06x01 - The Anniversary

- Previously on Good Witch.

- I think we just found the Middleton treasure.

- Not the treasure I expected...

but fascinating!

- They went to a lot of trouble to keep this thing hidden.

- Oh, my!

- An investor is interested in buying my half of the truck.

- You're Lisa Gold!

- Setting the Gold standard for food bloggers.

- You can't say it, it's OK.

- I'm thinking it in my head...

I think it's the curse!

- I think you might be right.

- Dottie Davenport.

- Homecoming still eats away at you, doesn't it?

- I'm happy with who I am.

- I'm Cassie Nightingale.

- Sam Radford.

- Looks like you could use help.

- I've tried it about a dozen times, it won't open.

- Maybe 13's the charm.

- You have the magic touch.

- This year's graduating class of Middleton High School.

- I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

- Kind of weird, having an empty nest.

New chapter in our lives, we should start it right.

- I'm liking this.

- Yeah, I had a feeling.

(light music)

- Cassie, have you seen-- - Your blue tie?

You left it in the library.

- Ah!

And, uh...

what about-- - Your pager.

- Left it next to the tie?

- Kitchen counter.

- Thanks.

And you didn't happen to see-- - Your anniversary kiss?

Right here.

(romantic music)

- I was gonna say, you didn't happen to see where the last year went, because I've lost track of time being married to you, but the kiss?

A lot less cheesy.

- I like cheesy.

- Happy anniversary.

- Mmm.

Same to you.

I made some French toast.

- You didn't just make French toast.

- I may have gone a bit overboard but we're worth it.

- We're definitely worth it.

I thought we were going to wait until the lake house tonight to celebrate?

- I know, but I couldn't wait that long to give you your gift.

This first year's been amazing.

- Yes, it has.

- Go on, open it!

Since the first year is, uh...

the paper anniversary...

- "Maybe I'm Amazed"!

- The original handwritten lyrics, signed by Paul McCartney.

See the bottom corner?

- That's McCartney's signature?

- Thought you might like it.

- Thought I might love it, which I do!

And I love you.

Is it OK if I wait until tonight to give you your gift?

- Being together's the only gift I need.

(sentimental music)

- Good morning, Martha.

- It certainly is!

I'm looking for a large bouquet, something colourful, something...

how shall I say?

Grand, glorious, glowing!

- What's the occasion?

- Well, it's not really so much of an occasion as it is a statement.

- Well, you are quite a statement-maker.

- So they say.

They also say that the personality of your home quite often matches the personality of you, in this case, moi.

- Well, you are a jet-setter and an influencer.

- So true.

- These electric fuchsia orchids should suit you and your home perfectly.

- Ooh, they're stunning.

And it isn't just any home, it's the historic home of Roderick Davenport!

- Roderick Davenport.


- Forgive me.

I got so swept up, I completely forgot that Roderick is the reason that you and Donovan are cursed.

- Why would a Davenport live in Middleton?

- Well, he built it to share with your relative, Patience.

They were supposed to live there after they got married.

- But she ran off with William Spry and Roderick cursed any future Davenport-Merriwick relationship.

Why would you buy that house?

- Next to Grey House, it's the oldest in Middleton and befitting a return to glory as the new mayor's mansion.

- Well, you can do it without my flowers.


- Huh.

- Welcome to Grey House, Joy.

- Thank you.

- I think you'll be comfortable in here.

- Wow, nice columns!

Early 19th century?

- 1815, good eye!

- Well, good taste.

Yeah, I rented a lot of these houses, this is solid craftsmanship.

- Is that what brings you to Middleton?

- Well, my gut brings me to Middleton.

There's a job here I want and I plan on getting it.

- I admire your confidence.

Any job in particular?

- I don't want to jinx it.

- Oh?

I wouldn't take you for superstitious.

- What would you take me for?

- Curious.

- Clearly, I'm going to have to work on my game face.

- I think you're safe.

We're all a little bit curious.

- What gets your wheels turning?

- Pancakes.

You hungry?

