01x01 - Dirty Dancing

Episode 101
Dirty Dancing
Original Airdate: January 27, 1998

In this episode: As Dawson struggles to complete his film by the festival deadline, he decides to mix business with pleasure by casting Jen, with whom he now has a budding romance. This continues to irritate Joey, for reasons she won't truly admit, even to herself. Dawson soon finds he has some competition in Cliff, an upperclassman who's not as "enlightened," but is handsome and popular for his football prowess, and is stunned when Jen accepts Cliff's invitation to the dance. Although not one to attend dances himself, Dawson now feels compelled to rush in and make an utter fool of himself. Pacey, meanwhile, moves forward with increasing confidence in his secret quest for romance with his teacher.

Dawson's movie. Joey and Pacey walk along the dock conversing, playing their characters, Stephanie and Steven.

Joey: I know what I saw. It was big and it was ugly and it attacked me and it's still out there, just waiting.

Pacey takes hold of Joey's shoulders.

Pacey: I might not believe you Stephanie, (he touches her hair) but I believe in you.

He moves in to kiss her. He gets closer until just as their lips would meet, Joey pulls away.

Joey: (disgusted) Uh...

Pacey: (turning to camera, frustrated) What? What?! Come on, What?

Dawson: (off screen) Cut!

Joey: Sorry Dawson but he is just too repelling.

Dawson: (off screen) Joey, You're going to have to kiss him.

The camera pulls back from TV, where the movie was playing, and quick pans over to Dawson painting a model of Joey's head.

Joey: (turning off TV with remote) I cannot and will not kiss that cretin.

Dawson: It's a movie, you're playing a character. It's not Pacey your kissing.

Joey: So he's a sea serpent from the deep, cite the difference?

Dawson: But your not aware of his evil alter ego, you're in love.

Joey: (sets remote on bed) Forget it.

Dawson: The movie doesn't work without a kiss Joey, it's a love story.

Joey: It's a horror movie Dawson!

Dawson: It's an homage with a heavy allegorical slant.

Joey (flops back on bed) But he's so... unkissworthy.

Dawson: (looks at her) Do it for me?

Joey: (leaning up on her elbows) I don't want to regurgitate on camera. Why don't you kiss him?

Dawson: Because *my* lips are reserved for someone else.

Joey: (sits up) Have you kissed little miss someone else yet?

Dawson: There's no need to rush fate.

Joey: Don't wait an eternity Dawson, I mean she's from New York where things tend to move faster.

Dawson: But, well then how enchanting to meet a strapping young man who doesn't have s*x on the brain.

Joey: (leans back again) If it helps you sleep at night.

Dawson: Joey, you heard her yourself. Through her own admittance, she's a self-proclaimed virgin.

Joey: For another second!

Dawson: Jen happens to be a bright, intelligent young woman who clearly is in charge of her own body.

Joey: I'm not suggesting leather straps and Crisco, just a kiss!

Dawson: Oh Jen and I will definitely kiss, don't you worry. The question is will your lips ever find Pacey's?

Joey: I vote for an extensive re-write.

Dawson: (smiling) Well that's to bad, because *you* definitely have kissing lips.

Joey: (confused) What?

Dawson: (turning model of her head for her to see) Check that out. You give good lip. (pause) You know,
Joey you could always just close your eyes and think of someone else.

Joey sighs and lays down again, discreetly sneaking a peek at Dawson out of the corner of her eye.

Dawson: (thinking) Explain to me the Crisco?

Joey smiles.

