02x05 - Full Moon Rising

Episode #205
"Full Moon Rising"

Dawson: James Van Der Beek
Grams: Mary Beth Peil
Joey: Kaite Holmes
Tamara: Lee Ann Hunley
Pacey: Joshua Jackson
Mitch: John Wesely Shipp
Jen: Michelle Williams
Gail: Mary-Margaret Humes
Andie: Meredith Monroe
Jack: Kerr Smith

Original Air Date: November 4, 1998

In this episode: The full moon puts everything in a twist and nothing goes according to plan. Joey has a healthy respect for the havoc that can be wreaked by this monthly event, while Dawson maintains his usual romanticism on the subject. That is, until he is forced into joining the sinking ship of his mother's dinner party, at which his father Mitch infuriates Gale by showing up very late - and with Tamara in tow as a surprise guest. Romance goes awry on several other fronts as well, as Jen hooks up once again with hunky dock worker Vincent, despite Abby's jealousy. Determined to seduce this older guy, Jen realizes she's made a mistake when the situation turns ugly. And, Pacey and Andie finally agree to go out on a date but as fate would have it, they just can't seem to find each other in the right place at the right time. Meanwhile, Jack and Joey battle a strange power outage in the restaurant (which leads to a forbidden kiss) but are aided by a strange lone customer.

*Dawson's room: on the television, a wolf is jumping over a cliff and there's a full moon in the background.*

Dawson: Is there anything more beautiful than a full moon? It looks close enough to touch but it's a million miles away.

*The camera starts zooming around the room leaving Dawson and Joey nowhere to be seen but still heard.*

Joey: It's actually only 240,000 miles away, Dawson, and it won't be completely full until tomorrow night.

*The camera focuses on the open window*

Dawson: Well...

*Wind blows through the window then CUT TO Dawson and Joey outside sitting on the roof with the reflection of an almost-full moon in the window behind them.*

Dawson: (cont.) It's still romantic.

Joey: *makes a face* How did the moon become the state flower for romance? I mean, it's just a natural satellite that reflects the sun's light.

Dawson: Well, casting it's peaceful and silent glow over a chaotic world. I love a full moon.

Joey: But peaceful, Dawson? A full moon turns everything off-kilter it turns everything upside-down. I mean, weird things always happen during a full moon.

Dawson: Is Joey Potter being superstitious?

Joey: *defensively* No, scientific.

Dawson: *perplexed* How do you figure that?

Joey: Human beings are made up of 70% water, right?

Dawson: Yeah. *He kisses her on the chin.*

Joey: *smiles* And the moon controls the time.

Dawson: Mm-hm. *Dawson kisses her on the lips*

Joey: Pulling great bodies of water back and forth, it does the same thing to us.

Dawson: *still kissing Joey* Really?

Joey: Pulls us in different directions, disrupting the normal flow of things, and Dawson?

Dawson: Yeah?

Joey: I'm telling you. Weird things always happen during a full moon.

Dawson: You're scaring me.

*Dawson slips on the roof.*

Dawson: Oop! *he laughs*

Joey: *seriously* Very funny.

*Joey looks back up at the full moon.*

[Opening Credits]

*Mitch and Tamara are walking in downtown Capeside*

Mitch: Can I see those plans one more time?

Tamara: Absolutely. Mitch, I don't mean to sound desperate, but I really am anxious to sell this place, so if you're at all interested, I will make you the fairest offer known to man.

Mitch: Is it that bad being here?

Tamara: Let's just say Capeside really is a bridge I should burn.

Mitch: Tell you what? Give me one more look at those plans, and I promise you I'll make a decision.

*Cut to Jen walking and Vincent catches up with her*

Vincent: Hey Jen.

Jen: Hey. How's it going?

Vincent: Where's your evil other half?

Jen: Oh, Abby? Abby and I are in a trial separation period right now.

Vincent: Lucky you. So Jennifer...I'm desperate. You've got to help me. What goes on in this town?

Jen: Not much.

