03x20 - bl*od Ties

sh**ting range.

VAUGHN: This was supposed to be over by now.

DIXON: With Sloane executed, we reached a dead-end in our pursuit of the Passenger. But in the meantime...

VAUGHN: ...Lauren is too valuable an asset.

DIXON: We can use her to feed disinformation to the Covenant, keep them from impeding Sydney and Jack's investigation.

DIXON: As soon as the Passenger is located, Lauren will be taken into custody.

DIXON: Meanwhile, Weiss will maintain surveillance.

DIXON: I'm sorry.


Someplace in L.A.


SYDNEY: I wasn't sure I should come.

JACK: I appreciate you putting aside your anger.

JACK: Sydney, you were right. I did find evidence that Sloane was assisting the Trust in covert pursuit of Rambaldi.

SYDNEY: Why are you telling me this now? Sloane's dead.

JACK: Actually, that's why I called you here.

SLOANE: Sydney.

Sloane walks out of the shadows.

JACK: I was about to give Director Bell the evidence to clear Sloane when I realized he was a member of the Trust.

JACK: I was unclear about what their alternate agenda was, but I did know executing Sloane was part of it.

JACK: The only sure way to save his life was to allow him to die.

SLOANE: Your father was kind enough to offer me a final glass of wine. It was laced with a tetrodotoxin compound. It counteracted the lethal injection while reducing my cardiac and respiratory functions.

SYDNEY: Mimicking death.

SLOANE: Thats right. Sydney, whatever grief my apparent death might have caused you, I only wish I could have spared you the pain.

SYDNEY: When I heard you were dead, any grief I felt was over the possibility of never knowing my sister. I did not grieve for you.

SLOANE: I see. Well, in the interest of finding your sister, may I have the hourglass?

Sydney looks to her father, who nods. Sydney opens the case with the hourglass.

JACK: I know you've been withholding something from the CIA, even from the Trust. Why is the Passenger important? Why is your daughter's real value?


SLOANE: While I was searching for her, I made a discovery. I came across an old Rambaldi text.

SLOANE: In it, Rambaldi prophesied that there would be a person, a "Passenger" who would be capable of serving as a direct conduit to him. The text contained a formula for an elixir.

SLOANE: So I followed the instructions exactly.

SLOANE: According to Rambaldi, this elixir, if injected, would bring about an altered state of consciousness allowing the Passenger to channel a message.

SLOANE: This message is rumored to be the key to Rambaldi's end game.

SLOANE: I sampled the elixir myself, hoping to make myself the conduit. It didn't work. It's meant only for her.

SLOANE: If the Covenant finds her, they will expose her to the elixir in massive doses. It will lay waste to her psyche. More likely, it will k*ll her. All I want to do is to protect my child.

SYDNEY: How do we find her?

SLOANE: We use this.

Sloane picks up and smashes the hourglass. The green liquid inside starts gathering. Sydney and Jack are shocked.




VAUGHN: I thought you said you were working from home today.

LAUREN: I am. I just came past to pick up these files.

LAUREN: I've been thinking about that trip to Fiji, maybe one of those bungalows perched on the ocean.

VAUGHN: Well, what about next month?

LAUREN: Be serious.

VAUGHN: I am. We've been talking about getting away for over a year, and visiting your mom in Virginia doesn't count.

LAUREN: I love you.

She smiles and kisses him.


BRILL: (cell) Agent Vaughn?

VAUGHN: (cell) Yeah, who is this?

BRILL: (cell) Thomas Brill, Jack Bristow introduced us.

VAUGHN: (cell) Right. What can I do for you?

BRILL: (cell) There're some things you need to know about your father.

BRILL: (cell) Meet me at the Transatlantic building, fourth floor, by the freight elevator.

(Query: Is there really a transatlantic building in L.A. or is that just a play on San Fran's TransAmerica Tower?)

VAUGHN: (cell) Okay, I'll be there. Thanks.

