08x07 - The Lost Picture Show



[Scene from 8X06: Kill Billie, Vol. 1]


(Leo and Piper argue.)

LEO: Leo! Leo! Leo! Can you do this? Can you do that?


NARRATOR: (v.o.) Previously, on "Charmed" ...


(The argument continues.)

PIPER: I don't ask you to do everything else.

LEO: No, you just expect it.

[Scene from 5X09: Sam I Am]


(Paige talks with Leo.)

PAIGE: Who's my charge gonna be? Is it a Whitelighter-to-be?


(They walk to the back door of a bar. The bar door opens and a man is thrown

out of the establishment. He falls to the ground in front of Paige.)

(Paige grimaces as Sam throws up on her shoes.)

LEO: (v.o.) Not exactly. Your charge's name is Samuel.


(Phoebe talks to Paige.)

PHOEBE: Sam was mom's Whitelighter.

PAIGE: That would make him -

PHOEBE: Your biological father.

[Scene from 8X06: Kill Billie, Vol 1]


(Billie talks with Piper, Phoebe and Paige.)

BILLIE JENKINS: The night my sister was taken,


(The balcony doors slam open. Christy screams.)

(A black shadowy figure of a cloaked figure rises up the walls. Lightning


(Long claws rip through the bottom of the mattress above her.)

(The shadowy figure flies out of the room with Christy in its arms.)

BILLIE JENKINS: (v.o.) ... it was raining outside, that was the last time I

ever saw her.



PIPER: What did your parents do?

BILLIE JENKINS: They thought I made the whole thing up.

PAIGE: And now you know you didn't.





(Billie dips the scrying crystal into the potions cauldron. The crystal drips

as she carries it over to the scrying table and begins swinging the crystal

around the city map.)

BILLIE JENKINS: (softly to herself) All right, come on ... come on, come on.

(Paige walks in.)

PAIGE: Billie?


PAIGE: Hey. What ya doing?


PAIGE: At seven in the morning?

BILLIE JENKINS: Uh, actually, I've been doing this all night long.

(Billie drops the crystal onto the map.)

BILLIE JENKINS: I'm just trying to find my sister. Now that I know a demon

took her, I have to try. Right?

PAIGE: Billie ...

BILLIE JENKINS: I -- I know. I know he's got a fifteen-year head start on me,

but, you know, I just figure if I keep doing this, then sooner or later ...

PAIGE: Do you think she's still alive?

BILLIE JENKINS: She has to be.

PAIGE: Okay, here's the thing. If she's alive, we'll find her. I promise you

that. But you can't let yourself become obsessed with this.

BILLIE JENKINS: I can't exactly let it go, either.

PAIGE: But you don't want it to consume your life.

BILLIE JENKINS: I know. It's hard.

PAIGE: Aren't you supposed to be at school or something?

BILLIE JENKINS: No. I can't focus on anything. Not school right now,


PAIGE: Well, I think maybe going to class would be a good thing for you.

BILLIE JENKINS: No! I can't. What if there's a demon and I'm not here? I

can't help out.

PAIGE: I don't see any demons. Do you see any demons?




(Vaklav locks the front door to the photo studio. He flips over the OPEN sign

to CLOSED. He turns around and walks over to the drawers of photos. The photo

studio is old with photos and proofs hanging from lines strung up across the


(He opens the drawer and takes out a single piece of old parchment. He steps to

the side, into better light, and looks at the thirteen images on it.)

VAKLAV: Time to make room for another.

(He puts the paper on the easel. He passes his hand over the image of a young

man, JD. He is dressed in a black jacket and white shirt.)

(The image outlines with light, flashes, then vanishes.)

(JD suddenly appears in the photos studio, stumbling around on his feet. He

looks scared and disoriented. He doesn't know where he is.)

J.D.: What the hell?

(He turns and sees Vaklav looking smugly back at him.)

J.D.: Where am I? What's going on?

VAKLAV: You're out of time, JD. You're no longer useful to me.

J.D.: What are you talking about? Who are you?

(Instead of answering him, Vaklav holds out his right hand and a fireball

appears in his palm. JD's eyes widen.)

(Vaklav throws the fireball at JD. JD falls to the floor, the fireball flying

over and past his head, missing him completely. With one smooth motion, he

sweep kicks Vaklav's legs out from under him, knocking him down to the floor.

JD lunges toward Vaklav, grabs his neck and digs his thumb into the side of his

neck till he passes out briefly.)


(The front door opens and JD stumbles out of the studio.)


(Inside the studio, Vaklav opens his eyes.)


(JD runs across the street. A car horn blares and tires screech just before the

car hits JD, knocking him off his feet and onto the pavement.)

(Witnesses gasp.)

(JD falls to the road, unconscious and bleeding from his forehead and mouth.)


(A Businesswoman runs to him and kneels down next to him, holding his had. The

driver runs out of his car to check on JD. The crowd around the accident


BUSINESSMAN: Is he still alive?

(Vaklav steps up to the edge of the crowd and watches.)


VAKLAV: Call 9-1-1.








(Paige walks into the kitchen.)

PAIGE: Hey there. Uh, can I borrow your car? Mine's running on fumes.

(Piper turns around.)

PIPER: Sorry. Mine is, too.

(Leo is sitting at the table.)

LEO: What? I just filled it up.

PIPER: Well, now it's empty. (Leo rolls his eyes.) Honey.

LEO: Yeah?

PIPER: No. We're out of honey. (Leo turns to look at her.) Put it on the


PAIGE: Well, much as I'd like to stay here and watch you two snipe at each

other, I don't want to be late for my interview.

(Phoebe walks in.)

PHOEBE: What interview?

PAIGE: Oh, social services. I'm gonna try to get my old job back.

LEO: Why?

PAIGE: Why? Because I like it, that's why. Um, I only quit because of the

whole magic thing. But now that we've got Billie to help out ...

(Phoebe is looking through the morning paper.)

PHOEBE: I think that's great. Hey, maybe you could help me adopt a child.

PAIGE: What?

PHOEBE: Well, yeah. I'm sorta thinking that adoption might be my only option

at this point.

PAIGE: Now, Phoebe, that's ridiculous.

PHOEBE: Why? What's wrong with adoption? You were adopted.

PIPER: Ah. That reminds me. We need eggs.

PHOEBE: Oh, eggs I have. It's the sperm I'm missing.

PAIGE: Gross!

PHOEBE: (sighs) I'm just saying I can't just sit back and wait for love to

find me. I gotta hurry up. At least according to my tea leaves.