Vincent: You know...I've been here a week now, and you're the first breath of fresh air that's blown through and you probably think I'm flirting with you.

Jen: And you're not?

Vincent: I am, but I thought I would acknowledge it and smooth things out a little.

Jen: It helped....a little.

Vincent: Wait. Look, I'm not very good at this so please bear with me. I have been at sea for the last 18 days with a bunch of ill-mannered, drunken idiots, and I would really love to reacquaint my brain with the simple pleasures of life.

Jen: Which are?

Vincent: Well, conversations that don't offend my mother's virtue with
4-letter words and an exotic cup of ground roast coffee. So, please, if you have any compassion for the working man, say you'll show me the gentler side of Capeside.

Jen: Well, I suppose it would be my civic duty.

Vincent: Tonight?

Jen: *makes a face like she can't* Ohhh. *gives in* 7:30. 22 Seafare Drive.

Vincent: I'll be there.

*Cut to Andie walking into the video store where Pacey is watching a porno.*

Pacey: Well, if it isn't Little Miss McPhee.

Andie: I'm just here to get a video, Pacey.

Pacey: Can I help you?

Andie: Don't bother.. I can help myself. Why don't you just go back to your....Debbie Does Dallas?

Pacey: It's, uh, Jacuzzi Floozies, actually. You ever notice how the most interesting part of a p0rn movie is the title? Think about it. You got The Sperminator, Romancing the Bone, Little Oral Annie...

Andie: I don't know why they bother being clever. I mean, they're all the same to me. They should have the same title: Women Pacey Will Never Do.

Pacey: Ouch. You know, McPhee, we really should just bite the bullet.

Andie: Meaning?

Pacey: All this verbal sparring we're doing is getting a little dangerous so we should just go out on a date before somebody gets hurt.

Andie: Forget it.

Pacey: Come on. You know you want to.

Andie: Well, maybe if I was asked politely.

Pacey: Okay. Andie..would you like to go on a date with me tonight?

Andie: Okay.

Pacey: *sarcastically* Well, don't sound too enthused.

Andie: I'll try to restrain myself. So where are we going?

Pacey: Uh, how about the movies? That way we don't have to talk to each other too much, less chance of punches being thrown.

Andie: Good idea.

Pacey: Great. I'll pick you up at 7:30. You live on Windsor, right?

Andie: *panicked* Um, I'll meet you there.

Pacey: No, it's okay. It's a date. I can pick you up.

Andie: Okay, well, how about we meet at the Icehouse? I mean, neutral ground.

Pacey: Andie, it's fine. Your house is on my way.

Andie: Well, maybe we shouldn't do this.

Pacey: Come on, Andie. Don't wuss out on me now.

Andie: *hesitant* Well, okay. Um, 7:30. See you there. Don't be late.

Pacey: *looks confused, then smiles* Cool.

*Cut to Andie outside the video store smiling.*

*Cut to Jen in a drugstore looking at make up. Abby walks in*

Abby: Hey! So you're not still mad at me, are you?

Jen: What? For calling me a desperate loser? Gee, why should I be?

Abby: I didn't mean that. I'm sorry. I always get a little wiggy around this time of the month. *steals a lipstick* Oops. Look, let's never let a guy come between us again. Men will come and go, but you and I are kindred spirits. We're rebels bound together by the common need to break out of this small town abyss.

Jen: Alright. Are you sure that you're okay with this whole guy thing?

Abby: Absolutely.

Jen: Okay. Great 'cause I've been dying to tell somebody. I've got a date with Vincent.

Abby: You bitch.

Jen: What?

Abby: After everything I've done for you...how could you go and steal him from me?

Jen: Are you out of your mind? He doesn't even know that you exist, Abby.

*They leave the drugstore*

Abby: You might want to stop and pick up some condoms. You're in the big leagues now, babe. I mean, that guy probably has illegitimate kids scattered up and down the eastern seaboard.

Jen: Shut up, Abby.

Abby: Yeah, he probably likes it kinky, oh but that's right. You're the girl from New York City, right?

