02x04 - Tamara's Return


Dawson: James Van Der Beek
Grams: Mary Beth Peil
Joey: Kaite Holmes
Tamara: Leann Hunley
Pacey: Joshua Jackson
Mitch: John Wesely Shipp
Jen: Michelle Williams
Gail: Mary-Margaret Humes
Andie: Meredith Monroe
Jack: Kerr Smith

Original Air Date: October 28, 1998

In this episode: Joey's newfound passion for art drives a wedge between she and Dawson. She's nervous about taking her focus off of Dawson to concentrate on herself, and Dawson can't seem to recognize how important this budding interest is to her. While continuing to develop his flirtation with Andie McPhee, Pacey unexpectedly bumps into Tamara and realizes that he is far from over her. And when Jen and Abby meet a handsome stranger who shows more interest in Jen than Abby, Abby drops her new best friend instantly.

*Dawson and Joey are making out outside on a blanket*

Joey: Dawson...

Dawson: What?

*Joey sits up*

Dawson: What?

Joey: What are we doing?

Dawson: What does it look like we're doing?

Joey: It's just not working. I mean, I'm freezing and there's bugs. Can't we go somewhere else?

Dawson: W...Well...we can't go to my house and we can't go to your house so our options are kind of limited.

Joey: I know but I feel too Swiss Family Robinson. I mean, I'm a 20th century girl. We should make out in some music, mood lighting and climate control.

Dawson: Where's your sense of romance? We've got gorgeous moonlight shimmering in the water. We've got stars overhead...crickets chirping...we have plenty of trees and if you get cold you've got me to keep you warm.

Joey: Dawson...

Dawson: What?

Joey: You are so cheesy.

Dawson: You don't like it?

Joey: Are you kidding? I find it unbearably sexy.

*They start making out again*

[Opening Credits]

*Cut to Mitch and Dawson walking down a sidewalk in Capeside*

Dawson: I was beginning to think this whole restaurant idea of yours was just a [missed phrase].

Mitch: Not if I can find the proper location. And this woman swears that I'm not going to find a better deal than her warehouse.

Dawson: Where are you meeting her?

Mitch: Right here. She said she'd meet me at 8.

*Dawson looks up and sees Tamara Jacobs heading towards them*

Tamara: Dawson.

Dawson: *surprised* Miss Jacobs.

Tamara: Well, I'm not your teacher anymore, Dawson, you can call me Tamara.

Mitch: Tamara Jacobs, I'm Mitch Leery. We spoke on the phone.

Tamara: Yes, Mitch. Hello.

Dawson: Are you moving back into town?

Tamara: No, I'm just in Capeside for a few days to sell this property.

Dawson: Well, I...I should get going to school.

Mitch: Yeah.

Dawson: Bye Mis--*catches himself* Tamara.

*Tamara laughs*

*Cut to Capeside High. Dawson catches up to Pacey*

Dawson: Pacey, hey! I need to talk to you.

Pacey: Let me guess. You and Joey are having another love spat and you want my opinion. Well, here it is. Joey is being sarcastic and oversensitive and you, my friend, are being self-absorbed and self-catering.

Dawson: This has nothing to do with Joey and me this has to do with you.

Pacey: What? Do I owe you money again?

Dawson: No, my dad and I were walking downtown today and we ran into somebody.

Pacey: Who?

*Andie walks up to her locker*

Pacey: Hey look who the cat dragged in.

Andie: Nice to see you too Pacey. Don't worry. I'm just here to get a few books out of my locker then I'll be on my merry way.

Pacey: Tell me Dawson, who was it?

Dawson: You know we should really talk about this in private.

Pacey: God, you know what? I've got to go. If I'm late to Mr. Matick's class again he's going to have an aneurysm. I'll catch up with you after school.

Dawson: No, I've got to meet Joey for this art thing.

Pacey: Ah, the sacrifices we make for young love, huh? Listen, man, just talk to me later!

*Cut to Joey and Jack*

Joey: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hey Jo.

Joey: Bad news. Suder(?) called and cancelled on Bessie so we can't open this afternoon but the good news is you have the day off.

Jack: Okay, but we could open anyway.

Joey: Well, I'd love to but Bessie's at home with the baby and I've got to go to an art lecture after school so there's really no one to cover all the tables.

Jack: Well, there's me. I could do it.

