08x12 - Payback's A Witch

Piper: Oh, no, sweetie. No, no, no, no no. That's not funny. What are you doing? What are you doing? Buddy...wyatt, you know better than that. [Gasps] No, swee [Whispers] Ok, comee. Listen, why don't you go play with your toys, ok, in the other room while mommy cleans this up, ok? See you later.

Elder: It isn't easy, is it? Sorry, I should have knocked before I orbed.

Piper: What is it? Do you know something about leo?

Elder: No more than you do, I'm sorry to say. But the deal you made with the angel of destiny will be honored. I assure you, leo will be returned to you--

Piper: if and when we defeat whoever the hell it is. Any ideas?

Elder: If I knew, I'd tell you, piper. But for whatever reason, you're supposed to find it out on your own.

Piper: Yeah, well, I'm sick and tired of all these reasons that don't really make any sense. I mean, I barely understand it, let alone wyatt, whose father is here one day and then just disappears the next day. I mean, the kid's a wreck. What am I supposed to do?

Elder: Everything you are doing, piper. Living your lives. Celebrating his birthday. Never giving up hope. You know, he's a good kid. He's just acting out. Oh!

[Piper laughs]

Piper: He's a good boy.


Rohtul: Aah! Aah!

Billie: Once again, who does this symbol belong to?

Rohtul: I told you I don't know. I'm a possessor demon, not a--aah!

Billie: Here's the thing, rohtul. I'm gonna find this demon, and I'm gonna find my sister. So the question is do you want to help me, or do you want to die stupid like all the others?

Rohtul: Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you, witch! Aah!

Piper: Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing? Knock it off there's a 3-year-old's party that's about to start downstairs.

Billie: I was just trying to squeeze one more demon in before--

Piper: no, there will be no more squeezing. Are you kidding me? I got enough stuff to do without worrying about who you're torturing in the attic.

Billie: It's not a big deal. He's just a possessor demon.

Piper: Oh, just a possessor demon. Did you think maybe he'd like to possess some of our guests downstairs, maybe? Did you think about that?

Billie: He won't be alive that long.

Piper: Thatthe po the point is now is not the time. I need this party to go very well.

Billie: And I need to find my sister. Oh, great. Now look what you did.

Piper: What are you doing?

Billie: No! I have to find him.

Piper: Not until after the party.

Billie: Piper, I can't wait until after the party, ok? He knows something.

Piper: Billie, would you listen to yourself? We've been through this. You can't let your obsession for revenge drive you--

Billie: not obse with revenge.

Piper: Good. Then you can understand why it can wait.

Billie: No, it can'T. Oh! Incoming!

Piper: [Moans] Maybe I should just cancel this thing.

Billie: What, the party?

Piper: Well, the gods are against me, or at least the balloons are.

Oh, honey, I know you're stressed. Piper, you can't be serious.

Piper: Can't I? I mean, a few things have changed around here since I planned the party like, you know, his father is now gone.

I know, but that's even more reason to have it. It'll give wyatt a sense of normalcy.

Piper: I know, I know. That's what the elder said, but I'm starting to think that I'm forcing it on him, trying to pretend like everything's just peachy.

Well, he misses his dad. It's completely understandable.

Piper: I know, I know, but I thine'sthing else, too, Something big, and I just wish I could talk to him before, you know, he turns the party guests into toads.

Phoebe: Well, maybe he'll talk to aunt phoebe.

Piper: Ok. But you know he is 3.

Phoebe: Well, it's worth a shot, though, isn't it?

Piper: Ok. You do this, and I'll do that.


What should we do now, rohtul? We can't just sit here and do nothing while she picks us off one at a t

what would you have us do, attack? She's working with the charmed ones. That would be suicide.

The charmed ones have nothing to do with this! She acts alone. This is all about her sister. A sister who was abducted by very powerfulem ds. Demons who don't wish to be revealed.

You know where her sister was taken?

No, but I know who did the taking. And believe me, you don't want to go up against them any more than you do the charmed ones.

That doesn't solve our problem. Billie must die. The only question is how we do it. And who will risk it.

I will risk it. I owe her.

Follow her! Find her weakness.


