Don't judge me, Dawson. If you don't want to go, don't go. That's fine, alright? But just because I'm finally enjoying myself, you don't have to treat me like I've been lost to the other side, okay? And I'm not out of control, all I'm doing is having fun. Alright? It's a simple three-letter word, fun. F-u-n.

Dawson: I didn't say a word, Jen.

*Cut to Pacey and Andie*

Andie: This isn't funny, Pacey. It's just that you're entire future is on the line here and I think you should be a little more nervous. I mean, you're so not nervous, you're making me nervous.

Pacey: Now that all my postulating of illigitimy(sp?) has been duely-documented, I kind of feel like a weights been taken off, you know?

Andie: If that's the way that you perceive yourself, then that's the way people are going to look at you. If you act like a joke, people are going to treat you like one.

Pacey: You finally figured it out. I'm not Luke Skywalker, I'm not even Luke Perry. There's no hero here, Andie. I am a joke.

Andie: I'm not coming to your pity party. You know I don't think you're a joke, Pacey.

Pacey: But it's too late. I've spent too long being a screw-up, I'm kind of passed the perverbial point of no return.

Andie: Well, change your course. Break the chain. Anyone can re-invent themselves. I mean, it's America. Madonna does it every week.

Pacey: But I don't know how. I don't know where to start.

Andie: Try starting from the inside. I mean, anyone can change their fate. Heroes are made, not born.

*Pacey stares at her and smiles thoughtfully.*

*Cut to Jack and Joey in line.*

Jack: Welcome to Shay(?) cafeteria. One of our specials tonight is a chateau bejou par two (sp? it was French I take it..). With a side of baby carrots on a bed of spring lettuce which I highly recommend. Now, we have some other specials tonight which include some reddish-yellow stuff down there, and of course we have this green gelatin dessert with a highly
*smells it* suspicious nature.

*Joey laughs.*

Jack: Hey, um, what are you up to tonight?

Joey: Probably just the usual. You know, have my driver pick me up around
8, go for a massage before my catered dinner aboard my yacht, then I may jet over to Paris to see the Matisse exhibit at the Loufe.

Jack: Actually, that exhibit was moved to the (missed word) last week. However, I'm pretty sure I could get us reservations..say 8:00, at Billy's.

*Joey looks at him confused.*

Jack: You know, Billy, that hot dog vendor guy down at the dwarf(sp).

Joey: You mean like a date?

Jack: No, no, of course not. It's more like a dat.

Joey: A dat?

Jack: Yeah, you take the e of the date and you have a dat.

Joey: And what do people do on dats?

Jack: Well, there's really no code of conduct. Etiquette is definitely optional. We just kind of make up our own rules and the only requirement is that we have a great time. Oh, and don't worry. I checked out the lunar calendar. No full moon for weeks.

*They laugh.*

Joey: You know Jack, you do have a certain charm.

*Jack smiles.*

Joey: But, don't worry, I'm going to ignore it and hang out with you anyway.

Jack: See ya.

*He goes and sits down with Andie and Pacey.*

Andie: Hey.

Jack: I have a date with Joey.

*Pacey just stares at him.*

Andie: That's great.

Jack: Yeah.

Andie: *looking at Pacey* What?

Jack: Ah, Pace, I'm sorry. I know Dawson's a friend of yours.

Pacey: Yes, man, it's okay. Just leave me out of this, alright?

Jack: So look, Andie, I know that it's my night with mom so if you don't want me to go out..

Andie: No, no, no. I have to stay in and study anyway.

Pacey: We have to stay in and study, remember?

Andie: Right...I can't believe I've forgotten. Jack, don't worry about mom. I mean, she's not entirely your responsibility. There's two of us. Besides, with that new medication she's on, she's doing so much better.

Jack: Andie, come on. Mom pulled another sybil last week. Let's be honest with each other.

Andie: Look, just go out with Joey, okay? Everything's under control. I've got it all under control.

