08x03 - Run Piper Run






ROSE MCGOWAN (NARRATOR): Previously on Charmed ...


[Scene from 8X01: Still Charmed and Kicking]


(Phoebe adds a pinch of something to the potions pot. The contents explode and

a cloud of white smoke rises up.)

PHOEBE: Voila. New identities.

(Phoebe and the others turn and look at their reflection in the mirrors. They

each see their 'new' selves.)

VICTOR BENNETT: How is it you can see your other selves reflected in the


PHOEBE: It's part of the spell.

PIPER: You know, this just might work.

[Scene from 8X02: Malice in Wonderland]


(Paige talks with Billie Jenkins.)

PAIGE: What's your name, anyway?


PAIGE: How long have you been a witch?

BILLIE JENKINS: Not that long. Just up till really recently, I noticed I had

these --these powers.


[Scene from 8X01: Still Charmed and Kicking]


(Phoebe and Paige poke their heads out of the kitchen doorway.)

PAIGE: Who is he?

PHOEBE: I don't know his name. It's some guy that I used to see in the

elevator all the time at work.


(Phoebe and Dex Lawson meet.)

PHOEBE: I'm Julie, Phoebe's cousin.

DEX LAWSON: Dex. Dex Lawson.


[Scene from 8X02: Malice in Wonderland]


(Paige is scrying when she gives Phoebe the message.)

PAIGE: Hey, the paper called for you.

PHOEBE: Really? What did they want?

PAIGE: Well, I think they want to talk to you -- or cousin you.


(Phoebe is typing on the computer. Voice Over is from earlier in the episode.)

PHOEBE: (v.o.) Apparently the newspaper's having a hard time. Getting the

advice column out, so they asked me to help out a little bit, which I thought

was kind of weird, but I said sure.


(Phoebe looks at Dex Lawson.)

PHOEBE: Did you have some -

DEX LAWSON: I ran into your editor in the elevator, told her I thought you

might be able to help.





(Piper is digging through her closet while Leo and Paige lean up against the

doorway waiting for her to pick something to wear.)

LEO: Piper, you're gonna be late.

PAIGE: I can orb you.

PIPER: No. No. We -- No orb. We drive like normal people.

PAIGE: Yeah, well, normal people get stuck in traffic jams.

PIPER: Did you put my silver earrings back after you borrowed them?

PAIGE: Piper, you're stalling.

PIPER: I am not stalling.

(Piper walks out of the closet.)

LEO: Wow. You look great.

PAIGE: It's okay if you're scared. It's understandable.

PIPER: I'm not scared.

PAIGE: Oh, yeah, right. That's why you changed outfits three times.

PIPER: All right, well, maybe I am a little nervous. (She puts her jacket on.)

I don't really know why I'm doing this, anyway.

LEO: You're doing this because it's what you want to do. Look, if you get

nothing else out of being dead to the world ...

PAIGE: And to the underworld ...

LEO: At least you went out and you tried something new. You know? You

expanded your horizons.

PIPER: Who writes your stuff?

PAIGE: The thing is, you just need to relax a little. Okay, Piper? It's just

an interview.

PIPER: With a corporate headhunter who's going to, what, get me a job at IBM?

I don't think so.

PAIGE: I thought you wanted this.

PIPER: No, actually, it was dad's idea. He set it up.

LEO: Because he knew you wanted to try something new.

PIPER: No. I am perfectly happy running P3.

LEO: You were not happy last week about anything.

PIPER: One little meltdown. Okay? I'm allowed.

PAIGE: Okay, look, the point is, you've got a new lease on life. We all do.

And you need to just take your own advice. You know? Get out there. See if

there's other people you want to mingle with and talk to.

PIPER: Mm-hmm. And what about all the demons in the world?

PAIGE: We've got Billie for that.

PIPER: And she's just a kid. What if she can't handle it?

PAIGE: She will. She's learning, and I've got her upstairs studying right now.

LEO: Yeah, and -- and as far as the play date, you know, I got it covered.

PIPER: I know. But really, little Kenny is -

LEO: ... is allergic to peanut butter. I know. You told me. You're stalling.

(Piper turns and looks at her 'new' image in the mirror.)

PIPER: I just wish I didn't feel like such a fraud.

PAIGE: All you need to do is remember the you that's on the inside. Okay? And

besides ... who's gonna figure it out ... Jenny.



(From the Halliwell Manor, we travel up and across San Francisco City.)


(Inspector Parker has his gun pointed at a blonde-haired woman who looks

incredibly like "Jenny," Piper's new identity.)

LIEUTENANT PARKER: Put your hands on your head. Now!

MAYA HOLMES: Je n'ai rien fait!

(With her hands raised, she turns around to look at Inspector Parker.)

MAYA HOLMES: Vous devez me confondre avec quelqu'un d'autre.

LIEUTENANT PARKER: Save it, Maya! I know you understand me. You're under

arrest for murder.

(She kicks the gun out of his hands, then turn and kicks him again in the face,

bringing him down to his knees. He falls to the floor, out cold.)

(She kneels down and picks up the gun.)

MAYA HOLMES: Damn you.

(She sighs and leaves.)







(It's a bright sunny day, when a loud explosion sounds, shaking the entire



(Paige runs into the attic.)

PAIGE: Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!

(She coughs.)

PAIGE: Are you okay?

(Books are strewn on the floor around Billie. Paige helps her up.)

BILLIE JENKINS: (groans) Ohhh ... yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm--I'm

okay. I'm ... whooh! That was, uh, that was awesome!

(Billie is amazed by the magic.)

PAIGE: Awesome? You almost blew the house up! How's that awesome?

BILLIE: Oh, just the attic. Besides, this place is a wreck. Do you guys ever

put anything away?

PAIGE: You were just supposed to be ... reading.

BILLIE: That's all I was doing!

PAIGE: Well, then what happened?!

BILLIE: I don't know. Remember, I'm very, very new at this.

PAIGE: Unhh!

(Paige picks up the Book of Shadows' bookstand and figures out what Billie did.)

PAIGE: You read a spell out loud, didn't you?

BILLIE: Yes, I read out loud.

PAIGE: That is not reading. That is chanting. And that ... uhh! (She picks up

the Book of Shadows.) ... is how things go boom!

(She slams the Book of Shadows onto the bookstand.)

BILLIE: Okay, cool. Lesson learned. What's next?

PAIGE: What's next ... is that you go back to college and take a break from all


BILLIE: Why? It was just one little mistake. Haven't you heard of the

learning curve? (Paige glares at her.) Look, I'm here because you need me,

right? So you girls can go have a normal life while I go kick some demon ass.