...And he starts working for anderson aviation on monday. He'll be training pilots. It's a great job. More than enough to make those payments.

Yes, nick flew helicopters in the war.

Right. And this was before he went to prison, correct?

That's correct, sir. But it was only for a year and it wasn't for anything really bad.

Nick's just trying to get some money to help his son move out of a bad area.

That's what the money's for, and I'm here to vouch for him.

And I'm here to vouch for him as well.

I'm sorry. Who are yon? That's what role'S.

Listen, henry, I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Come on. You did it.

Paige. Hi. What are you doing here?

I know. I'm sorry. I know you're really busy, but I need to talk to you. So excuse us for just one second.


Phoebe: Hey, little buddy. Are you excited about your big party today? Yeah? It's gonna be fun. You're gonna have presents and see all your friends. And I bet you're pretty sad that your daddy can't make it. You wanna know a little secret? We're all sad. I'm sad and you're mommy's sad. Auntie paige is sad. And I'm sad, too, but no one understands me. Do you? Put this away. Little boy's bear, show me how you care. Tell me how'd you feel if you were real.

I'm so sad, I want to cry all the time.

Phoebe: Oh, no. Why are you sad, bear?

You want to tell her, or should I?

Phoebe: Oh, my god! How did you do that? Oh. Hello! Hi! Oh, thank you!

Hi. Phoebe!


Paige: Look, billie, I'm gonna stay here and I'm gonna help henry's friend. And besides, ionnago up against piper, not today on wyatt's birthday.

Billie: Come on. The demon's gonna get away.

Paige: You said he wouldn't talk.

Billie: But--

Paige: look, please. Just relax, ok? Ahem.

Uh, mr. Edwards. I'm very sorry, but our bank policy is very strict.

Nick: You know what? I mean, this is a bunch of bull. Why don't you just come out and say it, huh?


Nick: No! I'm tired of this crap!


Nick: Been dumped on ever since I got back, just like I've been dumped on since I got out of prison! Screw you!

Nick. Nick--

Nick: no! Sorry I let you down.

Nick, you didn'T... isn't there something you can do, maybe make an exception just this once?

Hey, I'm not the criminal, he is.

He is not a criminal, he's a veteran, jerk.


Come on. Let's just calm down.

Whate matterwith you?!

I can't believe this just happened. He's gonna crack, I know it. I know nick.

Paige: There are other banks.

Nick: No, it's gonna be the same thing everywhere. It always happens this way. The guy can't catch a break.

Paige: We'll make it work. We'll figure it out.

Paige, look out!

Nick: Now, about that loan.


[Children laughing] Wow!

So, um, where's the birthday boy?

Oh. That's a good question. Phoebe!

Phoebe: Sorry. Sorry. Here's the birthday boy! Happy birthday!

Where have you been?

Phoebe: Oh, you know, just upstairs chatting and playing with some toys! Wow! This just seems to be a huge success. Maybe we should wrap it up, huh?

What are you talking about? The party just started. Wait a minute. What happened? What's wrong?

Oh! Aah!

Phoebe: That.



Ok! All right! Wow! Are these characters great or what? You can hire them for any party! You go back on your word.

You break your pse.

It ain't my it'sr fault!

Ok. Easy. Relax. Relax. You have guests to entertain.

All right, troops! We go some recon to do! Follow me. You. You are in big trouble!


[Tires scree, sire

Nick: hurry! Let's go! Everybody move over here! Let's go! Move where I can see you! Do it now! You, too! Let's go! Come on!

Nick, you don't want to do this, man.

Nick: You're right, man. I don't want to do this, all right? But what other choice do have, huh? Empty your pockets and your purses. Put it on the floor here where I can see it. Do it! I just want to make sure nobody arrying. Listen. You do what I say when I say it, nobody gets hurt, you got that? Ok. You! Over here. What are you doing?

What do you want with him?

Listen don't be a hero right now, ok? Just do what I say. You're making this worse than it is already. I owe you everything, henry. I mean it. You've been great to me, all right? But don't mess with me right now, ok? Come here! Get over here!

Henry, please just do what he says.