Jen: I'm warning you, back off.

Abby: Yeah, ol' Vincent probably knows an easy lay when he sees one.

*Jen turns around and bitchslaps Abby.*

Jen: Don't you ever talk to me again! Ever!

*Cut to the Leery's kitch. Gail is cooking and Joey and Dawson are doing homework at the kitchen table. Mitch walks in*

Mitch: Hey guys.

Dawson: Hi Dad.

Joey: Hi Mr. Leery.

Mitch: What is with the Betty Crocker routine?

Gail: I'm playing ambassador to a visiting reporter from the city. Happens every couple of months. This time, rather than going out, I thought I'd have him over here for dinner.

Mitch: Him?

Gail: Yeah, him. Gary Somers. He's going to be our New York roamer and affiliate.

Mitch: It's Saturday, Gail. That sounds more like a Thursday night excursion.

Dawson: What are Thursdays?

Gail: It's work, Mitch. It's for work.

Mitch: You know, somehow the fact that he's a coworker doesn't provide me much comfort. I wonder why.

Gail: At least I have coworkers.

Mitch: Meaning?

Gail: Meaning, I work. Therefore, I have coworkers.

Mitch: Oh, Gail. You can do better than that.

Joey: I gotta go to work.

Dawson: I'll go with you.

*Dawson and Joey exit into the hallway*

Joey: What was that all about? That Thursday night stuff again.

Dawson: Joey, my parents are scaring the hell out of me.

Joey: Don't worry about it, Dawson. It's just the full moon. It puts everyone on edge. I gotta go. Bye.

*Joey leaves and Mitch storms down the hallway.*

Dawson: Dad, what was that all about?

Mitch: *angrily* Not now, Dawson. *He goes upstairs*

*Cut to Jen applying makeup in her mirror*

Grams: You sure you don't want to come to bible study, dear? It's the Book of John. Tonight he baptizes the sinners.

Jen: I'll pass, Grams.

Grams: If you ignore the religious ramifications, you might find it simply entertaining.

Jen: Nice try, Grams.

Grams: Well, I won't be late, dear.

*timelapse...knock on Jen's door. Jen opens it and it's Abby. She walks in.*

Abby: I cannot believe that you would hit me. Me! Your best friend!

Jen: Well, need I remind you that in the past two days you've called me a bitch, a slut, and a loser.

Abby: Yeah, but I would never hit you!

Jen: You're warped. You know what? Why don't you just go home?

Abby: Why? Is the dork from the docks comin' a-callin'?

Jen: Yes, he is. See ya later.

*Cut to Gail and Gary in the Leery living room.*

Gary: The Atlanta convention? A total disaster. 600 reporters without reservations, erased. Imagine that chaos.

Gail: Wow.


Gail: Oh, excuse me, Gary. I'll be right back.

*Gail opens the door revealing...Tamara*

Tamara: Hi. I'm here to see Mitch.

Gail: Oh. Really?

Tamara: Yes, I'm--

*Mitch cuts her off*

Mitch: Tamara. Come in.

Tamara: Hi Mitch. I'm leaving tomorrow, so I thought you might want to take another look at the blueprints for the warehouse while you're making your decision. Sorry to sound so desperate.

Mitch: No. Let's take a look. Gail, you've met Tamara.

Gail: *angrily* PTA meeting.

*Cut to Icehouse where Joey is sketching a lone customer while Jack makes oragami figures out of paper. Joey stops and counts her tips.*

Joey: $2.08...Saturday night. Where is everyone?

Jack: Relax. Enjoy the quiet.

Joey: If Mr. Bottomless Cup of Coffee would leave, I'd close the place.

Jack: You really don't like being a waitress, do you?

Joey: What gave you the first clue?

Jack: Your utter disdain for our customers.

Joey: And you find this new vocation stimulating?

Jack: Absolutely. Come on. At what other time in your life are you ever going to be exposed to so many different walks of life, so many different people that just randomly cross your path, each with a different story, different set of hopes, different set of dreams...