Joey: You? Inspecter Kleso(sp?)?

Jack: What? You don't think I could handle it?

Joey: Jack, every since we hired you it's been nothing but a slapstick comedy. I mean, you drop dishes, you misplace orders, you fall all over yourself.

Jack: Then why don't you just terminate me if I'm such an incompetent moron?

Joey: We don't want to terminate you, Jack. *thinks about it* Alright, you can open. Bessie will be relieved and it will be like a test run. Just, uh, don't set the kitchen on fire or anything...okay?

Jack: Yeah, well, thanks for that unqualified vote of confidence.

*Cut to lunch. Jen is sitting when Abby comes up and holds money in front of her face.*

Jen: Oh, Abby. Would you get that out of my face?

*Abby laughs then sits down*

Abby: Oh come on. It's allowance time and I feel a major buying binge coming on. So tomorrow get your pocketbook and a sensible pair of shoes and let's go blow some major dough.

Jen: You know, I really don't feel like shopping.

Abby: Don't feel like shopping?!

Jen: No.

Abby: You don't feel like shopping and you call yourself a woman!

Jen: I'm just not feeling all that festive, alright? My plan is to spend the weekend in bed...counting my ceiling tiles.

Abby: Please, don't tell me this has something to do with your ludicrous Dawson Leery fixation.

*Jen looks at her.*

Abby: Jen, damn it! You're such an ass!

Jen: Shhh!

Abby: I mean what is so great about Dawson Leery? He's just a guy with a motormouth and a limp billy(?) club. Turn over a rock and find yourself another guy. The whole world's crawling with them.

Jen: Look, it's not that easy, okay? I mean, I got rejected. It hurts. And to make matters worse...that whole Dawson-Joey-Pacey troyca(sp?) I just hate being on the outskirts of it, you know? I mean I used to fit in.

Abby: Count your blessings. Those people are boring.

Jen: Yeah. Yeah, well, I guess I just need a few days to nurse my narsocistic wounds.

Abby: Jen, you've had a few days. You're practically in hibernation. Winter is over, Jen. Come out of your cave. And I need you with me.

Jen: What could you possibly need me for? All I'm going to do is rain on your parade.

Abby: Well, shopping for me is like deep sea diving. It's dangerous and exciting, and if I do it alone I may never come up for air. Please don't let me go by myself. I could drown in a sea of dresses and hair gel.

*They laugh*

*Cut to a classroom. Andie drops some movies*

Pacey: *picking them up* McPhee. I didn't know you were a closet movie freak. I just thought you were a freak in general. *reads titles* Ghost, The Way We Were, pardon me as a gag, oh my god, Dumbo.

Andie: Okay, so I have a grade school mentality when it comes to movies. Get off my back.

Pacey: No, no, I love Dumbo.

Andie: You love Dumbo?

Pacey: Are you kidding? It's my pantion(?) of all time favorites. I cried when I saw it as a kid.

Andie: You cried during Dumbo?

Pacey: Are you joking me? I bawled my head off. I mean, the way those elephants made fun of him for those fat, floppy ears and then he loses his mother. Oh my lord, that's one of the saddest movies ever.

Andie: This is really strange.

Pacey: What is?

Andie: Well, just when I've written you off for good you drop this whole Dumbo bomb on me.

Pacey: Hey, look, uh, I'm outta here and I got no plans so uh what do you say we walk around downtown or something?

Andie: Yeah, right, what's the joke?

Pacey: No joke. I got no plans. And, believe it or not, I'd rather spend the afternoon exchanging barks with a bright like yourself than flying solo so pinch yourself, it's your lucky day. So you in?

Andie: Yeah, I mean, might as well.

Pacey: Unless you have your heart set on watching Dumbo.

Andie: Nah, I've seen it like 500 times. You're not going to throw me in front of a bus or anything?

Pacey: Interesting idea. Hadn't thought of that.

*Cut to art lecture.*

Laura: I'd like to close with this piece, "Winter Mist". It's Jarvis' most famous work. No one can deny after looking at this exquisitely tuned surface that this picture that the positions of color and shape..

*Dawson has a skeptical look on his face. Joey looks like she's concentrating and interested.*

Laura: (cont.) the intensity of his lines...that Jarvis was in complete control of his new technique. Sadly, three weeks after Jarvis completed
"Winter Mist" he died from alcohol poisoning. Despite his untimely death, Jarvis left a lasting impression on the art world and his title of one of the abstract expressionists of the 20th century...will live on.

