02x09 - The Election

Episode 209
"The Election"

Dawson: James Van Der Beek
Joey: Katie Holmes
Pacey: Joshua Jackson
Jen: Michelle Williams
Andie: Meredith Monroe

Gail: Mary-Margaret Humes
Mitch: John Wesely Shipp
Grams: Mary Beth Piel
Bessie: Nina Repeta
Abby: Monica Kenna

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: December 16, 1998

In this episode: Andie persuades Joey to be her running mate in the student body election, pitting them against the popular ticket of Abby and Chris Wolfe. Andie, Joey and Pacey anticipate that Abby's smear campaign will dredge up Joey's spotty family history, but are completely unprepared when Abby turns the spotlight on the McPhees. Meanwhile, Jen pressures Dawson to live a little so that he can use his real-life experiences to write a stronger script. Only when he witnesses his parents' feeble attempt at reconciliation and their subsequent decision to divorce, does Dawson give in to Jen's advice.

*Dawson's room. Jen is reading something and Dawson is watching TV*

Dawson: Jen, you're killin' me.

*Jen holds up a finger.*

Jen: Hang on...hang on...

*Dawson leans his head back in frustration.*

Jen: Alright.

*Dawson pauses the remote and moves up to sit across from her.*

Jen: Dawson, you can unflinch, I'm done.

Dawson: Okay, so...

Jen: What? What do you want me to say?

Dawson: The truth.

Jen: Okay..the truth truth or the 'what Dawson wants to hear' truth?

Dawson: So in other words, you hated it.

Jen: No.

*Dawson covers his face with his hands*

Jen: Dawson, Dawson, no, I didn't hate it. I just thought that it was, I don't know, for the lack of a better word....fluff.

Dawson: Fluff. Fluff?! How can it be fluff Jen?! My heart and soul went into that script!

Jen: I'm just saying that your heart and soul depicting the lives and loves of these teens in a small town just seems like it comes from a nieve sort of point of view.

Dawson: I-I-It's supposed to be nieve, Jen! It's about the magic--the age of innocence, you know? Sexual awakening. The magic of first love.

Jen: Dawson, look, your script is good, okay? It's funny and it's timely and it's smart and it's well-written. It's just lacking relevance to today's society.

*Dawson sighs*

Jen: You go out of your way to comment on teen life, but say very little about it.

*Dawson leans his head against the closet*

Dawson: If you move that knife just a hair to the left, you might get the jugular.

*Jen pats him on the back*

Jen: C'mere, c'mere. I'm not sending you spiraling into a depression here, all I'm saying is it's just lacking a little uumph, you know? The anger and the edge and just the raw, dark pain that comes with being young.

Dawson: Jen, I am raw and dark.

*Jen laughs*

Dawson: What?

Jen: Okay, okay, in theory, maybe.

Dawson: What?

Jen: In theory, maybe. All I'm saying is you just lack the proof and facts to back that up.

Dawson: Proof and facts? What do I need to prove the fact that I'm raw and dark? Do I need to take, like, a gun to school?

Jen: No, Dawson.

Dawson: Kill my parents in their sleep? What exactly?

Jen: No you just need to loosen up a little bit, okay?

Dawson: I--

Jen: Move on. Start writing from the gut. Stop responding with such an adult perspective.

Dawson: And how do I do that?

Jen: Teenage 101.

*Dawson looks at her confused.*

Jen: Maybe it's time you start pretending like you really are 15.

*Dawson acts like he's still confused.*

Jen: I think...I think I could actually show you how to reclaim those missing years. C'mon, Dawson, what do you say?

*Dawson looks as if he's so not into this.*

*Cut to Joey walking to school. Andie comes up.*

Andie: Hey Joey! I was hoping I'd see you today. I mean, I see you everyday but this is different.

Joey: It's 7am. Slow down.

Andie: Okay, well, let me explain. Last night I had a hard time sleeping which is really strange for me because usually I'm out like a light, but anyways, I was laying there and all of a sudden I had this epiphany(sp?). I know this is going to sound really strange, but it involved you.