PIPER: Tea! Leo ...

LEO: Tea. You already told me.

PAIGE: Sniping

LEO: I wasn't sniping.

PHOEBE: (looking at the paper) Oh, my God, that's perfect.

PIPER: What?

PHOEBE: Why didn't I think of that before? Gotta go.

(With her nose in the open paper, Phoebe leaves the kitchen.)

PAIGE: How did I wind up the only sane one here?

PIPER: (chuckles) You're telling me.

(Leo stands up and brings his bowl to the sink. Piper is looking in the


LEO: (to Piper) So, uh ... you want me to go to the store with you?

(Piper takes out the carton of milk and closes the refrigerator door. She gasps

and nearly bumps into Leo.)

PIPER: No. You should -- oh!

(She drops the carton of milk, spilling it on the floor.)

PIPER: I ... think you should pick up the kids.

(Leo automatically starts to reach for the carton. Piper stops him.)

PIPER: No! I got it. It's fine. I got it.

(She takes the empty bowl from his hands.)

PIPER: Thanks.

(Leo doesn't say anything. He rolls his eyes, turns and leaves the kitchen. He

walks past Paige.)

(Paige turns and follows him out of the room.)


PAIGE: Hey! You're not just gonna leave like that, are you?

(Leo stops and turns around.)

LEO: I tried to help clean up, but, uh ...

PAIGE: No, no, no, no, no. I'm not talking about the milk. I'm talking about

you two. You've been walking around on pins and needles for over a week now.

Why don't you guys just talk?

LEO: You know - No offense, Paige, but it's really none of your business.

PAIGE: Uh, actually, it is because I live here, too, and this is affecting us

all. Look, we know you guys have this epic destined marriage, but it doesn't

mean that you're immune to problems, especially with everything that's gone on


LEO: I know.

PAIGE: Well, if you know, then why don't you do something about it?

LEO: I've tried. (Leo turns and heads for the front door.) We've tried, and

it always just ends up in an argument.

PAIGE: Well, I don't know. Why don't you try seeing a marriage counselor?

(Leo chuckles as he removes his jacket from the hallway hook.)

LEO: We've tried that once, too. Remember?

PAIGE: (sighs) Try somebody else. Try another one. You guys owe it to


LEO: You know, I don't think you're gonna have much problem getting that job.

PAIGE: Well, unless I get there soon, I am going to, so please just go talk to

her? Please?

(Leo smiles at her, then heads for the kitchen.)

(Satisfied, Paige heads over to the side table to get her things.)

(Sam Wilder orbs in behind her.)

SAM WILDER: Hello, Paige.

(Paige turns around, surprised to see him.)

SAM WILDER: It's good to see you.


SAM WILDER: "Sam"? Don't you mean "dad"?




(The nurse reports her findings to the doctor.)

NURSE: Multiple abrasions, bruises, concussion. Yet no internal bleeding.

He's a lucky kid. Although we haven't been able to I.D. him yet. So for now,

he's a John Doe.

(Camera pans completely around the nurse and we see she's talking to Vaklav in a

white lab coat, stethoscope around his neck.)

VAKLAV: Have the authorities been notified yet?

NURSE: Yeah, like, over an hour ago.

VAKLAV: Hmm. Well, when he comes up from the E.R., best put him in a private

room ... until we find out who he really is.

NURSE: All right, Dr ...

VAKLAV: Vaklav. I'm filling in for Dr. Winfield.

(The nurse smiles at him, then turns to note it down on the chart.)



(Sam talks with Paige.)

SAM WILDER: His name's Jonathan David Williams. Though he goes by JD. He's my

charge, a future Whitelighter ... or ... he was supposed to be.

PAIGE: Yeah, and?

SAM WILDER: He disappeared in 1955. I've heard nothing from him since. Not

until he was hit by a car this morning and rushed to a hospital.

PAIGE: Well, how old is he?

SAM WILDER: The same age as he was then. He hasn't aged a day. I don't

understand it either, Paige, but I gotta believe that whoever or whatever made

him disappear fifty years ago doesn't want him found now. Which is why I need

your help.

PAIGE: You're a Whitelighter. Why don't you just orb him to safety?

SAM WILDER: No. Too many people have seen him. It would raise too many


PAIGE: Well, what do you want me to do?

SAM WILDER: Help me get him out of there? Maybe cast a little spell?

PAIGE: What, I'm the only witch you know?

SAM WILDER: You are my daughter.

PAIGE: Genetically ... maybe. Look, I can't do this right now. I'm late for a

job interview. Okay?

SAM WILDER: An interview? Why do you need a job? You're a witch, a


PAIGE: Maybe if you came around more than once every three years, you would

know this about your daughter.

SAM WILDER: Look. I'm sorry, Paige. I just ... I -- I didn't want to intrude.

PAIGE: Whatever. Doesn't matter. I'll call Phoebe, see if she can help. Okay?

(Paige takes her cell phone out and dials.)

(PRE-LAP) PHOEBE: (v.o.) Paige, can't Billie do it?



(Phoebe is on the phone and filling out an application form.)

PHOEBE: I mean, I'm kinda in the middle of something, and isn't she our magical

go-to girl?



(Paige paces the living room as Sam looks around the room, waiting for her.)

PAIGE: No. She was up all night trying to find her sister, which I why I was

hoping that you --

PHOEBE: Would you describe me as gregarious?

PAIGE: No. I would describe you as evasive. Where are you, anyway?

PHOEBE: Um ... I'm just exploring my options, but don't worry, I'm not


PAIGE: Not committing to what?

(The door to the private room opens and Wendy pops in.)

WENDY: How we doing?

PHOEBE: Oops. I gotta go.

PAIGE: Phoebe! Phoebe! Who's gonna help Sam?

PHOEBE: You know what? I don't know. He's your dad.

PAIGE: No, he's not!

(Phoebe turns the phone off and closes it. She looks at Wendy.)

PHOEBE: Sorry.

(Sam stops and looks at Paige.)

SAM WILDER: What'd she say?

(Paige holds up a hand for him to wait. She dials again.)



(Finished, Phoebe hands the pen and clipboard back to Wendy.)

PHOEBE: Ok. Here you go.

(Wendy takes the clipboard from her and starts looking the application over.)

PHOEBE: So, uh ... what's next?

WENDY: What's next is we try to match you up with the perfect donor.

PHOEBE: Do you think I'm gonna get to meet him?

WENDY: This isn't a dating service, Ms. Halliwell. It's a sperm bank.