*Audience claps.*

*Cut to Dawson and Joey walking outside*

Joey: The art lecture was great wasn't it?

Dawson: It was certainly...prolonged.

Joey: You hated it.

Dawson: No, not at all. I just don't think abstract impressionism is really my thing.

Joey: Your thing?

Dawson: Yeah, I don't know it just seemed so unresolved.

Joey: Unresolved?

Dawson: Yeah, I mean it's just a blob of paint that offers up more questions than answers.

Joey: A blob of paint, Dawson?

Dawson: Well, like "Winter Mist" for example. What was the ultimate emotion expressed in that painting?

Joey: Dawson, newsflash. Just because a painting does not have a beginning, middle, and an end like some summer release, popcorn movie doesn't mean it's not charged with emotion, okay?

Dawson: I guess I like my art with a verdict. Specific, coherent, and to the point. Like romanticism. I can totally get into romanticism....if you know what I mean.

Joey: Yes, I know what you mean.

*Laura walks up.*

Laura: Hey guys.

Dawson: Hey Laura! Great lecture.

Laura: Did you really like it?

Joey: It was awesome.

Laura: Tomorrow I'm teaching an art class so if you two are interested in auditing(?) you're definitely welcome.

Dawson: I've got to work.

Laura: Joey?

Joey: I'm afraid my artistic skills peaked in the 3rd grade.

Laura: Ah, it's a beginner's class. You don't have to be Picasso, just willing.

*Joey considers it*

*Cut to Pacey and Andie walking downtown*

Andie: This truck literally came out of nowhere and I didn't see it so now my Saab's back in the shop.

Pacey: Another accident? You are officially the world's worst driver.

*Pacey sees Tamara*

Andie: Pacey? Pacey what's wrong?

Tamara: Hello Pacey. Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?

*Pacey just stands there.*

Tamara: Tamara Jacobs.

Andie: Nice to meet you. I'm Andie.

Tamara: Pacey was a former student of mine.

Pacey: Yeah, I was her teacher and she was...no, I was her student and she was my teacher.

Tamara: Well, I'm late for an appointment. It was really nice to see you, Pacey.

Pacey: Yeah, likewise.

Tamara: And nice to meet you, too, Andie. Take care.

*She walks off.*

Andie: Pacey what's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Pacey: No I haven't seen her for awhile and she was my teacher and uh...

Andie: Your teacher. Did she flunk you or something?

Pacey: Uh, no, no. Uh, you know what, Andie? I think I'm going to have to take a raincheck on this. Um, I'm really sorry, but I've got to go, okay?

Andie: What? Are you serious?

*Cut to Pacey watching Tamara enter a warehouse.*

*Cut to art class.*

Laura: I'm on to you, Joey.

Joey: What do you mean?

Laura: How many other talents have you been hiding from me?

Joey: Please, it's an apple and a banana. It's hardly the second coming.

Laura: You can be as self-depreciating as you want. It doesn't change the fact that you're a natural. You, my friend, have a gift. Do you draw much?

Joey: Uh, when I was little, I did. I wanted to be like my mom was.

Laura: Was? Why did she stop?

Joey: She, uh, she didn't. She...she died.

Laura: Oh, I'm so sorry, Joey. That must have been incredibly difficult. When?

Joey: A few years ago. She had breast cancer.

Laura: She was an artist?

Joey: Sort of. I mean, she taught herself. She wasn't a professional...like you. She just kind of did it for fun. I remember she used to draw pictures from my favorite stories and hang them in my room.

Laura: So, art must be in your genes.

Joey: I don't know. I guess.

Laura: Well, if you enjoy this, Joey, I think that you should really pursue it. I could recommend some great classes.

*Joey looks at her.*

Laura: Okay, why the look?

Joey: Are you serious?

Laura: I'm very serious, and you know what? You should take yourself a little more seriously. I mean, I may not be a great artist, but I like to think I have an eye. And my eye says you're good.

Joey: Why, when you say that, do I suddenly feel overcome with anxiety?

Laura: Because with talent comes responsibility, and you owe it to yourself not to let this talent go to waste.

*Cut to Dawson's house. Andie knocks on Dawson's door*

Dawson: Be right there.

*He opens it.*

Andie: Hey Dawson.