So the more you teach me, the more I can get out there and go do my thing.

PAIGE: The first thing you're gonna be doing is cleaning up your mess.

(Paige shoves a book in Billie's hands.)

BILLIE: Well, why? Can't you just cast a spell and make it pick itself up?

PAIGE: That would be something called personal gain, which is something we

don't do. Okay? Plus, we want to keep the use of magic to a minimum so the

demons don't find out we're still alive.

BILLIE: Oh. Okay. Yeah. Three chicks move in under the same roof. Hello.

How dumb can they be? (Paige shoves another object in her hands.) Sorry.

PAIGE: Look, I get the spells and witchcraft and potions. They're really fun.

It was not long ago that I was kinda going through the same thing, learning the

ropes. But here's the deal. It's actually really dangerous. And until you

respect that, you're not gonna really, truly learn anything.

BILLIE: Okay. You're right. You're right. I will. I will respect it. I


PAIGE: Thank you.

BILLIE: So, when can we go vanquish demons?

(Paige rolls her eyes at Billie.)

PHOEBE: (v.o.) Hey, don't look at me. You're the Whitelighter.


(Phoebe is in her office, sitting behind her desk and putting on her make-up.

Her door is shut and blinders drawn. She's on the speaker phone with Paige.)

PHOEBE: (to phone) Yes, I realize she's there to help us all, Paige, but I'm

working. And you'll be, too, soon as she gets her stuff together. You know?

ASSISTANT: (from intercom) Julie, Dex Lawson here to see you.

PHOEBE: (to phone) Oh, I gotta go. I gotta go. My future husband's here. My

future husband's here. I gotta go. I'll see you at lunch. See you at lunch.

(She pushes the disconnect button just as the door opens. Dex Lawson peers in.)

DEX LAWSON: Bad time?

PHOEBE: No. This is a great time. Come on in. (She motions him inside.)

Wanna sit?

DEX LAWSON: I can't. I gotta get back to work. I just wanted to stop by and

see how the new job's going.

PHOEBE: The new job? Oh! Right. I'm sorry. I completely blanked. Uh, it's

... great. It's like I've been here for years.

DEX LAWSON: Yeah, well, it shows. Sound just like her.


DEX LAWSON: Phoebe? You know, the column ... Advice ...

PHOEBE: Oh. Right. Of course.

DEX LAWSON: Yeah. I mean it, Julie. It's uncanny. It's ... it's ... almost

like you're channeling her or something.

PHOEBE: Well, I'm gonna have to work on that, 'cause that's kinda weird, huh?

So ... you called about something?

DEX LAWSON: Uh, yes, I did. Um ... how do you feel about art shows?

PHOEBE: Well, that depends on the art.

DEX LAWSON: How do you feel about my art?

PHOEBE: I love it.

DEX LAWSON: Good answer. Um ... look, I know we've only gone out a couple

times, but, uh ... I mean, I was just wondering if, uh ...

PHOEBE: I'd love to.

DEX LAWSON: Love to what?

PHOEBE: Love to come to your art show tonight. If ... that's what you were


DEX LAWSON: I was trying to. How'd you know?

PHOEBE: I'm psychic.

(Phoebe playfully touches his shoulder. She's suddenly hit with a premonition.)

(Quick flash to: [INT. DEX'S LOFT/GALLERY] At the art show that night, there's

an earthquake and Dex's art work smash to the ground and break into pieces. End

of premonition.)

(Phoebe stares at him, a little shaken by the vision.)

DEX LAWSON: What happened?

PHOEBE: The earth moved.

PIPER: (v.o.) Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball,



(Piper is in the middle of her job interview.)

PIPER: ... and I'm Piper's cousin, so somebody had to step in to take care of

the kids.

HARPER JENNINGS: Of course. That's very noble of you. Still, how do you expect

to work full-time if --

PIPER: Oh. Well, I have two other cousins who can pitch in, and the boys, um

... well, they have a man around. Another cousin. By marriage. My marriage.

I'm married.

HARPER JENNINGS: It's all on the application. Isn't it?

PIPER: Yes. Yes. It's -- it's all here, Ms. Bennet.

PIPER: Uh, Jenny.


PIPER: I'm wasting your time.

HARPER JENNINGS: No, no. No. It's not that at all. Um ... your resume's ...

very impressive. Really. Anybody Victor vouches for is all right by me. It's

just ...

PIPER: Just what?

HARPER JENNINGS: Well, frankly, I get the impression you don't really want to

be here.

PIPER: Oh, no. No. That's not true. Really. Well ... maybe it's a little bit



PIPER: (sighs) Honestly, I really don't know what I'm doing with my life at

the moment. This change ... this ... tragedy ... it's really forced me to open

my eyes and see just how far my life got off track. And after a while, it just

seemed like one big battle after another.

HARPER JENNINGS: Oh, yes-- the metaphorical battles we face each day.

PIPER: Yeah. Except mine were a little more literal. But my point is, I'm here

because I want to find myself again. I want to dedicate part of my life to a new

purpose. And, really, I work very hard, and I'm very good with people.

HARPER JENNINGS: You don't have to sell yourself on me, Jenny.

PIPER: I don't?

HARPER JENNINGS: No. The credentials speak for themselves. Besides ... you're

honest ... straightforward. Very important traits every high-level exec should


PIPER: High-level exec?

HARPER JENNINGS: That's where I'd place you based on everything I'm seeing


(He takes out a digital camera.)

HARPER JENNINGS: Smile. (He takes her photo.) It's for the background check.

It's pro forma.

PIPER: Background check?

(From behind the desk, we're given a glimpse of the computer screen. The

digital photo he took is already on the monitor showing Piper's 'new' look.)

HARPER JENNINGS: Give me a couple of days, see what I can come up with ... and

we'll meet again Wednesday. Is that all right?

PIPER: Are you kidding? That's great. Thank you.

(Piper stands up and shakes his hand.)


(Piper turns and leaves the office.)

(Harper Jennings presses the enter key and Piper's photo and information are

mailed off for the background check.)


(The information zooms through the computer circuitry, through the cables and

into the computer at BSI Background Security, Inc.)


(The e-mail with Piper's new identity opens on the computer monitor.)

(The technician who is eating a hoagie sandwich, sits up in his chair, presses

the buttons on the keyboard and waits for a response.)

(The computer searches and comes up with a mug shot photo for:



6851B-275 )

(The technician reaches for the phone and makes the call.)