- You read my mind.

- I'll get a batch started.

Come down when you're ready.

(suspenseful music)

(theme music)

(music box playing)

- I'm having déja-vu.

- Well, while we all may have listened to this lovely tune together, we did not all share in the surprise twist at the end.

- A music box surprise twist?

- I'm guessing it's more of a Middleton treasure surprise twist.

- Spoiler alert, remember the children's song, "Pop Goes the Weasel"?

Well, this is more like, pop goes the emerald.


Three hidden spaces for three ginormous gems.

- Now, that definitely qualifies as a twist.

This is about the same size as the Heart of Middleton.

- Now you understand why I asked you to bring out that glorious ruby.

- This music box would've been hidden around the time William Spry gave this ruby to Patience Merriwick to declare his love.

- Now, what do an emerald and what looks like a missing diamond have to do with their story?

- That's for them to know and us to find out.

- I gotta run.

My most important meeting is about to start.

- Do you know what the best part about Chinese food is?

- The person you share it with?

- True.

- But...

Fortune cookies.

You're not wrong.

- Is it wrong to open them first?

- Isn't that bad luck?

- Don't start.

We've had enough of that.

- To good luck then!

What's wrong?

- Don't open yours.

I already know what it says.

- What does it say?

"Your heart will break but...

" - "...but you'll just keep living day after day after terrible day." (Donovan sighs)

(folksy music)

- Wow.

We are flying through this bread.

- I know, I just upped our weekly order and it cost a fortune.

It might be time to switch vendors.

- Mario's been my bread guy for years.

- I found a bakery in Fairhaven: same taste, half the price.

- And I'm betting half as good.

- Let me remind you, they call me the Gold standard of food bloggers everywhere.

- Mm-hmm.

- While we're at it, what if we changed this four to a six?

- Changing our prices could also change our customers' minds about being customers.

- The truck is a smash hit.

We need to seize the moment.

(deep breath)

- I've been in the restaurant game a long time.

It's not about one moment, it's about many moments.

- If we raise our profits, we can launch a fleet.

Monte Cristos across the state.

- Well, you're ambitious.

I'll give you that.

- You gotta give me something.

(dry laugh)

(camera app clicking)

(suspenseful music)

- Getting some good shots?

- I...

hope you don't mind?

- Of course I don't mind.

- You know, Grey House is very unique.

It's elegant, yet cozy.

- Yeah, that's exactly what I was going for.

- You did all this?

- It needed some work when I moved in.

- I bet you got it for a steal.

- Actually, it's been in my family for generations.

- The Nightingales?

- The Merriwicks.

We founded Middleton.

- Your roots run deep.

- Mm.

And what about your roots?

- Well, my mom died when I was 17 so I've been on my own ever since.

- I'm sorry to hear that.

My parents died in a car accident too, I know how hard that can be.

- I never said it was a car accident.

- You didn't.

My mistake.

- Actually, it's not a mistake.

- It would seem we have a few things in common.

- Yeah, I guess so.

- Hm.

(mischievous music)

- Oh my.



- Oh, I see you're making yourself at home.

- Mr.


Impeccable timing.

Picture, if you will, a large antique mirror, possibly with Baroque detail, I'm still deciding.

I think it would look quite stunning on that wall.

Accompanied by the elegance of a rustic mahogany credenza, facing due west of course, capturing the tranquility of feng shui.

- Mrs.


You're getting a little ahead of yourself.

- Well, it's part of my charm.

You'll get used to it.

- I'm not sure you understand.

- Understand what?

- You're officially in a bidding war.


- I want to be fair, so you both have until 5 o'clock today to sell me on why I should sell you this house.


(light music)


(door chimes jingling)

- Hey, I know that smile...


...texting Grace?

- She misses everyone.

- How's our college girl doing?

- She loves it.

- That's great.

- But you're not.

- That obvious, huh?

- Yup.

Working with the "Gold standard" not feeling so golden?

- Lisa wants to change vendors and raise prices...

I mean, she's a blogger.

She's never run a business.

