01x05 - Look Who's Talking

Episode 105
Look Who's Talking
Original Airdate: February 24, 1998

In this episode: The miracle of life surprises everyone, as Bessie and Bodie's baby decides to make an early entrance. Finding her very pregnant sister on the side of the road, a panicked Joey transports her to Dawson's house to wait for an ambulance. A bad traffic accident and limited resources delay the ambulance, and it becomes very clear that Bessie is going to give birth on Dawson's living room floor. Desperate, Joey enlists Jen's grandmother, a registered nurse who disapproves of the interracial couple's decision to have a baby, much less one out of wedlock, to help with the birthing. Meanwhile, Pacey's affair with Miss Jacobs is leaked to the high school rumor mill, with news of the scandal traveling all the way to the school board. In an uncharacteristically mature move, Pacey gallantly saves Miss Jacobs' job and reputation, only to be given a heart-breaking blow.

[Open Dawson's bedroom----Dawson is laying in bed, watching a movie---Its ends, Dawson clicks off the TV/VCR... Pan left to Joey sitting on Dawson's bed also.]

Joey: All Right. Great movie. Thanks a lot. I gotta go.

Dawson: Yo Jo, slow down. What's the rush?

Joey: Hate to cut the festivities short but Bessie is due next week and she needs extra help around the house.

Dawson: Come on, Joe. Bodie can take care of anything Bessie needs. Plus, You can't leave now we've only watched one movie. We've never watched just one movie on movie night.

Joey: Well a first time for everything.

(Cut to Jen sitting on a chair.... to your suprise.)

Jen: A night of first's all around.

Joey: And, What are you talking about?

Jen: Look, I'm talking about the obvious, which I know we've all tried our best to ignore. But it's easy to see that I have intruded on a very personal ritual here, And clearly, my presence is making you uncomfortable. So, I'll tell you what, Joey. You stay and watch another movie. I'll just go.

Dawson: No, wait Jen. You don't have to do that.

Jen: No, Its ok. I mean, you and I have decided to slow things down. So, I am sure that a few hours apart won't kill us. Besides, Grams has kinda been on the war path, meaning, once she see's Joey leave, there is no way she is going to trust you and I alone. So, so I should just go.

Joey: Well don't leave on my account. I mean, I'm not interested in ruining anyone's evening.

Jen: No, no. Its not you at all. Don't, don't take it personally.

Dawson: Great. Settled. Next issue. What to watch next.....(He is interrupted by Jen)

Jen: Ok this is no solution,Joey. If we both stay we're going to be stuck in the same uncomfortable position we've been in all night.

Dawson: All right. So let me get this straight. Movie night has been reduced to the following: (Dawson's talking to Jen) You can't stay if she leaves because your grandmother wouldn't permit it. And you can't stay if she stays because its awkward.

Jen: Yeah.

Dawson: (To Joey) And you can't stay if she leaves because you feel like you have driven her away. And you can't stay if she's here because it ruins movie night for you.

Joey: Well put.

Dawson: Well since this is my house. And we assume that I can't go anywhere. According to my calculation that only leaves one option.

Joey and Jen: Night Dawson.

Dawson: Wait a minute.

(Joey says this as she begins to climb out the window)

Joey: I'll see you tomorrow.

(Jen says this as she walks out of Dawson's room)

Jen: Don't stay up too late.

(Dawson's alone now....He lays back on his bed and looks at the TV)

Dawson: Movie night........... way too complicated.

(Theme song plays .... Beginning credits.)

< Open to scenes throughout the town .... then cut to Potter kitchen. >

Bodie: Goodmorning sweetheart. And How are we feeling this morning?

Bessie: Well, If your nauseous and swollen and irritable also. I'd say we're feeling exactly the same way.

Bodie: Look at the bright side. Your due date's the 22nd. In less than a week this will all be over.

Bessie: A week?! This can not last another week. It's inhumane. I don't sleep anymore, My legs are fat, My back is killing me, I feel like retching 23 hours a day....Did you know the average justation period for the fruit bat is 2 months..... 2 months, thats fair, thats reasonable. Why can't I give birth to a fruit bat.

(Joey walks in for breakfast.)

Joey: Because we're about 80% sure you're human.

Bessie: Do you still live here?

Joey: Unfortunately. (To Bodie:) When's your interview?

Bodie: Today. After work. That new French restarant over in Hyannis.

Bessie: You know, If you don't like it here, Joey. No one's stopping you from moving out. Fact, In most states you'd be considered an adult.

Joey: Aw, that's funny. Cause you wouldn't.

Bessie: Bodie....

Bodie: Come on Joey. Your sister isn't feeling very well today how about taking it easy on her, Ok. (Bodie chats with Joey aside) Look, I know the matriarch's been a handful, lately. But she's due next week, once the baby comes, I promise she'll be back to her old self again.