TECHNICIAN: (to phone) We've got a problem.

PIPER: (v.o.) Actually, it wasn't a problem at all.



(Piper steps out into the sidewalk. She's talking on the phone with Leo.)

PIPER: (to phone) It went a lot better than I thought it would.



(Leo is standing in the conservatory doorway. Wyatt and the other children are

playing in the room behind him.)

LEO: I won't say I told you so.

PIPER: Good. Don't. How's the Motley Crew?

(He glances behind to check.)

LEO: Uh, they're doing fine. They're enjoying their sundaes as we speak.

PIPER: Actually, I was talking about the moms. Be careful of Eve. She can

kind of be ...

LEO: (interrupts) Piper ...

PIPER: What?

LEO: I can handle it. Enjoy your lunch. Celebrate.

PIPER: Celebrate what?

LEO: Your new life.

(Amused, Leo hangs up and steps into the conservatory with the other moms.)

VIVIAN: Uh, use your words, sweetie.

(Leo sits down in the chair with the other moms.)

VIVIAN: Uh! I swear, if Edith stands up one more time at PTA, she's gotta go.

DARK-HAIRED WOMAN: Get rid of her. Cement shoe city.

SHORT-HAIRED WOMAN: She's joking, of course.

LEO: Oh, I get it. Just pretend I'm one of the gals.

(One of the children starts whining.)

VIVIAN: Mommy said use your words. Oh, does this agro stage ever stop?

SHORT-HAIRED WOMAN: Not if you're like my husband ...

EVE: Believe it or not, some men are sensitive. (to Leo) Look at you and what

you're doing. Taking care of your cousin's kids.

LEO: It's what family does.

EVE: Yeah, but most men wouldn't set aside their career for the sake of the

children. God, I just -- I really admire you.

(She gives Leo a smoldering look.)

(The whining child continues to whine.)

VIVIAN: Ok, enough. (She reaches out and picks up her son.) I'm sorry,

sweetie, but mommy told you if you can't use it safely, she's taking it away.

Come on.

EVE: And all on your own. No ring. You're not married?

LEO: Oh, um, actually, it's a long story.

(Eve's son comes running up to her. He's carrying a bowl of ice cream.)

TOMMY: Mommy! Mommy! Oh!

(He trips. The bowl of ice cream flies out of his hands and lands squarely on

Leo's shirt.)

(The other women watch

EVE: Oh, God, I am so sorry.

TOMMY: Oops.

LEO: It's okay. It was -- it was an accident.

EVE: Here. Let me clean that off.

(She takes a napkin and dabs at the ice cream mess on his shirt while her other

hand rests on Leo's thigh.)

(The other women watch, fully aware of what Eve's doing.)



(Police cars screech to a halt in front of the office building. Inspector

Parker exits the car. He's on his radio,)

LIEUTENANT PARKER: Suspect is considered armed and dangerous. Approach with

extreme caution and on my orders only. We don't want any civilians hurt. Copy


VOICE: (from radio) Copy that, lieutenant.



(Piper, Phoebe and Paige sit at an outside café table eating lunch.)

PIPER: I don't know. I'm just not used to it, I guess.

PHOEBE: What, feeling happy?

PIPER: No. I mean, the guy's probably just blowing smoke anyway. He's

probably not gonna call with any real opportunities.

PHOEBE: Now that's the old Piper we all know and love.

PAIGE: Jenny.

PHOEBE: Nobody's listening. And nobody cares. That's the beauty of it.

PAIGE: You know what? I hear that Dex cares.

(Paige makes kissy noises at Phoebe.)

PHOEBE: Yeah, until the earthquake destroys everything he's ever worked for.

PIPER: What earthquake?

PHOEBE: I mean, talk about ruining a moment.

PAIGE: What moment?

PHOEBE: You know, the moment. When you look into each other's eyes and you can

feel the romance and the passion ... the desire.

PAIGE: (wistfully) It's been such a very long moment since I've had a moment.

PHOEBE: I mean, how am I supposed to marry a guy that I don't even know without

having the moment?

PIPER: But really, back to this earthquake.

PAIGE: Maybe your premonition was so you could stop it from happening.

PHOEBE: How am I supposed to stop an earthquake?

PIPER: 5.5, 6, 7? What are we talking about here?

PHOEBE: How am I supposed to know?

LIEUTENANT PARKER: (o.s.) Maya Holmes!

(Behind them, Lieutenant Parker and a couple of officers have their guns on


LIEUTENANT PARKER: This is the police! Stand up and put your hands on your


(Through the reflection in the glass window, we see what everyone else sees -

the girls with their new looks sitting at the table.)

(Piper and Phoebe look around, confused.)

PAIGE: (to Piper) I think they're talking to you.

(Sure enough, there's a row of police officers with their guns on Piper.)

(Piper puts her hands up in the air in surrender.)






(Paige and Phoebe are in an interview room. Phoebe's pacing the floor while

closing her cell phone.)

PAIGE: Oh ... got somewhere you need to be?

PHOEBE: Oh, you know, I just need to stop an earthquake.

PAIGE: Phoebe!

PHOEBE: What? It was your idea, Paige.

PAIGE: Yeah, that was before Piper got arrested for murder.

(The door opens and the guard escorts Piper into the room. Piper is in a prison

orange jumpsuit.)

PHOEBE: Oh, my God.

GUARD: Five minutes. Make 'em count.

(Piper sits down as the guard leaves them alone.)

PAIGE: Oh, honey, orange is so not your color.

PHOEBE: (groans) Paige!

PAIGE: What? It's true. Ok, don't worry because we've fought demons, we've

fought warlocks. This is just a minor blip.

PIPER: I don't think so! They think I'm somebody else.

PHOEBE: Well, you are somebody else.

PIPER: No, but I'm not a fugitive. That's not the alias that I picked. At

least not intentionally. Now have you called Darryl?

PHOEBE: We did and we left him a message, but he's on the east coast now, so I

don't think he's gonna be able to help us.

PAIGE: Well, how did you choose this disguise anyway?

PIPER: (sighs) I don't know. I just did.

PAIGE: Well, you had to have gotten it somewhere. You couldn't have just

plucked it out of the cosmos.

PIPER: Well, no, I guess not.

PHOEBE: Okay, you have to try to remember. You must have seen her face

somewhere. Maybe TV or internet or the newspaper. Something. Think.

PIPER: Maybe it was a magazine.

PHOEBE: A magazine. Okay, good. Any idea which magazine?

