02x02 - Crossroads


Dawson: James Van Der Beek
Grams: Mary Beth Peil
Joey: Kaite Holmes
Bessie: Nina Repeta
Pacey: Joshua Jackson
Mitch: John Wesely Shipp
Jen: Michelle Williams
Gail: Mary-Margaret Humes
Andie: Meredith Monroe
Jack: Kerr Smith

Original Air Date: October 14, 1998

*Cut to Dawson's room where a RonCo infomercial for a pasta maker is on and Dawson and Joey are making out. Suddenly, you see light as the bedroom door opens going unnoticed by Dawson and Joey. The camera focuses on the TV where you see a hand slowly reaching for the button to turn it off. The TV goes off and Dawson looks up to find Mitch and Gail Leery. Joey looks up, too.*

Dawson: Uh, Mom and Dad...hey. You remember Joey, right?

*Cut to a classroom where a police officer is handing back driver's tests.*

Police Officer: Good job...*hands a student their paper* Good job...*hands another student their paper* Good job. *Gets to Pacey* Missed it by one point. That's too bad. We really need another juvenile delinquent ??? on the road.

Pacey: I knew I shouldn't have studied. See what happens when you study? *getting up and mumbling* Can't wait to enter the world of vehicular freedom. *approaches police officer*
Hey, Miss. What do you think it's going to take to change just one little answer on this test? Free videos for a year?

Police Officer: You're not trying to bribe me, are you Mr. Witter?

Pacey: C'mon, Officer, toss me a break. It's my birthday.

Police Officer: Oh, it is. Really. You should have said something....Happy Birthday.

*CUT TO Dawson looking in the fridge while his dad is giving him "the talk"*

Mitch: ...and because becoming sexually active is a very serious business, I think that it's time you and I talked about it.

Dawson: *makes that 'Oh God..' face* Dad, we were just making out.

Mitch: Dawson, boy-girl sleepovers are no longer within appropriate boundaries. You know, Joey isn't a little girl anymore which you seemed to have noticed.

Dawson: This is so surreal coming from you of all people.

Mitch: You know I recently saw a report on the statistical portion of adolescent s*x and contraception.

*Dawson rolls his eyes.*

Mitch: (cont.) and a sexually active teen who doesn't use contraception stands a 90%
chance of becoming pregnant within one year and with that proof less than half *fades out as Dawson closes fridge door*

*Cut to Joey walking up to the house. She spots Mrs. Leery and quickens her pace.*

Joey: Hi Mrs. Leery. *walks quickly for the door*

Mrs. Leery: Oh, Joey! Good. Honey, I'm glad you're here. Honey, come here a sec. *pats the seat next to her.*

*Joey's like 'Ohhhh God'...*

Mrs. Leery: Honey, this is a terrific book. Reproduction and Repercution. It's all about preventing teen pregnancy.

*Joey closes her eyes.*

Mrs. Leery: (cont.) So if there's anything that you would like to talk to me about...any s*x questions about anything...you know you can come to me.

*Dawson comes out of the front door. He hears the last part of the conversation and looks slightly annoyed and embarressed*

Dawson: HEY! Look at the time. We're going to be late. LET's GO.

*Joey hurredly grabs her bag and heads for the porch door.*

Mitch: Remember, Dawson, no hat, no glove.

Gail: No, Mitch, honey. That's no glove, no love.

Mitch: You get the point.

Gail: Uh, Joey?

*Joey turns around. Mrs. Leery taps the book. Joey regretfully takes it. They leave.*

Gail: Our baby's growing up. It seems like just a blink ago he was coming home from the hospital. And here we are a thousand years later.

Mitch: Clueless as ever.

*Gail looks at Mitch who walks away.*

*Cut to: Jen's room. Grams is opening the shades.*

Grams: And God said, let there be light.

*Jen rolls over in bed.*

Jen: God, what the hell?

Grams: Oh, don't swear, dear, God is listening.

Jen: Well, if he were, then he'd know that hell isn't a swear word anymore. You can say it on network tv. Besides, I'm not going to school today.

Grams: I'm worried about you, Jennifer. You just don't seem yourself lately.

Jen: I'm tired, that's all.

Grams: Well, then I want you scrubbed, dressed, and ready for school in 5 minutes.
*singing* Rise, shine, *clap* give God your glory, glory. Children of the Lord.

