01x02 - Prelude to a Kiss

Episode 102
A Prelude to a Kiss
Original Airdate: February 3, 1998

In this episode: Dawson struggles to create the perfect setting for his first kiss with Jen, and Joey argues that all the scheming and planning to make the moment ideal is proof that Dawson is living in a Hollywood dreamland. His weekend plans with Jen are foiled again, as he is enlisted to be the production assistant on a film project for the class that he's desperate to join, but Dawson finally gets his romantic moment with Jen, who realizes at the last minute that everything is just a little too contrived. Meanwhile, Joey meets and falls for a handsome and wealthy boarding school student, who is equally taken with her. Pretending to be someone she's not to impress him, Joey jeopardizes her chances with him. Meanwhile, Pacey continues to doggedly pursue Ms. Jacobs, who shows signs of cracking under the pressure.

*Dawson's room. Dawson and Joey are watching a movie and a guy and a girl are making out on a beach. Dawson pauses it.*

Dawson: This is a Jen moment. This is my future we're watching. Me & Jen.
Jen and I.

Joey: Mm, a black and white feature. How retro.

Dawson: My first kiss with Jen is going to be just like that.

Joey: Whoa. Wait a minute. We're back to that? You mean, you haven't even kissed that girl?

Dawson: It's not about the kiss Joey. It's about the journey, creating a sustaining magic.

Joey: Does Jen fall for this warped movie logic?

Dawson: It's not warped. It's romance.

Joey: It's old, Dawson. Just kiss her, will you? Take the elevator to the next floor and get off, it's time.

Dawson: It's not that simple Joey. It's about creating the perfect moment.
And it has to be planned with the right music and dialogue.

Joey: You can't storyboard a kiss.

Dawson: Sure, you can.

Joey: It's not reality, Dawson. These movies that you're watching are false images that don't exist outside the city limits of Hollywood.

Dawson: Not true. They're images grounded in the reality of imagination.

Joey: Did you just pull that one out of your butt, or what?

Dawson: Everybody thinks that movies are fantasy, but they don't have to be. From here to eternity. You can have that. You just have to create it. That moment on the beach could be yours. You could be Debrah Carr.

Joey: Mm, sand in my crotch, heaven.

Dawson: You know, it's attitudes like yours that prevent storyboard romances from happening. You're way too cynical.

Joey: Right *rolls her eyes*.

Dawson: And far too jaded for this conversation.

Joey: I'm sorry Dawson, but romance doesn't come with a John Williams score.

Dawson: It's called a stereo.

Joey: And it doesn't come with a sunset or starlit summer night either. And I'm personally offended that this movie mentality where we're supposed to believe that Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock are going to magically drop down from the sky and sweep us off our feet.

Dawson: I didn't know you had a thing for Brad Pitt.

Joey: I don't. It was an analogy.

Dawson: *teasingly* Sandra Bullock?

Joey: Dawson! These movies aren't real. They're not kissing with their tongues. It's Take 22, the girl's bored, the guy's gay. It's celluloid propaganda.

Dawson: Joey, Joey, Joey. You bitter, cyncial, jaded...thing.

Joey: You used to be bitter and cynical too. You were far more interesting.

Dawson: But now I choose magic.

Joey: You know this Peter Pan fantasy filmland you're living in? It will be your downfall.

Dawson: One day you'll understand Joey. You'll know what it's like to long for someone, to desire to want to kiss them, and then you're going to come to me and say, "Dawson, you were right." See Joey. All you have to do is believe.

*Joey starts to climb out the window and stops halfway through.*

Joey: Clap hard, Dawson. You may be Tinkerbell's last hope.

*Dawson's Creek theme song*

*Capeside High - film class. Dawson is sitting with his notebook at the back of the class.*

Mr. Gold: Alright, kids, so let's hear some ideas.

Kid in the back: What about a big production number at the victory dance? Right at the end of the second half.

Nellie: Will someone please tell Tommy Tune back there, that the discussion is limited to non-assinine ideas?