PHOEBE: Right. Right.

(PRE-LAP) PIPER: (v.o.) I blame you for this, you know.



(Piper shuts the car door closed. She's on the phone with Paige.)

PIPER: You're the one that had to open your big yap to Leo. Don't you remember

what happened the last time we went to marriage counseling?



PAIGE: Jeesh, I was just tryin' to help. Don't go if you don't want.

(Piper and Leo are walking away from their parked SUV.)

PIPER: Oh, no. We're going now. Only this time, we're going to some magical

quack that Leo knows.

LEO: (interrupts) He's not a quack, he's a soothsayer.

PIPER: Like I said. Which way?

PAIGE: So, what, you're not gonna help me get Sam's charge out of the hospital?

PIPER: Uh ... no. Uh, why don't you try Agent Murphy? Maybe he can help you.

If he had enough clout to get our identities back, he should be able to help you

out with this.

PAIGE: Well, what about my job interview?

PIPER: I don't know. Don't ask me. Ask your dad.

PAIGE: He's not my --

(Paige stops pacing the floor right in front of Sam. She sighs and closes her

cell phone.)

PAIGE: Never mind.

(He motions to her.)

SAM WILDER: Shall we go?

(Paige shrugs, turns and heads for the door.)



(Meanwhile, Piper and Leo are walking through the park looking for Leo's


PIPER: Any idea where this soothsayer is hiding?

LEO: No. I just know that he hangs out here.

PIPER: Oh-kay ... and how exactly do you know this guy?

LEO: From my Whitelighter years.


LEO: Trust me ... all right? He's helped plenty of magical couples over the


PIPER: (sighs) Leo, I don't know about this.

LEO: It's worth a try, isn't it?

PIPER: (sighs) Actually, you know what? We've been through worse, and we

should be able to fix this ourselves.

LEO: Okay, but we haven't, have we?

(Piper sighs.)

LEO: You know? Look, we're just a little out of sync, that's all. It happens.

(They stop walking.) You know, there's nothing wrong getting some outside help

once in a while. We owe it to ourselves.

SOOTHSAYER: Flowers are not so much different from marriages, really.

(They turn and find the gardener pruning the nearby rose bush. The roses on the

bush are dead and dried.)

SOOTHSAYER: If you don't tend to them ... nourish them ... they wither.

(He passes his hand over the rose bush and the roses magically brighten, lush

and full of color.)



(The elevator bell dings and the doors open. Paige and Sam are in the elevator.

Paige is on her phone.)

PAIGE: 3:30 is perfect. Thank you so much for rescheduling. I really

appreciate it. Okay. Bye.

(She hangs up.)

SAM WILDER: I don't understand why we couldn't just orb here. It would've been

a lot faster.

PAIGE: You want my help, you drive like everybody else.

SAM WILDER: We're not like everybody else.

PAIGE: Shh! Speak for yourself.

AGENT MURPHY: (o.s.) Paige.

(Agent Murphy is waiting for them.)

PAIGE: Oh. Sorry we're late. Really horrible traffic.

SAM WILDER: (mutters) 'Course, that could've been avoided.

PAIGE: Sam, Agent Murphy. Agent Murphy, Sam. Long story short, Sam's charge

was hit by a car, and he's here in the hospital. We need you to check him out

before something bad happens to him.

SAM WILDER: Well, that was short.

AGENT MURPHY: Hold on a sec. Wait. Your "charge"?

PAIGE: Uh, Sam's basically a guardian angel. We call it a Whitelighter.

SAM WILDER: Like Paige is.

PAIGE: But I want to be a social worker.

SAM WILDER: But that isn't what you were born to be!

PAIGE: Don't make me regret saving you three years ago.

AGENT MURPHY: You two related or something?



PAIGE: (sighs) Anyway. Okay. We need you to get JD out of here as soon as

possible before this demon comes for him.

AGENT MURPHY: Demon? What demon?

(Down the hall, JD is being wheeled out on a gurney. "Dr." Vaklav is there to

receive him from the orderlies.)

VAKLAV: I'll take it from here.

ORDERLY: Yes, doctor.

(Sam sees JD on the gurney. They also watch as Vaklav pushes JD out of the

hallway and into one of the rooms.)

SAM WILDER: There's my charge. There's JD.

(Agent Murphy notices Vaklav's shoes.)

AGENT MURPHY: (thinking out loud) Dirty boots. Doctors don't wear dirty



(The door bursts open. Agent Murphy steps into the room, his gun raised and

pointed at Vaklav.)

AGENT MURPHY: Freeze! Don't move.

(Vaklav turns around, powers up a fireball and throws it at Agent Murphy. Agent

Murphy dives to the side and the fireball hits the wall nearby.)

(On the floor on his back, Agent Murphy swings around and fires five time point

blank at Vaklav. Vaklav looks down at the bullet holes in his chest and right

before Agent Murphy's eyes, the bullet holes vanish.)

(Vaklav shimmers out.)

(Paige and Sam run into the room.)

PAIGE: (coughs) What happened?

(Agent Murphy's too stunned to speak.)

(Paige and Sam head over to check on JD.)





(Sam sets JD gently down on the conservatory couch. He and Paige talk.)

PAIGE: Okay, why would a demon take him out of 1955 only to try to kill him


(Sam looks at Paige and sighs.)

SAM WILDER: He must've gotten something out of keeping JD alive all these


PAIGE: Yeah, but ... what? And why hasn't he aged? That's ... creepy, even by

our standards.

SAM WILDER: Now you know why I came to you.

PAIGE: Well ... just heal him. Maybe he'll know something.

SAM WILDER: No. I don't want him awake.

PAIGE: Why not?

SAM WILDER: Because he'll wake up fifty years in the future, that's why. I dot

t want him to freak out. He'll take off. I know him. Barely got him to trust

me before he disappeared.

PAIGE: Well, I thought you said he was a future whitelighter.

SAM WILDER: Yeah, if I can keep him out of trouble, which ... I obviously

haven't done a very good job of.

PAIGE: Well, I surrounded this room with crystals, so he's safe here. It'll

give us some time to figure out who this demon is.

SAM WILDER: But how? We didn't get a good look at him, and if there's nothing

in the Book of Shadows ...

PAIGE: Agent Murphy might have some leads. He told me this wasn't the first

case he'd heard of where someone just vanished into thin air.

SAM WILDER: What part of the government does he work for, exactly?

PAIGE: Uhhh ... the super-creepy part.

(Paige sighs.)