Joey: But thats what I'm afraid of.

(Cut to Jen's room... Grams is cleaning her room and picking up clothes. When she see's a calendar that Jen has put and and says....)

Grams: What, in heavens name is this?

Jen: Its a calendar Grams.

Grams: It's a filthy calendar.

Jen: No, It's an art calendar and before you get apopletic (don't have a stroke) on me. These photographs happen to be hanging in the world's finest art galleries.

Grams: I don't care whose hanging them. In my house we don't ogle naked men.

Jen: No, We pray to 'em', right.

Grams: Oh! Don't you dare compare the two! Oh my lord, Jennifer. What has happened to you? To the little girl I used to know, Who I took to Sunday school, When she would come visit me each summer and Who once had respect for the church and it's teaching.

Jen: Well she's carefully considered all possible scenarios, detailing a god-like source. And she has found them unconvincing. And ,while she respects those who chose to believe in a higher being, she herself does not. Simply put Grams, she grew up.

Grams: Perhaps.... Perhaps she just thinks she did.

(Cut to parking lot at Tamara's car)

Pacey: I think we should go out this weekend. Just you and me.

Tamara: We usually do, Pacey.

Pacey: No we don't go out, We stay in. We first invent some school related reason why I need to come over to your place on a friday night and then we lock the doors and close the blinds so that none of the townsfolk could possibly see us together. I know that you are having trouble acknowledging the fact that we have a relationship but you have to admit there is 'somethan goin' on here.

Tamara: Yes. There is something.

Pacey: Right. So, Ya know what. I think we should start acting like it. Going out in public, together. It'll be great. Like a real couple.

Tamara: Pacey thats sweet but It's hardly practical.

Pacey: It doesn't have to be in Capeside. We can go, we can go down to Providence. Ok. We'll have dinner. Catch a movie. Nobody there knows us down there. We'll be just like all the rest of the dysfunctional couples out for a good time on a Saturday night.

(Tamara laughs)

Pacey: So, Whats do you say? Will you go out with me Ms. Jacobs?

(cut to boys bathroom.... Dawson and Pacey are using the facilites)

Dawson: She said she'd go to Providence with you?

Pacey: Well she didn't say yes but she didn't say no either. She just, she gave me that "I really want to, Pacey, but I just can't ", look. The way I got this figured, Once I get my learners permit, this woman is going to cave completely.

(Pacey looks in and under the stalls.... but not too well.)

Dawson: What are you doing?

Pacey: Well, Ya know, You really, ya can't be to careful with this information.

Dawson: Ya know, I really feel for ya Pace. Spending all your time trying to get Ms. Jacobs out of the bedroom.

Pacey: Listen. This relationship is not all about s*x. Ok. I mean, luckily for me some of it is.

(The bell rings.)

Dawson: Well, hey, I better get going. I wouldn't want your girlfriend to think I'm standing her up.

Dawson: Hey, Dude. You gotta be careful too.

Pacey: Don't worry.

Kid smoking in stall (Kenny Leaverton): (coughing)... Oh..man!

(Cut to outside of school. Dawson walks up to Jen.)

Dawson: Ok, It wasn't easy, but I think I may have finally found an upside to my parents marital woes. Mitch and Gail are off to a couples therapy this weekend and they have left Leery manner in my sole possession.

Jen: ok. Thats nice and everything but...

Dawson: Ok. That's nice but I was hoping for something a little more illicit (Illegal) than that.

Jen: Ok, Listen. There is this really weird Pacey rumor going around school. Have you heard about this?

Dawson: No. What? That he finally handed in a homework assignment in on time?

Jen: Not exactly, And its not just about Pacey. It also involves Ms. Jacobs.

Dawson: What about them?

Jen: Well let's just say that for a student and teacher, They have an exceptionally close relationship. So close, Its considered illegal in about 35 states.

Dawson: Um...Maybe we can still nip this in the bud. Who told you?

Jen: The question should be who didn't tell me, Dawson. Its out there. Its prevelent.

Dawson: We gotta go find Pacey.

Jen: Wait, Dawson. Is it true?... Dawson?

Dawson: I can never lie to you. I told you that before. Just do me a favor. Pretend you never asked me that question.

( Cut to school hallway ... Dawson is looking for Pacey.... Joey walks up to them and says...)

Joey: You guys aren't going to believe what I just heard.

Dawson: Somehow, I think I will.

(You see Pacey walking down the hall.)

Dawson: Hey!

(Pacey is stopped by a girl, she whispers something in his ear. He looks at Dawson in shock.)

(Cut to a school stock room with Dawson and Pacey)

Dawson: Ok. Joey said she heard that Kenny Leaverton was smoking in one of the stalls. Overheard everything.