Mr. Gold: Let's try to keep this story meeting a little more upbeat, and politically correct, Nellie.

Another kid in the back: I got it! The coach has a heart attack and drops, right before the game.

Cliff: It's the coach. Nobody cares. It has to be something bigger.

Yet another kid: We start shooting tonight, shouldn't the script be lotted?

*Dawson acts like somebody actually has brought up a good point.*

Cliff: Yes, but we need to solve the ending. There's something missing at the top of the act.

Another kid: What if we give the split end some kind of a problem? Like drugs, drinking, his girlfriend got knocked up.

Nellie: Kill someone. An unexpected death always works.

*Dawson can't control keeping quiet anymore.*

Dawson: Guys, guys, you need to create some dramatic tension. There's a formula to it, that's all. Anybody ever see Rocky or the Karate Kid? This film needs to be about the underdog, not the golden boy. He needs to overcome some internal conflict within himself. And we, the audience, need to know why this game is so important to him. What's he going to prove to himself if he wins it? We need to care about him.

*Some people start laughing*

Nellie: Pathetic. Mr. Gold, as producer, I am going to have to insist that you shut him up.

*Bell rings. Cut to: Pacey going into a classroom and shutting the door. It's Tamara Jacobs' classroom.*

Pacey: I noticed you didn't hand me back my test. Does that mean you need to see me after class?

Tamara: It means you racked up another prime number on a quiz.

Pacey: Prime as in quality steak is prime?

Tamara: Prime as in 23 is prime. Do you know anything about Ethan Frome?

Pacey: I know that he has a farm. *starts singing* and on that farm he has a...

Tamara: Pacey. This is serious. I heard the other teachers talking about your work, or lack thereof. This is across the board. You're failing.

Pacey: Do you know how difficult it is to fail? This has taken a considerable amount of work and energy.

Tamara: This is deliberit?

Pacey: Of course. This is a pre-meditated death threat (?). See it was my hope that a certain teacher was going to bail me out with some private tutorial encounters.

Tamara: It's not a question of your intelligence, Pacey.

Pacey: See, my problem is, I have a focus issue. I need a slave driver. Somebody with a whip, maybe?

Tamara: Pacey, we can't interact like this.

Pacey: Oh no, of course not. This is a deadly wrong taboo. However, you can tutor me. That is completely acceptable within our student, teacher, relationship.

Tamara: I have a teacher's meeting after class. But I'll be working late. Meet me here later. About 6ish.

Pacey: Yeah..

*Pacey is very happy about this. He walks out the door.*

*CUT TO: S.S. Icehouse*

Bessie: It feels like this baby is tangled in my rib cage.

Joey: God, you're huge. Why didn't you stay home?

Bodie: Never tell a pregnant woman she's fat.

Joey: Sorry. You're not fat, Bessie, you're just monumentally gargantuous.

Bodie: Your sister reminds me of a beached whale.

Joey: Bodie...

Bessie: You're joking, right? That was a joke.

*CUT TO the table where Pacey and Dawson are sitting.*

Dawson: This is my big break. Gold's going to let me in the class officially, providing I prove myself.

Pacey: How?

Dawson: I'm on the crew for Helmets of Glory. I'm a PA for Nellie. It's a test.

Pacey: Yeah, pure humiliation.

Dawson: See, that's the point. It's the winning attitude.

*Joey approaches the table.*

Pacey: Our serving wench is here.

*Joey sits down.*

Dawson: Of course this completely ruins my romantic plans with Jen this evening...

Joey: Would you forget Wonderbra for a moment? Don't you have to work on your own movie? What's up with that?

Dawson: Originally, I was going to do both. That was the plan. Bridge fantasy with reality and prove that yes, romance can be created.

Joey: Get off of that.

Pacey: What are you talking about, man?

Dawson: End of the movie, right? The monster is dead. Beauty killed the beast. Penelope, our heroin, says her final goodbyes to the beast. I was thinking of shooting it up at the ruins.