PAIGE: Look, he's helped us out with some magical problems. Ok, we trust him,

he trusts us. (Paige stands up.) I'm gonna go talk to him, see what he knows,

and, uh ... I'll call you. Okay?

SAM WILDER: The whitelighter way?

PAIGE: No, Sam, the regular way. Answer the phone if it rings.



(Piper and Leo sit on the park bench listening to the Soothsayer.)

SOOTHSAYER: Their wings old and tired, the two butterflies clung to a broken

branch. And together, they floated down the river, each breathing life into the

other as they made their final journey ... home.

PIPER: Yoo-hoo. Anybody home? Earth calling.

LEO: Come on, give him a chance.

PIPER: I have, for the last 52 minutes and 23 seconds.

LEO: So ... what, that's it? Time's up?

PIPER: You think?

SOOTHSAYER: You've stopped listening to each other. It's common.

PIPER: Look, I didn't want to come here in the first place. Okay? Our

problems are not magical, Leo. They're normal.

LEO: They were caused by magic. That's why we're here.

PIPER: No. We are here because you didn't care what I wanted. You just cared

what you wanted.

SOOTHSAYER: How many times a day do you have s*x?

PIPER: A day? What, are you crazy? No wonder you wanted to see him. Are you

kidding me?

(Piper's cell phone rings.)

PIPER: Really. Hang on.

(She checks her message:

Can U get Billie?

911 @ house

PIPER: Ahh, shucks! Look! (She shows the message to Leo.) Family emergency.

Gotta go.

(Piper gets to her feet and leaves.)

SOOTHSAYER: Just remember ... it is always darkest before the dawn.

(Leo gets up and follows her.)

(As they leave, the Soothsayer crushes some rose petals in his hands. They

vanish in some magic. Magical red lights appear and he sends them Piper and

Leo's way.)

(Unknown to them, the red lights hit Piper and Leo in the back. They continue

on their way.)

(The Soothsayer smiles, nods and waves to them as they disappear from his view.)


("Piper" opens the driver's door and slips inside. She notices it immediately,

the seat is too far back. Her feet don't reach the pedals. But that can't be.

She drove here. Didn't she?)

("Leo" gets into the passenger seat and finds himself squished - the seat's too

close to the dashboard, his legs scrunched up and pressed against his chest.)

("Leo" looks around.)

PIPER (IN LEO): What the hell?

("Piper" stares at "Leo.")


LEO (IN PIPER): Piper?

(Staring at each other and realizing that they've switched bodies, the two


BOTH: Aaahh!



(Phoebe is looking through a yellow file folder.)

PHOEBE: Mmm ... yep. Nope. Nope. This one's not right, either.

WENDY: But we've been through over fifty donor candidates so far.

PHOEBE: Yeah, I know. Uh ... maybe I'm just not being specific. What I need is

a little girl with brown eyes, sandy-blond hair, cute little button nose that

likes to save innocents, you know, kicks butt, works well in groups of three.

(chuckles) I mean, that's all.

WENDY: That's all?


WENDY: Ms. Halliwell ...

PHOEBE: Oh. You know what? Call me Phoebe. Uh, please. I mean, we're talking

sperm here, right?

WENDY: Phoebe. I don't think specifics are the problem here. I mean ... let's

face it, you have an incredibly specific image of who you want your little girl

to be. Too specific, actually.

PHOEBE: Oh, to be honest ... uh, she doesn't have to have the little button

nose. Okay.

WENDY: We specialize in helping to create families here. And we're dedicated

to promoting an open approach to helping anybody who wants to start a family but


PHOEBE: And I totally respect that. I mean, that's why I'm here.

WENDY: But ... we're not a substitute for love. I've been doing this a long

time, Phoebe. And I know from experience that when someone can't find a match

... they don't really want to. What they want ... is outside these walls, not


(Wendy gets up and leaves the room.)

(Phoebe stands up and looks around. Something catches her eyes. She stands up

and looks at the bulletin board filled with pictures and photos of various

couples with children, singles with children and other families the center has

helped create.)



(JD sleeps on the couch as Sam paces the floor waiting for Paige. He glances at

his watch.)

SAM WILDER: Paige ... Where are you?

JD: (mumbles, o.s.) Sam?

(Sam turns around to see JD slowly waking.)

JD: Sam.

SAM WILDER: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. It's ok, JD.

(Sam sits next to JD.)

SAM WILDER: You just go back to sleep. You rest.

(JD walks up.)

JD: But what ... ohh! What happened? Uhh!

(He groans in pain.)

JD: God.

SAM WILDER: Close your eyes. Go on. Trust me.

(JD closes his eyes. Sam holds out his hands and heals him. He cuts and

bruises on JD's forehead vanish.)

(JD opens his eyes.)

JD: I feel better. How? What's goin' on?

SAM WILDER: It's a long story. But you still need to rest. Okay? It's

important. You've been through a lot.

JD: Ok, but ...

(JD sits up.)

JD: What happened? (He looks around.) Where am I? How'd I get here?

SAM WILDER: What do you remember?

JD: Well, I remember getting nailed by a car.

SAM WILDER: Before that.

JD: I ... I don't know. I ... I was at the drive-in. It was the middle of

the flick, "Rebel Without a Cause," ... I went to get a soda. And ...

SAM WILDER: And what?

JD: I don't know. Some ... creep scared the hell out of me. Took a flash

photo. Blinded me. Next thing I know, I'm inside somewhere and he's ...

SAM WILDER: He's what? What did he do?

(He chuckles.)

JD: You know, I must've bashed my head in pretty good.

(He looks around. Off screen, the door opens. Sam gets up to check it out.)

SAM WILDER: Stay put.


(Billie, Piper and Leo walk into the house.)

LEO (IN PIPER): Piper, the Soothsayer must've done this for a reason.

PIPER (IN LEO): Look, I am not gonna spend the rest of my life tinkling

standing up.

LEO (IN PIPER): Uhh! Actually, guys don't 'tinkle'. We --

BILLIE JENKINS: (interrupts) Hey! You guys! Will you knock it off? You're

driving me crazy.

PIPER (IN LEO): Look, either you find a spell to reverse this, or you find a

magical divorce attorney.

(Sam steps out into the foyer. "Piper" steps forward to shake his hand.)

LEO (IN PIPER): Hey, Sam, how's it going?

SAM WILDER: Wow! That's ... quite a handshake, Piper.

PIPER (IN LEO): That's because I'm Piper and that's Leo.

(Without another word, "Leo" heads for the stairs.)