*Cut to Joey's house. She's getting ready and sees Dawson at the door.*

Joey: Dawson, um, what are you doing here?

Dawson: Um, this is for you. *hands her a small envelope*

Joey: What is it?

Dawson: Half of the prize money. You can use it for art classes or whatever.

Joey: I..I can't accept this. This is for your movie.

Dawson: Jo, I want you to have it. You deserve it. Jo, my intentions here are honorable. I'm not asking for anything in return. I just want you to be happy.

Joey: Well, I could use the money. I mean, thank you.

Dawson: I believe in you, Joey. I always have.

Joey: Thanks.

Dawson: So, um, are you going somewhere?

Joey: No, just hanging out with a friend.

Dawson: Oh. I guess I'll see ya around.

Joey: Okay.

Dawson: Okay..

Joey: Dawson!

Dawson: Yeah?

Joey: Do you think things could get back to normal between us? Could we just be friends again?

Dawson: I'd like that, yeah.

Joey: Good. Okay.

*Dawson turns around to leave*

Joey: And, you know, um, whatever kind of movie you decide to make, I know it will be great.

Dawson: I'm thinking of doing a love story. You know, boy meets girl. Boy gets girl. Boy loses girl.....Boy gets girl back.

Joey: *smiles* Dawson..

Dawson: You know me, I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Joey: Yeah..

Dawson: So..

Joey: Well, thank you.

Dawson: Yeah..

*He turns around and his face falls as he spots Jack walking up.*

Jack: Hey.

Dawson: *pauses* Hey.

*Joey closes her eyes. Then smiles.*

Joey: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Joey: Everything okay?

Jack: Yeah, fine. Just saying hi.

Joey: Maybe we should go inside.

Jack: Sure.

*Joey looks back towards Dawson walking down the dock*

*Cut to Dawson carrying a box into Mitch's apartment.*

Dawson: Alright, last box. So I guess I'll see ya later.

Mitch: Dawson, what's the rush? Stick around. Hang out.

Dawson: Working that friend angle?

Mitch: I was trying. Talk to me. Look, Dawson, we've always been able to talk, freely and openly, I don't want that to change.

Dawson: Okay, let's talk.

Mitch: So, um, how's Joey?

Dawson: Joey dumped me and is falling for another guy, next.

Mitch: Okay, um, Jen?

Dawson: Probably drunk and stuck to a sidewalk somewhere.

Mitch: Dawson..

Dawson: Dad, this isn't going to work, okay? I'm going to get going.

Mitch: You don't have to like my decisions, Dawson. I just ask that you respect them.

Dawson: All I ever do is respect other people's wishes, okay? I'm sick of that. It makes everybody else feel better but it makes me feel like hell.

Mitch: Well, maybe that's just because your only considering the outcomes, and not the intentions. Nobody's out to get you, Dawson. Certainly not me.
*He pulls out keys and walks to Dawson* I want you to think of this place, as yours. Now if you need anything, please.

Dawson: You want to be open and honest, right?

Mitch: *nods* Yes.

Dawson: Well, here it goes. I don't want another friend or a buddy. I want a father. Can you respect that?

Mitch: I guess I'll have to.

Dawson: Alright.

*He leaves.*

*Cut to Jen painting her toenails*

Dawson: Hey!

Jen: Hey Dawson! What's up?

Dawson I was just wondering if that invitation to go out with you tonight was still open.

Jen: Really?

Dawson: Yeah I think it's exactly what I need this evening.

Jen: Run-in with Joey, huh?

Dawson: You're quick. No way around that.

Jen: Yes, Dawson, you can come with me, but you can not bitch or moan about my partying habits, you've got to keep an open mind, and no judging.

Dawson: I can do that, maybe.

Jen: And this is not a date. You're way too far gone as a rebound case for me to be even remotely interested.

Dawson: Is it that obvious?

Jen: Dawson, you're so on the rebound, you're practically bouncing.