Pacey: Ah well, that figures, ya know my life's been going a little to well something had to go and balance it out.

Dawson: What, Pacey. It's not that bad.

Pacey: Ya know I really appreciate that effort Dawson but it really is that bad. Ya know what lets be honest it's worse. This is cataclysmic. This is one of those rare mile stone events that separate the first half of your life from everything that follows. Ah, My only consolation is the faint hope that this doesn't reach Tamara. So,ya know , If you would just allow me a moment here for me to symbolically drop my chin into my chest, and let me feel really really sorry for myself. It would be much appreciated.

Dawson: Ok, Pacey. Granted, This doesn't look good but this is in your hands, you could control this now.

Pacey: Its the wrong time for the Obe-wan moment Dawson.

Dawson: No, listen to me. As far as your concerned, the only thing worse than a rumor is a substantiated rumor. If you walk out that dorr hanging you head, doing the whole, whoa is me thing. Its as good as admitting thats its all true. But if you go through thse halls, Like you couldn't care less, Like this is the most rediculous thing you've ever heard. Then, there is a chance that this thing could be dead and buried by 6th period.

Pacey: I... I can do that. I can be cool. Casual. A smile, a little wink, and easy stride through the Home Ec. wing, Ya know, like, like nothing happened. Like I got not a care in the world.

Dawson: Yeah.

Pacey: Absolutely.

(Pacey walks out of the room smiling and nodding to all those looking at him. Dawson leans up against the wall and watches Pacey as he walks down the hallway. With a major "concerned for his friend" look on his face. Pacey keeps walking and turns at a corner. He is alone now. He leans up against a bulletin board and rubs his forehead in frustration.)

(Cut to Tamara's English class)

Tamara: Romeo and Juliet offers, perhaps, the most noteable exploration of the forbidden fruit theme that we will examine this year.

Boy#1(Twitchel) Not anymore.

(Pacey walks in late to class, the class is laughing)

Tamara: Mr. Witter, you're late.

Boy#2: He's probably resting up from last night.

(The class is laughing again)

Boy#1(Twitchel): Ok man settle a bet. Real or silcone?

Tamara: Keep the running commentay Mr. Twitchel. And I'll see you after class.

Boy#1(Twitchel): You promise?

(the class laughs again)

Tamara: All right. Settle down. Now, where were we?

Boy#2: Ahem....... Forbidden fruit.

(Cut to pier after school.... Pacey is sitting on a bench by himself. Joey walks up.)

Joey: Hey, Jail bait.

Pacey: Feel free to keep on walking. I won't think your rude.

Joey: Look, dispite first impressions, I'm not here to bust on you.

(Pacey exhales deeply)

Joey: I don't know if the rumors are true or exaggerated. Or if this is one of your bizarre attempts to appear more attractive to the senior girls. But I just wanted to say I know what you must be going through, and...

(Pacey laughs)

Pacey: No. I really doubt you know what I'm going through.

Joey: Well let me see. People stare at you when you walk down the hall, we've seen that. They whipser behind your back. You suddenly overhear your name in a conversation of strangers. And pretty soon a justifyable paranioa sets in and wether they are are or not , you are convinced that everyone is talking about you. Imagine if you had done something even worse.

Pacey: Like what?

Joey: Like sharing a house with your pregnant unwed sister and her black boyfriend, while your father serves time on a drug conviction. Imagine that, Pacey. We actually have something in common.... Providing gossip for the small-minded townsfolk. And unfortunately for you. You're ,you're tonights top story.

(Pacey sighs)

Pacey: Great. So, what do I do now?

Joey: Same thing I did....You pray like hell for a better story to come along.

(Cut to Jen and Dawson walking home from school.)

Jen: Grams' way of dealing with my point of view. Is to pretending that it doesn't exist. Which, of course, infuriates me. Its causes me to speak emotionally rather than rationally, and I become rude and defensive, and I...I give her even more of a reason to dismiss my viewpoints. Its like were locked in this awful viscious cycle.

Dawson: Well, I don't know. You gotta do something. You just can't ignore her for three years until you go away to college.

Jen: I can't. Oh, There goes plan A. Hmm. There she is, right on schedule. Keeping an ever viligant-eye over my wanton lifestyle. Ok, I'll see you tonight. All right.

Dawson: All right.

Grams: Dinners at 6:00. I'd like you washed up and at the table then. Please.

Jen: Sure.

(Cut to outside Potter house, Bessie is in her truck, which is stuck in a ditch. Here come Joey home from school.)

Joey: Bessie?......Bessie?

Bessie: Joey.....I'm so glad your here.

Joey: Well, what happened? Are you ok?