Dawson: Andie. Hey, come on in. I'm just having a domestic spell. What are you...what are you doing here?

Andie: Uh, what am I doing here? I was in the neighborhood, and I was wondering what the english assignment is for Monday, so I thought you might know, and....here I am.

Dawson: It's the first chapter of Gulliver's Travels.

Andie: Cool. Great. I'm going to go home right now and read it. Thanks.

Dawson: Andie? Andie? Are you sure that's why you came by?

*Andie hesitates*

Andie: I don't really know you, Dawson, but if I ask you something, do you swear that you'll keep it in the strictest of confidence.

Dawson: Yeah, absolutely.

Andie: Has Pacey said anything to you about...possibly liking someone?

Dawson: Liking someone? Liking who?

Andie: Liking, oh, I don't know...me?

Dawson: Uh, not that I recall.

Andie: Oh.

Dawson: But that doesn't mean he doesn't like you. He could very well like you. He just doesn't say anything to me. Why? Do you...do you like him?

Andie: Me? Like Pacey? No way...well...maybe....possibly.

Dawson: Why don't you just tell him?

Andie: I could never, EVER tell Pacey that. I mean, he's a pig. He's obnoxious. There's just no way, and you have to swear to me that you will not tell him either.

Dawson: Why do I feel like I'm in 2nd grade?

Andie: Dawson, please.

Dawson: Okay, I won't say a word. I swear. But...I've know Pacey a long time, and that obnoxious pig behavior is sometimes his attempt at flirtation.

Andie: Really?

Dawson: Yeah.

Andie: Okay! Thanks! I'll see you around!

*She walks away and then turns around and hands him back the boxers she had picked up and been holding of his.*

*Cut to Abby and Jen sitting down at a table in a restaurant.*

Abby: Now, that was what I call a shopping spree. I can't believe I blew my entire monthly allowance in less than 20 minutes. That is a record for me...I think.

Jen: How are you going to explain it to you parents?

Abby: The usual....I got mugged.

Jen: In Capeside? You are crazy.

Abby: You love me, right? I mean, this morning you had that whole hung-jawed, woe-is-jen thing, but now look at you. You're smiling, you're laughing, you've got new lipstick. Aren't you glad you met me?

Jen: You know what? I am. I mean, I left New York because I couldn't handle being the bad girl anymore, but, I tell you, if being the bad girl means not walking around in a perpetual state of loneliness and depression, then bad girl it is.

Abby: I'm glad I'm getting you back to your roots. Oh my God! Jen, don't look now, but the biggest babe I've ever seen in my life is sitting right behind you.

*Jen turns around and looks.*

Abby: Mine. I called him.

Jen: No way, Abby. Look at the guy. He's, like, twice your age.

Abby: Perfect. That means he's almost mature enough to handle me. I'm so sick of these little boys. I need a real man with chest hair and body odor and illegitimate children scattered across the country. *towards the guy*
Excuse me! Hi, uh, what's your name?

Jen: *to Abby* Shut up!

Vincent: Vincent.

Abby: Hi, Vincent. I'm Abby, and this is my friend Jen. So, you're eating alone?

*Vincent nods*

Abby: Well, you're welcome to come join us. We don't bite, unless we're asked to.

Vincent: I'd love to join you ladies, but I have to get to the docks.

Abby: The docks? What do you do there? Sunbathe?

Vincent: I'm a fisherman. Got a 2-month stint on a long-liner, hauling swordfish.

Abby: Oh, so you're not from Capeside? Well, if you ever want somebody to show you the sights, give me a call. Abby Morgan, 555-0142.

Vincent: Thanks for the offer. *to Jen* I didn't catch your name.

Jen: Jen.

Vincent: Jen. It's nice meeting you, Jen.

Jen: You too.

*Cut to Joey sitting sketching when Dawson walks up.*

Dawson: Hey you!

*Joey closes her sketchpad.*

Joey: Hi.

Dawson: What's up?

Joey: Nothing.

Dawson: *pointing to the sketchpad* That's not nothing. What is it?

Joey: It's a sketchpad. I was just doodling. It's no big deal.

Dawson: Well, what were you doodling?

Joey: Well, if you must know, a bowl of fruit. It was something I was working on in Laura's class.

Dawson: A bowl of fruit? You're really getting into this whole art thing. Well, let's see it.

Joey: No!