Dawson: Alright, then tonight will be exactly what I need. What time should I pick you up?

Jen: Actually, why don't I pick you up? 7:00.

Dawson: Alright. That'll work, too.

Jen: This could be good, Dawson. You and me together again.

Dawson: This is not a date, remember!

Jen: And I'm not interested, remember?

*Dawson leaves*

*Cut to the party.*

Jen: Don't judge, Dawson.

Dawson: I'm not judging, just observing. The destruction of young America.

Jen: Fun, remember? That's what this is gonna be all about is fun.

Dawson: I think I miscalculated.

*They find Chris and Todd.*

Jen: Hello you guys.

Chris: Hey, you guys made it.

Todd: Dawson..you're a surprise, dude.

*Chris hands Jen a beer.*

Jen: Thank you.

Chris: You wanna dance?

Jen: Mm-hm. Dawson, come on!

Dawson: No, no, go on, have fun.

Jen: Enjoy yourself, okay?

*She runs inside with Chris. Dawson watches her dance and drink and sighs.*

*Cut to Pacey walking into the McPhee's backyard.*

Andie's Mom: Pacey! Hello. Nice to see you again.

*Andie rushes out*

Andie: Okay, we're going to be upstairs studying if you need anything. Okay, Mom?

Andie's Mom: Would you kids like something to eat? I could make you a sandwich.

Pacey: No thanks, I just ate.

Andie's Mom: What are you studying?

Pacey: Tonight's double feature includes US History and biology.

Andie's Mom: If Tim was here, you could get some help. US History was one of Tim's favorite subjects.

Andie: Okay..

*They go inside*

Pacey: I thought you said your mother was getting better.

Andie: She is. She just slips sometimes.

Pacey: Well, I don't mean to be insensitive, Andie, but she talks about your brother like he's still alive.

Andie: Well, she has her good days and her bad days.

Pacey: And what day is this?

Andie: Pacey.

Pacey: I'm sorry.

*They go upstairs. Cut to them going into Andie's room. Pacey walks over to all her prizes and trophies.*

Pacey: You know the only thing I ever won came out of a cereal box? How do you do all this? I know you have a peppy(?) personality, but my God, Andie! On top of everything, you take care of your family and you still find time in the day to rescue a guy like me. Aren't you tired?

Andie: You do what you gotta do. Okay, let's get started. Now, I always allow myself a margin of error for any occasional, unforseen roadblocks. Unfortunatly, you have no margin of error. You are, in what we studious circles refer to as...up crapola creek without a paddle, hanging on to the tenth grade by a thread, one cliffnote away from--

Pacey: Complete and utter disaster. I get it.

*Cut to Jack and Joey having a picnic by the river, creek, whatever. Lightning flashes.*

Joey: Whoa.

Jack: Heat lightning. You know, I almost got hit by lightning once when I was a kid. We were playing freeze tag in the park and I froze and CRACK! I mean, I could smell the ground burn.

Joey: Oh my God, did you freak?

Jack: I got fascinated.

Joey: With lightning?

Jack: Lightning's amazing. It's opposite charges attracting until the force just gets so great that the air just kind of breaks down. It's like nature's version of performance art.

Joey: Jack, how do you know all these things that normal people don't know and you don't know the things that normal people do?

Jack: Don't you get bored and watch the Weather Channel?

Joey: No. But, when we were kids, Dawson and I did try to replicate Ben Franklin's experiment with the kite and the key...we almost electrocuted ourselves.

Jack: You and Dawson..

Joey: I'm sorry.I don't know why I brought him up. It's just that we've know each other for such a long time.

Jack: It's okay. I understand. You guys have a history. I mean, he made that pretty clear when he punched me.

Joey: You have to understand Dawson. I mean, life is a movie to him and in the movie the hero always punches out the bad guy. I mean, not that you're a bad guy. It's just that..

Jack: He was upset.

Joey: Yeah.