Joey: It's kind of early in the day for epiphanies, Andie, but thanks for sharing.

Andie: Let me explain, this is important. Student council elections are right around the corner and I was thinking I could make a lot of positive changes as sophomore class president.

Joey: And...

Andie: And a really great presidential candidate needs a really great running mate. That would be you.

Joey: No way. Forget about it, Andie. I don't do student government.

Andie: No, no, no, Joey. I checked your GPA and you are in the top 3% of the class. You have a responsibility to let the academically less fortunate benefit from your wisdom.

Joey: Maybe you haven't heard, Andie, but I'm not exactly Miss Congeniality of Capeside, okay? And adding my name to your ticket would only assure you a loss. And everybody knows my sort-of family history, okay?

Andie: Look, in the high school chronological chart, it's ancient history. And your average teenager has an attention span of just under 2 seconds. You've got a clean slate, Joey, so will you at least think about it?

*They walk into school.*

Joey: Look, Andie, I'm flattered, but I'd only screw up your chances, trust me. I gotta go.

*Joey hurries off to class. Pacey rounds the corner. He catches up to her and kisses her on the neck*

Andie: *smiles* Hey, you.

Pacey: What's shakin' McPhee?

*Chris hands Andie a flyer.*

Chris: Hey man, vote for Chris & Abby on election day.

Abby: Wherever you go, Pacey, the slacker vote follows.

Pacey: And, once again, Abby, your natural, irrepressible charm shines it's way through.

*Andie laughs*

Pacey: Fabulous. James Bond and Prissy Galore are going to rule our class.

Andie: Not necessarily.

Pacey: Who's going to beat them?

Andie: Me.

Pacey: Yeah, right.

Andie: No, I'm serious, Pacey.

Pacey: What sane person would want to waste their time on school politics when they could be spending oodles of quality time with me.

Andie: Because it all falls into my master plan. School politics looks great on college applications.

Pacey: Who's your running mate going to be?

Andie: Still working on that one, but you're going to be my campaign manager.

Pacey: I am?

Andie: Yep. 'Cause I wouldn't want us to miss out on our 'oodles of quality time.'

*They turn the corner and walk by a girl's bathroom when Jen walks out and heads towards Dawson's locker.*

Jen: Hey Dawson. What's up?

Dawson: Oh, just doing the same old fluff, irrevelant existance in the middle age darklessness.

Jen: Okay, so why don't we do something about that?

Dawson: Like what?

Jen: Cut class.

Dawson: What?!

Jen: Ditch. Bail. Leave the premises without permission. Something that normal students do at random.

Dawson: Not even in the realm of possibility.

Jen: Why not?

Dawson: First of all, I don't believe that cutting class is a "missing" experience that will unleash all the answers of the universe to me and I have a quiz in history.

Jen: Okay, so you can make it up tomorrow. Dawson, in order to write about being a teenager you actually need to experience being one.

Dawson: Next week, I promise.

*They start walking*

Jen: Life is composed of moments. Just like your script. And you have to take those moments as they come, impulses only.

Dawson: *stops* Okay. Let's do it.

Jen: Really?

Dawson: Yeah, impulse, let's cut, c'mon. You lead.

Jen: Alright.

*Jen turns to head out the door and Dawson darts into his classroom. Jen gets outside the door and turns around and doesn't see Dawson. She sighs.*

*CUT TO Leery household.*

Gail: I'm sorry, Mitch. I just didn't know who else to call.

Mitch: It's fixed. Go ahead, turn it on. Turn it to rinse.

*It works. Then the door flies open and water sprays all over Mitch and Gail and Gail starts laughing hysterically and Mitch hurries and closes the door.*

Mitch: You think this is real funny, don't you?

Gail: I think it's hilarious.

Mitch: I'm sure you do. *He takes off his wet shirt.*

Gail: You're drenched.

Mitch: Look at you, you're not so dry yourself.

*He squeezes his shirt out and splashes water on Gail. She gets a dish towel.*

Gail: Uh huh, well look at you.