Bessie: Oh. Its nothing really. I was on my way to the clinic. I guess I had a little mishap.

Joey: The clinic....I didn't know you had an appointment today.

Bessie: Oh, no I don't. In fact, my next appointment isn't until my due date on the 22nd. But my huch is i'll have to reschedule.

Joey: Why?

Bessie: Because I'm fairly certain, I'm in labor.

Joey: Oh my god. We have to move the truck or......

Bessie: Joey, It's under control. But I need to call an ambulance. And since our telephone isn't exactly in working order at this very moment.

Joey: It's not?

Bessie: No............Which means the nearest phone around here belongs to your friend Dawson and I need you to get me there ASAP.

Joey: Well, Dawson's house may be the closest but it's not exactly the most convient. I mean..... there's really only..... one way to get there from here.

(Cut to the creek..... Joey is rowing Bessie and her across to Dawson's house)

Joey: Don't worry Bessie. I'll get us there.

Bessie: At the rate your going Joey, The two of us is going to be the three of us. Come on. give me those. god ... your rowing like a girl. Ya know , I'm going to start calling you Josephine. ( Bessie starts breathing hard.)

Bessie: I thought you were supposed to be some expert oarsman.

Joey: Yeah and I thought you were supposed to give birth next week in a hospital.....Oh my god, Bessie the boats leaking.

Bessie: Thats not the boat, Joey.

Joey: Then, what is it?

(Bessie is breathing heavy.)

Dawson: All right. He's not. Ok, well then can you have Pacey call me when he gets back.

Joey: Dawson?

Dawson: Thank you. Joey.....Hey I'm kinda worried about Pacey. I can't seem to find him.

Joey: No time to talk Dawson. My sister is having her baby.

Dawson: Cool.... Congratulations.

Joey: On your lawn.

Dawson: What?!

(cut to Leery living room... Dawson is on the phone.)

Dawson: Ok...Yeah sure but I... I understand. Yeah. Please. I'll hold.

Bessie: What are they saying?

Dawson: Well the good news is the ambulance is on its way. The bad news is its stopping in Duxsbury first.

Bessie: Duxsbury. Thats an hour away.

Dawson: Traffic accident. Major Pile-up. Childbirth is not a high priority today. But they are getting me an ETA in a second.

Bessie: One hospital. With one ambulance and no doctor within 30 miles. Another of the hidden joys of living in the middle of no where.

Dawson: Yes. I'm still here. How long?

Bessie: Did you reach, Bodie? Where's Bodie?

Joey: No, I called the Ice House and they said me caught the bus for Hyannis already.

Dawson: Ok, They're going to get the ambulance here as soon as they can. But they just can't make an guarantees, thats all.

(Bessie grabs the phone.)

Bessie: Listen, you sorry ass civil servant. This is the mother-to-be talking. Maybe I'm not in the tax bracket that guaratees a prompt response to medical distress, but I have a shoe full of amniotic fluid, my pelvis is beating like a rumba band, and I'm in real danger of having my first born child delivered by two high school students. So, why don't you stop making excuses, get off your oversized backside and get us an ambulance before my fetus enters college..(Click... Bessie hangs up) Oh...

Joey: Terrific. I'm sure they will be right on their way.

(Cut to Tamara's house... Pacey is sitting out on the deck. Tamara walks up the side of the deck to see Pacey waiting for her.)

Tamara: Lets not have this conversation, Pacey.

Pacey: What conversation?

Tamara: The one where you apologize to me and tend to my wounded heart. All the while explaining why your not to blame for opening up your big mouth.

Pacey: I'm not..I only told Dawson. I didn't know Kenny Leaverton was in the bathroom.

Tamara: Ya know, There was one boundry placed on this relationship, Pacey. Not s*x. Not true Intimacy. Only one: You don't talk about it. You don't tell your friends. And you don't brag to your classmates. Although, now I wonder if disgression is just to adult a concept for a boy to grasp.

Pacey: Hey listen. I... I just ..I wan...I want you to hear my side of the story. Ok. It's not what you think.

Tamara: You can't tell me anything I haven't heard in the teachers lounge. Oh, Yes. Thats right. See, We are already the talk of the faculty. Which means its only a matter of time before the administration gets wind of it. And then the school board and maybe if were really lucky the district attorney.

Pacey: T...Tamara. I'm sorry. I......

Tamara: Ya know, this morning. I think you suggested that we should do more of the things that couple should do. Well, I've got one idea that fits the bill. Lets break up.

(Pacey sniffles and looks toward the sky.)

(Cut to Leery Living room. Bessie is in a chair holding her stomach.)

Bessie: Oh...AAAAh...ow..owww ....Oh...Where's the damn ambulance?

Dawson: It's coming Bessie. It's coming.