Joey: Ways to blame you for their food being cold, there are not enough clams in the chowder..

Jack: Why are you so angry?

Joey: It's just the full moon. It's got me freaked.

Jack: Not just tonight. All the time.

*Jack walks off and Joey ponders what he just said.*

*Cut to Jen and Vincent. Jen hands him a cup of coffee*

Jen: Here you go. Just a touch of milk.

Vincent: Thank you. Ah, it's nice being off the boat for a night.

Jen: You enjoy that? I mean, being out at sea for such long periods of time?

Vincent: No. Saving up for law school. My uncle owns the marina over in Bayboro and he hooked me up with the job.

Jen: You're going to be a lawyer?

Vincent: I know. You would have never guessed, would you?

Jen: No.

Vincent: No?

Jen: I'm sorry, no, I don't mean to be rude. I just..

Vincent: I know. Appearance is everything.

Jen: Unfortunate, isn't it?

Vincent: Not from where I'm sitting.

Jen: Are you flirting with me again?,br>
Vincent: I can stop.

Jen: Where would the fun be in that?

Vincent: That's a good point.

*Cut to Leery's. Tamara and Mitch are looking at the blueprints. Dawson looks in.*

Tamara: Okay, well, with the entrance here, and this area has excellent ventilation, I think that would be a good place for the kitchen.

Mitch: Right. How high are the ceilings back here?

Tamara: What did I say? 17? 20?

*Dawson moves and looks in at his mom, confused.*

Gary: We were trying to get...

Gail: Get a statement from him in the middle of the worst snowstorm New England had seen in 40 years.

Gary: *laughing* And he was on the next plane out of here.

*Cut to the kitchen when Mitch walks in and finds Dawson.*

Mitch: What are you doing?

Dawson: Nothing.

Gail: *in other room* Would you like another glass of wine?

Gary: Yeah, sure.

Mitch: What is your mom up to?

Dawson: Same as you.

*Gail comes in*

Gail: Same as who?

Mitch: Oh, nothing.

Dawson: Nothing.

Gail: So Mitch, you really think that you are going to buy this condemned building to open up a restaurant?

Mitch: Yes, I do.

Gail: Who are you fooling? It's clear what's going on here. You jumped down my throat for having over a guest when it is obvious that your Thursday night escapades are overflowing into the weekend.

Dawson: All right. What's going on? What are Thursday nights?

Mitch: Go to your room, Dawson.

Dawson: No. I...

Gail: Honey, now.

Mitch: I'm planning on opening a restaurant. Now, you know this.

Gail: And how are you going to buy the building?

Mitch: I got a loan, Gail.

Gail: That's good because I'm getting tired of indulging in the dreams of a man who can hardly look me in the eye.

Mitch: Well, I am sorry that I have been such a burden to you. While you've been in there playing with Gary or Bobby or whoever it is this evening, I've been indulging some of my own dreams.

Gail: Oh and those dreams...they involve Dawson's english teacher?

Mitch: They involve a damn restaurant. Not everything is about s*x, Gail. At least not to me.

*Cut to Dawson laying on his bed.*

Abby: Great.

*Dawson flies up in shock discovering Abby peering out his window into Jen's house with binoculars.*

Dawson: Oh my God! What the hell are you doing in my room?

*Cut to Pacey at Andie's. He knocks on the door. Andie's mom answers*

Andie's Mom: Yes?

Pacey: Hi. I'm here for Andie. We have a date tonight.

Andie's Mom: You must be Pacey. Come in, please.

Pacey: Thanks. She's not mad at me, is she? I just...I got kind of mixed up between the Icehouse, movie house, your house. It's confusing really.

Andie's Mom: I'm sure she'll be along soon.

Pacey: Oh. You know, we're going to miss the movie now. She's going to annihilate me.

Andie's Mom: I'm sure you can talk her out of it. She's very taken with you.

Pacey: She is?

Andie's Mom: She talks about you all the time and Will, that's Andie's father, he'll be home any minute. I'm sure he wants to give you the third degree. And Tim! You should meet Tim! *yelling* Tim! Tim! *to Pacey* He's got those darn headphones on.