- She's also your partner.

- I was kinda hoping for more of a silent partner.

- Well, a duet can't be in harmony with just one voice.

- Well, maybe...

she needs to change her tune.

- Maybe...

you need to change your perspective.

- It's just that she wants to do everything her way.

- Hm.

That may not be such a bad idea.

(pensive music)

- Thank you.

- [Dr.

Avery to Obstetrics] - I need your help with something.

- A patient?

- A bracelet.

- For your anniversary?



- As nice as handwritten lyrics signed by Paul McCartney?

- Ooh, definitely not.

- You call that helpful?

- I call that truthful.

- I know...

I just needed a second opinion.

- It's Cassie.

She's gonna love anything that comes from you.

- I don't want it to be just anything.

I want it to be-- - Better than Paul McCartney?

- Better than Paul McCartney.

(light upbeat music)

(door chimes jingling)

- What do you got there?

- Oh, a collection of Victor Hugo novels from an estate sale.

- "Les Misérables".

Sounds like my relationship with Donovan.

- Oh no.

What happened?

- Have you ever heard of a misfortune cookie?

- Mm, can't say that I have.

"Your heart will break but you just keep living day after day after terrible day." Wow.

Remind me not to eat at that restaurant.

- Donovan and I got the exact same bad news over egg rolls.

- And you think it's because of the curse?

- What else am I supposed to think?

- Well, they print thousands of the same fortunes.

You can't blame every stubbed toe on the curse.

- You gotta admit, Donovan and I have been stubbing a lot of toes lately.

- Well, the road might be rocky, but the key is to find joy on the journey.

This doesn't belong in here.

- Why not?

It's Victor Hugo.

- It's from the library.

And it's about...

20 years overdue.

- Now I don't feel so bad, I've got one that's only two months overdue.

- You should take it back today, those fines can really add up.

(indistinct chatter)

- Hey!

- Coming right up.

- So...

I've been thinking about what you said.

- I...

said a lot.

- We're partners...

your ideas are just as important as mine.

- I couldn't agree more.

- Well, maybe you can also agree that in a week we will assess everything and decide...

as partners, what's working and what's not?

- Everything will be working...

but you've got a deal.

- I'll be right with you.

Eglantine rose.

They're a symbol of mystery.

I didn't mean to scare you.

- I don't scare that easy.

- Can I help you find something?

- Chocolate.

- A kindred spirit.

- Well, you wouldn't expect to find one in a small town like this.

- This isn't just any small town.

- What do you recommend?

- Follow me.

This will melt in your mouth.

- Raspberry's not really my thing.

- Good guess.

- Let's go with that.

I prefer hazelnut cream.

- My favourite too.

- Dr.


didn't Cassie love the bracelet?

- She hasn't seen it.

- Huh.

Is there a problem?

- It needs to be bigger.

- Perhaps...

the matching earrings?


- (sighing)

: Yeah.

Even bigger.

- Hmm.

- I know just the thing...

a ruby pendant.

- I think she's good on rubies.

- OK, let's try this...

picture her opening the gift.

She loves it.

What do you see?

(thoughtful music)


- Good question.

(whimsical music)

(gentle knocking)

- Oh, thank goodness...


why aren't I seeing pizza?

- 'Cause I'm not the pizza delivery person.

- Then who are you?

- I'm Joy Harper.

I'm the woman who's gonna renovate your new house.

- Well...

I give you an "A" for confidence, and an "F" for timing.

- Somebody beat me to the job?

- Somebody may have beat me to the house.

- But the article on the Middleton website said you already bought it?

- Yes, well...

reports of my purchase may have been..

greatly exaggerated.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

- There's no "E" at the end of "decor".

(playful music)

- I beg your pardon?

- Well, your spelling should be right, even if you're going at this all wrong.

- And what exactly do you think I'm "going at"?

- If you're in a bidding war, you're writing a letter to the owner of the house explaining why they should sell to you.

- That still doesn't explain how you knew I'd written the word "decor".

- Everybody writes about the decor.