*Their eyes meet.*

Gail: Mitch?

*They start making out heavily and he puts her on the counter where she takes off her shirt and then they move over to the dining room table where they continue to make out. Dawson opens the door and sees them and looks surprised but smiles and leaves and closes the door. He's shown outside with a confused, yet happy, look on his face.*

*Cut to the Icehouse. Jack and Joey are stacking coffee creamers.*

Joey: Did you inherit your clumsy genes from your mother or your father? I mean, Andie's not clumsy...a little high strung...but not clumsy.

*Jack sets one and knocks the whole thing down.*

Jack: Alright, best 2 outta 3. Loser cleans the deep fryer.

Joey: Seriously, I mean, I take after my mom. Who do you take after? Your mother or your father? I'm guessing it's your mom.

Jack: Okay, alright, you win. I'll clean the deep fryer. But I'm a little fuzzy on the process so you might have to stay late and help me with the proper procedure.

Joey: How do you do that?

Jack: What?

Joey: Everytime I ask you something a little personal you somehow manage to change the subject and not answer.

Jack: Are you saying I purposely tanked the coffee creamer tower? Joey, I'm insulted.

Joey: Seriously, Jack. I mean we talk all the time but whenever it starts to get a little deep you get all weird and vague. You know I have asked you 6 questions tonight and you haven't answered one.

Jack: Well, that's because you have to ask me 7. You see, 7 is the magic number.

Joey: Here we go again. Why do you make light out of everything?

Jack: Because I'm a loof, intraverted, and unsociable. So there, I answered.

*Abby and Chris have entered and taken a seat.*

Abby: EXCUSE ME! Could we get a couple of menus over here, please?

*Joey looks at them disgusted. She hands them two menus.*

Abby: Preferably not with yesterday's special rotting on them.

*Joey hands her another one.*

Chris: Why'd you bring me to this dive?

Abby: Because we have to talk strategy in private, and you can always count on this place to be deserted. The service here is even worse than the food.

*Joey turns around and walks back to the counter.*

Jack: So you're content on letting those two represent your class?

Joey: They're not the only ones running, Jack.

Jack: *laughs* Oh, please! Kenny Reily? That guy has no chance. Where's your sense of civic duty?

*Joey shrugs.*

Joey: I don't know. I've just never been the type to, you know, get involved in school activities.

Jack: Well you weren't into art until recently. Maybe that will change.

Joey: Yeah, but, student government is a huge leap, Jack, I mean, putting yourself out there for public scrutiny...

Jack: Yeah, but you should run, Joey. Andie needs you.

*Abby is listening*

Jack: (cont.) You know, she's new here and it'll be hard for her to get votes but you. You have this amazing girl-next-door quality. This is your chance to make a difference. For your talents to rise to the occasion. Don't limit yourself, Joey. You're a born leader.

Abby: Yeah, more like born loser. You actually think that you have any chance running against me? Get real. You throw the trash out, you don't vote it in.

Joey: Back off, Abby.

Abby: The truth hurts? Well, if you want to embarress yourself and your entire family even further than nature intended than by all means, throw your amazing girl-next-door quality into the ring. Hey, what's one more disappointment in an already meager depressing existance?

*Joey takes the pitcher of water she's holding and dumps it on Abby.*

Abby: Ahhh! You're dead.

*Chris and Abby leave and Joey walks towards Jack.*

Joey: Tell Andie I'm in.

*She walks off and Jack laughs.*

*Cut to Andie and Pacey sitting at a table in Capeside.*

Andie: Okay, I need you to finish passing out these flyers and get these posters up. I want them all over Capeside...not just the high school.

Pacey: You know, on this book that I picked up on the Clinton campaign, they said this things going to get ugly. So we're going to have to start playing hard--

Andie: Pacey.

Pacey: Yeah?

Andie: You've done research.

Pacey: Yeah, you've been a bad, bad influence on me.

*They kiss and Andie pulls away and Pacey is disappointed.*

Andie: Oh and you know, I want this campaign to take a high road. I still believe that a candidate's virtue and integrity is normal and to be expected and not just some character perk or bonus. I mean, my goal is to make government good and safe again.