Opening Credits. Dawson's Creek theme song plays.

~~~~~~~~~~Part One~~~~~~~~~~

Shots of the exterior of Capeside High School. Cut to a hand picking up a microphone. Pan up to Nellie, who removes a piece of gum from her mouth and starts the morning announcement.

Nellie: (seriously) *Don't* forget about the big dance on Saturday to celebrate our victory at the big game on Friday.

Cut to the hallways of Capeside as students get ready to go to class.

Nellie: (over the intercom) Even if we don't know yet if we'll even win the big game but the planning committee is *really* optimistic. Get your tickets now!

Mr. Gold's room. Dawson opens the door and enters.

Dawson: Mr. Gold, got a sec?

Mr. Gold: (sits on table) What is it Dawson?

Dawson takes a seat at the table across from him.

Dawson: Um, well I've been thinking about what you said and... you were right to not let me into your class.

Mr. Gold: (taking off glasses) I'm glad you gave it some thought.

Dawson: I did. I am, however, in a bit of a jam. See I have study hall in the library fifth period and it's really overcrowded in there, major overflow. It's sweaty, unpleasant... and I talked to Mr. Gibbons about switching study halls and he seemed to think that with your permission I could just spend study hall with you.

Mr. Gold: Hmm, fifth period?

Dawson nods, pretending to be clueless.

Mr. Gold: That's exactly when film class is.

Dawson: (breaking out in a grin) Now that's an uncanny coincidence.

Mr. Gold (pauses) You will not be part of the class, you will sit in the back and be quiet. You will not participate or involve yourself in anyway.

Dawson: (interrupting) Great, great! Thank you Mr. Gold, thank you. I, I really... (pause) This is a big deal.

Cut to Pacey sitting in Tamara's chair at her school desk. She walks in briskly but slows down when she sees Pacey.

Pacey: (getting up) Good morning Ms. Jacobs.

Tamara: Good morning Pacey.

Pacey: Can we talk?

Tamara: Ah... you know this isn't your class so I'll see you later.

Pacey: (amused) No, we *really* need to talk.

Tamara: Well we have nothing to discuss, except homework which there's none so you can just run along.

Pacey: There's a lot to discuss. We could start with the open mouth kiss if you like.

Tamara: I don't know what your talking about... and I'm going to have to insist that you leave!

Pacey: I'm just as confused as you are.

Students enter and begin to take their seats. A few stare at Pacey and Ms. Jacobs.

Tamara: (whispering) Pacey please! Nothing happened. There was no kiss. Please don't.

Pacey: (under his breath to her) Your tongue was in my mouth. (pause) You're not being fair.

He leaves the classroom. Tamara composes herself and tries to smile at her students.

Tamara: Good morning everyone.

Lunchroom. Dawson pulls up a chair at a table already seating Joey, Jen and Pacey.

Dawson: Okay, I'm not going to be able to count on the film class for support like I was hoping. Which means, we're going to have to work overtime if we want to make the festival deadline. We have to shoot all weekend. Joey, this means, no lip about giving Pacey lip.

Joey: I'm reaching a breaking point with this whole kiss thing.

Pacey: I'm not engorged with this, either okay? It goes both ways.

Dawson: (thinking) Joey, major revelation. All right, I think I know a way to make you the happiest actress in the world. You know how you die in the end of the movie? How would you like to die sooner?
Like tomorrow?

Joey: (puzzled) What do you mean?

Dawson: Okay, your character in a surprise attack is killed violently but you're beautiful but bright cousin from New York arrives just in time to find your mutilated body.

Pacey: You know, dude. I think you're on to something here.

Jen: Wait. If that means I'm going to be playing...

Dawson: (interrupting) No, no, no it's perfect! This nullifies the kiss issue (looking at Joey) and puts *you* back behind the camera with *me* where you belong.

Joey smiles.

Jen: Well, but... I mean haven't you already shot a lot of stuff with Joey's character?

Dawson: It's an easy cover. Oh, it's better this way, it's so unpredictable! The audience is never gonna see it coming! It's like Janet Leigh in Psycho.

Pacey: Drew Barrymore in Scream.

Joey: (looking at Pacey) Ah, rip-off of a rip-off.

Dawson: You know I really think it fits in right in mind with the whole tone of the piece, don't you think?

Joey: (smiling, sneaking a look at Jen) You're right, Dawson. It's perfect.

Cut to Ms. Jacobs's class. The class is discussing Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights.

Tamara: Okay, someone explain to me the state of Catherine's mind as she drove Heathcliff away.

Nellie raises her hand eagerly.

Nellie: It was her tragic and dysfunctional way of letting him know she loved him.

Tamara: Yes that's the oblivious interpretation of the moment. However, I think it goes deeper than that.
For some reason, this story is regarded as some great love story. But the reality is, that Heathcliff and

Catherine never belonged together. They never should have been together.

Close up on Pacey's face.

Tamara: Catherine was essentially a mess, Heathcliff was basically a decent guy who had a lot to learn about life and was inherently better off without some whimpering, mentally unstable wet rag following him around.

Nellie and her friend look at each other in disbelief.

Tamara: The whole thing was wrong. It should never have happened. Bronte should have saved her ink.

Pacey watches her, aware of the direct meaning toward him. The bell rings in the background.

Mr. Gold's film class. Dawson is sitting in the back of the class listening to the conversations of the students.

Mr. Gold: (walking down the aisles) So, we'll have to move fast if we want to enter the film festival.

Cliff: We can make it. The script is done, the movie is boarded. And we did a lot of the work over the summer.

Nellie sits behind him, listening attentively, twirling her hair around her finger.

Mr. Gold: Then let's move onto the story. Have you solved your third act problem?

Dawson raises his hand.

Dawson: Mr. Gold?

Mr. Gold: (annoyed) Yes, Dawson?

Dawson: Would that be the Boston Film Festival?

Mr. Gold: Yes that would be. They have a junior video level competition.

Dawson stares at his desk, uneasy.

Cliff: Okay, Third act. I've just been injured in the big game with Tyler. My throwing arm crushed. The bone broken in 3 places.

Cut to Dawson's disgusted face. Nellie nods and smiles at everything Cliff says.

Cliff: (continuing) But I refuse to tell the coach, because he won't let me play at Homecoming if I do.
Remember we want the audience asking, "Can he do it? Will the team win the big game?" Remember, this is autobiographical, so if anybody has any questions, I was there. I lived it. Come talk to me, alright?

(he smiles)

Cut to Dawson taking out books from his locker. Joey stands with him and listens.

Dawson: "Helmets of Glory." Chronicles last year's football season. And get this, Mr. Cliff Quarterback himself is writing, directing and starring in it.

Joey: (rolling her eyes) Oh, a Streisand.

Dawson: This is serious, Jo. They're entering it in the film festival. *My* film festival. This is like immediate competition.

Joey: And it's a sports film?

Dawson: A thin and pedestrian sports film.

Joey: Ah, the epitome of everything you're against. (she wrinkles up her nose and leans against a locker)
Could life be more cruel?

Dawson looks down the hallway to see Cliff walking up to Jen. Joey also notices.

Cliff: Hi, I'm Cliff.

Jen: Hi, I'm Jen.

Dawson: (watches) This isn't happening.

Cliff: I know being the new kid can be kind of traumatic but if there's anything I can do to take the edge off, show you around, take you out?

Jen: (smiling) That's, that's really sweet of you. Umm, can I let you know? I mean, I'm still just getting settled in.

Cliff: Sure, sure, absolutely. (pause) And it was nice to meet you Jen, short for Jennifer.

Jen: You too, Cliff, short for Clifford.

She strides past Dawson and Joey, looking back at Cliff and smiling to herself. Dawson and Joey just look on.

Joey: I told you, Dawson. They move fast in New York.

Dawson starts to say something but stops and just looks down the hall after her.