What you need to do is put your passion on the page.

- You've piqued my interest.

- Which is exactly what you've gotta do with that owner.

You want that house, it's gotta come from the heart.

Tell them how you feel when you walk through the front door.

- I feel...

like I'm home.


- Now you've piqued my interest.

- Let me guess, Cassie steered you here?

- Our matching fortunes steered me here.

- To find a book about a broken heart?

- Actually, yes.

- Too embarrassed to check it out of the Blairsville library?

- Somebody beat me to it.

- What's the book?

- I did a search on our matching fortunes and Great Expectations popped up.

I figured I'd sneak a peek to see if there's anything to it, but it looks like it's not here either.

- That's because it's right here.

- You're kidding?

- It's overdue.

(mysterious music)


- There's a...

crest stamped in here...

You're not gonna believe this.

(bright music)

- Who said we'd wouldn't use the pasta maker?

- You did, when we got it as a wedding gift.


Now we'll have homemade pasta and red wine...

- What could be better for our anniversary?

How does this look?

- Flat.

- It's finally happened.

- What?

- You've adopted my sense of humour.

- Wow.

I was having a nice time until you said that.

- Should I be insulted?

- Yes.


- Alright.

Let's make pasta.

- OK.

It's linguine.

- What's the difference?

- Well, all linguine is pasta, but not all pasta is linguine.

- I don't care.

As long as I can slap some sauce on it, I'm happy.

- Mm-hmm.


Look at that!

Oh, now we're making pasta.

- It's linguine.

- Well, as long as I can slap some sauce on it, I'm happy.

Look at that!


Nick's home.

(fantastical music)

- He is?

- He is.

- Hey!

- Happy anniversary.

- Thanks.

- Aw, thank you.

Nice to have you home.

- What are you doing home?

- I got a big project due in my game design class the peace and quiet.

- Dorms can be distracting, huh?

- Yeah.

- So can a girlfriend.

- What's her name?

- I didn't say Cassie was right.


- How long have you been together?

- Tuesday will be three months.

- But who's counting.

- You look happy.

- I'm really happy.

- I know the feeling.

- Well, this isn't good.

- Could you be more specific?

- I can.

This book is extremely overdue.

The fine will be exorbitant.

- Mother, please...

that's not funny.

- I beg to differ.

It's your father who's not funny.

I have a wonderful sense of humour.

- Like mother, like son.

- I do so enjoy when you come over, Abigail.

- We should do this more often, Dotty.

- Can we get back to the family crest?

Why would it be stamped inside that copy of "Great Expectations"?

- Well, my best guess is the book came from Roderick Davenport's private collection of novels.

Supposedly, he was a voracious reader, living all alone after your relative broke his heart.

- Patience followed her heart to William Spry.

- And poor Roderick became a recluse in the house he built to share with her.

His private library..

his only solace.

- Why would the fortune cookies point us to his book collection?

- I'm sorry...

fortune cookies?

- It's a long story.

- That I think ends in Roderick's house.

- You mean my house.

- I thought Martha bought that house.

- So did she.

(suspenseful music)

- Elizabeth Merriwick.

- The Grey Lady.

That was her wedding silver.

Her portrait is over the fireplace.

- The one whose eyes look like they're watching you?

- They're watching all of us.

- So...


how did you wind up with Cassie and Sam?

- Fate brought us together.

I'm not sure if they picked me or I picked them.

- Hopefully you picked well.

- Without a doubt.

If you have any more questions...

I'm always around.

- Thank you.

One Monte Cristo, hot off the grill.

- OK.

Let's see this thing.


That's not a good start.

- I know.

The bread.

- It's definitely not Mario's.

- Yeah.

- I'm scared.

- Take my hand.

- Oh, wow...

Our Monte Cristo is not our Monte Cristo.

- I wanted you to taste for yourself.

- And I'm guessing the customers aren't happy.

- Let's just say I heard some strong opinions.

- We spent a lot of time coming up with this sandwich.

- So why'd you let her change it?

- Well, she's my partner.