Pacey: My God, you know the way these sound bytes just flow out of your mouth, you could really have a future in this stuff. Your sincerity is so appealingly sexy.

Andie: And your sexiness is so appealingly sincere.

Pacey: You think I'm sexy, huh? What's so sexy about me?

Andie: How smart you are.

*They lean in to kiss again and Joey sets down and clears her throat. Pacey looks irritated.*

Joey: Did you get a glimpse of Chris and Abby's smear campaign? This is exactly what I was worried about.

Pacey: Why? We'll just hit them back harder. There's a whole chapter in my book on mud slinging.

Andie: No, we are not stooping to their lows. Government is about balance and order. We can not let their petty ways use our (?).

Pacey: I should write this stuff down.

Joey: Don't you think we should at least fight back?

Andie: And let Chris and Abby and the whole school know that we respond in an emotional knee-jerk fashion? What kind of message is that sending out to our voting constituants?

Joey: Okay, forget fighting back...I think we should stand up for ourselves...I mean..

Andie: Look, Joey, I know they got you, but let's not let them get the best of us. I mean those were just words. They carry no weight whatsoever. Now let's just look at our debate issues and figure out our gameplan. Winning will be our best revenge.

Pacey: She won my vote a few bumper stickers ago.

*Cut to Jen putting on lipstick at a cosmetics store.*

Jen: Alright, Dawson. I've decided to take matters into my own hands and what you need is a regression sponsor.

Dawson: A what sponsor?

Jen: Somebody who can walk back into the steps of regressing your teen years.

Dawson: Jen, I'm very humored by your own insight into how I am as a personal being but I am a teenager, okay? And I've got no driver's license to prove it. And regardless of any adult self-perception I might possess I still have to face all the trauma of being my age so I will respectfully decline your offer.

Jen: Okay, alright. Resistance is expected. Dawson the whole reason that I brought you to this place is I figured we would just start with something simple. Do you remember when you were 10...and your mom wouldn't get you that candy bar that you really, really wanted? Didn't you ever just...swipe it?

Dawson: No. Wha--What? You want me to steal something?

Jen: We're not talking grand theft auto here. We're just talking a Snickers bar.

*Dawson shrugs declining.*

Jen: Dawson, every kid does it at least once. *holds lipstick* Put this in your pocket, Dawson.

Dawson: No. No way.

Jen: Dawson, c'mon. This is your symbolic candy bar.

Dawson: Why is my symbolic candy bar Crimson Passion lipstick?

Jen: Well because we might as well both benefit from your little for(?) adventure. Besides, look, that's not the point. What's important is that you experience the rush of walking out with it, Dawson.

Dawson: It's an illegal rush that I don't have any interest in, okay?

Jen: Dawson, you're overanalyzing again. Just take the said object and place it in your pocket.

*Dawson takes it.*

*They walk out.*

Jen: Dawson, you actually did it! I didn't think you were capable!

Dawson: That makes two of us.

Jen: Don't you feel so...exhilirated?

Dawson: Yeah...it's this amazing natural high.

Jen: Alright, hand it over.

Dawson: Naw, I'm the one who risked incarceration, I get to keep it.

*Jen looks at him.*

Dawson: What?

Jen: Oh my God, you put it back, didn't you? You put it back, huh?

Dawson: Look, Jen, I appreciate what you're trying to do but I like my perspective on life regardless of how middle-aged it might be.

Jen: Okay, but how are you going to reach your audience with that perspective? Dawson, I've read your script, okay? Your hyper-awareness is disarming. You've got to start responding like an adolescent and stop hiding behind that psychology degree that you don't have.

Dawson: What is wrong with being mature for my age?

Jen: Because it's going to trap you, Dawson. Because you're going to wake up one morning and you're going to realize that the reason you're not growing is that you never allowed the process. There's a reason that we go from infancy to old age. Think about that.