~~~~~~~~~~Part Two~~~~~~~~~~

Mitch is standing at a table working on his restaurant plans. Dawson hops down the stairs carrying the head model of Joey.

Dawson: Dad, hey Dad. Have you seen my camcorder?

Mr. Leery: Filming today?

Dawson: Yeah, Joey gets decapitated.

Mr. Leery: It's, uh, in my bedroom, on the night table, on your mother's side. You might want to take the tape out.

Dawson: (making a face) You can get arrested for that in some states. (pauses) Umm, I have a question.

It's kind of a girl slash relationship question. And I don't want it to go to your head that I'm soliciting fatherly advice or anything. But, cause I clearly don't condone yours and Mom's perverse s*x life but I'm not too proud to admit that my own inexperience is hindering my current female relations.

Mr. Leery: Well, what's the question?

Dawson: Mechanics of kissing.

Mr. Leery: How can I help?

Dawson sits down next to his father.

Dawson: Well, I'm interested in technique.

Mr. Leery: Well, there is no technique, Dawson. You just put your lips together and go.

Dawson: Well, what makes a great kiss?

Mr. Leery: The first time I kissed your mother--

Dawson: (interrupting) Now don't get too detailed.

Cut to Joey walking to the Leery house and to the ladder leading up to Dawson's room.

Mr. Leery: And we were out on a boat. And your mother's lips were chapped from the sun and she asked if she could borrow my chap stick. So I took it out and I put some on my lips and then I leaned over and kissed her.

Joey is seen entering Dawson's room and into the upstairs hallway

Mr. Leery: (continuing) The chapstick was really smooth. It slid onto her lips, the sensation was amazing. The chemistry was already there, you know but it was just one of those things that cemented it, you know. It was unforgettable and most importantly, romantic.

Joey looks over the balcony and sees Dawson and Mitch talking.

Dawson: And here, I thought you were all about s*x.

Mr. Leery: Oh, we still jumped each other. (Dawson grimaces) But you got to have romance. It's all about romance...and chapstick.

She squats down and listens to them.

Dawson: But the kiss itself, What did you do?

Mr. Leery-: Well, here (holds up the head of Joey) Give it a try.

Dawson: No!

Mitch: Oh, come on. This is a big father/son moment here. You asked for it.

Joey smiles and tucks a piece of hair behind her ear.

Dawson: Alright.

Dawson takes the head from Mitch

Mr. Leery: Now moisten your lips and go for it.

Dawson: Dad, this is ridiculous.

Mr. Leery: It's your bottom lip. You got to keep it relaxed. (Mitch pulls on Dawson's bottom lip) You want to let it have a mind of its own. You want it to dance with hers. (pause) Close your eyes.

Dawson holds the head up, closes his eyes and kisses it. Joey is watching and when he goes to kiss the head, Joey closes her eyes as well. She opens them slowly after a moment.

Mr. Leery: That was good.

Dawson: Yeah?

Mr. Leery: Yeah.

Dawson: Cool. Umm, forget this ever happened.

Dawson: Alright, thanks.

Dawson gets up, grabbing the head and leaves the room

Joey gets up but a noise distracts her. She hears Gail's voice and finds that Gail is in the closet, whispering to someone on the phone. Joey stands by the door listening.

Mrs. Leery: Yeah, Alright. No, no, okay, then I'm hanging up. (kissing noises are heard from Gail) I
promise, I promise. Good-bye.

She hangs up the phone and opens the door to the hallway

Mrs. Leery: (surprised to see Joey) Ahhh, Joey. What are you doing?

Joey: Uh, I was just looking for Dawson. We're filming today.

Mrs. Leery:(nervously) Oh that's nice.

Joey: Yeah, I'm going to get killed today.

Mrs. Leery: Oh that's nice. Ah, Be careful out in the sun. It's hot today. Wear sunblock.