Jack: I'm sure I would be, too, if I let you slip through my fingers.

Joey: I saw the look he gave you outside of my house tonight.

Jack: Yeah, you were right about that movie thing. He made me feel like I was in the middle of a western, and he was John Wayne challenging me to a duel at sunset. But I'd be up for the challenge though. Some things are worth fighting for.

*More lightning*

Joey: God. That is so cool.

*Cut to the party. Jen is drunk talking to some guy. I think it's Todd.*

Chris: So...what came of you two? Getting some post-Joey action or what?

Dawson: She's a friend.

Chris: She's a good friend to have. You should have more just like her. You know?

Dawson: You're about as subtle as you are genuine, huh?

Chris: What you see is what you get.

Dawson: Clearly.

*Cut to Andie and Pacey studying.*

Andie: After you've read through the chapter once, you want to go back and highlight any of the passages that seem important enough to be given on any given standardized test.

Pacey: Well how do you know what's important? If it's not important, why would you write it down? Who's job is it, who's right is it, to decide what passages are important enough to deserve the attention of a flourescent yellow felt tip marker?

Andie: You're giving me a headache. I need a break.

*She sits down on her bed. The phone rings.*

Andie: Hello? Yes, this is Andie. What? Uh, oh my God, um, please don't call the police. Uh, I can be there in 5 minutes, okay? Just give me five minutes.

Pacey: Andie, what's wrong?

Andie: It's my mother. She's at Molly's Market again.

*Cut to the market.*

Andie: Hi.

Employee: I didn't call the cops because I think you and your brother are really nice and I really do feel sorry for you, but this is the third time.

Andie: I know.

Employee: But if you can't keep her out of here..

Andie: I know, I know. Thank you.

Employee: I hope I don't have to tell you. This is really bad for business.

Andie's Mom: My husband really takes care of things. You should call my husband. He takes care of things, you know?

Andie: Let's go home, Mom.

Andie's Mom: I can't. I'm sorry, honey. I can't go home. I'm sorry honey.

Andie: Please, let's just go home now, okay?

Andie's Mom: No, I can't.

Andie: Mom, stop it. Please.

Andie's Mom: It's all over! It's all gone.

*Pacey walks up.*

Pacey: Hey Mrs. McPhee. Remember me? Pacey?

Andie's Mom: Pacey..

Pacey: Yeah, it's me. What are you doing here? Picking up some groceries?

Andie's Mom: I don't know..I don't know.

Pacey: Don't worry about it. Just help me pick out a couple things..um..hey! They got marshmellows. It's a food group all in it's own.

Andie's Mom: You don't want that. I have some turkey and roast beef in the fridge.

Pacey: You know, that sounds to me like a triple-decker club sandwich. Will you make me a sandwich, Mrs. McPhee?

Andie's Mom: Yes, I can make you a sandwich, Pacey.

Pacey: Excellent. You, Mrs. McPhee, are my savior. C'mon.

*They walk out of the store*

*Cut to the party. Dawson is walking around and spots Jen and Chris and Todd going upstairs. Dawson follows. He opens a door and catches Todd and Chris kissing Jen on a bed.*

Chris: Hey Dawson. Wanna play?

*Dawson rushes in and picks Jen up*

Jen: Dawson, stop it! Put me down!

Chris: What the hell you doing?

*Dawson carries her out to the front lawn before he puts her down.*

Jen: I cannot even believe you.

Dawson: Jen, look at yourself! You're drunk and you were hooking up with two guys. Where are you going?

Jen: I'm going home!

Dawson: You're going the wrong way. Jen, stop.

Jen: Why so that you can explain this? So that we can talk this out and you can tell me why you are so determined to pull the plug on anybody that's having a good time.

Dawson: This is not having a good time.

Jen: Oh, maybe not to you.

Dawson: Not to anybody, Jen! You're hiding. You're avoiding dealing with the fact that you're unhappy. And it's disgusting.