Joey: Ah, that's trespassing, don't get caught.

Dawson: It's the perfect monstrous haven. Lush and romantic.

Pacey: And the perfect place to seduce the young and beautiful actress playing Penelope. You dog, you are sly.

Dawson: You make it sound so cheap.

Joey: Do you want anything or did you come just to infect the place?

Pacey: Uhhh.

Dawson: I'm picking up a to go order. Ten fish and chips, five family fries, and a dozen shrimp burgers.

Joey: *looking at Pacey* And what do you want?

Pacey: Actually something a little sexy would be good, I gotta a maybe sorta date this evening.

Joey: Hmm, who's the lucky farm animal tonight?

Pacey: Ahh, What's that , what's that that makes a woman horny?

Joey: Your polar opposite?

Dawson: You mean oysters.

Pacey: Right oysters, A dozen oysters, Joey, pack 'em up.

*Joey notices Anderson.*

Pacey: (cont.) And you could pack 'em up now Joey. Hellooo? Joey? Hello? Anybody home?

Dawson: Who is that guy?

Joey: Who's who?

Pacey: Uh, the guy that was breaking your neck.

Dawson: Who is he? Do you know him?

Joey: I've never seen him before. He's probably some rich kid who just stepped off his mommy and daddy's yacht or something.

Pacey: Could it be? Joey is finally noticing the opposite s*x!

Joey: Shut up.


*Joey reaches over and covers his mouth.*

Joey: You buttplug.

Pacey: Forget it, Joey. Guys off yachts don't go for waitresses.

Joey: I'm going to kill you. One night in your sleep, a slit throat maybe, or a screwdriver to your temple. Be ready.

*CUT TO: Filming for Helmets of Glory.*

*Jen walks up on Dawson while he's messing with the helmets.*

Jen: Hey Dawson.

Dawson: Hey. What are you doing in here?

Jen: Oh, just living a fantasy.

Dawson: No, seriously.

Jen: Cliff gave me a part.

Dawson: No part where there's a couch (?) involved, right?

Jen: No. Cliff's a very nice guy. And I've got 2 lines. "Way to go!" and "Those *missed the word* sure do look big."

Dawson: But Jen you're supposed to be in my movie not this homage to head gear.

*Cliff walks over.*

Cliff: Hey! Glad you made it.

Jen: Hi.

Cliff: Just in time, we were just about to start.

Nellie: Rehearsal's up.

*Cliff takes a helmet from Dawson.*

Cliff: Thanks David.

Jen: It's Dawson.

*CUT TO classroom. Tamara and Pacey.*

Tamara: Has Ethan made it to the County Fair yet?

Pacey: Uh...yeah...yes he has...yes he has...

Tamara: Amazing. There was no County Fair when I read it.

*Pacey puts the book down.*

Pacey: What were you in high school?

Tamara: What do you mean?

Pacey: A jock, a brain, a cheerleader...

Tamara: Why?

Pacey: Just curious.

Tamara: Well, I was captain of the dance team and class treasurer. And I studied...a lot.

Pacey: Boyfriend?

Tamara: Yes.

Pacey: A jock?

Tamara: Centerfielder why are you asking?

Pacey: Would you have dated me?

Tamara: Pacey.We're in school, we are not alone, there are people in this building.

Pacey: If you and I had gone to school together and we were the same age, would you have dated me?

Tamara: Probably not. But that was a long time ago. I've learned a lot. I'm smarter now. Well, I was until a few weeks ago.

*Tamara hands Pacey a paper.*

Pacey: What's this?

Tamara: Summary questions for the first 2 chapters. I tell you what. You answer all of them and maybe I'll give you some positive reinforcement.

Pacey: Yeah?

Tamara: Yeah.

*CUT TO: Joey walking outside of the S.S. Icehouse towards a yacht in which Anderson is playing the violin.*

Anderson: No applause. Just send money. Wait. Don't go. You know, you were spying on me.

Joey: It's a public dock.