Pacey: Who's Tim?

Andie's Mom: Andie and Jack's older brother. He goes to Columbia. He comes home some weekends. I'll tell you what? You can stay for dinner. You finish the table. Include Andie and yourself.

Pacey: Sure.

Andie's Mom: Tim? Tim!

*Andie's Mom goes upstairs looking for Tim*

Pacey: Okay. This just became a bizarre first date.

*Cut to the Icehouse. Jack is tapping at the lobster tank.*

Joey: Hey. How's our lone customer?

*The lights go out...then come back on.*

Joey: *looking around* Oh my God! The pump is down! Jack, if the lobsters die, we're going to lose a fortune.

Jack: I...I didn't touch it.

Joey: We have to remove these from the tank and put them into some ice. Can you go get that tub over there?

Jack: Hey, why don't we just throw 'em back in the ocean. Give them another chance at life.

Joey: Yeah, if you do that, you can just jump right in with them. Hurry up!

*Andie comes into the Icehouse*

Andie: Is he here?

Jack: Who?

Andie: Pacey

Joey: I haven't seen him.

Andie: Well, I was supposed to meet with him tonight, so I went to the movie theater and I waited til after the show started, and he never showed up. *notices them lifting out the lobsters* What are you guys doing? *They ignore her* Uh, so anyway. Then I remembered that we were supposed to meet here, but now he's not here either. So that must mean he's either totally blowing me off or...Oh my God!

Jack: What? What's the matter?

Andie: Jack, the house! He said he wanted to pick me up! What if he goes to the house?!

Joey: Good. It's about time Pacey showed some etiquette.

Jack: Andie, look. Don't worry about it, alright? It's okay.

Andie: Are you crazy? If he shows up and she's...oh my God....

*She runs out*

Jack: Andie! Andie!!

*Cut to Jen's house at her kitchen table*

Jen: Okay. Alright.

*Vincent laughing*

Jen: My turn. My turn. Okay, uhhh most...most embarrasing sexual encounter.

Vincent: Oh, no.

Jen: Oh, come on.

Vincent: Okay. I can tell you this because I'm a secure man.

Jen: Mm-hm.

Vincent: One night, in New Orleans, I got so drunk...couldn't see straight. I met this woman. She was beautiful. We went back to her place and, uh, you know, we started getting closer and closer to..

Jen: The moment?

Vincent: The moment. And she tells me...she's a he.

Jen: *laughs* Mmm.

Vincent: Yes. I swear. 100% knockout beauty, crying game drag queen.

Jen: So, what'd you do?

Vincent: Well, nothing you know. I mean, he or she or whatever was actually really great about it. We stayed up all night drinking and laughing. Turned out to be a really nice guy. I heard his whole story. Abusive father and, um, so now, whenever I'm in New Orleans, I have a free couch. Now, your turn.

Jen: Hmm, most embarressing sexual encounter. Well, um, I got caught doing it on my parents' bed.

Vincent: Hmm.

Jen: With an ex.

Vincent: Yeah.

Jen: Right on my dad's 300-thread count. Did not go over well.

Vincent: Mm-hm.

Jen: And plus, it completely spoiled the moment.

Vincent: Bummer.

Jen: Yeah. My dad can be kind of harsh sometimes. I guess me and your drag queen friend have got something in common.

*They kiss*

Vincent: I hope that's the only thing you two have in common.

*They start kissing again*

*Cut back to Dawson's room.*

Abby: Oh my God!

Dawson: Abby. Okay, Abby? One more time, you're in my room because..why?

*Abby gets up*

Abby: Cute room, Dawson.

Dawson: I'm not asking again.

Abby: Alright. But you can't tell anyone. Jen is on a date with this older guy, and quite frankly, I'm concerned.

Dawson: So you're spying on her?

Abby: Well of course.

Dawson: Go away, Abby.

Abby: Parents getting you down? I heard the screaming.

Dawson: I think the dead heard.