Joey: Ah, see you later, Mrs. Leery. (she starts to walk away then turns back to Gail) Mrs. Leery?

Mrs. Leery: Hmm?

Joey: (after a slight pause) I know.

Gail is obviously startled and watches as Joey leaves.

Cut to the filming of the movie on the pier. Joey is shown walking down the dock

Joey: (calling out) Steven? Steven?

Joey sees a bloodied shirt and bends down to pick it up. Pacey dressed as the Creature appears and Joey screams. She punches him and then picks up an oar and slams him in the stomach with it. He goes down as Joey runs to hide behind an old boat. She stumbles to the ground but picks herself up and ducks behind the boat. The head model of Joey is held up and Pacey knocks her head off with the oar. Fake blood squirts out.

Dawson: And cut. Beautiful.

Dawson changes the film while Jen helps him out with the equipment.

Jen: Guys that was really good.

Dawson: Perfect. That could not have gone any better.

Pacey: (taking the head off of the Creature suit) Joey, you die so well! Dawson, can we get another one of those? 'Cause I so love that image.

Dawson: No, we're behind schedule. Moving on.

Joey smiles sarcastically at Pacey and turns around, her smile fading. She goes onto Dawson's screened porch and begins to change out of her bloodied clothes. Dawson and Pacey are seen in the background cleaning up. Jen enters and goes over to help her.

Jen: (carrying a towel) Hey, Joey let me help you get that blood off.

Joey: It's okay. I can get it.

Jen: No, come on. I don't mind at all. It's not a problem. (Joey gives in and lets her help) Ewww, it looks like it's really stuck on there.

Joey: I, I can get it.

Joey begins to take off her bikini top.

Jen: Here, let's get you covered up (Jen puts a towel around Joey's chest area) You have nice breasts.
(Joey stares at her) I mean, don't get the wrong idea. I'm completely hetero, all right. I'm just commenting girl to girl. You have a really nice body.

Joey: (self-conscious) I'm too tall.

Jen: (washing the blood off of her) No, you're not at all. You're commanding. Hey, come on, I wish I had your stature and your long legs. My body's a mess. I'm too short, my hips do this weird thing and my face is shaped like a duck. Oh, and I hate my breasts.

Joey: (stares at her, surprised) Are you serious?

Jen: Yeah, I mean, it's completely normal to hate the way you look.

Joey: (debates over it, then decides to say it) You don't look like a duck.

Jen: (smiling slightly) You know, that's the nicest thing you've said to me since we've met.

Joey looks away, regretting the compliment. Jen turns to leave, then pauses and turns back to Joey.

Jen: Joey, I plan to make it really hard for you not to like me.

Joey watches her leave, tightening the towel around her, an uncertain look on her face.

Cut to Dawson and Joey filming the next scene. Pacey and Jen are on the lawn playing their characters,
Steven and Penelope

Pacey: Don't worry. I'll help you find your cousin.

Jen: That's so sweet of you. I can never thank you enough..

Pacey leans over and kisses Jen. After a few seconds, Jen tries to pull away but Pacey won't let her.

Dawson: Whoa. Whoa, Cut! Cut, Pacey, what the hell are you doing!

Pacey: (finally pulling away) I'm kissing, what does it look like?

Dawson: Snorkeling! It's not the way it's scripted. (looks at Jen) Are you okay?

Jen: (laughing) Yeah I'm fine.

Joey: (smiles) It's just a kiss, Dawson.

Pacey: And you know what? Honestly, I think we should have another. Yeah?

Jen laughs some more.

Dawson: No. No. No kiss. I'm cutting the kiss. It's out.

Joey: Wait a second, you can't cut the kiss.

Dawson: Yes I can. I just did. All right? It's not working. It doesn't make sense to have our new character to be kissing her dead cousin's boyfriend. All right? The kiss is officially cut.

Pacey: All right. So, then is that a wrap cause I got plans tonight, you know?

Dawson: Yeah, it's a wrap.

Jen: Yeah, I probably should be going too. Bye you guys.

Jen goes to leave.

Dawson: Hey, Jen, wait up.

Dawson takes after Jen and Pacey and Joey are left standing next to each other

Joey: And what are you up to this evening?

Pacey: Well, it just so happens that the woman of my dreams is going to be at the school dance tonight and I plan on attending.

Joey: (smirking) Lucky her.

Cut to Jen and Dawson walking by the fence leading up to her house.

Dawson: So, in honor of the school dance, I've rented Saturday Night Fever, Staying Alive and Grease.

Jen: In the lieu of going?

Dawson: Yeah, It's going to be a John Travolta night of interpretative expression. See, this way, we can dance and our feet never have to move.

Jen: I can't Dawson. I'm sorry.

Dawson: What? You have more enticing plans?

Jen: (hesitating) Actually I'm going to the dance

Dawson: Oh.

Jen: I'm sorry. I didn't know you wanted to do the whole movie night thing.

Dawson: It's okay. Are you going alone?

Jen: No, actually uh, Cliff Elliott asked me. He thought it would be a good way to meet some new people.

Dawson: Okay.