LEO (IN PIPER): Uh, yeah. It's a long story. Don't ask. We'll be upstairs.

We got a few things to work out.

("Piper" follows.)

PIPER (IN LEO): (dryly) Gee, you think?

LEO (IN PIPER): Uh ... and Paige thought Billie could help you. She's really

good --

PIPER (IN LEO): Upstairs, mister.

(Leo chuckles. He smiles and points to Piper as she heads upstairs, stomping

loudly along the way.)

(Billie steps up to Sam.)

BILLIE JENKINS: So, I'm pretty much caught up here, but I charge 10 bucks an

hour to baby-sit.

SAM WILDER: Baby-sit.

BILLIE JENKINS: Yeah. That's what I'm doing here, right? Not exactly a demon

hunt, but in for a penny, in for a pound, huh?

SAM WILDER: Okay. Look, I need to find Paige. I need you to look after JD. Do

not let him out of the house. If he finds out what year it is, he'll go crazy.

BILLIE JENKINS: Okay, fine. I'll just cast a spell on him.

SAM WILDER: No. No spells. He doesn't know anything about magic, and he

can't, either. He's had more than enough magic used on him already.

BILLIE JENKINS: Fine. Twelve bucks an hour. But when you find Paige, you tell

her I have a midterm to study for and a sister to find. She owes me big time

for this. This is so rid --

(JD steps out into view. Billie is completely mesmerized by his cuteness.)

JD: (o.s.) Hey, baby.

(Her jaw drops.)

JD: What's shaking?

BILLIE JENKINS: (to Sam) No charge.

(She looks at JD and smiles. JD smiles back at her.)



(Paige and Agent Murphy are looking through files. Sam orbs into the office.)

SAM WILDER: What the hell is taking so long?

AGENT MURPHY: Where'd you come from?

PAIGE: I just got here.

SAM WILDER: Yeah, well, you wouldn't have if you'd orbed.

PAIGE: I didn't want to orb.

SAM WILDER: Which is why I had to. JD's awake.

PAIGE: Who's with him?

SAM WILDER: Billie. I don't know how long she's gonna be able to keep him from

figuring out where he is.

AGENT MURPHY: Did he say anything about what happened?

SAM WILDER: Not much. Just that somebody took a flash photograph of him, nearly

blinded him.

AGENT MURPHY: Flash photo, huh?

PAIGE: (to Agent Murphy) Wasn't one of the last victims seen with a



(Agent Murphy, Paige and Sam exit the building. They walk down the front steps

on their way somewhere.)

(A man turns around. It's Vaklav. He follows them.)





(Through the reflection off the television screen, we see JD kneeling to look at

the television. Billie stands next to him, watching him.)

JD: Wow. Cool. A television.

(He stands up and looks around the set.)

JD: Where are the ears?


JD: Yeah, you know ... antennas.

BILLIE JENKINS: Oh. Oh, the antennas. Right. Um ... it doesn't have -- this

thing's been broken for ages. Why don't we sit down and chat.

JD: Boss.

BILLIE JENKINS: (chuckles) Did you just say "boss"?

JD: (chuckles) Are you from a different country or something?

BILLIE JENKINS: Um, no. Why do you ask?

JD: Because you don't seem to know much about ours. Plus the way you're


BILLIE JENKINS: Yeah. Ok, let's talk about something else. So, um ... where

you from, JD?

JD: Yeah, where's Sam?

(JD takes out a cigarette.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Sam? He went out on an errand. He'll be right back.

(He lights up.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Hey! What are you doing?

JD: Oh, you want one?

BILLIE JENKINS: No! I -- Hello! Cancer.

JD: What are you talking about?

(Billie's cell phone rings. She takes it out.)


JD: What is that?

(Wary, he stands up.)

BILLIE JENKINS: This is, uh ... nothing. This is just a -- it's a new musical

device. My dad's an inventor.

(She giggles. JD looks around the place.)

JD: What's goin' on around here?

BILLIE JENKINS: Wait. I -- JD, I can explain.

JD: Yeah? I'm listening.

BILLIE JENKINS: Okay, well, maybe I can't explain. Or at least, I'm not

allowed to, but ... look, all I can promise you is that you're safe here.

JD: Safe ... from what?

(The smoke from JD's cigarette causes the smoke alarm to beep. Startled, Billie

covers her ears from the loud piercing alarm.)


(Startled, JD turns around and loses his balance. He falls onto the nearest

chair. On the chair is the remote. He sits on the remote, turning it on.)

JD: Uhh!

(A loud, blaring music video appears on screen. He grabs the remote and looks

at it.)

JD: Where am I?

(The singer on the music video starts singing. It's very eerie.)

BILLIE JENKINS: JD, it's okay. Let me - Hold on.

(Freaked, JD escapes out the conservatory doors.)


(There's no answer.)

BILLIE JENKINS: I can't believe this.

(Billie exits out the conservatory doors after JD.)




(An elderly man, Mr. Sawyer talks with Agent Murphy, Paige and Sam. He's

looking at a framed photo of a woman.)

MR. SAWYER: So beautiful. She was an angel. I've wracked my brain trying to

understand what happened.

(Agent Murphy hands the photo to Sam.)

MR. SAWYER: Thirty years. It all feels like yesterday. I just hope and pray

... that she'll come back to me again.

AGENT MURPHY: You mentioned in the police report that you saw a flash of light.

Any idea what that was or where it came from?

MR. SAWYER: The camera, I assume. She was having her picture taken for her

mother's birthday.

PAIGE: At a photography studio?


AGENT MURPHY: Do you remember where that was?

MR. SAWYER: It was somewhere over on Knob Hill, but it's not there anymore.

PAIGE: And that's the last you saw of her.


(Sam hands the photo back to Agent Murphy.)

SAM WILDER: What about the photographer? Anyone ever track him down?

MR. SAWYER: They tried. I tried. But ... it's as if he disappeared, too!

AGENT MURPHY: (softly to Paige) Your demon, maybe?

PAIGE: (softly back) You think you can find that studio?

(Agent Murphy hands the photo to Paige. He stands up.)

AGENT MURPHY: Yeah. Excuse me.

(Agent Murphy steps out of the room.)

MR. SAWYER: She wanted to be a teacher. She had such a good heart. Always

helping others.

SAM WILDER: She sounds like a wonderful girl.

MR. SAWYER: I still miss her. A father never stops loving his daughter.

(Paige falls silent. Sam watches Paige.)



(Agent Murphy is on his cell phone out front. The front door opens. Paige and

Sam exits the building. Murphy sees them and finishes up his call.)