Dawson: Come on!

Joey: I don't think so.

Dawson: Why not? I like this new art interest. You know, Joey Potter: Artist extraordinaire, empress of all impressionism, *getting on top of the table* master of all still life. I hereby declare myself a full-fledged, madly enthusiastic fan of your new hobby.

*They kiss.*

Joey: Dawson, why is it your obsession with movies is your life passion, while my interest in art is a hobby?

Dawson: Ah! I knew, I knew as soon as I said "hobby" that it was the wrong word, but by the time I said it, it was already *noticing Joey getting her things together* it was gone, and there was no getting it back.

Joey: You know, I really have to finish up, so I'll see you later.

Dawson: Well, so you're just going to leave it like this?

Joey: Like what? Unresolved?

Dawson: Yeah.

Joey: Why don't you just consider me a nonspecific, incoherent, expressionistic painting? *kisses him on the cheek then slaps him on the back* Have a GREAT day, Dawson.

*Cut to Pacey at Tamara's*

Pacey: Hi.

Tamara: Hi.

Pacey: I was debating whether or not I should actually do this, uh, the
"this" being coming out to see you because...you know, when we said hi yesterday it was, uh, a little.....awkward. And I don't know, I just thought that I should come--

Tamara: Pacey?

Pacey: Yeah?

Tamara: It was supposed to feel awkward.

Pacey: How about this? Is this supposed to feel awkward, too?

Tamara: M-hm.

Pacey: And if we were to see each other a third time?

Tamara: Still awkward.

Pacey: Oh, good. Well, at least there's a science to this thing.

Tamara: Yes. It's what we ex-English teachers call a classic "Pinter"
moment, where everything is said in silence because the emotion behind what we really want to say is just too overwhelming.

Pacey: And, uh, that's what we're having? A "Pinter" moment?

Tamara: Yes.

Pacey: That's okay with you?

Tamara: Well, silence is an acquired taste. The more complicated life becomes the better it is to learn to say nothing.

Pacey: Okay. Then, uh, maybe we could have just a couple more seconds of silence?

Tamara: Sure.

Pacey: Who is this Pinter guy?

Tamara: Stay in school, Pacey.

*Pacey starts walking away.*

Pacey: Yes, Miss Jacobs.

*Cut to Mitch and Dawson in the Leery's kitchen.*

Mitch: Want some breakfast?

Dawson: No. I'll just have some juice. I gotta go find Joey.

Mitch: How are the two lovebirds?

Dawson: Um, good...I think. This art obsession is making Joey a little crazy. I can't do or say anything right. I made the mistake of teasing her about this art lecture. She went sybil on me.

Mitch: Well, in my experience, Dawson, erratic behavior of the female orientation usually means the root of the problem is something unexpected. It's probably not about art. Go find out what it is.

Dawson: Is this your father knows best moment?

Mitch: Have one every now and then. FInd her. Talk to her.

Dawson: Alright, thanks.

*Pacey walks in and Mitch leaves*

Pacey: Hello.

Dawson: Hey Pacey! The man, the myth, the legend.

Pacey: Listen, Dawson, that little secret you had yesterday...Tamara? You really should've told me.

Dawson: I tried to tell you. You were off and down the hall before I could get it out.

Pacey: Well, you see, we got a situation here, now, because I realized last night that I'm not entirely over her.

Dawson: Oh, boy. Um, Pacey, I'm your friend and I want to be supportive, and helpful, but the only thing I can think of to say to you in good conscience is stay away. You haven't even fully recovered from the gossip fallout of your last completely illegal interlude. There are girls your age, there are girls who like you. Would it be so terrible if you fell for one of them?

Pacey: Like who?

Dawson: Like the one who came to my house yesterday and told me that she liked you.

Pacey: Who?

Dawson: I'm not supposed to say.

Pacey: Dawson, I'm not in the mood. Who?

Dawson: Andie. Andie likes you.

Pacey: Andie hates me.

Dawson: When a girl hates you the way Andie hates you, it really means that she likes you. That's basic kindergarten psychology.

Pacey: Yeah, but that's different, Dawson. Andie's a girl, okay? And Tamara...Tamara's a woman.

Dawson: Exactly. Pacey, you should be with a girl. Okay, look, I gotta go and I'm really sorry, but I'm begging you, as your friend, don't go there.