Jen: Come on, don't look so down. It's not like it's a date or anything. He just asked me if I wanted to go and I said yes.

Dawson: (shrugging) Ok, well call me confused but that's the definition of a date, Jen. Isn't it?

Jen: (sighing) I know. You're right. I just wanted to go, you know. I mean, I'm new here and it just sounded like fun. Why don't you drop by and we can dance.

Dawson: No, I got a date with Travolta. I wouldn't want to disappoint him.

Jen: Well, see you later.

Dawson Ok, see you.

Jen: (enters into her yard and shuts the gate behind her) Bye.

Dawson: (off-screen) Cliff.

Cut to Dawson and Joey in his room. She lays on the bed watching him pace back and forth.

Dawson: Cliff Elliott. What's that about? I don't get it. How could she be attracted to him? What's he got?

Joey: Well, we could start with his chest measurements and work down.

Dawson: No, no, no, beyond the external. (tapping his head) There's nothing going on up here. It's head fumes. The guy, he's a lightweight. His script is ludicrous, his story sense is even worse.

Joey: I don't think a cinematic process is the attraction, Dawson.

Dawson: What kills me was she was so open about it. You know, like 'I'm going to the dance with Cliff', like it wouldn't bother me. I mean, I respect her candor and all but it's a little on the thoughtless side.

Joey: (nodding) Completely thoughtless

Dawson: (sits down on bed) At this very moment they're slow dancing. Her arms are wrapped around his waist and they're moving to some stupid cheesy 80's song, and he's whispering things into her ear to kinda make her giggle and toss her hair off to the side. (Joey gives him a look) Every once in a while their eyes meet and they shift awkwardly because they know it's all coming down to that one moment at the end of the night where he leans over and tells her what a great time he's had. He asks her if they can do it again, and she just smiles in that sexy, teasing way that she has, it's not really teasing, but just sexy and says "I'd like that." (Joey rolls her eyes) And then their lips meet. Their mouths come together. Their tongues find each other, I...aauugghh! (he flops back on the bed) I can't take it.

Joey: You're so dramatic.

Dawson: I don't get it! I don't get it, what did he do that I didn't do?

Joey: (sits partly up, looking at him) He asked her out!

Dawson: (getting up) I'm going to the dance.

Joey: What?

Dawson: (going to his closet) I'm going to the dance.

Joey: What?

Dawson: It's my only recourse.

Joey: Why?

Dawson: 'Cause Jen is there.

Joey: In the arms of another man. I mean, why torture yourself?

Dawson: I'm an artist. Tortured is a prerequisite. Are you coming or not?

Joey: Look at you Dawson. I mean, this little movie plot you got going on is not going to end the way you want it to.

Dawson: (changing into a nicer shirt and vest) I'm the one who should be kissing her Joey. Not some
JCrew ad. I can do it. I can make my bottom lip dance tonight. It's going to happen. I am going to kiss the girl.

Joey: (lies back down) This is so pathetic Dawson but (she turns to look at him) I'm not above witnessing your hormonal suicide so, count me in.

Dawson: Give me two seconds. I've got to check my hair

Joey looks at him strangely.

Cut to Joey coming down the stairs. She walks over to the kitchen and peers in on Mr. and Mrs. Leery.

Mrs. Leery: We probably won't discuss this until after the dinner itself. I might be late.

She goes over and kisses him. Joey leaves.

Mrs. Leery: We'll shoot for tonight.

Mrs. Leery walks out of the kitchen and heads for the front door passing Joey, sitting on the stairs.

Joey: (not looking up) Goodnight Mrs. Leery

Mrs. Leery: (startled) Joey, you scared me. Ah, look we need to talk.

Joey: (standing up) Do you remember my mom, Mrs. Leery?

Mrs. Leery: I just want to clear up this morning.

Joey: My mom was the best. She was an incredible woman. My dad, however, didn't always see that. He cheated on her for as long as I can remember and it tore her apart. Crippling their relationship and nearly destroying the entire family.

Mrs. Leery: Why are you telling me this, Joey?

Joey: Because your actions affect others. They bleed into the lives of those around you and...

Gail: You don't understand...

Joey: (interrupting) No, you don't understand. My mom got cancer and died so you do the math. You know your reasons for doing what you're doing? (pause) They can't possibly outweigh the everlasting damage you're creating.

Mrs. Leery: (sighs) Does Dawson know?

Dawson: (off camera) Know what?

He comes bounding down the stairs. Joey and Mrs. Leery stare at each other.

Joey: How to dance. I just told her we were going.

Dawson: (smiling) I know how to dance.

Joey: (smirking) Yeah, right.

Dawson gives his mom a kiss on the cheek. He runs off and Joey turns to leave also.