Nick: Let's go! Get a bag, fill it with cash, a lot of cash and then bring it back, you got it?


Nick: Do it! I'm gonna get that loan one way or another.

I can not believe this is happening.

Yeah, well, it wouldn't be happening to you if you weren't so obsessed.

Do you want me to call for hins?

No. No, you can'tuse magic. There are cameras everywhere. We can't risk exposure.

I've never seen him like this. It's like he just snapped.

Oh, really? Is that what he did?

Henry, can't you just maybe talk to him? You know, he trusts you. The only one he would listen to right now is his son. If we could only find someone who could bring his son here.

This is gonna get ugly.

Hello? I have to go to the bathroom.

Nick: Hold it!

I can'T.

Nick: Hey, is there any windows in the bathroom?

What? No.

Nick: Go. Don't do anything stupid, though, all right? No tricks, just the bathroom. Go! Stay where you are! Everybody else!

[Bathroom door

do it! Fast!


Ok, bear infantry. We're gonna head east past the punchbowl and stop at the balloons. Copy that?

Tie you shoes, kid. You're better than that.

Ok. Keep your heads down, keep your mouth shut... and keep your hands out of your neighbor's pockets, ok? You ready? Follow me. Gotcha! Aah! Take cover! Take cover!

[Kids screaming, ng]

Oh, that's some good stuff.

Phoebe: You know, bright side is, they're having a good time.

Piper: This is not a good time. This is chaos.

Phoebe: Yeah, but you got to admit the army guy is kinda cute--

Piper: Forget it, phoebe. He's not anatomically correct. You need to go upstairs and reverse the spell.

Phoebe: I did not cast a spell. Ok, well, maybe I cast a little, little spell, but this-- this is all . So he's the only one that can reverse this.

Piper: Well, he got the idea from you, didn't he?

Phoebe: Ok, look, I said I was sorry. I was just playing with the dolls with him to try to make him open up about his emotions. That's all.

Piper: That's all? Does this look like "that's all"?

Psst! You're late.

Paige: 911! Upstairs, now!



now at? Hostages? Are you kidding?

Paige: Do I look like I'm kidding?

So how did you get out?

Paige: I said I had to go to the bathroom, which means I have to hurry, hurry, hurry to get back. Nick has a son, ok? His last name's edwards. If you can find him and bring him down to the bank, that would be fantastic!


Paige: Call henry's office, say you know me, say that you know henry and he s's o also, call agent murphy, have him call homeland security and tell S.W.A.T. Down there to not get trigger happy. We don't want nick to get killed. Tell wyatt I said happy birthday.

I'm so glad leo's not here to see this.

Hey! Stay put.


Nick: Are you finished?

Paige: Jeez, can't a girl have some privacy?

Nick: Let's go! Go. What's taking so long? Let's go. Fill it up. Do it now! Ome on fill it up. Put it in there.

Paige: JI think we need to buy some time. Do you think maybe you can make a potion from some of that stuff down there?

Billie: Thought you didn't want to risk us using magic.

Paige: JI don't, but I also don't want anyone to get hurt. Maybe it won't look like magic if there aren't magical ingredients, right? Just see what you can do. Ok? Be car [Ring] Come on. Come on, pick up. All right, that's enough. Put it down. Get back over there.

[Phone contngin

Nick: I'm listening.

My name's lieutenant sanchez. Who am I speaking with?

Nick: You're speaking with somebody who wants a helicopter out front in 20 minutes with clear air space.

A helicopter? I'm afraid I can't authorize the release of--

Nick: you sure as hell better authorize it or what happens next is on you, pal. And don't try stalling. I know the game.

All right, let's be calm and talk about this first, all r?

[Sighs] This is lieutenant sanchez. You want me to what? But that's against every negotiating procedure we've-- very well. All right. You got your chopper. 20 minutes.

Nick: 20 minutes... and I'm outta here.

That doesn't make any sense. They never give in that quickly.

Maybe they're hoping someone will talk him down.

Reporter: ...But the license plate of the car that rammed into e bank has been traced to nick edwards of ingleside, a decorated ex-marine who...

well, now we owe agent murphy again. At least they bought some time.

I'm really worried about paige and billie.