Anderson: No, it's okay. My name's Anderson. Anderson Crawford.

Joey: Congratulations.

Anderson: So do you come with a name, or just an attitude?

Joey: Just an attitude.

Anderson: And people find this charming?

Joey: I haven't asked.

*Anderson climbs off the yacht and walks towards Joey.*

Anderson: So, what brings you to Capeside?

*Joey shrugs.*

Anderson: Tough question. Yeah, I know, I know, you'll get back to me on that.

Joey: Well, what brings you to Capeside?

Anderson: My parents. They're going to antique towns in a search for some chair. Apparently, Paul Revere once bought it.

Joey: Well, that explains your parents, but what about you?

Anderson: I'm the crew. I used to go to boarding school. You can only take that all male environment for so long. Tell me something about you.

Joey: Well, I'm a Pisces, I'm into body piercings, and men with tattoos.

Anderson: Are you here with your parents? Are you guys on a boat?

Joey: Actually, we brought the chauffeur. Mother hates to sail. She doesn't like the sun. She burns easy.

Anderson: What about you?

Joey: I wear lotion.

Anderson: No, I mean, do you like to sail?

Joey: Why do you ask?

Anderson: I'm taking a survey. Because I want you to come sailing with me, tomorrow.

Joey: I can't.

Anderson: Come on. I'll show you my tattoo.

Joey: Gap ad has a tattoo?

Anderson: If you come sailing you'll find out.

Joey: Okay, maybe.

Anderson: I can live with maybe. As long as you tell me your name.

Joey: Debrah Car....son. Debrah Carson.

*CUT TO: Pacey and Tamara in a classroom.*

*Pacey puts the book down on the desk.*

Pacey: Done. Quiz me.

Tamara: Okay. Let's start easy. What was the name of Ethan's wife?

Pacey: Who is Zena?

Tamara: Correct.

Pacey: So what do I win?

Tamara: Wait. There's more. What was the name of the town in which they lived in?

Pacey: What is Starfield?

Tamara: Very good.

Pacey: Fine. I'm ready.

Tamara: One more. Why do you think Ethan had such a strong sense of duty?

Pacey: Uh...

Tamara: You must cite some examples from your text when constructing your response.

*CUT TO: Film shooting for Helmets of Glory.*

*On tv*

Cliff: That's why we've got to give it 110%.

*Dawson comments.*

Dawson: 8 days a week.

Cliff: Remember how hard we worked this summer? Now's when it pays off.

Dawson: With communal showers.

Cliff: Let's do it for the coach.

Dawson: He likes to raunch (?)

Cliff: Let's go out there and show them what we're made of.

Dawson: There's no cliche here.

Cliff: Let's lay it on the line.

Dawson: May I have another?

Nellie: My, my, my. Does someone have to have a talk with Mr. Gold about someone's attitude?

Dawson: Go for it, Nellie.

Nellie: Oh I will, believe me. I will tell him exactly how you disrupted filming and delayed the entire production.

Dawson: When did you start to hate me? I missed it. What did I ever do to you?

Nellie: It's what you didn't do. You haven't earned your place here,
Dawson. I worked all summer on this script and I don't appreciate you walking in here and trashing it. I don't hate you Dawson, but this is business, strictly professional. You need to show a little gratitude. Now you shape up, or you're going to be shipped out. Understand?

Cliff: Let's go again. Alright everybody, back to 1.

*CUT TO classroom with Pacey and Tamara.*

Pacey: Which explains her motivation and desire to keep Ethan from seeing beyond the somewhat limited scope of life with her on the farm.

Tamara: Well, well, well.

Pacey: And my reward is?

Tamara: You got me, Pacey. I never expected you to get this far.

Pacey: So Miss Jacobs was bluffing?

Tamara: Your reward is your education.

Pacey: No, no, no, no no...

Tamara: I tell you what, I'll owe you.

Pacey: It's okay, Tamara.

Tamara: No, it's not. Pacey. This is my place of employment.