Bessie: Oh ... Oh.

(Joey grabs Dawson aside.)

Joey: All right. Bodie is not an option. What are we going to do? We're not qualified to perform a birthing right here. We haven't even finished high school biology, yet.

Dawson: Well, There's gotta be someone in this town who knows what to do in this situation. Right?

Bessie: Oh... (softly)

(Cut to Jen's room. She opens a drawer and there is a bible in it. She goes down to confront Grams about it.)

Jen: What is this?

Grams: Standard King James edition. Old and New testament, though, I am partial to the later chapters.

Jen: Ya know, what I'm partial to, Grams. I am partial to people who respect my privacy and the right I have to my own beliefs. And, I know that Atheism is about the least desirable trait that any granddaughter of yours could ever possess, But It's nothing you should take personally. And..It's not just God either. Grams, I don't have a whole lotta faith in man these days.

(Cut to front door of Ryan house.)


(Joey exhales and says this rather fast.)

Joey: Look, I know you don't like me or approve of my family. And, I know that you could think of at least 80 reasons, why Bessie and Bodie are about the worst sinners. But right now, as we speak, my sister's sitting next door in Dawson's house, Inches away from giving birth and of those 80 reasons, I can't think of any that the baby's actually responsible for. So, If you could remember, that as a nurse, you took an oath to help others in need and well.... Ah that would be really nice.

(Joey turns away from Grams. Grams gives her a half surprised and annoyed look.)

(Cut to town... Pacey is walking home and here comes Deputy Doug in his patrol car.)

Pacey: Great.

(Doug gets out of his patrol car.)

Doug: So...Listen to this....I'm over Carlton's gettin a hair cut. When the guy next to me starts talking about a rumor that's making the rounds at the high school about some punk kid sleeping with a teacher. And, So I say to myself, well If it involves s*x it couldn't be my brother Pacey. Then the guy says, a word is the kid made it all up, that it's all just a lie. And, so, I say to myself "Bingo."

Pacey: Ya know, that..thats really fascinating Dougie.

Doug: Ya know, and all I could think of it and it make me sick mind you, was poor sweet Tamara, must be ripping her apart. Come on, Pacey. Why don't you give me a glimpse of the inter-workings here, huh? What.. was the rational... boredom or just a classic cry for attention?

Pacey: Well actually no, Ya know what? I thought it was up to me to let the this town know that at least one person in our family was having heterosexual s*x. And, ya know, just as a matter of curiosity, Did it ever occur to you, just for a brief moment, to defend or support me in this conversation?

(Doug chuckles)

Pacey: Or does the Witter family credo prevent such emotions?

Doug: Oh that's really heavy Pacey. Ah I'm sure the school board will ah be as moved as I am by that. Oh, you haven't heard. huh.... Well, Its seems your lies have made it all the way up the food chain. Superintendent Steven's is calling an emergency board meeting to discuss whether charges should be laid against Ms. Jacobs. No doubt your presence will be requested. Ya know, its funny isn't it, Pacey. But..aaa...there are actually people in this town who take you seriously.

Pacey: Yeah and unfortunately... your not one of them.

(Cut to Leery living room.)

Dawson: Look, right now Bodie is on his way to a French restaurant on the other side of the county. And the only thing preventing the birth of his first child from becoming a hazy secondhand story is this little device. So, what do you say ? ...For Bodie?

(Dawson has his camcorder in his hand)

Bessie: All right. But, I want final cut.

(Dawson nods.)

Dawson: Deal.

(In walk Joey and Grams.)

Joey: Bessie?.....I've got someone to help you.

Bessie: Please, Don't tell me you've done what I think you've done.

Dawson: Conflict.. Perfect.

Grams: How far apart are the contractions?

Bessie: God, Joey?

Joey: What? She's a nurse. She can help.

Bessie: She's also borderline racist. Who hates everything about me and my boyfriend and our unborn child.

(Jen walks in now.)

Jen: Is everything OK?

Grams: We're just having an impromptu home birth. Nothing to be concerned about.

Bessie: Really. Because, I've got a few concerns.

Grams: Girls, move that coffee table out of the way. Pulse is strong. Temperatures fine. OK, girls, we're going to move Bessie over into this chair over here. Gently does it. ..... Easy... Easy...Easy ... that's it...that's it.

Bessie: Oh... Oh...

Grams: That's it, That's it.

Bessie: I'm against this, ya know.

Grams: OK, Mr. Demille. (to Dawson) You can do something useful and get us some large towels and washcloths. Please.

Dawson: OK.

Grams: That's it. Easy... Easy....Easy. That's it. Calm down. Keep breathing. Easy... That's it. Cushions?.....

Bessie: Oooh Oooh.

Grams: Thank you, Josephine.