Do you think we should call the elders?

No, it's not a magical problem. There's nothing tn do. There's really nothing we can do either.

Should we ask everyone to leave?

No, wyatt'll be crushed. This is the most fun he's had in a long time.

Thanks to his new huge big action heroes?


So how well do you know leo?

Sheriff: When's the last time you seen him?

Answer his question! No, no, no, no!

We don't point weapons at the guests! Come on!

Wow, do these guys know how put on show or what?


Get down! Get down! Take cover! Take cover!

Ok, ok. It's just a balloon.

All right, folks, as you were.

Ok, I'll go. You stay with wyatt and make sure he turns pinocchio back into wood.

Don't you worry, little buddy. We ain't gonna give up until we find him. You can count on it.


Paige: Maybe you should go talk to him.

Henry: What do you want me to say?

Paige: Well, you know him best.

Henry: Yeah, it worked so well before.

Paige: Come on, henry.

Henry: Nick...

Nick: don't even start, man, ok? It's no use.

Henry: Good. Good. That's what you'll tell your son, right?

Nick: You leave him out of this.

Henry: He's already in it. The things you do affect your son, nick... big time. Is this what you want for him?

Nick: What I want?

Henry: Yeah, for for your.

Nick: What I want is not to have been treated like a frickin' pariah ever since I got back.

Henry: You gotta expect that when you do time.

Nick: I'm not talking about when I got out of prison. I'm talking about when I got out of iraq. I risked my life over there, and for what--huh? To be treated like crap ever since I got back? It's not right.

Henry: It's not. You're right. It's not right, nick. But neither is this-- getting even, it's not the answer. Revenge makes you do things you're gonna regret. You're hurt. I mean, you're angry. I don't blame you. I would be, too. Nobody here blames you. They'll take that into account. But you gotta stop... right now. For your son. Put that gun down. It's not too late. Gimme the gun.

No! Hold your fire! Hold your fi

what are you doing? He had him!

Who the hell are you? Who are you?!

I'm a cop. A cop? You're a cop?!

Nick, stop, please! Nick...

Nick: get up. Get up! Get against the wall. Get against the wall! Sit down!

Stay calm. Henry. Everybody stay calm. Stay calm! All right. Oh...

henry? Henry? Henry?

[Gasps] Oh, god!

[8a41] Stayn. Stay down, ok? Don't move. Don't move. You're gonna be ok. You're gonna be ok.



The witch has problems of her own at the moment.


She's being held hostage along with one of the charmed ones in a bank. Shots were fired. A mortal was wounded.

Why don't they use their powers?

Because they can't. And neither can we. It's one of the few things both sides agreed upon eons ago. Neither can leave a magical trail for mortals to follow. The secret must be kept.

So we just wait?

No. We take advantage of their situation. If I time it just right, I just might be able to force their magical hand, make them choose between exposing their secret and saving innocents, something they're honor-bound to do.

But he just said exposing our--

we won't be! They will be! Revenge has many faces... something that little witch is about to learn. Go back. Let me know when it's time...


come on. Pick up the phone, damn it. Get emt ready in case I get that wounded hostage out. Swat 2, swat 2, are you in position? Over?

Copy that, command, but we don't have a clear shot. Over.

Are you up and ru t?


[Whispers] Hi. How's it going?

This is nick edwards' son justin. I think he can help.

Can I do anything for you?

Yeah. You can get me outta here. You're gonna be ok, henry.

You just have t

han, ok? I know you can do that.

Henry: Paige, you gotta talk to him, ok? He doesn't know what he's doing. You can help him.

Nick: How is he?

Paige: He needs to see a doctor. That's how he is.

Nick: Ok. Ok, well, uh... soon as the helicopter gets here.

Paige: He might not make it that long.

Nick: Hey...I didn't shoot him.

Paige: You'ht. You're the one who should have been shot! I'm sorry. I'm just worried about him. I know you are, too, because like you said, henry's been there for you every step of the way, right?

Nick: Don't you think I know that?

Paige: I do think you know that which is why I know deep down you want to do the right thing and let them take him to a hospital.

Nick: They'll crucify me.