*Cut to Icehouse*

Joey: Hey Bessie! You think I could have the day off since there's nobody here and there's this huge art exhibit at the college I'm dying to go see?

Bessie: Sure. I'll hold down the fort.

Joey: You are, without a doubt, my favorite sister.

Bessie: I'm your only sister.

Bessie: And hey, Joey, this place is dead. Why don't you take Jack with you?

Joey: There's priceless art at this exhibit. He could do some serious damage.

Bessie: Just take him. I feel sorry for him. He just sits around looking dopey.

Joey: Hey, Jack! Do you know what an art exhibit is?

Jack: Yeah...

Joey: Do you want to go to one?

Jack: Sure.

Joey: *to Bessie* This should be entertaining.

*Cut to Mitch and Tamara in the warehouse.*

Mitch: It's a great space. Location's ideal, with a little work, of course.

Tamara: Well, I probably shouldn't be telling a prospective buyer this, but I am eager to sell so you're going to get a good deal.

Mitch: Trying to outrun some financial difficulties?

Tamara: *laughs* We both know my problems weren't strictly financial.

Mitch: Yeah, well, since you brought it up. Um, a student, wasn't it?

Tamara: Yes, something like that. Um, the ceiling needs fixing up, but the windows are completely new. From what I've heard, you're no stranger to scandal yourself.

Mitch: Only if your definition of scandal includes your wife having an affair with her co-anchor but if you don't mind, uh, I'd like to give that image a rest for the afternoon.

Tamara: Understood.

*Cut to Abby and Jen pacing the docks.*

Jen: Abby, we've been pacing these docks for, like, 2 hours. What are we still doing here? I'm starting to feel kind of stupid.

Abby: What do you think? We're look for Vincent.

Jen: Who?

Abby: Vincent.

Jen: The fisherman?

Abby: The babe. We're on hunk patrol.

Jen: Oh my God, Abby, you've got to be kidding me. There's got to be, like, a hundred different boats here. We have no idea which one he's working on. We're not going to find him, and yeah, he may be good looking but he's old enough to be your father. Haven't you ever heard of statutory rape?

Abby: Oh shut up!

*Cut to art exhibit*

Joey: We don't have to stay long. I just want to take a look around. I know this must be incredibly boring for you.

Jack: Boring? Jarvis is, like, my all-time favorite expressionist.

Joey: Your favorite expressionist?

Jack: Yeah, you know about him?

Joey: Just that he was an alcoholic and he died young.

Jack: And he was a genious. Look...amazing painter. And, you k now what? He was severely manic-depressive so, like, half of his paintings are all, well, chaotic and...and colorful and the other half...the other half are, like, real...suggestive, you know? But this *pointing to a painting* this one. This is his most famous painting..."Winter Mist". I love it when a painting can really affect you emotionally. I mean, I find this one really intence.

*Joey is staring at him shocked.*

Jack: What? What are you looking at

Joey: Nothing. I just had no idea you were such an art connoisseur.

Jack: What? You think my only talents are waiting tables?

Joey: No because if that was your only talent, then you'd be completely talentless.

Jack: Oh-ho-ho. I see. So, not only are you shocked to find out I have a brain in my head, you think I'm a terrible waiter on top of it?

Joey: You know you're a sucky waiter, Jack.

Jack: No way! I'm awesome! Alright. Maybe, every once in awhile, I mess up an order--

Joey: Jack, "every once in awhile"? You're a walking sight gag.

Jack: Sight gag.

Joey: Yeah.

Jack: Well, I guess that's one way of looking at me. But just like if some shallow person stumbled across all these paintings and labeled them, like, I don't know, messy or meaningless, you know? But if you stare at the images long enough, you can see they're filled with great power and passion...intelligence.

Joey: I'm sorry, Jack.

Jack: For what?

Joey: For jumping to the wrong conclusions. I mean, there's obviously a lot more to you than pratfalls.

Jack: Well, Joey, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Joey: *laughing* Okay...

*Cut to Abby and Jen. They found Vincent.*

Abby: Hey there, Mr. Man! We've been looking for you.

Vincent: You came all the way down here looking for me? Aren't I a lucky guy?

Abby: You have no idea just how lucky uou are.

Vincent: What can I do for you, Abby?

Abby: You remembered my name.

Vincent: I never forget a pretty face.