Joey: It's Joey, actually.

Bessie: No, It's Judas, actually.

Grams: Ok...Ok..now as far as you, I'm gonna make you a deal. This is going to be a big day for you. And, as your attending nurse, you may feel an overwhelming outpouring of gratitude towards me when we're done here today. But, I promise. I will not take advantage of your post partem bliss and I will resist any urge to bond with you over this shared experience, of this event, if you will do me just one small favor in return.

Bessie: What's that? (very cocky)

Grams: Shut Up!

Grams: Now, where are those towels?

(Cut to Capeside Townhall)

(Pacey comes up the stairs to see Tamara and someone else sitting there.)

Pacey: Tammy... Listen. I'm so sorr... ( interrupted by attorney)

Attorney (Caroline F): Mr. Witter? We haven't met. I'm Caroline Fields, Ms. Jacobs attorney.

Pacey: Attorney?

Attorney (Caroline Fields): Under advice from council, She's chosen not to discuss this case with you at the current time.

Pacey: Ca.... What are you talking ? ... This is about.... Tammy... If you could...

Attorney (Caroline Fields): Mr. Witter.... If I must again ask you to refrain from communicating directly with my client. In addition, Should you feel the need to speak with her at any future date, you are instructed to contact me. And, I'll pass along any pertinent information. Is that clear?

Pacey: Ah, Yeah..Caroline?

Attorney (Caroline Fields): Yes, Mr. Witter.

Pacey: Would you tell your client, I'm sorry.

(Pacey walks away upset. Tamara has a concerned look on her face.)

(Cut to Leery house.... Dawson is filming.)

Bessie: Ooh ooh aaah

Jen: OK. All right. That contraction was exactly 60 seconds apart from the last one.

Grams: OK. your completely dilated, Dear..... Time to push now.

Bessie: Push what?

Grams: The baby, Dear.

Bessie: Oh. (Dawson see's the look on Joey's face and walks over and sits down next to her.)

Dawson: She's gonna be OK, Joey.

Joey: Yeah, I know.

(Cut to the school board meeting.)

Superintendent Steven's: This session has been convened and the reason we've asked you to come before us this afternoon, Ms. Jacobs, is that we find ourselves faced with a persistent rumor, a disturbing rumor. Which, undoubtedly, you've heard?

Tamara: Yes, I've heard it.

Superintendent Steven's: Then let me be direct Ms. Jacobs. Pacey Witter is a student of yours, in one of your sophomore English classes.

Tamara: Yes, he is.

Superintendent Steven's: There have been allegations of a sexual relationship between yourself and Mr. Witter. Please forgive my candor, Ms. Jacobs, When I ask, Are these allegations true?

Tamara: Well you see......

(Pacey walks and cuts her off.)

Pacey: No, no, they're not.

Superintendent Steven's: Mr. Witter, You are to wait until your summoned.

Pacey: Ah, Look I don't mean any disrespect here. But, If you'll just give me a second, I'll have you all home for dinner. OK?

Pacey: Look, I know the origin of these rumors has been traced to me. And Ah I guess that would make sense. Cause Look at me here I am a C+ student, who sits in the back of Ms. Jacobs English class everyday, daydreaming about the same thing. About, what it would be like to be..... a little bit better looking, a little more sophisticated and about 15 years older. Cause, then and only then, could Ms. Jacobs possibly look at me as anything other than just another one of her students. And, only then, could this rumor stand any chance of being true. Ah, I mean, don't get me wrong, I am flattered with the seriousness that you took these allegations, but ya know personally I'd just chalked them up to adolescent fantasy. I kind of expected you guys to do the same.

Superintendent Steven's: Correct me if I'm wrong Mr. Witter, but for the record, Are you saying you deny the aforementioned allegations?

Pacey: Yeah, for the record, Sir. And, for anywhere else you want to put it. Ms. Jacobs is my English teacher and to my great disappointment absolutely nothing else.

(Cut to Leery living room.)

Bessie: (screaming in pain)

Grams: Yes, Yes....... That's it.... That's it...... Yes, yes

Bessie: God!

(Joey hears and see's how much pain Bessie is in. She cringes when she hears her scream. She gets out of her chair spins around and stands there watching. Waiting.)

Grams: You are doing fine.

Jen: Grams.... Grams... I need to talk to you..... There's a lot of blood here.

Bessie: What's? .. What's?.... Did she say blood?

Grams: Shh..... Just relax, Dear.

Bessie: Are you afraid to tell me something wrong? If something's wrong, I want to know about it.

Grams: No, don't be silly, Dear. Nothing is at all wrong. Now, what Jennifer doesn't know is that a bloody show is a natural part of the birthing process. The last thing that we could have do is worrying yourself........ Jennifer, a cool washcloth. Now.