Abby: Well, don't stress. Just let them fight, and soon they'll wise up, get a divorce, and everything will get better.

Dawson: A divorce is better?

Abby: Yeah, it's certainly a home improvement. My dad has never been happier, my mom went out and got herself a life, and my allowance has quadrupled. You're so tense, Dawson. *She gets back behind him* Mm, you smell good, Dawson.

Dawson: No offense, Abby. But this isn't going to happen.

Abby: Why? Joey doesn't have to know.

Dawson: What?!

Abby: Alright. Well, the, can we just kiss in front of the window so that Jen can see?

Dawson: Abby.

Abby: Alright, alright. Well, can you just tell Jen that we made out?

Dawson: Jen would never buy it.

Abby: Well, you can make it sound clever so she'd believe you. Just, um, tell her that you and Joey have decided to have an open relationship and that you and I have hooked up. Very legit.

*Abby leaves and Dawson thinks about what she said and he comes to a realization.*

*Back downstairs. Dawson walks into the room where Tamara and Mitch are talking.*

Tamara: Very legit.

Mitch: Well, I have to talk to my lender but..

Dawson: Hey dad. Can I talk to you for a second?

Mitch: Yeah, sure. Excuse me.

*Mitch walks out of the room and Dawson shuts the doors*

*Cut to Dawson walking into where Gail and Gary are talking.*

Gail: Yes, all the reporters prefer it.

Dawson: Mom, can I talk to you for a second? It's very important.

Gail: Uh, excuse me.

Gary: Sure.

*Gail walks out of the room and Dawson shuts the doors.*

Mitch: What is this all about, Dawson?

Gail: Yes, honey. We have guests. We're being rude.

Dawson: Are you two having an open marriage?

*Cut back to Jen's house*

Jen: Um, okay. Alright. I think that we've taken it far enough.

Vincent: What do you mean...far enough?

Jen: Well I mean, don't you think?

Vincent: Yeah, well, the blood's out of my head.

Jen: Mm, you know? I think it's kind of getting late.

Vincent: What happened? We were just getting to the good stuff. You're not serious.

Jen: Look, I'm 16, okay? How's that going to look on your law school application?

Vincent: You're what?!

Grams: 16 years old.

Vincent: Oh my God.

Grams: Not even God will be able to save you if you don't get your hands off my granddaughter right this instant!

Vincent: Okay.

*Cut to Andie's house. Andie walks in.*

Pacey: Hey, you're here.

Andie: Hi. What are you doing here?

Pacey: Listen, I'm sorry. I kind of got confused where I was supposed to pick you up. But don't worry. Your mom's being real cool about it.

Andie: Okay, good. Let's just go.

Pacey: Actually, I kind of told your mom that we'd stay for dinner.

Andie: Okay, well, w-we'll just sneak out. They'll never miss us.

Pacey: Um, don't you think we should tell her first? She said she'd be right down.

Andie: Look, you have no right to be here, okay? You were not invited. My family is none of your business. And what's with my mother? What did you say to her?

Pacey: Slow down a bit. What's the problem here?

Andie: What did she say to you?

Pacey: Nothing. Okay? She just invited me into this normal Rockweel painting, better known aw your home, and politely invited me to dinner. It seems like unlike her spoiled, rich society girl of a daughter, I'm actually worthy in her eyes of meeting the Country Club father and the Ivy League brother.

Andie: Okay, look, let's just go them.

Pacey: No. We're not leaving, okay? That's rude.

Andie: Please, Pacey, please.

Pacey: What? Are you so ashamed of me you don't even want me to meet your own brother?

Andie: No. Just...not now, okay?

Pacey: Andie? Andie!

Andie: What?

Pacey: What's the problem?

Andie: Tim died. He's dead, okay!

*Cut back to the Icehouse*

Joey: Look we have about 10 minutes before these lobsters take a back swim. I'm screwed. No, I'm dead.

Jack: Okay.

Joey: Uh...

*Jack is trying to fix it*

Jack: Alright. Okay...there. I think I got it.