LAUREN: Who was that?

VAUGHN: Oh, just the dry cleaners. Apparently I've had a suit there for over a month.

LAUREN: Would you like me to pick it up?

VAUGHN: No, you've got enough work to do.

LAUREN: I'll see you at home, then.


Vaughn glances at Weiss, who's looks just as upset as Vaughn that the CIA hasn't yet arrested Lauren.


Transatlantic Building


BRILL: I told you that I worked with your father. But what I didn't tell you is I was with him on his final mission.

VAUGHN: I know how my father died.

BRILL: You don't have a clue.

BRILL: Yeah, he was working on something, an operation that wasn't sanctioned by the CIA.

VAUGHN: My father would never go against the CIA.

BRILL: He was a follower of Rambaldi.

VAUGHN: That's impossible.

BRILL: He died protecting the little girl. The followers knew she was the Passenger. He broker her out of KGB custody, but he didn't trust the CIA either, so he took her somewhere where she would be safe, with other Followers.

VAUGHN: The man you're describing is not my father.

BRILL: Your father was the best man I've ever known. He gave his life to make sure that little girl would be safe. Now if you don't stop what's happening, his sacrifice will be for nothing.


L.A. Outdoors

"Lauren" stops at a gas station. Weiss is still tailing her. Unfortunately, when she gets out of the car, it's not Lauren. Weiss isn't terribly happy about this, and seems to take it personally.

WEISS: No, no! Dammit!



BRILL: Now you know what you've got to do. Just make sure that they don't get to her.

VAUGHN: Why did you come to me?

BRILL: Because it's what he would want me to do.

Vaughn exits the elevator, and gets hit on the head and dragged away by Covenant g*ons.



SYDNEY: You claim this is a battery for one of Rambaldi's artifacts which can locate the Passenger. Before we risk exposure to the Trust, we need to be 100% certain they have this artifact.

SLOANE: I know they have it. I gave it to them.

JACK: According to my contact, the Trust has a cold storage vault concealed in the Smithsonian here.

Jack points to a location, presumably the blueprints to the Smithsonian.

JACK: The vault is secured with a five-key retinal system. I think it's safe to assume it corresponds with the five members of the Trust.

SYDNEY: Do we even know who they are?

JACK: We know they're all high-ranking government officials, but we've only been able to confirm the identity of one -- Marlon Bell, DOJ division director.

SLOANE: I imagine a visit from a ghost will unearth the other four.


WASHINGT[O]N, D.C. (pushthrough)


BELL: The Secretary of State goes before Committee tomorrow. He wants that brief out by the end of the day.

LAWYER: With all due respect, Director Bell, even with the Patriot Act the legal footing's shaky.

BELL: Find the precedents.

LAWYER: Sir, we've already gone over that.

BELL: Find them.

Sloane walks along a sidewalk across the street from Bell. Bell spots him, seems quite distracted, and leaves in a hurry.

LAWYER: Sir? Sir?

One of the lawyers he was flanked by isn't visibly carrying anything, not a notepad, pen, or briefcase. Some lawyer he must be.


D.C. - Surveillance Van


SYDNEY: I've tapped into Bell's phone line. He should have made contact with the Trust by now.

JACK: Sydney, there's something you should know. When I first learned of Sloane's affair with your mother, I was forced to consider the possibility that I wasn't in fact your biological father.

SYDNEY: You don't even...

JACK: It's not the case. I had our medical files examined. Our relationship is clear. But I wanted you to know, during that brief time before I was reassured my feelings for you never changed.


Bell is heard dialing.

SYDNEY: He's picking up.

BELL: (phone) We have a situation that requires our immediate attention. We need to meet. Arvin Sloane is alive.

Sloane gets back into the van after his attention-getting stroll.


Covenant Warehouse


Sark is getting ready to torture Vaughn.

SARK: Your friend Brill managed to elude us. You, however, were not so fortunate.