AGENT MURPHY: (to phone) Yeah. All right. I gotta go. Bye.

(He hangs up.)

AGENT MURPHY: So, it, uh, turns out that studio used to be a few blocks away

from where your friend was hit by that car.

PAIGE: Which means the demon might reopen for business.

AGENT MURPHY: What, taking pictures?

PAIGE: Stealing lives. (She sighs.) I think, uh ... we should handle this.

AGENT MURPHY: (alarmed) What? Why?

PAIGE: Well, in case you don't remember, firearms and fireballs don't mix.

SAM WILDER: Maybe we should call your sisters, just in case.

PAIGE: I think I can handle one lousy demon alone, thank you.

SAM WILDER: Well, what if you can't?

PAIGE: Oh, what, are you worried about me?

SAM WILDER: We should get going.

(Sam motions and steps away. After a beat, Paige follows him. They both walk

past Agent Murphy. He looks at them.)

AGENT MURPHY: What am I supposed to do?

(He doesn't get an answer. He turns and leaves.)

(In the background, Vaklav steps out into view.)

(He smiles, then shimmers out.)



(An airplane flies overhead.)


(JD watches the plane fly above. He's never seen a plane like this before.

Billie is nearby.)

JD: Am I dead?

BILLIE JENKINS: No, but you're gonna be if we don't get outta here.

(He looks around.)

JD: Unreal!

BILLIE JENKINS: JD, I'm telling you, ok? We have to go. We --

(A silver hybrid passes by. JD is astonished by the futuristic nature of the


JD: Did -- did you see that?! It didn't make a sound, like right out of Buck


BILLIE JENKINS: Yeah. It's a hybrid. Runs on battery.

JD: Battery? Why?

BILLIE JENKINS: Are you kidding? With gas three bucks a gallon?

JD: Three bucks? No way! It's, like, 25 cents.

(Before she can answer, two officers on motorized stand-up scooters travel past

them on the sidewalk. JD's startled and quickly pulls Billie out of their


BILLIE JENKINS: Wh ... hey, hey. It's okay. It's all right. They're not

gonna hurt you. It's just a cop.

JD: A cop? (she nods) I -- I don't understand.

BILLIE JENKINS: I know. I know. I'm sorry.

(He looks at date on the newspaper in the dispenser.)

JD: November 6, 2005? But that's not possible! Is it?

BILLIE JENKINS: What else could it be? Look, I know this is a lot to handle.

Okay? I don't know what to tell you. All I can say is Sam can explain this to

you in a much safer place, so we should go.

JD: My dad. I -- I gotta see my dad.

(He turns and runs down the sidewalk. Billie takes off after him.)



(BAMM! A cloud of white smoke rises from the potions cauldron. "Piper" is

throwing ingredients into the pot while "Leo" stands in front of the open Book

of Shadows.)

PIPER (IN LEO): Hey. Watch the face, will you, Leo? I just got a peel.

LEO (IN PIPER): Would you please just try to find a spell to change us back? I

know what I'm doing, Piper.

PIPER (IN LEO): People who know what they're doing don't cause explosions.

LEO (IN PIPER): You know, it's one thing to have my wife constantly criticize

everything I do. It's another thing when you do it from my own body!

PIPER (IN LEO): Well, since I figure you'd never listen to me, you might listen

to yourself.

(Phoebe enters the attic, mumbling to herself.)

PHOEBE: No romantic dinners. No walks on the beach.

(She stops in front of "Piper".)

PHOEBE: There is no way I can be inseminated. I tried. I just couldn't do it.

It didn't feel right.

LEO (IN PIPER): That's ... gross.

PHOEBE: No. What's gross is me pushing the issue because of some stupid

premonitions. You know? I want love first. I want what you guys have.

LEO (AS PIPER) Not today, you don't. Trust me.

PHOEBE: Why? What's going on?

(Leo points to Piper standing in Leo's body in front of the Book stand.)

LEO (AS PIPER) Talk to your sister.

("Piper" waves to Phoebe.)


PHOEBE: Oh, my God. Did Wyatt switch you guys again?

LEO (AS PIPER) No. It was a marriage counselor.

PIPER (IN LEO): Actually ... it was a gardener ... (smug) And it was Leo's


("Piper" sighs loudly.)

LEO (AS PIPER) Okay, that's too weird.

PIPER (IN LEO): Never mind. We'll figure it out. How's, uh, Billie doing

downstairs with JD?

PHOEBE: There's nobody downstairs.

PIPER (IN LEO): What?!



(Billie waits outside. JD exits the care home. He's very upset. Billie gets

up and follows him.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Hey. Are you all right?

JD: They said that ... my dad ... just died.

BILLIE JENKINS: Oh, god, JD, I'm so sorry.

JD: They said he was 93 years old. I mean, 93! How could that be? He had

nobody left. Not my mom, my brother. They said he buried me fifty years ago,

even though he never stopped looking for me. I mean, how could he bury me! I'm

still alive!

BILLIE JENKINS: I know. I know. We are gonna figure this whole thing out.

Listen. Look at me. JD, listen. You can trust me. Right? You know you can

trust me. I'm gonna tell you something you're not gonna believe, but you're

gonna have to. It's the only way this whole thing is gonna make any sense to


JD: Okay.

BILLIE JENKINS: What happened fifty years ago ... to you ... whatever's going

on, Sam is -- is figuring that out. All I know is whatever it is, it has

something ... to do with magic.

JD: You're crazy.

BILLIE JENKINS: No, I'm not. It's real. Ok? Just like what the demon did to

you? That's real. And that he's trying to kill you, this is all very real.

(He's finding it very difficult to believe her. She sighs.)

BILLIE JENKINS: Look, I know this is hard to handle. Okay? Believe me, I'm new

at this myself. I just found out a week ago that a demon kidnapped my sister.

Believe me, I know what you're going through. Or at least, I kinda know what

you're going through. Just don't run away from me. I can protect you from this.

I promise.

(She steps forward and give shim a hug. He slowly hugs her back.)



(The sign in the studio door reads CLOSED.)


(Sam and Paige are looking through the various photos and photo albums.)

PAIGE: Anything?

SAM WILDER: No. Maybe we should take something back to try and scry for.

(He walks past the drawer and senses something. He holds out his hands at the

drawers, palms forward.)

PAIGE: Everything all right?

SAM WILDER: Can you feel that?

(Paige walks over to him.)

PAIGE: Feel what?

(He exhales sharply.)