*The power goes out.*

Joey: Nice going, Einstein.

Customer: Try unplugging the power source and then plugging it back in.

*Jack does it and it works.*

Joey: Thank you Mister.

Jack: Okay, that's weird.

Joey: Full moon, remember?

Jack: Yeah right.

Joey: I just wish he'd leave. I mean, how much coffee can a person consume?

Jack: Joey, I don't think he's really here for coffee.

Joey: Well, he didn't order any food.

Jack: I think he just doesn't have any other place to go. Or, you know, maybe he doesn't have a family or, um, you know maybe he did, but they're gone now. We really don't know anything about him.

Joey: Maybe he lost his wife or something.

Jack: Or a child.

*Camera goes back to the table and the customer is gone*

Joey: That was weird! It's like he just..

Jack: Disappeared.

Joey: Yeah....no tip.

*Jack holds back and picks up a napkin and under it there was a $100 bill.*

Jack: Joey!

Joey: $100?! Oh my God! Jack, we're rich! *Joey hugs Jack* Oh my God.

Jack: Hey, look at this. Look what else he left.

Joey: *reading* By moonlight many years ago my true love did I know, and by that moon I begged her wait but that night did she go. So, young lovers, heed my words, don't squander love away. The moon is changinger ever still, soon comes the light of day.

*Joey starts to walk away when Jack grabs her by the arm and kisses her*

*Cut back to the Leery kitchen*

Mitch: It's not what you think, Dawson.

Dawson: What I'm thinking is that you two have completely lost your minds. When were you planning on telling me? When you had the revolving door installed? What were you thinking?

Gail: Do you hear that, Mitch? Our son wants to know why we're having an open marriage. You know what, sweetheart? So would I. Talk to your father.

Mitch: Look, it's complicated, alright? Your mother and I were attempting to heal some areas in our marriage.

Dawson: And you think an open marriage was the answer?

Mitch: Okay, I admit it was a mistake

Dawson: It doesn't take a degree in psychobabble to figure that one out, Dad.

Gail: My thoughts exactly.

Mitch: Now, exactly where do you get off being angry? You did this, Gail, I didn't. We wouldn't be in this position if you hadn't put us here.

Gail: I give up. I can't apoligize anymore. I've got a colleague in the other room.

Dawson: Mom, stop! Stay here. You have to stay here, and you've got to fix this!

Gail: No. I have to get back to work if I'm going to continue to support your father and his pipe dreams.

Mitch: You have never supported me! Ever!

Gail: I have been supporting you for years.

Mitch: There's more than one way to support someone, Gail. You stand behind them, and you encourage them, and you believe in them. You don't turn your back on them and jump into somebody else's bed!

Dawson: Dad!

Gail: I'm sorry, Dawson.

Dawson: Mom!

*Gail leaves.*

Dawson: *yelling* God, dad! You can't just let it go, can you? Look, she made a mistake alright? I know that, you know that, she knows that. She's been trying to get you to forgive her and you won't let her off the hook! You've got to...you've got to get beyond your own ego and just forgive her. Make the decision alright? Commit, forgive her, and then go in there and fix this family. Dad, you've got to fix this.

Mitch: I don't know how to fix it. I don't know what to do, and I don't have any answers. I thought I did, but I don't. My dad...your granddad had answers, man. To every question. He taught me so much. He taught me how to shave...you know? He taught me...how to drive a car...save money...build a house, even. But, you know, he never...told me what to do if my wife cheated on me. *crying* I didn't know to ask. I didn't know...oh, god...

*Dawson gets up and puts his hand on his father's shoulder for whatever little comfort it holds.*

*Cut to Jen on her porch steps. Grams comes out.*

Grams: I do not know what to do with you anymore, child.

Jen: Please don't preach to me right now.

Grams: Oh, there'll be no talk of God. I'll leave him out of it. This is between you and me. What I witnessed tonight is something I never want to see again.

Jen: I had that situation under control, okay? You don't have to get upset at me.