Pacey: It's late. There's no janitors, no film crew, everybody's gone home for the night. It's just you and me.

Tamara: Pacey.

Pacey: What? What's the matter?

Tamara: You know, you're right. Let's do it. But where should we do it? I know, how about my desk? Our first time should be on my desk. Strip. Hurry up we don't have much time. Better drop 'em.

Pacey: I know what you're doing. You're calling my bluff to see how far I'll go.

Tamara: No, no, no, I'm deadly serious. Take them off.

Pacey: I'm on to you Tamara. You think I'm going to cave, that I wouldn't go through with it.

Tamara: Do you have any condoms Pacey? Because we are going to need condoms. Well, this is a high school. I'm sure you can round some up.

Pacey: I, uh..

Tamara: What's wrong?

Pacey: Well...this isn't exactly the most romantic place on Earth, you know...

Tamara: What is this your first time, Pacey?

Pacey: You know that it is.

Tamara: Go home, Pacey. You need to find a girl your own age. Not some insane middle-aged woman.

Pacey: Please, Tamara.

Tamara: Please no buts. This can't go one second further, it's beyond wrong. You have to understand that.

Pacey: You keep saying how it's wrong. And maybe it is. But just to set the record straight, I'm a firm be believer that sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing. Good night.

*CUT TO: Joey walking towards Anderson's yacht.*

Anderson: Debrah, Debrah Carson.

Joey: Anderson, Anderson Crawford.

Anderson: Wow. You look amazing.

Joey: Yeah?

Anderson: Yeah. You want to come aboard? My parents met some Carson's in the winter at Palm Beach. Any relation?

Joey: We're pretty much just Manhattan bound.

Anderson: Where'd you go to school?

Joey: Chote (sp?).

Anderson: It's a drag, isn't it?

Joey: What?

Anderson: Boarding school.

Joey: Well, I don't think so. I kind of like it.

Anderson: What's there to like about it?

Joey: It's the priveledge of existence. Think of the options, you could be stuck in a small town like this where nothing exciting ever happens.

Anderson: It's not the education. It's the boarding life. Seems kind of unnatural. Separated from your family. It just doesn't seem fair.

Joey: Yeah, I keep telling myself I'll get used to it, but I never do.

Anderson: I didn't know you sailed.

Joey: Well, I'm a woman of many talents.

*Joey and Anderson are sailing. CUT TO: Beach. Anderson and Joey are playing frisbee.*

Anderson: My dad's in investment primarily. He doesn't really work. What's yours?

Joey: Oh, he's a CEO of a huge conglomerate.

Anderson: Which one?

Joey: One of the nation's best selling tampons.

Anderson: Oh. So what's your boyfriend like?

Joey: Is that your backwards way of asking if I have one?

Anderson: Well, I assumed that you did.

Joey: And what makes you think that?

Anderson: The way you carry yourself. You're really hands off. It's like a clear radio signal. I guess if I was dating somebody, I'd want them to give off the same vibe.

Joey: And how would you feel if she sailed to a deserted beach with some mystery man?

Anderson: As long as she didn't keep a secret. Didn't lie about it. The truth doesn't hurt, it's the lies that kill you. Honesty is still the primary quality I'm looking for in a girl.

*CUT TO: Filming of Helmets of Glory.*

Cliff: Alright everybody. We can do this. And...action.

*The kid who is filming the two players running and talking is shaking the camera a lot.*

Nellie: Uh! Do you think we could get somebody who is not epileptic to run the camera?

Kid: You try it. You try running backwards with a handheld and see if you can do it any better.

Dawson: There's actually a technique if you brace your arm..

Nellie: Did you say something?

Dawson: Lookin' good.

Nellie: We need more tape from the film lab. Go fetch doggie Dawson.

*Dawson runs into Jen on his way to the film lab.*

Jen: Hey.

Dawson: Hey.

Jen: How's it going out there are they ready for the all important cheerleaders?

Dawson: Hardly. They haven't even gotten the beautiful take of the first scene. Let's just say as a director, your friend, Cliff, makes a great quarterback.