Joey: Have fun tonight, Mrs. Leery.

~~~~~~~~~~Part Three~~~~~~~~~~

The school dance at Capeside High. Pan over kids dancing to "I Want You" by Savage Garden. Jen and
Cliff are standing next to a table drinking punch.

Cliff: Fortunately, this is a victory dance

Jen: Ah, did you make the winning play?

Cliff: Well, you're here aren't you?

Jen: (laughing) You know, that could have been my exit cue but you somehow pulled it off.

Cliff: I sold it?

Jen: Yeah, you're smooth yet unassuming. It's very enduring. Is there anything you're not good at?

Cliff: Yeah. Dancing. I'm rhythmically challenged.

Jen: (challenging) Prove it.

Cliff takes Jen's hand and leads her onto the floor, where they start to dance.

Pacey walks in and spots Tamara who is chaperoning the dance She whispers in another teacher's ear.
He walks up to her.

Pacey: Good evening, Ms. Jacobs.

Tamara: (not thrilled to see him) Hello, Pacey. How are you this evening?

Pacey: Confused, perplexed, bewildered, mystified. The source of emotion.

Tamara: You know, I'm the chaperone and I should make the rounds

Pacey: Would you like to dance Tamara?

Tamara: (turns around) That's not a good idea, Pacey.

Pacey: Of course it's not a good idea. But if things were different, would you?

Tamara: (smiling) I...I have to go.

Dawson and Joey arrive at the dance and see Jen and Cliff dancing to "All I Want" By Savage Garden.
Cliff is definitely proving his point.

Joey: (smiling as she sees them) Ahhh, they make such a cute couple. (turns to Dawson) What exactly is your plan?

Dawson: (watching) I didn't get that far.

Joey: Well you better write something quick, because in some world sectors, what they're doing is known as foreplay.

Shots of Jen and Cliff dancing.

Dawson: (thinking) Do you dance?

Joey: (shaking her head) No.

Dawson: (taking her hand) Now you do. C'mon.

Joey: (aggravated) Dawson, this is certifiable.

Dawson: It's easy. You just move around, shake your ass back and forth.

They reach the dance floor. Just then, the song ends and a slow one comes on. The camera pans over to various couples moving to the music. Joey and Dawson each look around, not quite sure what to do.
Dawson steps toward her and takes her hand in his. Joey stares, overwhelmed, over his shoulder.
Dawson searches for Jen.

Dawson: We lost her

Joey: (staring up at him) Maybe she's with your brain.

Dawson twirls Joey around him, still looking for Jen. She's confused, but plays along. She comes back around him and he stares at her, smiling.

Dawson: You're pretty good at this

Joey offers a slight smile as the mood turns and their eyes search each other's.

Jen: Hey, you guys

The moment is broken. Jen and Cliff are next to them, swaying to the music.

Dawson: Hi.

Jen: You made it.

Dawson: Yeah.

Jen: Ah guys, you know Cliff?

Joey: Hi.

Dawson: Hi.

Cliff: We have film class right?

Dawson: Not exactly. It's my study hall base.

Jen: But Dawson is a very talented filmmaker.

Cliff: Oh yeah? You're into movies?

Dawson: I dab.

Cliff: Cool.

Dawson: (trying to be smooth) I'll see you.

Dawson dances Joey away.

Joey: That went brilliantly.

Cut to Jen leaving for the hallway. Pacey stares at Ms. Jacobs. Dawson notices Jen and runs after.

Dawson: (out of breath) Hey

Jen: Hey, Dawson. Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you.

Dawson: Yeah? You know, here and there.

Jen: I was hoping we could dance.

Dawson: What about Cliff?

Jen: (amused) Well, if you'd rather dance with him...

Dawson: You know what I mean.

Jen: It's a song, Dawson, A three-minute distraction from life.

Dawson: He might get upset. You being his date and all.

Jen: (annoyed) Forget I asked.

Dawson: Jen...

Jen enters the girl's bathroom. Dawson pauses for a second and then goes in after her. He quickly exits when girls start screaming.

Dawson: Sorry.

Cut to Joey and Dawson are sitting at a table. Joey is watching Dawson stare at Jen and Cliff.

Joey: This is embarrassing. Let's blow.

Dawson: No, I'm enjoying my misery.

Cut to Jen surrounded by Cliff and his jock friends.

Joey: While you stand here on the dock pontificating, little U.S.S. Jenny is sailing farther and farther out to sea. Haven't you had enough?

Dawson: No, I'm still breathing.

Joey: Dawson, you hardly even know this girl

Dawson: I know. That's the magic of it, Joey. True, Jen stepped into my life no more than two seconds ago but already I feel that connection. The bond that we're meant to be together. You call a wish fulfillment and delusion of the highest adolescent order, but I'm telling you something *primal* exists between us.

Joey: You're scaring me Dawson. You're doing this Frankenstein/Hyde thing. I mean, one minute you're
Dawson, the next you're his psycho alter-ego. I mean, you're the sea creature from your own movie.

Dawson: So be it, Joey. I can't explain it any better, Jo. The girl's a mystery to me, but I feel like I've known her my whole life. (pause) I mean, it's like the way I feel about you. (Joey stares at him) She challenges me the way you do, she could be you. Except...she's Jen.

Joey looks away, trying to conceal her hurt.

Joey: Well let me just remind you how you're little allegorical horror movie slash love story ends. The creature doesn't get the girl. He dies a violent, bloody, horrible death. Rest in peace, Dawson. It was nice knowing you.

Joey gets up to leave.

Dawson: Where are you going?

Joey: I'm already dead, remember?

Dawson looks over at Jen and Cliff as a slow song comes on and they step out onto the floor.

Dawson: (getting up) It's time for a rewrite.

Dawson taps Cliff on the shoulder while Cliff is dancing with Jen

Dawson: Umm, excuse me. I'd like to cut in.

Jen: What are you doing, Dawson?

They've stopped dancing.

Dawson: I said I want to cut in. I'd like to take over. Umm, I'd like to thank you Cliff for showing Jen such a great time for the greater part of the evening but I'm here now in sound mind and body, and I can take it from here.

Cliff: What are you talking about?

Jen: Yeah, Dawson. What are you talking about?

Dawson: You and me. Me and her. Cliff, I know it's kind of confusing right now but all you need to know is that Jen and I have something going on and it's a little bit raw and undefined right now but it's my time to clarify the situation. So I'd like to ask you to manly step aside so I may have a moment with the object of my desire.

Jen: (upset) Dawson, what are you doing?

Cliff: Hey, you're going to have to leave right now, okay? This is too weird.

Dawson: No. I think you need to go. I'm staying.

Cliff: What's going on, Jen? Do you want to be with this guy? (to Dawson) Why don't you just go?

A crowd begins to form around them.

Dawson: No. Why don't you go?

Cliff: And if I don't?

Dawson: I haven't thought it through that far.

Jen: I'll tell you what. I'll make it easy for both of you. I'll go.

Jen leaves and the camera closes in on Dawson's face as he watches her go.