*Jen makes a frustrated sound.*

*Cut to Capeside High. Pacey slams his bike into the bike rack while Dawson watches.*

Dawson: You're going to kill it.

Pacey: I failed!

Dawson: Midterms?

Pacey: Midterms? Like I care, Dawson. I failed my driver's test.

Dawson: You might want to take better care of that bike then.

Pacey: Very funny.

Dawson: You're not going to believe it. Mitch and Gail have gone completely off the deep end. You should have heard them today lecturing Joey and me about the finer points of adolescent sexuality. It was momentously awkward.

Pacey: Okay. Did you hear nothing I just said? I failed my driver's test. Today. Of all days, today.

Dawson: So you can take it again.

Pacey: *looking confused* Yeah, but Dawson I would have really liked to have gotten it today.

Dawson: Today, two weeks from now, what's the big deal. Anyways, it was weird. Of course it figures. Joey and I are together for a week and my parents are already shoving condoms in my pocket.

Pacey: *looking even more confused* You don't have anything to say to me today?

Dawson: *confused* What's up with you?

Pacey: Uh, nothing, man. Forget about it. You got your Joey problems. *He walks away.*

*Dawson looks off confused.*

*Cut to Jen sitting on a pier when Pacey walks up. It looks like they're at lunch?*

Jen: Hey?

Pacey: Hey.

Jen: What are you bumming about?

Pacey: Nothing.

*Jen looks down.*

Pacey: (cont.) I got a bad case of the Molly Ringwald's today.

Jen: Let's see, um, in Breakfast Club she gets a detention... in Pretty in Pink she gets dumped before prom... in Sixteen Candles everybody forgets about her birthday..

*Pacey nods.*

Jen: Is that it? Is today your birthday?

Pacey: The big 1-6. Whoopee.

Jen: Happy Birthday, Pace.

Pacey: *sincerely* Thank you. It's not so much that my family forgot me. They never make a big deal of this anyhow. But Dawson always made up something. He'd always plan some crazy outing for my birthday. We're supposed to be on a roadtrip to Maine right now, but that's obviously not going to happen.

Jen: Let me take a stab at it. Joey and Dawson are so caught up in their budding romantic entanglement that they've forgotten all about your birthday.

Pacey: I should be happy for them. I mean, I am happy for them.

Jen: Me too.

*Pacey looks at her.*

Pacey: No you're not.

Jen: I know.

*They laugh*

Jen: You know, I've never been one to pass up a chance at some good ol' fashioned self pity but why don't you give yourself a break? I mean, today's your birthday. Celebrate. It could be good. Remember in Sixteen Candles, how it turned out. Molly Ringwald got the hottest guy in school. Could be you.

Pacey: *sarcastic* Yeaaah, cake, party hats, balloons, rock on!

Jen: No, I'm serious. Look, so Joey and Dawson forgot all about you. So forget about them. In fact, I think they've forgotten about all of us recently. So c'mon. Live it up. Go out. Have a good time. Meet some new people.

Pacey: You know what? You're absolutely right. I mean, I'm sick and tired of being Dawson Leery's sidekick. I'm going to get my own storyline.

Jen: There you go.

*Pacey gets his stuff.*

Pacey: Thanks.

*He walks off.*

Jen: 'Kay. Yeah...

*Cut to Jen picking up clothes from the bleachers. Abby is sitting on the bleachers. It's gym class.*

Abby: Well, if it isn't Miss Lindley. Well, let me guess, the lame excuse note expecting to get you out of gym landed you with cleanup duty instead.

Jen: Let's just not talk to each other, alright Abby? 'Cause you're obviously here for the same reason, at least you could help me clean up.

Abby: Sorry, sweetie. My condition prevents me from engaging in any undue (?) physical exertion. *takes out a note and reading* Please excuse Abigal Morgan from gym this semester as she suffers from pelvic reposis (?) signed Dr. James Fife, L.D.

Jen: Isn't that like a V.D. or something?

Abby: No, I made it up. Last time I was at my doctor's office I stole some letterheads. It's been invaluable. So don't tell me, you used the menstrual cramps defense.

*Jen looks away as she continues picking up.*

Abby: God! That excuse is no good. You get out of gym but not cleanup duty. Not so bright for a big city girl.