Jen: Well, we can't all be prodigys.

Dawson: But Helmets of Glory? Can you even say it with a straight face?

Jen: Barely.

Dawson: Why are you here? Except for watching me get humiliated.

Jen: Because I knew you'd be here. Hellooo.

Dawson: Hey if we finish early do you want to help me get that magic hour shot?

Jen: Absolutely. I'd love the chance to work with a real director.

Dawson: Later. If we ever get out of here.

Jen: You got it.

*CUT TO: Anderson and Joey on the beach.*

Anderson: Here's the grassy nole and this is Dallas. Now Oswald is here.

Joey: Do you actually buy into that magic UFO theory (?).

Anderson: Are you saying everyone on the wine commission lied?

Joey: All I'm saying is Kevin Costner was pretty convincing in JFK. I mean, I can't believe you actually read the report. Isn't it like a million pages?

Anderson: I was curious.

Joey: There's curious and then there's sand models of Dallas. Have I told you about my UFO theories?

Anderson: What?

Joey: My UFO theories. How they swoop sometimes destroying entire cities?

*Joey turns and looks at the Frisbee.*

Anderson: No you don't.

Joey: It's just Dallas, home of Ross Perot and the Cowboys.

*Anderson has tackled Joey and is now on top of her and he leans in to kiss her and Joey turns away.*

Joey: Look at the time, I've got to go.

Anderson: Is that the truth? Or are you just trying to wiggle yourself out of a romantic situation?

Joey: I'm sorry.

Anderson: Let's get Cinderella home.

Joey: Today was a lot of fun Anderson. But you should know the truth.

Anderson: And that would be?

Joey: I'm not Cinderella. Not even close.

*CUT TO: Filming for Helmets of Glory.*

Cliff: Alright everybody. This is it. I can feel it.

*The camera is shaking as much as it was earlier.*

Cliff: Cut! Sorry. Let's go again.

*Pacey rolls up in a wheelchair.*

Pacey: Oh, magic filmmaking.

Dawson: Pacey.

Nellie: What's your loser friend doing here?

Dawson: Get out of that thing.

Pacey: Just keeping it warm.

Nellie: Cliff, sweetie, this isn't working. I know you want this moving tracky thing but

Dawson: Guys, just let me do it.

Nellie: Look, Dawson, I've had it with you!

Cliff: Who, wo, wo. You've got an idea? Let's hear it. I'm open.

*Time lapse. Dawson is in the wheelchair filming and Pacey is pulling him.*

Cliff: And action. Cut! Cut! Great! Perfect!

*CUT TO: The S.S. Icehouse. Jen and Dawson are sitting at the table. Joey is headed towards them.*

Jen: You were brilliant today. You really put that Nellie Olsen right in her place.

Dawson: Well, thank you. The real filming is yet to come.

Joey: So, what can I get you guys this evening?

Dawson: We'll have two turkey clubs, and two Cokes.

Jen: And no mayo on mine.

Joey: Can I suggest Bodizone (sp?) fat free herb sauce? It's great with the club.

Jen: Sold.

Dawson: Um, sandwiches to go. Cokes while we wait. We're catching magic hour tonight.

Joey: Oh yeah. I'll put a rush on it.

*She walks off.*

Jen: What has gotten into Joey?

Dawson: I don't know. It's bizarre.

*CUT TO: where Joey and Bessie are in the Icehouse.*

Bessie: You were late. Look, I'm in charge until you're 18 or dad gets parol. Whatever comes first. We have to help each other out Joey, it's just the way it is.

Joey: I'm sorry. Ruin my good mood. I'm just trying to have a moment of happiness in my otherwise pathetic existence. You can relate, can't you?

*Joey spots Anderson walking towards the Icehouse. She hurries over to where Dawson and Jen are sitting.*

Joey: Mind if I join you? I'm on break.

Dawson: No. Not at all.

*Joey waves to Anderson.*

Jen: Who's that?

Joey: Nobody.