*Cut to auditorium at high school. It's the candidates speeches.*

Kenny: Students that have a 3.5 GPA or higher should have only half a day of classes on Friday.

*Timelapse Andie's speech*

Andie: I believe my record of support and involvement of school activities fully qualifies me for student office.

*timelapse. Abby and Chris*

Chris: We're qualified...because we're one of you.

Abby: We'll run the school like you want.

*timelapse. Andie and Joey.*

Joey: Unlike our opponents, we haven't lost sight on the issues in order to concentrate on malicious character attacks.


Counselor: Next question - given the (?) nature of today's political climate...


Abby: Listen, it's about trust.


Andie: Let's talk issues. Walkmans in study hall.


Kenny: Walkmans in study hall is a great idea.


Chris: I'm mad for people.(?sentence?my vcr screwed up) I've probably partied with everyone here at least once.

*timelapse, everybody's standing out there.*

Abby: It all comes down to one simple question. Who do you want to run your class? Us...the geeks...or Little Miss Perky and the Convict's Daughter.

Andie: That is so not a relevant issue, Abby.

Abby: You would say that since no one here knows your background. Just to bring everyone up to speed on an issue that is relevant, Andie McPhee, your perspective president, has a mother who's about....one shock treatment away from a permanent residence in the looney bin!

Joey: You know, for once Abby let's stick to the issues. Andie's personal life has no bearing on her ability to handle the job as sophomore class president.

Abby: Uh, whatever. We have hard evidence that Andie's mother was responsible for the death of her older brother in a car crash less than a year ago. The fact of the matter is Monie(?) McPhee is a wacked out nut and we all know that mental illness is hereditary so you do the math.

Counselor: Abby, that's quite enough.

Abby: Hey I was just trying to assertain the truth for the safety of my fellow students. Andie...

Andie: *crying* I.....um.....I.....

*She walks towards the door and then starts running. Pacey chases after her.*

*Cut to Joey running across campus to catch up with Jack.*

Joey: Hey.

Jack: I can't find Andie. Have you seen her?

Joey: You heard about the assembly?

Jack: Yeah.

Joey: Look I feel really stupid. Grilling you about your family...pressuring you for answers. I'm really sorry, Jack.

Jack: Joey, I'm looking for my sister, not your sympathy.

Joey: I haven't seen her since the debate.

Jack: Great.

Joey: Is there anything I can do to help?

Jack: My family situation is complicated, Joey, alright? It's just not something I feel comfortable talking about so I'll see you later.

Joey: No, Jack! Don't push me away okay? I want to help! Look, I've been through something like this with my own family and I understand.

Jack: *yelling* Okay, don't you get it?! I didn't want to talk to you before and I don't now! God!

*Cut to Pacey walking down the deserted halls and he nears the Girl's Bathroom and opens the door slightly.*

Pacey: Andie?

*He shuts it again.*

Pacey: Alright, I'm coming in there and just so there's no confusion, I am a man so if there are any objections please speak now.

*He goes in.*

Pacey: Andie I know you're in here.

*He starts looking in the stalls.*

Pacey: Listen, there's a whole chapter in my book on what to do when scandal breaks. It's not such a big deal. I mean, you and I *he spots her stall* we can get through this. *stands up* So what do you say? *opens the door revealing Andie curled up on the stool* You and me Andie.

Andie: Did you know it's exactly 60 feet 6 inches from pitching mound to home plate?

Pacey: You okay, McPhee?

Andie: Tim taught me that. He tried to teach me a curveball, too. Turns out I throw like a girl.

Pacey: C'mon, let's get you outta here, Andie.

Andie: Oh God, Pacey, I don't know. I mean, everybody knows about my mom and about Tim. How'm I supposed to go out there in the hall? I mean, everybody's going to look at me and they're all going to laugh.

Pacey: They won't laugh at you, Andie. Everyone comes from a dysfunctional family. It's the 90s. The only happy families are in TV syndication.

Andie: But it's all ruined. I mean, politics used to mean something. Now we've just become such a...lessened society.

Pacey: Andie, this is high school. Trust me, me of all people, this will all blow over. Tomorrow everything goes back to normal.