*Jen closes her eyes.*

Abby: Then again, your life in New York was probably just as dull as it is here in Capeside. I bet you never even got into a club.

Jen: The things and places I have talked myself into and out of would blow your mind.

Abby: Yeah, right. *looks curious* So have you ever been to The Curtain or Club Retro.

Jen: I did at the dorm room in Curtain and Club Retro is so five minutes ago.

Abby: Well what was it like?

Jen: What?

Abby: New York. I plan on moving there as soon as I graduate from this juvenile detention center. C'mon Jen tell me everything.

Jen: *smiling* Well, what do you want to know?

Abby: *smiling, too* What do you mean what do I want to know? I want to know about the guys.

*They laugh*

*Cut to Joey's room. Dawson is sitting on Joey's bed and Joey is laying there.*

Joey: You know, as long as I live, Dawson, I think I'll never be as embarressed as I was today.

Dawson: I know, my parents live for those coming-of-age-Wonder-Years moments.

Joey: Yeah.

Dawson: My father's had that book in a drawer since I was born.

*Joey laughs*

Dawson: All I can say is thank God it was you. I mean, can you imagine if it was just some unexpecting date I just brought home?

Joey: I don't know. All I know *crawling over the bed to reach for her journal* is I have to write down your dad's 'No glove, no love' line before I forget. I mean, it's practi--

*She's interrupted by Dawson pulling her over closer to him to where she's leaning on his legs and facing him.*

Dawson: When I think about you and me together, it's perfect.

*Joey smiles.*

Dawson: There's none of that pretentious getting-to-know-you crap. I already know everything there is to know about you. What you think, what you feel.

Joey: *surprised at this* Really?

Dawson: Yeah.

Joey: *skeptical* You think you know everything about me Dawson?

Dawson: C'mon Joey we've spent most of our waking, and sleeping for that matter, moments together. Yes, I think it's fairly safe to say that I know everything there is to know about you.

*Joey smiles again*

Joey: What you don't know about me, Dawson, could fill a book.

*She leans in and they kiss. The baby cries in the background*

Joey: I hear my life calling. *She kisses him on the forehead.* I'll be right back.

*Joey walks into Alexander's room and shuts the door. Dawson picks up a bottle of Joey's perfume and smells it. A picture of Joey with her mom is shown. Dawson eyes find Joey's journal and he picks it up and looks towards Alexander's room. He starts reading a page and his face falls. He sees Joey opening the door and qucikly shuts the book and throws it on the bed. Joey walks back over happily towards the bed.*

Joey: I thought Alexander was smiling but it turns out he just had gas.

*Dawson gets up off the bed.*

Dawson: I'm going to get going.

Joey: *confused* What's wrong?

Dawson: Nothing.

Joey: I thought you had a lot of reading for today, Dawson.

Dawson: Um, I've done enough reading for today.

*He leaves leaving a confused Joey alone.*

*Cut to Pacey hanging up fliers. He stops a kid.*

Pacey: Hey, man. Dock party tonight. 8:00. Bailey's Port. Be there!

*Pacey stapling another flier and Dawson walks up*

Dawson: What's going on?

Pacey: Throwing a party.

Dawson: Why?

Pacey: Oh, you know expanding my horizons. I'm getting older thought I would branch out and take some new chances.

Dawson: I accidentily read something last night in Joey's journal.

*Pacey hands a flier to some girl*

Pacey: Want one of these?

Dawson: Quote. "I'm so sick of Dawson and his stupid horror movie. I wish I could tell him how terrible it is. How stupid, and putrid, and...it was awful."

Pacey: So what? At least she didn't tell you that the sight of you gives her dry heaves or that you're a self-centered, self-absorbed, *stapling another flier* selfish..

Dawson: Look, obviously she has opinions about me that she hasn't been honest about. She said I was a talentless dreamer with no cinematic future.

Pacey: *really angry and irritated* 'Kay. No offense, Dawson, but I don't think anybody cares.

Dawson: I care...Pacey. I mean, I could honestly use some advice here.

Pacey: Oh, you want some advice? How about this: your life isn't so interesting.

Dawson: *confused and surprised* What?

Pacey: You know, I am so sick and tired of hearing about you and Joey's boring little mini-dramas. I'm going to start tearing out my fingernails for relief. Get over yourself, Dawson. Deal.