Jen: Kinda cute nobody.

Anderson: Hey Debrah.

Joey: Hey.

Anderson: What are you doing here I thought you had to be with your parents?

Dawson: Who's Debrah?

Anderson: She's Debrah.

Dawson: No she's not.

Anderson: So she's not. Well then who did I spend the afternoon with. An imposter?

Jen: It's just that, we don't call her Debrah. She's just Deb to us.

Anderson: Are you guys from New York as well?

Dawson: Wait a minute, what's going on here?

Jen: Yeah. Deb and I go to school together. And you are?

Anderson: Anderson. Anderson Crawford.

Dawson: Would you like to join us, Deb's friend, whom we've never met...ever?

Anderson: Um, I'm just getting a take out.

Bessie: Sandwiches up!

*Dawson and Jen both look at Joey.*

Dawson: You know, Anderson, the food's good here but the service is a little iffy.

Anderson: You think your parents might free you up tonight?

Joey: I don't know. Family scrabble tournament tonight.

Bessie: Hey Joey!

Joey: I might be able to sneak away later.

Anderson: Well, you know where I'll be.

Bessie: Planet Earth to Joey.

Joey: I'll stop by after the game.

Dawson: You know sharade is a good 7 letter word you can use in that game.

*Joey and Jen both kick Dawson.*

Anderson: I must have come right in the middle of something.

Bodie: Here you go. *He sets the sandwiches down.* That's $7:50. Miss? Would you like anything?

Joey: No, but thank you.

Bodie: Anytime.

Anderson: I ordered a take out.

Bodie: Right this way.

Jen: It was nice to meet you.

Anderson: Yeah, see you guys later.

*CUT TO: school. Pacey is wheeling the wheelchair down the hallway and he overhears Mr. Gold and Tamara talking.*

Mr. Gold: Are you kidding? It's my favorite. Isn't it yours?

Tamara: No, my favorite scene is where Streissand meets up with Redford years later on the street then he grabs her hand (?)

Mr. Gold: And then she brushes his hair off his forehead like she did when they first met.

Tamara: It's so bittersweet. They belong together.

Mr. Gold: But they can never go back to the way things were.

Tamara: Oh stop it or I'm going to cry right now.

Mr. Gold: Okay, let's get out of here. I'll walk you home. We'll take the scenic route.

Tamara: Oh will you hold my hand like Katie and *missed the name*?

Mr. Gold: Maybe more.

Tamara: Oooo. I'll get my things.

*She walks out of the room and towards hers. She meets Pacey.*

Pacey: Hello Tamara.

Tamara: Mr. Gold is right around the corner.

Pacey: I know, I heard. He's walking you home.

Tamara: Well, Mr. Gold is a friend of mine.

Pacey: Oh, clearly.

Tamara: Friend, Pacey.

Pacey: Well, I know what you do with your students so I know he's in for one heck of a ride.

Tamara: Look you have got to stop with this before it gets out of hand.

Pacey: Oh this is already out of hand. Wait, wait.

Tamara: What do you want from me?

Pacey: You. I want you.

*CUT TO: Ruins.*

Dawson: We're actually not supposed to be here. The dad's dead and the son's a real ass so if you see anybody run like hell.

Jen: Oh now we're trespassing, are we?

Dawson: Yes we are.

Jen: What is this place?

Dawson: A monster's secret haven.

Jen: No, seriously, what is this place? It's incredible.

Dawson: It's part of some guy's estate he built it for his dead wife. She loved Greece. It was her favorite spot. Then she got sick and couldn't go there anymore so he brought Greece to her.

Jen: That is so romantic.

Dawson: Yeah?

Jen: I think so. This is absolutely beautiful.

Dawson: Well, we've got to hurry or we're going to lose the sun.

Jen: So what do you want me to do here?

Dawson: Well, just give me that and sit right here and watch as I create the moment. I was thinking about using this for the closing sequence.

Jen: Well, it's a little schmaltzy considering it's a horror film.