Bessie: Mrs. Ryan, I am doing OK Right?

Dawson: Your doing great Bessie. Everything's great. I...I wouldn't be filming if everything wasn't fine. Right? We're making a movie here. (Joey walks out.) .....Hey, Mrs. Ryan, smile for the camera.

(Grams swats at Dawson and his camera.)

Grams: Out! You are distracting my patient and I won't have that.

Jen: Grams, Grams... There is a problem. Isn't there? Something's wrong with her.

Grams: Nothing is at all wrong. And, How dare you alarm my patient, by expressing a contrary opinion in her presence.

Jen: Grams, She is losing a lot of blood. I don't know much about this, but I know what a lot of blood looks like.... Grams?

Grams: Oh, Yes. All right. There's more blood than I'd like, but I see no evidence of cervical lacerations or detached placenta or or ahh...

Jen: In English, Grams.

Grams OK, in English, I need your help Jennifer. I need you to set aside your attitude and second guessing and help me get this baby out of her, before, God forbid, she loses anymore blood and complications worsen. Do you think you can do that Jennifer? Do you think you can summons up even the smallest amount of faith in me? Because, if you can I can guarantee there would be no better time for it than right now.

Grams: OK Bessie, breath and push remember, breath and push.

Bessie: Oooooh

Jen: God, Grams she's in pain.

Grams She's doing fine, Jennifer.

Bessie: No, Mrs. Ryan. I need something.

Grams: What do you need, Dear?

Jen: A pill, medicine. She.. needs something for the pain.

Grams: I don't have any medicine. But, I do have one thing that may work better.

Bessie: Please. I'll try anything.

Grams: OK. Then repeat after me...... Our Father, Who art in Heaven....

Jen: A sedative. She needs a sedative, Grams, not the Lord's prayer.

Bessie: I'm sorry, Mrs. Ryan. That stuffs not going to work on me.

Grams: No, Dear. Its for your baby.

Grams: Our Father, Who art in Heaven.

Bessie: Our Father, Who art in Heaven.

Grams: Hallowed be Thy Name...

Bessie: Hallowed be Thy Name...

Jen: Thy Kingdom come....

Grams: Come on. you heard her.

Grams: Thy Kingdom come....

Bessie: Thy Kingdom come....

Grams: Push!

(Cut to Leery backyard, facing the creek. Joey is sitting in a chair, looking down at the ground, when Dawson come out of the house.)

Dawson: Hey........ I can't wait to see the look on my moms face when I tell her what happened in the living room.

(Joey wipes tears from under her eye.)

Dawson: Bessie's going to be OK, Joey. As frightening as Mrs. Ryan is in daily life, I think she is incredibly capable when it come to medical emergencies.

Joey: I know, Dawson....... FYI. I'm not out here because I'm to worried about Bessie to stay inside. I mean, I'm worried but...

Dawson: What is it?

Joey: Its nothing...It's OK....It's stupid.

Dawson: No, It's not stupid, Joey. Look, I may not always agree with you but your reasons are never stupid.

Joey: All right. A question, Dawson. Who does Bessie remind you of?

Dawson: That's easy. Your mother.

Joey: There are times when the resemblance is merely a passing one, and then......there are others when......Bessie says or does something, and....it's like my Mom never died, You know. .....When she got sick, I mean, she had, she had chemo every month..............It left her in this terrible pain, and I would come home and I would sit with her, and... she let out these cries that I'd never heard before and I .. I prayed...to every available higher source. I would never hear them again from anyone or anything, and...somehow... somebody listened. 'Cause luckily, I never did. Ya know.

Dawson: Until today.


Joey: Yeah.

Dawson: Joey, When your mother was in all that pain, Why did you sit by her?

Joey: Come on, Dawson. Cause ... she needed me. I mean.. I mean, she didn't tell me that but I knew, I ... I knew she really needed me.

Dawson: So, What makes you think that Bessie needs you any less?

(Cut to Townhall...Tamara is walking out the door when Doug come up to her.)

Doug: Tamara?

Tamara: Oh. Hello.

Doug: Look I know what you must be feeling towards Pacey right about now, well, what with all the trouble he's caused you. But, Frankly, I'd hate for our whole Witter family to be tarred with the same brush. I'll tell you that boy has been nothing but a bane since he was a child......trouble here....Creating a ruckus, over there.

Tamara: Well then, you must be very proud.

Doug: Proud. I don't quite follow you, Tamara.

Tamara: By the way he's grown up. From an unruly child to a....sweet, sensitive.....intelligent young man.

(Doug looks at Tamara with this perplexed look on his face. Tamara turns to walk away then turns back.)

Tamara: And Douglas.......Its Ms. Jacobs.