I had to be open to her ideas.

- Look...

I may just be a guy who helps out on the truck from time to time.

- You're more than that.

- I would like to think so...

but as the truck's biggest fan, I gotta say-- - I already know...

we have a problem.

- Yeah.

- Mm-hmm.

- "If you entrust the property to my care, "the house will be transformed into a lovingly restored home." Yes.

(slow clapping)

- You're quite the wordsmith.

- You're quite the thorn in my side.

- You could make it easier on yourself and concede.

- Worried Mr.

Vandercleef will choose me?

- I'm certain Vandercleef will choose the option with the most zeros.

- It's just always...

straight to the cheque book for you, isn't it, Dotty?

- You should finish your little letter, Martha...

you've got a deadline.

- Ugh!

(soft thud)

(fantastical music)

- Hey...

- I thought you don't scare easily?

How'd your interview with Martha go?

- She told you we met?

- Let's go with that.

I think your new guest is playing with us.

- Hmm.

I think maybe you're playing with her?

- Six of one.

- Either way, you're enjoying the game.

- Do you think she's ever gonna tell us?

- When she's ready.

(nostalgic music)

- Joy?


you told me to meet you at the house.

I'm here.

You're not.

It feels like I've been waiting a lifetime...

- A lifetime?

- (gasp)

: What took you so long?

- I'm not a mirage.

You can hang up.

- Dotty Davenport is dangling dollars in front of Vandercleef and we have exactly 57 minutes and 12 seconds to convince him not to bite.

Now, if you want a job renovating my home, we need to make sure that this is, in deed, my home.

- Well, didn't you put your passion on the page?

- Of course I did, but then Dotty put her signature on a cheque.

I think it's time to-- - ...drop the hammer.

- I was gonna say up our game, but we can drop the hammer.

What exactly does that entail?

- We need to infuse your energy with the spirit of the house.

- Ooh, I felt a shiver just go right up my spine.

- Well, this isn't my first rodeo.

- No, I mean I think there's quite a draft.

- Oh, a lot of these old houses are under-insulated.

- Or...

overtaken by ghosts.

- Let's see what inspiration the house offers for that letter.

- I'm still going to give this place a thorough smudging.

- Hey, partner.

How's it going?

- Take a look around.

(uncomfortable laugh)

- Not our biggest crowd.

- I don't get it.

These are successful techniques, they're used by food trucks in all the major cities.

I've written so many blogs about this.

I just think we have to get into a better rhythm.

- Well, Middleton kinda marches to the beat of its own drum.

- We may need to up the tempo.

- I'm not sure tempo's the problem.

We may need to reassess.

- You said I had a week.

It's only been six hours.

- Well, word travels fast around here.

If we wait a week, we may not have a business left to reassess.

(melancholy folk music)

- Since when is fine jewellery a part of a game design project?

- Since I don't know what to get Stella for our three month anniversary.

- It is a pretty big milestone.

- Not as big as yours.

What did you get Cassie?

- Still working on it.

- Your anniversary is today.

- Yeah.

I guess I need to work a little faster.

- Can you work on mine too?

- Gold necklace...

diamond earrings...

did you inherit a fortune I'm unaware of?

- I want it to be special.

- Well...


...expensive doesn't always make it special.

- Well...

what does?

- Well, how about something sentimental?

- Like...

- Hmm.

How'd you meet?

- We met playing Pictionary.

- You met at a party?

- No, really, we met in the dorm, a bunch of people were playing board games.

We won, I drew the Eiffel Tower and she guessed it.

- That sounds like a moment worth remembering.

- I'll never forget it.

- I bet she won't either.

(uplifting music)

(playful music)

- Check this place out.

You Davenports don't do anything small.

- Yeah...

not when we're doing it for you Merriwicks.

- You're proud of that one, aren't you?

- Depends.

- Were you hoping for a kiss?

- Are you offering?

- No.

- Ouch.

- It's weird.

I have no interest in kissing you.

I think it's this house.

- Well, if the rumours are true, the curse was born here.