SARK: We've known for a while your father was a follower of Rambaldi, and we were hoping they'd contact you.

SARK: But there are three things that you should understand.

SARK: The first involves this item I hold in my hands. It's capable of delivering up to 500,000 volts -- not enough to k*ll you, just enough to let you wish it would.

SARK: The second is I believe Mr. Brill disclosed the location of the Passenger, which means I won't stop until you tell me.

SARK: And third, Mr. Vaughn, is that I'm going to enjoy this far more than I should.

Sark shocks him.







Dixon's holding an impromptu meeting.

DIXON: Lauren Reed evaded our surveillance sometime between 2:10 and 2:47 PM.

DIXON: Law enforcement officials at every level have been notified and put on alert.

WEISS: We've also lost contact with agent Vaughn. He hasn't checked in, and he's not responding to his calls.

DIXON: We believe he may have been compromised.

DIXON: Agent Weiss will assemble a search team. Be ready to move as soon as we get a lead.


Van outside of the Smithsonian


JACK: Remember, your glasses need a five second lock on each person for the scan to register.

SLOANE: Wish me luck.

Sloane gets out of the van.


Smithsonian Interior

JACK: (comm) Sydney, Sloane's on his way to the meeting of the Trust to obtain the retinal scans. Make sure you get to the vault, and we'll have the codes.

SYDNEY: (comm) Copy that. I'm in position.


Sydney's waiting in the lobby. A curator walks up in a hurry.


PHILLIP: Ah. Hello, Ms. Gerard. I'm, uh, Phillip Terrence. We spoke earlier.

SYDNEY: Call me Shannon.

SYDNEY: Amazing, isn't it? 36 feet, longest neck of any known dinosaur.

PHILLIP: You know, not a lot of people know that Mamenchisaurus actually had an extra brain...

SYDNEY: ...in its spinal cord, to control its hind legs and tail.


PHILLIP: So you said you're writing a research paper on theropod dinosaurs?

SYDNEY: Specifically, theropods and archaeopteryx and their similarities.

PHILLIP: Oh, so you think birds are descended from dinosaurs?

SYDNEY: Not that there's conclusive proof...

Softly, as if in confidence...

SYDNEY: ...but it drives me crazy when those orthodox types refuse to even examine the evidence.

SYDNEY: It's that's the kind of thing that got Giordano Bruno b*rned at the stake.

PHILLIP: You know, we just received the Hainan fossil from China.

SYDNEY: I have to admit I was hoping to see it.

PHILLIP: Oh, well, uh... no, it's still in analysis. That area's restricted to visitors.

Sydney looks down, feigning disappointment.

PHILLIP: But, um, you know, I, I could make an exception.

Sydney looks up hopefully.


Covenant Warehouse


SARK: I must say, I'm impressed. Of course, it's on the lower setting.

SARK: When I'm through ? (FIX), I'll ask you again. Where is the Passenger?

VAUGHN: Holding that thing, you almost look like you've reached puberty.

Sark shocks him again.

Lauren walks in. She doesn't look happy.




PHILLIP: Hey, you have great timing. We only have it on loan from China until Wednesday.

SYDNEY: Have you already done the CT scan.

PHILLIP: Last week.

SYDNEY: I would love to take a look at it.

PHILLIP: Well, you know, they're in radiology. I'll go get 'em.

SYDNEY: Thank you.

PHILLIP: You're welcome.

Phillip leaves.

SYDNEY: (comm) I'm headed to the vault.

JACK: (comm) Copy that. We're on schedule. We can proceed.


The Trust's Meeting Room

Sloane walks in, interrupting the Trust's meeting.

SLOANE: Greetings from the dead, gentlemen.

SYDNEY: (comm) Standing by to receive.

JACK: (comm) Copy that. We're retrieving the retinal scans now.

Sloane goes from person to person getting retinal scans during the following lines.