SAM WILDER: The pain ... innocents. I can sense them. They were here. Future

whitelighters. That's what he's after. This could be a trap. You've gotta get

out of here.

PAIGE: No. I'm not a future whitelighter. I am a whitelighter.

SAM WILDER: But you're not embracing it. Otherwise, you'd sense it, too. That

makes you vulnerable.

PAIGE: No, that makes me sane.

SAM WILDER: Look, you've got to stop fighting this, Paige. Gotta stop fighting

yourself. Whether you like it or not, you are my daughter, which makes you a

whitelighter, and it's about damn time you accepted that.

PAIGE: The hell it is. Look, for your information, my father -- my real father

-- the one who raised me, loved me, and took care of me till the day he died was

a firefighter, not a whitelighter, so how dare you show up here and act like

you're my dad? 'Cause I have news for you -- you're not.

(Upset, Paige turns around and leaves the studio, the shop bell jingles as the

front door slams closed behind her.)

(Sam closes his eyes and turns around, regretfully. He rubs his eyes.)

(The shop bell jingles.)

(Sam quickly turns around.)


(It's Vaklav.)

VAKLAV: Daughters. They tend to outlive their fathers ... grieve longer.

(Vaklav holds his hands out in front of him and an old camera appears. Under

his left arm, he has a rolled-up piece of paper.)

SAM WILDER: Wait. Don't.

VAKLAV: Smile.

(He snaps. The camera flashes.)

(Sam vanishes.)

(The camera disappears in a flash.)

(Vaklav takes out the rolled-up sheet of paper and unrolls it.)

(In the empty spot where JD used to be, Sam's image now fills it.)





(Phoebe walks into the attic and stops abruptly at the sight before her: Piper

is standing in front of the scrying table, the map askew and fumbling, yes,

fumbling with the scrying crystal. Leo is standing next to her trying to take

the scrying crystal from her.)

PHOEBE: Any luck finding JD and Billie?

("Leo" tries to take the scrying crystal from "Piper". She keeps slapping his

hands away from her.)

PIPER (IN LEO): Uh, no, because Leo won't let me try.

LEO (IN PIPER): Because Piper's powers are still in her body.

PIPER (IN LEO): But the knowledge of how to use them isn't.

LEO (IN PIPER): (sighs) Oh, yeah? Wanna see me freeze you?

PIPER (IN LEO): Ha! Like you even know how!

PHOEBE: Ok, ok, ok! What the hell is going on here?

PIPER (IN LEO): Well, first of all, we're in each other's bodies.

PHOEBE: Well, yes. Obviously. But the question is, why?

("Piper" stops scrying and puts the crystal down on the table.)

PIPER (IN LEO): Stupid gardener.

LEO (IN PIPER): He's a Soothsayer.

PIPER (IN LEO): He's a quack!

("Leo" picks up the crystal.)

PHOEBE: Ok. Well, whatever it is, I think he knows exactly what he's doing.

(Both Piper and Leo roll their eyes at Phoebe.)

PHOEBE: Come on! Every shrink wants couples to walk a mile in each other's

shoes. Right? This guy just did it literally.

("Leo" looks at the boobs on "her" body. "Piper" slaps his hands for him to

stop it.)

LEO (IN PIPER): Well, it's not working.

PHOEBE: Isn't it? (to Leo) Look, you've only been in Piper's body a few

hours, and already you see what she has to juggle -- you know, being the

breadwinner, a mom, A Charmed One?


PHOEBE: (to Piper) And you, you finally get a good understanding what it feels

like to be Leo and not have any powers and to be married to a witch. He has to

do all the legwork around here, pick up all the slack. It's a thankless job.

You guys have forgotten how great you are together. Everybody wants what you

have. Trust me, i want what you have. Don't take it for granted.

PIPER (IN LEO): She's right.

LEO (IN PIPER): I know. We need to find more time to spend together, Piper,

just the two of us.

PIPER (IN LEO): So we can talk.

LEO (IN PIPER): And listen.

(As soon as they agree, a red glow appears inside them and switches places with

the other.)

LEO: We're back.

PIPER: Whoo. Thank God.

PHOEBE: Thank the shrink. Now, hurry up and find Billie.

(Leo holds out the crystal for Piper. She takes it from him.)

BILLIE JENKINS: (o.s.) Um, there's no need for that.

(They turn and see Billie enter the attic with JD.)

BILLIE JENKINS: JD needs to talk to Sam.



(The door bell jingles as Paige enters the photo studio. She's on the phone.)

PAIGE: What do you mean, he knows everything? I thought Billie was supposed to

wrangle him.

(She sighs as she looks around.)

PAIGE: Yeah, I'm here, but I'm not seeing Sam. Well ... just have JD call him.

He's his charge. All right, all right, already. Criminy.

(She hangs up the phone and sighs.)


(The bell on the shop door jingles. Paige turns around to look and sees the

front door open. No one is there.)

VAKLAV: (o.s.) Looking for someone?

(Paige turns around and sees Vaklav inside the shop.)

PAIGE: Who are you?

VAKLAV: Well, not to be defined by my work, but let's just say ... I like

taking pictures.

(Paige looks around.)

PAIGE: Tripod!

(She orbs the tripod over to Vaklav and pins him against the wall.)

PAIGE: Tell me where Sam is.

VAKLAV: Oh, you love your father more than you think. Which means you'll miss

him terribly. You see, I'm an expert in pain. It's my bread and butter,

really. I feed off it.

(He shimmers out and appears behind Paige. Paige turns around. He backhands

her across the face. She falls to the ground.)

PAIGE: Unhh!

(She looks at him.)

PAIGE: What do you want?!

VAKLAV: To keep my collage complete. When JD escaped, I was forced to take

Sam. If you want to see your father alive again ... bring me JD.

PIPER: (PRE-LAP) We don't swap innocents.



(Everyone discusses what to do next.)

PIPER: The demon must know that.

PAIGE: Well ... he wasn't after JD. He's just a -- a loose end, someone that

got away.

PHOEBE: Someone that he wants to finish off.

PIPER: Well, he's got who he really wants -- Sam.

PAIGE: Yeah, thanks to me. I should've listen to him.

PHOEBE: Mmm, maybe you didn't want to.

(JD appears in the doorway.)

JD: Hey, what's the problem? If he wants me, let him have me.

PHOEBE: Well, the problem is, he's gonna kill you.

JD: I got away from him before, didn't I?

PIPER: Yeah. How did you do that?

JD: It was something I learned from my dad. And it works every time.