- And lured us here.

- Let's find Roderick's book collection to figure out why.

Which way?

- I don't know, I feel kinda lost.

- Well, at least we're lost together.

(mysterious music)

- It's like time stood still.

- Not so still that it didn't leave footprints.

- It could be your mom or Martha's.

They've both been here, trying to buy the house.

- I don't think so, the footprints walk up, but they don't walk away.

There's one book missing from the Charles Dickens section.

- It's worth a shot.

- Oh, thank goodness!

- Martha?

- Saved by a Merriwick and a Davenport!

How apropos.

I feared that we would be trapped in here forever.

- Why didn't you just go back through the bookcase?

- We didn't know about the bookcase.

- We came in through the pantry, the wall slid open, then closed behind us.

I've been looking for a way to open it.

- I'm sure you have.

- If you came in through the pantry, then whose footprints led to the bookcase?

- Footprints?

Ghostly footprints?

- I don't think ghosts leave prints.

(alarm ringing)

- Wha-- 5 o'clock.

My letter has gone unread.

- Your letter was irrelevant once Mr.

Vandercleef had my cheque in hand.

- It's incredible!

- Well, it's not necessary to rub it in.

- That's a Stradivarius!

Who found this?

- Martha did.

- I did?

Oh, well, yes...

I did.

- I never even knew this room existed.

- It seems to be some sort of secret study.

- I'm guessing it was Roderick's.

- Well, Roderick had an impeccable taste.

I mean, there are only 600 of these thought to be in existence.

- Sounds like you owe Martha a thank you.

- I owe Martha a lot more than that.

Congratulations, the house is yours.

- What?


- What?!

- Call me tomorrow and we'll go over the details.

- Hold on, Vandercleef.

we had a deal.

- We should celebrate.

- We should!

My new house and your new job.

Welcome aboard.

- You won't be disappointed.

- No, I better not be.


(whimsical music)

- Looking for anything in particular?

- My sanity?

- Hm, fresh out.

- How 'bout something for a headache?

- The crème brûlée at Elaine's Diner always works for me.

- I wrote a review about that crème brûlée.

- It really is as light as a cloud.

- And the sound of the sugar cracking under your spoon-- - ..."Rings as clearly as a bell." Your writing leaps off the page.

- I appreciate that.

- I would appreciate a sneak peek of your next review.

- Uh... the blog's kinda on hold.

I invested in a food truck.

- The other side of the table.

- The tables have turned, that's for sure.

Now, back to my headache?

- Yeah, sometimes...

it's best to target the root of the problem.

- Never had a problem when I was just writing about food trucks.

- Sounds like your best source of relief is...

right at your fingertips.

- You may wanna keep this room as is, it's kinda the heart and soul of the house.

- Kind of like me, the heart and soul of Middleton.

Why don't we all head to The Bistro to celebrate?

Lattes all around.

- Now that you're the owner, any chance you wanna part with this desk?

I think it would look amazing in my office.

- While you're furniture shopping, I'm gonna figure out why the fortune cookies led us here.

(fantastical music)

- I think I may just have figured it out.

It's a letter Roderick was writing to Patience.

- Dated two days after she broke off the engagement.

"If true love completely breaks "the heart, the curse is sealed and shan't depart." - It's not exactly a love poem.

- I think it's a warning.

If the heart completely breaks, the curse is permanent.

- What curse?

- Whose heart?

- Quite a conundrum.



(insects chirping)

- I always forget how beautiful it is up here.

- Takes your breath away.

- Should we get the luggage?

- No, I'll go back and get it after we settle in.


looks like the front porch light's out.


We'll just use this.

- Hmm.

Lead the way.

- I forgot I had the locks changed, so the keys are in the lockbox.

Will you hold that, please?

- Sure.

(distant quacking)

(romantic music)

- I think Ryan gave me the wrong combination.

- Just like the night we met.

- Hi, I'm Sam Radford.

- Cassie Nightingale.

You look like you could use some help.

- Only if you're a locksmith.

- Hm.