PIPER: Well, how am I supposed to know? One of the ones you all have laying

around the house.

PAIGE: And you're going where with this?

PHOEBE: Well, I'm just thinking if we could find the picture that inspired her,

then we can use that to scry for the real Maya.

PIPER: And then helps me how exactly?

PHOEBE: Well, because we'll orb you out and orb her back in. Get the real

killer behind bars.

PIPER: Phoebe, you can't orb me out of jail!

PHOEBE: Yeah, I think we can. If we do it simultaneously, nobody will ever


PAIGE: Yeah, and you've got your own cell, so there's no exposure risk.

PIPER: Yes, but --

PHOEBE: No buts! This is what we're gonna do I'm gonna go to the newspaper and

search the archives for Maya. You go home and look through magazines.

PAIGE: Got it. Oh, just so you know, I saw a documentary on prison once.

You're gonna be just fine. All you have to do is keep your eyes low and your

shoulders high. We're gonna have you out of that unflattering color in no time.

(Paige pats Piper's shoulder on her way out. Phoebe also adds her two cents

before following Paige.)

PHOEBE: Show no fear.

(The door closes behind them, leaving Piper alone in the room.)


(Piper is in her cell. She whispers to the guard.)

PIPER: Um, I thought I was gonna be alone.

GUARD: Now you've got company. Play nice.

(The guard turns and leaves. Piper turns around and looks at her cell mate.

Piper smiles.)

JAX: What are you smiling at?

(The smile vanishes from Piper's face.)

PIPER: Me? I didn't smile. I--I wasn't looking at nothing, I didn't smile at

nothing, I'm not doing nothing.

(She turns around.)

PIPER: Okay ... (to herself) Eyes low, shoulders high. (croaks) Leo?

(Piper bangs her head against the cell bars.)



(Leo is standing over the kitchen sink in his undershirt while Eve has her hands

in the sink washing Leo's shirt.)

LEO: You know, you really don't have to do that.

EVE: I insist. It's the least I can do seeing as how my Tommy made the mess.

Are you sure that undershirt isn't dirty, too? Why don't we wash it?

(Eve grabs the hem of Leo's shirt and start to lift it up.)

LEO: Uh, you know, I could just throw it in the washing machine.

EVE: Nonsense. Here, let me.

(Leo tries to keep his shirt on and they both chuckle . In the back, Paige

walks into the kitchen.)

PAIGE: Hey there. Excuse me. Am I, um, interrupting anything?

LEO: Uh - uh -- Jo - mmm -- Eve, Jo, Jenny's cousin.

PAIGE: So, uh, Louis, may I speak to you for a second?

(She smiles at him and crooks her finger for him to come to her. Leo chuckles

wryly and walks out. Paige follows him.)


(They walk through the dining room to the sitting room.)

PAIGE: What the hell are you doing?

LEO: What do you mean, what am I doing, huh? I gave the kids some sundaes and

Eve's little son Tommy spilt on me.

(Paige sits down on the couch and grabs a table magazine. She starts flipping

through it.)

PAIGE: Yeah, whatever. Okay, why don't you just explain that to your wife

after we get her out of jail.

LEO: Jail?

PAIGE: Mm-hmm. If you weren't so busy flirting, maybe you would know about that


LEO: Look, I wasn't flirting, okay? It was Eve. You know what? Never mind,

okay? What is going on?

PAIGE: What happened is that Piper chose the wrong disguise, which

unfortunately she found out after she was arrested for murder.

LEO: Murder?

PAIGE: Yes, and apparently, she thinks she got her alias out of a picture in

one of these magazines.

LEO: Wait a second.

PAIGE: Look, I don't have time for this, neither does Piper, okay? So if you

really, really want to help, maybe go get rid of your lady friend.

LEO: Okay, you know what? She is not my lady friend, okay? She's a friend, but

she's just a lady.

PAIGE: Whatever. Just please help me find Maya Holmes. The real Maya Holmes.

LEO: Who?

PAIGE: (sighs) Just go.

(Leo heads back to the kitchen as Paige continues to flip through the magazine.

She stops on a page of Maya Holmes, modeling a green gown.)



(Billie sits in the attic, flipping through the Book of Shadows. Paige rushes

into the attic. Billie spots her and sees the determined look on Paige's face.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Oh, something's going on.

(She gets up eagerly and follows Paige to the potions table.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Is a demon problem? Is it, is it, is it?

(Paige starts throwing ingredients into the potions pot.)

PAIGE: Not now, Billie.

BILLIE JENKINS: Oh, you're making a potion. Is it a vanquishing potion? Oh,

come on, Paige, teach me. I'm here to learn, aren't I?

PAIGE: It's a big problem, okay? It's a big problem.

BILLIE JENKINS: Oh, good, good. I've been studying the Book. I know how to

vanquish demons, I know --

PAIGE: (irritated) It's not a demon problem.

BILLIE JENKINS: What other kind of problem is there?

PAIGE: It's a Piper's in jail problem.


PAIGE: Mm-hmm. They're confusing her with somebody, and that somebody else is

who I have to scry for.

(Billie turns to get her stuff to help.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Oh, scrying. I love that. I'll go get my laptop --

(Paige stops her.)

PAIGE: No, no, no. What if it doesn't work? It has to work. That's why we're

doing this the old-fashioned way. No laptop scrying. Old-fashioned. Keep it


(She sighs.)

PAIGE: Please work.

(She picks up the tongs and removes the picture ad of Maya Holmes from the pot.)



(Jax, a large blonde-haired woman, nearly twice Piper's size, rolls up her

sleeve as she advances on Piper. Piper backs away from her, hands in the air.)

PIPER: Whoa, whoa! Let's just hang on a second 'cause we can work something

out here. You know, we're both grown adults and I wasn't smiling at you, you

weren't smiling at me.

(Just then, the guard walks in and opens the cell door.)

GUARD: Holmes! You got a visitor!

PIPER: Holmes! That's me! (Piper walks out of the cell.) Well, I gotta go.

Okay. See you later.

(The guard closes the door behind her leaving Jax in the cell alone, leaning

against the wall, her arms crossed over her chest.)



(The guard brings Piper into the interview room where a well-dressed man in a

business suit is waiting for her.)

WALTER NANCE: Hello, Maya.

(The guard uncuffs her and leaves, closing the door behind her.)

WALTER NANCE: Good to see you.

PIPER: It's good to see you, too. Are you my lawyer?

(Walter Nance laughs.)

WALTER NANCE: No, I don't think so. I think I'll be prosecuting this one ...