Andie: Normal? Oh, God. That's all I ever wanted. A normal family, with a normal life, balance and order, order and balance. But you know that just never exists. Not anywhere, not here. It's like this big false hope.

Pacey: Hey. Don't you think you're being a little hard on yourself? Normal never existed. It never did.

Andie: Hm. Wow. Look at me. I'm a mess. I'm a total and complete mess. I hate this. I really hate this.

*She throws Pacey's book at the mirror and then walks out of the bathroom.*

*Mitch's apartment.*

Mitch: Dawson.

Dawson: Hey dad.

Mitch: Look. *pointing to chair* Can you believe somebody threw this out? The thing's an antique. Thought maybe I could clean it up a little...sell it.

Dawson: Brought your mail.

Mitch: Thanks. You didn't have to do that.

Dawson: I know. Thought I'd stop by...say hi...see what was new if anything.

Mitch: Mom told you, didn't she?

Dawson: No, I saw it for myself. Not the main attraction, just the previews.

Mitch: So, uh, it's complicated and, um, actually I don't know exactly how comfortable I am talking to you about this.

Dawson: No problem. It's totally fine. I just want to let you know that I'm okay with it. I mean, it's fine if you want to stay over every once in awhile. It won't mess up my head. If you're worried about that. I mean, I know that reconciliation has to restrain and (?).

Mitch: There is no reconciliation, Dawson. It was a slip. A s*x slip, and a mistake and it won't happen again.

Dawson: Now I don't understand.

Mitch: Well, it just, we fell back into what was comfortable and easy and used it to cover our problems.

Dawson: It helped your problems.

Mitch: No. No, it worsened them. 'Cause I realized that it's insane to keep taking the same action expecting a different result. I mean, it changes nothing. It's the action that must change.

*Cut to Jen's house. Jen is looking through her closet and Dawson is behind her talking.*

Dawson: You were right. I do have perception disorder.

Jen: What brought this on?

Dawson: Let's just say, I'm geared to respond to life in a certain way and you say I don't respond like a typical adolescent, and you're right, I don't, but emotionally, I do. I always have. I am very much my age emotionally, maybe even younger. And my feelings are in constant conflict with my overachieving self-aware brain and it's just a constant battle. And that's what's driving me crazy. Am I making any sense?

Jen: Completely.

Dawson: Okay, thank God. So I keep on waiting for my feelings to catch up so maybe I can finally grow up so I can finally get over Joey or accept that my parents may or may not work things out, but I think I have it backwards. In order to change my feelings I first have to change my actions because that's the only way somebody can change how they feel.

Jen: You're too smart for your own good, Dawson.

Dawson: Right now I feel incredibly stupid.

Jen: Is there anything I can do to help or I dunno..

Dawson: Yeah...I think I need a sponsor. I need to go out and engage in some incredibly appropriate teenage behavior.

Jen: Well, that sounds like something right up my alley. Anything you had in mind?

Dawson: Just something nonsensical..really spontaneous...the good, the bad, the ugly, you are the expert I will follow your lead.

Jen: Well, you know what? By all means, Dawson, let the rebelry begin.

*Cut to Andie's house. Andie is rocking in a rocking chair staring out the window in her room. Jack comes in.*

Jack: I finally got Mom to bed.

*Andie doesn't say anything.*

Jack: It really scares her to see you so upset. Look, Andie, it hasn't been an easy year for any of us, but we all do what we have to to hold it together...to cope.

*Andie still just sits there.*

Jack: Your highs and lows have been becoming really intense lately.

Andie: I'm fine, Jack.

Jack: No, you're not fine, Andie! I mean one minute you're laughing and the next you're in tears!

Andie: Please just leave me alone, okay?

Jack: I think maybe it's time you went back to your medication.It's easier for you and for everyone.

Andie: I said I'm alright, okay? I just had a rough day. I mean, I don't need any medication.

*Jack just sits there.*

Andie: I'm fine.