Dawson: I was going for the tragedy. See, the monster is dead but in his death Penelope finds understanding. She comes here to her secret place to say goodbye. It's themeatic. Plus it kind of balances out all the blood.

Jen: I see it.

Dawson: You do?

Jen: Yeah.

Dawson: Ready?

Jen: Yeah. Okay, so, what's my direction?

Dawson: That of longing, incredible sadness. Think about what just happened. The monster you killed is the man you loved. The victim of an experiment gone terribly wrong. Cut. And print.

Jen: Was that a take cause I can do it again?

Dawson: That was amazing.

Jen: Sadness is my specialty. Should we do it again because..

Dawson: It was perfect.

Jen: Well, I had a good director.

Dawson: And I had a good actress. So...

Jen: So..

Dawson: It's a shame to waste all this good production design. The sunset, the music, the soft candlelight.

Jen: Wait a minute. What are you doing?

*CUT TO Joey walking towards Anderson again.*

Joey: You're pretty good at that thing.

Anderson: Hey. I was hoping you'd show up. Listen, um, we leave tomorrow. But I come to New York all the time. I'll take you out to dinner. The Rainbow Room. We can dance the night away.

Joey: I'm not a very good dancer, Anderson. And I prefer Boulay (sp?). I'm an East side girl.

Anderson: But Boulay isn't....let me get you my number. Call me. Would you?

*They kiss*

Anderson: Can I walk you somewhere?

Joey: No. You need to stay right here. In the moonlight. It's where you belong.

*CUT TO: Ruins.*

Jen: Dawson you were videotaping a really private moment.

Dawson: Let me explain. I wanted the moment to be perfect between us. I wanted to create something special. Worthy of how special I think you are.

Jen: Dawson you try too hard. You're over zealous.

Dawson: It's my downfall.

Jen: Why can't you just let the moment exist why do you feel the need to make it happen?

Dawson: I just, I do. I don't know what else to say Jen except my intentions are nothing short of honorable. I've never met anyone like you before and you scare me.

Jen: I scare you?

Dawson: And I love the way you scare me but it makes me nervous and then I do or say something stupid and try to come up with ideas to make me smart so you won't think I'm stupid and then those ultimately backfire making me seem even more stupid. It's all a vicious cycle and I'm really at the end of my rope here Jen because all I want to do is kiss you and if I don't kiss you soon I'm going to explode.

Jen: Oh, you know Dawson this really sucks.

Dawson: Why?

Jen: Now I'm scared.

Dawson: Why?

Jen: The kiss. You've built it up to be such a big deal. What if I'm a disappointment?

Dawson: Never happened.

*CUT TO: Joey getting into the truck with Bessie and Bodie.*

Bessie: Where were you?

Joey: Nowhere.

Bessie: Hey thanks for helping me out today.

Joey: She's being nice Bodie. What does this mean?

Bodie: Tread lightly.

Joey: Boulay? That restaurant in New York. It's on the East side isn't it?

Bodie: No, it's in Tribeca. It closed down a couple of years ago. They had a great chef though. Why?

Joey: No reason.

*Joey drops the piece of paper with Anderson's number on it out the window.*

*CUT TO: Ruins.*

Dawson: All of the dumb things I do are rising around you. What does that mean when you keep doing dumb things around the same girl?

Jen: I'm sure something extremely *missed the word.*

Dawson: Oh no.

Jen: What?

Dawson: We've got to hide. Let's go.

Jen: Where are we going?

Dawson: I don't know.

Jen: Who's coming? Okay, so what do we do?

Dawson: Huh?

*Two people are in the ruins (It's Pacey and Tamara.)*

Jen: Dawson, this is really gross and it smells.

Dawson: I know, I know. Shh!

*"What would happen if we kissed" starts playing.*

Jen: Ew there's like stuff in my hair.

Dawson: It's just like a cobweb or something.

*They kiss*

*CUT TO: Pacey and Tamara. They are having s*x -- while being caught & recorded by Dawson's video camera*