Abby: Well, we came down to invite you out. I was thinking a night on the town is in order. A little joyride up the cape. There's a watering hole in Portsmouth where we could throw back a couple of drinks. I'm sure you've heard of it...Whitey's? It's all the rage with you laborers.

Vincent: "Laborer"? Is that my designated label?

Abby: No, don't take it the wrong way. I love laborers. They're sexy and they know what to do with their hands.

Vincent: Well, I'm going to have to pass.

Abby: Pass? What do you mean? Why?

Vincent: I'll tell you why. I'm not interested in playing some blue-collar pin-up for some oversexed, condescending teenybopper.

Abby: Excuse me?

Vincent: Thanks for coming by and slumming it.

Abby: *to Jen* Let's go.

*Jen holds back*

Jen: Vincent? Hey...Abby's got a particular way with words that, that sometimes the stuff she says comes out wrong, but she means well, mostly. Anyway, the only reason we came all the way down here is because she likes you, so give her a break, would you?

Vincent: It's Jen, right?

Jen: Yeah.

Vincent: I have to be honest. I don't like your friend. I think she's a stuck-up phony who wouldn't know a real man from a hole in the wall, but you...you're different. I can tell, and if you'd like to, I'd be happy to take you out sometime. But do me a favor, leave Abby at home.

Abby: Jen! Jen, come on!

Vincent: Hey, Jen. Thanks for coming by!

*Cut to Jack and Joey outside the exhibit*

Joey: I've actually started doing some drawing on my own.

Jack: Really?

Joey: Yeah.

Jack: That's cool. I'd love to see anything you've done. I mean, if you want to show it to me.

Joey: Well, there's not much to see, really. Laura just had us working on a bowl of fruit, which isn't the most inspiring subject matter to say the least.

Jack: See, you shouldn't be wasting your time drawing things you're not passionate about. Draw what you love.

Joey: What I love?

Jack: Yeah. That's what artists do. They go to a place inside themselves, and they find what inspires them, you know? Draw what's important to you.

*Dawson walks up.*

Joey: *to Dawson* What are you doing here?

Dawson: I was looking all over for you. I went to the Icehouse and Bessie said you were here.

Jack: So, uh, Joey, I'm going to take off.

Joey: No, we can all walk back together.

Jack: No, that's cool. I've got some errands to run, but listen, I had a blast.

Joey: Me too. Thank you for coming.

Jack: Sure.

Dawson: So you want to check out the exhibit?

Joey: I already did, Dawson.

Dawson: Do you want to show me the paintings you like?

Joey: Dawson, it's okay. I know this isn't your thing. You earned your points just by coming. That's enough.

Dawson: No, Joey, I want to be here. I want to be with you. Jo, talk to me. What's wrong? I know I hurt your feelings by being too flip about this art thing, and I'm sorry. It was never my intention, believe me. I'm just trying to be us, Dawson and Joey, who analyze and argue and debate and disagree. You've put me in my place a thousand times about some movie. Why can't we just interchange subject? It might actually be a refreshing change.

Joey: It is SO much more than that, Dawson.

Dawson: Then why are you closing yourself off to me? What's changed?

Joey: That's the point, DawsoN! Nothing's changed! You, me, we're exactly the way we've always been and I am SO tired of it!

*Cut to Pacey and Tamara in her warehouse.*

Pacey: So I looked up this Pinter guy. Harold, playwright, the king of subtext. You say one thing, but you mean another. We're big on that here in Capeside.

Tamara: *laughs* Yes, I know.

Pacey: Do you think it's possible for us to have a moment without all the subtext?

Tamara: Uh, I don't know, Pacey. Words have always gotten us into so much trouble.

Pacey: Yeah, well, that's not going to happen this time. I bet you thought I came over to your house the other day to pour out my wounded heart to you, to confess just how much I miss you, and to tell you that seeing you the other day brought back all the old feelings. But, really, I'm fine. You know, I keep thinking that I shouldn't be over this, but I am. You know, sexually, we were pretty good together, but in all other respects, we were on 2 different planets, and that's what I came to tell you the other day. I'm fine. I've grown up.

Tamara: You have. I see that.

Pacey: So *laughs* I guess this is it...the last big goodbye.

Tamara: Goodbye Pacey.

*He starts to leave and then turns around and him and Tamara go at it.*

Pacey: I think we could probably both benefit from one of those silent moments right now.