Paige: They won't. I promise you they't, because we'll tell them what happened. We'll tell them that you did not do this.

[Telephone rings]

Lieutenant sanchez: Pick up the phone, nick. It's your son.

Nick: Justin? Hey, buddy. How you doing?

Billie: I think you're getting to him.

Paige: Yeah, well... not soon enough. Henry's in pretty bad shape.

Billie: Well, he's a tough guy. He'll be ok.

Paige: I don't know. If it comes right down to it, I'm gonna orb him outta here.

Billie: I thought you didn't want to use magic.

Paige: I don't. But I don't want him dying, either. [Exhales] How's it coming?

Billie: I don't even know if this is gonna work.

Paige: Concentrate... because it has to.


Phoebe: Ok...whoa, whoa. Let's not scare the guests any more than we already have, ok? What are you guys lookinanyw

great white father.

Phoebe: Leo? Stand down. He's not here.

Maybe we should check the basement.

Phoebe: Hey! Back up, all of you. How do you know we have a basement?

Don't know. Just do.

Phoebe: And who told you to look for leo? No one, ma'am. He's missing...and it's our job to find him. Now if you'll excuse us...

Phoebe: no! Go back. Why is it your job?

'Cause it's our fault he's gone.

Phoebe: Your fault? How would it be your fault?

It is also great white father's fault. He broke his promise.

Phoebe: Ok, that's the second time you mentioned the promise. What promise are we talking about?

The promise that he would always be there, ma'am... that he would never leave. Unless he left on account of something we done.

Phoebe: "We"? Oh, my god. You're not wyatt's toys. You're wyatt.


Officer: Chopper inbound. Eta, 5 minutes.

Nick: Yeah. I love you, too. You know... I never wanted to hurt anybody, especially not henry. I just got so tired of never catching a break, you know?

Paige: Still not too late. You know, you can turn this around.

Nick: [Laughs] Yeah. Maybe.

Not so fast. I still have a score to settle.


What's going on?

Keep it down. We don't want them to hear.

Rohtul-as-Nick: I don't mind. As a matter of fact, I want them to know. I want the whole world to know exactly who you are. That's why I chose to possess this poor soul.

Billie: Possess? What?

Rohtul-as-Nick: You don't recognize me if you're not torturing me, witch?

Billie: Rohtul?

Rohtul-as-Nick: In the flesh. Literally, as it turns out. And you're not gonna be able to stop me without using your powers...something you'll have to do if you want to save your friend over there before it's too late.

Paige: Why are you doing this?

Rohtul-as-Nick: Why don't you ask her? Did you really think that your vindictive rampage through the underworld would go unphed that we would just let it keep happening?

Henry: Paige.

Go. Go ahead. I have all the time in the world!

Henry: What's happening?

Paige: Shh, shh, shh. Try not to talk, ok? Just save your strength.

Henry: He was gonna give up. I...I saw.

Paige: Shh. Just stay calm.

Henry: I don't understand.

Paige: All you need to know is that I'm gonna get you out of here, ok? I promise you. You need to trust me.

Paige. I can't believe s all mylt. I swear I didn't know.

Billie: Fortunately, you're not the only one who wants revenge.

Paige: Why? What are you talking about?

I think we should give him exactly what he came for.

Billie: But he came for me.

Paige: I know. I just need you to go and finish that potion as soon as you can.

Whoa, wait a minute. What do you mean you're not ready to leave? We had a deal. I held up my end of the bargain.

Yeah, well, I've changed my mind. How 'bout you give me a little more time to think it through?

Yeah, I have plenty of time. I'll just wait around another 20 minutes. It doesn't matter. I have all the time in the world.

Thank you.

I don't get it. This guy's schizo. It's like he's a completely different person all of a sudden.


Swat 2, swat 2. Come in. Over.


Bye! Thanks for coming. bye. Bye, sweet girl. Take care. Thank you so much.

This was the best birthday party emma has ever been to. Those characters were amazing!

Yeah, well, you can thank wyatt for that.

[Laughing] took a tthe wo the bank-- demonically worse.

What? How do you know?

It's just a hunch, but I think billie's possessor demon just stole the show. And if I read paige's signal correctly, she's gonna need our help to stop him.