*Pacey walks off angry. Dawson is confused...like always...*

*Cut to Joey walking out from school and Andie runs and catches up with her.*

Andie: You work at the Icehouse, don't you? I saw you there a few nights ago. God, I love that place.

Joey: You don't get out much, do you?

Andie: Anyways, I'm Andie McPhee. You're Joey, right?

*They shake hands*

Andie: (cont.) I'm a friend of Pacey Witter's. Well, kind of.

Joey: How bold of you to admit that.

Andie: Anyway, my brother Jack is looking for a job, you know, busboy, waiter, really anything. So I thought I'd put in a word for him.

Joey: Well, actually, we could use the help.

Andie: Really? Oh, that's great. He's kind of shy, but he is really smart and super nice once you get to know him.

Joey: Okay, well, just tell him to come in and ask for me.

Andie: Alright, thanks!

*She walks off*

*Cut to Joey walking across a bridge. Dawson catches up to her.*

Dawson: Joey, hey!

Joey: Hey.

*They kiss quickly.*

Dawson: I was, um, cleaning out my closet this morning and I found the costume that you wore in the movie, and, um, I found the costume that you wore in my movie. And I was just thinking about how good you looked in it...

*Joey smiles*

Dawson: (cont.) Um, in the outfit. Pretty and vulnerable. And I was just thinking...you know I hope Joey was happy with her performance in the movie. So I guess I'm asking, I'm surprised we haven't discussed this, what did you think of my movie.

Joey: I loved it, it was great. You know that, Dawson.

Dawson: You'd be honest with me, right?

Joey: It was amazing. Extremely talented. It's one of your many attractions.

*Dawson stares off.*

Joey: Are you alright?

Dawson: I just wanted to make sure you didn't think my movie was on the, I don't know, stupid and putrid side.

Joey: You're acting weird. Are you having another insecurity attack? C'mon.

Dawson: It's really important for me to know that you think I have talent and potential in filmmaking.

*Joey's face falls as she comes to a realization.*

Joey: *angrily* You read my journal.

Dawson: *defensively* You practically left it out for me to see.

Joey: *even more angrily* Not unless it blew open..or...or you suddenly developed X-Ray vision. I mean, God, how dare you! You invaded my privacy. I could sue you for this.

Dawson: What I'm curious about is what else is in that journal that you don't want me to see? What does Joey Potter really think about me?

Joey: Oh, right now, Dawson, you really don't want to know!

*CUT TO Mitch walking into a building on the pier.*

Mitch: Hey, Cole.

Cole: Hey Mitch. What's up?

Mitch: Ohhhh, not much. Just checking out a warehouse next door for a possible restaurant location.

Cole: Very cool. And?

Mitch: Rent's a little steep.

Cole: Tell me about it. 'Kay buddy, what's really up?

Mitch: *looks a little irritated* What do you mean what's up? Nothin'. Whatever, you know, life.

Cole: I've known you since the fourth grade. You look like you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders. Talk to me.

*Mitch sighs. Cut to: Gail planting flowers. Mrs. Ryan approaches.*

Mrs. Ryan: It was so kind of you to send over that delicious casserole when Mr. Ryan passed.

Gail: Oh, it was the least I could do. Um, I was wondering, uh, the thing is Mrs. Ryan, I really could use some advice.

*Cut back to Mitch and Cole*

Cole: My advice is to avoid the big D at all costs, man.

Mitch: Well, we've tried everything. I mean, I don't know what's left.

Cole: If you divorce her, you'll lose everything. Not to mention becoming a weekend dad to Dawson.

Mitch: Believe me I know. You know, I don't even think that she'd mind if I had an affair. It would get her off the hook.

Cole: So why not?

Mitch: *surprised* What do you mean why not? I'm in a marriage.

*Cut to Gail and Mrs. Ryan*

Mrs. Ryan: Marriage is all about enduring the jabs and blows. You must do everything and anything in your power to save it.

Gail: I've talked till I'm blue in the face. I've cleaned out the entire Marital Aid section at the Pleasure Palace and my Victoria Secret credit card..is maxed.

Mrs. Ryan: I was thinking something more along the lines of renewing your wedding vows. I wasn't suggesting that you have an affair.

*Cut back to Mitch and Cole*

Cole: I'm not suggesting an affair. I'm talking open marriage.

Mitch: I knew that the seventies were back in full swing, man, but that is up there with bean bag chairs and lava lamps.