Tamara: Yes, I think so.

Pacey: This Pinter guy was really onto something. Woo.

Tamara: Yes, he was.

Pacey: Um, Tamara..

Tamara: You know what, Pacey? Uh, I have a buyer coming here in, like, an hour, and I really need to clean up this place.

Pacey: Is that subtext again?

Tamara: No.

Pacey: Listen, I know it's over, okay? It has to be, but I just...I need to know, um, oh, God...do you...miss...teaching?

Tamara: Yes.....very much.

Pacey: Good. Because I miss your teaching....very much.

*He leaves.*

*Cut to Jen and Abby in the hall*

Jen: Abby, I like your dress. Did I tell you that?

Abby: Only about 300 times.

Jen: Alright, I give up. What did I do? Why are you punishing me?

Abby: I liked that guy. We went down there for me...and you just stole him right out from under me. I saw the looks you were giving him, batting your eyelashes at him with the mascara I bought you.

Jen: Abby, that's not true! I didn't do anything.

Abby: And after everything I've done for you. And, I mean, I like one guy, just one guy, and you can't step out of the spotlight long enough for me to get him.

Jen: Look, you can have him, okay? I don't want him. You're my friend. That's what's important to me.

Abby: Screw the crap. Friends don't compete over the same guy.

Jen: Don't blame me just because you got rejected.

Abby: I didn't get rejected. That's your specialty, not mine.

*Cut to Joey and Dawson*

Joey: Can we talk?

Dawson: Yeah, if you explain what's going on. You're scaring me, and I'm afraid if I say anything it's going to lead to a fight.

Joey: Dawson, look, I've been thinking of how to make you understand my behavior lately. You know, why I've been pushing you away but then I realized that I don't even know, Dawson. All I know is that you are very important to me, and this art thing, whether it be a hobby or my life's passion, is important to me, too. It is the first thing other than you that's been important to me in a long time.

Dawson: Joey, that's great. I'm glad you have that. I really am. I just don't want us to lose what's great about us.

Joey: Dawson, you've been everything to me, and I have been your sidekick, your confidant, your other half for so long, and that's how our relationship works. And it's a nice place for you, but for me, it's scary because I realized that, aside from you, I don't have anything. My entire life is attached to you, Dawson. I was working on these sketches, and somebody told me to draw what's important to me. What inspires me. What I love...and this is the only thing I could thing of.

*She hands him her sketchpad where a picture of Dawson was sketched.*

Dawson: Joey, look...

Joey: And that's not okay with me, Dawson. I care about you so much, but if I ever lost you, I would be standing here totally void of anything else in my life. I live in total fear of doing nothing, of going nowhere, and that is why I shut you out. Because if I can't have something to hold onto independently from you, then I don't have anything at all.

Dawson: First of all, I'm not going anywhere. Secondly, I just want you to be happy. Now, whatever that means, I'll provide it or support it or be completely uninvolved with it. I mean, whatever it takes. I just want us to stop fighting.

Joey: Dawson, I wasn't fighting with you. I was fighting with myself. Part of me wanted to send you off from me, and the other part wanted to hold you so tight.

Dawson: Well, which part of you won? Jo?

Joey: Dawson, I don't mean to sound like a blob of paint, but can we just let this one thing remain unresolved for now?

*Dawson sighs and they hug.*

*Cut to Pacey knocking on the window at Andie. He walks in and takes a seat.*

Pacey: Is this seat taken? *takes a bite of her burger* How's the burger here?

Andie: Dawson told you, didn't he? Don't play dumb. When dumb people play dumb, it's very disconcerting. Dawson told you what I told him, and that's why you're acting so weird. Just admit it.

Pacey: I really have no idea what you're talking about.

Andie: Yes, it's true. I had a brief flash of maybe feeling like I didn't, possibly, hate you. Hm, but it will pass so there's no need to get a big head or anything.

Pacey: So you think it'll pass?

Andie: It may pass. It most likely will pass. Unless...no. It will definitely pass. In fact, I think it just did. Yep. There it went. It's gone.

Pacey: You like me. You really like me!

Andie: Pacey, please stop torturing me.

Pacey: I want to, but I can't. There's just something about you McPhee. You bring out the sadist in me.

*Pacey and Andie glance across the street and see Tamara getting into her car.*

Andie: Don't you know that woman?

Pacey: I did. But not anymore.