~~~~~~~~~~Part Four~~~~~~~~~~

Joey, Dawson and Pacey are walking down the street towards the pier

Dawson: This could be the single most embarrassing night of my life. I'm a simp. Joey, how could you let me do this?

Joey: See, I knew this was going to turn against me some how, where this would all be my fault.

Dawson: And Pacey, my non-existent friend.

Pacey: Sorry, man. I was otherwise engaged.

Joey: At least I didn't desert you, *I* came back!

Dawson: Who's the mystery woman you keep alluding to?

Pacey: Unfortunately, the mystery woman remains a mystery even to me.

Dawson: (depressed) You know, at this moment, Jen's lips are probably pressing against Cliff's.

Joey: (sighs) Don't go there.

Pacey: You know what? It's my stop kids. Manana.

Pacey leaves and heads down towards the pier. Joey and Dawson continue walking down the street.

Cut to Mr. Leery is sitting at the kitchen table. Mrs. Leery walks in carrying a doggie bag of food from the restaurant.

Mrs. Leery: Hi

Mr. Leery: Hi hon. How'd it go?

Mrs. Leery: Okay. I brought you a doggie bag. Oh, is Dawson home yet?

Mr. Leery: I think our son is busy kissing the girl next door for the first time tonight.

Mrs. Leery: (massaging his shoulders) Oh, sounds romantic.

Mr. Leery: Ummm, remember our first kiss.

Mrs. Leery: Of course I do. It was our first date. You took me to the movies, the one where Mary Tyler
Moore was just this horrendous mother.

Mr. Leery: Ordinary People.

Mrs. Leery: That was it.

Mr. Leery: No that wasn't it. That was our second date.

Mrs. Leery: Wait. It was in your car at a stoplight. I remember you leaned over and you kissed me.

Mr. Leery: No

Mrs. Leery: Yes, it was.

Mr. Leery: I can't believe you don't remember our first kiss.

Mrs. Leery: (she heads to the fridge) I remember. I don't think you remember.

Mrs. Leery: No, I remember every moment. It was the single most vivid moment of my life thus far.

Mrs. Leery: Honey, I'm sorry. It's late and I've had a long night.

Mr. Leery: And there I was giving our son advice on how to deliver the most memorable kiss only to discover that I'm a utter failure.

Gail sneakily pulls out a tube of chapstick and puts it on.

Mrs. Leery: Umm, I know. We went for pizza. It was that terrible restaurant where you rubbed the red pepper into your eye (she sits in his lap).

Mr. Leery: Third date. You know, you just need to quit.

She interrupts him and plants a kiss on him. They stand up as the kiss grows more passionate until she breaks it off.

Mrs. Leery: How's the lips? Still chapped?

Mitch: They need a little more.

They kiss again, then hold each other. Gail looks over his shoulder, troubled.

Cut to Pacey walking down the pier when once again he spots Tamara.

Pacey: This cannot be happening.

He walks over to where Tamara is standing.

Pacey: Ms. Jacobs?

Tamara: Hi, Pacey.

Pacey: You know, I feel this strange familiarity creeping over me.

Tamara: I thought it might be appropriate.

Pacey: Give us a chance to do it all over?

Tamara: Only change the ending. I'm sorry, Pacey, about my behavior. I mean, this is without question, the most absurd thing I've ever done. Not to mention punishable in a court of law.

Pacey: It was just a kiss.