Cole: No, just think about it for a minute. In any given marriage you have about an 85%
chance of infidelity. Human beings are just not instinctively monogamous, alright? So you take the anaquated(?) knowledge of infidelity and monogamous out of marriage and I guarantee the divorce rate in this country would be absolutely zilch. It works for me and Lisa.

*Mitch is thinking.*

*Cut to Pacey putting fliers under car windshield wipers*

Andie: You know, I hate it when people plaster unsolicited material on private property.

Pacey: You know what, McPhee? I really wish you weren't here right now.

Andie: Ah, put the charm on hold for a second Pacey, I was just curious on what the occasions for.

Pacey: It's my going away party. I'm dying of a heart stripe. Haven't you heard?

Andie: Where's your sense of humor?

Pacey: Oh, I have a sense of humor. In fact, I have a really good sense of humor. It's just that telling a girl that I'm dying so that she'll go out with me, that's just not funny.

Andie: Why you would be interested in someone who's so mentally deficient that she would actually believe that she would actually believe there's such a thing as a heart stripe.

*Pacey looks at her.*

Andie: Okay, okay. I'm sorry. So really, what's the reason for your little clambake?

Pacey: Are you mistaken for the impression that you're actually invited?

Andie: Well it says 'Come one, come all'

Pacey: No, you gotta read the fine print. It says 'Come one, come all except for spoiled, trust fund casualties from Rhode Island. Sorry.

*Cut to Jen's room. Abby and Jen are laying on her bed. Jen hands Abby a picture.*

Jen: This is Charlie. The guy I was telling you about.

Abby: *with widened eyes* Oh my God! Look at him. Oh, God I would throw my mother off a bridge to go out with somebody like this.

Jen: We partied one weekend before he had to ship out....crazy.

Abby: I can't believe you have eyes for Dawson Leery, I mean you have lived, sister.

*Jen smiles.*

Abby: Speaking of partying....since you're not hanging out with Forrest Gump and Company anymore, I was thinking we could do some serious partying of our own.

Jen: You mean like steal a pack of cigarrettes from 7-11 and hide behind the bleachers and smoke em?

Abby: No. I was thinking Pacey's bogus dock party. I mean, we could crack on the people there.

*Jen laughs*

Abby: And...a little imported bubbly for our enjoyment. *she raises an eyebrow*

*They laugh*

*Cut to Dawson following Joey who's waitressing*

Dawson: Alright, so I shouldn't have read your journal but c'mon, you can't tell me that all the time that you've been alone in my room that you've never snooped.

Joey: Nope.

Dawson: Not once?

Joey: No. Because I, unlike you, respect your privacy.

Dawson: You obviously don't respect my filmmaking abilities.

Joey: *angered* Dawson, how I feel about you and your quest to be Spielberg are not the point. You read my journal. This is a huge privacy issue.

Dawson: That's exactly the point. How do you feel about my filmmaking abilities?

*Jack comes interrupting.*

Jack: Hi. I'm, uh, Jack.

Joey: Can I help you?

Jack: Andie's brother.

Joey: Who's Andie?

Jack: My sister.

Joey: Look, that's fascinating. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm really busy here so if I can help you with anything..

Jack: I'm here to interview for the job.

Joey: Ohhhh, yeah right. Job. Andie's brother. Um, have you ever washed dishes before?

Jack: No, but I'm willing to learn.

Joey: Good. Use over, kitchen's that way.

*Jack is a little overwhelmed.*

Dawson: I admit what I did was wrong, but Joey you lied to me. You've been lying to me.

Joey: What? Don't turn this around and make me the bad guy. You violated me. You betrayed me.

Dawson: Tell me, where you ever planning on telling me the truth?

Joey: Why should I? I just thought I'd write it all down then have you over to study!

Dawson: Stop making jokes, Joey. This is a really big deal. You were completely dishonest.

Joey: You're right, Dawson. It is a big deal. But the big deal isn't what you read. The big deal is that you read it.

Dawson: I apoligized for that already!

Jack: Excuse me? Do you have a second? Could you please tell your sister I work here now? She's not letting me in the kitchen.

*He walks away.*

Dawson: I'm glad I read it actually. Because now I realize I don't think I know you at all.

Joey: Maybe you don't, Dawson. Maybe you never did.