SLOANE: I thought we had an agreement, my Rambaldi artifacts and expertise in exchange for my freedom. Of course, once I served my purpose, you saw fit to dispose of me.

JACK: (comm) First scan complete. Move on.

SLOANE: The cover story that you plan on releasing: Arvin Sloane k*ll in a boating accident off the coast of Saint-Lucien, tragic with a slight taint of overly extravagant lifestyle.

JACK: (comm) Complete. Move on.

SLOANE: Actually, I would have thought that an automobile accident would be more to your taste. Clearly I underestimated your creativity.

JACK: (comm) Got a lock. Hold it just two more seconds.

SLOANE: I should have been thinking more clearly.

JACK: (comm) We got it.

SLOANE: Gentlemen, the facts...

JACK: (comm) Sydney, I'm sending the first three now.

SLOANE: ...lies...

SYDNEY: (comm) Up-link complete. I'm moving to authorize.

SLOANE: ...I am afraid will never see the light of day, and let me tell you why.

JACK: (comm) You've got it.

SLOANE: I don't think the most clandestine committee in the U.S. government would want such sordid details made public, which is why I'm going to leave this room unharmed. If I get so much as a traffic ticket, the next time you hear this information will be on CNN.

BELL: That's enough. I will not be blackmailed by a petty criminal.

Bell turns away and heads for the door.

JACK: (comm) We didn't get it. Don't let him leave.

Sloane slams Bell against the door.

SLOANE: I forgot to tell you something. I know all about your son and his unseemly predilections. Try thinking of it as mutually assured destruction.

JACK: (comm) Got it. Get out.

SLOANE: I'll give you time, gents.

Sloane leaves the room.

JACK: (comm) Final scan is on its way.

Sydney gets into the vault and gets the artifact. Phillip is back with the CT scans, wondering what "Shannon" is doing. It doesn't appear that he knows about the vault.

PHILLIP: Shannon? What are you doing?

SYDNEY: I'm sorry. You've been so nice.

She sprays him with something like the stuff she used on the guards on the boat in last season when she was keeping Sark from getting a Rambaldi manuscript.

SYDNEY: (comm) I've got the package. Meet me at the rendezvous point as scheduled


Somewhere in D.C. or L.A.


They put the green goo in the artifact.

SLOANE: There it is.

SYDNEY: What is it?

JACK: It looks like brain-waves.

SLOANE: We found her.


Covenant Warehouse


VAUGHN: Don't touch me.

LAUREN: Michael, please.

LAUREN: Sark's going to give you the Inferno protocol.

LAUREN: You can't survive, not now, not after everything you've been through.

VAUGHN: Why do you care?

LAUREN: Not everything was a lie.

Sark arrives with some Covenant g*ons.

SARK: Get him down and put him on the cart.

LAUREN: Sark, we can't do this procedure now. He needs time to recover.

SARK: Why this sudden concern for your husband's well-being?

LAUREN: If he dies, he'll take the information with him.

SARK: Whatever petty feelings you have for him, they don't concern me.

LAUREN: Please listen.

Sark slaps her.

SARK: Please escort Mrs. Reed out of here.

SARK: Now, where were we?

g*ons are strapping an oxygen/NO2 mask onto Vaughn.


Somewhere Outside


SYDNEY: I don't understand. How can a brain scan help us find her?

SLOANE: Each individual has a signature brain-wave pattern as unique as a fingerprint. So to exploit this, the DoD's developed an experimental satellite network capable of remote encephalography.

SYDNEY: Reading brain-waves from orbit.

SARK: Right.

Jack walks up.

JACK: I just spoke to my contact at DoD. He up-linked the EEG readings to the defense satellite network. We have a location.

SLOANE: Where is she?

JACK: Chechnya. To be more precise, a labor camp for female prisoners on the outskirts of Kamerchev (FIX). My contact was able to check the prison's central database. He found her under the alias Talia Kozlov. She's being held in sector C.