PIPER: (sighs) I see. So, what do you want?

WALTER NANCE: I just wanted to see you again, that's all ... in private. Did

you really think you'd get away with it? Running from the law? Running from


(Piper doesn't like his tone.)

PIPER: I guess I did.

WALTER NANCE: What did I ever do to you, Maya? What did I ever do to deserve


PIPER: Why don't you tell me?

WALTER NANCE: I offered you the world. I gave you everything I could, and then

you just ... you just threw it back in my face, didn't you? What did you

expect, that I'd just let you get away with it?

PIPER: It was time for me to move on.

WALTER NANCE: No, it wasn't time! It wasn't time at all! Not until I said so!

I warned you not to mess with me, didn't I? I told you what would happen if you

left me for that - that photographer. What was it you saw in him? What could

he have possibly given you that I couldn't? Just youth?

PIPER: Well, it didn't hurt.

WALTER NANCE: Yeah, it did! It hurt a lot! It cost him his life, didn't it?

And now I'm gonna see to it that it costs you yours.

(Piper realizes what he's talking about.)

PIPER: It was you. It wasn't her at all.

WALTER NANCE: What kind of game are you playing now?

PIPER: Wouldn't you like to know?

WALTER NANCE: You don't have anything on me. You wouldn't have gotten caught

if you did.

PIPER: Are you sure about that? I'll see you in court.

(He walks up to her and leans in close.)

WALTER NANCE: It won't get that far, Maya.

(With that threat, Walter Nance leaves.)




(The bullpen is bustling. Phoebe walks out of her office and heads over to


PHOEBE: Anything on Maya yet?

SETH: You just asked me, like, two minutes ago.

PHOEBE: Yeah, well, I've got deadlines, too, you know?

SETH: What, are you giving fugitives advice now, too?

(She glares at him.)

SETH: Sorry. Uh, just ... Give me another minute.

PHOEBE: Ok. (Phoebe turns and sees Gregg walking by.) Hey, Gregg. I've been

looking all over for you. How's the baby?

GREGG: Fine. (He sits down at his desk.) How do you know about her?

PHOEBE: Well - what -- of course I know about the -- I mean -- you know, do I

have to explain this every ... never mind. Let's talk earthquakes.

GREGG: Earthquakes?

PHOEBE: Yeah, earthquakes. I think it's really important that we run a story,

maybe even in tonight's edition, about earthquake preparedness. What do you



PHOEBE: Why? Well, I think it's really important that people are prepared for

earthquakes, you know? I mean, one can strike at any time. One could even hit

tonight, you know?

SETH: I think I've got something.

PHOEBE: Okay. Evening edition, right? Safety first, right? (Phoebe rushes

back to Seth.) Okay, lay it on me.

SETH: Okay, so basically, Maya Holmes was a local model, used to date Walter

Nance, the ADA. Okay.


SETH: Okay, well, she left him for some photographer who was found shot to

death in his apartment two weeks later. It was a lover's quarrel, you know,

crime of passion kind of thing.

PHOEBE: Right. She did it. I get it. What I want to know is how can I find


SETH: But she's already been found. I mean, they arrested her this morning.

(Phoebe sighs.)

PHOEBE: Yeah, but ... I mean, wouldn't it be just crazy if she had a twin? Now

that's a story. Keep looking, okay? I want to know relatives, agents, friends,

whatever you can find. Chop-chop.

(Phoebe turns and heads back into her office leaving the two men sitting there,

blinking their eyes.)

SETH: Remind you of anybody?

(Gregg nods.)



(Paige orbs Billie into the motel room.)

PAIGE: Okay. Gotta be careful.

BILLIE JENKINS: Oh, come on. How dangerous can a model be?

(Suddenly the door is kicked open as Maya bursts into the room hitting Billie

back against the wall. Paige dodges a kick. Maya deflects a punch from Billie

who then kicks her in the stomach.)

(She falls back toward the dresser, grabs the gun on the top and points it at


PAIGE: Lamp!

(The lamp orbs off the cabinet top and smashes into Maya's head, knocking her

out. She hits the floor with a thud.)

BILLIE JENKINS: That was close.

PAIGE: Good. Fear. We're making progress.





(Piper sits on the bench, looking at the unappetizing gunk on the food tray.)

JAX: Guess what? Lunchtime for the hacks means me and you get to finish what

we started.

PIPER: Mm-mmm.

(Jax advances toward her, then throws a punch. Piper puts her hands up and

freezes her.)

PIPER: Ugh. For crying out loud.

(Piper gets to her feet and picks up the heavy metal tray.)

PIPER: You see? You had to be a tough guy.

(She swings the tray and hits Jax on the head, knocking her to the ground. She


(Piper jumps to the floor.)

PIPER: And there's more where that came from!

(Piper is orbed out. The metal tray she's carrying hits the floor with a clang.

A beat later, the real Maya Holms is orbed into jail in her place. She's


(She removes the blindfold and looks around.)

(Jax groans as she turns around. Maya quickly picks up the metal tray.)

JAX: No! No, wait! Don't hit me again! I won't hurt you, I promise!

(Maya looks around, confused by what's going on.)



(Billie and Paige stand in the main hall waiting. Piper orbs in.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Oh! It worked!

PIPER: What happened? What did you do?

PAIGE: We switched you out with the real Maya Holmes.

PIPER: Oh, well, that's great. But she's innocent.



(Will talks to Walter Nancy who is standing in front of the mirror changing his


WILL: I tried Judge Watkins and Judge Kitner. Neither one of them have called

me back.

WALTER NANCE: Then call Chief Ellis. Remind him he owes me. I want Maya

released ... now!

WILL: With all due respect, sir, don't you think you might be overreacting? I

mean, after all, how do you know she's not bluffing?

WALTER NANCE: Are you willing to bet your career on it? Because I'm sure as

hell not. I know Maya. She should have been scared, but she wasn't. She's got

something on me, and I gotta stop her before it gets out.

WILL: Stop her how?

WALTER NANCE: How do you think?

WILL: I still say you should just let the system do its job.

WALTER NANCE: I am the system! Where's Javi?

(Will snaps his fingers.)

WALTER NANCE: I want to look my best for Maya.

(Javi steps forward carrying a slip metal briefcase. Walter Nance sits on the

seat waiting as Javi opens the case.)

(Walter looks at Will.)


WILL: No ... thanks.

(Javi takes out a syringe and preps the needle.)



(Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Leo and Billie talk.)

PAIGE: How were we supposed to know? They said you were alone.