*Cut to Pacey stringing up lights on the dock and Andie walks up decked out for the party in a bikini top and skirt.*

Andie: Hi.

Pacey: Hi if it isn't Andie McPhee the rich girl in town. What happened? They cancel your polo match?

Andie: Look, Pacey, if you want me to leave I will.

Pacey: No, no, that's okay. Actually, you're the only person I recognize here, and I ask ya, how sad is that?

Andie: Don't worry. Parties always take awhile to get going. Though you might have worked a DJ into your budget.

Pacey: 'Kay. Can't say it hasn't been pleasant talking to you, but don't you think you should get out and mingle and meet some new people?

Andie: Yeah, I probably should. But new people make me nervous. I never know what to say and then eventually I just clam up totally.

Pacey: Are you joking? Because you haven't stopped talking since the moment I met you.

Andie: Well, you don't make me nervous. You make me mad. Mad beats nervous.

Pacey: 'Kay, why don't you just go mingle now? Yeah?

Andie: You go mingle.

Pacey: Okay.

Andie: Okay....hey! You're in luck. Another varsity cheerleader/rocket scientist and she's checkin' you out.

Pacey: She's looking at me?

*Andie nods.*

Pacey: You know, I haven't had a whole lot of luck with the senior cheerleaders this year.

Andie: Luck has nothing to do with it. Some older women happen to like younger men.

*Pacey kind of laughs.*

Andie: So, go ahead. Go talk to her. What have you got to lose?

Pacey: Oh, I don't know, dignity, humility, face...

Andie: It's not like you had any of those in the first place.

Pacey: You know what McPhee? I really wish I made you nervous.

*She gives that 'I'm glad I'm ticking you off' smile*

*As Pacey walks towards the girl some people are playing volleyball and it hits Pacey in the back of the head. He shrugs it off and takes a drink of his soda. Then he sees some guy pick up the girl he was going to talk to. He walks down the dock until he comes upon a group of 4 girls in a boat.*

Pacey: Hey Ladies. Havin' a good time?

OneGirl: What is this?

*she dumps her drink out on the ground. Pacey keeps walking and bumps into two people. They laugh. Pacey laughs sarcastically*

Pacey: Sooo funny!

*Dawson approaches the dock in a speedboat. Pacey notices.*

*Cut to Jen and Abby on the dock, obviously a little drunk*

Jen: How many drinks have I had? Because I think three is my limit before I get really wild.

Abby: Tooo laaatteee *swings the wine bottle through the air*

*They laugh*

*Jen takes another drink and falls down and starts laughing.*

Abby: Okay, I bet you the rest of this bottle that you don't have the berries(?) to kiss the next guy that comes up those stairs.

Jen: Well, you're on, sister friend!

*They laugh as Dawson comes up the stairs and Jen turns around*

Jen: DAWSON! *kisses him*

*Dawson pries her arms off him*

Dawson: Whoa Jen! What are you doing? What is wrong with you?

*Jen smiles instantly and then slowly goes down the stairs*

Abby: *pushes Dawson* Nice going, Romeo.

*Dawson stands there surprised.*

*Cut to Joey at the Icehouse. She's staring out the window then she goes back to washing the tables off. Jack is looking at her.*

Joey: What?

Jack: Nothing.

*Joey walks over*

Jack: First fight?

Joey: What?

Jack: With your boyfriend.

Joey: Hardly. Well, actually, um, yeah, as girlfriend and boyfriend. I mean, as friends we fought constantly but it's different now.

Jack: Which means you haven't had your first makeup either.

*Joey looks at him.*

Jack: Go ahead, I'll lock up.

Joey: I can't. I mean, Bessie would kill me, but thanks.

Jack: What? You think I'm going to take off with your secret recipe for tarter sauce?
*whispers* It's not that good.

Joey: Oh. *smiles* Think you can handle it?

Jack: Turn off lights, lock the door...

Joey: What the hell? Thanks Jack. *hands him her apron.*

*As she leaves she hears a glass drops, she stops for a second but keeps going.*

*Cut to Dawson and Pacey*

Dawson: Hey.

Pacey: *angrily* What's up?

Dawson: Alright, look, I don't know what's going on between us but obviously it's something that set you off.

Pacey: Me? I can't imagine what that would be. Hm.

Dawson: Look, I'm about 2 seconds away from blowing it with Joey. You and I know everything about each other and I really need your advice.