Why don't you try it one more time?

- Oh, I tried it a dozen times, it won't open.

- Maybe 13's the charm.

Give it a try.

- OK, I will...

But I don't think it's going to.

- 13 gets such a bad reputation, but it's always been a very lucky number for me.

- You got the magic touch.

- So do you.

It's a perfect start to our anniversary night.

(nostalgic music)


(both sigh)

- Umm...

- OK.

We are gonna switch you to decaf.

- My nervous system thanks you.

- Just your nervous system?

(Stephanie chuckling)

- I promised I'd stop by the hospital and play some gin with Mr.


So I'll see you tomorrow?

- Yeah.


Have fun.

- Thank you.

- Perfect timing.

The last slice of peach pie has your name on it.

- Humble pie might be more fitting.

You were right about the truck.

- I read your new blog post about what you learned on the job.

- I should have trusted my partner.

- Well, I appreciate what you said about me.

You have a way with words.

- And you...

have a way with people.

What you taught me was true, when it comes to quality, there's no cutting corners.

I think I'm gonna stick to writing about food, and not selling it.

Any chance you want to buy me out?

My blog needs me.

- On one condition.

That you'll hold my food to the Gold standard.

- Count on it.

- Great.

(energetic music)

- No one told me about the hidden safe when I was mayor.

- Being me has its privileges.

- This is the music box?

So much for living up to the hype.

(melody beginning)

- "If true love completely breaks the heart, "the curse is sealed and shan't depart." - What does that have to do with the music box?

(melody stops)

- The Heart of Middleton.

- Ding ding ding!

- You think Roderick's letter was talking about that ruby?

- I would like nothing more than to be wrong.

- I wish you were.


- What could possibly cause a ruby to crack?

- Us.

- Well, let's not blame the curse just yet.

I did have a fire going.

Perhaps the safe became overheated?

- Then the music box would be damaged, too.

- OK, time to blame the curse.

And if I may paraphrase, if that ruby cracks all the way-- - ...

then the curse is here to stay.

- (Cassie): [Actually, it's been in my family] [for generations.] - (Joy): [The Nightingales?] - [The Merriwicks.

We founded Middleton.] - [Your roots run deep.] ("Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by Sleeping at Last)

- Mmm, homemade linguine.

- Mmm, red wine.

- Yeah, we did good.

- Glad I registered us for that pasta maker.

- ♪ Tell her of the feelings ♪ ♪ I have for her ♪ - You know, there is one thing I've always wanted to ask you...

- Uh oh.

- No, it's not an uh oh.

- Alright, hit me with it.

- What made you move to Middleton?

- You, Cassie Nightingale, don't remember?

- No, I know that you were looking for a change of scenery for Nick, but there are a lot of small towns, what made you choose ours?

- Taking a page from your playbook, we shouldn't question it.

It was meant to be.

- I've got a good playbook.

- I wouldn't want to coach against you in the Super Bowl.

- Is that a sports reference?

- Save room for dessert?

- I wonder what year-old wedding cake is gonna taste like?

- Let's find out.

- OK.

- ♪ Of a thousand rainy days since we first met ♪ - Worth the wait?

- Yes, you were.

Happy anniversary.

- ♪ It's a big enough umbrella ♪ ♪ But it's always me ♪ - There...

might be...

one more surprise.

- ♪ Every little thing she does is magic ♪ ♪ Everything she does just turns me on ♪ - Paper lanterns?

- For our paper anniversary.

- They're perfect.

- Well, they're not signed Paul McCartney lyrics.

- No, they're not...

They're better.

- I love you.

- I can tell.

- ♪ Every little thing she does is magic ♪ ♪ Everything she does ♪ ♪ Turns me on ♪ ♪ Even though my life before was tragic ♪ ♪ Now I know my love ♪ ♪ For her goes on ♪ ♪ Every little thing she does is magic ♪ ♪ Everything she does just turns me on ♪ ♪ Even though my life ♪ ♪ Before was tragic ♪ ♪ Now I know my love for her goes on ♪