Jen: Oh, you're really one to talk, Dawson. Look at yourself, okay? You don't drink, and you don't mess around with anybody or anything but you are the unhappiest person I know.

Dawson: You're absolutely right and I would take my melancholy over this anyday because it's real. I'm not fighting to pretend that I'm having a good time.

Jen: I'm not pretendin' Dawson I was havin' a good time!

*Jen gets sick and throws up*

Jen: How's that for irony, huh? Bad girl throws up on a white picket fence. Don't be disgusted by me, Dawson. Don't deal with me. Accept me. And accept the fact that there are people in this world that don't need saving.

Dawson: Jen, you're drunk.

Jen: No, listen to me. I have tried, okay? I have tried to live my life just like you. I just don't have that sort of hope. But if everybody did people like you wouldn't be so special.

Dawson: Jen, you're special.

Jen: No I'm not. You just want me to be.

Dawson: I don't agree with that. Jen, if you weren't so special, you wouldn't be so miserable. C'mere.

Jen: Dawson...I can't go home.

Dawson: I know something that you can go.

Jen: Okay.

Dawson: Alright?

Jen: I'm okay.

Dawson: Ready to go?

Jen: Yeah.

*Cut to Joey and Jack*

Joey: Well, Jack McPhee, that was a unique evening.

Jack: Unique, weird or unique, good..

Joey: Unique, fun. So, um, I guess I should get inside.

*They kiss*

Jack: You're not going to stop speaking to me again, are ya?

Joey: No, I think you're safe. Crescent moon.

Jack: So, um, maybe we could hang out again?

Joey: Yeah, um, it's a possibility. Unless, of course, I get engrossed in the Weather Channel which isn't likely.

Jack: Don't even try it.

Joey: Hey Jack?

Jack: Yeah?

Joey: I had a really nice time tonight. Thanks.

Jack: See ya.

*Cut to Pacey and Andie.*

Pacey: She went out like a light, huh?

Andie: Yeah, she goes way up and then crash(?)

Pacey: Are you going to be alright, Andie? I'm worried about you.

Andie: Look at you. Taking care of my mom, then saving me. Don't you see? You just proved yourself wrong, Pacey. You can be anything you want. What you did for me tonight was nothing short of spectacular. I'm proud of you.

*He laughs*

Andie: What's so funny?

Pacey: I'm not really used to hearing those words. I'm proud of you. At least, not when they're directed at me. C'mon.

Andie: Where are we going?

Pacey: Upstairs, to your bedroom.

Andie: Oh really, what did you have in mind?

Pacey: What do you think?

Andie: Pacey!

Pacey: I've still got three chapters to read.

*Cut to Mitch's apartment.*

Mitch: How's Jen?

Dawson: She'll be okay. I think. I know I've been really hard on your lately. You've just always been this larger than life, Harrison Ford, ideal to me.

Mitch: No one could live up to that, Dawson. Not even Harrison Ford. That just doesn't seem to exist. In reality, people are flawed. I can be your father, Dawson, and if you let me, your friend. Your call.

Dawson: Then, it's done.

*Cut to Dawson bring Jen water.*

Dawson: Hey there, Tiger.

Jen: Dawson Leery, you're my hero.

Dawson: No, not a hero. Just a friend.

Jen: What's it about? Your movie?

Dawson: It's a romance. Star cross'd lovers that kinda thing.

Jen: How does it end?

Dawson: I don't know yet. I haven't finished writing it.

Jen: If you want some editorial advice, Dawson, no happy ending. They're bogus, and pat, and totally unrealistic. Things never end happy in real life.

Dawson: Just get some sleep, you'll feel better in the morning.

Jen: I really wish that were true. No happy ending, Dawson.

*Cut to Joey climbing through Dawson's window*

Joey: Hey Dawson--

*She notices he's not there. She sits on his bed and looks at his Jaws stuffed animal. She smiles but then it falls and she sighs and climbs back out the window*