PIPER: Well, obviously, I wasn't.

LEO: You sure she didn't see you orb?

PIPER: No. Fortunately, I think she was seeing stars at the moment.

PHOEBE: Can we get back to why you think Maya's innocent and what we're gonna

do about it?

PIPER: I don't think Maya's innocent. I know she is. Nance basically admitted

to killing the photographer.

LEO: Nance, the district attorney?

PIPER: Yeah.

LEO: Great.

BILLIE JENKINS: Well, can't we just vanquish him?

PIPER: We don't usually vanquish humans.

BILLIE JENKINS: Oh. Just asking.

PAIGE: Billie, maybe you should just go upstairs and study for a little bit.

BILLIE JENKINS: What? Why? I've been studying all day.

PAIGE: Billie, just ... please?

BILLIE JENKINS: Fine. It's just like living at home again.

(Billie leaves.)

PAIGE: Practice patience.

PHOEBE: So, if Nance is guilty, we need proof.

PIPER: Well, she must have something on him.

LEO: Then why hasn't she used it? I mean, why run?

PIPER: She was probably scared. He's a high-powered district attorney. He's

well-connected, and she wouldn't stand a chance up against him, which is why you

need to switch us back.

PAIGE: What? You want me to put you back in jail? Just long enough for you to

find out what she's got on him.

LEO: What about your cell mate. I think I can take care of myself.

PHOEBE: Ok. Well, I think that should give me enough time to stop Dex's show.

PAIGE: Excuse me?

PHOEBE: Look, I did not ask for this, and if I don't do something, then the

premonition about us getting married, not gonna happen. And the future-child

premonition? That's not gonna happen, either.

PAIGE: Yeah. Ok. Go. Fantastic. Good idea.

PHOEBE: Ok. Eyes low, shoulders high.

(Phoebe leaves.)

PIPER: Mm-hmm.

PAIGE: I'm gonna go check on Billie.

(Paige leaves.)

PIPER: That's a good idea.

(The doorbell rings. Leo and Piper look at each other. Leo doesn't look like

he's going to move.)

PIPER: Well, I'll get it.

(Piper gets to her feet and whacks Leo on the foot as she goes to answer the


(Grumbling, Leo gets up to follow her.)


(Piper opens the door. Carl, Eve's husband bursts in. He sees Leo and glares

at him.)

PIPER: Uhh! Hi, Carl.

CARL: You the dirtbag hitting on my wife?

(Carl steps up to Leo and pulls his arm back to hit him.)

PIPER: Whoa!

(Piper freezes him mid-punch. Leo pulls back, expecting to be punched, but sees

Carl frozen in front of him.)

PIPER: What's going on?!

(Leo backs away from Carl's fist.)

LEO: Uh ... I don't know. Uh ... I didn't do anything. (chuckles) It was --

it was Eve.

PIPER: What exactly did Eve do?

LEO: (flustering) Oh, come on, Piper. You know me.

PIPER: Uh-huh, I do, and I also know Eve. So you must have done something to

encourage her.

LEO: No, nothing. Except maybe, you know ... she thought that I was single.

PIPER: Oh. You didn't tell her you were married.

LEO: No. Look, it all happened so fast, you know? We never really got the

chance to discuss, you know, everything, with our disguises I mean, we don't

even -- we don't even have rings on our fingers, so ...

PIER: Hmm! That's a good story. Now get back into position.

LEO: What? Why?

PIPER: We gotta save Maya. We got stuff to do, so let's get this over with.

You gotta get back into position.

LEO: (sighs) You are so enjoying this, aren't you?

PIPER: Yeah.

(Leo gets back in front of Carl's frozen fist.)

(He blusters as he looks at the oncoming punch. He turns his cheek and braces


(Piper un-freezes Carl.)

(Carl punches Leo in the face, knocking him backward to the floor.)

PIPER: Ooh! Wow!

(Piper grabs Carl and gently, but firmly leads him back to the door.)

PIPER: Now, don't you feel better? Ok. Thanks for stopping by, Carl. Say hi

to Eve for me, ok? See you later.

(Piper opens the door and Carol leaves.)

(She closes the door, turns and smiles at Leo who is still on the floor.)

(Leo sighs.)

(Piper smiles.)






(Dex is moving his sculptures into place as Phoebe watches. They talk.)

DEX LAWSON: You want me to do what? Cancel my show?

PHOEBE: Well, maybe not cancel. Maybe just postpone?


PHOEBE: Why? Did you not read the article on earthquake preparedness in the

newspaper today? I mean, we are due for a major shaker at any moment. Actually


DEX LAWSON: A major shaker, huh?

PHOEBE: Yes, a major shaker, and imagine what it would do to your artwork. It

would be disastrous.

(He chuckles.)

DEX LAWSON: I think I can risk it for one night.

(He starts to move a third piece into place; Phoebe stops him.)

PHOEBE: No, you can't.

DEX LAWSON: Wait. You're serious, aren't you?

PHOEBE: Yeah, I'm really serious.

DEX LAWSON: Julie, I can't cancel my show. I got every major art critic in

town coming. It's make or break for me.

PHOEBE: Okay. Then if we cannot move the show, we're gonna move your artwork so

that it's safe, you know?

(Phoebe tries to move one of the pieces she remembers as being destroyed. Dex

gets alarmed and tries to stop her.)

DEX LAWSON: Hey! Easy with that!

PHOEBE: Put that right there. Good. And now I'm thinking if we have some,

like, rope, you know, and some krazy glue.

DEX LAWSON: What are you doing?

(She stops and looks at him.)

DEX LAWSON: Are you nuts?

PHOEBE: No. I just don't want anything to ruin the moment for tonight, that's


(Suddenly the building shakes with a minor quake. It stops.)

PHOEBE: Oh, my god! Did you feel that?


PHOEBE: Ok! Well, hurry up! We got work to do! We'll move this one ...

(She starts moving one of the pieces.)


(Dex goes over to help her.)

PHOEBE: I got it.



(Piper sits behind the driver's wheel while of the parked car just outside the

police station. She and Paige wait for Billie.)

PIPER: We shouldn't have let Billie do this.

PAIGE: No, it's better her going in to see if it's safe for us to orb,

especially since you still look like Maya. Besides, if Billie's gonna start

helping, she might as well do it now.

PIPER: Yeah, but she's supposed to be helping us with demons, not cops.

(Billie crosses the street and heads for the car.)

PAIGE: Oh, here she comes.

BILLIE: Hey, bad news. Maya's not in there.