SLOANE: She's incarcerated?

JACK: We've been operating under the assumption that she's an innocent in need of rescue. Given the fact that she's being detained, I think those assumptions need to be reexamined.

SLOANE: She's my daughter, and we're going to find her.

Sloane storms off.

JACK: Considering this new information, I think you may need to adjust your expectations regarding you sister as well.

SYDNEY: After mom died, I used to have these daydreams. I would imagine her leading my girl scout troop or taking me shopping for new school clothes. I thought if only she'd lived, she would have been my best friend.

SYDNEY: When I learned the truth about her, and saw Irina for who she truly was, I was devastated.

SYDNEY: I won't make the same mistake twice.


Covenant Warehouse


Someone removes Vaughn's mask and holds a vial of something under Vaughn's nose. It's Lauren. Vaughn regains consciousness.

VAUGHN: What's going on?

LAUREN: It's over. The protocol worked. Somehow you survived. Michael, listen to me.

VAUGHN: Did I tell them?

LAUREN: You told Sark everything. He'll be back any second. You have to get out of here.

VAUGHN: Why are you doing this?

LAUREN: For me our marriage was real, the only real thing in my life. Go.

Vaughn stumbles off.


Chechen Prison - CHEC[H]NYA (pushthrough)


Sydney infiltrates the prison from a grate in a stairwell. She walks into the main area and starts mingling with the other prisoners.

GUARD: (Russian) Line up!

This won't go well for Sydney if all the prisoners have to check in individually to get back to their cells (cots with dividing curtains, really). Sydney plants an expl*sive charge on some sort of metal t*nk. After a short while, it detonates.

There's panic and smoke.

GUARD: (Russian) Everyone inside! Go! Go!

They're all herded into the cell block.



Vaughn's trying to hitchhike. An SUV driver narrowly avoids hitting him, but doesn't stop. Then there's an 18-wheeler driver who's a bit more humane. The driver stops and lets Vaughn in.

DRIVER: Hey, are you okay?

VAUGHN: I need to get to a phone.

DRIVER: Here, use mine.

VAUGHN: Thanks.

The driver's handed Vaughn a cell phone.

CIA: (cell) Dispatch.

VAUGHN: (cell) This is officer 2300708. Patch me through to Director Dixon immediately.

DIXON: (cell) Vaughn. Where are you?

VAUGHN: (cell) The Covenant knows the location of the Passenger. Sark's moving on the lead.

Vaughn starts getting suspicious of the driver, who keeps stealing suspicious glances at him.

DIXON: (cell) How did they acquire the intel?

VAUGHN: (cell) From me.

DIXON: (cell) Put together a tactical team and lead them to it. Where's the Passenger now?

Vaughn glances over at the driver. He knows something's up.

VAUGHN: (cell) You cut out, bad reception.

Cut to Lauren and Sark reading the conversation on a laptop. The cell phone is obviously rigged.

DIXON: (cell) Vaughn, what's wrong?

Vaughn glances over at the driver.

VAUGHN: (cell) Is Sydney back from Hong Kong?

The driver reaches over toward Vaughn. Vaughn hits him with the cell phone. The trailer plows through a parking lot, stopping eventually. Vaughn gets out and walks away from the cab shortly before it explodes.

Lauren's car pulls up, and Lauren and Sark get out.

SARK: Don't move!

SARK: Get on the ground! On the ground!

LAUREN: You're smarter than I thought.


Chechen Prison


Sydney finds a file labeled "Talia Kozlov - #07". She finds the cot. Her sister is lying restrained on a gurney.

SYDNEY: I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm your sister. I know that sounds crazy.

SYDNEY: I'm sorry it took me so long to find you, but I'm here now, and I'm going to get you out of here. You will be safe now, I promise you.

She starts taking the restraints off.

SYDNEY: By the way, I almost forgot. My name is Sydney.