Grams: Oh! I am not upset, child. I am sick. I will NOT allow you to slide back into your reprehensible New York behavior. Not while you're under my care. You will not disrespect me.

Jen: Wait a minute, that's not..

Grams: You wait a minute, Jennifer. This behavior will NOT be tolerated. You will treat me with respect and you will act like a lady. You will not degrade yourself. Not under my roof and not in my lifetime. Have you no respect for yourself?

*Cut to the Icehouse. Joey walks outside and finds Dawson and is suprised*

Joey: Dawson! What are you doing here?

Dawson: I had to get out of that house. Hey Jack.

Jack: Hey. Uh, Joey, why don't you, uh, why don't you take off? I'll finish up.

Joey: Okay.

*Joey and Dawson walk away and Joey looks back at Jack*

*Cut back to Andie's house. Andie and Pacey are talking*

Andie: Columbia had just beaten Cornell. It was homecoming almost exactly a year ago. Dad had had one too many tailgate martinis so Mom was driving. Jack and I were fighting for Tim's attention. We were always fighting for his attention. And, um....she didn't see the truck. Please don't say anything to anyone, Pacey, because I don't want my mom to become the town gossip.

Pacey: I won't say a word. Is your mother getting any help?

Andie: We've tried. She was in the hospital for a little while. Dad kind of bailed and, um, he checks in once a week. He lives in Providence with the business, which is going under, so he's hurting, too. So it's basically just me. I mean, Jack helps, you know, some. But he kind of lives in this fantasy world where if you don't think about it, then it just didn't happen. I mean, she's not always like this. I mean, sometimes she's fine. But you just never know, and I'm the only one who can handle her, and sometimes that just gets really hard. *She starts crying*

Pacey: *trying to hug her* Come here. Come here.

*Andie pushes him away.*
Andie: No. Don't pity me, okay?

Pacey: Andie, come here.

Andie: No.

Pacey: Come here. *Pacey hugs Andie* It's okay. It's okay.

*Cut back to Dawson's house. Joey and Dawson are climbing up the ladder.*

Dawson: You were so right about that moon.

Joey: Yeah?
*Joey starts going through the window and Dawson stops her.*

Dawson: Hey, can we just sit outside for a couple minutes?

Joey: Are you okay? You seem a little spooked.

Dawson: I just, I don't want to go back in that house. It's like the house of despair.

Joey: Dawson, um, I had a really weird night, too.

Dawson: You know, let's just forget about everything. All I want to do for the rest of this godforsaken night is just stare at your face in the moonlight because that's the only thing that matters to me.

*They kiss*

Dawson: Hey, look up in the sky. What do you see?

*Joey looks up at the sky.*

Joey: The moon?

Dawson: No, no. Look at...look at the moon. Close your eyes. Now what do you see?

*Joey doesn't say anything.*

Dawson: It's the man.

Joey: Who?

Dawson: The man, remember?

Joey: Oh, right, right, right. The man in the moon. I get it. I get it. Oh, but wait!

Dawson: What?

Joey: It's not a man, Dawson. It's a...woman. *They kiss* Dawson?

Dawson: What?

Joey: Look I think *she starts to tell him about Jack but sees the depressed look on his face and stops*....you're right. It's a....it's a really beautiful moon.

*Cut to Mitch and Gail in the living room*

Mitch: Our guests have jumped ship.

Gail: It's time, Mitch.

Mitch: I know. So..

Gail: Do you want me to..

Mitch: Mm, I'll go.

*Cut to: "Hands" by Jewel playing in the background. Cut to Dawson and Joey on the roof staring up at the moon. Dawson starts crying and leans his head on Joey's shoulder. Joey pulls him close. Cut to Jack reading the note the customer left and then looking up at the moon. Cut to Pacey still hugging Andie. Cut to Mitch laying on his bed. Cut to Gail out on the porch in her chair, rocking back and forth. Cut to Jen on her porch steps. Cut back to Dawson and Joey. Joey pulls Dawson closer and looks up at the moon. Cut to a shot of the moon with fog moving over it covering it up*