(Cut to parking lot. Tamara gets into her car and drives away...all the while Pacey is watching near the school sign.)

(Cut to Bessie in the Leery living room again.)

Grams: That's it. Push. .. Baby's beginning to crown.

Jen: Oh, Oh my God. I can see the head.

Grams: That's it. Your almost there just a little bit longer now. That's it, Dear. That's it, Dear. Just one more little push. Its almost over.

Bessie: I can't, I'm too tired.

Grams: Dear, You can and you will.

(Joey walks in. Bessie and Joey look at one another, Joey puts her hand on Bessie's and Bessie holds it......She gives one big push and......)

Grams: He's out.

Bessie: He?...Is he OK?

Grams: Oh, he's better than OK. He's healthy, he's beautiful, and he's all yours.

(The baby cries and everyone is happy and smiling.)

(Cut to Pacey walking to Tamara's house on the beach. Tamara is sitting on the deck stairs with a drink.)

Pacey: Can we talk, or do I need a lawyer present?

Tamara: Hi, Pacey. Well, If you've come to apologize again. You needn't. I'm deeply appreciative of what you've done.

Pacey: Well... Actually I was kinda hoping I could assume that all that talk about breakin' up was just said in the heat of the moment. Cause, Tamara, that's never gonna happen again. I'm not .. from now on... I'm just not talking to anybody, not Dawson, Not anybody. There's just no chance of that happening again.

Tamara: No.. I know. Because I won't let it.

Pacey: Ah.. OK. Good. Neither will I.

Tamara: Maybe I'm not making myself clear. There will be no further.... gossip because there will be no further subject. I'm leaving Capeside. And, I've already turned in my resignation to Principle Geiger, and I should be at my sisters' house in Rochester by Tomorrow evening.

Pacey: Ah...I..You don't waste any time. Do ya?

Tamara: Pacey you knew this day was inevitable.

Pacey: Oh... I'd think I would have to disagree with you there Ms. Jacobs...Never in a million years would I have predicted Rochester to be a plot point in our little saga.

Tamara: I meant us ending was inevitable..... Hey, Maybe you'd graduate. Maybe I'd met someone my own age. God, Maybe you'd met someone your own age. But you knew that there... was a ticking clock inherent to both of us and to everything about us. You must understand, Pacey, I care about you. More deeply than I ever expected or wanted too. But I'm ...36 years old... and I want to have children before it's too late. I mean, I want to be their mother not their girlfriend.... You know, just because I'm older and arguably more mature... Doesn't mean I know what to say in these situations any more than you do. So, Please. Lets just say good-bye now. Before I get maudlin and embarrassing and entirely too truthful.

Pacey: Is a farewell kiss permitted?

Tamara: Oh ...I don't know, I seem to remember that's what started this whole mess to begin with.

Pacey: You know, I... I think I could handle it Tamara.

Tamara: Well, I'm not sure I can. (They were holding hands and she pulls away.) Here.

(They hug tight and she kisses him on the forehead. They laugh.)

Pacey: OK... Well, I hope you enjoy Rochester.

Tamara: Yeah, I hope you enjoy high school.

(They hold hands again .. Then they part. Pacey looks back at Tamara. He turns and walks away. She half waves, realizing he can't see her, she stops and watches him walk away.)

(Cut to the sun setting.... Then to the Ryan house. Grams is In the kitchen doing a crossword puzzle. Jen walks in.)

Jen: Goodnight.

Grams: Oh, Goodnight, Jennifer.

Jen: Long day, huh?

Grams: Good day.

Jen: Oh...(Softly)

Grams: Oh Jennifer (Grams takes off her glasses.)...Just because we don't say certain things to each other doesn't mean we don't feel them.

(They smile at each other.)

Grams: Jennifer?....After what you've experienced today, Can you honestly tell me you still hold no belief in God?

Jen: Ah..Well, I don't know about God. But, Umm, I think I may have come around a little on man.

(Grams smiles, puts her glasses back on and returns to her crossword puzzle.)

(Cut to Potter Living room. Bessie and Bodie at the baby.) (Joey walks in.)

Bessie: Hey, Joey, Come here. (Joey sits down near them and Bessie places the baby in Joey's arms.) He's got mom's eyes. You know?

Joey: Yeah, that's the first thing I noticed.

(Joey looks at the baby and smiles. She looks at Bessie and Bodie and then to the baby and smiles again.)

(Cut to the beach....Pacey is walking near the surf. He is looking at Tamara. She is looking out the window, then she turns out the light and walks away from the window.)

Pacey: Bye, Tammy. ( This seems to be a voice over ... might have been Goodnight, Tammy... but I am not sure.)

(Pacey turns around and walks a bit.... Only to turn back for one more look. Then he continues down the beach with his hands in his pockets.)