Marshall's Office

MARSHALL: Okay, now this was taken earlier from the surveillance camera at the Garland Industrial Plant.

MARSHALL: I was able to enhance the footage.

The video shows the 18-wheeler crashing and Vaughn running from it.

MARSHALL: This was taken from a surveillance feed from the rear of the building.

The video shows Vaughn being forced into Lauren's car.

DIXON: Get the listing for every business, every ATM, every traffic light within a five mile radius of this location. Have them pull their surveillance feeds immediately.

DIXON: I want to know where they went after the left the scene.

Dixon's leaves in a hurry.


Covenant Warehouse


SARK: We're about to embark into a procedure the CIA was more than willing to use on me. You have to admit, the reversal is a tad ironic.

SARK: This time, my friend, it's for real.

Cut to an IV drip, and a needle being inserted into the neck of a very unrealistic cadaver. Err, oh, there's my suspension of disbelief; I thought I'd misplaced it. I meant the needle is inserted into Vaughn's neck.


SARK: You met with a man. Who was he?

SARK: Brill. He knew my father.

SARK: And did Brill tell you where the Passenger is?

VAUGHN: He told me.

SARK: Where is she?


SARK: I'll ask you again. Where... is... the Passenger?

Sark looks at Lauren.

SARK: Increase the dosage.


Sark's phone rings.

SARK: (cell) What is it?

SARK: (cell) Really? And who do I owe my thanks?

Sark hangs up.

SARK: We're done here. We have her location.

LAUREN: What about him?

SARK: k*ll him.

Lauren cranks the dosage all the way up. The COW evidently doesn't have any feelings for Vaughn.


Chechen Prison


Sydney's wheeling her sister around in a wheelchair.

GUARD: (Russian) What are you doing?

GUARD: (Russian) This facility is in lock-down.

SYDNEY: (Russian) The woman needs to see a doctor.

GUARD: (Russian) Take her back to her cell. We'll escort you -

Nadia isn't quite as zombified as she appeared. She can fight nearly as well as Sydney.

SYDNEY: Who are you?

NADIA: Later.

SYDNEY: Come on, come on. We've got to go. We've got to get to the tunnel. Come on.



MARSHALL: Okay, we got the surveillance footage from 74th. The cameras are on the dockyards.

MARSHALL: And let me tell you, there's some major freakazoid stuff going on out there. Not a place you want to go to after hours unless you into that sort of thing.


MARSHALL: Anyway, I was able to piece together the feeds.

DIXON: What did you find?

MARSHALL: Okay, after they abducted Vaughn, they were spotted two minutes later by a red-light camera at Fifth and Grand.

MARSHALL: Afterwards, a rooftop camera on a parking structure caught them turning onto Frontage Road.

Weiss is getting irritated.

WEISS: Okay, Marshall, where are they now?

MARSHALL: Okay, sorry, I'm getting to that.

MARSHALL: Final destination: 4384 Alfano Street...

As Dixon and Weiss run out the door...

MARSHALL: abandoned packaging warehouse on... yes!


Covenant Warehouse.


A CIA team arrives. The warehouse is empty, except for...


WEISS: Vaughn! Vaughn!

WEISS: Come on, buddy. I'm right here. You're going to be okay.

Weiss notices Vaughn's rather low heart-rate (40) on the monitor. The EKG doesn't look good, either.

WEISS: Get a Medivac down here now!


Chechen Prison


NADIA: Go. I'll catch up.

SYDNEY: No, I'm not leaving you.

NADIA: I feel faint.

SYDNEY: Here, you just, you need to sit down just for a minute.

SYDNEY: Here you go, here you go.

They've reached the end of a hall, and sit down just around a corner.

SYDNEY: Take some deep breaths.

SYDNEY: So who are you?

NADIA: You can call me Talia.

SYDNEY: I know that's not your real name.