PIPER: What do you mean, she's not in there?

BILLIE: They just released her into Nance's custody.

PAIGE: Nance? Why?

PIPER: So he can shut her up.



(Maya is sitting in the chair in Walter Nance's living room. She appears to be


WALTER NANCE: You seemed so much more sure of yourself today in jail, Maya.

Not so sure of yourself now, are you?

(She stands up.)

MAYA HOLMES: What are you talking about? I told you, I didn't see you in jail

today. I don't even know how I got in jail.

WALTER NANCE: That's not what you said before. You said you wanted to get

caught. You said, I believe the exact words were, "See you in court." You

should know better than to threaten me.

(Maya tries to kick Nance. He catches her leg and throws her backward to the


(Maya gets up as Nance advances on her.)

WALTER NANCE: Now, what exactly is it that you have on me, Maya?

(Scared, Maya opens the balcony doors to get away from him. She steps out into

the balcony.)


(Paige and Piper orb in.)

MAYA HOLMES: (o.s.) Walter. Please calm down.

(They peer around the corner and see Nance and Maya out on the balcony.)

PIPER: See? I told you he'd bring her here.

PAIGE: So he can't kill her; everyone knows he bailed her out.

PIPER: Yeah, well, if I know Nance, he's probably already thought about that.

PAIGE: What do you mean, know Nance? You met him once.

PIPER: Once was enough, believe me.


MAYA HOLMES: I'm telling you the truth. I don't know what's going on. I swear

I don't have anything!

WALTER NANCE: I don't believe you.

(Walter grabs Maya's upper arms.

WALTER NANCE: And I can't risk it.

MAYA HOLMES: (crying) I beg you, don't kill me, too.

WALTER NANCE: This isn't murder, Maya. It's suicide.

(He pushes her over the balcony railing. She screams.)

(Both Piper and Paige gasp with disbelief. Maya is screaming.)

PAIGE: Oh, my god.

PIPER: (whispers) Alley. Orb. Orb.

(Paige orbs both her and Piper out.)


(Maya is screaming and falling.)


(Maya is falling. Just before she reaches the ground, Piper freezes her mid-


PAIGE: Whew, that was close.

PIPER: Yeah.

(She looks around and sees the bed mattress on the dumpster.)

PIPER: Hurry, get the mattress.

PAIGE: What if it doesn't work?

PIPER: Well, then, it was a bad idea.

(Paige hits Piper's arm. She waves her arm.)

PAIGE: Mattress.

(She orbs the mattress from the dumpster to pad Maya's fall.)

(Piper unfreezes Maya.)

(Maya resumes falling and screaming. She hits the mattress face forward and

survives. She groans, looks up and sees Piper and Paige.)

MAYA HOLMES: Where am I?

PIPER: You're dead. Come on.

(Piper reaches down and helps Maya to her feet.)




(The real Maya sits in the kitchen, a blanket around her shoulders. Billie

makes her a cup of tea and gives it to her.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Here. This'll make you feel better.

(Billie sits down near Maya.)

MAYA HOLMES: I just ...I still don't understand. I mean, I've never heard of -

BILLIE JENKINS: Witches? Oh, come on. Sure you have. It's like "The Wizard

of Oz". Except we're not wicked. You've seen "The Wizard of Oz", right?

MAYA HOLMES: Yeah, of course, but I never thought witches were real.

BILLIE JENKINS: Real enough to save you.

MAYA HOLMES: You actually seem more like guardian angels to me.

BILLIE JENKINS: I don't know about that. I mean, I'm actually pretty new at

this myself. I only met the sisters -- I mean the cousins, a couple of weeks

ago. They do this sort of thing all the time. Or, at least, they used to.

MAYA HOLMES: I ... I don't know what to say.

BILLIE JENKINS: There's nothing else to say. All that matters now is that

you're safe.

MAYA HOLMES: Sorry I kicked you in the face.

BILLIE JENKINS: Well, I'm sorry we almost got you killed.

MAYA HOLMES: He's not gonna stop coming after me, you know? He'll figure out

I'm alive sooner or later.

BILLIE JENKINS: I know, they're working on that. Isn't there any sort of proof

you have--

MAYA HOLMES: If I did, don't you think I would've used it by now? I mean,

Walter is crazy. Obsessed. He thinks I betrayed him, but I didn't. The only

crime I committed was leaving him for a younger man.

BILLIE JENKINS: What do you mean?

MAYA HOLMES: Oh, Walter can't stand the fact that he's getting older. He's,

like, paranoid about it. He does everything he can to pretend it's not

happening, like lifts, botox, implants. He even has a manicurist come over

every night to keep his nails neat and trim, like that does any good.



(Piper, Paige and Phoebe discuss what to do next.)

PAIGE: What if we swapped Maya's identity out for a new one?

PHOEBE: Are you kidding? I think we're having enough identity issues as it is.

PAIGE: Well, we're running out of options here, people.

PIPER: No, there's gotta be another way.

PHOEBE: What if she went back on the run?

PAIGE: No, it's just a matter of time before she'd get caught. I mean, she's

the prime suspect. You can't magically make that go away.

(Billie enters the attic to share her idea.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Excuse me, guys, but I have this great idea.

PHOEBE: Too bad we can't prove that he threw her off the balcony.

PIPER: Well, now it's gonna look like she escaped from him. At least, that's

the way he's gonna spin it.

BILLIE JENKINS: Seriously, though, I have a great --

(Piper waves her hand for Billie to stop talking.)

PIPER: (interrupts) I think the only way to save Maya is to get him to confess

to the murders somehow.

(Billie moves over to Paige.)

PAIGE: Oh, that happens when? Before or after hell freezes over.

BILLIE JENKINS: But I'm telling you --

PHOEBE: (interrupts) Wait a minute. What about a truth spell?

PIPER: We're gonna have to get close.

PAIGE: We could try orbing.

(Billie shouts and stamps her foot down.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Or you could try listening to me!

(They all turn to look at Billie.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Thank you. (Billie walks over to the Book.) Now, according to

the Book of Shadows, this would not be the first time you've scared someone into

a confession, right? Six or seven years ago, it was the pawnbroker or


(They get up and move over to join Billie.)

PHOEBE: Wow. Someone's done their homework. I'm impressed.

PIPER: Uh, but we didn't do it. We got a ghost to do it.

BILLIE JENKINS: Yeah, I know, but you guys can change looks, right? You can

make him think he's seeing a ghost.

PAIGE: Where are you going with this?

BILLIE JENKINS: I'm going to the Demon of Fear.