BILLIE JENKINS: No. Not this time. It's too dangerous.

JD: Well, it doesn't matter. I owe him. He turned my life around. I -- I

don't know what I would've done without him.

PIPER: Um ... why don't we take this up to the attic and see what Leo's come up


PHOEBE: We'll be back.

(Piper, Paige and Phoebe leave the room.)

JD: Well ... what about Sam?

BILLIE JENKINS: Oh, they'll figure something out.

(JD turns to leave.)

BILLIE JENKINS: JD, wait. Where do you think you're going?

JD: Where do you think?

BILLIE JENKINS: Look, I can't let y -- hey, you know I can stop you this time.

(JD stops and sighs heavily. He turns to look at Billie.)

JD: Billie ... I have to go. And besides, this isn't my time anymore.

BILLIE JENKINS: What are you talking about?

JD: Everyone I've ever loved, ever known, is gone now. I'm not supposed to be


BILLIE JENKINS: But you are here.

JD: Yeah, by some strange twist of fate. (He sighs.) My time has passed. But

Sam's still got family. He's still got friends. He can still help people.

BILLIE JENKINS: But you're here for a reason. I believe that.

JD: Well, maybe it was to do this. To do good. Or maybe it was just to meet



JD: Promise me something. You won't waste your whole life looking for your

sister like my dad wasted his looking for me.

BILLIE JENKINS: I don't understand. I don't --

(He steps forward and kisses her. He brings up his hand and puts pressure on a

point on her neck, knocking her out immediately.)

(He gently puts her down on the couch. He leans in close and whispers to her.)

JD: (softly) I was lucky to know you, Billie.

(JD gets up and leaves.)



(ANGLE DOWN on the street below. We zoom from one point to another.)


(The front door bell jingles as JD enters the photo studio. On the counter top

is the demonic camera.)

JD: Sam?

(He closes the door behind him.)

JD: Sam!

(Vaklav shimmers in.)

JD: You let Sam go. You've got me now.

VAKLAV: Still, I need Sam to complete my collage. Just like I needed you. But

not anymore.

JD: If you don't free him, the sisters --

VAKLAV: Will never find me ... once I've taken care of my last ... loose end.

(Vaklav powers up a fireball. JD starts to run toward him. Vaklav hits JD with

the fireball, killing him.)

(Vaklav picks up the demonic camera and shimmers out.)





(Billie stands in the room alone. Phoebe walks in.)

PHOEBE: Billie ... it's not your fault.

BILLIE JENKINS: Yes, it is. I should've stopped him.

PHOEBE: If you could have, you would have. He didn't want you to.

BILLIE JENKINS: It's just so unfair. How--why would JD come back after all

this time just to die like this?

PHOEBE: We can't save every innocent. We're witches ... not ... Gods.

BILLIE JENKINS: But I promised to protect him.

PHOEBE: Promises can be tricky. Sometimes you just have to let things happen

... in their own time ... in their own way. Everything happens for a reason.



(Piper and Leo walk into the attic where Paige is trying to scry for Sam.)

PIPER: Paige, you're not gonna find Sam that way.

PAIGE: Oh, yeah? Watch me.

LEO: Well, how do you know he's even in the city? You don't know who the demon


(Paige stops and looks at them.)

PAIGE: You're right.

(She drops the crystal and moves away from the scrying table and heads over to

the Book. She starts flipping through the pages.)

PAIGE: You ... make a vanquishing potion, the strongest one we've got.

PIPER: Uh ... you know, there is another way to find Sam.

PAIGE: Yeah? How?

LEO: Call him?

PAIGE: I already tried that. Thanks.

PIPER: You ... called for Sam. I think you need to call for your father.

PAIGE: He's not ... my father.

LEO: He's not your only father, but he is still, in fact, your father. You're

connected. At least as a whitelighter.

(Paige rolls her eyes, but gives it a try.)


(After a long moment, Sam appears in the attic. He looks stunned to be there.)


(A beat later, all the other people Vaklav stole appear in the attic behind


(Piper starts motioning for them to step back.)

PIPER: Uh ... okay, everybody, let's back up. We're gonna have some company.

(Vaklav shimmers into the attic holding the blank piece of parchment and looking

perplexed as to what happened.)

VAKLAV: I don't understand.

(Piper steps in front of Sam. He glares at Piper.)

VAKLAV: How did you free them?!

PIPER: Ooh. I didn't. (looks at Paige) She did.

PAIGE: (shrugs) I guess my whitelighter side is stronger than I thought.

(Vaklav powers up a fireball and throws it at her. Piper waves her hands and

forces the fireball back at Vaklav, hitting him square in the chest. He grunts

and falls back to the floor.)

(Paige picks up the demonic camera and points it at him.)

PAIGE: Smile.


(Paige snaps a photo of Vaklav. He vanishes.)

(She picks up the parchment to show Vaklav's photographic image in the center.)

PAIGE: I think I'll have this one framed.

(Leo looks at the people in the attic.)

LEO: What about them?






(Paige is on the Golden Gate Bridge tower.)

PAIGE: You may as well show up. I know you're lurking around here somewhere.

(Sam orbs in.)

SAM WILDER: Nothing wrong with those Whitelighter instincts of yours. Figured

you'd want to talk.

PAIGE: Uh, actually, I ... wanted to apologize.

SAM WILDER: For ... ?

PAIGE: For being so hard on you.

SAM WILDER: Paige, look, you don't have to, uh --

PAIGE: Yeah, actually ... I do. Guess I hadn't realized how much ... you know,

it hurt me -- the whole ... not-showing-up thing.

SAM WILDER: I don't blame you. I should've come by long ago. But ... out of

deference to your ... real father's memory, I ... I'm not exactly sure how I fit


PAIGE: Well ... I think there's room for both of you in my life.

SAM WILDER: Agent Murphy managed to track down all the innocents' families?

PAIGE: Yes, he did. I think it's safe to say Mr. Sawyer got the shock of his

life. It'll be a tough adjustment.

SAM WILDER: Better late than never.

PAIGE: Yeah. Unfortunately, not for JD.

SAM WILDER: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that. It might've taken him an

extra fifty years, but I think he finally managed to prove himself a future

Whitelighter ... by saving another. You.

(Paige smiles.)

SAM WILDER: See you around?

PAIGE: Definitely.

(Sam smiles, then orbs out.)



(Billie brushes the leaves off an old gravestone.)




1933 - 1955

(She puts a single white rose on the stone.)

(ANGLE DOWN on Billie and the gravestone.)