Tamara: No. It was more than that. (pause) What I did was deadly wrong and I could stand here and try to explain to you my hopelessly troubled state of mind. Because you do deserve an explanation for my behavior but well, instead of feeding you ten years of therapy, I was hoping that maybe I could get by with a simple apology? And hope that I haven't left any permanent scars...I am sorry, Pacey. What I did was wrong and I am sorry.

Pacey: Now, where do you get off taking all the responsibilities for this. I may just be fifteen, but I'm well beyond the age of accountability.

Maybe not within the confines of the judicial system, but for me. (sighs) My lips kissed back. Right? I
kissed you back.

Tamara: Fair enough.

Pacey: And you know what? I don't regret that at all and you shouldn't either.

Tamara: But this can't happen again. From now on, our relationship is strictly teacher/student. I want that clear.

Pacey: And if I were to object?

Tamara: Well it's not up for discussion. You know, it has to be this way, Pacey, for all the obvious and non-obvious reasons.

Pacey: (sad) This is so unfair. (honestly) I'm not good with girls and I finally meet someone...

Tamara: Don't worry, Pacey. That will change, Trust me. Good night.

Pacey reaches and grabs her arm as she tries to leave. She turns back to him and they kiss.

Cut to Dawson and Joey still walking down the street.

Dawson: Jo, let's assess. What have we learned from tonight's 90210 evening?

Joey: That we should always stay home on a Saturday night and watch movies because the remote on the rewind of life does not work... [sic]

Dawson: No, it doesn't. But that won't be a problem now that I officially ruined it with Jen. It's really over.

Joey: It never began, Dawson.

Dawson: You know I do feel like the monster from my movie. There's something inside me that I can't control. It's like I have no balance anymore. Everything's either high or low, hot or cold, black or white. It's like there's no middle ground, anymore. I mean, nothing's just okay.

Joey: (sighing) I'm too tired to philosophize, Dawson.

Dawson: Do me a favor? If I get like this again, and I'm sure I will, before this adolescent growth process is over, well next time just chain me to my bed and wait for my moment of clarity to come?

Joey: (smiling wickedly) Can I use leather straps?

Dawson: (still confused) Not until you explain the Crisco.

Joey: (laughing) You are such a sphincter. You really are. I mean, I can't understand how someone so self-aware can be utterly clueless.

Dawson smiles then looks down the street and sees Jen buying taffy from a vendor. She then steps over to the balcony of the pier and stares out at the water. Joey watches also.

Dawson: (moaning pitifully) Oh man, What do I do?

Joey: (shrugs) It's your call.

Dawson: Well, I pretty much bastardized the evening. I may as well complete it.

Joey: 'Til there's no one left standing.

Dawson: Can I bag on you Jo?

Joey: Yeah you can bag.

Dawson: (punching her on the shoulder) Wish me luck.

Joey: pauses for a moment, just looking at him.

Joey: Good luck, Dawson. I hope you get your kiss.

Dawson waits till she leaves then heads toward Jen. He walks up behind her. She senses him there.

Jen: (still looking out at the water) I'm beginning to feel like your TV set.

Dawson: I don't know what to say first.

Jen: A first. (turning around) I am really angry, Dawson.

Dawson: I know.

Jen: What do you want from me?

Dawson: I want to know what's going on between us?

Jen: And does that question need to be answered tonight?

Dawson: Sorry about tonight, Jen. I got scared. Scared I was becoming the friend.

Jen: (upset) Oh God, the friend. How awful.

Dawson: It is awful. I feel like I'm becoming a friend you come over and tell all your boy adventures to. I
don't want that to be the case. I want to be your boy adventure.

They both hear voices and look at a couple that are on a houseboat celebrating.

Jen: Can't you be both?

Dawson: (pauses) No, not at fifteen, you can't. It's too complicated.

Jen looks away, pausing to think.

Jen: (slowly) So, I'm interested.

Dawson: (surprised) In what?

Jen: An adventure. What do I have to do?

Dawson: (moistening his lips) You can kiss me.

Jen laughs a little and turns back to the water. Dawson looks a little hurt.

Jen: You know, I really am a cliché, Dawson. In New York, I was moving fast, I was moving really, really fast. So fast I kept stumbling and falling. But here I feel like for the first time in a long time I'm walking at a steady pace and (she turns back to him) I'm afraid that if I kiss you, my knees may buckle and I may stumble and I don't know if I can handle it now.

Music drifts from the houseboat. The couple stands and begins to dance to "You Don't Know Me" by
Jann Arden. Dawson and Jen both watch until Jen turns smiling shyly to Dawson.

Jen: Would you like to dance?

Dawson: Here? Right now?

Jen: (smiling) I've wanted to dance with you all night, Dawson.

They move towards each other and begin to dance.

Jen: (softly) See, the kiss is just the end result. It's not what's important. It's all about desire. And wanting.

Dawson: And romance.

Jen: (smiling and looking up into his face) Yeah, and romance.

Jen sighs and lays her head on his shoulder. Dawson looks amazed that he's even there. Cut to Joey walking up the street, watching them. Her downcast face says it all as the camera draws closer. Cut back to Dawson and Jen dancing. The camera pulls back and the music fades.