*Jack gets up and leaves.*

*Cut to Dawson and Jen running through the woods laughing. Dawson is holding toilet paper.*

Dawson: Slow down, slow down! We just TPed Mr. Milos house! I've always wanted to do that!

Jen: And now you have! See and very well I might add. *looks at toilet paper* Aside from the fact that you forgot to drop the evidence.

*Dawson throws it into the woods.*

Dawson: Alright, so that's a rebellious 13 I would say, so what next?

Jen: You ready for something really bold?

Dawson: I am up for anything.

Jen: Anything?

Dawson: Abso--well, what did you have in mind?

Jen: Drop your pants.

Dawson: What?

Jen: Well, I just mean, you can't very well go skinny dipping with your clothes on.

Dawson: Skinnydipping? Jen, do you know how cold the water is?

Jen: Oh, I mean, if you're to embarressed about...

Dawson: I'm not embarressed! I'm just...you think I wouldn't do it, don't you?

Jen: No.

Dawson: Well, I'm not going alone.

Jen: Dawson, I never intended for you to do it alone.

*She starts getting undressed and Dawson turns around.*

Dawson: Oh my god, you're serious.

Jen: Mm-hm. Completely.

Dawson: Maybe we should think about this. I mean, what if somebody walks by? You know?

*Jen just laughs and throws her bra over Dawson's shoulder as a tease. She runs and jumps in the water.*

Dawson: Jen you're...

Jen: Naked? And all wet. Dawson, come on in, the water's great.

*Jen laughs*

*Dawson stands up behind a bush and a tree.*

Jen: Dawson is that a tree branch or are you just happy to see me?

Dawson: It's fine now turn around!

Jen: Alright, I am.

Dawson: Here I come!

*Dawson runs and jumps in.*

Dawson: This used to be my worst nightmare.

Jen: Oh, thanks a lot, swimming naked with me used to be your worst nightmare.

*They start splashing each other. Jen's laughing.*

Jen: Okay, Dawson, stop. Truce.

*Dawson just starts splashing harder.*


Jen: Let me ask you something.

Dawson: Yeah?

Jen: Nightmares aside have you ever dreamt about me?

Dawson: Yeah. Well, I mean, everyone I know has crept into my dreams at one point or another.

Jen: No...I mean...have you ever woken up...sweating?

Dawson: What?

Jen: Blanket in a little pup tent?

Dawson: You first. Have you dreamt about me that way?

Jen: Possibly.

*They kiss*

Jen: Dawson.

Dawson: What?

Jen: Crossing the line.

Dawson: The line? You don't want? I thought you wanted this Jen. You've hinted...imply offered.

Jen: I know, Dawson...it's just..

Dawson: I was taking your advice. You know, you don't think...do. Just something really spontaneous.

Jen: I'm glad that you've embraced the philosophy, you know? It's just that we're finally friends now and I don't want to mess that up. I thought I'd take your lead on this one...hoping that different actions might create different results.

Dawson: So the different action is taking no action?

Jen: No, the different action is being your friend.

Dawson: Like Joey was my friend?

Jen: There's lots of ways to be someone's friend Dawson. We'll just have to figure that out.

*They start splashing each other again*

*Cut to school. Chris and Abby are on the announcements..*

Chris: I brought the Eastern Championship to Capeside now I approach my presidency with the same drive. So let's face the facts...there's only one true choice here.

Abby: Remember..do you really want those other losers running your school?

Joey: Andie, we can walk out right now. I mean, there's still dignity in resigning.

Andie: No, I'm fine. I can do this.

Abby: So get off your butts and vote Chris and Abby, you'll enjoy the ride.

*She turns the announcement mic off.*

Abby: It's as locked up as Joey's father. Schedule says the Coo-Coo Bird and the Convict's Daughter are up next.

Andie: I can do this.

Joey: Ready?

*Andie nods.*

*Joey pushes the button to turn the mic on.*

*Andie can't say anything.*

Andie: I can't do this, I'm sorry. I just can't.

Abby: Gosh, I hope it wasn't something I said. It was all in the name of good ol' fashioned politics.