Pacey: You know everything about me, huh? You know how I got this scar on my chin? You know why my father hates me? You know why I ride the fine line between insecurity and self-confidence? Correct me if I'm wrong, Dawson, but you don't know the answer to any of those questions. In fact, I bet you don't even know when I was born!

*Dawson thinks and realizes he forgot.*

Dawson: Oh my God. Oh my, it's your birthday. Oh, Pacey I'm so sorry, God. I'm such an idiot you were trying to tell me all day it was your birthday, too. And you were supposed to get your driver's license today.

Pacey: Yeah but that didn't work out either. But I bet you forgot that too, didn't you?

Dawson: No, we were supposed to go to Maine. I can't believe I forgot. Look, I'll make it up to you. Tomorrow night, you and me we'll do whatever you want.

Pacey: Do you see this look on my face that I'm trying so hard to conceal? It has nothing to do with my birthday. It has nothing to do with the driver's test and it certainly has nothing to do with roadtripping to Maine. I came to this dark realization that everyone in Capeside has either written me off, demanding me unworthy of their time or their concerns AND the conclusion that I came to today, on my 16th birthday, is that my best friend in the world looks at me the very same way.

Dawson: Pacey! How can I fix this?

Pacey: You can't. Everything's different now. You've got Joey and our friendship just doesn't compare to what you two have, okay? I'm just not a third wheel type. Maybe we'll take that roadtrip next year.

*Cut to Dawson's house. Mitch is reading and Gail comes in.*

Gail: Good book? You know I was thinking about doing some redecorating.

*Mitch keeps on reading.*

Gail: Any thoughts?

Mitch: No, whatever you think.

*Gail starts kissing him on the head and moves lower. Mitch gets up.*

Mitch: I don't want a divorce, Gail, but, um, we've gotta make some changes here and move on. Living life status quo is killing us.

Gail: I know.

Mitch: Okay, um, I was talking to a friend of mine about s*x within the marriage and s*x outside of the marriage and how it's a common factor in most marital problems.

Gail: We take the s*x out of our marriage?

Mitch: God, no. This is about honesty. And we've lost that. And I just need to, we gotta open this thing up and explore some new possibilities. And I grant you it's a paradox to try to reclaim honesty by...by..

Gail: By what? Reclaim our honesty by what?

Mitch: Gail, do you wanna try having an open marriage?

*She laughs but considers it.*

*Cut to Dawson in the rain. He spots Joey. He smiles. They walk towarsd each other. It's romantic. They get closer to each other and they lean in and Joey puts her head on Dawson's shoulder and he does the same on hers. Awwwwwwwww. Cut to Dawson and Joey sitting on a ledge. The rain has stopped.*

Dawson: I forgot Pacey's birthday. I'm his best friend and I forgot his 16th birthday.

Joey: Is he alright?

Dawson: No. He's really hurt and he's angry and he's not speaking to me. And I really don't blame him.

Joey: Sorry Dawson.

Dawson: Yeah, I pretty much suck. You know how Leery is. You know what it is, Joey, maybe I am the world's worst filmmaker. Maybe I'd be better off being a cook(?)
somewhere. Maybe all my dreams are bogus and maybe there will be people lined up from here to Hollywood someday to tell me that. I just never thought you'd be one of them.

Joey: Dawson, I'm not going to let you off the hook for what you did. I mean, it was wrong of you to go inside of my head and take my thoughts and my feelings without my consent.

Dawson: Joey, I know. Believe me, I know. I'm so sorry I ever read them.

Joey: Though, I don't owe you any explanation, I do owe you the truth because I have always been honest with you. The truth is...I've had these feelings for you for a long time, Dawson. And I hit a yearning, I've been squelching. I don't know, somedays it would just make me so mad at me, and us, and I had to take it somewhere and unleash it. It's my way of coping. It's where I go to trash life. And so it's not necessarily the truth, it's what I'm feeling at that particular day at that particular time. I save the truth for you, Dawson. I've always believed in you. I mean, you're the most extraordinary, talented person that I've ever met. I'm your biggest fan.

Dawson: I'm glad I don't know everything about you because everyday you amaze me.

*There's a silence and Joey smiles.*

Joey: Good!

*They laugh and lean in and kiss*

*Cut to Jen and Abby*

Abby: You can bet those two won't be the poster couple for abstinence much longer.