SYDNEY: What were you doing back there? Why were you pretending to be catatonic

NADIA: I can't tell you.

SYDNEY: You're an agent.

NADIA: Argentine intelligence.

NADIA: What you said back there...

SYDNEY: It's true. We're sisters.

NADIA: How did you find me?

(Shades of k*ll Bill?)

SYDNEY: It wasn't just me. It was your father.

NADIA: My father?

SYDNEY: Yeah. He's waiting for you.

They get up and start to walk.

NADIA: Nadia. My name is Nadia.


Chechen Safehouse


Sloane's doting over his daughter, who's asleep.

Sydney's trying to deal with having a newly discovered sibling. So of course she talks to the one person who can't help her... her father.

SYDNEY: When Will used to talk about his sister Amy, he was always so exasperated. He said she was a flake. He told me I was lucky to be an only child, but I knew he was lying.

SYDNEY: He loved her. I always wondered what they had.

SYDNEY: I have a sister.

JACK: I believe you assured me you weren't going to make the same mistake twice.

Nadia wakes up and sees Sloane. She looks afraid, even though Sloane is wearing both a shirt and a jacket.

NADIA: I know who you are.

SLOANE: Well then, you know about my criminal past. You also know that I've changed. But you need to know why.

SLOANE: I never knew I had a daughter. I didn't know until two years ago that you even existed.

SLOANE: How I found out... I felt totally complete joy. I just wanted to go out and find you immediately.

SLOANE: But then, it struck me. Shame. I was ashamed of the man I was.

SLOANE: I know I wasn't worthy of you. I wasn't worthy of your love. I wasn't worthy of your respect.

SLOANE: From that moment on, I vowed to change. I didn't want to meet my daughter face to face and have her despise me.

There's an expl*si*n. Sydney and Jack get up and chamber rounds. They move out of the room. The Covenant has just blown apart the outer doors to the safehouse.



SARK: We want the Passenger unharmed.

SARK: Move. Move!

Jack and Sydney k*ll a few Covenant operatives, then retreat back into the room they were in. Sloane and Nadia are gone.

SYDNEY: Where are they?


The Covenant team arrives, but there's nobody in the room.

SARK: They cannot have escaped.

Camera pans to the rafters, where Sydney and Jack are hiding.

LAUREN: What is this?

Lauren draws back a sliding door. They see that there's a trap door.

LAUREN: Sloane set us up. He betrayed us.

SARK: Agents, move up!

The Covenant g*ons either leave or go through the trap door in a futile attempt to catch Nadia.



JACK: This was a Chechen safehouse. It was Sloane's suggestion that we seek refuge here.

SYDNEY: Sloane knew about the escape route.

JACK: Sloane was the only person who knew where we were. He tipped the Covenant, lured them here as a distraction, giving him a chance to escape with Nadia.

SYDNEY: Son of a b****!


Hospital, L.A.


Vaughn's in a hospital bed.

SYDNEY: Vaughn.

VAUGHN: Sydney. Are you alright?

SYDNEY: I'm fine.

VAUGHN: The Passenger, did you find her?

SYDNEY: Yes, but she's gone, she's missing.

VAUGHN: You can't go after her.


VAUGHN: Your sister. You have to let her go.

SYDNEY: You're tired. I should let you sleep.

VAUGHN: No. My father was k*ll because he took her from the KGB. He hid her from your mother. That's why she m*rder him.

VAUGHN: I met someone who told me the prophecy. The Passenger and the Chosen One shall battle; neither will survive.

VAUGHN: Sydney, you can't see her again.


Some Safehouse of Sloane's

Sloane walks into a room where Nadia's handcuffed to a chair.

NADIA: Please, don't do this.

NADIA: Please don't.

SLOANE: I wish there could be another way.

Sloane injects her with the Rambaldi goo. She starts convulsing. Sloane gives her oxygen.

SLOANE: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Evidently he's not terribly concerned with being worthy of her respect.