Chris: I'm going to go kiss some babes.

Abby: It's babies you idiot.

Chris: My way's a lot more fun.

*Pacey sighs and walks towards the chair in front of the mic.*

Pacey: Abby...so what's the deal here? *he hits the mic 'on' button so the whole school can hear the conversation* Why are you slumming as vice-president for that guy when you are so obviously the brains behind this campaign?

Abby: I'll let you in on a little secret there, sport. I'm just using that walking pen1s for his popularity and ultimately, I'll destroy him.

*Cut to Dawson and Jen's reaction when they hear this.*

Abby: (cont.) Just like I destroyed your little girlfriend. It's just so easy. And victory's so much sweeter when you have to walk on other people to get it. *laughs* I'm going to rule this school. And you and all those other halfwits are too stupid to stop me.

Pacey: Yeah, you're probably right, I mean, I'm so stupid that I didn't know that when I pressed this button on this little thing that your annoying nasal whine was broadcast over this entire school. Oh no, wait a minute, that's exactly what I meant to do, sorry! My bad. *to Kenny* School's yours, pal.

Kenny: Yes!

*Cut to Dawson's house.*

Gail: Careful honey, I just mopped the floor it might still be a little damp.

Dawson: Okay.

Gail: Oh, if you want a snack, I made oatmeal cookies, and a cake.

Dawson: Alright.

Gail: Oh, will you look at this? There are dust bunnies the size of small children on this windowsil.

Dawson: Mom, what are these?

Gail: Um....divorce papers. Your father had me served this morning.

Dawson: Are you okay?

Gail: Uh, yeah. I'll be alright, honey. I'm moving on.

*Cut to the Icehouse. Joey's locking up and Jack walks up behind her.*

Jack: Can I walk you home?

Joey: Sure.

Jack: Joey, I owe you an apoligy. I mean, it's been a tough couple of days. I know that's no excuse for me acting like an ass.

Joey: I wanted to be there for you, Jack....but you kind of shoved me off.

Jack: Yeah, well, when things get rough I tend to go on (?), you know, protect the family, nobody else matters. It's kind of second nature.

Joey: I understand, it's just...I wish you'd let me help you.

Jack: Joey, um, I can't allow myself the luxury of opening up. I mean, with my brother gone and my father missing in action. My mother and my sister they depend on me, you know? To be the rock. And I don't know. Sometimes I feel like...I can't even explain it. It's like my whole life is one big secret.

Joey: You know, when my mom was dying...I had this friend who was amazing, and you know, a lot of times...I didn't feel like talking and you know, we would just sit, sometimes for hours and never say a word, and you know what? It helped. It did because being in the same place I knew that everything was going to be okay. And towards the end when things got really bad, he would just reach out and hold my hand.

*She reaches for Jack's hand.*

*Cut to Andie's house. Andie is in the bathroom and she's been crying. The phone rings.*

Andie: Hello....Hey Pacey...Yeah um...I'm feeling a lot better now. *she opens the cabinet and you see a medicine bottle* No..um, tonight? *she reaches for the bottle* I don't think so. *she opens it and puts some in her hand* Yeah, it's not a good time...Yeah, I'll be back to my old self tomorrow though...I promise...okay....bye.

*she gets a glass of water and takes the medicine.*

*Cut to Jen's house.*

Jen: Dawson, what are you doing here?

Dawson: Um..my parents are getting divorced. I just needed to talk to my sponsor. I'm in a bit of a quandry. All this perception and psychobabble has left me with quite a dilemma. And what do I do with this news? I knew it was over, you know? I mean all the signs pointed to it. I just...kept hoping that it wouldn't go there. But they have. So now, um, do I have a self aware adult reaction to it or should I allow myself to feel the hurt and the shock that a kid in my position would feel? You know...I-I...which should win here? My head or my heart? My emotions or my brain? What'll win out?

Jen: What always wins out Dawson? Dawson?

*He starts crying.*

Jen: C'mere.

Dawson: Thanks for being here.

Jen: Thanks for letting me.