Jen: What? Joey and Dawson? Yeah right. Jo will hold out and then he'll get sick and tired of it.

Abby: Oh come on. They've been sleeping together in the same bed. There's not much more you need to know about each other if you know what I mean.

Jen: No, they're like brother and sister. I mean, Dawson even told me so himself. He doesn't ever think of her sexually.

Abby: Well, maybe they're pretending like they're in Kentucky.

Jen: Abby that doesn't help.

Abby: What?

Jen: Look at me, I'm a mess.

Abby: Oh, don't say that. You have more style and s*x appeal in your little finger then that white trash loser.

Jen: I want him back.

Abby: God, why?

Jen: 'Cause I love him.

Abby: Look, that's just the booze talking.

Jen: No, I'm serious. I love him and I want him back.

Abby: Alright. Then we're going to get him back for you.

*Jen smiles.*

Jen: 'Kay.

*Cut to Pacey sitting on a dock. Andie walks up.*

Andie: This is for you. *She hands him a gift.* It's not much.

*Pacey looks at the gift.*

Andie: Well it is your birthday, isn't it?

Pacey: How'd you know?

Andie: I'm psychic. Okay, I heard you and that guy, Dawson, arguing about it. I had it in the car, anyways. I was going to give it to my brother for Christmas but I kind of, well, forgot about it. Anyway, go ahead. Open it.

*Pacey opens it. It's a Magic 8 Ball*

Andie: Ask it a question.

Pacey: Will I pass my driver's test on the next try?

*He shakes it. They read the answer.*

Pacey: Signs point to yes. What is my future?

*Shakes it*

Pacey: Cannot predict now. Here.

Andie: Okay um..

*She shakes it and accidentily drops it into the water.*

Andie: Oh no! I'm sorry.

Pacey: That can't be a good sign.

Andie: I'm sorry.

Pacey: *shrugs* It's the thought that counts.

Andie: I've always been this complete clutz. Some things never change.

Pacey: Everything changes. Everybody changes. 'Cept for me. Take this stupid party for example. I thought I could be Pacey Witter, the guy who throws a good party but no, I'm still Pacey Witter, the guy who's failing biology, but now I'm a year older.

Andie: You know, maybe you're just Pacey Witter the guy who's still trying to figure it out.

Pacey: Well..

Andie: What?

Pacey: We are so deep.

*Cut to Dawson and Joey making out on the dock*

Dawson: Hey you think you can get home okay? I've got to get back. I've got to try to talk to Pacey.

Joey: Yeah. *She kisses him and kisses him on the forehead.* I'll be fine.

*Cut to Jen's house. Jen's looking in the mirror. Cut to Dawson and Pacey.*

Pacey: Ah, the perfect end to a perfect party.

Dawson: Listen Pacey, I've been a really lousy friend lately and there is no excuse for forgetting your birthday but it's not because I've written you off, alright? This Joey thing has been so incredibly confusing and complicated and..

Pacey: Dawson, Dawson, Dawson, it's okay, man. I'm happy for you two. You deserve happiness. GOD KNOWS it took long enough. The only thing that I was trying to say is there are certain things that I'm going to miss as your friend but that's natural you know? No big deal

Dawson: It's a very big deal. Maybe my actions have not exactly tested that lately but just because everything is complicated and everything is changing but nothing is ever going to change so much that you're not going to be my best friend.

*Pacey smiles and there's silence.*

Pacey: Are we having a moment?

Dawson: Yeah I think we are....Let's go.

Pacey: Alright.

*They get in the boat.*

Dawson: Man, that's really too bad about your license.

Pacey: No, that's alright. I can take the test again in a couple weeks.

Dawson: Well maybe you need some more practice.

Pacey: Oh, please. You and I both know I've been breaking that state law for at least the last 3 years.

Dawson: No, I mean right now.

Pacey: What?

Dawson: I know where the keys to the Mitch mobile are.

Pacey: Dawson, please. Your father would kill you.

Dawson: Don't wuss out on me now Pacey.

Pacey: Listen, Dawson, we're cool you don't have to do this now.

Dawson: Maybe I want to.

*They start speeding off in the boat*

Dawson: Pacey?

Pacey: Yeah?

Dawson: Happy Birthday.

Pacey: Thanks, bro.