PIPER: You want us to conjure Barbas? Are you out of your mind? After

everything he did -

BILLIE JENKINS: To kill you? No, I'm not suggesting that you conjure him, I'm

just suggesting you think of him as some sort of inspiration. Prey on Nance's

deepest fear.

(They look at each other as they seriously consider this option.)

(Billie smiles.)






(Walter Nance is having his nails filed.)

WALTER NANCE: You do very nice work. Much better than the other girl.

(Camera pans back and we see that the manicurist is Billie.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Thank you, sir.

WALTER NANCE: What'd you say happened to her?

BILLIE JENKINS: She's just sick. I'm filling in for the day.

WALTER NANCE: Perhaps on a more permanent basis.

BILLIE JENKINS: Oh, I'm sorry. I tend to work with a much younger clientele.

WALTER NANCE: Ouch. Watch it.

BILLIE JENKINS: Thin skin. Tends to be more susceptible to damage on someone

as old as you. You're, like, sixty, or something?

(Irritated, Nance pulls his hand away from her and tosses the cloth at her.)

WALTER NANCE: Get out of here.

BILLIE JENKINS: I am so sorry, sir. I didn't mean to offend you. Are you

sensitive about your age?

WALTER NANCE: No, I'm not!

BILLIE JENKINS: You know, I can usually tell how old someone is just by looking

at the lines on their hands. Go ahead, see for yourself.

WALTER NANCE: What are you talking about?

(She looks at him. He looks down at his hands and are shocked by how aged and

decrepit they appear. He can't believe it.)


BILLIE JENKINS: Is something wrong?

(He turns and looks at Billie and finds himself looking at Maya instead.)

WALTER NANCE: What the hell? You're dead! You couldn't have -

PIPER: --lived? Sorry to disappoint you.

(She waves her hand and throws Nance up against the far wall. He crashes into

the corner mirror, smashing it.)

(He falls to the floor with a thud.)


(He gets up and looks at the mirror. He's horrified and shocked by what he



(In the mirror, he sees a very, very, very old man.)

(He screams.)

PAIGE (AS MAYA): What's the matter old man, seeing a ghost?

(He turns around and finds three "Maya"s in his living room.)

PHOEBE (AS MAYA): Because you killed me?

BILLIE (AS MAYA): Just like you killed Curtis?

WALTER NANCE: No, it's not possible. It's ... it's a- -

BILLIE (AS MAYA): A nightmare? One you won't ever wake up from.

PAIGE (AS MAYA): Guilt's a terrible thing, Walter. It haunts you forever.

(He edges himself toward the balcony doors.)

WALTER NANCE: No, get away from me. (screams) Leave me alone!

(He runs out onto the balcony.)

(White orb lights cover the three 'Maya's' and they change into Billie, Paige

and Phoebe.)

(Out on the balcony, the doors close. Nance turns around and sees Maya standing

quietly in front of him.)


(She walks up to him.)

MAYA HOLMES: Drop dead.

(Maya pushes Nance over the balcony railing.)


(Nance is screaming and falling.)


(Nance is falling. Just before he reaches the ground, Piper freezes him mid-


(She takes a step toward him, waves her hand and unfreezes his head.)


(He stops as he slowly realizes that he's not dead, yet, and is suspended in


WALTER NANCE: What's happening to me?

PIPER: Well, Walter, the way I see it, you have two choices: You can confess


(She holds up a mini tape recorder.)

PIPER: ... or you can meet the pavement. (She turns the tape recorder on.)

What do you say?

(Walter considers his options.)





(Piper is leaning back against Leo as they sit on the couch. Paige walks in

from down the stairs.)

PAIGE: Well, Nance and everyone involved are in jail, Maya's set free. All in

all, not a bad day.

PIPER: Yeah, except for the part where I have to come up with a new identity.

So much for my future in the corporate world.

LEO: Yeah, I don't think that one fit you very much anyway.

PIPER: Hmm, I guess not. Can't change my whole life, although you could've

mentioned that earlier.

LEO: No, I've learned my lesson. No one tells you what to do.

PAIGE: So, missy, where you gonna get your next alias from? Time magazine,

Vanity Fair? Let me guess. National Enquirer?

PIPER: No, I think I can come up with this one on my own, thank you.

PAIGE: Well, just make sure it's not off the most wanted list, okay?

PIPER: Trust me.

LEO: Another cousin?

PIPER: Yes, actually. One that you will be married to this time.

LEO: Hey, that was All about Eve.

PIPER: Mm-hmm.

PAIGE: Wasn't all about Eve some old movie?

PIPER: One that I don't wanna see again anytime soon.

LEO: Fine by me.

PAIGE: So, guys, how do you think our fair Billie did? Sounds like she did


PIPER: Except for the fact that she was inspired by a demon.

PAIGE: Oh, come on!

(The house shakes.)

PAIGE: Did you guys feel that?



(The art show is underway when Phoebe walks in. She looks at the scene in front

of her straight out of her premonition. Dex sees her.)

DEX LAWSON: Will you excuse me for just a moment?

(He walks over to her.)

DEX LAWSON: I was beginning to think you weren't gonna show.

PHOEBE: You moved it all back.

DEX LAWSON: Well, yeah. When it's all shoved in the corner, it's kind of hard

for people to see. Come on, you can't be serious about an earthquake.

PHOEBE: You can laugh at me all you want, but I am serious.

(Just then, the place shakes. The guests gasp and sculptures fall and crash to

the floor.)

GUEST: Oh, man.

(Phoebe rushes over to try to save one of the sculptures, but Dex grabs her and

pulls her away just as the top half of the sculpture breaks from the ceiling and

crashes to the floor.)

PHOEBE: Oh, my!

(The earthquake stops.)

VOICE: Are you all right?

VOICE: Anyone hurt?

VOICE: Are you all right?

(Phoebe and Dex look around the place.)

DEX LAWSON: Is everyone all right?

VOICE: Yeah, yeah. I think so.

DEX LAWSON: (to Phoebe) Are you okay?

(Phoebe's looking at him.)

PHOEBE: The moment.

DEX LAWSON: I'm sorry?

PHOEBE: I wasn't supposed to stop the earthquake, I was supposed to be here for


DEX LAWSON: What are you talking about?

PHOEBE: Dex, look at your work.

(He looks around at the destruction around him and sighs.)

DEX LAWSON: Most of it's still okay.

(He looks at Phoebe.)

DEX LAWSON: How'd you know?

PHOEBE: (smiles) I told you, I'm psychic.