Ok. Let's try it again.

Oh! He beat me again.

Easy on the knee, kid.

Is he safe with them?

More than you know.

[Action heroe slappin ter] All right. Round 2. Let's go. Come on.


Paige: Come on, henry. Ok, henry. I just need you to hang on, ok? Just a little longer.

Do you really want him to die... more than you wanna save your precious secret?

Paige: Leave me alone.

Oh...obviously, you care for him quite a bit. Go ahead and orb him out of here. You can do it. I know you want to.

Paige: Shut up!

You can't let him paige. You'll never be able to forgive yourself if you do.


[Gasps, coughs] Am I dead?

No. You're alive.

That's not possible. That's not possible! This is not happening. This is not happening! I'll kill him. I swear I'll kill him! You better stop me... or he dies. 1... 2...


What did you do? What did you do?!

Fine. I'll take her. That's all I ever wanted anyway.

Let's go!

It's ok. She knows what she's doing.

Anybody tries anything... she's dead! You understand?!

Swat 2, do you have a clear shot? Over.

I mean it! Let's go! Let's go!

Swat officer: Negative, command. Stand by...

if I die, she dies.

Open the door!

I can kill her. Get in! I can still shoot her!

Swat officer: I've got a shot. Permission to shoot? Over.

Negative. Hold your fire! Damn it!

I'm back.

Finally. Where'd you go, kansas?

Had tea with the queen.



Henry: Listen, you don't have to take me out on a gurney.

You were shot in the stomach mr. . We're taking you in.

Henry: I know this sounds crazy... I feel fine.

Yeah, well, you're a lucky man. Looks like that bullet somehow missed every major organ. It's unbelievable.

Henry: Yeah. Par for the course, lately. Any word on billie?

Paige: No. Apparently, the helicopter landed in harding park, but there's no sign of billie or nick.

Henry: You don't seem very worried.

Paige: Well, you don't know billie like I do. She's a pretty savvy girl.

Henry: I hope. Mm-hmm.

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Paige: Well, ok, um... I guess I should be going now.

Henry: Where you gonna go?

Paige: I was gonna call piper and tell her, um... that w we're ok.

Henry: Good. Hey. You were all I could think about.

Paige: Oh! Ok. Uh... well, I'll see you soon, henry.

[Cordless phone]

paige: Hey, it's me. We're almost done with the potion.

Ah! That's great.

Ok...they should be there any second.

Are you sure it's the possessor demon? Because that's what we're making the potion for.


Ok, I'm outta here. I'll be there as soon as I can.


So much for being under the protection of the charmed ones.

But I thought you said you were going to try to expose them.

Still... this is the one I wanted.

This is the one we all wanted. Looks like you're never gonna find your sister after all.

After you.

Energy balls! Surprise!

[Coughing] How-- but you can't orb!

No. But paige can. She switched identities during the smoke bomb. With the real billie.

Talking about me?

This one?


Ah, ah!

So, uh, where were we?

Aah! Yes... where were we?

What is it gonna take to get through to you?

Billie: You guys, I know. Believe me, I get it. You don't have to tell me anymore. I justna find my sister so badly.

Piper: I know, and I wanna get my husband back very badly, but that doesn't mean I run around half-cocked all the time to do it. And it's not gonna do your sister any good if you get killed while trying to find her.

Billie: I know that now. I'm not gonna let vengeance drive me to try and find her. Now it's about bringing her home safely. And that's it.

What do we do with him?

Well, ess I'll orb he andllie to park. Maybe you can stumble outta there calling for help?

Well, what's he gonna do? He's probably gonna have to go back to prison unless henry can find somebody to help him out.

Hey, speaking of henry, how did he make such a miraculous recovery?

I don't really think we have to discuss that now.

What happened?

Well, I think that paige heale

it's very important-- that this isn't your fault.

It's not anybody's fault. It just is. And I know it's hard to understand, but...I'm gonna do everything in my power to get your daddy back, ok? I'm gonna do everything I can to bring your daddy back. That's a good job, buddy. Come here. Oh, my goodness. You're such a big boy. Don't worry.